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  1. hellfiazz

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Duchy of Leyawiin The birth of a son, named Quintus, was met with much jubilation among the ruling classes of Leyawiin, and is proudly announced to all of Cyrodiil. Still, Marcus Aemilius was not one to tarry about in celebration. Leyawiin still needed her guiding hand. This year, a massive settlement and town construction effort is undertaken, with two whole provinces being moved into. Securing a greater portion of the Blackwood would provide more lumber, and further securing the east bank of the Lower Niben would make trade along it far safer, and therefore more profitable. A polite request is sent north to Vidinia, to whom Marcus was related by marriage, asking the newly declared Cyrodiilic Empire to not settle any further south within Cyrodiil. The Ayleid Relic in Telepe was both unsettling, and intriguing. Such an artifact could prove a powerful tool in future endeavours, and so Marcus was determined to find a way of taming it. Experts on Ayleids and their artifacts across Tamriel are sought in an attempt to at least deactivate the artifact, and hopefully find a way of controlling it. When, or if, they are found, they are immediately given lease to enter Telepe and begin their work. A caravel is constructed, and once completed will be sent to join the Classis I Nibenus in their trade protection in the Lower Niben and Topal Bay. Actions Summary Settling two provinces [20AP] Reclaimers Request [See Above Ayleid Experts Wanted [2AP, see above] Caravel built and patrolling [4AP] Leyawiin Information
  2. hellfiazz

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    P A X P E R B E L L V M The Juarez Cartel's refusal to bend was expected. But the New Canaanites' response to the Legion's demand to the Crazy Horns was infuriating for Caesar. First Graham lives beyond his execution, and then the cur had the audacity to stand in the way of His glorious mission. Caesar's promise last month to only prosecute a campaign after total knowledge was gained had been thrown out of the window by His rage at Graham's continued defiance of death, and Him. It was an insult; one that would not go unpunished. C O N S I L I A M I L I T A R E Things remain static on the border with the New Californian Republic, with no changes in troop positions or operations. Up North, however, some more radical approaches were being taken. Of the eight newly trained divisions, six are dispatched north to the Tar Walkers' border join Lucius' command which already had ten divisions, taking the Legion's operational howitzer with them, which instead is sent to the Crazy Horns' border. The Frumentarii divisions scouting the Tar Walkers and Crazy Horns, four in total, also join their Legionary brothers' lines, and four divisions of Veteran Legionaries from the Hoover Dam camp make the short journey north-west and split between the two groups. The four newly integrated divisions of Legion Hounds move west, and also split evenly. In total, some 2,600 troops stood at the border with the Tar Walkers and the Crazy Horns, 1,000 on the former's, and 1,600 on the latter's. The six divisions on patrol in the interior of the Legion focus on ensuring supply lines are secure and not sabotaged. Using the intelligence gathered by the Frumentarii over the past month, the Legion Howitzer begins shelling the camps and outposts of the Crazy Horns' troops. The howitzer would use harassing fire, using rotating fire teams to shell round the clock in random and unpredictable patterns in order to deny them the opportunity for rest or recouperation, with the aim of tanking the Crazy Horns' morale and lowering combat readiness. After a week of this harassing fire (the time taken to both effectively soften the Mormon forces and to allow divisions to arrive and prepare), the Legion's divisions would advance (though the harassing fire would continue). Frumentarii, Legion Hound, and Veteran Legionary divisions would form the vanguard of the advance, with the former two's strengths in reconnaissance preventing ambush and the comparatively greater combat effectiveness and experience of all three division types preventing an initial morale drop or stalling in the Legion's forces. Furthermore, the Hounds would hopefully cause a morale drop in the Mormonite troops. The Recruit Legionary divisions would follow behind, ensuring that the advancing vanguard is not attacked from the rear by hidden Mormonites positions and securing the advance's land and slave gains. With such an overwhelming, multi-directional attack (given that the Legion bordered the Crazy Horns on both the east and south), accompanied by the multiple morale attacks and the majority of the New Canaanite forces being tied further North by the White Legs, the hope is that this strike will bring a swift end to the Crazy Horns and the Tar Walkers. Treatment of resisting troops and civilians would be merciless, while compliant civilians would be chained up and sent south to the interior six divisions as slaves. [MOD for all] For now, no advance is made on the Juarez Cartel due to pre-occupation in the North. The Frumentarii continue their operations, attempting to gain more