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  1. Discord Name; u got it Nation Name: Kornograv SFSR Government Type: Authoritarian Soviet Dictatorship Leaders: Comrade Grand Marshal Bernd Sanderski Comrade Grand Marshal Ieremiya Korbinov Culture: Kornograv is a nation where absolute devotion to the state and its leaders is demanded, although whether the people actually give such loyalty is a different story. In either case, the SFSR is a rather repressive regime, with dissidents, reactionaries, and the disloyal often sent to work on sea walls – or worse, thrown into the ocean. Those who do believe in the revolution are generally either overzealous or ravenously ambitious, and it is rather difficult to tell which is which among the leadership of the Republic. History: The history of the Kornograv SFSR is one of suffering and conflict, both of which continue to this day. Borne out of the more kaiju-exposed east of the vast Tsardom of Khasavo, the SFSR began as a mere social movement. As great, hulking monsters tore through cities and towns, the peasants and workers of what was once known as the Grand Duchy of Kornograv became increasingly agitated at the lack of protection – never mind welfare – provided by the Tsardom, focused as it was on ensuring the Imperial heartlands were best secured. Local unions and syndicates were the ones leading the efforts to rebuild after Kaiju incursion, and to ensure that poverty and disease wouldn’t finish off the survivors. A dual power began to develop in Kornograv – that of the increasingly unpopular Imperial authorities, and that of Kornograv locals increasingly taking matters into their own hands. The Tsardom at first seemed quite happy to allow this state of affairs to continue, given Kornograv was able to start rebuilding and paying taxes without having the Demidov regime sending a single ruble. An enormous blunder, given what happened later. Once the local unions, syndicates, and soviets began taking the matter of defending against the Kaiju into their own hands, the fate of Khasavo was sealed. The people no longer looked to the Tsar for protection, for leadership – instead they looked to the two main faces of Kornograv’s growing second authority – Bernd Sanderski, and Ieremiya Korbinov. After they organised a defence of Pavograd, the largest city in the Grand Duchy, they declared the decadent Imperial state to be not only oppressive, but obsolete, and the time for action now. From the smoking rubble of Pavograd, the revolution was proclaimed. As the Pavograd soviets formally assumed authority and began extending it by military force throughout Kornograv, more joined in the fervour. The cities of Norevtopol, Veliky Azhaisk, and Meryabinsk all flipped to red, and joined the forces of Kornograv. Before the Tsar had time to transport troops to Kornograv, most of it had fallen to the growing armies of Sanderski and Korbinov. But they did arrive, and that was when the Civil War truly began. At first, the momentum of the revolution propelled it across northern Aestival and towards the heartlands of Khasavo. It was during this time that the Imperial royal family was even assassinated as they visited a city that had been infiltrated by agents of Pavograd. What would normally have been the nail in the coffin proved the saving grace for the Tsardom, as bolstered by reactionary resolve, they rallied behind the new Tsar, Nicholas. His assumption of the throne proved a turning point, though it was not the sole cause of the turn. The Red Army had overextended itself, both militarily and administratively. Defending and governing such a vast amount of land was impossible for the nascent socialist state, and as Imperial forces began to push back harder, they began to withdraw back east. Eventually, the Imperial push also slowed, and the whole civil war devolved into a debilitating grind with no progress made by either side. As the war dragged on and on, and both Kaiju attacks and the Alliance of Nations began to put further pressure on Khasavo and Kornograv, a ceasefire was eventually declared. As of the present day, no peace treaty has been signed, and both states remain in a cold war with the other. In the years since, both have recovered and rebuilt, but neither has yet tried to resume. Kornograv, seeing itself as the “liberator” of all the subjects still under Imperial rule, awaits any opportunity to do so. Groups or places of interest: The Supreme Soviet of the Korngrav SFSR Based in Pavograd, the capital, the Supreme Soviet of Kornograv is housed in a vast, almost labyrinthine brutalist complex. The Congress of People’s Commissars, the sole chamber of the Supreme Soviet, itself congregates in a vast arena-like room filled with portraits of the Grand Marshals and symbols of the Republic. For all its pomp and grandiosity, very little is actually decided in the Chamber of the Congress – it is merely a rubber stamp for the absolute authority of the Grand Marshals. Key Figures (3 people with points): Comrade Grand Marshal Sanderski [4 Leadership, 8 Charisma] Comrade Grand Marshal Korbinov [8 Leadership, 3 Charisma, 1 Martial] Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitri Katarin Point Distribution: Size 9 Military 10 Nephilite Industry 5 Conventional Tech 3 Loyalty 3 Nat Idea: Vanguard of the Proletarians: -25% Forward Operation Base Cost and Upkeep Reduction -50% Atlas Suit Cost Unique Units (3): Volk-class Scout Atlas Suit Stervyatnik-class Multipurpose Icarus Suit Ispolin-class Atlas Carrier Starting Location: you got it Are Mechs superior to tanks?: yesoid
