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  1. The_Mad_Skylord

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    EXITIUS, LORD OF DESTRUCTION FIRE and FURY raged across the continent of Exitium, as the MIGHT and MAGNIFICENCE of Exitius clashed with the PUTRID SQUALOR of that heinous creation dreamed up by the Mad God. For millennia FANG and CLAW clashed against the weird tentacles of the ABERRATION. Great wings held the mighty dragon aloft, as it dove and tore at the creature. SCREAMS and ROARS of violent RAGE carried the promise of RETRIBUTION as the Lord of Destruction mustered his power, to be unleashed upon this servant of Ixthalizzum in a way so terrible as to render it ASH. Fire BOILED in the gut of the Dragon, turning, brewing, roiling. Desperate to be released at the will of Exitius, a fragment of his soul possessing his avatar. The Dragon's belly GLOWED white, as the Divine Fire prepared itself, and finally, that white glow spread swiftly upwards, causing the whole underside of the Dragon to shine as it opened its MAW and let loose the Lord of Chaos’ TERRIBLE WRATH. Fire, seeming so thick and so liquid as to be magma, burst from the Dragon's mouth in a great white stream, so bright as to blind all mortal creatures to look too long upon it. The stream hummed with pure power, resonating across the surface of the continent, the surface of the earth as that energy projected itself forwards towards the Great Foe. THE WRATH OF THE GOD OF DEATH IS GIVEN FORM, AND UNLEASHED UPON THE AVATAR OF IXTHALIZZUM, USING THE GREAT DRAGON AS A CONDUIT. - A Catastrophe is released upon the Avatar of Ixthalizzum. 6 AP. 2 AP remaining.
  2. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912; The Great War

