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  1. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, have some plans for it – I’d want to make a botany plugin first though for alchemic ingredients. Of course with great help from the LT ;D
  2. righto, I’ll get started on making more server promos with gizzygazza
  3. Hey there guys, so I’ll be an official coder for the lotc staff team shortly and we’re really allowed to work on whatever we want. However I want to actually fix/change/make things that you guys want before I start on any personal projects I think would be a cool addition to the server. Leave a comment on what you want to see, and please don’t say remove the afk plugin (that’s above my paygrade), this can include changes to current plugins, bug fixes, or entirely new plugins all together! happy shitposting 🙂
  4. Just made a discord for LGBT peeps... since we don’t have one. If you want an invite hmu with your disc username

  5. Wrynn

    The LotC Livestream Returns

  6. Wrynn

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    this is my joke >:c
  7. “Soot Elf?” Tedyn calls out in laughter before throwing the notice onto the fire. “I cannot wait for the day till their pompous nature leads them straight into the fire too.”
  8. do the gays of lotc not have a discord anymore?

    1. NoZaku


      yeah... i got rid of em 😎

    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      Too many dram- big personalities in one group.

    3. dogbew


      I'm sure there's still a wood elf discord, why wouldn't there be?

  9. Wrynn

    Buuk Klub Beginneth!

    Tedyn yeets a big smh and reminds Zayem that the Goi has its own library.
  10. Wrynn

    Pathing and Main Roads

    I think the duty is probably normally given to SeventhCircle, and yes he is on hiatus currently, however I think he is to return within a few days.
  11. Wrynn

    Lament of a Vulture

    The words of the old Orc’s end met Tedyn’s ears, yet his reaction seemed to be naught; all but a twitch of the ears. The Ker’s eyes just as red as they always were, his face just as plain as it always was and his skin just as dark. He nodded to the news before setting his feet on the path towards the privacy of his own home, where he locked himself away and sank into his chair; right beside the fire. Oh, how long the ‘Ker gazed into the fire, it’s reflection mimicked only in the trails of tears that ran down and across his thin cheeks. Yet soon he raised his arm to wipe away the squalls. The Orc was not dead of course, not truly dead anyways. “Zhagaraf, bugd’izg lat. Gaakh ghashnum gugsh’izg-ri agh lat.” He called out with a raised voice and a clear mind; his words strong and stout.... yet it seemed they fell on deaf ears. “Zhagaraf, bugd’izg lat. Gaakh ghashnum gugsh’izg-ri agh lat.” The ‘Ker called again, again and again... out into the silence, just as he had heard back. As Tedyn’s hopes seemed to be crushed and his spirit seemed to wane, he called out further. “Zhagaraf, has’izg lat. Gaakh ghashnum gugsh’izg-ri agh lat.” Yet this time he did not call, he begged. His tongue, becoming deformed and incomprehensible as the dark elf blubbered. “Zhagaraf... haz’izg lat.” He’d cry... yet to no answer. Perhaps the Orc was truly dead.
  12. Wrynn

    Doom's Holy Nation of Art

    Yo, I’ll pay for a bust you for since Spr0nk paid for me – passing on the deed. Contact doom about your request and I’ll pay him 😄 Edit: Paid him now 😄
  13. Wrynn

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

    I haven’t seen you around in a while!
  14. If you’re struggling with building or would like some tips for builds – I have a lot of building guides uploaded here. Be sure to check them out!