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  1. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Frost crusted on the edges of the ornate glass - an ostentatious pane, carefully built with a mixture of coloured and clear glass, depicting some ancient victory of the Empire. Orolian stared out of the icy glass, his fingers tapping the window sill. The Imperial Court had moved south, the Emperor choosing to make his bed in Felva House, one of the smaller Imperial Palaces, built in the hills of Ardava, high in the foothills of the Andriantic Mountains. Many assumed Orolian had desired a change of scenery, but the reality behind the move was the advice of his personal physician, a demand that the Emperor seek colder, clearer air. And so Orolian stared out of the window, a fire burning in the hearth of the small sitting room, where he chose to entertain those who desired his attentions. Unfortunately, this included his sons, whose hunger for the Throne was known to all. Tarbius lingered in the corner, by a carved table, with a heavy lamp perched on top. The Lord Admiral wore a resplendent display of his position, a show of sashes, medals and badges - a somewhat ironic show, considering the indifference of the Throne towards the fleet. In contrast, Valentine sat comfortably in an armchair, a folder sat upon a another table, dressed plainly with only a single broach to remind that he was the Empire's Chief Minister. The Crown Prince looked idle, bored, as his younger brother continued his rambling, painfully lacking in any kind of subtlety, oblivious to the indifference of his audience. "You must choose an heir, Father, it is important that the succession be official!" Valentine rolled his eyes openly. "Have you finished demanding the throne yet, Tarbius?" The Lord Admiral's face flushed with anger, as Orolian continued to ignore both of them. With Tarbius now silent, Valentine opened his folder, rustling through the documents. "We are having an unprecedented year of finance, sire, it appears our decision to apply for a loan was a sound choice." The folder closed, and the Chief Minister pushed it into the center of the table, left to the Emperor's discretion, as he stood and stretched. "By your leave, my lord." He stated, formally, and the Emperor finally turned to face his eldest son. "What of reforms in the army?" Valentine's face remained smooth, but the glint in his eye indicated his displeasure. "The Minister appears to be managing his directive well, sire, though I still believe him to be a poor choice. He is far too young." Orolian merely waved his hand, tiredly sitting down, pulling the folder towards him. "He has a vision. That is enough." The Emperor opened the folder, selecting a ledger from among the documents. "Leave me." ACTIONS -20'000 Sovereigns are sent to the Dohocans, to repay national loans. -1000 Veteran 1 Crossbowmen are raised. (30k) -5000 Veteran 1 Medium Infantry are raised. (120k) -With a new threat to the southern borders, Orolian once more musters out his army, preparing for war. His forces train and muster in the south, and thousands of veteran Retainers and light cavalry prowl the regions easiest for the Oburkai to raid, seeking to swat away their raids. -Orolian begin to stockpile caltrops – seeking to have plenty before any campaign commences.
  2. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE For the first time in a decade, the Mitrovic Empire knows peace. Now that the largest southern conflict in many years has ended, most of the Imperial soldiery march home, many facing disbandment and a return to their lives. Peace and prosperity has followed in the wake of conflict, and even the old Order territories see the benefit of this, as the Old Capital - known now as Ordava - is rebuilt, becoming a key link in the Mitrovic-Aldemaric border. For the Emperor, the business of economic and military reform stands at the height of his new agenda. As his Chief Minister, the Emperor appoints the Prince Valentine, his next in line. In hope of bringing about some of the reforms he once discussed with his grandson, the Prince Valeriu is confirmed in appointment to the office of Minister of War. As is always the case after major conflict, titles and