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  1. 4  years (and a few days) now since I joined the server!

    1. nanoninja23


      Ooo, so what’s ya greatest moment so far in the four years?

    2. TheDragonsRoost
  2. Wrynn

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    Although, yes feedback has been taken, it wasn't of the final draft of the rules and none of the feedback polls actually asked if players would like it on the server and instead rather asked for feedback on particular parts of the rules. Yep! I think the feedback thread is going well so far 😄 It's giving us indication about how we should handle this set of raid rules from here on out.
  3. Wrynn

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    We're getting numbers in the form of a poll so that we can see what percentage of the community would like/dislike them on the server.. It was something I suggested to do before we even think about implementing them onto the server; hence why I put up the post.
  4. Wrynn

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    We're trying to get a feel for how many people would actually like these rules to be implemented more-so, rather than polishing them up anymore.
  5. Hey there! On the GM team at the moment, we've all sat down to review the raid rules in their entirety before we go ahead and fully implement them onto the server. However to us it's important that we make sure the community is on the same page as us, and we're of course opening up the vote to you guys too. The poll above is a simple agreement/disagreement to the raid rules listed below, and of course the replies will be open so that you guys can address any issues you still feel the new rules don't address or any issues that they have. Tentative Raid Rules Rewrite 0.7 Section 1.0 Raid Procedure 1.1 To initiate a raid the leader of a raiding party must modreq one hour in advance of the raid The handling GM must then provide a warning regional broadcast to the target. The raid will arrive one hour from the broadcast not from the posting of the modreq. 1.2 Raids must be launched from an established base A base being henceforth defined as a Major Freebuild or Nation. You may not launch raids from random freebuild huts or dirt holes. RP cave hideouts are fine but must be of an appropriate scale. 1.3 Characters involved in a raid must have demonstrable allegiances One day raid characters will not be tolerated. Your character must be rped to some degree to participate in raids. 1.4 Any individual that is downed during the duration of a raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may be captured even if they are popped or D40. To do so make a modreq while providing a screencap of the individual being downed, ideally accompanied by a timestamp. If someone is executed or bleeds out during the raid they may not be captured / tped back. 1.5 Any individual that is downed during the duration of the raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may have their head or body taken without consent. NPCS may be made of an individual to represent them having been executed. Or a head can be requested of a moderator without the need for player consent. The victim who’s body or head has been taken must be alerted. 1.6 Launching a raid negates any raid cooldowns you have immediately. You are fully vulnerable to being raided. 1.7 A raid will last for an hour after it begins as defined above. After an hour raiders shall be removed from the city and given a victory. Section 2.0 Raid Mechanics 2.1 A raid ‘begins’ formally once the raiding party enters the region of the targeted settlement. Or for freebuild settlements, are within 50 blocks of the outermost wall or structure of said settlement. Once the raid has begun the supervising moderator will alert both sides that PvP is now ‘on’. PvP remains ‘on’ until the moderator specifically alerts the leadership of the offensive and defensive party. The supervising moderator must alert both sides as to the statuses of the opposing side to minimize confusion. 2.2 Ladders must be placed vertically, in a continuous realistic fashion. In a regioned area your supervising moderator will place the ladders for you In a freebuild area you may place the ladders yourself Troll ladder placements will be met with a blacklist. 2.3 Battering Rams may be purchased at the Cloud Temple for (20000 minas for heavy or 10000 for light).The Ram comes in the heavy (with arrow shield) or light (without shield) variants. A Battering Ram must be deployed at a gate A gate is henceforth defined as an entry point to a settlement generally formed in an arch a minimum of three blocks high and two wide. The gate is formed of iron bars or any variety of wooden fencing. In the absence of a ‘gate’ any ‘citizen’s door’ may replace the ‘gate’. The Battering Ram must be operated by punching the sign on the back of the Ram. (resembling the existing trebuchet sign) For the defenders to disable the Ram they must break the 5 iron blocks at the core of the ram. All the iron blocks in the core must be mined out to disable the ram. The Ram may not be repaired by replacing iron blocks. You may not replace the iron blocks that were mined nor may you place new iron blocks. Once an iron block has been removed from the Ram it may not be repaired period. Rams are reusable if they are not disabled. 2.4 Raiders may attempt to remove anti ladder buttons. They must provide the appropriate emote, while supervised by the supervising Moderator. A roll of ten will break a button. A raid party may roll ten times. 2.5 You cannot construct "Instant" Death Traps. "Instant" being traps that lock you into place and kill you without any interaction. Traps which cause more than five hearts of damage are prohibited. All traps are required to give the trapped individual the ability to escape, including utilizing the lockpick plugin. Pathways of escape cannot be able to be blocked off. Lava, and magma blocks are prohibited within any trap. During PvP instances trap interactions do not require emotes. Outside of PvP instances trap interactions must be emoted. Gates are not traps Anklebiters are not traps Section 3.0 Types of Raids 3.1 The Offensive Raid, the first type of raid, this raid is the basic raid conducted by aggressors. 3.2 The Retaliatory Raid, should the defending party succeed in repulsing the aggressors they may choose to retaliate. A retaliatory raid must be launched within an hour of victory being declared (by the GM via broadcast) and requires a modreq. A retaliatory raid may not be retaliated for the sake of not having endless fringe tier raid cycles. Retaliatory raids will ignore cooldowns. 3.3 The Rescue Raid, for the purposes of simplicity the rescue raid will act like a retaliatory raid. The faction launching the rescue raid must demonstrate rp knowledge of a kidnapping. A kidnapping is where an individual was actually captured not someone that wandered into the settlement and bothered the guards. Section 4.0 Cooldowns and Caps 4.1 There is no limit on numbers for any offensive or defensive raid action. 4.2 If the aggressors are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Forty Eight Hours from the beginning of the raid. 4.3 If the defenders are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Fourteen Days from the day of the raid. 4.5 If the defenders are victorious in both repulsing the first raid and in the retaliatory raid then the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Twenty One Days. Section 5.0 Preemptive Defining of Terms and Clarifying of Blurred Lines 5.1 A raid is defined as a hostile action committed by an organized group, launched from a point of origin. To secure the benefits and such of a raid the above definition must be fulfilled and overseen by a Moderator. 5.2 Defenders are victorious if they hold off the raiders for one hour. Victors are victorious if they defeat all the defenders or force them to flee or hide. 5.3 A group of Villains operating within the walls or the immediate surroundings (50 blocks from the walls) will be considered an illegal raid if their numbers exceed four. All instigators of illegal raiding shall be Villainy Blacklisted. The leader / high ranking of the party shall receive a double sentence. Villains are defined ‘foreigners conducting malicious actions with the intent of doing harm to residents or peaceful visitors of a region’. Actions of locals against locals will never fall under the umbrella of villainy no matter the number. As long as those involved are locals. In the event that there are some foreigners among the locals a majority threshold of locals will be required on both sides of a conflict for this clause to persist. 5.4 Emotive combat is not raiding Trying to twist an ‘emotive combat’ scenario into a raid or a mechanical resolution is raid baiting. If the attacker is trying to ensure 10+ individuals are present this will be deemed raid baiting. Guards responding to rp would not be held as raid baiting. 5.5 Raid Baiting shall be defined as the practice of non residents acting in a manner clearly intended to compel the guards of the settlement to attack the visitors as to avoid raid rules. Trolly RP with no basis or compulsion in rp will not be tolerated. Troll rp is far too broad a category to properly define. Thus defining this shall be left to the supervising GM’s discretion. We all know what trolling is and you will not be hiding behind minutiae or pedanticism to continue trolling. Roads within 30 blocks of the settlement will for the purpose of enforcement be held as within the jurisdiction of the settlement and therefore subject to the above rules concerning Raid Baiting. Banditing on roads is not raiding as long as it is beyond this radius. 5.6 Raidlike scenarios resulting from dynamic rp shall for the purposes of dynamism not be considered to be a raid. A Raidlike scenario being defined as the presence of invited guests which descends into conflict through rp. These shall be determined on a case by case basis by GMs Raidlike scenarios do not trigger CDs Thanks, have a good day! Wrynn 😄
  6. Hey there, @angel129bu! It seems that your discord name isn't quite correct, they're case sensitive, so just be careful for future c:! However if you could add my discord: "Luke#5154" and send me a message that'd be great!
  7. Hey there, @MCVDK! I've sent you a friend request on discord 😄 If you could add me back that'd be great. My discord is Luke#5154, thanks!
  8. Wrynn