    EMPIRE OF BRAZIL “God shines upon those who show charity and mercy to those less fortunate than themselves, but he also strikes down those, who by greed, lust and a wanton desire for destruction and power take advantage of those weaker than themselves, intent upon subjecting them to their will. Not only does the United States launch unprovoked invasions of El Salvador, they are not content to stop at that! No! Now the US perform atrocities and hideous acts of violence, they terrorise the populace of El Salvador with rape and murder, they fire upon and turn away merchants attempting to deliver humanitarian supplies, such as food and medicine! The pinnacle of democracy, of freedom! And yet that pinnacle seems obsessed only with their freedom to use their swords against those weaker than their own nation. The world watches as brave Salvadoran soldiers fight and repel the troops who so cruelly molest their homeland and their citizens, with bated breath they watch, in awe as a tiny nation fends off a major power. Are not the El Salvadoran people our template? Our supreme example? They show what a Latin American can do when united! Unity of purpose and unity of arms is the driving force we require - together, there are none who can stand in the way of Latin prosperity. I bid now the people of Venezuela, of Colombia, of Ecuador, of Guatemala, of Paraguay and of Uruguay, but most importantly of all, I ask the people of Ep Salvador, join the Latin Coalition, not to wage offensive wars far from home, but to guarantee non interference in Latin affairs - to be allowed to peacefully dwell in this world filled with blind imperialism, we must declare our determination to defend each other - until the death if needs be! United, we stand, divided we fall.” -Emperor Pedro III [MOD for effect] ----- Admiral Frontin sat silently behind a desk, resplendent in the white uniform of the Brazilian Navy, the Imperial sash draped over his chest. Carefully he puffed at a cigar, while twirling whiskey around in a tumbler. Most of his guests performed similar actions, waiting on the last of their number to finish surveying the treatise before them. “Well, gentlemen, your thoughts?” A long silence followed. “An interesting idea, Admiral.” The Argentine General Uriburu was the first to break the silence. “If such a League could be achieved, then we would be as mighty as any Great Power.” Several others, including the Peruvian and Bolivian ambassadors to Brazil, shifted uneasily in their seats, unsure of themselves in this situation. It was another general, the Mexican Pablo González Garza, who would speak next. “I see the merits of your plans, Senor Frontin, but I fail to see how you intend to achieve them.” The Chief of the Brazilian Naval Office simply smiled, bowing his head slightly. “Firstly, my friends, we must publish this paper, and introduce our citizens and our governments to the idea of a strong South America…” https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W8S5pShnjrfjuoiBry8vwodZiXLCZcGpxoERkDWWBFs/edit?usp=drivesdk ----- THE 5-6 PLAN As a part of Brazilian militarisation, Almirante Pedro Max Fernando Frontin, Chief of the Naval Office, has developed a major naval expansion plan, designed to make the Imperial Brazilian Navy a feared and efficient force. Naming the United States as the most likely belligerent against Brazil, Frontin declared that to defeat the US Navy, Brazil must have a powerful Squadron of 5 dreadnoughts, and another Squadron of 6 Battlecruisers. Additionally, the Admiral has stated that the support fleet itself must be massively strengthened - to this end it is decided the Brazilian Navy must quadruple her destroyer flotilla, double the number of torpedo boats in use and have at least 20 cruisers in commission. THE IMPERIAL BRAZILIAN ARMY AIR WING In an attempt to create a relatively competent Air Wing for both scouting and artillery spotting purposes, the Brazilian Army buys in a large series of two seater biplanes. In addition, the Mondragon Semi-automatic Rifles possessed by the Army are handed over to the Air Wing and fitted with 30 round drum magazines, to allow for more efficient in flight defense. A Brazilian Military Aviation School is set up, and civilian instructors are recruited to teach aviators how to fly. WAR CRIMES IN EL SALVADOR Published in every Brazilian paper is an account of American atrocities and their denial of humanitarian aid before their defeat in El Salvador. Trumpeted over radio stations, the brutal American actions are continuously reported to the populace, and articles begin to be published in other South American newspapers, outlining hideous American attempts to brutally subjugate the Salvadoran people. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t5w-vvGDy-jtMdzYTxKQ7pKwHf-JY5pHG0VhHCZeiKA/edit?usp=drivesdk Actions; -Pedro makes a speech, attempting to unite Latin America. [MOD] -The 5-6 Plan is launched, Japan is contracted to construct the primary goal of 4 Dreadnaughts, 2 Battlecruisers and 5 cruisers. -Articles about US war crimes in El Salvador hit the news. [MOD] -A major armaments deal is struck with Germany, and Brazil begins to purchase the huge German excess of rifles, machine guns and artillery. [MOD] -Brazilian industrialisation efforts continue. [MOD] -Deforestation efforts continue. [MOD] -In an attempt to improve the living standards of the working class Brazilian, Pedro builds a number of towns on land reclaimed from the rainforest - from his own fortune and Industry is constructed near the new settlements. [MOD] -As the first of the German arms rolls into Brazil, Brazil launches moves to fully rearm her own army, and to rearm (even with excess Brazilian arms - if there aren't enough German) the lesser forces among her allies. [MOD] -Work begins to establish the Brazilian Army Air Wing. [MOD] -Unidade e Fraternidade is published and begins to spread among Brazilian politicians - even as it begins to be published in other Latin Coalition states. [MOD] -Articles regarding American atrocities in the El Salvador War are published and spread across Latin America. [MOD]
  3. The_Mad_Skylord

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    EXITIUS, LORD OF DESTRUCTION Gently the dragons crept, careful not to wake their father from his slumber. Curled around his mountain peak, softly, softly the earth shook, as each colossal exhalation rattled loose rocks, earth and dust. For long, long years, decades, centuries, Exitius slept, but he was not inactive. Occasionally, there would be a snap, a crack, or a pop, as slowly, slowly Exitius put his plan into action. As time passed, a rare moment where the great dragon shifted occured, resulting in a moment of frozen apprehension for the creatures below, torn between curiosity and fear. Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump thundered the heart of the God, buried within a chest that was no longer simply shadow. Bones, tendons and ligaments could be seen now, as they began to mesh together, and suddenly the spiritual apparition disappeared to display the barebones flesh and blood of the Lord of Chaos became apparent. Muscle and flesh began to wind around the bones and organs of what was clearly a vessel of the Father of Dragons. Finally, a great burst of fire and energy jetted from the dragon's mouth, as part of Exitius’ soul inhabited the body, and a great yellow eye opened…. ------- -Exitius makes an avatar, essentially the form he previously held made flesh and blood. 10 AP -The avatar is ordered to crush Ixthalizzum's avatar to dust. 4 AP 0 AP remaining.
  4. The_Mad_Skylord

