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  1. A T O M D R A G O N S The Dragons return in triumph from the smouldering embers that followed the great inferno that had been left in the home of a so-called god. Once again, the servants of the Dragon are sent to spread word of the second victory over the second foe who had dared provoke Him, pointing to the great plumes of smoke as the result of tempting His wrath. But He also sends word that He is kind, generous, a salvation to those who pay fealty to Him. The ghouls who inhabit the Mud City are, once again, called to Congrelaz to join His host and share in
  2. A T O M D R A G O N S Malechai squinted out of his good eye as the sun caught his eye as it began to sink below the horizon, far beyond the road west that he had been anxiously watching for some time. The Dragon had told him to send an envoy to the Skulls with uncharacteristically generous terms, and he had done so diligently the day previous. His right-hand man had known something was afoot, but asking questions was something Malechai left to others, especially when it came to his master. Regardless, he had hoped the envoy would be returning soon with news of peace in his t
  3. A T O M D R A G O N S Once more, the halls of Congrelaz were filled with the roars of The Dragon. Once more, His might had been challenged, and this time by a foe unknown to Him. Upon receipt of the news, the Dragon had immediately demanded all His children turn all their efforts to the machinations of war, and out of both faith in Him, and the prospect of glorious battle imminently, they heartily obliged. In the west, the former territories of the now enslaved Engineers are rapidly fortified, with walls, barriers, and sentry posts being constructed to ensure a
  4. A T O M D R A G O N S [Double Post] -=<☢>=- S U M M A R Y Building 4 Markets [20,000 Caps, 4 Materials] Continuing T1 Firearm Research [5/10] 1,500 Caps Remaining -=<☢>=- S U M M A R Y Building 2 Agri-Houses [10,000 Caps, 4 Materials] Building 2 Construction Yards [15,000 Caps] Upgrading 50 Ghouls to Trained [5,000 Caps] Continuing T1 Firearm Research [7/10] 0 Caps Remaining
  5. A T O M D R A G O N S -=<☢>=- The doors to Congrelaz’s dark convention centre swung open once again, forcing Malechai to squint as a few silhouettes ventured in from the bright exterior. A woman and a “child”, flanked by two guards. The guards peeled off to take their stations by the now-shut door, while the other two slowly continued in. As his eye readjusted, his position in the sidelines of the hall allowed Malechai to see the reason for their visit - the little one’s hand was detached, carried by the other. He turned to look at The Dragon, curio
  6. A T O M D R A G O N S ((Stat Post so as to prevent hold-up cuz I been waging)) Starting Points 1 Extra Pop Stack + Block 2 Research Tiers [T3 Armour] 2 Basic Resources [10B] 1 Bonus Caps [5k Caps] Tribal Starting Weapons: 200 T1 Melee Weapons 300 T2 Melee Weapons [Halved Production] S U M M A R Y Building Feral Fighting Pit in Grant Park [20,000 Caps, 10 Materials] Producing 100 Scrap [T1] Armour [2 Metals] Researching T2 Melee Weapons [3/5R] Moving into Engineer’s Guild’s rel
  7. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A -=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=- S U M M A R Y The Reconstruction of the Citadel [95,000C, 21B, 47M, 5E] [COMPLETED] Fortification of Odrysia – 2 Orbital Batteries, 1 Planetary Shield, 1 LSRB, and 1 Garrison [90,000C, 20B, 19M, 6E] 2 Heavy Industry on Phorakia [10,000C, 2B] 2 Heavy Industry on Opsikion [10,000C, 2B] 2 Admirals [50,000C] 9,600 Credits Remaining
  8. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A -=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=- 10,364 AE S U M M A R Y 2 Heavy Industry on System 31-A [10,000C, 2B] 3 Shipyards on System 29-A [30,000C, 6B] 2 Garrisons on System 23-A [20,000C, 6B, 4M] 1 Warehouse on System 27-A [2,500C, 1M] 2 Missionaries [30,000C, 6AP] 200,000 Infantry [2,500C, 2M, 1AP] 4 Freighters for Orteau [10,000C, 4M, 4NP] 2 Destroyers [15,000C, 4M, 4NP] 800 Credits Remaining Survey of the
  9. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A -=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=- 1 0 , 3 6 2 A E S U M M A R Y 3 Armories in 28-A [22,500C, 6B] 2 Shipyards in 29-A [20,000C, 4B] 1 Heavy Industry in 24-A [5,000C, 1B] 200,000 Infantry [5,000C, 4M, 2AP] 4 Freighters for Orteau [10,000C, 4M, 4NP] 25,000C for Magister Equitant Iraklios 25,000C for Knight-Commander Heracletian 3,900 Credits Remaining S H I P P I N G Shipping 2 Black Goods To Core TZ [My Freighters]
  10. If anyone’s interested in a sci-fi nation forum roleplay, set in a distant human-dominated galaxy in the far future, take a look at this link!


