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  1. THIRD EMPIRE – THE DECLINE 10,363 AE "I was born a miner's son. My father was in the deeps of Kaumai's mines, scrambling about in the dark for minerals, when the roof came down and he died, alone. I had twelve brothers and sisters. Eight of them I lost to sickness, starvation and poverty. Of my own sons, three lived long enough to be called men. Three were drafted, two were to die in the Empire's wars. I have one son, one child left to me, and I will not allow he or his own progeny to know the heartache I have felt, I will do everything in my power to prevent it, to bring about a new era, in which my grandchildren can live in peace, happiness and prosperity, without fear of their bellies sticking to their backbones, without fear of festering illness, without dear of having a rifle thrust into their hands, to be sent to die alone on some forsaken and wretched planet a hundred million kilometres away. I will sell my heart, body and soul to give them that chance, that hope for a better life." -Porini Arapai, on election as Apīhi Avi https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=RDdLQ8P3tQXDo&index=3&v=vHqtJH2f1Yk --- EVENTS Violence erupts in the Eastern Rim! The system 23i, in particular sees elements of Aokigahara’s fleet attack infrastructure in the system while forces belonging to numerous rebel and criminal organisations skirmish with both each other as well as local police. Luckily, Stelllarch Kaihe is quick to crack down on the unrest, and it is largely quelled by year’s end. --- With the death of Porini Arapai, and the subsequent ban on the unions, the power of the Populists largely collapses, and the Mercantilists swell in influence, being the primary instigators of their hated enemy's downfall. In the weeks that follow the brawl, many Populist Senators are cast out, now that they do not have the might of the unions standing behind them. (Populists fall to 2 votes, Mercantilists rise to 7) --- The class struggle is not, however, over! For weeks, riots and protests rage across the massive industrial planet of Kaumai, where the smog is so thick, a man can't see past his own roof. Across the Galaxy, these protests are common and violent, but on Kaumai they are particularly potent. The capital's masses, bitter and vengeful, unite behind a hard man. A man covered in horrific scars. A man who walks on one leg and one crude prosthetic, whose eyes are bionic replacements. A man who saw Buath and Vaka, and lived to tell the tale. The mob unite behind this man, and declare him their Apīhi Avi. The mob unite behind Kauri Arapai, Porini's last son. --- On Ivana, Stellarch Netana holds out against increasingly poor odds. While the disruption Imperial Psykics were encountering seems to have finished, the renewed reports from Imperial resistance shows an increasingly dire situation. Netana has run out of ammunition for his heavy ordnance, and is swiftly running out of ammunition for his small arms. His last message is fairly simple - he requires significant relief within 3 months, or he will be forced to surrender in order to preserve the lives of his men. --- Raids on Qahtanese shipping continues, and the food supply coming from the bountiful planet all but dries up. Construction on the great Qahtanese Driveyards, a massive project designed to allow the production of capital for even the most industrially backwards Stellarch, grinds to a halt as materials stop reaching the planet. The disruption is commonly blamed on Aokigahara. --- As a result of piracy and Mercantilist trickery, the galactic food shortage this year is dire. (Only 10 units are available from NPCs this year) The Dominion of Badab Vice-Admiral Akarana is delighted with the Tyrant's patriotic deed. Akarana agrees to move his fleet to 17E, glad of the opportunity for a ready and constant source of supply. (+1 Influence with the War Hawks/Imperial Navy) While the Dominion does not succeed in influencing the general unrest of the working class around the Galaxy, their grain file, combined with their handling of the situation, largely keeps the whole region peaceful, as the workers peacefully march for more rights, rather than fight for them. Raetia The sheer savagery and decisiveness of Martok's coup attracts the eyes of a strange kind of character. He comes before the Stellarch's court, and offers his services.... Despotate of Oberstein The great surplus of food in the province, made freely available to the population does indeed curb PLF attempts at recruitment, and provincial agents destroy more than a few hideouts arresting many of the c*mmunists on the spot. The various criminal syndicates local leaders assist this effort, perhaps only because its also in their best interest as well.. The two corvettes escorting shipping are easily destroyed