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  1. hellfiazz

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    T H E R I V I E R A Quite a strange year in the Riviera. A man had come to Potamopolis proclaiming to have found gold in the hills of the upper Riviera, and led a band of prospectors organised and paid for by Andronikos himself. It was, of course, a bandit trap - but luckily Andronikos had sent his cohort of Kataphraktoi to follow them. The prospectors had been saved from robbery by the ruffians, but the old man had gotten away. Through clever use of hostages, the old man was caught in a Rivieran ambush at the crossing to Annor - him and his 6 companions were captured. While the 6 companions were sent to the capital, the old man (who protested he was an innocent hostage) was pressed into leading them to his band's trove. Unfortunately, during an accident the old man managed to escape, and has since evaded the capture of Rivieran forces. A bounty of 2,000 Denarii was put out in the Riviera for any information leading to his arrest, or for the actual successful capturing of him, and the Governors of neighbouring Grey Coast, Annor's Crossroads, and Plains of Farlus were given as much information as the Riviera had gathered. Meanwhile, a Sorcerer from the Conclave had come to claim the amulet Andronikos' prospectors had discovered - without compensation. He claimed the law was on his side, but could present no documentation to prove as much! As such, the governor's representative in the matter - his Steward Ioannes - was unable to hand it over as if he were from the Conclave. Luckily, the Sorcerer amicably agreed to act as an independent purchaser of the amulet instead, making it fully legal! A large, fist-sized ruby was the payment, making Andronikos more than happy. It was a busy year too, though. Andronikos announces an agricultural initiative to utilise the fertile valleys of the Riviera and make the province self-sufficient in food production, and maybe even start exporting some. A huge sum is invested - 40,000 Denarii. Within the year there should already be an increased volume of crop production, bringing some 4,000 more Denarii into the Governor's coffers every year. 6,000 Denarii are also sent to the Governor Gaius of the Island of Salathai. Both Andronikos and Lucretia of Annor were making investments into the Iron mining industry there, to expedite the securing of a new iron supply for the Provincial Guard and the foundries of Annor. Speaking of the Provincial Guard, Andronikos raises, trains, and arms a cohort of Heavy Infantry that will be sent off to join it. Andronikos finds it of great importance that the Empire maintains a strong army of the provinces, and of great appropriateness that the Riviera, as the richest province, be the greatest contributor. The Riviera's own medium infantry cohort receives an equipment upgrade also, using steel instead of Iron. Rivieran troops begin a systematic process of clearing the old Highways of bandits, ruffians, and ne'erdowells. Watchposts and checkpoints are set up along the length of the roads in the Riviera, which come from the Grey Coast and Annor and meet to head towards Potamopolis. The Emperor's birthday! He is sent dozens of caskets of the Riviera's finest wine. Even if he doesn't drink it now, his guests could! And it will get better with age anyway! S U M M A R Y [+3AP from Sorcerer's Conclave] 1AP for Prospector payment 2AP for Old Kook Bounty 40AP 2 Farmland Stacks 6AP to Salathai Iron Mines 1 Cohort T3 Hev Inf for PG [6AP] Upgrading T2 Med Inf to T3 [1AP] Clearing the roads with Kataphraktoi and Med Inf 1AP on Wine Caskets for the Emperor! Riviera Information
  2. hellfiazz