precise numbers on locations and numbers. Hopefully also, the apparent inaction on the Legion's part would lull the Juarez into a false sense of security. [MOD] C O N S I L I A D O M E S T I C I S A couple hundred slaves and settlers are dispatched east, escorted by one of the newly trained Legionary Divisions, in order to settle one of the currently occupied regions. The Legionaries would obviously advance ahead of the settlers in order to secure the region. [MOD] The Legion also sends slaves and anyone with knowledge of agriculture to the various seed vaults and zoological genetic resources vaults across the Legion's territory to secure and catalogue the pre-war storage facilities. [MOD] The erosion of tribal divisions continues, though with some changes. The emergence of personality cults was worrying, but only when it was the wrong personality. These cults of personality are focused and guided towards veneration of Caesar and Prefect Lucius - rather than Lanius or Vulpes Inculta - using Lucius' campaign to the north to glorify him, Caesar, and the Legion, as opposed to their tribes. [MOD] C O N S I L I A A L I E N V M A couple hundred slaves are sent to Nellis AFB, along with another division of the newly trained Legionaries as escort, in order to help the Boomers dredge the B-29 out of Lake Mead. [MOD] Their own engineers are given the Mark of Caesar, and welcomed into Legion territory to repair their three nonoperational howitzers. [MOD] A E T E R N I T I M P E R I
  3. hellfiazz

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Duchy of Leyawiin A new province is settled over the Niben River. The aim is to fully secure Leyawiin's hold on the river, and the bay by extension, by ensuring that there were no other threats, either from bandits, creatures, or other nations down the line. In order to combat the eldritch forces that prevented a proper expedition and clearing into Telepe, Marcus Aemilius arranges for the recruitment of 20 mages, half trained in Restoration to ward against the enrapturing spell, and half trained in alteration to provide some foresight by detecting any hostile creatures, living or dead, in advance. Once the mages arrived, they would move in with the already camped out troops and attempt to clear Telepe of the seemingly malevolent presence inhabiting it. The smugglers who had attempted to sneak a full 5 tons of drugs into the Imperial City are given an opportunity to gain amnesty from Leyawiin's law. They are given back command of their ships on the condition that they go sell the skooma and moonsugar on in Blackmarsh and return to Leyawiin with the profits. A few hostages are taken to prevent them going back on their word. Marcus Aemilius gets down to bidniss with Cissiinia. Action Summary: Settling new province [10AP] Recruiting 10 Restoration Mages [4AP] Recruiting 10 Alteration Mages [4AP] Expedition to Telepe [See Above] Selling on Skooma/Moonsugar in Blackmarsh B A M B A M Leyawiin Info
  4. hellfiazz

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    P A X P E R B E L L V M "Ave." "Ave," Lucius responded to the Praetorian, at this point instinctively. The leader of Caesar's guard parted the tent flaps and made his way inside. Several centurions stood around a table filled with maps, shouting about the usual subjects: battlefronts, logistics, and so on. Vulpes Inculta scowled at the scene from behind his anachronistic shades, keeping his mouth shut. The imposing figure of Lanius stood in the corner, also watching quietly with arms folded. He would probably have dominated the entire room with his overwhelming presence, if not for Caesar himself. Despite being seated and silent, the Legion's lord and master cut an immense presence, one that never failed to fill Lucius with awe and pride. Caesar held up his hand as he saw Lucius enter, and the bickering centurions fell silently instantly. "Good to see you're finally here Lucius," Caesar said, planting a modicum of shame in his third-in-command. "We can actually begin, rather than squabbling." Caesar had become much more critical of his officers and advisers since the blunder at Hoover Dam, but Lucius knew it was only to ensure that such a mistake never occurred again, and therefore was for the sake of the Legion. As were all things Caesar did and said. "Hoover Dam has demonstrated to me, as it should have to you, that the sheer might of the Legion is not enough to achieve our goals. Knowledge of our enemy will be just as important as strength of arms in the wars to come. Henceforth, no operation will be made without complete awareness of the situation; blindness will not be tolerated. To this end, we will be making considerably more use of the Frumentarii in all regards." Vulpes visibly smirked at Caesar's words. Lanius exhaled heavily, but dared not speak. "Next; our defeat at Hoover Dam should not mean we allow New California to rest easy. We will maintain a constant, large presence near the Dam and along the Colorado. Lanius, I place you in command of the troops to be deployed on the border with the Republic." Lanius, though masked, seemed satisfied by this. Caesar then turned his gaze to Lucius himself, making his heart drop. "Lucius. You will be in charge of the operations against the tribes to