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    From Ruination [FRP]

    ignore this
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    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    KINGDOM OF SICILY MCCIII 1204 YEARS SINCE THE BIRTH OF OUR HEAVENLY LORD THE 10TH YEAR OF THE REIGN OF OUR KING FREDERICK II OF SICILY -After a private agreement with the Eastern Roman Empire, the Sicilian Kingdom has sent a contingent of ships with the Eastern Roman Emperor. In response, the Sicilian Kingdom finances the construction of an equivalent number of ships sent with the Emperor. -Dipold, the Count of Acerra begins to prepare a small army to besiege the illegitimate usurper of the rightful King of Sicily’s lands, Walter III of Brienne, a Norman who claims the Kingdom of Sicily through his wife, Elvira. The regent grants him state funds to eliminate this insurrection. -Walter of Capparone honours the wishes of Constance of Sicily, and continues to tutor and teach Frederick in Sicilian, amongst Sicilians. This does not change the fact that he still learns German, French, Norman, and Greek on top of this. -Walter, the Regent of Sicily funds an expansion of the Port of Palermo, rerouting several thousand pounds of silver and gold to build more space for commerce, ship yards, and even a treasury located all in the fledgling coastal town. An excerpt out of Frederick’s documents: O, Lord, there be war in my domain. War is fought with a Norman who contesting mi rule. I am still a boy, but I want to join him. I learned of my ancestor, Roger, and his Kingdom. Rich it was, God favored it. Lord, grant me strength of Rogers, so that the mohemedans may not be struck with satan and help the sicili, and help the king. Outremer, the holy land, should be my rule. I pray to you, lord, in the book of mine.
  3. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP]