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    -It is announced that any company refusing to comply with Imperial Industrial Protocol will be nationalised - companies are given one more chance to comply, should they refuse again, they're facilities are seized. [MOD] -Mineral surveys begin in the mountains west of LP-D. [MOD] -The government begins investing in public services and infrastructure. [MOD] -Recruitment continues, and officer recruitment is opened to native Edichi in order to attract more enlistees. [MOD] -Construction begins on a monorail between Taskforce held cities. [MOD]
  5. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912; The Great War

    EMPIRE OF BRAZIL AN END TO THE CIVIL WAR! Rebel groups today opted to accept the offered terms of the Imperial Government, apparently content to cease fighting in return for a series of reforms and guarantees. His Imperial Majesty, Dom Pedro III, gave a major selection of reforms, pledging to allow a constitutional monarchy, allow a force of National Guard militias and to enact major reforms to benefit the lives of the working class in Brazil. Euphoria across the nation was the response, with many near years of joy that the prospect of Brazilian slaying Brazilian was now passed. The relief of the Brazilian people was further marked by the huge burst to continue industrialisation, with major deals offered to foreign investment, and Brazilian companies receiving huge subsidies to advance the national interest of a new, united Brazil. But all was not united in the Empire of Brazil - with The Emperor officially calling an election, and then going on his South American tour as to not be accused of influencing said election - political parties already at each others’ throats. Interestingly, Emperor Dom Pedro III had allowed universal suffrage, and political activists were now forced to canvass both men and women in an attempt to gain their support. On one side sat the Conservative Party, true monarchists, imperialists and capitalists - the nation's noble, commercial and military elite. On the other sat the Workers’ Party, not true socialists, but a conglomerate of radical Trade Unionists and Republicans, the Champions of the people. Finally there was the Liberal Party, made up of moderates, constitutional monarchists and other such groups, providing a mixed series of in-between policies independent of both the Conservatives and the Workers’ Party. THE SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR Dom Pedro III, in the interests of allowing a perfectly clean election, had opted to spend the campaign touring the length and breadth of Latin America, in an attempt to foster better relations between Brazil and her neighbours. Traveling by rail, sea and road, the Emperor began his tour in Argentina, and ended his tour in Venezuela, where he famously met with the military strongman and de facto ruler of Venezuela, Juan Vicente Gómez. Throughout the entirety of his tour, the Emperor had met with workers, with orphans, with generals, with privates, with capitalists, socialists and politicians. He had left no stone unturned, using the tour to meet with representatives of every caste and class of society. It was in Venezuela, to an assembly of the Venezuelan Congress, that Pedro III made the final speech of his tour, played over the radios of many South Americans, and published in many papers. “Latin Americans! By the grace of almighty God above, we are siblings, comrades and countrymen! Irrespective of past rivalries, regardless of bitterness and of past conflicts. For a century, our nations have been divided, almost to the extent of schism, when we have had need to stand together - to stand tall as proud Latin Americans - and that is the way forwards for us now. Our fair continent cannot be confused with North America, nor with Europe - why should we live in fear of an overbearing set of Empires scattered across the globe, when we can rather stand together as brothers, supporting each other through thick and through thin. It is not as adversaries that we must stand, but as friends and as brethren, as trading partners and as allies we must stand against foreign incursions and foreign interventions in Latin America. We must stand together against US attempts to make protectorates of us. We must stand against German attempts to make colonies of us! We must stand against British, French and Dutch colonialism continuing ever onwards, abusing Latin Americans for their own personal gain! United, we are lands filled with promise and with potential, with the prospect of ever greater wealth and prosperity coming ever closer. Divided, we are a series of poorly industrialised and militarised states, weak in the eyes of other world powers, bitter and jealous of what little we have - and vulnerable to any tyrant who desires to exploit our division! There is only one path for Latin America, and that path is together! Together as partners, as allies and as kin! Together as Latin Americans of various nationalities, but as Latin Americans all the same!” ------- -Industrialisation continues, and even more money is invested in growing Brazilian industry and introducing new industries to Brazil. [MOD] -Brazilian efforts to clear the rainforest and establish mines, farms and ranches and to survey for resources continue. [MOD] -10 National Guard Brigades are established and armed. These part time militia units are formed in geographical regions, and are essentially mounted infantry to be raised in the event of an invasion of Brazil. 2’500 men are in each Brigade, and their uniform is merely an armband and a plumed hat. [MOD] -A constitution is drafted and several rights are enshrined. Freedom of speech, freedom to strike, and universal suffrage are but a few. [MOD] -A minimum wage, basic safety standards and a requirement for every factory to have a union are enacted. [MOD] -Housing regulations are enacted, including laws regarding cleanly outhouses in tenant apartments and safety standards for construction of these tenements. [MOD] -Tax cuts and subsidies continue to entice more industrialists to Brazil. [MOD] -6 new cruisers are laid down to be constructed. [MOD] -More schools are built, and scholarships are paid for out of the Emperor's personal fortune in order to improve the minds the Empire has at her disposal. [MOD] -The Army Aviation Wing is established and Brazil begins to train Aviators. [MOD] -The Brazilian Navy is repaired. [MOD]
  6. The_Mad_Skylord