lands are awarded. Foremost of these is Ioan of Tridava, who receives confirmation as a member of the Order of the Empire, an incredibly prestigious award, given only to the most valorous of men in Imperial service. Prince Valeriu receives promotion to General, the first in a planned series of military appointments. The Prince Dorbanus, second in line to the throne, is confirmed in appointment as Lord Admiral of the Fleet. The King of Antramar is perhaps pleased to hear of several towns being named for his, his Queen and his Kingdom. Aside from the slew of lesser titles and estates, the most remarkable award is given unto Absanesh the Auger, the Samaltrazi Sorceror. For his aid, the Emperor offers into him title as Lord Warlock - the first foreigner ever to be honoured with the offer. While the title obviously comes with no duties to the Throne, Absanesh would be well within his right to access the considerable archive of magical knowledge in Verdova, and to seek asylum with the Arcane Halls as one of their members. ------- ACTIONS -Trade Depot and Commercial District in Ordava. (20k) -13 farms (25k) -10 towns (150k) -Investment into Crossbow research. (4k)(0 invested previously. 0 Tech) -Absanesh the Auger is offered the title of Lord Warlock, the first foreigner to be offered such an award in Imperial history. -Lord Goran Vuk, a high ranking Attendant of the Imperial Court, is appointed the Mitrovic Ambassador to Samalstraza, where he takes up residence. -Velarn Palace, one of the smaller, lesser used Imperial Palaces on the border of the Capital, is officially turned over to Samalstraza. Their envoys and ambassadors will take their rooms here, while any Samaltrazi official in the region may use the residence as they wish, even.if they are only passing through. -Ioan of Tridava, accompanied by a hundred veteran Retainers, makes his way beyond the border of the Ascendancy and Avon, seeking out the point of interest in the mountains there. -SPELL SLOT 1 Offense - Arcane Destruction - T5 Simply put, an enormous, earth shaking, stone shattering explosion. There is no subtlety or finesse to this magic - it can be used only by a Warlock. It is designed to simply tear down whatever it it confronted with - thrown into a formation of men, it will shatter them, rain chunks of shattered earth across the crater where they once stood. Aimed at a fleet, it simply leaves a gaping whole where once there were ships. Aimed at a wall, and it leaves a breach.
  3. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE 875 -2 trade depots – 20k -1000 T3 veteran 1 medium infantry – 19k -2 farms – 10k -8000 T3 Imperial Conscripts – 40k Total – 80k 876 -76k to the Perasmani – ships -1000 T3 vet 1 medium infantry – 19k -4000 T3 Imperial Conscripts – 20k Total – 115k
  4. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Heavy, all soaking drizzle drenched the city streets, turning the rough hewn cobble of the main avenues to slow moving rivers and the hard dirt of the back ways into ponds of liquid mud. Feldova was not a particularly grand city, and few of the Imperial Court understood the Emperor's desire to remain here - dwelling in the less than luxurious City Hall - rather than taking up winter residence in the Villas of his nobility along what was, once, the border. Nonetheless, Orolian's commands had been hastily carried out and the largest hall - the dining room - in the former residence of the Lord Mayor had been converted into a makeshift throne room, complete with an imposing hardwood chair upon which the Emperor glared down his nose at petitioners. It was a miserable time of year and - even among the Attendants and the upper nobility (and though few dared say it, including the Emperor himself) - none were dressed in a fashion appropriate for court. The room stank of men who reeked of sweat, mud and dung. Grimey traveling clothes, well stained, were the lot of these grim looking souls. Most participants were wet, having had to hurry through the drenching rain from their lodgings across the city. Still, even with these considerations, few cut quite the poor figure as the two wretches next in line. A boy - or a young man to those who had seen the cruel, steely, scarred face - of perhaps