    D U C H Y O F U L Y A D AR The waters of the expanse were wild, causing the old wood of the group of ships slamming against the waves methodically as they cross every wave. The group had been chasing a pod of Black Whales for days upon days without end. The pod of whales were desperately gliding away from their predators, in an almost elegant but bloody manner, as several of them had been struck a couple of times by several lucky harpoon shots. On the deck of the ships, it was a completely different story. Drummers banging on hide drums keeping the rowers below deck on time, the captains above deck relaying orders , and the fishers keeping a steady eye on the prize, an iron spear at the ready. Out of this pod of roughly 12 whales, this entire group will likely catch only 1 or 2, and go home extremely happy. It was about tiring the whales out over a gradual period of time, and catching the weak ones who lag behind the group. The pod was significantly slower than originally when the convoy first spotted them, but they were still agile enough that they could outrun the convoy of ships. On one of the ships was Eilif. Eilif was a very experienced fisher. He'd had gone on hundreds of voyages throughout his long life, and over time he has developed a keen eye for the weak ones of the pod. He had been watching one whale, on the right side of the pack, whos pace has been considerably slower lately since the other members of the pod. The tip of his spear traced the movements of the whale for days, however it still remained out of range for him. The convoy was getting ready for a poach, and his ship was luckily designated to be the intercepting party. A poach, amongst Ulyadar fishermen, is when a group of the fishing convoy detaches from the main group, and sail to a predestined destination. The main convoy of ships would then lead the pod of whales to the group, and the pod would be intercepted, and a hail of harpoons and arrows would be launched at them. It usually takes no more then 4 poaches to capture one or two whales, however this would be the pods 6th poach. This pod was a fiery, and very jittery. Eilif however, had been preparing for this poach. He was confident that he would be able to strike down a beast, and go home a hero. Eventually Eilifs ship, accompanied by a sizeable amount of ships peeled off from the main convoy, and sailed for a location several leagues northwest, where the pod would be led. Eilif made sure to make the captain stationed his ship so where the right side of the pod would fall right on their ship. And after, he patiently waited. He was one of the more quiet ones on the ship, preferring to enjoy the company of the fresh sea breeze and the rhythmic melody of the waves slapping the wood of the boat, rather than entertain himself in drunk fights of the other sailors. After a day and a half of waiting, the bright red flags of the convoy appeared on the horizon. Immediately, there was a frenzy. During a poach, the rowers come out from their oars, and take up small bows with wooden arrows and place themselves on the sides of the ship, often times brutishly shoving the experienced fishers and harpooners out of their spots. Eilif however would not miss this chance. When a ginger began to shove Eilif ever so slightly out of his prime spot on the starboard side of the ship, he threw the man overboard, and never again did anyone try to take his place again, especially not the poor Ginger who arrived with a beautiful array of barnacle cuts all across his back. The ships were closer now, close enough that the screams and shouts of the men on the other convoy could be heard, and flag signals began to be relayed between the ships. Captains sounded their horns alerting the men of an approaching pod. Men notched their arrows, tied knots around their harpoons, and performed small rituals of fortune and luck. The pod was in sight now, the whales gracefully surfacing up and blowing out a large cloud of air, being greeted by a raining hailstorm of arrows, swords, spears, pikes, and harpoons alike. Many of the pod scattered or dived into the safety of the unknown depths, however Eilifs patience paid off. He spotted his target, as he recognized it by a arrow hanging from the right side of his tail. His harpoon remained steady, slowly following the path of the beast before it is sprung from Eilifs hand, lodging itself on the right side of its stomach, blood immediately spilling out, turning the surrounding waters into a reddish colour. The whale immediately dived down, as is instinct for this species, and a silence fell upon all of the ships as they scour the waters for evidence of a body floating on the surface. For several long moments, no words were said, and everyone was hoping for good results, praying for the black body of the coveted creatures to surface. Eventually, a man on the adjacent ship to Eilif began wailing, pointing to a black smudge in the distance, bobbing up and down on the choppy waves. Immediately rejoice fell upon the party, as their goal had been fulfilled, and they would return to port with a prize. It is whos prize it belonged to that still remained a question to many on the ships, however Eilif, remained confident that his family symbol would be on that Harpoon lodged on the beasts tail, signifying that the kill is his, and Eilif is gifted the fin of the whale, the symbolically most important part of the whale to fishermen. As a group of rowboats departed from the group towards the whale, Eilif remained calm, while the rest of the crew remained anxious. Talk of what each man was going to do with the fin filled the deck, whether it was to sell it, to make a elegant soup with it, or to hang it up on the wall as a trophy for all his descendants to remember. When the harpoon was brought back wrapped in fur, as it has always been done, the men of the boat huddled around it, anxiously waiting to find the owner of the harpoon, the victor of the catch.The fur was pulled away, and from the center of the huddle a man shouted “EILIF!”, and the entire ship swarmed the old fisherman, overwhelming him with comments of joy, and gratitude, and filling him with joy. NATION INFO Big Star: Capitol(Ulya), Big circle:City(Yakur), Small circle(South east): Settlement of Tykirfell, Small circle (North): Settlement of Rypapa POPULATION: 2703750+5%=2838938 ARMY: 4000 MEDIUM INFANTRY ARMY UPKEEP: 1K GOLD NAVY:3 GALLEY 3 COGS UPKEEP FOR NAVY:2K GOLD GOLD:3K(BASE)+7.5K(POP)+3K(TRADE)+3K(MERCHANT GUILD)+2k(PORT)+ 4K(ECON POINTS)=23.5K GOLD GOLD AFTER UPKEEP:20.5K GOLD GOLD FOR THIS TURN:25K (4.5K SAVED OVER FROM LAST TURN) BUILDINGS FARMS:2 PORT:1 TEMPLE:1 MERCHANT COMPANY:2 TRADING COMPANY:0 ACTIONS -In the coastal city of Rypapa, the people use ancient techniques to section off a small pen of water in the rivers and coast where they will grow small fish hatcheries. The ice is cleared daily, and walls of stone keep the fishes in side the pen. These fish farms keep the people of Rypapa fed year round as the ice is constantly cleared off from the top of the pens.(-10k, 2 Farms) -As the Temple is completed, and Tancreds sacrifices have proved that one temple will not suffice for the future needs and services of the Duchy, the Duke sponsors another expansion of the Oracle of the Blood Forge. A Church begins construction at the ancient ruins of the Forge, enough to fit approximately 1000 faithful followers of Tykir, or perhaps an equivalent number of sacrifices to him… (-5K, 5/20k) -The Royal Whaling Company is established in the southern city of Yakur. This Company is established by the Crown, as a result of the an increased amount of disputes in the Royal Fishing Company regarding the beasts, whom are of very high value in the Duchy. Therefore, to please certain voices and influential statesmen in the Duchy, a separate company is created dedicated to the capture of these beasts. They work in the waters mostly North of the Peninsula, around the frozen waters where they are found most often.(Trading Company, -10k)
  4. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP]

