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  1. Turn 7 (2277) In the past years of excitement, the next was not to let down the expectations. From the east came a terrible treble, blaring across the quiet wastes before fading into a shallow whine a fog horn blares. Several times over the sound repeats before sightings of the vessel, or rather vessels, could be seen. A collection of barges, many armed and several sprawling with activity, began to descend upon the east coast of the Mud City. Though none come with aggression, instead puttering merrily along before each vessel conglomerates outside of the now crumbled Navy Pier in the downtown region. Without warning, the foghorns blare once more in unison, loosening fillings and shattering remaining windows across the eastern shore by the pier. Following this, several vessels begin to detach from the flotilla and sail inland along the Chicago river, as well as down the coastlines. Stopping at the shore of any parties found alongside the river comes an outpour of merchants and merry men, each attempting to sell off their plunder in exchange for goods or most commonly caps. Each day they return, seemingly with more items than the last, and repeat the process once more. And again. And again. It isn’t until the waning months of the year do these ships stop… That is until the frozen-over waterways within the Mud City are piled on with sleds and ski-laden wagons, once more carrying goods to any of those in need. It was the start of a vast trade network, ferrying men and items from one side of the city to the other with little issue. Some would even seek to take advantage of such a network for their own gain, as tokens of tribute are given to the riverside Blackhawks for usage of the waterway’s entrance. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Western BoS Expedition The Paladins have their way with the beast in the east. Word spreads of their conquest, and soon enough some men willing to join the cause arrive at their borders. That is if the Brotherhood is willing to accept them… (+1 Dev Point, +5 Advanced Pop, +45 Civ Pop [If accepted]) The Apostles of Christ It is a quiet year for the apostles… Volunteer’s Corps!!!!! The volunteers complain about not having anything to do, and so the roboids will give them work! Unfortunately, have nothing that they can work on. A day off never hurt anyone, anyway. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS Cohen once more attempts his way into the underbelly of the institute, building off his previous efforts to force his way in. After yet another year of building an explosive device similar to the last, the charge is placed and detonated. To his delight, the door was almost entirely blown off its hinges, allowing the usage of simple tools to pry it the rest of the way off before entry could be made. Within, Cohen finds himself among long lost research papers, many of them useless and abandoned, though one catches the eye of Cohen before he leaves; a theory of irrigation on irradiated soil, clearly studied in the event of nuclear fallout. It is certainly something worthwhile to test. (+2 Development Points, Agri House’s now provide +1 more S) THE PATRIARCHATE OF CHICAGO The Missionary efforts by the Patriarchate do not go unnoticed, as soon after the departure of the party they are tested across the wasteland. Holding true to their faith and following close by their virtues. They find several parties in their adventures, some to the north, and prominently one to their direct east who seem friendly enough to have a conversation with, if not a bit backwards in their way of society… Nonetheless, several heed the preaching of these men and make way for the Patriarchate in hopes of devoting themselves to Christ. (+2 Development Points, +105 Population) The arrival of the Patriarchate in the NCR territory does not go unnoticed, and quickly many wastelanders from the territory begin to attend and listen to the words of prayer given by the Father. The building of the Church, although somewhat unneeded, provides a orderly ground in which the Father and Nuns may make use of in due time, and perhaps even expand for the ever growing attendance. (+1 Development Point) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán TIan and his team head west, and while the men to their south are at first not interested in joining the group, some are eventually sent out on order to assist. Something about radioing back home being helpful, being their reason. Though even after a year's travel, and fighting through several blocks to home in on the signal, Linyang determines that the origin is simply too far to navigate on foot, especially with no given supplies for such a long journey, and returns home empty handed. 