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Fury and rage had tired Exitius, and it was upon his great mountain that he rested, preparing his strength to unleash upon the wretched creature Ixthalizzum. Broods of dragons and packs of Vendani tread carefully now around the mountains and vales of Exitium, afraid of waking their Lord. Actions - None AP - 10
  7. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912; The Great War

    EMPIRE OF BRAZIL “Dom Pedro de Alcântara, Emperor of Brazil, addresses the Parliament and the Nation, in regards to recent events plaguing the Empire of Brazil.” “Brazilians! Men and women, boys and girls, all of ye who inhabit our most glorious nation! We are, by Light and Grace of God, brothers and sisters, all Children of Brazil. And yet, a series of inglorious events has not only left us divided, but actively fighting, slaying our siblings, our fellow Brazilians. Political violence, unseen since 1889, now runs riot throughout our fair nation. The jungles run with blood, as Brazilian slays Brazilian over a difference in political ideology. The cause of these events is two fold. The catalyst is, of course, the foolish and harmful banning of a political ideology by my government, while the exacerbator is the arming of the groups of that ideology with ill intent towards both myself and my government. However, Brazil cannot and must not be allowed to descend into a state of civil war - to that effect I, as Emperor, hereby make the following amendments to the Bill. Trade Unions are legal, and not only are they legal but all workplaces must allow a trade union should their workforce demand it. There shall be no restrictions on striking - rather it is the unalienable right of the working man to stand up for his well being. A policy of free school meals for children shall be put into place, emulating the British system - Children will be given either a free breakfast or lunch at school. Also copied from the British shall be a policy of National Insurance - a small sum will be taken from employees’ wages, a larger sum from the employer and another from the government. What these payment shall go towards is sick and unemployment pay, providing money for those who find themselves out of work. Finally, I pardon Communists and Republicans who have been arrested for their political beliefs rather than their actions, however, the actions of the Jungle Guerillas are inexcusable. Innocent Brazilians have been slain in hideous acts of violence, and for that these men must be brought to justice.” [MOD] PEACE! The bells ring with joy! Peace! Peace with Germany! With the Central Powers! Following the brutal naval battle in the Mediterranean sea, the Brazilian government formally announces their official withdrawal from the conflict, and the return of their divisions, corps and ships to Brazil. Trade between the Central Powers and Brazil, notably, has been allowed, and soon Brazilian goods will flow back out into the world, as the Empire licks her wounds.[MOD] Trade Agreement with Japan Brazilian and Japanese envoys formally signed a major trade agreement in Kyoto, after a short series of talks. [MOD] Industrialisation Brazilian industrialisation continues -the government continues to seek major investors for steel mills, mines, arms factories and the like. Meanwhile, the Brazilian government continues the expansion and construction of both old and modern naval dockyards, aiming to create facilities capable of constructing Dreadnaughts and other major ships. [MOD] Deforestation Deforestation policy continues, with the Military States Police turned out to defend workers from rebels. Reclaimed land is up for sale cheap, in an effort to provide poor farmers and ranchers with plenty of lands. Meanwhile, surveying continues with military protection and the government again seeks major investors for mineral sites. [MOD] Guerilla War 25’000 Brazilian troops are sent in the hunt for scattered rebel groups. These forces are also used to defend pushes to reclaim land from the Rainforest. Notably, the soldiers are ordered to arrest rebels, and to shoot to incapacitate rather than kill. A major government push to label these rebels as violent extremists is launched, with the names of every worker or policeman killed by them printed in the paper, as well as newly announced reforms for the benefit of the common Brazilian citizen. [MOD] Army Restructure In an attempt to modernise the Army, it undergoes a organisational restructure, the first of a large series of reforms aimed at modernisation. Organisation is as follows: -Army Group(480’000 men) --Army(160’000 men) 1, 2, 3 ---Corps(40’000 men) 1, 2, 3, 4 ----Division(10’000 men) 1, 2, 3, 4 -----Brigade(2’500 men) 1, 2, 3, 4 ------Regiment(500 men) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -------Company(100 men) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 --------Platoon(25 men) 1, 2, 3, 4 In addition, the organisation of a dedicated logistics unit begins, with significant funds being given over to the creation of said department. [MOD] -Emperor Dom Pedro III turns over three Imperial Palaces, to be made into State Orphanages and Hostels. [MOD]
  8. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912; The Great War