    D U C H Y O F U L Y A D AR The Grumblers are a series of four volcanoes in the heart of the territory of Ulyadar. There are crucial to the culture of the surrounding peoples, and are regarded by many to be the gate to the blood god, with the molten rock found commonly in openings throughout the region resembling the blood of the earth. Each of the Grumblers have been named, and all of them are almost constantly spewing out ash and jets of red lava. The first one, and the smallest, is called Mount Skaro. The next one, the second to tallest one, is called Mount Mosfell. The third, tallest, and most important, is called Mt. Arfast. This volcano is said to be the closest to Tykir, the Blood God, and according to maiden legends, has never stopped erupting. Near the summit of this mountain exists the Oracle of the Blood Forge, where Tancred and the Mages of Ulyadar communicate with Tykir. The last one, is called Mt Alviora, and it is so close to Arfast that it has earned some veneration amongst local tribes for being the home of Tykir’s wife, Asleif. Each of these has a special story in local cultures, and they are all respected amongst all Reykverfis in Ulyadar. However Mt. Arfast is feared amongst every boy, girl, man and women. Every person except for The Oracle of the Blood Forge, Tancred. Tancred, donning his white wolf skin on his head which reaches his calves leads the long line of imprisoned men behind him. His body has a slight glare from sweat as a result of the heat emitting from the channels and ravines of molten rock nearby. His chest is exposed, and across his entire upper body are runes and pictures drawn in black ink of various religious concepts, such as the 8 Champions of Tykir, and of various important sacrifices in the history of these lands. The poor souls following him are lightly clothed or completely naked, and drenched in sweat. Some are crying, others begging for mercy. Some remain silent, but they all are aware of their impending fate. 10 palace guards accompany them, spread out in even intervals on the flanks of the long line. Eventually after a long trek up the slopes of hundreds of fissures, around burning black rocks, and through clouds of ash from the very mouth of Tykir himself the doomed group arrives at crumbling site of the Oracle. There is construction occuring at the area, but no ordinary peasant would want to be in the area when Tancred begins working his magic. For now however, Tancred will have to work with ancient relics of the past. And so he does. One by one, poor soul after poor soul is dragged onto a large cold black slab by the hands of Tancred .Once they are on the altar, it is very methodical, slow slaughter.First the wrists are slit, and the blood is allowed to drip down, on small channels built into the slab, into a reservoir of exposed lava directly below the altar. Only when the skin begins turning cold, is when the back of the ankles and the neck is sliced, allowing the rest of the blood in the body to drip into the mouth of Tykir. When the flow of blood begins to slow, the body is cast into the abyss below. Then, the next sacrifice is thrown onto the slab, and the very methodical cuts from Tancred are repeated. At the end of the slaughter, Tancred must spill his own blood to consecrate and validate the sacrifice. Using the Ritual Knife passed from Oracle to Oracle, from the first to the last, his palms are slit, and when enough blood is gathered to fill the gold skull of the First Champion of Tykir, Kodran, then Tancreds blood is raised to the Sky, and then deposited into the abyss, where according to the Great Mage-Scholars of the Reykverfi’s, Tykir will accept the blood from the sacrifices, and bathe in it as he extends his blessings on his people. NATION INFO Big Star: Capitol(Ulya), Big circle:City(Yakur), Small circle(South east): Settlement of Tykirfell, Small circle (North): Settlement of Rypapa POPULATION:2575000+5$=2703750 ARMY: 4000 MEDIUM INFANTRY ARMY UPKEEP: 1K GOLD NAVY:3 GALLEY 3 COGS UPKEEP FOR NAVY:2K GOLD GOLD:3K(BASE)+7.5K(POP)+3K(TRADE)+3K(MERCHANT GUILD)+2k(PORT)+ 4K(ECON POINTS)=22.5K GOLD GOLD AFTER UPKEEP:19.5K GOLD ACTIONS -Construction of a Temple to the Blood God. (10k/10k) A Temple to the Blood God is constructed in the ancient buildings in the Blood Forge high up in the fiery chaos of the Grumblers. It is here where the Blood God is closest to his children, and it is here where Tancred spends most of his time, conjuring spells and incantations of horrors and committing violent acts, all in the name of the Blood God. (11k left) -Exploration to POI Southwest- Some frontiersmen leaving high up in the ranges near melting rock and living on new rock have spread word of a rather interesting spot near the volcanic southwestern border with Ulyadar, and the Duke sends a light expeditionary team in that direction to scout it out and gather more information on it. -A Manufactory is ordered to be built by the Duke’s command, pickling fresh fish in the capitol to be distributed across the Duchy.(4.5k left) -Tancred sacrifices the blood of 100 poor tribals to the Blood God, the blood of the sacrifices spilling into the mouth of the Blood Forge, as they have done for generations and generations. -4.5k Gold is kept in the vault, to be used at another time. Another group of people are sent to explore the two glaciers, they climb the high walls and carefully tread the ancient ice.
  5. Alfonso X el Sabio

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    OOC APP Nation name: Kingdom of Sicily Population: 2.5 million Summary of History: The Kingdom of Sicily was created under the reign of Roger II of Sicily, and it started out as a Norman Kingdom. He carved his Kingdom out from the conquests of his father against Muslims and Christians alike, and almost immediately his power and rule in Southern Italy was contested by Germans in the north, Greeks in the east, and Church adjacent to his domain. However. through a series of manipulations and questionable acts against the papacy, Rogers Kingdom came out on top, and he spent the next few years consolidating and centralizing his power heavily across his domain, licking his wounds from a war mostly fought on his territory. This period of relative peace was whenIt was Roger attacked the Muslims in irifiqya, conquering it and adding it to his domains.As a result of this conquest, the Kingdom of Sicily was established as a formidable Naval Power in the medditernean, even rivaling the powerful Byzantine Navy several times. Over the next few years following Rogers death, the African possessions were lost, and the throne passed from the Normans to the Swabian Hohenstaufen as a result of a lucky marriage. The first of these Hohenstaufen rulers is Frederick II, merely a boy, but is already caught in the cross hairs of a battle for influence between his German Family, his Holy papal father, and his Sicilian people, whom he associates with the most as a result of his mother who raised him Sicilian. Sicily now stands as one of the most wealthiest states in Europe, however the boy-king will have to prove himself against a hotly contested regency council to continue Sicilies greatness. Discord: You have it
  6. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP]