5th Marine Regiment The patrol of an entire platoon is seemingly overkill, though as the men begin their first route due west they encounter another party. Quite obviously not friendly, the men would make way back east to their territory rather than pick a fight with an unknown enemy. Though in the time they were out, they did manage to scrounge several survivors from the wastes. (+25 Civ Population) Third platoon encounters little activity in the west. Robert Hawthorne, eager to prove himself, seems to overcomplicate the plan which leads to an unfortunate backfire. What would have been a simple clearing of the region unfortunately ends with far more casualties than would’ve been expected for the region. (-10 Population, Robert +1 Charisma) The Kingdom Nearby passing persons are, as usual, brought into the fold by Kingdom patrols, some requiring a bit of persuasion though some desperate enough not to question the offer of work and shelter. (+15 Civ Population) A T O M D R A G O N S Certainly a potential target, or perhaps even a newfound ally. The ghoulified vessel steams along the river, eventually passing through Dragon territory… Midwest Enclave The spies keep hush hush, slowly spinning their webs of intelligence across the Mud City... Vukal's Tribe Bruh.mp4 CAESAR’S LEGION The Legion will soon make itself known.
  2. Turn 6 (2276) A familiar sound to the advanced populations that reminds them of home, and the terror of the unknown that remainder of those within the wasteland will come to familiarize themselves with. Near the end of the year, the whirling of blades swishes across the city from the west as the bulbous, fly-like silhouette of an unknown vehicle soars across the night sky. Only illuminated by the dull red lights within the multi-paned cockpit and a pair of flashing red indicators on either wingtip, the identification of the contraption remains unknown to many throughout the wasteland as the vehicle only again appears in the dead of night and on clouded evenings to conceal its movements. Though following its premier appearance, it’s radial swirling of blades can be heard every few days fading directionally east of the city and returning a few days after, while always coming to an abrupt stop and starting at its seemingly new origin in the northwest of the Mud City... A new player, as it would seem, has made itself present in the ongoing struggles between the Unions. While the Blackhawks had come to fight on the side of the Secessionists, and word spreading of such an alliance being too much for the Union’s lone forces to bear, an unknown ally had come to assist the struggling Union. Word spreads through first-hand accounts from the Blackhawks, as their wounded make the trek back southeast to their home territory, of mechanized beings assisting the Union armed with unthinkable weaponry. Men disappear into dust as if they had never existed while others, in their comparatively effective armor when facing the Union troops, are cut down in swathes as if their new adversaries weaponry simply ignored the armor they wore. What was initially told to be a decisive victory for the Blackhawks and Secessionists had quickly rebounded back into a locked stalemate between the Unions with seemingly little chance of either side gaining the advantage without any further interference. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5th Marine Regiment The push north goes initially slower than expected as the combined force comes across the apparent remains of what look to be men that they encountered to their north. Following the discovery, the cause of these bodies is quickly found to be a nest of radscorpions lurking in the area, though with over 100 firearms pointed at them the bugs stood little chance against the Marine’s firepower. A similar story came to the north, minus the bodies, but to a lesser degree in terms of numbers for the radscorpions. (-10 Population, Blocks Cleared) Fitzgerald returns from the north, perhaps with a bit more articulation to his speech after creating his report to the General. (Fitzgerald +2 Charisma) Shantily made and in need of some finer materials, the badges come out to the best of the ability of what the metalsmith could do with the low quality of the materials given to him. Although it is the thought that counts, and many of the men awarded with the badges are thankful for the appreciation to their work. (+1 Development Point) The Apostles of Christ The followers trek eastward, mounting an expedition to the block in search of expansion. Though what they find instead is a vicious pit filled with radroaches where an unfortunate soul finds himself falling into before the critters launch their attack. With their weapons and armor the men dispatch the creatures with little effort, and eventually control the area. (-5 Population, Block Cleared) CAESAR’S LEGION Talks with the Kingdom begin. (Discord) The men sent east to scout the Road Dogs, now with an idea of what to expect, spot the settlement with ease. The high pitched revving of engines and pungent smell of exhaust only grows stronger as the frumentarii come closer, and eventually find themselves in view of the wall. A glance of the perimeter would see that it is indeed quite the fortification as told (T3+), though a glaring weakness in that the main door to the settlement must be large enough to fit the vehicles the Road Dogs utilize. Unfortunately, it is also the most defended area of the settlement. THE ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO With a legitimate claim to the title of Patriarch, the remaining doubters of the Archdiocese are turned, swooning for the newly appointed Patriarch of Chicago. (+2 Development Points, +5 Charisma