the North and South. There are multiple tribes there that need pacifying - I trust you will do the Legion proud." Lucius felt elation building inside him, but contained it. "I shall execute your will, Caesar." "Let us hope so." C O N S I L I A M I L I T A R E To the Legion's camps and border with the Hoover Dam itself, 14 Divisions of Veteran Legionaries and 4 Divisions of Legate's Praetorian Guard are deployed. On the Arizona-Nevada border portion of the Colorado River, some 10 Divisions of the Legion's own Frumentarii, along with 8 Divisions of Twisted Hair Frumentarii and 18 Divisions of Legionary Recruits are stationed. In total, some 4,300 men are placed under Lanius' jursidiction here. [Big Blue Dot is Hoover Dam Camp, Red Dots are Legionary Recruits, Purple Dots are Frumentarii] Further south, along the California-Arizona and Baja-Sonora portion of the border, another six divisions of Recruit Hangdog Legionaries and two divisions of volunteers from the Omertas, and four divisions of Twisted Hairs Recruit Legionaries are deployed, along with ten divisions of recruit frumentarii, totaling 1,700 men. [Red is Recruit Divisions, Purple is Recruit Frumentarii] The Frumentarii across the border would naturally be probing the NCR lines and troops for weaknesses, as well as getting intelligence on the NCR troop positions, strengths, and capabilities. [MOD] However, the Republic Front was not the only military concern for the Legion. Multiple tribes bordered the Legion who did not yet pay fealty to Caesar - an unacceptable state of being. 2 divisions of Frumentarii each are deployed to the Juarez Cartel, the Crazy Horns, the Cheyenne, the Sioux, the Tar Walkers, and the Pecos [18 total] to attempt to scout out and infiltrate them, and gain intelligence on each of the tribes military numbers and capabilities. [MOD] 10 Divisions of Legionary Recruits are placed on the border with the Juarez Cartel, and another 10 are placed on the border with the Crazy Horns. 8 Divisions of Fredonian Legionary Recruits are placed on the border with the Pecos Commune, while 8 divisions of Blackfoot Legionary Recruits are sent to the border with the Cheyenne-Sioux. The remaining six legionary recruit divisions patrol the inner territory of the Legion, ensuring there are no raiders or creatures posing a threat to the Legion's slaves, settlers, and settlements and keeping the Legion's reputation of being bandit-free true to reality. 1 half of Vulpes Inculta's chosen elite is called up for a special assignment. [MOD] The other half remains in Fortification Hill to protect against clandestine attempts on Caesar's life, as are the eight remaining divisions of Praetorian Guard. C O N S I L I A D O M E S T I C I S Nothing about the Legion was "domestic", but Caesar called it such nonetheless. One of the main focuses was the full assimilation of the various tribes into the Legion; eliminating tribal divisions and replacing them with a Legion-wide sense of unity and devotion; eliminating superstitions and replacing them with the Cult of Mars. The 86 tribes must not be divided by tribalism, but be true to Caesar alone. Caesar anticipates this should not be too difficult with fierce devotion to Him and the Legion being very apparent throughout the tribes. [MOD] A small portion of the Legion's vast slave populace is directed to begin clearing a road along the Legion's side of the Colorado River, from Sonora to Nevada, in order to increase movement speed of troops and make supply lines more secure. The rest remain devoted to securing food, water, weapons, ammunition, and medical herbs for the Legion. [MOD] The Legion begins training another 8 Divisions of Legionary Recruits, and 4 Divisions of Frumentarii Recruits. [MOD] C O N S I L I A A L I E N V M The Legion has made contact with the Boomers, though obviously with a half dozen casualties. Relations with the NCR and their various vassals remain bellicose, being frosty at their very best. The process of integrating the Painted Rock Tribe and the Hangdogs into the Legion properly begins. [MOD] A demand is sent to the Juarez Cartel and the Crazy Horns. They must submit to the Legion, or else face invasion, conquest, and enslavement - if they are lucky. [MOD] A E T E R N I T I M P E R I
  5. hellfiazz

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Thulean Republic The Redon's request was rather large, but given the collective worth of the technologies and blueprints he had handed over, the Thuleans had obtained quite the bargain. The military industry of the Republic was sure to be busier than it had ever been, as rather than cutting Thule's own military budget to allow for some economic investment alongside the order, the government had decided to press on with militarisation. As such, this year 5 Arbitre-class Light Cruisers, 2 Mandat-class Heavy Cruisers, and 1 Chevalier-class Destroyer begin construction in Svarog Shipyards, while on the surfaces of the multiple developed worlds the Republic possesses, 2,400 Rakxar Mk. III fighters begin construction for the Redon. The new engine technology's development also continues, although with considerably less funding than originally had been planned for the year. The colony ship, upon completion, is loaded up with supplies