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  1. Pond

    The Battle of Leuven

    “Mi lyke how dere iz pikture, but nub orkz ihn dah pikture.” Hedsplitta’Raguk would laugh
  2. Pond


    THE ORCS REMEMBER A Raguk flag stands in the black ash sea of the volcanic lands A red-hued orc would stand from within the camp, towering over the others as they feasted upon their hunted prey “FUR TUU LONG DAH ORKS HAV BEEN ZHIT OHN BY DAH EMPIRE KUNTZ!” Disgruntled murmurs would rise up from the gathering orcs, however still listening intently. “FUR TUU LONG WEAK REXS HAV LED DAH ORKS! Murmurs would contort into the nodding of heads, and some from the crowd even spitting offside. “FUR TUU LONG DAH ORKS HAV FORGOTTEN TRADITION!” Then, the shields and cleavers would start to clang together, rising up as a tide of sorts until it emerged a roar. “WHEN WUZ DAH LAZT TIK DAH ORKS WON AH BATTUL? NUB UNDUR DIZ WEAK GOBO REX!” The goblins would hurry to their war-drums, and the atmosphere darkened with anticipation, silence taking the air; giving space for the ork to finish. “DIS DAY MARKS DAH CHANGE OB DAT! ANIAZH WHO ZTANDS WIFF DIZ FAKE REX ‘BURBUR’LUR’ AHM AH WHITEWAZH! IF LAT KLOMPS WIFF EMPIRE KUNTZ, LAT AHM AH WHITEWAZH! DIZ AHM LATZ ONLEE CHANCE, ZTAND WIFF MI, OR LATZ WIHLL FAZE DAH WRATH OB DAH RED TIDE!” Then, as the ork’s final words escaped his maw, so would a flurry of roars from the rowdy crowds. Once more the war drums sound, once more the steel is sharpened. And once more, the orks shall return to strength. With that, the orc and others who agreed, left the camp, the only time they shall return, is for bloodshed.
  3. “Latz ztand wiff ah weak Rex, he zkahin bent dah knee tu dah Empire kuntz dat the Rexz befur him klomp’ed ihn waghs aginzt. Dah kurrint ztate ob urukz ahm, WEAK!” The war torn Horse Lord, Hedsplitta’Raguk stated to the pathetic goblin.
  4. You are literally one of the reasons why certain players hate you with a mindset like that. You got a great “ban first talk later” mindset going right there. It’ll get you far in life.
  5. As one of the raiding players, I feel like it was quite absurd that I was banned for 2 weeks for something when I could have actually just went back and continued RP. But, of course I got slapped with a 2 week. Not too long of a ban, yes, was it needed? No. It’s been an issue for ages, GMs banning people for something that can actually be handled SO MUCH easier/simpler.
  6. haha very funny treshure nice 1
  7. “Fer Yemekar, t’is means war!” a dwarf scout said
  8. which side should i FIGHT for in these warclaims

  9. Durrr’Lak laughs his ass off at the puny humans failing a raid
  10. miss lat

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      who the **** even r u 

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      ougi u ******* r tard come back to nottingham discord

  11. “Hopefully I won’t be murdered by the Empire ‘legionnaires’ now..” Vice muttered to himself, remembering the day where he was almost killed by an Empire captain.
  12. Where were you when the imperial stables slaughter of 1698 occurred? 

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      Not playing LotC lmfao

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      Thinking that you should have stolen all the horses like I did in 1697


      Then again, security of the stables was a lot less tight 😛

  13. Where were you when the imperial stables slaughter of 1698 occurred? 

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