    D U C H Y O F U L Y A D AR The snow, to the caravan, was like dust in the wind as the brutal wind made every step feel like a battle. Even though these people felt very little cold, they still remained covered from head to toe in furs as they trekked towards the white crags of the glaciers. Icey bits in a blizzard acted like arrowheads, and pierced your skin causing cuts and piercings all over your body. “We are almost to the river!” shouted the lead man over the howls and roars of the icy wind. They had been granted by the Duke a charter of expansion into the territory of the Tribe of Elesikel, whom had suffered a tribal defeat in a skirmish in the ice plains adjacent to the River Siya. It was this who encouraged the Duke to send an expedition to settle the mouth of the frozen river, and to exert an ever increasing control over the savage tribes of the land. The caravan moved ever so slowly, every pace seeming like an eternity as the conditions of the blizzard continue to worsen. One more step, thought Gnupa, the leader of the expedition. And one more step indeed, they got slowly got closer, winning the battle against the elements as they reached the rocky banks of the frozen solid river. Its smooth, elegant sheet of ice contrasting heavily against the adjacent lands riddled with large rocky boulders dotting the lands east of the river, and the ominous icy plains filled with dangers found in the glaciers to the west of the river Siya. Gnupa removed his hide back from atop his back, and took out his pick as he hammered in a rope into the earth, securing the long line of travelers behind him into the ground. He motioned with his fur covered arms to sit down, to anchor the line even more, as 3 individuals appear from what seems like the unknown and unseeable end of the line, all carrying a black fur covering, showcasing their authority to the colonists. They all approached Gnupa slowly, who was on the ground removing his snowshoes and putting on a pair of shoes with a single blade fastened to the bottom. The other 3, without saying a word, would follow suit, putting on their ice gliding shoes. Gnupa was already be down by the ice when the other 3 had their shoes on, drilling a hole into the icey blanket of the river to make sure the cover was thick enough to glide on. Once he reached the cool waters of the river, he splashed a bit on his face and on the blade of his shoes, before graciously stepping onto the ice, his body effortlessly gliding through curves and rock deposits with every step. His other three partners would join him, skating through the mirror-like cover of the river, racing up and down, scouting the banks for a suitable place for settlement. Every now and then, a strong gust of wind would come from the east, almost knocking them over on their face, but that did not happen easily, as every child of Ulyadar learned how to glide almost after they learned how to run. After an hour of gliding through the river Siya, the 4 overseer's had found a suitable place for the planned town. It had not only connections to the river, but to the ocean, and the ice on the opposite side of the river was even strong enough for a house, according to Tyrian, however he was known for stupid outbursts. The blizzard had died down significantly by the time the 4 men returned to the long train of settlers, and up they went to the designated area, and within 6 months the town had its first warm season, and witnessed the River Siya melt and freeze for the first time. A festival was held on this occasion, as is always, and the town of Ryapa had begun under the patronage of the Duke of Elesikel. NATION INFO Big Star: Capitol(Ulya), Big circle:City(Yakur), Small circle(South east): Settlement of Tykirfell, Small circle (North): Settlement of Rypapa POPULATION:2,500,000+.03=2575000 ARMY: 1000 LIGHT INFANTRY 1000 LIGHT ARCHER 4000 MEDIUM INFANTRY 4000 MEDIUM ARCHER ARMY UPKEEP: 3K GOLD NAVY:3 GALLEY 3 COGS UPKEEP FOR NAVY:2K GOLD GOLD:3K(BASE)+7.5K(POP)+3K(TRADE)+3K(MERCHANT GUILD)+1k(PORT)+ 4K(ECON POINTS)=21.5K GOLD GOLD AFTER UPKEEP:16.5K GOLD ACTIONS 1.5K-TEMPLE(15K LEFT)(2.5K/10K) 5K-SETTLEMENT(10K LEFT 10K-FARMLANDS(0 LEFT) -Some men are sent home in the warm season to tend to their families.(-6k, Light Infantry+Archers, Medium Archers.)
  7. Alfonso X el Sabio

    1912; The Great War

  8. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP]