and passengers as soon as possible and departs to the planned sector, which has been designated Émeraude. They settle on the planet, the renaming of which was left to the predominantly Ymorian settlers, who chose Nouvelle Ymorie, a name to honour their lost nation in a language to honour their new one. Already, the Thulean population has reach a size sufficient to support an eighth planetary colony, and as such another colony ship enters production. The newly claimed territories are surveyed for any resource deposits, as are the rest of the northern territories, which had for far too long gone unsurveyed. Summary: 5 Light Cruisers, 2 Heavy Cruisers [37AP] 2,400 Fighters for the Redon [24AP] Engine Tech [7AP, 20AP Total] Colonising planet and making TCs Colony Ship [3AP] Resource Survey of Northern TCs Thulean Republic Data
  6. hellfiazz

    Old World Blues- Fallout Nations RP [OOC/ Application]

    Application: H e g e l 4 L y f Faction Requested: Caesar's Legion Discord: hellfiazz#5598
  7. Hit up the Adrian discord sometime, Azog crew miss u bu.

  8. hellfiazz

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Duchy of Leyawiin With the acceptance of the other nations for the Southern Tamrielic Trade Accord, Leyawiin was noticeably more prosperous. Merchants from across the southern portion of the continent did business in the city, bringing both goods and customers to the Leyawiinian market. However, to make sure this prosperity was maintained, steps would have to be taken. One of which was securing Topal Island, an unclaimed island in Topal Bay. Such an island was a potential base for pirates, which was of course a threat to the Southern Tamrielic Trade Accord's routes. The Cohors I Auxilia, composed of 2,000 men, sails over on the Classis I Nibenus to dispatch of any pirates. Once cleared, the island would be settled and a new town built. The Argonian Lord on the western Blackmarsh Coast are assured that Leyawiin's seizure of the island is purely to protect trade, and that Leyawiin has no designs on Blackmarsh. They are offered non-aggression pacts to officialise this assurance. Two caravels are built in order to help patrol the Topal Bay and Lower Niben, and to protect trade. They begin construction, and upon completion they would link up with the Classis I Nibenus [2 cogs] and begin protecting trade in the bay and river. The scouts report from Telepe was somewhat troubling. The bandits not only precluded entry into the Ayleid Ruin, but the presence of bandits so deep in the Leyawiinian heartland was sure to cause all sorts of problems if left untreated. As such, the Legio I Leiavinium is dispatched to clear out the bandit stronghold near Telepe. Once successful, explorers would be sent to explore the ruin, and find any treasure and artifacts, whether they're magical or mundane. Actions Summary Settling Topal Island [10AP] Assuring western Argonians and offering NAPs Building 2 Caravels [8AP] Beginning patrolling Topal Bay and Lower Niben Clearing out Telepe with 3,000 Heavy Infantry and 2,000 Light Infantry, then exploring Leyawiin Info
  9. hellfiazz

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Regnu di Sicilia Another Season Survived It had been more than 6 months since the issuing of the ultimatum from Rome, and yet Sicily persisted. Italy had declared war, and yet did not dare to invade the island. Perhaps they knew they would fail? Perhaps they were just concentrating on knocking out Genoa. Speaking of whom, they had not fared so well. Italy had made a spearhead into the Republican lands, and had been seeing success. Milan - and Genoa as a whole - was under threat. Seeing his staunchest ally in trouble, Ferdinand Pius I resolves to provide help in some way. They begin to formulate a plan of a military nature, and a course of action is eventually concluded upon. The bright spark of the Sicilian military command - Giuseppe Castellano, a 30 year old who had seen a meteoric rise through the officer corps - is given charge of the so-called Operation Cariddi, which is authorised to go ahead as soon as the time is right. Sicily was not going to fall; neither would Genoa. General Giuseppe Castellano, widely respected as an exemplar Sicilian Commander of Operation Cariddi Domestic Policy With the fortification plans complete, as well as the ordered ships built and commissioned and the desired troops trained and ready, a lot of state resources were freed up, and a new direction had to be chosen. It was decided by the Privy Council that rather than overextending state resources, the government would instead compound upon the strengths and progress they had already created for Sicily. The initial plan for fortification may have been completed, but sitting on laurels would not save Sicily. Work continues on that front, strengthening and expanding the already extensive coastal fortification. The expansion and modernisation of Sicilian military industry also continues, as does the prospecting for oil and natural gas in Tunisia and southern Sicily. Some civilian efforts are undertaken too. Civilian factories begin construction, again using modern British blueprints, and the railway and road infrastructure in Sicily begins modernisation. The military industry still takes