    If the rules are at all daunting, other players are more than happy to explain them and help you get started! Any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a reply or message


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    1. Devland99


      Seriously consider joining, fun people to play with and easy to learn!

    2. DixieDemolisher


      what about a dwarf-dominated galaxy tho.

  11. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A -=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=-=x=- S U M M A R Y 2 Corvettes [5,500C, 2M, 1NP] 1 Infantry Unit [2,500C, 2M, 1AP] Heavy Industry on 24-A [5,000C, 1B] 3 Shipyards on 29-A [30,000C, 6B] 1 Armoury on 28-A [7,500C, 2B] 5,700 Credits Remaining S H I P P I N G Shipping 2 Units of Black Goods to Core TZ [My freighters] Using Kavan Te Panayiotou’s available intel to attempt to avert anti-smuggling patrol routes via Psykic communica
  12. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A HYPERBOREIA, CAPITAL OF THE ORDER Spring, 10,360AE The ascending sun’s rays peeked over the horizon, filling the high-windowed room with a warm orange glow, and flitting ships casting a dance of tiny shadows on the walls. The eyes of an old and grizzled woman opened, and then squinted as she frowned deeply. This was Theodora Komnenos, Magister Militant of the Holy Order of Hyperboreia. As she finished morning prayer, she gazed out across the heart of a world in thrall to the faith of the Order –
  13. T H E H O L Y O R D E R O F H Y P E R B O R E I A Starting Systems: 22A, 23A, 24A, 27A, 28A, 29A, 30A, 31A, 32A, 33A Point Distributions: Loyalty: 5 Influence: 0 Military: 10 Leadership: 0 Infrastructure: 6 Stellarch: Magister Militant Theodora Komnenos The leader of the Holy Order is a m͠ýster͜i̧oųs͠ ͟fig͏ur̶e͘, w҉̬it҉͙̯͖͇͈̮̮h̫̯ ̛̫̺̼͙̝̗̰l͔̳͖̱̙i͎ṯt̯͇̪̠̗l̠̩̮̗e̢̮͈ i̠̪̣͎̰͇̠ņ̶͕͖̱̙̱̬͍̟͜s̴̙̪̰̦̹͚ì͎̘̯̠̗̬̪g̰̪h̸̡͎͇͚̪̪͖͔ṯ̷̛͝ͅ ͔͍̫͝f͓̞͜͠͞r̶̳̩̲̗̲̠̤̤͡ọ̺m̸̫̼̩̤͚̣̕ͅ è̸̥͕͓͕̝͇̙͑ͤ͗̽̓̐̽͞i͉̼̻̥͈͇̱̿̂͆̆͗͑ͅt͕ͧ̿͐͗̒́
  14. K O R N O G R A V S F S R КОРНОГРАВ СОВЕТСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАТИВНАЯ СОЦИАЛИСТЧЕСКАЯ РЕСПУБЛИКА TURN 2 SUMMARY: 4 Commerical Districts [40,000] 2 Farms [10,000] 1 Civilian Industry [7,500] 1,900 Gold remaining Accepting invite from RCKK, continuing rapprochement [MOD] TURN 3 SUMMARY: 2 Farms [10,000] 5 Mines and Heavy Foundries [62,500] 6,800 Gold Remaining Continued rapprochement with RCKK [MOD] TURN 4 SUMMARY: 4 Drydocks [40,000 Gold] 4 Civilian Industry [30,000 Gold] 100 T3 Regular Arti
  15. Discord Name; u got it Nation Name: Kornograv SFSR Government Type: Authoritarian Soviet Dictatorship Leaders: Comrade Grand Marshal Bernd Sanderski Comrade Grand Marshal Ieremiya Korbinov Culture: Kornograv is a nation where absolute devotion to the state and its leaders is demanded, although whether the people actually give such loyalty is a different story. In either case, the SFSR is a rather repressive regime, with dissidents, reactionaries, and the disloyal often sent to work on sea walls – or worse, thrown int
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