to [that character as his name isn’t listed]) The new region is expanded into, and soon enough usage of remaining buildings and other leftover infrastructure is found to be of use to the Archdiocese. (+2 B) Construction of a Cathedral in such a wasteland is surely an undertaking, though it is one that is to be extravagant in all meanings of the word. Though, some do believe it to be a waste of funding, many of the true followers believe it to be a necessary construct if they are to present themselves as the true faith in Chicago. While it may take several years, if not more, to complete, the Cathedral itself already has several followers in anticipation for its completion. (+1 Development Point, 2 more turns of equal investment required [15 B, 15 M, 75k C total]) Western BoS Expedition The bussy boys stay in their home, surrounded by metal walls and inside of tin suits. Though one can only guess what lays in waiting for them… xD!!! Early estimates are made for the buildplan for the Cathedral’s refurbishment, and upon further analysis of the interior structure a proper number is given from one of the surveyor bots. Surely, their meaty “volunteers” would love a place to congregate with one another… (3 More turns of equal investment required for the building to be functional [5 B, 15 M]) THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS The recruitment drive goes poorly in comparison to the previous attempts, as it seems those who had heard the words of the Republic of Douglas over the radio years prior had already arrived. With word only spreading by word rather than by radio, the Republic sees far less of an influx in outside recruitment. (+25 Civ Population) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán Attempts of finding a signal to match the disruptions is initially a laborious task as Linyang works away diligently on the project. With the east obviously not being the source as it is only open water, it helps in narrowing the search to the south and west. And by the end of the year, Linyang reports that the interference is being directed from west of Jiayuan. (lingyang +2 Intelligence Eastern Brotherhood of Steel As no actual indications of where to go are given to the troops that are sent out, they merely wander aimlessly throughout the wastelands to no avail. As they head north, they are quickly routed back south by an untold number of wild, irradiated hounds, and get little accomplished. (-2 Adv. Population) New California Republic Luckily for Hank, the men sent with him have little usage of tactics for dispatching a herd of wild brahmin. Instead, they are welcomed with a much needed morale boost in a luxurious meal for the men. (Hank +2 Charisma, +1 Perception, +4 S). Throughout the year Tabitha does good work as her unreliance on radios proves fruitful seeing as communications are all but impossible. With her charm and ability, Tabitha wrangles several more to the cause. (Tabitha +2 Charisma, +45 Civilized Pop) Midwest Enclave Secrets are best when only known to few, but finding out those secrets is something the Enclave takes great pleasure in... TWISTED SKULLS With word about the Skulls controlling the area spreading rather quickly, Smiley finds little in terms of manpower capable of expanding the workforce they already have. A broader area will need to be searched if they are to truly capitalize on their slave workforce. (+15 Slaves) Late into the year, a figure approaches… (Discord) T H E O A S I S Monke see monke do monke kill A T O M D R A G O N S Malechai is given his task, and will not disappoint the Dragon...
  3. Turn 5 (2275) Traveling atop their diesel-fueled steeds, messengers would make their way across the Mud City in search of factions and wasterlanders alike with messages speaking of a utopia in the east end of the Mud City. The messages are laden with scripture-like articulation, the preaching of the faction called New Eden, a place where all are welcome in search of a new life regardless of their past. While many within the factions are skeptical of such a place existing, and some believing it to be a ploy by raiders or other factions, the message is still received the same. Additionally, New Eden offers itself as a neutral zone of interaction between the factions found, inviting members to the gardens of New Eden for talks of peace and prosperity in hopes of avoiding the otherwise barbaric alternatives. The location of New Eden is left with each faction before the messengers leave, stating they will return before next year to take those interested back to their land. The Kingdom With the arrival of the merchant coming and going, it seems word of the Kingdom’s presence is spread around the local region. By the end of the year there is an influx of potential scribes and serfs coming to their borders eager to join the Kingdom. (+120 Civ Population) CAESAR’S LEGION The Legion’s advance goes quiet for some time as the war party heads east, initially through cleared territory before venturing further into the unknown. Several blocks of movement give little in terms of supplies or slaves, though from these unfortunate wastelanders they gather information. Directly to their north, and the destination of one of their newly acquired