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    T H E R I V I E R A The year had only just begun, and already it had been rather eventful. A sort of legal coup had been staged against Lucretia's premiership of the Provincial Council, led largely by Marcus of the Blightswamp - Andronikos' main political adversary. Naturally, Andronikos had been ousted alongside his appointer and ally, and replaced by the still very capable Governor of the Tamaraad Coast. Andronikos was disappointed, but not too shocked or dejected - in the one year he was Lord Treasurer, he had managed to reap the benefits of the position handsomely. While Silus was staying in the Pherenike estate (conducting the audit of the Riviera in person), Andronikos made sure suspicion wasn't cast on himself by staying with him. He wasn't sure if Silus was a friend or an enemy, so it would do well to keep him close either way. So his reasoning went, at least. He sends off several letters to Potamopolis, outlining his plans for the year's expenditure. He makes sure to show them to Silus before they are sent off for his ease of audit. Despite Lucretia granting the Riviera continued use of the Annor foundry, the iron supply issues meant that Rivieran troops would be bereft of decent armour. That is, unless new foundries were constructed. Aulus' March had already received a grant to build a military foundry from the council, but in the spirit of securing equipment production for the Riviera and the Imperial North-West as a whole, Andronikos had decided a foundry ought to be constructed in the Riviera itself. The foundry constructed this year would only be capable of producing bronze and leather weapons and equipment, but the hope was that an iron supply could be secured and then the production capabilities of the Rivieran foundry could be increased. In the same vein of industrialisation, Andronikos sends a large sum of 10,000 Denarii to Annor, of course escorted by an armed guard. The purpose of this was to assist in their technological advancement in the realm of engineering, which would help repair the long dilapidated Imperial Highways and allow the construction of ever more productive and impressive structures. Andronikos, being the patriot he is, continues to contribute to the provincial guard. 3 cohorts of Medium Infantry are raised, the funding for one of which was granted by the Treasurer. They are armed with iron weapons and clad in iron equipment, then sent off to Aulus to the command of the Lord Marshal. Another cohort of similarly equipped medium infantry is also raised, though this one would remain under Andronikos' command, joining the cohort of Kataphratkoi in the fledgling Rivieran Army. The amulet uncovered in the northern foothills was of great interest to Andronikos. He spends a fair some of money searching out scholars and sorcerers and compensating them for their work, should they be legitimate and make an actual discovery. He watches progress on the matter closely. S U M M A R Y T1 Foundry [20AP] 10AP to Annor for T3 engineering 4 Cohorts Iron-clad Medium Inf, 3 for PG [16AP] Researching Amulet [6AP]
  3. hellfiazz

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    T H E R I V I E R A The Riviera: richest of the provinces, and one of the safest. Not only is the province far in the interior, but is protected by the mountain ranges from which the many rivers, streams, and brooks of the Riviera flow. It was truly the model Imperial Province, filled with riches and beauty, both natural and man-made. It was this fact that brought Governor Andronikos Berenikeia pride both for his title and as a Rivieran. [The Foothills of the Northern Riviera] Provincial edicts are plastered all over the settlements of the Riviera, from the capital city of Potamopolis to the small villages in the foothills of the Northern Riviera Mountains. In the more central regions, work in announced on the expansion of the Riviera's main wine manufactory in order to increase production, and therefore profit. Sizable funds for this purpose are received from the treasury of Annor, who will in turn receive 10% of the manufactory's profits. To the northern, eastern, and western extremities of the province, prospecting is ordered to try and find any mineral deposits - anything that a profit can be made off of. Locals and experts are encouraged to go prospecting and are aptly rewarded for any discoveries. Meanwhile, a military recruitment notice is issued across the Riviera. The newly appointed Grand Marshal of the Provinces had issued a call to arms in order to retake the roads from the ubiquitous bandit gangs in the countryside, and to secure the northern provinces against Korvic incursions. Andronikos was never one to back down from serving the Empire, and so he pays for the training of 2 Cohorts of Medium Infantry, armed and armoured with the finest Annor steel. They are promptly sent to Aulus' March upon their training's completion to join the Provincial Guard. From among the nobles, a cohort of Kataphraktoi - fearsome heavy cavalry - begins their training. They too are armed with Annor steel equipment, and are trained to an elite level. They are far and away the greatest, most powerful troops outside the Legions themselves. On a more clandestine level, Andronikos privately makes a great many "backdoor deals" with officials and bureaucrats both Imperial and Rivieran. What is he up to now? The errant high up tax accountant is dealt with according to the law for such matters - he is put in stocks in the central plaza of Potamopolis for a day, and then sent to prison. The assets which he skimmed off the top are largely redistributed to the nobles, burghers, and commoners who the taxes were taken from, with a small portion and the rest of his assets taken as "administrative fees". By law he could have taken it all, such generosity! S U M M A R Y 30AP into T2 Wine Manufactory [+20AP from Annor] Prospecting foothills and mountains for resources [6AP] 1 Cohort T3-clad Elite Kataphraktoi [12AP] 2 Cohorts T3-clad Medium Infantry [4AP] Backdoor Dealings [5AP] Dealing with Accountant [See above]
  4. hellfiazz