  2. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y [+2AP, 21,000 Gold from Ishikawa Shogunate] 2 Farms in Ardašir-Khwarrah [10,000 Gold] Olk-Wood Mill in Pharozeh [12,500 Gold] 1 Heavy Industry and Mine in Sebkehan [12,500 Gold] 1,250 Veteran Heavy Infantry (T4) [10AP, 70,000 Gold] 1,500 Veteran Merdan Jengul [28,500 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Medium Cavalry [2AP, 21,000 Gold] Upgrading 800 Merdan Jengul to Veterans [4,000 Gold] Crossbow Research [4,000 Gold] 1 Keep [2AP, 10,000 Gold] [Keep is new red spot on south-western peninsula] 225 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Purity: Ahura’s Gaze [T3, ???] Light / Purity: Oromires Terminalus [T5, NEW] Technology Research: [Tech 0] Crossbowmen [4,000 Gold Total, NEW]
  3. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE In the face of an overwhelming concentration of the forces of the profane Amarantic Dominion and their resurrected allies from Ralok Mus, the Choranic army in Lacunas withdraws with their Ishikawan allies. This unforeseen turn of events had completely brought the nascent momentum of their campaign to a standstill, and threatened to envelop their army. So soon after a succession of bloody engagements, Lacunas is abandoned. This blow naturally disturbed and angered the Šāhan Šāh – a great many men had been spent taking that city, and now they had no choice but to render their deaths in vain. But it cemented a realisation in the King of Kings’ mind – the Kūraušahr would have to consolidate it’s positions. And that would have to start with Orev. The Šāhan Šāh had extended his help to Clade Rellin, who he had supported as Emperor of Orev, several years ago, and the campaign had been successful but slow. Tolz, the Orevian Imperial capital, had been recaptured by Clade and the Choranic army led by Spāhbed Marduniya, and then successfully defended it against Oros Rellin, his pretender little brother. But it had been costly to the already small force. What had started as 6,000 Veterans was now just over 3,000 thoroughly seasoned troops. Their position was secure, and Marduniya has wisely had them assist Orev with the repairing of the largely damaged city and assisting the citizens return and rebuild. But if the Empire was going to be reconquering for Clade, they would need greater numbers. The troops from the Amarantic front are therefore shipped from Shishima to the Fydoric coast of Clade Rellin’s eastern holdings. They will spend half the year recuperating in his secure lands, and assisting and familiarising themselves with the locals. Then, with reinforcements of nearly 3,000 veteran troops and a newly anointed Dastur, they would march to join Marduniya’s army in Tolz. The King of Kings’ ally would have his rightful Empire restored to him. Meanwhile, as expected, the development of Kūrahan stalls. Only the necessary farmlands to keep the populace of the Empire happy and healthy are constructed this year around the growing settlement of Pharozeh. A slightly greater sum of money is spent on the employment of the blacksmith hired by the Shogun of Ishikawa, seeking to combine his peerless skill with the natural properties of the material he is given – Meterite. He is to produce 25 sets of equipment using the gold-silver metal, armour and weapons that would be of a quality leagues beyond any yet seen. Eleven sets of this equipment would be kept by the Ishikawans, who fund the endeavour, and fourteen taken for the King of Kings. They would be sent to the Mobads and Dasturi of the Kūraušahr to make use of the energy-storing capabilities of the Meterite, and one set each would be provided to the Šāhan Šāh himself and to Marduniya. The final set would be gifted to Clade Rellin. -=☀=- K A S S A N D A N E [9 Charisma, 3 Leadership, 1 Martial] Meanwhile, in the lands of Orev, Kassandane had been at her wits’ end. Her attempts over the years since her arrival to familiarise herself to the ruling class of Clade’s Orev had been met with disinterest, likely owing to her unsightly visage and foreignness. However, with the recapture of the Imperial capital last year, a new opportunity presented itself to the Choranic noblewoman. The beleaguered city was being rebuilt, but by no means was it a working capital for Clade