or captured by Aokigahara’s fleet, though the food shipments manage to escape their wrath. Mandate of Vennendal And so, another year passes, as Vennendal continues to expand its industries. Province of Altaire An apprentice within The Gallery of Fine Arms produces a piece of exquisite quality this year, a rifle as deadly and practical as it is tasteful! House Matareka Broken! Tyrone and Jamal, used to the point of utter exhaustion, give up their ranks and transfer to the surface of Buath as privates, to escape their 'queen'. Grand Duchy of Alamar Dryden's little club proves to be a major attraction among some members of the Senate. While the Republicans and the War Hawks gravitate towards Lord Teniert's residence, Dryden finds himself inundated with Mercantilists. The CEO of the OWTC, Tamatoa, often spends his evenings there, smoking cigars. Kingdom of Orteau A celebration to which there is no rival! The ceremony and resulting reception are the talk of the surrounding regions - including the Core, though Lord Ashweather's absence is openly commentated on. Notably, Lord Albert, an attendee, does not return to the Senate until well after the elections are over. (+1 Influence for Republicans OR Loyalists) Though the Teniert's put on their great show for the peasants below, for the first time, the working class do not take it quite so well. Early on, Blain is called downstairs to put down a growing riot, and no noblewoman dares to go forth and dance amidst the angry masses. Teniert's shipping finds itself totally destroyed this year. Holy Order of Hyperboreia Across the border, servants of the Order can feel something stirring. Something tugs upon their minds…. (Discord) Stellarchy of Matene The lives of the purple folk go on.
  2. THIRD EMPIRE – THE DECLINE 10,362 AE "When they ship you in, you don't know what it's going to be like. You believe their lies - you believe that it's made out to be far worse, far more terrifying than it actually is. Then you set a foot on Buath's surface, and you're condemned to live like an animal." --- EVENTS Following the, as they put it, “disastrous” piece of legislation which fixes the price of food supplies throughout the galaxy, the galaxy’s largest companies convene. They emerge only days later, proclaiming that all shipments carrying food not sold at their standard prices will be immediately halted, all future shipping of this nature is suspended until future notice, and company employed escorts will no longer protect the Empire’s numerous trade routes from piracy until the legislation is repealed. --- Reports from Netana become even more scarce, and those that Imperial forces receive seem to lack clarity, seem to be fuzzy. Eventually, a definitive report reaches the Empire - Stellarch Netana ran out of ammunition, and the last of his fleet was dashed in space. He now holds out on Ivana, where the FWA have laid siege. Ivana is moderately well defended, but more FWA forces are being shipped in by the day. His supply situation remains desperate. --- Though the last sighting of Aokigahara was far to the South, around the border marches and K-Land, piracy suddenly springs up in the north, and it is said ships claiming allegiance to the Pirate King roam freely, burning and looting huge swathes of merchant shipping. (Only 10 food available from Qahtan this turn) --- Strange activities occur around the swathes of empty space near the Core. (Discord for those it concerns) --- A legendary duel occurs, deep in the K-Lands. A posse, lead by Deputy Sheriff Walt Harp, tracked the infamous outlaw, Cliff Westwood to the narrow and treacherous choke point at the Mediocre Corral. After a short and brutal gunfight, Westwood killed all 12 of his pursuers, but the savagery of the battle prompted a region wide hunt for the felon, led personally by Sheriff Howard Partner. Westwood flees the K-Lands, and now offers his services as an elite gun for hire, open to working for whoever bids the most. Dominion of Badab Scholarships is an idea that earns both praise and scorn - among the Populists, Badab is upheld as a shining beacon of philanthropistic morality, while it becomes the boot of many cruel jokes among the Republicans and the Mercantilists. (+1 Influence with the Populists) Despotate of Oberstein The ever cruel Despot, Kruger, orders a series of hits on the People's Liberation Front. At first, his hitmen successfully butcher low level command around the Despotate, until what appears to be new PLF leadership takes operational control. Kruger has what appears to be a miniature war on his hands, with operatives engaged in paramilitary activity across several planets. (Discord) The people shout Kruger's praises from the rooftops! Though many declare that change will not come from above, most are simply glad to have food in their bellies. (+3 Influence