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  1. Wrynn

    Does Blah put you off?

    Old Blah isn't really spoken among orcs unless they're Shamans - it's a language that's used to communicate with the spirits.
  2. Wrynn

    Does Blah put you off?

    When I played an orc I actually really enjoyed giving my orc a broken accent. It let me sink a bit deeper into the character I was playing and I felt more like the brutish humanoid I looked like. The main thing that stopped me from playing an orc (at the time) was simply because some places were more active where I could be roleplaying. Often the Goi would be empty and I'd simply be jumping around. - I'm not sure if this is still the same now as I don't play an orc anymore, but that was the main reason.
  3. Wrynn

    Rifts in the Community

    Glad to hear your stance on the issue. I think it's important that we're all talking about it and seeing what we as a community and staff-team can do to mend the relations between us all.
  4. Wrynn

    An Intro to an Older Player

    Glad to hear an introduction 😄 Hopefully we'll get a chance to speak sometime.
  5. Wrynn

    [Question] Character Question

    I always find it best to make a character with little pre-determined events or interests in their life, and simply let the roleplay decide it. Perhaps one day he's struggling for bread on the streets and is starving yet sees a small strange boy skulking around pickpocketing people which gives him the idea to do so too. He might not be good at it at first, however he develops over time etc
  6. Wrynn

    Questions From A Noob

    Don't worry atall 😄 To answer your question, in the short - yes! Currently the admins have created a new role called the "Community Manager" in hopes to try and mend the relations between the community and staff. Nobody has yet been chosen for the role and what will come of the role is yet to be seen by the person who takes it up, however we can only hope whoever does take up the role cares about the community and wishes to see the issues fixed. However that being said, just because we find someone for this role doesn't necessarily mean all of the problems will be fixed, because at the end of the day it's giving 1 person the opportunity to do so. I'll try to be as helpful as possible with my role and that's something every staff member can do without much effort, simply saying "Hello" or going that extra mile for players can really help mend attitudes.
  7. Wendigo, I'm sure you already know my opinion about you already, and I rarely ever comment on people's staff apps unless I genuinely think they have great potential for the role. You have such amazing potential for this role, and I could see you doing some real good for the server with this position. Just remember to keep up that activity 😄
  8. Wrynn

    Questions From A Noob

    Hey there! It's completely normal to be feeling somewhat disorientated when you join a new community, I certainly was when I first joined the server! Anyways, I'll start answering your questions and if you have anything else you'd like to ask, don't be afraid to contact me on my discord Luke#5154 Answer 1 So, every team has it's different roles and responsibilities and I'm sure you can guess what some of the teams are in charge of. For example the Event Team is in charge of writing, building and running events for the community on a daily basis and the Application Team is in charge of the application process that we have on the server as well as also helping new players transition easily into the server. However with teams such as Administrator and Game Moderator their roles and responsibilities aren't quite as obvious! The Administration are basically the managers of the server, they'll make executive decisions based upon the server's general direction etc and also sometimes intervene in situations that arise within the staff teams. Game Moderators are in charge of moderating the in-game side of the server and making sure it runs smoothly as well as helping out players in-game if they're in need of help. Forum Moderators are in charge of moderating the forums and making sure they're staying clean as well as making sure old threads are filed or even helping people if they would like posts etc hidden/moved to other sub-forums. Every single one of these teams can technically ban players, for example a Global Moderator may ban a player if they break a rule in-game and a Forum Moderator may ban a player if they're capped out on warning points on the forums. Administrators being the managers of-course are able to ban people, and sometimes as a team make decisions to do so. If you feel a ban is unwarranted or unjust; you can always go to the lead of the team that banned you. For example if you were banned by a Game Moderator and you feel it was unjust you can always go to Fireheart_ (The Game Moderator Lead). Answer 2 I know that a good team lead will foster a safe environment within their team and if a member of their team is feeling unsafe or perhaps even feeling that they can't speak up without being trampled over they should be open to allowing that member coming to them and speaking to them about it. If you do visit your team lead and you feel that suitable action hasn't been undertaken you can always go to the administrators about the problem. Answer 3 So, as I've mentioned in the two above points you can always go to the team lead if you feel you are being mistreated by a certain member of that team. The team-lead should take action if you are truly being treated unfairly and once again if you feel that suitable action hasn't been taken you can always visit the administrators about your problem. Answer 4 We do hold community meetings, and have done so in the past; I myself have even lead some. Currently it is up to whoever runs the community meetings as to how they will be structured and what will be talked about during them. However I do really like your idea that we'd address issues that we had talked about in the last community meeting and address if any action had been taken regarding them and if not, why not. Answer 5 I 100% agree with you on this. If someone ever messages me I will certainly try to respond to them as soon as I see it. I know that there are some members of staff teams who will perhaps ignore members of the community which personally grinds my gears. In my eyes it's an issue with a simple fix. Answer 6 I'm honestly not too sure if I understand this question... Mind if you perhaps elaborate on it a bit more? 😄
  9. Wrynn

    My Experience as an Administrator

    I've been pretty good, how about yourself? 😄 and we'll have to find eachother irp sometime!
  10. Wrynn

    My Experience as an Administrator

    It did happen a few times. I tried to make sure community opinions were being taken into consideration as much as possible whenever decisions were being made but other admins sometimes shrugged it off. Which is honestly something that annoyed me, and I feel now that I was probably just not confident enough to argue my point across. Recently I've been becoming more confident, and I suppose that's something that simply comes with age, and if I had the chance again I feel I certainly would. 501 really does however care about the server so much, and he'll fight tooth and nail for it; which was clearly evident from his work in the admin chat. Telanir is a really nice guy, and he was pleasant to talk too - however I feel his inactivity did more harm for the team than good. If someone with much more time and motivation to put into the server could take his position it's more work being done with the same amount of members. Also yes Telanir also had to give approval on every action to be taken, and due to his lack of understanding of the server's climate due to him pretty much never logging on it could've made his votes skewed. I really enjoy getting feedback from you btw Wendigo, thank you 😄
  11. Wrynn

    GM Team Q&A

    Yeah guys - I'm pretty much always around and if you ever want to talk, have an issue or a question you can come to me. You can get me over the forums, ingame or even on Discord: Luke#5154. I'd love for people to come to me 😄 Also how're you today?
  12. Wrynn

    I'm going to be gone for a few days

    Yeah! Have a good time away 😄
  13. Wrynn

    My Experience as an Administrator

    I did actually PM showing interest in the position, however I didn't get a response. Which is one of the things that annoys me about some staff. Also how is your magic plugin going?! I've been watching those sneak peak videos over and over again. I do believe, (I could be wrong though) that Sporadic had made a lot of polls regarding nexus, however you'd probably have to dig through his activity to find them.
  14. Wrynn

    My Experience as an Administrator

    Honestly, I agree with you. Looking back on it now I feel sometimes I wouldn't have argued as much as I should have due to perhaps fear of being stepped over.
  15. Wrynn

    My Experience as an Administrator

    Honestly Teegah, I can't remember ever talking **** about you - personally I don't have anything against you and I don't believe I've ever **** talked you. I'm sure your name probably was thrown around in the chat a few times but nothing comes to mind. I'm also sure there are other players who think it - I know even in GM chat some people are slagged off and it's an issue.