and his court – yet. *Her plan was as follows – using a loan of a great sum of money from her wealthy family back in Kūrahan, she would purchase the deeds to ruined houses in the prime locations of Tolz for a discounted price, and then pay to rebuild and renovate them to the standard of the Orevian nobles and influential merchants. Then, she would sell these townhouses to members of Clade’s court and his noble supporters so that they could take up a relatively luxurious property in the immediate proximity to their Emperor’s court. In addition to hopefully making a tidy sum from flipping the houses, she aims to ingratiate herself to Clade’s courtiers and hopefully make her entry into the circles of Orev’s rich and well-born. -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 1 Farm in Pharozeh [5,000 Gold] 1,250 Veteran Šemšar Mihr (T4) [10AP, 70,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Medium Infantry (T4) [2AP, 20,000 Gold] 500 Merdan Jengul (T4) [9,500 Gold] 6,000 Veteran Light Infantry (T4) [96,000 Gold] 1 Mage [35,000 Gold] Producing 25 Sets of Meterite (T7) Equipment by the Ishikawan Blacksmith [6,000 Gold] 6,000 Gold spent by Kassandane [See Above *] 1,500 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Purity: Ahura’s Gaze [T3, NEW] In the face of darkness, a Mobad will pray for the burning gaze of Ahura Mihr to cast itself towards a source or area of black magicks. His radiant power is channelled through the user would that they purge and purify, and restore His light. Light: Solar Flare [T2, 881]
  4. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE When news arrived of the combined Choranic-Ishikawan force’s defeat outside the Amarantic city of Lacunas, the Šāhan Šāh was naturally incensed. “Katsumi didn’t notice a city wall? And this is what has cost us the lives of nearly one thousand swords of the Ahura? What has placed their bodies in dark hands, doubtless to be defiled? An invisible city wall? The death-witches will be crushed, and then there will be questions that will be answered.” Seeking a swift end to the debacle on the Amarantic coast, the King of Kings devotes the entirety of imperial expenditure for the year to the training of many veteran troops to be sent to finish the job. With almost 1,000 Šemšar Mihr lost outside the death-worshippers’ city, a great amount of money is poured into replacing them. In addition, some 500 Choranic infantry and 1,000 Merdan Jengul are trained and outfitted to a fine standard. With the Kūraušahr’s cavalry tied in the blasted siege of the Orevian capital, another 1,000 are recruited to join the men going to the fight with the Dominion. And with reports of formidable black magicks being utilised by it, the magical arsenal of the empire is more than doubled with the recruitment of another mage and four adepts. At home, only a single farm on Kishem is built by the King of Kings to support the town named for the island. The empire’s economy was strong enough, and greater threats than a lack of coin were abound. -=☀=- S U M M A R Y +33,000 Gold from the Ishikawa Shogunate 1 Farm in Kishem [5,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Šemšar Mihr (T4) [8AP, 56,000 Gold] 500 Veteran Medium Infantry [1AP, 10,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Merdan Jengul [19,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Medium Cavalry (T4) [2AP, 21,000 Gold] 1 Mage [35,000 Gold] 4 Adepts [32,000 Gold] 1,900 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light: Solar Flare [T2, 881] Health: Hand of Mihr [T4, 880]
  5. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 2 Farms in Mehrkarta [10,000 Gold] 1 Town South of Mehrkarta [15,000 Gold] 3 Mines and Heavy Industry in Sebkehan [37,500 Gold] 2 Hvar Khsaeton [40,000 Gold, 4AP] 500 Veteran Šemšar Mihr (T4) [28,000 Gold, 4AP] 1 Adept [8,000 Gold] 3,650 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light: Solar Flare [T3, NEW] The Mage casts an orb of light into the air, releasing a long-lasting burst of illumination. The power of this can be controlled, from simple lighting of a room to creating an orb of blinding, disorientating intensity. Health: Hand of Mihr [T4, 880]
  6. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 1 Farm in Kishem [5,000 Gold] Commerical District in Sebzegal [10,000 Gold] Trade Depot in Sebzegal [10,000 Gold] Olk-Wood Mill in Ardašir-Khwarrah [12,500] 3 Civilian Industry in Mehrkarta [22,500 Gold] 2 Civilian Industry each in Sebkehan, Bandar Šapur, Alekešah, and Sebzegal [60,000 Gold] Trade Outpost and Castle on West Coast of the Verdant Gulf [6AP, 35,000 Gold] 2,250 Gold Left -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Purity: Heavenly Ward [T3, STARTED LAST TURN] Health: Hand of Mihr [T4, NEW] With a great burst of holy power, the Mage using this spell is able to heal the wounds of hundreds of people over an area at once and re-energise their body and spirit.