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Skype: you got it Province of choice: Riviera Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Andronikos Berenikeia The Berenikeia dynasty were among the wealthiest of the Riviera's upper classes, owning vast vineyards producing some of the finest quality drink in the whole Empire. Eventually, they got tired of sticking to wine, and moved into politics with some success. They bought their way into relevance, and soon had a permanent presence in the Imperial Court. Andronikos is the latest patriarch of the Berenikeia and had a notable influence in Court since he was a young man. Upon the reorganisation of the Empire, he was chosen to become governor of his and his dynasty's home province, giving the recently ascended Emperor Altus a trusted and loyal partner ruling over the Empire's richest lands. Your Provincial Culture: The Riviera's culture is somewhat unique among the Empire, due in part to its geographical isolation brought about by the mountain ranges of the southern Gray Coast and the Royal Highlands. Most importantly in this regard is its wealth, coming from its fertile and naturally irrigated lands. In other provinces this deviation from Altairean culture would likely have been clamped down upon, however in the Riviera was too rich, and brought too much money to Imperial coffers to risk unrest or even revolt. It is also for this reason that the Riviera sees such a wealth disparity. There are essentially two classes - the obscenely wealthy and politically influential merchant-nobles, and the dirt poor farmers and workers. The latter still has a better life than in most provinces, however, thanks to the fertility of the land securing against famine (in all but the worst cases) and a recent trend among merchant-nobles of investing in the well-being of their subjects, mostly to avoid unrest which would bring a loss of profit. A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Kataphraktoi Armed and armoured in the best equipment that you can buy, the Riviera's Kataphraktoi form some of the finest heavy cavalry in all the Empire. While just as useful as cavalry on plains and flatlands, the pre-Imperial culture of the Riviera seeps through in them, as repeated defenses on the surrounding hills and mountains have meant they are traditionally skilled at fighting in rough terrain also. Suggestions?: none!
  5. hellfiazz

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    K I N G D O M O F D E N M A R K The Battle of Aarhus had been an immensely bloody affair. After a daring night-time raid failed at destroying the Saxon siege engines, the first day started with the constant thunderous din of catapult fire against the city wall. Fairly soon the Saxons had succeeded in creating several breaches in the walls of Aarhus, charging through them to engage the Danish defenders. An attempt at getting access to the walls was thwarted by quick-thinking infantry on them, who burned the makers of the attempt with pitch and torch. Nonetheless, the day was certainly not one of glory and honour for the Danes, for whom the outlook was bleak throughout. The assault quickly devolved into a bloodbath, with neither side gaining ground (save for one of the Saxon breaches) but both sides taking heavy casualties. It eventually started growing too late to fight, and the Saxons retreated to their warcamp in the early afternoon - much to the relief of the Danes. However, the greatest relief came as the majority of the Saxon army simply left the siege after the first day of combat. King Hardeknud had ordered his forces in Holland to enter Saxon territory and begin raiding their unprotected villages and towns. The Saxons eventually heard of this and, presumedly decided that protecting their families was of more import than fighting on behalf of the Norwegian King, went to go deal with them. The rest of the Saxon army, not bold enough to stage an assault with their now depleted numbers, eventually left away - some deserting, but most eventually ordered back to Saxony. The sense of relief across the Danish lands was great; for a long while it seemed the capital would fall. But the victory laurels were not to be sat on. Hardeknud immediately went about preparing for a new invasion, one which would secure Danish prosperity and greatness. Although the King had already moved court to Copenhagen last year, he only officially transfers the capital of the Danish empire from Aarhus this year - it would likely have prompted a demoralisation if he had done so while the city was under siege. Most of Copenhagen had been reconstructed, which had allowed for the city to become much greater than it had previously. Proper sewers had been dug out, proper roads had been paved, and proper housing had been constructed - all in a prestigious and distinctly Imperial style of architecture. Meanwhile, in Jutland, 2,000 Vikinger are raised: elite infantry with immense skill at naval invasion. The Danish force that had initially gone into Sweden but had turned around once the Saxons invaded make their way to Sjaelland, where they join up with the forces stationed there. The united army then also make their way to Jutland, where the medium infantry are also given the training and equipment necessary to become Vikinger. More transport ships are constructed to actually ferry this invasion army to its likely target, and end this war once an for all. Summary: 2 Units of Vikinger [10AP] Upgrading 4 Units Medium Infantry to Vikinger [4AP] Transports [1AP] T2 Medium Infantry [8/20RP] Denmark Info
  6. hellfiazz

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    K I N G D O M O F D E N M A R K Things were not proceeding as planned. Copenhagen had been reclaimed, and that had brought a great deal of pride to the Danish. However, now Aarhus was under siege by Saxon warriors, and the Mercians had betrayed their alliance to the Danes and Swedes and invaded their English holdings. Regardless, King Hardeknud, now seated on a throne in Copenhagen, had a plan and numerous tricks up his sleeve that would ensure the final victory would belong to him and his allies in Sweden. In Sjaelland, a great many troops of varying sorts are raised - very few tricks are good enough to totally replace troops. Summary: 2 Units Medium Infantry [8AP] 2 Units Light Infantry [6AP] 1 Unit Bowmen [2AP] Danish Info
  7. hellfiazz