    D U C H Y O F U L Y A D AR The outskirts of Ulya The children of Ulya live in an unforgiving land, with the grand city of Ulya as its hearth. The elements, to a foreigner, can be lethal. There have been many tales of foreigners who have turned black as a result of the daily overnight freezes, turning hard as rock in a matter of hours. A man of Ulya however never freezes. His blood runs as red and hot as red stone of Mt.Arfast, the largest mountain of the Grumblers. They are immune to the Black Death which afflicts the foreigners, resulting in the mutilation of their bodies and the loss of several limbs. This gift, have allowed them to dominate what many old Empires and Kingdoms have inscribed in their now dusted texts and tablets as an inhospitable land. While southern invaders and occupiers have called the land a harsh, icy wasteland, the Reykverfis have called this land, their heartland, their home, with the people thriving on the effects of the icy landscape. From the jutting icebergs of the Frozen Gulf to the smoky white peaks of the Grumblers the people of these lands have mastered their environment. A quick stroll through the marketplace and port of the capitol will reveal that to you. Large convoys of Fishing ships are always present at the port of Ulya, whom leave into the blue in groups of 30-40 and return full to the brink of seafood.When the waters start to thaw, entire nets of shiny silver fish are deposited on the frozen boardwalk of the port, just below dangling Black Whales, which are the trophies of the convoy. Government Inspectors measure the whale, as the Duke each year rewards the lucky man who manages to kill the largest of these majestic deep sea creatures. One whale can feed an entire neighborhood for almost a year. Another group of soldiers oversee the collection of the 1/10th tax on all fishing convoys, which is seized in the name of the crown. On smaller ships, a variety of flipperred animals are dangling off the side of ships, strung by hooks up to the mast. One ship has 2 layers of a variety of penguins, walruses, and seals. One by one, a group of men standing on a raft hugging the ship is yanking the produce off the hook and tossing them on the deck of the port, where another group stacks them on wheelbarrows which are transported into one of the dozens of indoor markets. Here, artisans and traders fill shops and stores with layers upon layers of thick furs, pickled meats of all different kinds, and baskets full of plump dark berries of a variety of colours ranging from a vibrant purple to dark blue. Fur clad traders and mothers yanking distracted children back with arms reach roam between these shops, stores, and mobs attempting to secure the best price possible, utilising everything to their advantage, including their voices especially. This was crunch time within the Duchy, as within a week the ports would freeze over, and the fishing convoys would depart once more to start the cycle once again. The thaw of the Bay of Ghosts, with one ship in Harbor. This was the closest thing which the people of Ulyadar got to urban, cosmopolitan life, which is found in the cities of Ulya anf Yakur built under the mandate of the Duke Wimunt II of Ulya. However deep within the mountain sides or the snowy plains, life was a completely different story to tell. In these settings, technology is nearly non existent as these people live frozen in the ages and eons of their ancestors of old. They live mostly in small personal or familial structures built into the ice, called igloos. These igloos look like mere lumps of snow from afar, but inside can be spacious, and provide comfort to the inhabitants. The igloos house 4-6 people, and are found in clusters of 6-10 as related families commonly band together to form clans. A group of clans make up a tribe, of which there are 13 in the peninsula, all with their own subculture, traditions, and pedigrees. It is from these people, the backwards clans men of the white plains, that the people within the society contact for furs. These are the hunters, the warriors, the fur trappers. It is common to see hundreds of these strong burly men covered from head to toe in ornate furs in the markets, his eyes glancing over hundreds of tools for his laborious lifestyle. These people are the harvesters of wealth within the Duchy of Ulya, the exploiters of the luxurious Fur which a man will go mad for. When they find something they look for, they simply yank out one of the lower laying furs from their garments, and hand it to the lucky merchant. These people, albeit backwards and uncivilised in their ways, are the ones that the Duke relies upon to make up the core of the Levy, as many of these people are already handy with the bow or the sword. These two types of lifestyles, and the interactions between them, is what fuels the Dukedom. The peoples in the city rely upon the wild people for furs, while the wild people rely on the city people for tools and for food many times. What often times acts as a centripetal force between these two distinct classes is their unwavering faith-in Tykir, or the Blood God. The Grumblers The Blood God is the fear of every single living being in the land, it is he whom the men and women of Ulya go to for guidance, for power, for strength. To communicate with him one must go through Tancred, the newly declared Oracle of the Forge. He has been granted this prestigious title by rebuilding a powerful shrine to Tykir at the highest peak of the Grumblers, on Mt. Arfast. This ceremony was conducted in private and needed the sacrifices of 10 individuals, 2 must be in love, 2 must be in pain, 2 must be bonded, 2 must have been in conflict, and 2 must have been bleeding, with cuts along the arms, thighs, and neck. The ceremony, an anticipated event among the elite, was left to the hands of Tancred, and it was conducted privately in the smoldering peaks of the Grumblers. When Tancred arrived the following morning with a body covered in painted blood with white characters inscribed all over his body, in the midst of the groans and explosions of Mt. Arfast, signaling impending eruption to all the people of Ulya, many people knew immediately that Tancred had achieved to restart the Broken Oracle, or the Oracle of the Blood Forge. With this Oracle now the people had a channel of communication with Tykir, and Tancred served as the median. Tancred, now has grown in name and in influence to the Duke. The first reading of the Oracle dictated that a Blessing on the people of Ulya had been cast by Tykir, which has been reported to the people in the word of a Royal Proclamation: “To the Honourable people of Ulya, As I am sure many of you all know, as many of you all have read the texts and noticedthe signs, that the Great Tykir, is listening to us now. Yes, the Blood God has now cast his Blessings upon us, his loyal subjects. Shaman Tancred has managed to open the Oracle of the Blood Forge, and just like in the stories of old, God now speaks with us, God now talks with us, and God now blesses us, he blesses us with his guidance and his power to grow like the stars in the sky, and like the fish and the sea. In Honour of this revelation, a new town will be built at the mouth of Lake Svalfi, named Tykirfell. This will be a Bastion in the name of our lord, and a promise to him on the behalf of his subjects, to never falter in granting him undying allegiance and faith. Duke Arvid III of Ulya” Big Star: Capitol(Ulya), Big circle:City(Yakur), Small circle: Town/Settlement(Tykirfell) ACTIONS STARTING GOLD:30K Merchant Guild:-10K(23k left) Settlement:-5K(18k left) Port:-15K(0K left) Exploration of Blood Forge Trade offers with:House Blackmarrow, Chapel of True Knauledge, Kingdom of Darkyria, and Herzaka
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    The Disunited States of America