nineteen, accompanied by a man nearer sixty. Both were covered in mud so viscous and wet that it appeared as something closer to slime. They smelled strongly enough to make those at the far side of the throne gag and the boy had something that looked suspiciously like dried blood staining the front of his coat -a coat bearing the colours of the Republic of Eyowith. Of the guards, some frowned at the pair, as if they had seen them before, but they stood silently until their leader - the Lord Denghel, chief of the Imperial Retainers and a favourite at court - blurted out loudly; "Petar Cristiu, surely that cannot be you!" All eyes turned to the Emperor, who observed not the old deserter but his younger companion. Orolian frowned, studying the young face that had lost an eye, that was savagely cut and bashed in the fashion of warriors. Finally he stood. "Attend me, Valentine," said Orolian as he turned "I have much to discuss with my grandson and his… companion." Valeriu - the lost bastard prince - stepped forwards, surrendered his sword and followed his grandfather and his father into the door beyond the throne… ACTIONS -Victory has been achieved in much of the old territories of the Order and the Emperor's rewards are mighty. Lichtenfels, now of the Emperor's service, is given a small grant of land near Habria, along with a summons to Court as "Count of Salvria". Several grants are made to other such officers, but the greatest by far are made to the Lord Nicolai Denghel. Denghel, leader of the Imperial Retainers, is given the hand of Daniela Comnes - sister of the unfortunate Alexios Comnes, first cousin of the Emperor. Daniela is a considerable heiress (Alexios haven begotten no children) and her marriage to the Lord Denghel brings him title as the "Prince of Ardiavra" along with the considerable estates of the Comnes. This inheritance, along with additional estates awarded by the Emperor, has seen Denghel become one of the greatest landlords in the Mitrovic Empire, with estates running from the city of Ardava, along the eastern bank of the Mitrovic River to the coast of Chtor itself. Thousands of acres of prime farmland, dozens of herds, several mines and huge fishery grants enrich this lord, who takes the princely name "Domnas, in the traditional fashion. Prince Nikolas Domnas thus secures his position as one of Orolian's most ardent supporters. (12 farms, 60'000 Crowns) -The return of the Prince Valeriu is a subject talked about in every corner of the Imperial Court. For his part - having heard of Valeriu's stories of his time as a mercenary and a junior Eyowith officer - Orolian decides to out his grandson to the test. Valeriu - who has strongly recommend military reform to the Emperor - is commissioned to raise a brigade of troops in the fashion he suggests to Orolian. (4000 Imperial Conscripts, 12'000 Crowns, T3 Equipment Equipment taken from captured equipment) -14'000 Crowns are delivered to the Ishikawa - thus fulfilling any debt owed to the Shogunate by the Empire. -A group of natural philosophers are commissioned by the Emperor to investigate the properties of the strange plant found in Imperial borders many, many years ago. (4000 Crowns invested, 0 tech) ("Resources: From the southern stretches of the empire word filters of an undocumented weed. It grows in great stalks, capped with numerous red-orange buds, perhaps further study is in order?") -The Arcane Hall begins to weave a new spell. Mandated by the Emperor for primary use against ships' hulls and masts, or against wooden palisades and city gates, the spell is a Telekinetic attack that resembles a woodcutters axe, and is simply designed to chop straight through anything wooden. (Telekinetic T2, "Defoliation", Passive Slot, Magic 8 ) -Representatives of the Dohocan Colony in the Empire are summoned to attend upon the Emperor at their earliest convenience. Total: 90'000 Crowns
  5. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE -2 units of Regular T3 Light Cavalry are raised. (17'000) -1 Unit of Veteran 1 Light Infantry is raised. (7000) -Two more adepts finish their apprenticeships and join the ranks of the Arcane Hall. (20'000)
  6. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE -2 units of Regular T3 Medium Infantry (16’000) -8 units of T3 Levies are called up. (32’000)