    THE EMPIRE OF BRAZIL THE BRAZILIAN ECONOMIC PLAN Announced today was the new BRAZILIAN ECONOMIC PLAN. Designed by the Ministers of War and Finance as a way dual way of forwarding the war effort and boosting the economy, this new Plan will see contracts for coffee and sugar give to major Brazilian companies, to provide these luxuries for the Entente armies, as a means of raising morale. In an attempt to provide adequate shipping for such goods, HEFTY SUBSIDIES and TAX BREAKS are offered to Argentine, Chilean and US shipping companies who choose to relocate themselves and their operations to Brazil, to expand Brazilian shipping power. BRAZILIAN INDUSTRIAL EXPANSION Brazilian industrial expansion continues, as the country attempts to upgrade her industrial base. Focusing on building modern factories, railroads and mines, vast sums of money are spent on the various projects. As part of these industrial plans, the Brazilian government begins to survey for both minerals and for oil, hoping to give a much needed boost to Brazilian industries. In addition, the Brazilian government also begins to lay the base for a successful steel industry, and construction of steel mills begin. Tax cuts and subsidies are offered to all companies who take part in the industrialisation. COMMUNISM MADE ILLEGAL Brazil has become the first nation in the world - after Russia - to ban communism. This ban, made in support of the Russian war against the Soviets, was enforced by the Brazilian States’ Military Police, who rounded up known Communist groups and charged them. AGRICULTURAL EXPANSION In an effort to provide more than plentiful supplies of food and to cement herself as a leading food exporter, Brazil begins to deforest large swathes in an attempt to create large estates of arable land, lumber plantations, rubber plantations, mining sites, settlements and cattle ranches, to be sold or rented at very cheap prices. Using slash and burn tactics, these estates are created in places that will not adversely affect the Brazilian coffee, rubber or sugar industries. ------- -Industrialisation continues. [MOD] -Communism banned and known Communists arrested. [MOD] -Surveys for Minerals and Oil begins. [MOD] -The Brazilian Economic Plan is out into place. [MOD] -Rain forest is cleared to provide fresh swathes of arable farmland, lumber and rubber plantations, mining sites, cattle ranches and settlements, ready for settlers. [MOD] -Work starts on steel mills. [MOD] -Tax cuts and subsidies for all companies aiding in industrialisation. [MOD]
  9. The_Mad_Skylord