precedence, however. *The propaganda's failure to drum up more manpower was quite confounding to the Sicilian government, but they pressed on with the propaganda campaign all the same. Still, it had become apparent that greater measures would have to be taken. As such, a policy of limited conscription is instated in Sicily and Malta, whereby every man aged 18-30 must undergo basic combat training. While these men would certainly not all be joining the army, it would at least (hopefully) make more men available to do so, as well as make a civilian militia defense of the island more effective, should it come to the worst case scenario. *Additionally, restrictions on native Tunisians serving in the Royal Army are lifted and the same limited conscription laws applied. A propaganda campaign is initiated in Tunisia painting the Rome-based Kingdom as merciless and barbaric who will surely seek to suppress Islam and oppress the native Tunisians in general. Sicily also promises further civilian rights in exchange for the service of Tunisians, such as granting limited suffrage to them and allowing entry into the bureaucracy. Furthermore, Sicily also promises to modernise infrastructure, education, and essential services if Tunisians accept the limited conscription and aid in the defense of Sicily and Genoa. One more infantry division enters training, and 10 more destroyers and 2 heavy cruisers undergo construction. Foreign Policy With much to concentrate on the home front, there was little need for new foreign policy direction at the moment. However, there was one matter to attend to. The Pope's emergence from geopolitical silence was something that intrigued Ferdinand Pius. As such, an ambassador is dispatched to the Vatican to organise talks. Furthermore, the King announces his public support for the idea of a sovereign and independent state for the Holy See. Summary Building upon completed fortifications Continuing military industry expansion and upgrades and prospecting for oil and gas Construction of some civilian industry (again using British blueprints; military industry takes precedence) Modernising rail and road infrastructure Manpower Efforts: Continuing Propaganda Limited Conscription [See *] Tunisian Manpower Effort [See *] Training 1 inf division Building 2 heavy cruisers and 10 destroyers Pope talks
  10. hellfiazz

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Regnu di Sicilia Daring to Defy The Italian ultimatum had gone unanswered, though the Kingdom's cold silence had spoken for him: Sicily would not bend to Rome. Italy had its answer, and Sicily would have its freedom. It just had to defend it. For a moment, it seemed as if it may fail. Genoa had joined with Sicily in resistance of the oppressors from Rome, but Italy had sought - and received - German assistance. However, after an Entente intervention (to which Sicily and Genoa were now aligned) and a great deal of negotiation at the Council of Zürich, the Germans decided to avoid escalating the war beyond the region and have only peacekeeping forces present in Italy. Then there was the matter of the Battle of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Italian ships had, without provokation or a declaration from Italy, attacked a small Sicilian fleet in the shared sea. Despite superior numbers and the element of surprise, the Italians were repulsed by the brave Sicilians, who even managed to sink an Italian cruiser and heavily damage another. The victory in a war that had yet to begin did much for the spirit of the Sicilians, and jubilant cheers sounded across the island upon the news returning home. But the boldness of the Italians was still troubling. It was very clear that they meant war, and there was much to be done to ensure it was Sicily and their ally in Genoa would come out on top. Domestic Policy Once again, with an Italian invasion looming, the vast majority of the state apparatus for the quarter is devoted to defending the realm. With fortification, troop training, and ship-building still underway and continuing, more avenues were pursued. The generous Genoans had given to Italy a production license for their innovative new rifle pattern. Wasting no time, the order is given to begin producing these rifles in the new (if rudimentary) military factories, and arming the troops with them as soon as possible. Furthermore, the military industrialisation is ordered to continue, with more factories order to be constructed in the mountains. In addition, the newly constructed ones receive some attention to try and make them more efficient, comparable to those of the heavily industrialised nations such as Britain or Germany. Luckily, Britain had offered blueprints to some more modern factory designs, which would be used as the basis for the upgrading of the old and building of the new. In Sicilian-held Tunisia, as well as in south-eastern Sicily, the King orders the beginning of prospecting for oil and natural gas deposits. The securing of their own oil supply would be vital to the war effort, and would help bring prosperity to the nation once the war had been won. In order to accomplish this, a new state-owned company is created - Azzenna Riali di Pitròliu e Gas Naturali (Royal Petroleum and Gas Company) - and given