  7. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE -The new year sees a great increase in troops. Orolian raises another thousand T3 Regular Medium Infanty. (16’000 Gold) -From the Crimson Order, Orolian buys the equipment and training for a unit of T3 Veteran 1 Crossbowmen. (11’000 Gold) -2 AP is purchased from Aldemar. (4’000 Gold) -1500 T3 Regular Light Infantry are called up to do their duty to the Mitrovic Emperor. (18’000 Gold) 1700 Gold remaining
  8. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE A thin plume of smoke rose from the tiny campfire in the middle of the clearing, as three miserable figures huddled around its meager warmth. Three horses stood, tethered, at the edge of the clearing. Like their riders, they huddled together for comfort. A dreary, light drizzle – too light to quench the minute fire, but heavy enough to seep through clothes to chill the bones – fell from the overcast sky. Marcela looked to the small figures huddled beside her. She whispered soothingly to them. “We’re close to Samalstraza every day, it won’t be long now.” She wrapped her cloak around them, pulling them in close to her. Suddenly, the horses began to neigh, moving anxiously in their tethers. Three heads turned to them is surprise – and fear. Marcela gripped a long bladed knife tightly in her hand, easing it from the scabbard as a ragged looking pair of men stepped into the clearing. Rough, commoner’s clothes made up their attire. On the left, one had a long butcher’s knife thrust through his belt, while the man on the right had a crude looking falchion, crusted with rust. The pair grinned as they took in the horses, the fine attire and the women. “What ‘av we ‘ere?” The bigger of the two sniggered, resting his hand on the machete. The smaller man mimicked the laugh, tugging the butcher’s knife from his belt – small weasel eyes focused upon Marcela. The pair began moving across the clearing, towards the huddled group. Marcela waved the knife threateningly in front of her, but the big man simply laughed and – as he reached her – struck her hard with the back of his hand. The elderly woman flew to the ground, landing on her knife with a sickening crunch. The little man looked up at his master. “What’cha do tat fer, Marv?” Marv shrugged, instead reaching out and grabbing the Iuliana’s cloak, tearing it back and letting the long, black hair tumble free. “Who cares?” he sneered. He glanced at Valeriu. “Hold the boy, it’ll be his turn soon enough.” Both Iuliana and Valeriu began to scream – loudly – but it was cut off with harsh blows from the pair of thugs. Marv began to drag Iuliana towards the trees, as Valeriu let out an ear splitting scream – “No!” – and a burst of golden energy exploded through the smaller man’s chest, lighting the clearing with a bright glow before subsiding and the smaller mugger dropped to the ground, a cauterized hole the size of two fists punched harshly through his sternum. The stink of burned flesh filled the air. Marv let go of Iuliana and began to back away, terror upon his face. He ran back through the trees – the way he came. An hour later, Petar returned to bury his wife. ACTIONS -2 farms are built (-10’000G) -2 Trade Depots are constructed. (-20’000G) -6000G to the Crimson Order. -9000 Gold is invested into Heavy Cavalry. (Started 687, 10’000G invested total, 0 tech) Total: 45’000 Gold spent
  9. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Got work again. Stat post. Will try to get some RP for next turn. -Orolian prepares for a new campaign come 868. He orders that the Arcane Halls conduct trials among the apprentices, to raise the best of them to the status of Adept. (40’000 Gold for 4 Adepts) -Debts to be paid. (3’000 Gold for the Crimson Order) -Orolian once more sends forth his Retainers and Tribal Light Cavalry, under the command of Lord Nicolai Denghel. They spend the year continuing their chevauchees into the lands of the Ascendancy. This time, however, they focus more of raiding for gold than destroying food sources. Orolian clearly is building funds for a year of campaigning. -The Empire begins researching Heavy Cavalry. (1000 Gold invested, 0 tech.)