  7. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 6 Farms [30,000 Gold] Upgrading Sebzegal to City [35,000 Gold] Building New Town: Ardašir-Khwarrah [15,000 Gold] Olk-Wood Mill in Kishem [12,500 Gold] Mine and Heavy Industry in Sebkehan [12,500 Gold] Sending Army and 2 Adepts to Clade Rellin 625 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Spell Research [Magic 10] Purity: Bedguva Kenad [T2, 875] Purity: Heavenly Ward [T3, NEW] A sincere prayer to Ahura Mihr is uttered, beseeching Him for providence. The resulting ward offers substantial protection to both people and objects in an area, from attacks both magical and mundane.
  8. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y Town on Kishem [15,000 Gold] 3 Farms [15,000 Gold] Gifts to the Tribesmen from the King of Kings [1,883 Gold, MOD] Approaching Clade Rellin [MOD] 4 Galleys [16,000 Gold, 8SP] Upgrading 7,900 Troops’ Equipment (T4) [48,000 Gold] 500 Veteran Šemšar Mihr (T4) [28,000 Gold] 500 Regular Medium Infantry (T4) [9,000 Gold] -=☀=- Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light / Purity: Šahâdat az Mihr [T4, 874] Purity: Bedguva Kenad [T2, 875]
  9. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE The cogs and wheels that drive Kūraušahr continue to turn this year, though with a considerable shift in focus towards its seaborne capabilities. The Ishikawans, with their penchant for the sea, had grown to be seen as a natural ally in the court of the very much land-based Empire against the many obstacles to Artaxes’ ambitions. The King of Kings had therefore sought to establish a formal alliance with the Shogunate, and they happily accepted – the Mehrkarta Pact is signed by the King of Kings and the Shogun this year, 872. With the signing of the treaty, the shipyards and drydocks across the entire Shogunate are leased to the Empire for the year. In these, eight carracks and a transport ship are constructed and put to sea by the end of the year – more than doubling the amount of vessels in the Empire’s quickly growing navy. Though not the year’s priority, the army is by no means ignored, with the first contingent of cavalry joining Imperial ranks. The 1,000 horsemen are trained to the highest standard, and provided with the finest horses the Empire can muster. Most of the foundries and smithies of the Empire commit to fulfilling a large commission for military equipment from the Kastovians of the Midlands. The quickly growing military – and population – of Kūraušahr also provoke the King of Kings into continuing the land reclamation in the Olk-Wood, with fields being plowed and irrigation trenches dug in the hinterlands of the blossoming forest town of Sebzegal. Meanwhile, with the diplomatic muscles being flexed, primarily Enjili nobles are sent out as diplomats to the tribes of the Olk-Wood and the coastal prairies on its borders. For now, they come as permanent envoys, here to liaise with and counsel (if they would have it) the chiefs and petty kings on behalf of the King of Kings. -=☀=- S U M M A R Y Alliance with the Ishikawa Shogunate formalised Ishikawan Shipyard Use [28,000 Gold, +16SP] 8 Carracks [56,000 Gold] 1 Cog [3,000 Gold] Producing Equipment for Kastovia [+6,000 Gold, -3AP] 1,000 Veteran Medium Cavalry (T3) [19,000 Gold] 2 Farms in Sebzegal [10,000 Gold] Approaching the Olk-Wood and coastal tribes [Read Above] 1,000 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Technology Research [Tech 0] Heavy Infantry [873, 18,000 Invested] Spell Research [Magic 10] Šahâdat az Mihr [T4, 874] Bedguva Kenad [T2, NEW] Using their natural sense for holy energy, the Magi searches for its vacuums. Towards beacons of dark and blood magic’s profane power, they pray to the almighty Ahura Mihr for guidance that they may root it out.