with the Populists) Raetia Another year of Lord Raetia's bitter, unhappy life passes, with yet more paranoid screaming fits being hurled at his many sons. Grand Duchy of Alamar While little sympathy for Alamar comes from the masses, many of the surrounding Stellarchs express great regret at this turn of events. At the funeral, Lord Dryden meets a great deal of influential men - a vast array of Stellarchs and Admirals - who are glad to make his acquaintance. (+1 Influence) Mandate of Vennendal Bold moves from Lord Elfering and the Provincial Defense Forces, the Admiral and his division spring a trap upon a small pirate convoy! (Discord) Province of Altaire Mr. Green’s “friend” arrives this year, brimming with enthusiasm. (Discord) House Matareka Lord Matareka has been done a great honour with his appointment. While the Lord makes plans to retake Buath, his daughter spends many sweaty, lust filled nights with Tyrone and Jamal, who spend all their time fulfilling her every, aching need. (+1 Prestige for Lord Matareka.) Orteau finds itself subjected to a total boycott by most of the corporations - excluding the Driveyards, who care little one way or another. Lord Teniert's policies have cost him the chance to rent any freighters or to purchase corporation owned goods. A steep price indeed, to make enemies of some of the Galaxy's richest men. Stellarchy of Matene A quiet year in Matene, as the Free Provinces border remains silent, unexciting. Life in the most exotic Imperial province is not boring, however, as the purple Matenese have become fashionable for the time being, particularly as prostitutes. A steady supply of pilgrims graces Matene's red light districts this year. (+2000c) Holy Order of Hyperboreia The Kāvan Te manages to resupply and redeploy the chosen reinforcements for Netana in record time. A well organised and commanded endeavour, it bodes well for any campaign the Hyperboreians undertake personally. (+1 Prestige for one Admiral/General of your choosing) The Directorate Little Louis Vernazza spends another year under Imperial tutelage. The child's Psykic powers grow steadily under the Emperor's supervision, and Louis often sends mental messages home to his father. Commodore Wetere, stranded in the middle of nowhere, agrees to relocate his HQ to Varan space. After a long wait, the Admiralty confirms the Commodore's request, and Wetere officially moves to Sector 45i. Kingdom of Orteau Orteau finds itself subjected to a total boycott by most of the corporations - excluding the Driveyards, who care little one way or another. Lord Teniert's policies have cost him the chance to rent any freighters or to purchase corporation owned goods. A steep price indeed, to make enemies of some of the Galaxy's richest men.
  3. THE SKYLORDS OF AVAR ACTIONS -The Skylords continue their policies of economic recovery. (9 Civ Manufactories - 67'500) -The huge number of Sky Pirates has prompted a push for a new defense force - strictly within AON limits, of course. (3 Nephilite Refineries - 15000) -1 Battlecruiser (8500) -6 Destroyers (48000)
  4. THE SKYLORDS OF AVAR ACTIONS -The Skylords continue their policies of economic recovery. (10 Civ Manufactories - 75000) -The huge number of Sky Pirates has prompted a push for a new defense force - strictly within AON limits, of course. (1 mine, 1 Airshipyard - 15'000) -As always, money disappears into varies ledgers and funds, ending up in strange places. (9000 to REDACTED)
  5. THE SKYLORDS OF AVAR ACTIONS -The Skylords continue their policies of economic recovery. (7 Civ Manufactories - 52'500) -The huge number of Sky Pirates has prompted a push for a new defense force - strictly within AON limits, of course. (1 mine, 1 Airshipyard - 15'000) -As always, money disappears into varies ledgers and funds, ending up in strange places. (3000 to REDACTED)
  6. THE SKYLORDS OF AVAR Little of note happens in Avar this year, as simple economic restoration continues, and the Skylords keep their heads down, letting others drag the attention of the AON away from them. ACTIONS -A major burst of economic investment gets underway, as the Skylords opt to increase Avar's industrial capacity. (6 Civ Manufactories - 45k) -Funds are spent here and there… (2k REDACTED) RESEARCH -Battlecruisers With the rising threat of piracy, Avar begins to look into the development of Battlecruiser technology. Though restrictions are in place, limiting the Avarian Sky Fleet to a mere 2 Battlecruisers, the Skylords deem it appropriate to secure two such ships as swiftly as possible, to protect Avar from potential enemy incursion - 42PD -REDACTED - 50PD -REDACTED - 47PD -REDACTED - 43PD -REDACTED - 48PD (BY ORDER OF THE CONFERENCE OF SKYLORDS, THESE MATTERS ARE CONSIDERED STATE SECRETS, AND ARE THUS CLASSIFIED TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS.)