  10. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Work shortly. Stat post. ACTIONS -An unfortunate year of campaigning for Orolian, with little being gained, save for a violent chevauchee of the Ascendancy. Nonetheless, mercenaries must be paid for! (-3200G for Hary.) -Fearful of the Empire becoming economically stagnant, Orolian builds a Commercial District in Verdova. (-10’000G) -The Empire spends the years building new farms. (-20’000G) -Tech – Heavy Infantry 6000G Invested (12000G Total)
  11. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Thunder crashed and lightning flashed over Verdova, as rain lashed down from the heavens onto the buildings below. For a week this relentless downpour had drowned the capital in a haze of misery, as the common folk trudged about their business in streets and homes that were flooded and uncomfortable. Lethargy had infected the citizenry and none wanted to leave their homes – flooded or not – on a day such as this. High in the palace, however, such common concerns were not present as a flurry of activity dominated a small room, tucked away in the corner of the palace – the home of the Crown Prince’s bastards, the quarters of the twins – Valieriu and Iuliana. A woman bustled around the room, as the two sat upon their beds, wrapped in thick traveling clothes. A man stood at the door, which was cracked open to allow him to watch the hall. His hand was tight around the hilt of his longsword, and his face was covered. ”Come quickly! Hurry!” snapped the busy woman, throwing the last things she had elected to bring into a sack. “Petar, lock the door.” The guard obliged, sealing the exit and moving over to stand next to the meager fire place as the woman knelt to speak to the twins. “You are bastards” she said, roughly “and both of you have the Spark. The Emperor intends to turn you over to Ioan of Tridova, as is customary.” She glanced back towards the door, uneasy. “That is a fate I would wish upon no child, especially not children I have raised all these years. The Emperor cares nothing for you, and you will experience hell at the hands of his hound.” She stands abruptly, pulling a lever hidden in the wall, and the fireplace swings outwards silently. She strides down the passage, followed by the two laden children, with Petar striding along behind as the wall slowly seals itself again. Four horses gallop from Verdova that night, riding hard north, their riders soaked and freezing, but moving as fast as they could, as relentless as the pounding of the rain. ACTIONS -Valieriu, Iuliana and their protectors – Petar and Marcela – ride hard north, a journey that will take them nigh on two years.... -Trade agreements are made. -Orolian embarks upon a campaign of industrial expansion – he orders that two mines be built, followed by two arsenals, in order to provide some military production to the Empire. (25’000 Gold) TECHNOLOGY -Heavy Infantry – 6’000 Gold invested.
  12. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE From atop the great peaks of the Andriantic Mountains flow the beginnings of two rivers - the Vetrimaic and the Mitrovic. Over the course of hundreds of miles, the twin bodies of fast flowing water merge, and the engorged Mitrovic River runs to the Sea of Chtor, a huge, roiling mass of aqua upon which the ambitions of empire are built. It is from the Vetrimaic River that the Vetrii take their name - their earliest settlements, if not their most famous, were located along the banks of the shallow river of crystal water and good fishing. The early tribal domains of the Vetrtii stretched from the foothills of the Andriantic Mountains, all the way to the Glittering Bay on the shores of the Chtor, so named for the dazzling multitude of lights that sparkle upon the pure white sands when the sun first and last rays of the sun fall on the surrounding beaches. It is upon the shores of the Vetrimaic River and the Glittering Bay that the Vetrii built Verdova, their sprawling capital. From upriver, in the mountains, mineral wealth and lumber flowed downstream, to be traded by sea, while sea trade from afar flowed into the city, bringing a great glut of foreign and exotic goods. Even early in their history, the Vetrii were faced with adversity, surrounded by neighbouring tribes to east, west and south. Chiefest amongst these opponents were the Vriogenes, who ruled the lands westward of Verdova. For much of early Vetrimaic history, war existed between the Vetrtii and a coalition of tribes in the west, amongst whom the Vriogenes held sway. For most of early Vetrimaic history, the Vetrii looked eastwards, to the Scordii and other such related tribes for alliances, to counteract the weight of Vriogenes aggression. This policy, eventually