a royal charter for its operations. *With an Italian invasion imminent, the need for more manpower was quite pressing. As such, the government issues a propaganda campaign in an attempt to get more manpower available. The victory over the Italian fleet in the Tyrrhenian is used as a recent basis to generate patriotic fervour. and the oncoming Italian invasion used to stress the need to defend the nation. Foreign Policy With the foreign policy issues that Sicily had facing it (excepting the Italian aggression) all sorted through the Council of Zürich and Sicily's entry into the Entente, there was no real need to reach out to any foreign nations. With Germany sending peacekeeping forces, the Sicilian government allows their troops access (should they be doing peacekeeping operations in Sicily, that is), and gives them the information necessary to protect historical sites and population centres. Military Policy The newly trained four infantry divisions move to join the four already in service and take up defensive positions along the coast, again with a focus on the east and north, and Messina in particular. Summary Continuing training rest of troops, building fortifications and ships Producing Genoan Turin 33/A rifle and arming troops with it Upgrading current military factories and building more using British blueprints Prospecting for oil in Tunisia and south-east Sicily Propaganda for Manpower [See *] Allowing German troops military access and information Deployment of new four divisions
  11. hellfiazz

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Thulean Republic With the unconditional surrender of the Ymorian Unity Council, vast numbers of refugees had fled south, particularly to the Redon Imperium. The Redon had requested of Thule, as well as Asgard, to assist with dealing with this wave by taking on 200,000 Ymorians, to which Thule happily agreed. For now the Ymorians are housed in temporary housing while the government produces a colony ship and a new planet colonised for the Ymorians. The Redon is consulted in advance for permission to the colony location, and the new claims made with it. Furthermore, Thule does a census on the refugees to try and find if any scientists, engineers etc are present among the population Thule took on. Meanwhile, the investment into business and the supporting infrastructure on Belenos continues, as already the investments were netting huge returns for the Republic. The remilitarisation continues, this year with a focus on screen ships. A great deal of the vessels are constructed at the once again active Svarog station, and the sailors recruited and trained with them. These vessels, as well as current ones, would be given a steel-itoron hull armour in order to improve their structural integrity, using itoron from the newly discovered deposit on the recently colonised planet of Porte en Platine. The Thuleans, looking for a new technological direction in which they could pursue the attainment of an edge, begin research into new forms of ship propulsion in order to improve sub-stellar and combat speed and maneuverability. Frequently it had been the case that alien ships had managed to outpace those of the Thuleans, either in pursuit or being pursued, and so the need had been aptly demonstrated. For now, this consists of producing a new form of fusion drive, one with greater thrust output and efficiency, in order to improve the speed and agility of Thulean military vessels. The Redon's government is consulted for approval and advice. In a similar vein of military technological advancement, the Republic petitions the Redon for an advanced fighter production license. The current fighter pattern of the Republican Navy is basic in every way, and thus any generation of the Redon’s own fighters would be appreciated, cutting edge or otherwise. Summary: [+2AP from FCA] Colony ship [3AP] Asking Redon for next year colony and claim approval [See above] Looking for scientists, engineers, etc among Ymorians Business Investment on Belenos [20AP; 60AP total on Belenos, 140AP total overall] 6 Corvettes, 7 Frigates, 3 Destroyers, 1 Light Cruiser [34AP] Upgrading all ships with Steel-Itoron armour Engine Technology, asking Redon [13AP; see above] Asking Redon for fighter tech [See above] Thulean Republic Data
  12. hellfiazz

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Regnu di Sicilia A New Carthage "Sicily has never been a willing subject to Rome - forced by conquest into servitude to masters who have treated us with nothing but callousness and contempt! We Sicilians have battled for centuries against foreign invaders and subjugators, from Arabs to Turks to the Spanish, and now the Italians balk at our demand that they be the last! It is my privilege to take this ancient throne, but not for my own prosperity or glory. It is for the prosperity and glory of all Sicily, to serve every last Sicilian man, woman, and child, to defend the realm in the name of the people - that is the true honour! No more shall we suffer under the yoke of others! No more shall we bend to foreign kings! Gloriosa sarà la Sicilia!" Speech of King Ferdinand Pius I, of the House Borbone delle Due Sicilie, at the Proclamation of Sicilian Independence With territory spanning Sicily