  7. THE SKYLORDS OF AVAR A pinprick of light pierced the watery darkness. A tiny, low whine began, slowly raising in pitch, as the light shone brighter. Suddenly, the water rushed aside, and a horrid, choking gasp rose, as the figure in the padded capsule suddenly breathed air, as his breathing apparatus disconnected. A multicoloured spectrum exploded across his eyes as he opened them, and he went into a rigid, shaking spasm, as rough hands held him down, until the fit finally subsided. A nurse quickly gave the figure an injection, and the man on the table gave a groan, and again opened his eyes. He squinted hard, as they slowly focused, but eventually he could see, and he looked into the harshly lined face of a wrinkled old crone, who leaned down to kiss his forehead, tears dripping down her nose and landing on his cheeks. "Varuak…" she whispered fondly, running her hands through his hair. "It worked, your plan worked, and now you are returned to us." The figure opened his mouth to talk, and coughed violently, before drawing in a ragged breath. "Orira." He rasped back "I knew you would not fail." Skylord Orira smiled, backing out of the room, as orderlies rushed forwards to attend to Skylord Varuak. As they massaged his muscles, she watched through the one way glass, surrounded by her fellow Skylords. "And so it begins." She murmured. "The AON must never find him, not until he can lead us back to glory, and fulfill the majesty of our cause." A growl of agreement echoed through the room, as the Skylords of Avar watched their leader return from the dead, to destroy the Unknowing heathens, once and for all. ACTIONS -A major burst of economic investment gets underway, as the Skylords opt to increase Avar's industrial capacity. (8 Civ Manufactories - 60k) -Funds are spent here and there… (5k REDACTED) RESEARCH -Battlecruisers With the rising threat of piracy, Avar begins to look into the development of Battlecruiser technology. Though restrictions are in place, limiting the Avarian Sky Fleet to a mere 2 Battlecruisers, the Skylords deem it appropriate to secure two such ships as swiftly as possible, to protect Avar from potential enemy incursion. -REDACTED -REDACTED -REDACTED -REDACTED -REDACTED (BY ORDER OF THE CONFERENCE OF SKYLORDS, THESE MATTERS ARE CONSIDERED STATE SECRETS, AND ARE THUS CLASSIFIED TO THE HIGHEST LEVELS.)