proved its flaws when Scordii betrayal led to the Vriogenian Sack of Verdova, which reduced much of the city to hollowed out houses and rubble. It was amongst this ruin that young Diourbanaeus (eventually to be rendered Dorbannian, in the later Imperial Style) rose to prominence as the King of the Vetrii. For much of his life, Dorbannian waged wars against his neighbours, eventually reducing the Vriogenes heartlands to ruin and forcing them to pay fealty to him - a fate met by most of their coalition partners. Dorbannian died fairly young, barely reaching his thirty second year, and he failed to ever lead campaigns across the Vetrimaic, as he had planned to do once the Vriogenes were subdued. The conquest of the Scordii fell to his second eldest, Natoporus (to be later imperialised as Natoporian), and the young warrior prince used his subsequent victory to cement his rule over the suddenly extensive Vetrimaic territories, murdering his brother, Diernaius, in order to cull any claimants to his Throne. Under Natoporus, Verdova and her dependent territories saw a great expansion in wealth and territory, and the King laid the frame for many of the institutions upon which his sons built the Mitrovic Empire. Perhaps the most important achievement of Natoporus was the enforcement of his will over a centralised and loyal cadre of warlocks. Such efforts provided the Throne with a fierce band of magic-users to use as weapons, and the shrewd monarch knew it, using the warlocks (who came, in Imperial times, to be known as Courtiers of the Arcane Halls) to further expand his borders and his wealth, and the latter years of his reign saw a great glut of tributary payments enrichen the treasury. It was not until the joint rule of his sons - Comosicus and Damanais (to be imperialised as Comosician and Damanian, respectively) - that the Empire began to take on a recognisable form. Their rule was a fairly violent one, with both Comosician and Damanian fighting long, and not particularly fruitful, wars with their neighbours. Their co-rule came to an abrupt end with the death of Comosician by Scordii arrow. This event brought a sudden change in policy, and Damanian married a Scordii princess, and finally brought the troublesome neighbours into the Vetrimaic sphere. Over the next decade, Damanian consolidated his rule, extending his realm over territories east and west of the Mitrovic River, and instituting a considerable network of officials to rule over his empire. He died old, in his bed, and he was buried under the title of the Mitrovic Emperor, a title claimed by all of his descendents. Sack of Verdova - 652 Dorbannian III - 652 -667 Natoporian V - 667-687 Comosician II & Damanian V - 687-689 ----Start of the Imperial Era -689---- Damanian I - 689-703 Dorbannian I - 703-710 Damanian II - 710-719 Natoporian I - 719-720 Comosician I - 722-740 Cothelian I - 740-751 Damanian III - 751-756 Dardanian I - 756-785 Decian I - 785-800 Petoporian I - 800-804 Petoporian II - 804-818 Natoporian II - 818-823 Natoporian III - 823-837 Decian II - 837-850 Petoporian III - 850-872 Remaxian I - 872-880 Tarbian I - 880-882 Tarbian II - 882-883 ----End of the 13th Age-892---- Orolian I - 883/13- THE MITROVIC TRIBES The history of the Mitrovic Imperial Era cannot be called peaceful - many Mitrovic Emperors met their deaths at the hands of their enemies - whether it be by battle or by subterfuge. Several times major civil wars wracked the Empire, the most famous of these being the War of the Three Emperors in 720/13, the Vriogenes Revolt of 799/13 and the Tribal Wars of 880/13. Mitrovic civil unrest is founded upon two flaws in the Empire - the first, the uncertain nature of Imperial Succession. Often it is the case that the Emperor simply designate his heir - who is awarded the honorific “King of the Vetrii” - but often this proves to be a bitter and convoluted task as the various Attendants of the Imperial Court attempt to scheme their way into power. The second is the various tribes that find themselves under the sway of the Empire. While there are dozens of tribes - large and small - only the most major pay direct fealty to the Emperor. The rest grant their oaths to the larger tribes, creating an unfortunate hierarchy of fiefdoms that often prove unruly. The various Mitrovic tribes rely on animal heraldry to distinguish themselves, chosen from the key symbols of their favoured Gods - often their namesakes. The Vetrii, called ‘true’ Mitrovics in the Imperial Era, use no animal sigil to identify themselves - they instead paint the solvus upon their shields, a merging of the first and last characters(in Archaic Mitrovic) of the God of War’s name. The Boagrii Along the river to the south east is the Boagrii Tribe. Most