and Tunisia and facing up against an enemy from Rome, the increasingly made comparison of the new Sicily with the old Carthage was an apt one. However, King Ferdinand Pius had made his determination for self-determination stark - Sicily would not fall to Rome. It would prosper in spite of it. Their were many steps that needed to be taken though to ensure Sicily's survival, especially given the likelihood of an Italian military response to the nascent Kingdom's mere existence. Ferdinand Pius gathered his Privy Council, and they set to business. Domestic Policy With so much at stake, the entire focus of domestic policy and budget was on defense of the realm. On the agenda was recruitment, ship-building, fortification, and development of the military-industrial complex, although perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it creation. Sicily had little industry to speak of, which would undoubtedly do the Kingdom a disservice in the almost inevitable case of war. Thus, a priority for the start of 1933 was to begin the construction of military factories in order to make sure they actually had the capacity to produce the weapons and equipment that a war with the mainland would necessitate. The factories would be constructed in the mountainous interior so as to be protected from the immediate effects of an invasion. The legal restrictions surrounding women's employment are also slackened considerably in order to get more Sicilian women into work, especially in factories. The aim is to free up more manpower from those jobs that can be used for both the army, and for important domestic projects such as fortifying the island. Being a newly formed nation, the Royal Sicilian Army was considerably smaller than those of the major powers in the region. As such, an intense recruitment drive is made, with the aim of expanding the military to use as much feasibly available manpower as possible. It is of course carried out in conjunction with state propaganda, placing stress that Italy is soon to invade as evidenced by the ultimatum they had made. Eight infantry divisions are sought. Likewise, the Royal Sicilian Navy was small, consisting entirely of ships seized as the rebellion took hold, or defected Sicilian squadrons. As such, another five light cruisers, ten destroyers, and five submarines are ordered to begin construction in the shipyards of Palermo, the capital and city with the largest port and ship-building capabilities. The troops, both in service and in training, are given extra training with special attention toward naval invasion repulsion. *Perhaps the most important task that the Privy Council had laid out was the fortifications. There was to be a contiguous line of coastal fortification all along the north and east coast, with lighter, less constant fortification along the south - an Italian invasion was expected to come at either (or both) of the former two, and the south had a little bit more protection from the presence of Malta. The coastal cities and towns are all given special attention as well on all three sides of Sicily (especially Palermo, Bagheria, Syracuse, Catania, Acireale) but by far the most strongly fortified area was along the Strait of Messina, and Messina itself. Artillery emplacements are placed along the entire strait as well, so that any ships or transporting troops (both before and during an attempted crossing) there could be shelled and hopefully sunk. The Aeolian and Aegadian islands also have some fortification done. Another, more clandestine action is undertaken in the aid of the defense, with the necessary operations being carried out with as much secrecy as it could allow. Civilians in Messina and in towns along the strait are encouraged to stay with their families inland, or at least in other cities and towns, and free public transport is organised in order to assist those that make the decision. Foreign Policy The bulk of Sicily's foreign policy decisions were, of course, regarding the almost certainly oncoming Italian invasion. To the Italian ultimatum, no response is given, and Sicily uses the one month deadline to try and make as many preparations as it started as possible. However, they do try and come to the diplomatic table to resolve the issue in the meantime, still giving no firm answer officially. Talks are underway. In Genoa, King Ferdinand Pius saw a fellow independent Italian state who were under threat from Rome. As such, he proposes a mutual guarantee of independence with the Republic in the north. After some discussion between the Doge and the King, they come to an accord, and the two announce as such. The same offer is extended to Venice, should they deny Genoa's suggestion of a union. To the Entente Cordiale, an offer is made. In exchange for recognition of the newborn Kingdom, Sicily would allow the Entente to use Malta as a naval base in their upcoming expedition to Egypt (and in all future endeavours) and their North African holdings as a land route into Libya, removing the need for naval invasion in that regard. Sicily also requests to join or at least receive a guarantee, but is very much aware that a positive response is unlikely. Sicily also asks if Germany would guarantee them, though again they doubt they would say yes.
