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  1. RP Name:: Urgnarz MC Username: Reznc Discord: You already have it What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: Because Mystery is great ET What Skills Can You Bring?: Fists
  2. If the banditry is done properly, in a way that can promote and encourage future RP between the bandit and the victim, then I believe that’s honestly the best banditry out there. Now, regarding the theft of things like minas and items, that’s something of a grey area for me as I feel sometimes people burgle from others purely for the theft aspect, and not the possible future RP it could cause. To put killing on the chopping block now regarding banditry, because the consequences of a player-to-player death, essentially A stabs B and B bleeds out, because there’s no real consequence to death it’s sadly the more common of the endings in banditry, I understand that the thirty minute rule is there to act as a sort of “punishment” for death, I am not saying make the death system be an absolute irreversible PK for that would be too harsh of a punishment, but I believe that the problem is not banditry itself, but how death is handled.
  3. Form: Request Type(See Prices.): 2X Outfits Skin Type(Alex/Steve?): Steve Character Name(Curious.): Urgnarz Nubklomp Character Race: Uruk (Orc) Character Age: 196 Character Gender: Male Character Hair Color: Bald Character Skin Color: Dark Green Character Eye Color: 100% Black Character Hairstyle: Bald Character Description: An 8 foot, 400lb Uruk with a wooden left appendage and a scent of roses Character Outfit(s) Description: One would be an entire head to toe cloth wrapping that leaves only is eyes showed and another would be a rather noble-esque outfit Color Pallet: I have no preference other than for the cloth wrappings a sandy color and for the noble clothes, something neutral, I don't want to look like I'm with any one nation/alliance Reference Picture(You need one in order for me to even consider it.):Skin #1 and Skin #2
  4. I need someone to make two outfits for my persona and put myself in them, they're specific to this character only so it's more so a full skin and less an outfit, the first skin I'd like to request is something that's formal, like how we have suits and ties as formal today, something that'd be considered formal for the time period LOTC inhabits, the other skin I'd like is a skin that shall be uploaded as a PNG so you know what to make, it's that thing by the way ---------> I'll pay you 2,395 minas for this skin, all I ask you do beforehand is send me your username so I know who to send the minas to once done. Persona I want these skins to be for is Urgnarz Nubklomp, I forgot to mention that.
  5. Full Name: Urgnarz Nubklomp Age: 187 (It's only going up from here) Residence: Sutica Prior Experience: I'm an Uruk so I know a lot about cleaning
  6. * Urgnarz overhears Gandogar and mutters to himself* "Mi wudn't pizz uff da druudz, dey kayn turn latz inzyde uut widut even pudin a haynd un latz."
  7. *A poster is set up here, a rather large one it appears, it says* "Ug deyre, Mi iz peepin fur da survizez uf an armzmtyh, Mi haz luzt Mi uld Uruk arm zumhuw in a wai Mi kan't rimembur, aynd Mi wud lyke azh dat wurkz wid Mi budi inzteyd uf bin a wuuden ztump, Mi duzn't kare abud latz prufezun, latz zuzul ztatuz, latz rayze, age, nayme, lak uf ur ekzezz lymbz/budi pardz, if latz duz mojo ur nub, all Mi karez abud iz dat latz kayn mayke an arm dat haz da full funkzun uf Mi uld azh, zu preddi mukh, Mi wuntz an arm dat wurkz lyke a nurmul arm wud, Mi wyll bi payin azh thuzund minuz fur diz, if latz iz interested zend a burd tu Urgnarz ur vizit da Grein Paradyze in Zutika, az Mi kayn bi fund deyre." *It appears that there's more written down below the notice, it written in common for those that don't understand blah* "Hello there, I'm looking for the services of an armsmith, I have lost my old Uruk arm somehow in a way I can't remember, and I would like one that works with my body instead of being a wooden stump, I don't care about your profession, your social status, your rage, age, name, lack of or excess limbs/body parts, if you do magic or not, all I care about is that you can make me an arm that has the full function of my old one, so pretty much, I want an arm that works like a normal arm would, I will be paying a thousand minas for this, if you are interested send a bird to Urgnarz, or visit the Green Paradise in Sutica, as I can be found there." *If one looks further down the poster they can see a drawing for the illiterate, it has a drawing of an old wooden arm with nicks and rotten spots and chunks of wood taken out of it, and then an arrow points to a nice, shiny arm that looks metal, there's multiple symbols denoting minas underneath it, to the left one would notice a symbol of a bird pointing to a depiction of an Uruk, and to the right of the arm drawing one would find a map leading the reader to the Green Paradise in Sutica* ((OOC bits now)) This post is pretty self explanatory, I need an arm that works like I never lost it, if you're a good skinner too I'd prefer a skin made that has the new arm with it, if you are not then just point me in the direction of a skinner that you believe to be a skinner with good quality skins, I'm on most of the day so finding me shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Application Given Name: Katheer el-Rahmani Years of Age: 22 Race: Farfolk Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: Miner and Alchemist Reason for interest: I've always been interested in undead, and I believe this a chance to learn more about them, learn the truth about them, not just what I heard in stories or rumors. -OOC- MC name: Reznc Skype ID: Reznc Reznc
  9. Minecraft name: Reznc Roleplay name: Urtrurus Race: Uruk (Orc) Militant skills: Sword & Shield & Heavy Armor Professions: Blacksmith, Leatherworker, Lumberjack Oath: ‘I, Urtrurus, do swear upon the Holy Cross of the Canon to live up to and honour the tenets, and doctrines, of the Order. I do swear to be true to my brethren and be zealous upon the battlefield, to show no mercy to those who stray from GOD and to guide those who seek HIS light. I promise to follow any, and all, that is asked of me by those in command. Crucem aurum!’
  10. ||RP|| Name: Marcus Geganius Martius Chosen Craft: Railmaking Experience: Helped a small village living by a mountain establish a rail system. ||OOC|| MC Name: Reznc Skype: It'd be a lot easier for the both of us if I got your skype name
  11. *Wichmann Greenholm looks at the bounty before he says* "Never a good day w'en lives'ock goes missing, never a good day, or a good t'ing ei'er."
  12. Name: Rye Pagden Race: Human (Highlander) Age: 30 Reason for joining: I was approached by a member who asked if I wanted to join, considering my words here, I'd have to say it worked. Military experience: None Are you applying for a specialty rank? If so, list the reasons you want it and experience you have with handling money: Treasurer, I am applying for this rank because I am both oocly and rply good with money, I'll elaborate being good rply with money, Rye is a wanderer, a traveler, a gypsy, whatever you wish to call him you may, due to his traveling he's been to many cities, and has talked with many a merchant, he's learned money because he's had to learn how to barter and haggle, this bartering and haggling has taught him how to properly hold his money, and because of this, I feel that I, or he, would make a good treasurer.
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