  8. Discord Name; You've got it. Nation Name: The Sky-City of Avar Government Type: Oligarchy Leader: The Conference of Skylords Culture: A nation built around the singular ideal of mental purity. A nation of witnesses to the Truth, a phenomenon that elevated their people to the Chosen. Obsessed with maintaining that streak of Knowing, they use clones and digital uploads of their consciousness to maintain their population. Their ranks can never grow, for their offspring would be Unknowing, and those who are Unknowing must be purged. A racial hodge-podge - the only thing that matters in Avar society is the Knowing of the Truth. History: Avar came into existence long before the Devastation War began - for much of its long history, the region was a famed university town, and people came from across the world to study in its hallowed dorms. This would, however, change with the coming of the Devastation. When the Emiritians activated their Korolov Device, much of Avar's population say something in the sky that night - a natural phenomenon, an incredible display of lights in an unbelievable series of beautiful patterns. What the people of Avar saw that night…. Changed them. It was as if a switch had been flicked in their minds - those who had seen the display became the Knowing, the Chosen. The unfortunate souls who had slept through it we butchered in what became known as the Great Purge, as the Chosen ran riot, killing any Unknowing they could lay their hands upon. Then the Skylords rose to the fore of the Chosen, leading and organising the hectic movement. Varuak organised the scientists, the soldiers, the engineers, and set forth on an almighty quest to ascend to the skies, to be closer to the miracle that had blessed his people. As the Devastation raged, the people of Avar forged their destiny in the air, building their mighty Sky-City, and swiftly boarding it, and rising to the heavens. By this time, the Avarians had perfected the miracles of their cloning technology - it became possible to clone a body, and then to digitally upload the consciousness of another into said organic frame. Children became an unnecessary burden - they were born after the Miracle, and could this only be Unknowing - and swiftly, the artificial bodies of the Avarians became sterile, capable of carnal activity, but incapable of reproduction. Of the Chosen, there were only a select few, and they were irreplaceable, but they were provided with as many clones as they needed. By roughly 36PD, the war was dying down, and Varuak had made his preparations in great secret, hiding his activity behind the massive and ongoing war efforts. Varuak sent his fleets forth, beginning a brutal campaign of genocide and destruction against the unbelievers. Unfortunately, he had misjudged, and the Avarian Sky Fleet was crushed, and crushing restrictions were placed upon the Avarian military. Varuak fled, and spent the next four years in hiding…. But the Father of the Sky-City has since returned, and he rules now from the shadows, backed by the Conference of Skylords, until it is time to reveal himself once more…. Groups or places of interest: THE SKYLORDS The ruling caste of Avar, the Skylords rule as the Conference, a band of forty who govern the Sky-City and its interests. Though there are many Skylords, much of the actual governance is handled by the three leading members of the Conference. THE SKY-CITY OF AVAR An enormous, floating city. Avar is held up by a huge series of reactors and turbines. Capable of movement, the Sky-City is fully self sufficient, and all foodstuffs are grown on board. Heavily armed, Avar relies on a huge network of missile banks and gun batteries as inbuilt defenses, while the Sky-City also boasts huge docks to house her Sky Fleet. Key Figures (3 people with points): SKYLORD VARUAK One of the ruling Triumvirate of Avarin, Varuak was the first of the Chosen to organise and to lead his fellows unto glory. It was under his guidance that the Sky-City was constructed, and he lead the Great Purge against the Unknowing unbelievers. 4 Leadership 7 Charisma 1 Agility SKYLORD ORIRA A tiny, wizened woman, Orira takes charge of all things technological. Her brief, however, extends to other, quieter duties, hidden in the shadows. 7 Leadership 3 Charisma 2 Martial SKYLORD RAITEVA Principal commander of Avarian military units, Raiteva is a fierce man, born to fly. He took part in the first Great Crusade, in which the AON smashed the Avarian Sky Fleet from the air, and clamped heinous restrictions on their ship numbers. Raiteva burns to avenge Avar, and to destroy the heretics below. 9 Leadership 2 Martial 1 Agility Point Distribution: Eco 10 Conventional Technology 9 Nephilite Technology 10 Loyalty 1 Nat Idea: The Chosen -Cannot trade -Civ Manufactories provide x2 income -Cannot use Icarus or Atlas suits -Cannot build ground forces, except for unique units. (Can obviously build Jets and Helicopters and other aircraft. Same with airships.) -Airshipyards provide x2 output. -Cannot exceed 10 million pop. Will only grow if pop drops below 10 million. -Does not require food nodes - sky-city is self sufficient. (Onboard farms etc ) -One city, suspended in the sky by massive turbines and a huge reactor bank. Capable of movement. No territory, Neph nodes have to be claimed by dropping an outpost. (Starts with 3). -Purgers, get 10'000(?) gold by killing 1 million pop. -Additional Neph research slot. -Two additional points to Loyalty. (RP ONLY) By order of the AON, the Avarian Sky Fleet is restricted to 2 Battlecruisers, 1 Carrier, and up to 30 SP of support vessels. Unique Units (3): T477-PIA The T477-Powered Infantry Armour is an exceptionally high tech suit designed to make the average infantryman into a one man, mobile warmachine. Equipped with high power hydraulics and boosters, the T477 is capable of extreme high speed and height manoeuvres. It can be armed with a flamethrower, an autocannon, a high calibre machine gun, flares and powerful rocket launchers, capable of firing AA, AT and anti-personnel ordnance. The armament is decided on a mission by mission basis. Machine guns and flamethrowers are internally mounted. The T477 is designed as drop armour, and it is specifically paired with the V12 Attack Dropship, in order to perform incredibly precise, coordinated and destructive air cavalry assaults. The T477 is remarkably small, standing at 7 feet exactly, allowing it to pack an incredibly powerful punch in a relatively small frame. V12 ATTACK-DROPSHIP (2 slots) The V12 Attack-Dropship is designed expressly for the purpose of delivering the T477 to the battlefield and providing it with extreme close air support. The V12 is incredibly fast, allowing for rapid deployment, and it is armed with a series of heavy rockets, cannons and coilguns, designed to wreak absolute destruction upon ground targets. Additionally, the V12 is equipped with a specially designed system of armour, which camouflages itself against it's surroundings in much the same style as a Chameleon, in order to confuse the naked eye. In terms of personal defenses, the V12 has flares and radar distortion systems, rendering it a largely stealth aircraft. Are Mechs superior to tanks?: Oh God no.