  10. K Ū R A U Š A H R THE CHORANIC EMPIRE -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 1 Farm in Sebzegal [-5,000 Gold] 1 Civilian Manufactory in Mehrkarta [-7,500 Gold] Keep and Trade Outpost [3AP, -25,000 Gold] (Blue is TO, Green is Keep) 3 Carracks [9SP, -21,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Medium Infantry (T3) [2AP, -18,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran Merdan (T3) [-17,000 Gold] 1 Adept [-8,000 Gold] 800 Gold for Olk-Wood Investigation Sending troops to the Crimson Order 4,575 Gold Remaining -=☀=- Tech Research: [Technology 0] Heavy Infantry [873, 18,000 Gold Invested] Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light: Nova Bolt [T3, 872] Light / Purity: Šahâdat az Mihr [T4, 874]
  11. K Ū R A U Š A H R The Choranic Empire -=☀=- Ardašir, Šāhān Šāh, listened eagerly as his chamberlain read out the report from the northern expedition. Gaumâta and Marduniya’s travels had taken them beyond the source of the Olk-Vein, into a land that the natives referred to as the Graveyard of Stars. There, at it’s periphery, they had uncovered a place of great interest. The King of Kings’ brow furrowed as the chamberlain finished. “Is that all?” he asked. ”It is indeed, Šāhān Šāh,” the servant replied. “They say they did not continue, fearing a fruitless endeavour that would cost more lives of good men. He has written a petition to the rest of the Magi that they work on his proposed solution, but for now expresses his wish to wait until that is complete.” ”That is probably for the best,” the King of Kings conceded. “Thank you, you are dismissed.” Ardašir lent back in the chair of his chamber as the chamberlain diligently bowed and left, ruminating on the words he had heard. Gaumâta’s findings were truly unnerving and deeply heretical, but their distance made them a matter of interest rather than an object of his immediate concern. More worrying were the many reports of Enjili tribesmen and other hunters seeing some strange happenings in the forest. Normally these things could be dismissed as a peasant eating a mushroom he shouldn’t have, but their number and shared descriptions made them worthy of investigation. It would have to be dealt with, but so did an uncountable number of other matters. He sighed, then began writing his decrees for the matter. The men most suited for a journey into the forest were those born in it, so five hundred veteran Merdan Jengul are deployed to meet with the woodsmen who reported the problems and see if they could identify them in person. He rang his bell, and the chamberlain swiftly re-entered the room. Ardašir stamped the decree with the imperial seal, then handed it to the manservant, who again swiftly departed by his master’s will. The door shut quietly, and the King of Kings slumped in his chair slightly. The crown weighed heavy on Ardašir’s head, but by the Ahura’s will would he bear it. -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 2 Carracks [6AP, -14,000 Gold] 2 Shipyards and 2 Mines in Mehrkarta [-30,000 Gold] 1 Shipyard and 1 Mine in Sebkehan [-15,000 Gold] 1,000 Veteran T3 Medium Infantry [2AP, -18,000 Gold] Farm in Alekešah [-5,000 Gold] Olk-Wood Mill in Sebzegal [-12,500 Gold] Heavy Infantry Research [-9,000 Gold] Deploying 500 Veteran Merdan Jengul to meet hunters and investigate Olk-Wood incident -=☀=- Tech Research: [Technology 0] Heavy Infantry [876, +9,000 Gold, 18,000 Total] Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light: Nova Bolt [T3, 872] Light / Purity: Šahâdat az Mihr [T4, 874] Kūraušahr Information
  12. K Ū R A U Š A H R The Choranic Empire -stat posting for now, add RP later- -=☀=- S U M M A R Y 4 Shipyards and Mines [-60k Gold] 1x Cog [-3k Gold, 1SP] 1 New Town: Sebzegal (on last turn’s TO) [-15k Gold] 3x Farms [-10k Gold] Veteran Training for 1,000 Merdan Jengul [-4k Gold] T3 Equipment for 1,000 Merdan Jengul [-4k Gold] -1SP, +3k Gold -=☀=- Tech Research: [Technology 0] Heavy Infantry [-9,000 Gold, NEW] Spell Research: [Magic 10] Light: Nova Bolt [T3, 872] Šahâdat az Mihr [T4, NEW] :neet: Kūraušahr Information