loyal of the major tribes, the Boagrii provide much of the Imperial Bodyguard, and their raven-marked warriors are well known among their enemies. The Boagrii Prince, Corius, was the husband of the Princess Diesema, sister to Orolian, until his death beside the late Emperor Tarbian II on the field of battle. The Boagrii take their name from Boagrius, God of the Hunt and Master of the Woods. Upon their shields they paint his cawing black raven. The Scordii A troublesome group controlling a limited territory to the east, the Scordii subjected the Vetrii to betrayal, and the debt was paid back in interest. Most of their old lands falls under direct imperial rule, governed by a myriad of governors and officials. Scordii infantry marches to war bearing the emblem of a white lion on their shields. The Scordii - who take their name from Scordi, God of the Rivers - have proven to be a thorn in the side of various Emperors, but their power is no longer what it was. The Vriogenes Fearsome horsemen from the west, the Vriogenes are perhaps the most troublesome of the tribes, and certainly the most powerful. Many times over the years, the rearing horse of the Vriogenes tribe has risen in bloody rebellion against the Imperial Throne - but despite all this, Vriogenian horsemen are among the most prized soldiers in Imperial service and their defense of the far western frontier has contributed much to Mitrovic prosperity. The Vetrii The founders of the Empire, the tribe of the Emperors and by far the most populous group in Mitrovic territory, the Vetrii - or true Mitrovics, as they call themselves - are the Imperial backbone. From their numbers come the vast majority of the soldiers that further the Imperial will. Without the Vetrii there would be no Empire. KEY FIGURES EMPEROR OROLIAN I - 10 Leadership, 3 Martial IOAN OF TRIDOVA - 12 Arcane MAGIC The Empire keeps Mages for 1 purpose – war. For this purpose, the Mitrovics use Direct Magic, with an emphasis on offensive. POINTS AND UNIQUES 10 Military 10 Size 7 Magic 3 Loyalty Imperial Kataphrakti – Heavy cavalry, mounted on horses that are far larger than the norm. Standing at 18 hands tall, the mount of an Imperial Kataphrakt – combined with rider and armour – weighs nearly a ton. This makes the Kataphrakti a rightfully feared opponent on the battlefield, and the charge of even a hundred of their number causes the earth to rumble terrifyingly. Imperial Retainers – Medium Cavalry, skillful with both lance and composite bow. These men make up the bodyguards and retinues of Imperial officials, and serve as the elite of the cavalry in war. Warlocks - Mitrovic Sorcerors who focus entirely on empowering their ability with the Offensive Subfield. They wield terrible, terrifying power on the battlefield, but lack the ability to use any other Subfield of Direct Magic. WHITE
  13. STEEL HORIZON 1897 Long running tensions finally result in open conflict. Valdenian forces stream over the border into disputed regions, and they are met by Modevian troops, who fight back fiercely. Enrico Reinzo wastes no time, and already 500 thousand men of the reserves are raised, as the Modevian army enters general mobilisation, even as Modevian troops begin to gather on the Sorentine and Torminian borders. It is clear that Reinzo considers this blatant attack to be a declaration of war. In the North, the CNSR levies a general declaration of war against Praharavka, and Marshal Jelavic leads CNSR forces across the border, striking back hard against the champions of the Western Bloc. Poor, backwards, weary Pozharin comes to Praharavka’s aid, issuing their own declaration of war against the CNSR. The CNSR, however, are more than prepared for such an eventuality, and a huge offensive is initiated, beginning the 3rd Battle of the Izon. Verda, meanwhile, issues their own declaration of war against Praharavka. The CSAC, uninvolved at present, enter general mobilisation themselves, and the Steel Horizon becomes far more significantly manned along the Valdenian border. THE KINGDOM OF BELLICA Briartown Luxe is a film that slips under the radar, so to speak, as the world literally implodes. The military parade is held, though what effect it has is uncertain. The scouts discover the southern regions of a new land, fairly cold but fair and grassy. THE PRAHARAVKAN FEDERATION Flak Vests will be ready for 1898. The F-97 will be ready for 1903. 