  9. (God this is bland. :Idk:)
  10. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Frost crusted on the edges of the ornate glass - an ostentatious pane, carefully built with a mixture of coloured and clear glass, depicting some ancient victory of the Empire. Orolian stared out of the icy glass, his fingers tapping the window sill. The Imperial Court had moved south, the Emperor choosing to make his bed in Felva House, one of the smaller Imperial Palaces, built in the hills of Ardava, high in the foothills of the Andriantic Mountains. Many assumed Orolian had desired a change of scenery, but the reality behind the move was the advice of his personal physician, a demand that the Emperor seek colder, clearer air. And so Orolian stared out of the window, a fire burning in the hearth of the small sitting room, where he chose to entertain those who desired his attentions. Unfortunately, this included his sons, whose hunger for the Throne was known to all. Tarbius lingered in the corner, by a carved table, with a heavy lamp perched on top. The Lord Admiral wore a resplendent display of his position, a show of sashes, medals and badges - a somewhat ironic show, considering the indifference of the Throne towards the fleet. In contrast, Valentine sat comfortably in an armchair, a folder sat upon a another table, dressed plainly with only a single broach to remind that he was the Empire's Chief Minister. The Crown Prince looked idle, bored, as his younger brother continued his rambling, painfully lacking in any kind of subtlety, oblivious to the indifference of his audience. "You must choose an heir, Father, it is important that the succession be official!" Valentine rolled his eyes openly. "Have you finished demanding the throne yet, Tarbius?" The Lord Admiral's face flushed with anger, as Orolian continued to ignore both of them. With Tarbius now silent, Valentine opened his folder, rustling through the documents. "We are having an unprecedented year of finance, sire, it appears our decision to apply for a loan was a sound choice." The folder closed, and the Chief Minister pushed it into the center of the table, left to the Emperor's discretion, as he stood and stretched. "By your leave, my lord." He stated, formally, and the Emperor finally turned to face his eldest son. "What of reforms in the army?" Valentine's face remained smooth, but the glint in his eye indicated his displeasure. "The Minister appears to be managing his directive well, sire, though I still believe him to be a poor choice. He is far too young." Orolian merely waved his hand, tiredly sitting down, pulling the folder towards him. "He has a vision. That is enough." The Emperor opened the folder, selecting a ledger from among the documents. "Leave me." ACTIONS -20'000 Sovereigns are sent to the Dohocans, to repay national loans. -1000 Veteran 1 Crossbowmen are raised. (30k) -5000 Veteran 1 Medium Infantry are raised. (120k) -With a new threat to the southern borders, Orolian once more musters out his army, preparing for war. His forces train and muster in the south, and thousands of veteran Retainers and light cavalry prowl the regions easiest for the Oburkai to raid, seeking to swat away their raids. -Orolian begin to stockpile caltrops – seeking to have plenty before any campaign commences.