    [Denied][I] Odium174's Game Moderator Application

    Hey there @RugRatRew! I've sent you a friend request on discord, if you could add me back that'd be great! My discord is Luke#5154
  9. Daily Reminder

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      be a good hearted person

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    Craftbook broken

    Could you take a picture of the setup that you have with the lever/trapdoor?
  11. Sorry if anyone looked at the logs and saw I was talking bad about them in anyway. I don't think I have been, but just in-case I'd like to extend my apologies.

    1. Wrynn


      Just sorry in general if I have slagged anyone off behind their back, I try not to and try not to participate when others are doing so. I'd feel bad if I have been, but if you found I have please come to me so I can apologise.

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      YOU'RE CLEAN SO FAR BRO :tears:

    3. xxx


      it's funny because these logs make the gms look like totally sane reasonable people struggling under a literally insane small business tyrant who feels compelled to have meetings over minecraft moderation policy


      (like, ******* christ dude, they're volunteering to moderate your server)


      please forgive me for anything bad I've said about the GMs, I feel like **** now

      Edited by xxx
  12. Wrynn

    [Denied][I] paulobig's Game Moderator Application

    Hey there @Paulobig! I've just sent you a friend request on Discord so that we can start your interview process! My Discord is Luke#5154, accept my request and just let me know when you're ready to begin.
  13. Daily Reminder. What plugin would you like to see on the server (don't make them too hard like 'magic plugin' pls)

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    2. The_Broken_God


      can we get some recipes for thigns we currently cant craft? ie chainmail, saddles, etc

    3. Wrynn


      @The_Broken_God gonna start planning it out tonight

    4. Gallic


      I want to be able to crouch+right click from the same range that you can halt people from