    C.S.A -Election for the new CSA president- Thomas Semmes, Alexander Stephens William Toombs, and Zebulon Baird Vance -Military is established of 50k, as agreed in the constitutional convention. -In Louisiana, a Cajun revolution takes place. Local government leaders, especially in Southern Louisiana, begin to push usage of the French Language, specifically Louisiana Creole. Books are translated into Louisiana Cajun, including the state and federal constitution. A Cajun culture revival occurs as people across Southern Mississippi begin to name their children after French names, and name their towns after French names. -The Congress begins to inquire about a possible expedition to reclaim the island of Haiti. -An ironclad is laid down at the port of New Orleans, with the Hull being built in Selma. The best engineers of the CSA are called together to engineer a rotating gun on the top of the Ironclad, where three Brooke Guns can be mounted on it. -A 300 pound Brooke Gun is invested in at the hands of the CSA -Judah Benjamin travels to Quebec, where he begins to advertise open, good land for Quebecers and Acadians alike in Quebec to move to Louisiana. -CSA Government offices begin to establish themselves across the Deep South. -The Standard Cotton company begins to strike up deals with Cotton Magnates in other deep southern States, to mainly take charge of distribution towards Northern states. The Standard Cotton Company begins to lobby especially for Confederate intervention in Haiti. -CSA Laws on Slavery are made law in the CSA -The Confederate-Californian Treaty is made into law.
  10. Alfonso X el Sabio

    From Ruination [FRP] [OOC]