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    K I N G D O M O F D E N M A R K Summary: 3 Units Medium Infantry [12AP] Replenishing Copenhagen Medium Infantry [2AP] 1 Unit Basic Infantry [2AP] Danish Stats
  8. hellfiazz

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Thulean Republic ((RP to be added later)) Summary: 2 Destroyers [6AP] 4 Support Carriers [20AP] 2 Heavy Cruisers [12AP] 2 Carriers [12AP] 2 Battleships [16AP] 1 Dreadnought [12AP] 400 Fighters [4AP] Total Ships: 82AP Engine Tech [5AP, Total 25AP] Thulean Republic Data
  9. hellfiazz

    Shadow of the Empire [RP]

    K I N G D O M O F D E N M A R K King Hardeknud Skjöldung stood upon the shores of the Danish-held island of Falster, looking across the narrow strait between it and Sjælland with a furrowed brow. It was the rightful capital of Denmark, the place from which their empire had originally sprung forth. And yet, it was held by Norway - an intolerable state of affairs. He turned to the gathered throng of generals, advisors, and greater nobility behind him, who had been watching virtually silently. They were all quite nervous, understandably so. "I wouldn't look so worried, gentlemen," Hardeknud boldly declared. "We'll have our home back soon." "You mean to make war then, sire?" asked Godulfr, his foremost general and most trusted companion. "I do. And soon. For now we prepare. I have formulated a plan to reclaim our homeland," said the King as he began walking through the mob of the Danish elite, who waited expectantly. "And it is?" Godulfr questioned on their behalf. "I shall explain upon our return to Aarhus. For now, let's enjoy the beauty of our land, and the sea air." Hardeknud continued his stroll along the shore, loosely followed by the now excitedly chattering crowd. Denmark was a rich land, and the most populous of all the self-proclaimed "Sea Kings." It also boasted the largest army and held lands on every side of the North Sea. King Hardeknud Skjöldung's predecessors had carved a small empire out of the low countries and eastern England, which had put money in Danish coffers and brought glory to the Danish people. But the King was ambitious; his empire was not yet at its greatest extent, not in his vision of his Kingdom's future. Especially since Norway held Sjaelland. In preparation for war, the King's surplus expenditure for the year was entirely focused on building an invasion force. Transports are built to facilitate the movement of troops, and more troops are recruited to board them: 1,000 Bowmen, and another 1,000 Lithsmen. Furthermore, several ballistae begin construction, using ancient but still advanced patterns that had been stolen back in the Empire's glory days of expansion. Meanwhile, the King reaches out to his fellow kings around his realm for diplomacy. Mercia and Sweden both receive positive replies to their requests for trade and alliances, and trade envoys are sent to the Irish Clan O'Neil, and to the Kingdom of Leon in Iberia. Actions and AP Summary Base: 4 Capital: 4 2 Cities: 2 Population: 1 Total: 11AP Troop Transports for 8,000 [4AP 1,000 Medium Infantry [4AP] 1,000 Archers [2AP] 6 Ballistae [1AP] Improving Medium Infantry [2RP] Alliances formed with Sweden and Mercia Trade pacts made with Sweden, Mercia, Clan O'Neill, and Leon
  10. hellfiazz

    Shadow of the Empire [OOC] [APP}

    Discord: hellfiazz#5598 Nation: Denmark
  11. hellfiazz

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Vereinigte Bergwerke AG Despite the Redons' rampant expansionism, the VBAG had managed to remain totally stable. The trade lost in the Bhutanese was quickly replaced by that of the Gaels, who had also been seeking to fill the trade hole the Redon had caused. In the newly expanded shipyard orbiting Siegfriedshafen, several ships begin construction. In addition to another Richter-class Light Cruiser, two Walküre-class Support Carriers begin construction, as well as two further Abfangjäger-class Corvettes. On the ground, 400 fighters of the new design pattern begin production - half for the Support Carriers, half being based on Siegfriedshafen itself for now. Multiple investments are made across company territory into various VBAG subsidiaries. Platin Tor sees the majority of the allocated funds, and now boasts a business sector equal in size to that of Siegfriedshafen. Tagtraum, meanwhile, has a smaller portion, not quite enough to make a sizable impact on the economy of the company on the whole. The planet also has the university under construction there completed. Summary: 1 LC, 2SC, 2Corvettes [20AP] 400 Fighters [4AP] Platin Tor Business Stack [20AP, 80 Platin Tor total, 200 total] Tagtraum Business [10AP] Finalising Tagtraum University [12AP] 3RP to Ronin 5RP on Titanium Armour VBAG Info
  12. hellfiazz

