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  1. Wrynn

    [✓] Laroob's Ban Appeal.

    You need to be aware that you are talking to other people and that they need to be treated with respect. Please be sure to have a re-read of the rules. Player Unbanned.
  2. Wrynn

    An Introduction

    An Introduction It might seem rather strange to some that I'm only introducing myself now, after all I did join the server over three years ago now, however I'd like to introduce myself to the newer players and perhaps also players that just haven't had the chance to get to talk with me yet. I'll simply start of by saying hello and introducing myself. My username is Wrynn however some also call me Luke and you've probably seen me around the server in some form or another, perhaps you've seen me in OOC chat or I talk to you on a regular basis. Currently I'm a Game Moderator on the server, as well as a World Developer and an Event Builder so if you're ever stuck and need any help be sure to modreq and if I'm online I'll be able to offer you some support, or even if you'd like some advice on building I'm also here for that too. I also live in the UK, so I can be mainly caught in the GMT/BST afternoon. I joined the server back in February of 2015 and initially I had some misconceptions as to what the server and what it's community was going to be like. As I continued to play I gradually began to meet new people and made some really good friends who I'd spend nights with on Skype just talking and having fun, and I also met a broader spectrum of people (through the help of OOC) who I perhaps wasn't a close with however still enjoyed talking to. These connections that I made throughout my time on the server have really developed me as a person, and I no longer feel that I'm the same person that I was when I joined the server. Not only am I different because of the 3 years that I've aged, but my personality has changed and I think that's for the better. I'm extremely happy with the person I am at the moment and I have you guys to thank for that as without you guys I wouldn't have had a community that I could talk to. I'd like to extend the favour to old and new players alike - If you ever would like to chat to someone or simply want to have a conversation I'm always on hand and will be willing to offer any support I can because I know that sometimes everything isn't always happy and cheerful, and I'd like to help however I can. Equally I'm always up for a laugh if anyone wants a conversation, all you have to do is get to know me. I'd love for people to see what I see in the community we have; a passionate and ardent player-base that very much cares about our server. Nevertheless, if you ever see me around be sure to say "hi" or if you ever want to talk I'm always here! My Discord is Luke#5154
  3. Wrynn

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    I absolutely love this. Honestly when I began to read into the post I was thinking I'd be seeing something like we have with the /trail plugin at the moment and boy oh boy was I shocked. The effects are amazing and I can see it for sure being a large attraction for new players coming to the server if we advertise this, it's also all cosmetic so it'll have no effect on PVP and with close work with Caleb, I'm sure this plugin can turn out amazing.
  4. Wrynn

    A poll of two unrelated questions

    I believe some of the dark elves aren't all learning from the same people. There are dark elf shamans who have been in the community for a while that are now beginning to teach others.
  5. Wrynn

    A poll of two unrelated questions

    It's just easier than having to get a list of every single dark elf in the dominion and privately send a letter to each one of them.
  6. Wrynn

    A poll of two unrelated questions

    That's certainly true - orcs may be able to pick it up a little quicker but that doesn't mean another race wouldn't be able to learn the language.
  7. Wrynn

    A poll of two unrelated questions

    I will say one thing about the second question: Blah and Old Blah aren't the same thing. Upon a shaman getting an accepted TA I believe they receive an in-game book on old blah that they can use to teach their students.
  8. Wrynn

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    MC ▫ Name ≎ Wrynn Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Complicated Sprite Character ▫ Name ≎ Tedyn Isilioleth Character ▫ Race ≎ Dark Elf Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ https://imgur.com/a/Upiyqog Just to say! I think these sprites are really cool, reminds me of old games I used to love playing like Aveyond.
  9. Wrynn

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Tedyn would wonder who the tavern owner was shouting at if he had been there due to the lack of ker present. This ker had simply heard word of the tavern and voiced his opinion in his own home.
  10. Wrynn

    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Tedyn listens to the man speak of the cantina before muttering to himself. "I didn't want to go anyway."
  11. Wrynn

    The First Lesson

    The First Lesson The soft touch of the grass beneath Tedyn began as he fell back onto the ground, all around him, humming and whispers vibrated. The trees only being able to be seen by their glow through the thick fog that seemed to envelop the entire forest. He started to shift as he felt himself fall back, the humming slowly awakening him and the whispers calling out to him. Soon enough he came to his feet to view a world like no other, the trees, the ground, the everything seemed as if it vibrated on another plane, through a different world. In a few moments the thick enveloping mists parted to reveal a small pathway shrouded by mystical and alien shrubbery. The whispers began to grow louder, calling out to him to follow the pathway; so he did just that. His feet almost dragged him towards the path, wafting through the heavy almost glowing smog that enveloped the Ker. "Gijaak!" He called out, as if to look for some guidance through this experience, however apart from the whispers the forest was silent. Soon enough as Tedyn continued down the path he found himself in a large clearing, the thick fog now dying down to become more of a thin cloud skating along the floor. His ears darted aswell as his eyes all around, trying to pick up the faintest of sounds, or the faintest of movements. All in due time the Ker set his eyes on a bush, holding up majestic pink flowers on sturdy branches. The whispers almost told him to walk towards the flowers. He began to step closer to the bush, all before laying his hands on one of the petals. Suddenly a slight tremor sounded throughout the entire woods, the small pebbles at Tedyn's feet shaking, as well as the earth. However most noticeably was the bush the flowers had grown from; a large majestic creature almost resembling a rhino had stood up, the flowers growing from his nose. The shock of the creature making the Elf stumble backwards. Tedyn rose to his feet as the creature seemed to peer into him with red eyes, akin to the look of rubies. "You are not from here." The creature called out, yet his mouth did not seem to move. "No... I am from the Dominion." The innocent Ker replied, his ears twitching as the creature spoke. The creature and the Ker talked for a brief time, the woods still humming and whispers floating into Tedyn's ears. The creature took a few steps forward to get a closer look at the Ker, his ruby eyes almost peering at the elf' soul. "I am Guurog, what is your name?" It questioned. "Tedyn, Tedyn Isilioleth." He replied. The large creature huffed it's nose before it spoke once more, "You will take one of my flowers and build a shrine in my name, and you shall plant the flower in the middle of the shrine." Tedyn gave the creature a brief nod before taking a few steps forward and tugging at a flower growing from the creature's nose. "It would be an honor." Tedyn states, his gaze now becoming heavy and his body becoming weak as he'd fall to the floor, the comforting grass feeling now not present. He'd awake in the cave where he had once began, the sloshing of water bringing him back to consciousness. Soon after Tedyn gathered the materials required and headed towards a forest, similar to the one he had met Guurog in. He began to construct a shrine in the spirit's name and planted the flower in the middle as requested. Suddenly the flower began to turn to stone and the pink petals crystallizing in place.
  12. Congratulations on your GM application Wrynn, I've been looking forward to the point where you rejoined the GM team. Good man, you are.

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      Thanks Pie 😄