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  1. Pond

    Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    -1, you don't know how to follow GM protocol at all. You removed my tower even though I destroyed every activity check sign there, clearly proving that the tower is active, then you went and lied to other GMs saying I failed to remove the sign, and had them remove it. Didn't even get any of my resources back either, thanks for wasting my time and resources. You have a past history of hacking, **** you probably still do, you were a bad GM last time you were, and I'll be damned if you get it again. You got someone banned for simply downing and revving you, you are clearly way in over your head. (think that's how the phrase goes) Big fat -1, I don't want more spineless GMs, I want more like Joel/Grim.
  2. A young man rose his hand, saying the numbers “Four thousand, sir.”
  3. Pond

    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]

    this is literally lotc playboy
  4. Pond

    Challenge for Rexdom - Mûrak'Gorkil

    "Diz git ahm destined fur great fingz. Hi ahm young, and will lead dah uruks intu ah truu goldin tik. Hi ahm duh unlee got day kan du it anehway. Unlee Klan leedurs kan bekom Rex." The old and tired ex-Rex, Gurukk'Lak stated as he gathered his belongings, preparing for his pilgrimage ahead.
  5. Pond


    Laughs at Glottgut as he is trapped in Skygod prison
  6. Pond


    “Nevur evin peep’d diz **** ihn mi entire tik ob bein Rex.” Gurukk stated, shaking his head as the parchment reached him “Nub gittin Waghgoff ob ani klan unlezz he aktually duz zkah agh ahm aktive ihn dah uzg.”
  7. “orcs come yub yub.” he’d nod as he read note
  8. Pond

    [Denied][I] Auriel_'s Game Moderator Application

    -1 you’re actually toxic asf, and you actually just gave someone a warning due to what they said on your app. I definitely don’t want someone dealing with their own situations on the GM team.
  9. Pond

    Missive to Humanity

    “Orkz nub kare.”
  10. Pond


  11. +1 and @Corpean u better accept him
  12. Pond


    To the North We March Force of the Coalition Slain in Battle “Droves and droves of them; a number no Horde could match.” He recounted. It was only a few days ago that this battle had been done, yet already the Imperials were routing those who fled from Arberrang. Somehow this veteran had escaped the march northward, recounting it to you and anyone with an ear. “They came to the Southern walls just as we did before, except passage they were not given.” At the gates is not where he stood, yet still he could see it clear as day. The man then lights his blunt -- a new way to ease his pain it seemed -- and continues along with the report. “So they forced their way in, and not so easily they were. Yet still the vanguard was able to infiltrate and that is when we made our mistake…” He made no mention of the mistake that was done, yet I suppose you are a smart listener and can assume what it was. Still, with smoke puffing out from both his mouth and nose, he looks into the haze. His voice once again being heard. “The gates were breached and the slaughter began. Their Horde flooding in as we struggled to hold our ground; hold our ground we did not.” It would seem the end was near, for he looked back at you as if sure what to say. His eyes filled with the horror of that day. He’d fought twice -- of the first attempt at a siege and the second -- and it was displayed on his face how he thought of these memories. “Defeat is what we took and ‘Ulrah is where we head. If you wish to halt this Horde then hurry.” Not a good note to end on, but an accurate one at that. He looks around a bit paranoid now, realizing the attention he had grabbed. Quickly the man, clad in ‘mail, stands himself up and heads out the door; quick he was. For those who were to guard could take no action in time. Written by Horton btw
  13. Pond

    Capturing leaders

    lol ill just make another rex character Rex Lak the V