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  1. Alleyooper

    The Lothryc Enclave

    --OOC-- IGN: Alleyooper / power_pal Discord: Alleyooper#6830 Requesting Residence: Yes. --IC-- Character: Sirah Nyrian Character Age: 26 Former/Present Allegiance: N/A
  2. Alleyooper

    [Denied][I]Bluee's Game Moderator Application

    +1 my friend is afraid of pickles
  3. Fliers are spread around Atlas, entailing the sale of a young human female. Skills: Fighting, keeping peace. Drawbacks: Too flirty. https://imgur.com/a/rQGYjzm Starting Bid: 400 Buyout: 1000 Warning: A concerning slave kink.
  4. Alleyooper

    [Complete][Slave] Female Halfling For Sale!

    Slave Sold!
  5. https://gyazo.com/1dcb260ae093650d2913f0cdf3eb87a6 Female Halfling for sale! Upsides: Small, most likely not able to fight back Downsides: Very feisty. Skills: Would not tell us, but can spit very far. Also is seen to have some skill with slingshots. Starting Bid: 100 Buyout: 650
  6. Alleyooper

    [Denied]put me in coach

  7. Alleyooper

    The Lion Roars Once More

    Kate Tarsington-Keint shifts in her grave, the unfinished business of not destroying House Keint disturbing her spirit.
  8. Alleyooper

    [Denied] [Event Actor] 11th's ET App

    -1. Very rude, horrible with people, and hateful to many minorities in several ways.
  9. Alleyooper

    Vailon Hel'Spire Persona Sheet

    Lawful Chaotic isn't really a thing, you probably mean Lawful Evil.
  10. Alleyooper

    Dwarvern slums.

    IRP NAME: Gendrick IRP RACE: Mountain Dwarf PROFESSIONS IF ANY: Miner OOC IGN: power_pal OOC TIMEZONE: Rocky Mountain Time
  11. Alleyooper

    [Complete]She-elf for Sale!

    Thalia Persatra bids 300 minae.