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  1. Pond

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    pvping noob empire soldiers and winning
  2. Pond

    Redemption for Incompetence

    Are you able to say what the decision was then?
  3. Pond

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I’m assuming and meeting was held and a consensus was made?
  4. Pond

    Redemption for Incompetence

    Any update? @Telanir
  5. Pond

    The Real Problem with the Community

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t know why people still claim orcs to be a toxic community, when I would say, or hope seeing as I’m not an orc nor in the orc discord anymore, that all the “toxic” players, are either banned, or left. Ghazrial has been gone from orcs for a long time, I banned him during my first rexdom from the discord. I left the orcs awhile ago, and I told Nanman to ban players such as Flamelynx, seeing as he started his own group which was a splinter cell from the orcs, so not affiliated at all. There are players within the orc community that don’t do anything, and will cause trouble, one of those being Flamelynx, don’t care if I call him out at this point, and he can argue all he wants, he’s started tons of arguments in the orc discord. **** you should’ve seen what happened when Telanir joined the orc discord, tons of “clowns” I guess I could say, started @ ing him and meming on him, being toxic basically. I’m assuming that the orcs are still having this problem of being called toxic and etc, is because the toxic ones still hang around with the orcs. It’s up to @TheNanMan2000 of what he wants to do with them, but me personally, I would say ban them all, you can’t really do much IRP such as whitewashing them without a good reason, but you surely could ban them from the orc discord, and that’s a step in the good direction in my opinion.
  6. Pond

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    its pretty bad imo
  7. Pond

    Redemption for Incompetence

    Any update? @Telanir
  8. Pond

    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    i feel attacked
  9. Pond

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    So can this happen? @Fireheart_ @Telanir @SeventhCircle
  10. Pond

    Challenge for Raguk Wargoth, V2

    Gurukk’Lak, former Rex of the orcs, receives news of the current events going on within the world, and the new city of orcs. Upon reaching the section of a new Raguk wargoth taking Groggnars place, he would smile, seeing as it was his most trusted friend, Krukleyd. He would then frown upon reaching the bottom of the parchment, seeing as Groggnar wants the title back, it seems. ”Duh Zpiritz hav chozen dere waghgoff ob Raguk. Diz iz juzt defying duh zpiritz. Tayking ah titul frum zumazh who juzt got it, aftur latzzelf ztepp’d down, ahm dizhonorubul. This lil uruk, Groggnar, needz tu leern hiz plaze...” Hedsplitta’Raguk would shake his head, seeing as the orc that just stepped down from Wargoth is now wanting it back, a craven act, he thought to himself.
  11. Pond

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    Exactly why a siege on this fort will be so much fun, for both sides.
  12. Pond

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    For those of you that don’t know, I own a fort near the old orc capital (San’kala), it’s been through wars, skirmishes, raids, plenty of stuff. It was first built in the forest near Caras Eldar/Dominion Capital, but then moved as it violated a rule. It started out with just that small center tower in the middle at the first stage, but it has been expanded upon for months. It’s been built for around 6-9 months I am assuming, and it’s still being built upon. (I take almost no credit for building it btw, it’s been built upon by dozens of people, such as Simba, Horton, Wud, Rin, Me, list goes on and on.) I am speaking about Fort Strong. It has been with orcs for such a long time, and its sole purpose was to withstand a siege, it has faced everything, raids, skirmishes, you name it, but it hasn’t faced one thing yet. That would be an actual warclaim. I’m assuming many of you already know about this, as I’ve spoken with 4 out of 8? 9? nation leaders, and they have all agreed that a mock warclaim on Fort Strong (picture above) would be awesome. I tried speaking to Fireheart and Telanir just directly about this, but seeing as I was presumably blocked by Fireheart (since he has been online but hasn’t accepted my friend req on discord for like 2 weeks), and Telanir is away or something, I’ve taken it to the forums to garner enough support where this will happen. It does not need a ton of stuff to be done with in in terms of approving CBs, or anything. It will be completely OOC, it’s a mock warclaim. Sides don’t matter, its an orc owned fort, but it could be Empire defending it and Orcs sieging it, doesn’t matter, it’s up to the NLs. All that has to be done to set this up, is putting it on the war server after the defenders side is done with their building (if they choose to add stuff onto it), and add in the siege equipment. Oh and also, it’s way further into the sea, the location of where it is in the picture above is false. It’s surrounded by ocean besides on its left side, so the attackers might need to build siege boats or whatever, I’ve never done a siege in an ocean so I don’t know how it’s setup. And don’t even complain about the lag that’s gonna happen, and don’t deny this due to that reason, the sole purpose of this mock warclaim is for everyone to have fun, and for me to finally see the fort which was made to be sieged, get sieged. This deserves to happen, and I want it to happen before next map (because the fort won’t be around next map, duh), it doesn’t need a ton of GMs or anything to happen to it, just make it happen. If this gets accepted by the admin team, I’ll work with you in DMs or whatever discord with the other NLs that wish to partake in the siege on how it will go down (who will defend/attack, etc). @Aythyinae approve of the post alrdy @Corpean approve of the post alrdy wtf y does it take 2 gms to review this simple post
  13. “Hopefully I won’t be murdered by the Empire ‘legionnaires’ now..” Vice muttered to himself, remembering the day where he was almost killed by an Empire captain.
  14. Pond

    [Reformatting]The Secrets of Carbarum

    only orcs can have op armor sry
  15. Pond

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    soulstrung is reviving the dark elves, discord of the “confederation of mali’ker” alrdy has around 50 members, so it seems promising.