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    -In an attempt to legitimise their position, local elections are instigated, allowing local Edichi local powers over their own settlements. These councilors are forged into an advisory council to Admiral Simmerberg, who so effectively raised as Head of State and Government of this small nation. [MOD] -Local military officials, especially lesser officers who have essentially turned warlord, are contacted in an attempt to convince them to join Imperial forces. These officers are offered promotions and status within the Imperial Navy. [MOD] -Industrialisation continues, regardless of issue with speed. In an attempt to speed matters along, tax breaks and additional subsidies are offered to any company willing to comply with Imperial requests. [MOD] -A guarantee of a pension is made for any man or woman who joins the Imperial Navy Troopers or the Stormtrooper Corps, even troopers killed in action will receive their pension, though paid to their families, obviously. This is part of a continued recruitment campaign. [MOD] -Research facilities are constructed throughout Imperial territories, along with the establishment of universities and other such institutions of advanced learning, in an attempt to create a strong scientific base. [MOD] -The Victory class Star Destroyer, plus 400 Stormtroopers, moves to the foothill city, demanding their submission. [MOD] -An Imperial Mining Corps is established, and machinery is purchased for mining purposes. Once ready, the IMC is dispatched to the resource rich deposits to begin mining operations. [MOD] -The establishment of industry capable of constructing fighters is initiated around LP-D, with the intention of creating a viable production line within 2 years. [MOD]
  10. The_Mad_Skylord

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    -Edichi laws and tax systems are copied to aid in the running of Imperial settlements. Additionally, a bureaucracy is set up to run the new Imperial territories. [MOD] -An Arquitens Light Cruiser and 200 Navy Troopers are deployed to each of the three cities surrounding LP-D. The forces simply request the settlements join the Taskforce. [MOD] -Production facilities on LP-D are inspected and expanded, with a focus on military production. Subsidies are offered for military products. [MOD] -A recruitment campaign begins, for the Stormtrooper Corps and the Imperial Navy. Posters, HoloNet messages and the like are used to encourage locals to sign up. [MOD] -Significant contracts and subsidies are offered to any company that can produce TIE Fighters in decent quantities. Contractors are instructed to find the nearest large shipbuilding facilities. [MOD] -Surveyors are sent to the mountains to search for mining industry and to survey for mineral deposits. [MOD] -1 Imperial Star Destroyer and 1 Victory Star Destroyer, along with 30 TIE Fighters and 750 Stormtroopers are sent to aid the Imperial Loyalist Centre.
  11. The_Mad_Skylord

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Discord: The Mad Skylord Faction of Choice: Imperial Battleground 4 Faction Name: The Edichi Taskforce https://i.imgur.com/vLXBWlv.jpg Brief Faction History: The last of the Imperial forces to be sent to Edichi, the Edichi Taskforce was an Imperial Navy unit detached to reinforce the incompetent Imperial Army battleground already embroiled in planetary combat with various other factions. Deployed near the fall of the Empire, the Taskforce had an over large force of Stormtroopers and Naval Troopers, most of whom were lost in the ensuing violence on the planet's surface.  Hero Name: Vice Admiral Reinhardt Simmerberg Brief Hero backstory: Simmerberg came to command the Edichi Taskforce after a serious series of events endorsed by the previous Commander-in-chief resulted in his summary deposition and execution by Darth Vader, before long range communications were destroyed. Hero Point Acquisition: 4 Command 4 Knowledge 2 Diplomacy Any specific items/equipment request:  Suggestions?:
  12. The_Mad_Skylord