  11. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE For the first time in a decade, the Mitrovic Empire knows peace. Now that the largest southern conflict in many years has ended, most of the Imperial soldiery march home, many facing disbandment and a return to their lives. Peace and prosperity has followed in the wake of conflict, and even the old Order territories see the benefit of this, as the Old Capital - known now as Ordava - is rebuilt, becoming a key link in the Mitrovic-Aldemaric border. For the Emperor, the business of economic and military reform stands at the height of his new agenda. As his Chief Minister, the Emperor appoints the Prince Valentine, his next in line. In hope of bringing about some of the reforms he once discussed with his grandson, the Prince Valeriu is confirmed in appointment to the office of Minister of War. As is always the case after major conflict, titles and lands are awarded. Foremost of these is Ioan of Tridava, who receives confirmation as a member of the Order of the Empire, an incredibly prestigious award, given only to the most valorous of men in Imperial service. Prince Valeriu receives promotion to General, the first in a planned series of military appointments. The Prince Dorbanus, second in line to the throne, is confirmed in appointment as Lord Admiral of the Fleet. The King of Antramar is perhaps pleased to hear of several towns being named for his, his Queen and his Kingdom. Aside from the slew of lesser titles and estates, the most remarkable award is given unto Absanesh the Auger, the Samaltrazi Sorceror. For his aid, the Emperor offers into him title as Lord Warlock - the first foreigner ever to be honoured with the offer. While the title obviously comes with no duties to the Throne, Absanesh would be well within his right to access the considerable archive of magical knowledge in Verdova, and to seek asylum with the Arcane Halls as one of their members. ------- ACTIONS -Trade Depot and Commercial District in Ordava. (20k) -13 farms (25k) -10 towns (150k) -Investment into Crossbow research. (4k)(0 invested previously. 0 Tech) -Absanesh the Auger is offered the title of Lord Warlock, the first foreigner to be offered such an award in Imperial history. -Lord Goran Vuk, a high ranking Attendant of the Imperial Court, is appointed the Mitrovic Ambassador to Samalstraza, where he takes up residence. -Velarn Palace, one of the smaller, lesser used Imperial Palaces on the border of the Capital, is officially turned over to Samalstraza. Their envoys and ambassadors will take their rooms here, while any Samaltrazi official in the region may use the residence as they wish, even.if they are only passing through. -Ioan of Tridava, accompanied by a hundred veteran Retainers, makes his way beyond the border of the Ascendancy and Avon, seeking out the point of interest in the mountains there. -SPELL SLOT 1 Offense - Arcane Destruction - T5 Simply put, an enormous, earth shaking, stone shattering explosion. There is no subtlety or finesse to this magic - it can be used only by a Warlock. It is designed to simply tear down whatever it it confronted with - thrown into a formation of men, it will shatter them, rain chunks of shattered earth across the crater where they once stood. Aimed at a fleet, it simply leaves a gaping whole where once there were ships. Aimed at a wall, and it leaves a breach.