  13. K Ū R A U Š A H R The Choranic Empire “A thing of beauty, is it not General?” “Certainly, though I worry what it means for our journey,” Marduniya responded. The two stood outside their neighbouring tents, marvelling at the meteor blazing through the night sky overhead. “I would not,” counselled Gaumâta, High Maguš and leader of the expedition. “A streak of glorious light? I do not need to be a priest to see this is the blessing of the Ahura on our journey.” “I put my faith in your wisdom, Gaumâta, as do we all,” the General conceded. They may have both been held in the same regard by the Šāhān Šāh, but the leader of the Choranic priests was better placed to know about such things. Marduniya’s gaze returned to earth and across the camp which had been set up for the winter. They had come to rest at the base of some hills just beyond the edge of the far-side of the Olk-Wood – further afield than any Choranic general had taken troops before. The men slept for now, but the many carts of the expedition had been loaded with their supplies. “I eagerly await the resumption of the expedition,” Marduniya said to a still star-gazing Gaumâta, breaking the momentary silence. “I have sensed a restlessness among the men for some time.” “As do I. But there is no cause to rush – accuracy and safety are paramount. We have been wise to wait til spring.” Despite his veiled complaint, Marduniya did agree. Crossing the unknown hills and mountains that stood before them in the midst on winter would have brought death and disarray. Now that it was getting warmer, they were to head north in the morning, continuing along the Olkvein and then crossing the hills. “What do you believe we may find out here?” “I could not say, though this omen gives me faith that we are bound to find something of significance. Even if not, we are here to chart the lands beyond the Olk-Wood – the expedition will still remain successful,” the Maguš affirmed. “Assuredly,” Marduniya agreed. “For now though, I had better retire to my tent. Tomorrow will doubtless bring challenges I will need sleep for.” “Rest well then, general,” Gaumâta bade as the general passed through the flap. After checking the general was settled, he knelt down on the grass, and breathed deeply. As he started by muttering a prayer, his eyes briefly glowed white before they closed, and Gaumâta felt the heavens begin to flow through him. -=☀=- As the expedition up the Olkvein and beyond resumed, the Šāhān Šāh’s focus diversified significantly. Expansion north continued, with a trade outpost established at the confluence of the Olkvein with the river that flowed south into it through the Olk-Wood itself. A keep is also established between the present Choranic borders and the outpost in order to secure the route to it. With this, the empire’s trade both internally along the Olkvein and with the tribesmen deeper within the forest would be secured and bolstered. Back down south in the coastal cities, industrial expansion continued. In the capital, commercial workshops are constructed to boost production of wares that the merchants of Kūrahan would be able to peddle in foreign ports. Mines were established in the hills north of Bandar Šapur, for the purpose of supplying the new shipyards being built simultaneously in the city’s ports. With war in the sea raging nearby, Ardašir saw great need to establish a navy. For similar reasons, the Imperial army also begins training some new recruits and producing their equipment. A thousand Serkhedar and Enjili tribesmen are drawn up as Merdan Jengul, their hunting skills to be put to use against any enemies of the Empire. Furthermore, five hundred men begin training as steadfast infantry. And in between their duties, the priestly Magi caste continues with their ruminations and experiments with the blessings of Ahura Mihr. -=☀=- S U M M A R Y Expedition Continues, Channel the Heavens Cast Trade Outpost and Keep [-25,000 Gold, 3AP] 2 Mines and 2 Shipyards in Bandar Šapur [-30,000 Gold] 3 Civilian Manufacturing in Mehrkarta [-22,500 Gold] 1 Unit Medium Infantry [-8,000 Gold, (Reg L3) 1AP] 2 Units Merdan Jengul [-9,000 Gold] 2,800 Gold Remaining Spell Research: Purity: Divine Inspiration [T3, 869] Light: Nova Bolt [T3, NEW] The mage produces a large, ballista-like bolt made of light, before firing it forth. Upon activation by the caster, the bolt then bursts into a blast of brilliant light and explosive force. Kūraušahr Information
  14. K Ū R A U Š A H R The Choranic Empire As the Empire’s industry sluggishly rouses from the post-Atem hibernation, it begins to flex its expansionary muscles. An expeditionary force is sent along the Olkvein to chart its source, consisting of 500 Imperial Infantry and numerous scholars and cartographers, including one of the venerated Magi. They are followed by a large convoy of supplies, though not for long. They begin construction of a keep a few leagues north of Choranic control in order to claim the area and its natural resources for the Šāhān Šāh. S U M M A R Y Commercial Districts in Sebkehan, Bandar Šapur, and Alekešah [-30,000 Gold] Olk-Wood Mills in Sebkehan and Bandar Šapur [-25,000 Gold] Keep on the Olkvein [-10,000 Gold, 2AP] Farms in Alekešah [-10,000 Gold] Exploration up the Olkvein 1,800 Gold Remaining Spell Research: Purity: Divine Inspiration [T3, 3rd Turn] The Light of Ahura Mihr fills the hearts and minds of the targets, rallying and boosting their morale. Channel the Heavens [T1 to T2, 3rd Turn] Kūraušahr Information
