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  1. Congratulations to everyone who received results today 😄 Even if you didn’t get the grades you were expecting there’s always other ways to get to where you want to be, and don’t forget that!

    1. Whiplash


      i bet you play diablo 3 in a biased and incompetent manner . .. . . . . . . .. . .  

    2. Wrynn


      you got me there!

    3. Kanadensare


      difference is ur useful

  2. Goodluck to everyone expecting exam results in the morning 😄

  3. tl:dr. I shall be saving up my moneys, this art is amazing
  4. oke found the issue – gonna try and fix now 😄
  5. Does it give you a specific error message whenever you try the command with tridents? @Starfelt
  6. /ss racehome was a command we used a few versions ago to set the default “Home” for certain races – however it’s no longer reeally used. And Kharajyr do live with another race currently – I’m just not sure which one it is.
  7. Wrynn

    Why Do You Play?

    Why Do You Play? I’ve seen the sentiment that players are rather unhappy with the direction the server is going in quite a lot recently and I’ve been seen various threads criticising how the server functions, pointing out that it is no longer fun or enjoyable. It seems that a lot of our community is quite jaded and not many of them really know as to what it is that prompts them to log onto the server each day. So I’ll ask a simple question... why do you play? Or, rather what makes you want to play? There are of course still a lot of players on our server that I would say still get a large amount of enjoyment from logging in, but there are of course two sides to every coin! I’m just interested to see what it is at the heart of it that makes us log onto the server everyday, even though we may find certain aspects of it insufferable. Nevertheless I’ll speak on what makes me want to log in each day to the server: I’ve been on the server for over four years now and I’ll certainly say that I don’t get the same excitement or kick from logging on as I did initially, but for certain I still enjoy logging on everyday. Each time I log on I’ll say “Hello” in OOC chat and ask how everyone’s doing; I like to speak with you guys 😄. If someone’s feeling down I’ll probably spawn them in a cake and give it to them in an attempt to cheer them up lmao. After that I’ll probably check for modreq’s and help out anyone if it’s needed. Although that may sound pretty boring to some people I really enjoy it, and I also enjoy the coding aspect of my staff role too. I really enjoy coding and becoming a part of the Tech Team on LotC has given me the opportunity to learn a lot more about it that I would have been able to on my own; so I really enjoy bringing you guys new content like the botany plugin! So.. what is it that you enjoy about the server?
  8. no kek just do what makes you happy 😄
  9. Wrynn

    Botany Backtrack

    This would be a really cool idea, however the way the nodes spawn in it’s extremely hard to get them to work this way; once you place them underwater they usually just float to the surface :c
  10. Wrynn

    Botany Backtrack

    Botany Backtrack Hey guys, so it’s been almost two weeks now since the Botany plugin that I created went live, and I’m simply making this post to gather some feedback about the plugin. I went into the release of the plugin very well understanding that it wouldn’t be perfect whenever it released and that certain aspects of it may need changed or removed altogether. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on the plugin, perhaps you could share how easy you found it to use, what parts you like the most about it and also the reverse of that coin; what is challenging about the plugin and what makes it boring and less fun. I’m also open to suggestions for entirely new ideas or directions with the plugin as I’m dedicated to making it serve the server’s wants as much as possible, so think of the plugin simply at v1.0 currently, with many more to come. As well as that, tell me if there’s anything you dislike about the plugin and I can try and change it to accommodate that! I want to make sure that you guys have a big part in the direction of the plugin seeing as I’m making it for you guys, and also just want to let you know that the feedback is really appreciated! If you guys also have any questions about the plugin currently, feel free to ask them here and I’ll try to answer, other than that, have a good day guys! - Alabaster Leaf, credits to @rwko
  11. ❤️ hmm... perhaps after my current character dies, whenever that will be of course! I need everyone to know that GB has a shred of decency left after this brexit thing
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