  12. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE 875 -2 trade depots – 20k -1000 T3 veteran 1 medium infantry – 19k -2 farms – 10k -8000 T3 Imperial Conscripts – 40k Total – 80k 876 -76k to the Perasmani – ships -1000 T3 vet 1 medium infantry – 19k -4000 T3 Imperial Conscripts – 20k Total – 115k
  13. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE Heavy, all soaking drizzle drenched the city streets, turning the rough hewn cobble of the main avenues to slow moving rivers and the hard dirt of the back ways into ponds of liquid mud. Feldova was not a particularly grand city, and few of the Imperial Court understood the Emperor's desire to remain here - dwelling in the less than luxurious City Hall - rather than taking up winter residence in the Villas of his nobility along what was, once, the border. Nonetheless, Orolian's commands had been hastily carried out and the largest hall - the dining room - in the former residence of the Lord Mayor had been converted into a makeshift throne room, complete with an imposing hardwood chair upon which the Emperor glared down his nose at petitioners. It was a miserable time of year and - even among the Attendants and the upper nobility (and though few dared say it, including the Emperor himself) - none were dressed in a fashion appropriate for court. The room stank of men who reeked of sweat, mud and dung. Grimey traveling clothes, well stained, were the lot of these grim looking souls. Most participants were wet, having had to hurry through the drenching rain from their lodgings across the city. Still, even with these considerations, few cut quite the poor figure as the two wretches next in line. A boy - or a young man to those who had seen the cruel, steely, scarred face - of perhaps nineteen, accompanied by a man nearer sixty. Both were covered in mud so viscous and wet that it appeared as something closer to slime. They smelled strongly enough to make those at the far side of the throne gag and the boy had something that looked suspiciously like dried blood staining the front of his coat -a coat bearing the colours of the Republic of Eyowith. Of the guards, some frowned at the pair, as if they had seen them before, but they stood silently until their leader - the Lord Denghel, chief of the Imperial Retainers and a favourite at court - blurted out loudly; "Petar Cristiu, surely that cannot be you!" All eyes turned to the Emperor, who observed not the old deserter but his younger companion. Orolian frowned, studying the young face that had lost an eye, that was savagely cut and bashed in the fashion of warriors. Finally he stood. "Attend me, Valentine," said Orolian as he turned "I have much to discuss with my grandson and his… companion." Valeriu - the lost bastard prince - stepped forwards, surrendered his sword and followed his grandfather and his father into the door beyond the throne… ACTIONS -Victory has been achieved in much of the old territories of the Order and the Emperor's rewards are mighty. Lichtenfels, now of the Emperor's service, is given a small grant of land near Habria, along with a summons to Court as "Count of Salvria". Several grants are made to other such officers, but the greatest by far are made to the Lord Nicolai Denghel. Denghel, leader of the Imperial Retainers, is given the hand of Daniela Comnes - sister of the unfortunate Alexios Comnes, first cousin of the Emperor. Daniela is a considerable heiress (Alexios haven begotten no children) and her marriage to the Lord Denghel brings him title as the "Prince of Ardiavra" along with the considerable estates of the Comnes. This inheritance, along with additional estates awarded by the Emperor, has seen Denghel become one of the greatest landlords in the Mitrovic Empire, with estates running from the city of Ardava, along the eastern bank of the Mitrovic River to the coast of Chtor itself. Thousands of acres of prime farmland, dozens of herds, several mines and huge fishery grants enrich this lord, who takes the princely name "Domnas, in the traditional fashion. Prince Nikolas Domnas thus secures his position as one of Orolian's most ardent supporters. (12 farms, 60'000 Crowns) -The return of the Prince Valeriu is a subject talked about in every corner of the Imperial Court. For his part - having heard of Valeriu's stories of his time as a mercenary and a junior Eyowith officer - Orolian decides to out his grandson to the test. Valeriu - who has strongly recommend military reform to the Emperor - is commissioned to raise a brigade of troops in the fashion he suggests to Orolian. (4000 Imperial Conscripts, 12'000 Crowns, T3 Equipment Equipment taken from captured equipment) -14'000 Crowns are delivered to the Ishikawa - thus fulfilling any debt owed to the Shogunate by the Empire. -A group of natural philosophers are commissioned by the Emperor to investigate the properties of the strange plant found in Imperial borders many, many years ago. (4000 Crowns invested, 0 tech) ("Resources: From the southern stretches of the empire word filters of an undocumented weed. It grows in great stalks, capped with numerous red-orange buds, perhaps further study is in order?") -The Arcane Hall begins to weave a new spell. Mandated by the Emperor for primary use against ships' hulls and masts, or against wooden palisades and city gates, the spell is a Telekinetic attack that resembles a woodcutters axe, and is simply designed to chop straight through anything wooden. (Telekinetic T2, "Defoliation", Passive Slot, Magic 8 ) -Representatives of the Dohocan Colony in the Empire are summoned to attend upon the Emperor at their earliest convenience. Total: 90'000 Crowns
  14. THE MITROVIC EMPIRE -2 units of Regular T3 Light Cavalry are raised. (17'000) -1 Unit of Veteran 1 Light Infantry is raised. (7000) -Two more adepts finish their apprenticeships and join the ranks of the Arcane Hall. (20'000)
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