    D U C H Y O F U L Y A D A R BRIEF History: The name Ulyadar comes from the term in the native vocabulary for ‘men of Ulya’. Ulya, is the principal settlement of the Reykverfi lands. It was the first, and for much of history, the only permanent settlement occupied by the Reykverfi peoples, which is why the people of the Duchy have coined such a denonym for themselves. The people of the Duchy live, breathe, and revolve around the city of Ulya, it is their home, it is their heart, and it is the source of their power amongst the many other small chiefdoms and nomadic tribesmen. Therefore to comprehend and understand the history of Ulyadar, you must know of the history of Ulya. The first logs of Ulya were laid after the Symonian Empire had barely breached the White Alps, as it is known among the Reykverfi peoples. The Reykverfi were the inhabitants of the Peninsula, and most of them share a very similar culture and are very homogenous ethnically, however they are fiercely divided by long drawn out pedigrees tracing their lineages back to before the Empire of Symon, including Gods, and their offspring. The Reyverkfi’s have been living in this lands for hundreds upon hundreds of years, however they lived in mostly hunter-gatherer societies and were not introduced to the methods of sustainable agriculture needed to shift lifestyles from nomadic clan-based hunter gatherer societies to the permanent settlements which were found in the rest of Naros, especially in Symon. However the Symon invasion forever changed the history of the Reykverfi forever. As written in the Chornicle of Ulya, the only reason why the Symon legion was able to penetrate the White Alps was because of a banished woman from a clan who lived straddling the Alps. The Hunter, known to Reykverfis as Hemsun, told the Symons of a mountain pass which penetrated the Alps, which conveniently led right into the heartland of the clan who banished her to begin with. The Symon General did not believe the woman, and instead imprisoned her and spent countless days and countless nights trying to find his own way through the icy snow capped peaks, however he had no avail. He finally decided to listen to Hemsun, after his second in command began suffering from the effects of the cold. Hemsun led the Symon soldiers through countless ravines and crevasses, until finally after 4 days of marching through the alps, the vast expanse of Reykverfi terrain was available to the taking of the militarily superior Symons. The legion was in the lands of the Reykverfi for only 6 months,but in that period of time they had already transformed the land forever. Within this period, Symon soldiers had established a fort and a settlement, of which the name was Mytila. The settlement at first, was simply just for the soldiers and the General, who was named Governor of the region. Later, the Symons ventured out and brutally enslaved the clan of Reykverfis which banished Hemsun, who became the wife of the Symon Governor, which is only remembered in Chronicles as Krepra. The Symon men lived in the settlement for almost 15 years, before the bulk of the soldiers departed back over the Alps as they were obligated by the then crippling Empire to fight elsewhere, after leaving a sizable garrison to maintain control. This 15 year period was named by the Rekverfi as the Blood Days, as the Symon men periodically went out and slaughtered hundreds of Rekverfis, attempting to establish their control over the land. They never could do so, as resistance was too stiff, Reykverfi arrows and fighters causing more damage then the Symons could sustain. Eventually, after the exodus of the bulk of the Symon men left, Hemsun and her son, Rakir, was left in charge. For almost 30 years, the Symon settlement, called Cinisi by the soldiers, remained the nightmare of any northern boy and girl. Most of the Symon men had produced children of Rekverfi blood but Symon minds and souls, which became the bulk of the soldiers participating in raiding parties against Rekverfi’s. This period created a high sense of militarization among the Reykverfi, as constant raids and combat made the society increasingly patriarchal and warrior based, a big diversion away from equal sex roles. This was the driving factor behind Ulya the Great, a Tribal Chieftain from a fishing clan near the coast, who lead a united force of Reykverfi warriors from all corners of the peninsula against the Symon Garrison in Mytila. This was the first time that most of the Reykverfi Clans and families had united against a threat, and it would be Ulyas dream to continue this unity in the form of a state. A massive battle followed of epic proportions. Blood was spilled on both sides, but in the end, Ulya and the 7 other great warriors, known as hero’s, and their armies seized the day and captured the town. The inhabitants of the town were all massacred under the pretense of being ‘corrupted’, after consulting the Oracle of the Blue Ice, and the settlement, now a proper town, was wiped clean, and Ulyas tribe, as compensation from the other tribes, was allowed to move in and make the settlement their home. After hundreds of years, the people of Ulya bore many sons and daughters, and spread, utilizing many Symon books and knowledge left over to their advantage as they are one of the strongest Tribes of the 4 which inhabit the peninsula, and with their devotion to the great Blood God, they will achieve this goal at all costs. Nation Culture: The Reykverfi are the product of thousands of years of harsh cold winter environments. As such they are pale skinned humanoid, with hair ranging from Blonde to Ginger in the Essne tribe, and most having blue eyes. The men are often adorned with light blue ink depicting family pedigrees, family legends, or religious inscriptions. Their hair is worn long and loose in the women, however is binded upon marriage. In men, the hair is worn long, but binded until they begin growing facial hair. Once they grow facial hair they wear their hair loose, to represent the freedom granted by adulthood. The hair can only be cut ,by a priest ,on specific religious occasions. The Reykverfi dedicate themselves to fur trapping, whale hunting, and growing grains in small personal farms(mainly barley,). The latter are used as currency amongst the tribes, and as a result of the abundant poor soil they have a heavy meat based diet. Reykverfi families often live in units of 5+, with one man, 1-2 wives, and 2+ children. Most also own a dog, which is believed to be the manifestation of their principal God, Utar. The Dog is prohibited to be killed, and those who find dead canines are believed to have brought bad luck upon their entire family. Tapestry weaving is an intirical part of Norman Culture, as those Tapestries are the Books if the nations and illustrate ancient clan feuds, epic battles, and other times pedigrees, laws, and taxes. Human Or Humagi (Describe Humagi): Humagi Reykverfis from the outside look like any normal Human, however as a result of thousands of years of small Magical manifestations and the work of early tribal shamans, they have gained a high level of tolerance towards frigid temperatures and its not uncommon to see Reykverfi people walking around in snow shirtless or lightly dressed. Nation Government System: Feudal, The Duke is elected amongst 5-6 Aristocratic houses, the election is carried out by low ranking nobility, and succession most of the time follows hereditary lines as a result of corruption and under the counter agreements and arrangements. Economy:4 The Dukedom has decent trade, as the various settlements have become the trade markets of the entire peninsula, and it is where all can come to trade their goods. The main trade goods are as follows : Meats (of various types/quality), Furs (of various types/quality), Foods, Weapons, and Religious trinkets Education:1 Reykverfi’s lack any serious academic education and many do not know how to read or write at all. Only the shamans and priests know how to read and write, as well as select Government officials. The only knowledge that your average Reykverfi knows is of the environment and the activities he does on the day to day, such as hunting, or sailing. Size (include rough area on map):5 https://imgur.com/a/Mvg2Isk Military:6 Ulyadar soldiers are, in times of war, recruited by the populace. When raised up by feudal lords, they are often times simply covered in whale hide, which is better suited to the impacts of arrows and blows of blades. The Palace guard are the only ones financed with armor and proper weapons and training, and they are often times decorated by goods from their home lands. The shared characteristics of the palace guard is their iron helmet, which is egg shaped with a slot for their faces. Ulyadar Archers are very much well known, as archery is something all boys learn how to do from a young age. Ulyadar bows are very long, measuring, on average, up to 4 feet in height. These bows allows the arrow to travel faster, quicker, and hit much longer distances then normal bows found throughout the continent, which is not only suitable for hunting for jittery small furry animals, but for piercing through the hide and leather armour of their foes. Palace guards of the Duke of Ulyadar The Ulyadar navy is the largest of the various tribes of the Peninsula, as most of the Ulydarians engage in whale hunting activities throughout the Frozen Gulf, where the majestic creatures thrive as a result of the cool water present. As a result the ships have been tailored to chase after pods of whales, utilizing both oar and sails for added speed. They can also be used to traverse through cold rivers, and are very multipurpose full. 2-Army (1000 Light Infantry, 1000 Light Archers, 4000 Medium Infantry, 4000 Medium Archers) 4-Navy (3 Galley 3 Cog Mysticism:4 As a result of the years of warfare caused by the Blood Days, the people of the land began to flock to the Blood God for his tidings of victory against Symon invaders. Straying from an old outdated Pantheon, the Blood God has found a loyal base within the people of Ulyadar whose militaristic way of life rely on the tenants of the Blood God. Shamans are present in every clan, however regarded by many as the most powerfull shaman in all the lands, the mysterious and illusive Tancred belongs in the court of the Duke of Ulyadar, Arvid. Key Figure 1: Duke Arvid Ulya, 57, Duke of Ulya Key Figure 2: Crown Prince Bruce of Ulya, 24, Heir to the Dukedom and reowned warrior across the lands. Key Figure 3 Tancred, Oracle of the Blue Ice, Powerful Shaman and Seer, Advisor to Bruce, Legendary Hunter Unique Units: Long Boats: Boats built in the typical Reykverfi style, however much larger. It has a nearly 20x08 feet with a large deck to hold hundreds of soldiers and siege equipment if needed, and below there holds 50 oars on each side along with a square shaped sail. These ships were designed to spend months chasing after mythical ocean creatures, most of the time over sized whales but over time of skirmishes evolved into a flexible war machine. Hidden Fruit: Lichi
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    1912; The Great War

