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  1. Love the icons beside the sub-forums now @Lyonharted™ ❤️

  2. damn, I’m put in twice but under different names ?
  3. MC Name: Wrynn Discord: Luke#5154 Character Name: Tedyn Age: 134 Race: Dark Elf Reason For Joining: I’ve always been interested in Botany, and as an extension of that alchemy. I feel that learning these skills will not only help benefit the guild, however my city and people. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): The Iron Uzg, Renelia
  4. How you been?! Also happy birthday ?
  5. Just found some character art of one of my very first characters! ?


    1. FamilyGuyMoment5


      god i miss u, you wholesome bastard

    2. _Jandy_


      looks like a building slave to me

  6. I don’t play the server much anymore and it’s probably highly likely that I won’t be in attendance at this meeting, but I do checkup on the forums every now and again to see how you’re all doing. I think rather than asking a specific question about a section of the server and how the administration plans to tackle it, I’d like to ask you, the administration, what problems that you think the server currently faces. When you’re in a staff position it can be very hard to relate to and share the same perspective that players of the server have. So although it’s quite a broad question,
  7. To be fair, I’ve seen the rules rewritten probably about 10-12 times now whilst I’ve been on the server, and with each rendition nothing seems to actually get solved in the long run. Whilst I appreciate seeing an effort to try and solve the problem, a simple rewrite is a temporary fix to a problem that the server has faced for year. Perhaps it would be a good idea to look at how the rules can be done differently to cover the needs of the player base instead of how they can be rewritten.
  8. Hope you’re all having a good day ?, and hopefully you all have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Evonpire


      You abandoned our kids Wrynn.

    2. _Jandy_


      you also, gamer

    3. _Sug


      ❤️ u Wrynny

  9. Speaking from my own experience and opinion as well as extensive time on the moderation and administration team: In most cases bans should be a last resort, you can get through to a player much more extensively by simply sitting down and having a chat with them rather than straight up banning them. I’ve seen so many moderators in my time on the server that fail to see the server as a bigger picture and instead just see themselves as ‘blue tag boys’. The server needs moderators who don’t just care about their own role as a moderator but rather the health of the server and it’s co
  10. ooh a drug plugin with the totally cool botany plugin the server has now would be cool
  11. Ooh these are really unique! Often times when I see people doing chibi art it looks quite similar to everyone else’s however I really like your style. I’m sure you’ll get loads of people wanting to buy your art!
  12. Whenever I was creating my botany plugin I needed to get a lot of input from the Story Team as to what plants were going to be added etc, and it was like trying to make a stone bleed. I don’t think anyone on the ST is currently focused on alchemy at all and if they are they’re not doing much work about it. But side note ? I like the lore, I think alchemy has some real promise – perhaps you could even expand on the ideas and make something much bigger!
  13. It’s great that we’re speaking up about the situation – after all the server is a big community and I recon it’s right that everyone is aware of any threats that exist within the community as well as knowing about what’s being done to combat them. Although sadly this isn’t the first iteration of paedophilia that the server has seen and this isn’t the first type of response to a situation like this that we’ve seen. Realistically at the end of the day it’s all well and good to make a post and try and bring some clarity to the situation however it’s the action that matters. We, as a c
  14. Take it easy bro, will miss our ooc conversations. 

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