slaves, is a land known as The Kingdom. Little is known to the would-be settlers, aside from that they are a fair and virtuous people. Their previous place of residence was another raider camp, south of The Kingdom, where they served as a slave for several years. People’s Republic of Jiāyuán Linyang makes little progress on the study of the disruptions, as without any real equipment or funding from the PPR there is little hope to discover anything new. (Linyang +1 Intelligence) Tian would find himself on the border of the southernmost explored block, on which there are several seemingly abandoned defensive positions facing northward, towards Jiayuan. Further time spent from afar answers the question of who built them, as several hours later after their arrival comes a detachment of troops wearing unidentifiable equipment. Their jackets are a sandy beige with a blue armband around either of their biceps. The helmets they wear sport a similar resemblance to an old fashioned pith hat, though obviously are made of some degree of metal and fabric. They bear no identification of the United States, ruling out that they could possibly be the Marines as heard on the radio. VUKAL'S TRIBE :weirdchamp: Western BoS Expedition As the Paladin’s retreat back west from their expedition, some of the Expedition’s men seek to prove themselves among the ranks of the Brotherhood. In the cover of night, a small group of unproven scribes and knights head eastward armed with only their standard weaponry and equipment. Hours pass, and their absence is noted by the paladin in command of the patrols for the night. It’s then when the group returns in full, all men and equipment accounted for. An explanation is given for their extended leave, stating that they were lost in the streets despite their knowledge and relative closeness to the capital block. Most of them seem confused as they speak of the blocks repeating, almost as if they were going in circles despite them never turning on their routes. Nonetheless, they maintain their guard, albeit a bit more sceptical of the Paladin’s retreat earlier in the year. The Apostles of Christ Father Jacob gets only the answer that the group was guided by their lord. Whether or not he is to believe them that GOD truly is watching over the land, or that these are a band dispatched from another faction, is unknown. (Jacob +2 Charisma) 5th Marine Regiment The marines advance across the block to their north east, initially to little resistance. Though as they reach the borders to the north, they spot a local settlement of another military unit manning a defensive line facing south. Their jackets are a sandy beige with a blue armband around either of their biceps. The helmets they wear sport a similar resemblance to an old fashioned pith hat, though obviously are made of some degree of metal and fabric. Keeping these men in mind, the expansion continues with several settlers finding means of using the remaining infrastructure to kickstart their expansion. (+2 B) Word spreading of the Marines in the north does not go unnoticed, as a group of men willing to fight for the Marines shows up on their borders. Although they are not from this year's efforts, but rather from last year's radio broadcast, they still desire a safe haven to call home. Throughout the year, more wastelanders begin to trickle in though the lack of a proper trade network in the region does little to help the spread of the word of the 5th Marine Regiment. (+85 Civilized Population) There is little opposition in the regions to the north of the 5th Marine Regiment, as either detachment finds themselves easily clearing the blocks under the command of the junior officers. (2 Blocks cleared, Macelroy/Fitzgerald +2 Perception, +1 Charisma) CHICAGO RECOVERY PROTOCOL The protectrons headed east do well to settle the land for the roboid brethren, securing yet another block to be preserved for the rebuilding of Chicago. Upon further analysis of the region, a few of the remaining buildings may even be able to be recovered and repurposed. (+3 B) The bots sent southward find the usual remnants of human life from two centuries ago, and the occasional overgrown rat attempting to chew through their metallic feet. Unfortunately, no volunteers are found this year. Midwest Enclave Long live the Enclave. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS The establishment of a new government in the region does not go unnoticed, as many of the previous inhabitants of the Chicagoan block find themselves associating themselves more under the Republic of Douglas over the Rock Island Arsenal. By the end of the year, Chicago Military Academy is fully staffed by both Islander and Chicagoans alike. (+1 Development Point) Michael Cohen explores in the remnants of either Institute, many of their interiors being either looted clean or destroyed through the passing of time. Though in the lower sections of the Chicago Institute of Technology, Cohen finds himself in front of a sealed, hermetic door. Scattered about the entrance lays several tools; crowbars, drills, toolboxes, and more. The scratches around the trim of the door mark the attempts of intrusion, though to no success. The troops headed south along the western advance (1/2) find themselves pitted against volatile wildlife, some of which are not unusual for the region such as mirelurks or Yao Guai, though the easternmost advance is halted in their tracks before making their way any further south than one block. (Discord) The two troops that weren’t halted continue to the south, their further advance eventually finding themselves at the border of what seems to be another settlement. Those within the towering walls are not raiders nor tribals, but instead a rather civilized looking folk. Perhaps, this may be the “New Eden” that some had heard of throughout the year. New California Republic The NCR readies themselves for the coming storm. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel The brotherhood’s words carry on from last year, as more men attempt to join their numbers. (+35 Civilized Pop) A T O M D R A G O N S The Dragon’s hear or see little in terms of the Blackhawks once more, instead seeing only more men begin to exit the blocks to their east and head northward towards the sounds of battle. From the west comes an unknown threat, striking too fast to properly respond to though repelled before they could do any significant damage. A mere few corpses remain at the site of the raid from the foreigners, many of them bearing an insignia of a shattered red skull across their armor. (-1.5k C, -1 M, -10 Ghouls) T H E O A S I S :MONKE: GRAHAM’S HUNTERS Callum’s advances seem to do him well as the two eventually end on what could be determined as a positive note. (+2 Charisma, +1 Perception) TWISTED SKULLS The Skull’s advance west in preparation for expansion where they find some buildings with potential of being repurposed for later usage. (+1 B) The plunder from their raids pay off as the pair returns with their parties by the end of the year.
  4. Turn 4 (2274) Battle rages in the northwest, as the sounds of battle become too prevalent to be just background noise for the Mud City. To those within the area, it would sound as if battle is merely right outside their front door. Outages of radio communication become more abundant, as many now begin to experience it even in their smaller handheld devices far more often than before. While some attribute it to mere radiation, some speculate that the presence of something far greater is coming. And then it does. Before the turn of the end of the year, communications are all but impossible from long range. Previously reliable frequencies between radios and handheld devices retrieve only static, even in the most local proximities of one another. Radios that once hummed the sounds of music are replaced by the crackling of static, while those used for communication return a garbled mess of random words and in most cases pure silence for the less advanced civilizations (Radio broadcasts temporarily unavailable). ----- Midwest Enclave Operation G.A.L. begins... BUCHANAN'S BRIGADE Late in the year, reports of intrusion across the northern bordering block are reported directly to Buchanan. Although there is no confirmation of who these people are or what faction they belong to, many look of asian descent, and many of them carry rifles. A similar event occurs in the south, as yet more reports come in of activity from another party. Although these ones look far more American, and a lot less Red. With this advance comes a charming radio broadcast promoting the military branch of the United States Marines, stating themselves to be reconstructing the wasteland and being positioned a mere two blocks south of Buchanan’s territory. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Many doubt the ability of the Elder when he sends such a majority force for their patrols, though orders are orders. The men move around their blocks, herding in settlers that come in response to the radio broadcasts and guiding those that are “leaders” of local groups, many of which mostly being families or wandering bands. Nonetheless, settlers continue to stroll in from the wasteland. (+80 Civilized Population, +3 Advanced Population) Late into the year, an entourage of armed and well armored personnel arrive at the gates of the Eastern Brotherhood, many carrying weapons and armor even surpassing that of the Brotherhood. The leader of this party seeks a meeting with the ‘Elder’ of the Brotherhood, stating they are from another faction north of the Brotherhood. They seek an alliance, though ends more as an offer of employment as the group is quickly found to be from a mercenary band, one which goes by the name of “Morgan’s Rifles”. 