  15. K Ū R A U Š A H R The Choranic Empire The Choranic Empire was not a particularly ancient polity, but its people were. Long had the Choranic peoples sat on and between the edges of the central Olk-Wood and the Sea of Fydor, and long had they thrived here independently. The numerous tribes and kingdoms that inhabited Kūrahan all descended from the same stock and had long feuded, but was largely ignored by the world at large as something of a backwater. The Serkhedar fought the Enjili for the forest, the Aderan fought the Resweb for the hills, and the Deshet fought the Asetpe for the coastal prairies and plains – this was the way it had always been among these peoples, and little both within and without their corner of the world interfered with it. The first, last, and only time that foreigners have played a great role in the lives came with the arrival of Atem’s legions. Disorganised, backwards, and divided, the Choranic peoples were quickly subsumed. Rule under Atem brought many things to Kūrahan – technology, civics, bureacracy, and so on. But chief among them was brought not by Atem’s knowledge and benevolence, but its ignorance and repression – Choranic unity. As Atem cracked, the old feuds were forgotten in place of the mutually held dream of independence, and people of all the Choranic kingdoms fought together to realise it. The great empire’s implosion birthed 6 Choranic kingdoms of varying sizes. The one-time unity quickly faded back into the ancient enmity, but the idea of a shared destiny for Kūrahan remained. This time, they fought not for blood feuds but to be the leader of the Choranic peoples. Asetpe, centred around the mouth of the Olkvein (known as Alekeregu in the Choranic tongue), quickly emerged at the head. Lead by the legendary King Šapur, the campaign to take sovereignty of all Choranic peoples was long, hard, but decisive. In a few short decades, the Choranic peoples were united and Šapur declared himself “Šāhān Šāh” – King of Kings. While the enmity did not fade for many, the final realisation of Kūrahan’s unification and its endorsement by the Magi of Ahura Mihr meant most accepted or even embraced new imperial rule. Years and kings passed, and the Empire found itself enjoying prosperity. It’s borders had expanded up the Olkvein and beyond the eastern hills, into the lands of some of the many Choranic tribesmen who did not form true kingdoms. The Magi had developed a keen aptitude for honing and expanding the abilities of those blessed by Ahura Mihr with magical prowess. Šāhān Šāh Ardašir, known as Artaxes in the Atemic tongue, now sought to continue the work of his predecessors, and expand the spiritual and temporal dominion of the Choranic Empire far beyond what they could have dreamt. 865 Artaxes, seeing the need for a sizable foundation of gold from which to springboard his plans, begins a period of mercantile expansion. The ground for trade depots to be built in the capital of Mehrkarta, the nearby port city of Bandar Šapur, and the inland city of Alekešah is laid, with the hope of expanding trade between the towns and cities of Kūrahan and those beyond its borders. [-30,000 Gold, +3 Trade Depots] The King of Kings also demands half of the Empire’s infantry go through rigorous training in the western hills, forming a suitable vanguard for his needs. [-4,000 Gold, Veterancy on 2 units medium infantry] Trade offers are made and accepted with various nations. 100 Gold Remaining 866 Continuing with the project of bolstering trade within and without, Artaxes funds a final trade depot in Sebkehan. With the other cities completing their own depots, and the capacity for trade in them increased, the King of Kings funds the construction of a commercial district in the capital to take advantage of it. [-10,000, + 1 Trade Depot] [-10,000, +1 Commercial District] Gold alone would not be enough to kickstart the Empire’s expansion – troops and the industry needed to support them were also a keystone. The vast, ancient forests of the Olk-Wood contained enough fuel for the fires of industry to keep the furnaces lit for millenia – in the hinterlands of Mehrkarta and Alekešah, great number of lumber mills are constructed to begin the gathering of this. Food was also necessary, and so irrigation ditches are dug further and fields tilled longer, also in the hinterlands of the capital. [-25,000, +2 Olk-Wood Mills] [-10,000 Gold, +2 Farms] 4,800 Gold Remaining Kūraušahr Information
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