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    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Sicily Discord: hellfiazz#5598 Please give discord link if accepted
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    Modern Nations RP Thread

    United Kingdom (Posted for Dirty) With Singapore on the verge of surrender, and the United States' entry into the war, the United Kingdom decides to finally withdraw from the Rhodesia-Mozamgascar conflict. Their troops in Africa withdraw to British South Africa, and they cease air and naval conflict with their opponents and air and naval support for Rhodesia. Singapore surrenders to the Indians, with the only condition being that they are not annexed from the British - which should be agreeable, if the Indians meant to keep their promise. If the Indians accept, their troops are allowed in. The United Kingdom sues for a peace with no territorial changes on their end. After all, Singapore and South Africa both chose to be part of the UK, and were not conquered or occupied territories. [MOD to act as UK in peace deal]
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    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Duchy of Leyawiin The marriage of Marcus Aemilius Caro and Ciissinia Vidinia was to be quite the spectacle, with two of the most prosperous houses in Cyrodiil coming together. All the lords of Cyrodiil are invited, from Cheydinhal to Anvil, Bruma to Bravil. Leyawiin's allies in Rimmen are also invited. Marcus of course acceded to Vidinia's terms of blessing, with regular visits to the Imperial City being likely anyway. Leaving the planning of the wedding to his stewards and the House of Vidinia, Marcus gets his minds to matters of the realm. [MOD for NPCs] The complaining Argonians had given Marcus quite the grand idea: the South Tamrielic Trade Accord. The idea was a simple one: promoting trade between the nations of Elsweyr, Valenwood, Blackmarsh, Cyrodiil, and the Altmer - with Leyawiin at the heart. The signatories would be afforded exemption from the Niben Toll and the Bridge Toll, in exchange for establishing a merchant presence in Leyawiin and conducting trade there. The Accord is advertised as not only a way to have freer trade around the Niben, but also to allow nations to conduct their trade with nations that normally would be too far or too difficult to reach, as their merchants could collectively do business in the centrally located Leyawiin. As the host to this, Leyawiin would of course enjoy sizable benefits from the amount of traders coming to Leyawiin and conducting business there. As stated, all the lords of Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Valenwood, and Blackmarsh are invited to the South Tamrielic Trade Accord, at well as the Altmer. [MOD for NPCs] More mundanely, another investment is made into the local industries, this time with a focus on the logging industry which had been slower to grow than others, despite the rich forests across the Niben. Furthermore, another 1,000 Heavy Infantry are recruited, trained, and placed in the Legio I Leiavinium, replacing 1,000 Light Infantry who are moved into the Cohors I Auxilia. Scouts are sent to the Ayleid Ruin of Telepe, only a short ride from Leyawiin, to determine if there are any hostile presences based in there. If not, they are instructed to see if they can explore it. Actions Summary [+2 AP from Vidinia gift] Caro-Vidinia Marriage South Tamrielic Trade Accord [See Above] Economic Investment - Logging Focus [10AP] 1,000 Heavy Infantry [6AP] Scouts to Telepe Leyawiin Info