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    EXITIUS, GOD OF CHAOS “Who DARES to challenge me? Who DARES to come to MY mountains and challenge my POWER and my WROTH?!” The air CRACKLED and HOWLED with terrible fury upon the mountains of Exitium. The ground RUMBLED, thunder and lightning FLASHED violently in the sky and it seemed as if THE SUN ITSELF had been blacked out, for across the world the light dimmed as the PURE, UNDILUTED RAGE of the God of Chaos crashed upon the World-Sphere in all of its terrifying power. Across the world, beasts COWERED, creatures CRINGED and creations FLED before the FURY of EXITIUS. Hailstone the size of BRICKS fell from the sky, gales RIPPED across the lands, volcanoes ERUPTED, rain DRENCHED the very ground until it was little more than BOGGY MUD, and the very seas BOILED as the World-Sphere felt the full extent of the Lord of Destruction's Wroth. Even the Underway felt the full extent of Exitius’ anger, as tunnel walls CRACKED and SHIFTED under the weight of the Chaos God’s might. BLACKEST were the STORM-CLOUDS over the GREAT PEAKS of EXITIUM, where the full power of the Master of Catastrophes coiled and writhed. Rocks TOPPLED and earth SPLIT as the Red Orb most commonly associated with Exitius slowly melted into the ground, and something far, far more terrible emerged in its place, something that would make even the bravest soul QUIVER with pure, unadulterated TERROR. FANGS slowly rose, decorating huge, menacing and salivating JAWS. FIRE jetted from great nostrils as the terrible beast snorted. RAZOR SHARP CLAWS gripped viciously, latching so hard into rock that great gouges were left upon even the hardest stone. A FORKED TONGUE flickered, tasting the air, as mighty WINGS unfolded and rain pinged off BLACK and IMPREGNABLE SCALES. Massive RED EYES took in the surroundings, and a great ROAR echoed, shattering whatever tranquility was left on that feeble plain of existence. Another snort saw a great bout of flame, and the deep, gravelly voice of the God of Chaos issued forth. “I accept your challenge, HERMAPHRODITE, but beware, for I am not feeble as you are, CREATURE. I am GREAT! I am WITHOUT EQUAL! I need forge no mere WEAPON, for I possess such gifts by the will of our Father, the OVERGOD AO! By TALON, by TOOTH and by FLAME I will BREAK your petty existence, ABERRATION!” And thus, with a huge bust of flame, the DRAGON THAT WAS EXITIUS let out another EARTH-SHATTERING ROAR, and the challenge was accepted, as the great beast coiled his enormous body around his mountain.
  13. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912 (OOC)

    Application  Discord Name; The Mad Skylord Nation of Choice (and why?); Empire of Brazil Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); Once in a personal union with Portugal, internal affairs made it impossible to govern both Portugal and Brazil, resulting in Brazilian independence under their branch of the House of Braganza. Though there was an attempted coup in 1889, the monarchy prevailed, and Brazil continues onwards as a constitutional monarchy. One of the lesser great powers, Brazil has a decent military and a fairly strong economy, allowing it to vie for position as the premier of the South American states, finding competition for the title from only Argentina. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Constitutional Monarchy Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Pedro III of Brazil - historical character, but he assumes the Brazilian throne in this timeline, whereas he didn't in history. Did you read all the information?; Texas  Suggestions or feedback?;
  14. The_Mad_Skylord

    1912; The Great War

  15. The_Mad_Skylord

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Perhaps surprisingly to the other Gods, Exitius spent much time simply walking through his lands, interacting with the creations of Vyrnen that had blossomed where once only rock existed. Grass, trees and flora covered his realm, and peaceful creatures frolicked and danced in the valleys. Over time, however, Exitius grew bored with this peaceful world, undisturbed by all. Retreating to the Great Mountain, the God of Destruction plotted his own creation. First, he created a skeleton of bones, hard as steel. Adding flesh, ligaments, tendons and organs, he gave to this beast every potential of which he could fathom. Intelligence, cunning, strength, speed, flight and imbued in the magic of which Yngbad was so proud. His creation was ageless, and over the centuries and millennia would only grow in size. The stomach was formed from a sphere of liquid fire, cased in crystal. However, as he looked upon his first creature, he found that it was... Soft. Fleshy. Thus, wrought from diamond was a coat of scales, harder and stronger than anything in existence. And thus was born the first Dragons, mightiest of all creatures to walk the earth. Still, even with the threat of the great beasts now dwelling within his realm, Exitium felt empty. Thus, the God of Death created another race, gifted with some intelligence. These creatures, walking on two legs, most closely resembled wolves. Though blessed with fang and claw, the greatest gift bestowed upon this creation, the Venandi, was potential. The potential to evolve, to change and to please their God. What now drew the eye of Exitius was that interesting creation of the God of Magic. Though the foolish creature that revelled in confusion had tried to corrupt it, the waves of unpredictability flowed now through the Void. Finally, the God turned his hand to the study of Magic, and in time, decided upon three great uses, or schools. The first was the Elements. Fire, Water, Air and Earth could be used in a myriad of ways, from creating explosions to causing earth quakes and more. Secondly, Exitius found great progress in Necromancy, the reanimation of the Dead. Finally, The God of Chaos found especial skill in Blood Magic, and the various ways with which it could be employed. MINOR ACT | Creation of Dragons and Venandi. MAJOR ACT | Manipulation of Magic into sub-categories, such as Elemental Magic, Necromancy and Blood Magic.