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  1. Pond


  2. i am backn rdy to slay

  3. Pond

    The Battle of Leuven

    “Mi lyke how dere iz pikture, but nub orkz ihn dah pikture.” Hedsplitta’Raguk would laugh
  4. “Latz ztand wiff ah weak Rex, he zkahin bent dah knee tu dah Empire kuntz dat the Rexz befur him klomp’ed ihn waghs aginzt. Dah kurrint ztate ob urukz ahm, WEAK!” The war torn Horse Lord, Hedsplitta’Raguk stated to the pathetic goblin.
  5. You are literally one of the reasons why certain players hate you with a mindset like that. You got a great “ban first talk later” mindset going right there. It’ll get you far in life.
  6. As one of the raiding players, I feel like it was quite absurd that I was banned for 2 weeks for something when I could have actually just went back and continued RP. But, of course I got slapped with a 2 week. Not too long of a ban, yes, was it needed? No. It’s been an issue for ages, GMs banning people for something that can actually be handled SO MUCH easier/simpler.
  7. haha very funny treshure nice 1
  8. “Fer Yemekar, t’is means war!” a dwarf scout said
  9. which side should i FIGHT for in these warclaims

  10. miss lat

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    3. Pond


      who the **** even r u 

    4. Inferno_Ougi


      ougi u ******* r tard come back to nottingham discord

  11. “Hopefully I won’t be murdered by the Empire ‘legionnaires’ now..” Vice muttered to himself, remembering the day where he was almost killed by an Empire captain.
  12. Where were you when the imperial stables slaughter of 1698 occurred? 

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      Not playing LotC lmfao

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      Offline enjoying some netflix 

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      Thinking that you should have stolen all the horses like I did in 1697


      Then again, security of the stables was a lot less tight 😛

  13. Where were you when the imperial stables slaughter of 1698 occurred? 

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