3 Vitramite nodes are discovered. THE GALLIAN TRADE LEAGUE The Gallian Trade League proves to be a pebble of calm in a turbulent sea of conflict. +2% growth. THE VENZEATIC LEAGUE Venzeatic engines will achieve +2 knots by 1903. Ground to air AS rockets will be ready for 1904. Venzeatic citizens don’t have a clue about what the Signoria are talking about, but they gladly accept the investment. No matter the investment in their lands, the Moha remain distant and cold towards their invaders. THE WESTERFIELD FEDERATION The Westerfielders discover the slaver continents, partly colonised by Tierra Roja and Juverin. No Vitramite is found. Westerfield’s T-90 will be ready for 1900. The R-19 will be ready for 1899. In Ozan, Westerfield begins to suffer many of the same issues as Carnelia in Perzah, and riots and strikes bring the region to a standstill. -10000G THE CARNELIAN SULTANATE The Perzans are subdued, with their people begrudgingly going back to work. Carnelia stumbles upon a fair land of lovely grass and cool climate. Carnelia will have napalm by 1900. Improved rate of gunfire will be ready by 1901. Better armour piercing will be ready by 1900. THE REPUBLIC OF EMMERIA Emmeria makes no progress on weather forecasting. A semi-auto rifle will be ready by 1900. A new AT rocket will be ready for 1899. THE GRAND PRINCIPALITY OF CUMBERLAND Cumberland stumbles across the Slaver Isles. Improved alloy will be ready by 1902. Improved door knobs, hinges and far shinier polished floors will be ready for 1899. +500G from CI will be ready by 1902. THE EMPIRE OF VALDEK Superior armour will be ready by 1903. Koibita, at long last sick of Valdek, explodes into violent open revolt as the Old World descends into bloodshed and anarchy. The Emperor takes personal command of his forces, which are shockingly well armed. Modern small arms and howitzers are in Koibitanese hands, and rumours of Omar Bradford fills the ears of Valdenian governors. The defences will be ready by 1903. THE KARAKHWA The Karakhwa continue to be effectively parried by the Volta-Solvanese, as they utilise experience gained from the days of Ben-gal’s depredations, and the trade lanes often echo with the sound of guns as the two sides clash. +5000G Better Yotal’s Hawks will be ready for 1904.
  14. THE KALRONIAN ASCENDENCY The slow steady plop of droplets striking the surface of a small pool echoed down the expansive, empty corridors. Black stone greeted the eye wherever one turned, polished to a high shine. The water clock stood alone, in the center of a large, circular area that served as the focus of four long, wide corridors. Steady white light shone from the roof, creating a rather unpleasant contrast upon the black environment. The water clock continued to tick, as far off footsteps slowly became louder, rising steadily in volume until a party of four turned the corner in the far distance, striding along the corridor towards the crossroads. Of the party, two were dressed in the ceremonial armour of soldiers and two wore the traditional robes of Kalronian Regents, who ruled the Ascendency in the absence of the Ascendant. Louder the voice of the leading soldier rose, until it could be heard at the far end of the corridor opposite. “Such action is blasphemous – you profane our people and our religion so, Regent?” cried Crell, highest of the Commanders “I will not stand for such heresy!” With heavy, angry footsteps, Crell stormed across the far corridor, disappearing quickly out of sight. The other soldier, surprised, hastily bade his farewell to the Regents before hurrying off after the enraged Commander. The taller of the Regents, Caolin, turned to his fellow, who stared after Crell and his companion with an irritated expression. “Mark me, Caolin, we will come to regret speaking of this to that fool.” Caolin looked steadily at him, before nodding and beginning to walk away. “I shall leave it to you, Arlus.” Caolin disappeared down another of the corridors, while Arlus slowly stepped to the edge of the water clock, staring up at the masterpiece that had dominated the center of Kalronian governance for generations. Arlus glanced to his left as a tiny, wizened creature approached him. “Silence him.” he declared simply, before striding back the way he had come. The wizened old man bowed low as his master departed. “As the Regent commands.” he whispered. -The Ascendency begins to research a superior system of communication, realizing the need for better communications in order to better rule their growing empire. (Passive Slot – Interstellar Comms) -The engineers begin to draw up new plans, seeking the creation of a large, powerful warship, meant to provide the backbone of a fleet. (Passive Slot – Battleship Hulls) -On Kalron, 3 new industrial complexes are constructed. -60’000 Credits -On Randion, 1 business is constructed. -15'000 Credits -A new sector is colonised. -An exploration ship travels around Kalronian territory, searching for undiscovered resources on Kalronian homeworlds. (Mod – T2 Lightwave Engines, T1 Basic Sensors.)
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