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  1. i wonder who sept. prince will go after next, since druids and dominion will say no so their slice of life and erotic roleplay won't be interupted

  2. Pond


    From his swamp, Durrr'Lak and his goblin translator shakes their heads over the news
  3. haha even holm knows dominion will soon fall 

  4. dominion will soon fall

  5. ban pedos and ban anyone who gets a hard on from word sex

    1. Its Just Ed

      Its Just Ed

      u just described your self my dude jk

    2. UnusualBrit


      Are u suggesting we ban half the server ? Not cool! Krugmar will soon fall!!!

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      can we also ban the white people they're racist and i don't feel comfortable around them... i hate racist WHITE people, for reals...

  6. lol dominion will fall

    1. tenredux


      i mean rn the only people who actually frequent it are the people who run the place x) 

      feels good

    2. Pond


      haha my plan is already in action

    3. UnusualBrit
  7. Pond

    Does Blah put you off?

    private discord btw, not a discord owned by lotc in any way. and ive seen gms say the n word and other **** they wouldnt say on the server in private discords/pms/groups as well, whats the difference?
  8. Pond

    Does Blah put you off?

    lol if u find blah hard to read/write, your dumb, its easy. u ppl just dont want to take the time to to click on 'wiki' at the top, and then goto orcs, and scroll down to blah : ), it's quite easy !!! sry that orcs have a UNIQUE language and actually speak the native language instead of speaking common 100% of the time. you must also remember, some blah words seem 'dumb/cancer' because of the tusks that orcs have : D, it's quite easy to literally do /looc 'sorry but can u translate?', step out of your comfort zone and just ask for a translation, any orc will be happy to provide 🙂
  9. Pond

    Defender Default Proposition

    this is a factions server shutup lul
  10. when gm doesn't follow protocol and removes my fort i have been at daily for 'inactivity' lul, wheres the 15 day inactivity check sign like it's supposed to be, huh?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kanadensare


      when two GMs try to help you resolve a problem and you ignore them to continue your 'all staff are useless and don't do their jobs' band-wagon

    3. TheElvenMage


      implying pond would continue his conversation here. Obviously easier to, now that he has the GM's attention, to continue talking on discord


    4. Pond


      ya its called i was at work @Kanadensare sry i dont no life on this server anymore, being 18 and having to pay for your own **** is hard ; *((

      and im sure you guys alrdy know as it was spoken in lotc discord and lumiin is currently handling it @Jaeden @Wrynn but it was my 2nd fort, not fort strong

  11. Pond

    GM Team Q&A

    2. Rin, I also got banned not 2 long ago because I made a joke about being banned for dissent, purely banter
    1. Bluee
    2. Flamelynx


      BRO do not make fun of erp or i will **** your **** up dude, idk why you think you're being funny when you're just a TOXIC ***** **** YOU DUDE **** YOU 

    3. Blago


      this is dummy lit bro

  12. Pond

    GM Team Q&A

    1. Why do GMs think they are above others (some GMs)? 2. Why is this server a police state? Friend literally got banned because he said 'banned for dissent', ya nice 1 right there GMs 3. Why do GMs moderate OUTSIDE OF LOTC, such as DISCORD, that is NOT EVEN OWNED BY ANY STAFF MEMBER.
  13. Pond

    The Virarim

    IC information Name; Mali'im Race: Mali'ame Nation: Dominion Age: 31 Experience: None OOC information Ign: Pond__ Timezone: Central Discord: will provide upon acception