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Vereinigte Bergwerke AG Cogs were turning in the heart of the corporate machine that was the VBAG, and not just those churning out hundreds of tons of minerals in the mining complexes of the company. An opportunity had arisen and been identified, and the company was loathe to pass such things up. First of all, the colony ship produced last year heads south to colonise a new sector, to be named Pinzian. They settle on a suitable planet, which is the colonists decide to call Aglar. The company makes some more territorial claims now it has the territorial projection to do so, some in the south near the new system, and one in the east. Resource surveys are done in these new territorial claims to try identify any deposits. Meanwhile, back in the already established sectors, some investments are made by the company of two sorts. The first is a typical investment into the subsidiary companies of the VBAG, this time on the planet Tagtraum. The second is a large expansion of the orbital shipyard above Siegfriedshafen, with the aim of both expanding capacity for smaller ships and allowing construction of larger ones, such as battleships. On the matter of ships, the company begins the construction of some this year. One Richter-class Light Cruiser, a Wächter-class Frigate, and 2 Abfangjäger-class Corvettes start assembly in the orbital drydock above Siegfriedshafen. Meanwhile, the company begins investing in the establishment of a second university on Tagtraum, which is receiving a great deal of attention this year. Research continues on improved fighter models, with projections estimating their completion by the end of the year. Summary: Colonising and TCs Resource Survey of new TCs Business Investment [19AP, 40 Tagtraum total, 180 total] SL5 [20AP] 1 LC, 1 Frigate, 2 Corvettes [10AP] University on Tagtraum [13AP] T2 Fighters [20RP/20RP] 1 RP to Ronin VBAG Info
  13. hellfiazz

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Duchy of Leyawiin Actions Summary: Economic Investment; Focus Hunting and Logging in Blackwood [20AP] Waiting for Ayleid scholar envoys, additional funding [1AP] Sending Classis I "Nibenus" with Imperial ships to fight Argonian fleet [Classis I is 1 galley, 3 caravels, 2 cogs] Trade envoys to Chim and south-west Morrowind Reclaimer puppet Leyawiin Info
  14. hellfiazz

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    Vereinigte Bergwerke AG Summary: 50AP into universities Colony ship [3AP] 3 frigates, 1 corvette [7AP] Business [1AP] T2 fighters [12RP/20RP] VBAG info
  15. hellfiazz

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Thulean Republic The combined cost of the Republic's own militarisation and the order placed by the Redon was a little too much for the budget to bare this year, Kolran Montesquieu and the Senate had decided. As such, ship-building for the year was suspended to allow for greater focus on the economy, aside from a few hundred fighters for the Republic itself. The Redon's fighter order, the price for the technology he had granted, was completed, only two years after it had been placed. The 2,600 produced this year make their way to wherever the Redon desired them. Then, the government placed an order for another 600 Rakxar Mk. III models for their own military, keeping the fighter factories extremely busy throughout the year. It was no small feat to produce 3,200 fighters in twelve short months, and the Republic's workers and technicians had felt considerable pride as the last 100 made their way through the assembly line. In order to make up for the lack of business investment last year, due to the focus on ship-building, a considerable sum of resources are invested into business and infrastructure on Belenos, to the extent that it now rivaled Prima Thule in the business thoroughfare taking place. Attention now turns to the Republic's northernmost sector, on the planet Porte en Platine, where the government begins building up a third business hub. Meanwhile, the colony ship produced last year makes its way north-west of the capital, settling in the sector between Nouvelle Bourgogne, Août, and last year's colonised sector Émeraude. The sector is named Aventin and the planet is given the name Nativité. Quite unusually, foreign policy took a large portion of the year's focus. Once again, the Kolran requested an audience with the Redon, citing both concerns and an offer. Furthermore, a treaty is signed on Porte en Platine with the Agerian Commonwealth, agreeing to an exchange of territory from the Agerians in exchange for a large payment from the Thuleans. The Republic had approached the Agerians desiring a better consolidation of their north territory by widening the corridor up there, as well as better securing their borders. As the Commonwealth withdrew their claims, the Republic made their own, using the projection of their latest colony and withdrawing their northernmost territorial claim to accommodate the new territory. The sectors traded are the following: Summary: 2,600 Fighters for the Redon [26AP] 600 Fighters [6AP] Business on Belenos and Porte en Platine [20AP each; 180AP total] Colonising planet Payment to Agerian Commonwealth [20AP] Requesting audience with Redon Thulean Republic Data