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    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

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    1912; The Great War

    Ottoman Empire -The reconstruction of Baku continues under German Supervision with German industrialists supervising the works and with German goods. -The Ottoman Empire declares war on Greece, falling in line with the Central Powers. -Pan Islam propaganda is spread throughout the Empire -Arab living conditions continue to be improved with more roads, schools, and clean water and food being delivered to them. -Oil industry in Mesopotamia continues to be built -An alliance is proposed with Persia -The Ottoman Ships being built in Italy return to Ottoman Ports. -The blockade of the Aegean Sea with Russian and Ottoman Ships begins.
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    The Disunited States of America

    Southern Union The invasion of Northern Mississippi continues, with the Southern Armies reporting victories as the 3 divisions make massive gains into Rebel territories. Semmes, in an address to the people of Louisiana-Mississippi, states that he believes the war will be over by summer of the next year at the most. Newspapers in New Orleans and Vicksburg include messages of good luck, and prayers for the soldiers Several counties in Southern Louisiana have instituted French language teachings to spread their heritage and culture. Teachers and French Cajuns teach the native Louisiana Dialect of French Creole to those students who attend schools in the counties, and universities. A national university is opened in the city of Oxford, Mississippi, to serve as an institute of higher education for the people of the South to learn advance maths, sciences, and literature. The university is only opened for white people, and mainly aristocratic land owners attend it in its first few classes of alumni. Arkansas, and Texas are given offers to join the Southern Union. Semmes, in a statement to the two states, declares. “Us Southern nations must band together, we must always band together as one, or else we will be subject to the dangers that are riddled throughout the north. If we join together, Southerners and our ideas will be protected, and the fruits of our labour will be found in every corner of the globe as a result. United we stand, and undoubtedly divided we fall.”
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    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    LA REPUBBLICA D’ITALIA Salvini and his core, including Conte, and Berscolini were seated in inside the glamorous cathedral in the Vatican. They 3 of them, accompanied by a wide range of assistants, lesser Italian Politicians, and governors of the various provinces among others who worked in the inner machinations of the Italian Bureaucracy. Today, was a holiday. It was Easter, arguably the most important holiday in Christendom. It was a day off to go to church and have a meal for your average Italian, but to Salvini and the politicians, it was a day of profound thought, prayer, and reconciliation in Christ. As Pope John XXVI, previously known as Marc Oulet of Quebec, administered the lengthy mass performed on this special day, Salvini was admiring the inner workings of the hearth of Catholicsm, the St. Peters Cathedral. His eyes glided from masterpiece to masterpiece, saint to saint, from crosses to miracles. In his late age, Salvini has sat on this very seat for years, however his aged mind was truly just now grasping the scope of such works of art, of such profound artifacts, that his people had produced in the name of their God, of our God. As the Vicar of Christ ended the services with a blessing over the congregation of Rome, and after performing the duties bestowed upon the life of a high ranking politician which included greeting the Pope, being swarmed by journalists on his way out of the cathedral, and shaking hands with the other politicians leaving the service, he requested the driver of his limousine to drive him back to the Quinural Palace, to spend the rest of the Holy Day in repose. In reality, he spent the rest of his day planning and reviewing his address to Parliament in 3 days, of which he had to outline his plan for the state, and report how his previous metas have been fulfilled. It was routine for him after almost 30 years in Italian Politics, however his nerves still flared up everytime he had to make decisions on the behalf of his beloved citizens. PRELIMINARY RP: 100 AP: 4 STACKS OF AGRICULTURE (12 AP) 50 AP: 2 RESEARCH FACILITIES (2 RP) 50 AP MILITARY 1 CARRIER (8 AP) 3 MISSILE CRUISERS(18 AP) 4 DESTROYERS (16 AP) 2 SUBMARINES (8 AO) TOTAL AP: 18 TOTAL RP:7 ACTIONS: TRADE REQUESTS SENT TO: GREECE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, YUGOSLAVIA, SWITZERLAND, UKRAINE, FRANCE, TUNISIA, AUSTRIA 7 RP INTO KINETIC GEL 5 AP INTO TRADE WARF 6 AP INTO INFANTRY (60,000) 7 AP INTO APC’S (1750)