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  1. Damn, he really just put it right in there
  2. small map?

    1. _Jandy_


      Hey bro! You been alright?

  3. Yo! What's been your best experience on the server?
  4. How's everyone doing? :D


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    2. OldeTymer
    3. MyNameIsMason


      Pretty good, thanks for asking

    4. Wrynn


      Glad to hear you guys are doing well c:

  5. Wrynn

    Map of Almaris

    Great effort! I for one have always thought that even though smaller maps create issues with not enough land being around for people to claim, it brings about a bigger issue of scarcity of roleplay. The map should probably correlate to the size of the current active playerbase, and if an expansion is needed - go for it. It's great to see that community members are putting in a lot of work like this to try and back suggestions for the server c:
  6. Will the museum server be fixed? Kinda want to see it

    1. Polysemic


      Dunno when it's gonna be back but these should still work. If they don't, hmu on discord and I can give you my local copies of everything from Athera-Atlas 


    2. saint swag
    3. Wrynn


      hello c: ty for the help


  7. oh my god its the coke man himself

    1. Wrynn
    2. Treaty


      @Wrynndid you forget about the mass amounts of coke you used to have at your house (the drink)

    3. Wrynn


      ah yes... the good old days

  8. Would I be able to get my in-game auth removed?c: Lost access to my old phone that the auth app is on. Thanks!

    1. ScreamingDingo


      Contact me on discord dude, joel#4235

      I'll get it sorted

  9. I've not played on the server for a while now, but these days I'm quite different to the person that I used to be when I spent time on lotc. I joined the server when I was 14 and in those 7 years have changed a lot! Instead of playing minecraft now, I'll usually be spending time with my friends, taking care of my plants, studying for uni or just partying! Hope you're having a good day though man c:
  10. Love the icons beside the sub-forums now @Lyonharted™ ❤️

  11. damn, I’m put in twice but under different names ?
  12. MC Name: Wrynn Discord: Luke#5154 Character Name: Tedyn Age: 134 Race: Dark Elf Reason For Joining: I’ve always been interested in Botany, and as an extension of that alchemy. I feel that learning these skills will not only help benefit the guild, however my city and people. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): The Iron Uzg, Renelia
  13. How you been?! Also happy birthday ?
  14. Just found some character art of one of my very first characters! ?


    1. ronin_champloo


      god i miss u, you wholesome bastard

    2. _Jandy_


      looks like a building slave to me

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