5th Marine Regiment The undertaking of reestablishing the status quo of the “before times” is a mighty endeavour, nonetheless it is one that must be made if the 5th is to expand the American Dream back across the wasteland. While the supplies are a start, they are by no means enough. More investment will be needed, some saying upwards of nearly five-times as much, if not more, before life can be without the qualms of the wasteland. The forces moving northeast find themselves against a common foe in the wastes; nature itself. A pair of Yao Guai are seen together, though a hastily prepared ambush outside of their den created by LIeutenant Fitzgerald leads to a quick end to these beats. (Fitzgerald +2 Perception, Block Cleared) The broadcasts of recruitment, and more importantly the promise of a better life in the wasteland, are heard by many. This year, it shows, as many families seek protection from the dutiful soldiers of the 5th. (+120 Civilized Population) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán The previous expansion southward is met with some conflicting reports, some of those in the party reporting the presence of another faction to the south a mere two blocks, while some say there is nothing. As if it weren’t enough, a radio broadcast from that of the United States Marine Corps comes across, stating their location four blocks south of Jiayuan’s current settlement, as well as promising the reintroduction of the American way of life… ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL The efforts of removing the unrest does well, as many of those in the general populace are content with their new leaders. The issue lays with those that do not organize themselves in the commonfolk, but rather have been told to be an outside force primarily made of those that had fled after the Islander’s takeover. The source of these ‘vigilantes’ are unknown, even to the Chicagoan residents. Though for the remainder of the year all is well as the 50 troops deter any wouldbe saboteurs from striking again. The development of the sector is welcomed by the settlers, and while many weren’t interested in partaking in the Islander’s military, some do come around to the idea. However, the actual development of the region will require much more work and investment from the Islanders if they are to make a meaningful change in the region. CAESAR’S LEGION With their previous expeditions ending in bloodshed, the legionaries sent west prepare for battle. Though upon arrival to the blocks, little actually comes. A few molerats chomp at the feet of many, leaving some lasting scars and wounds, as well as a few impromptu amputations, though by the end of the year all three blocks are cleared and secured for expansion. The Kingdom The lack of experience among the men is noted, as many fail to hit their targets or even stay with one another. An unfortunate group of men eventually find themselves in the middle of a bloodbug nest, their remains found shriveled and decrepit by the rest of the party before returning east. (-6 Civ Population, Block Cleared) Midway through the year, a wandering merchant does appear! With him he carries many goods, each for a price, naturally. CHICAGO RECOVERY PROTOCOL Although the lack of maintenance had turned the Cathedral to little more than a holy greenhouse, its interior overgrown and walls clearly in need of refurbishment. Though, the structural integrity of the building is intact for the most part. The roboids sent even discover a pack of wild humans, seemingly in some kind of ritualistic ceremony before a golden cross, though there is no time for that when you’re rebuilding the country! (+15 “Volunteers”) THE ARCHDIOCESE OF CHICAGO Yet another broadcast comes from the men of the “Steel Brotherhood”, now seeking more than simple relations but rather the leaders of factions that may be around. Once more, the dubious nature of these broadcasts are brought up, though some seem more interested in connecting with this Brotherhood. TWISTED SKULLS Burke’s raiders set out west, and return with a bountiful harvest. Not only did they manage to squash a few bugs, but they also found a local establishment of settlers within the block. With an ultimatum of death or servitude, only some take the former, returning to the east with Burke. (+20 Slaves, Block Cleared, Burke +1 Charisma +2 Strength) T H E O A S I S Monke see, Monke go, Monke conquer. The Apostles of Christ The Apostles word grows, as seemingly more servants to the lord wish to join their ranks. An unexpected turn, seeing as none were sent, though word travels quickly across the wastes. (+85 Civilized Population) The followers of Christ bring word of radio frequencies to their north, towards the sound of battle and in requests of assistance. Whether or not they may choose to answer is up to them... VUKAL'S TRIBE What the **** have I done? Western BoS Expedition Word comes and goes throughout the wasteland, though this time around the hostile nature of the Western Brotherhood is more noticeable. In retaliation, the Brotherhood patrols would often find piles of human feces loitered across their patrol routes, as well as a few broken toasters or can openers in mockery of their pursuit of technology. The men head East. :vibecheck: New California Republic After their brief interaction with their relic from the past, an elder Ranger amongst the group would eventually speak up about the ghoul, stating his name to be Skyler Jones. Not just a Ranger, but rather one of the Rangers from the very beginning of the Rangers formation in 2186. Though unfortunately, the reason for his departure from the NCR is unknown to the man. Jeremiah gathers little info of the man known as “The Dragon”, only learning that he is the leader of a faction in the downtown region of the Mud City, and is not to be trifled with. Though an event of importance does occur, as the men on the patrol witness another party from the east enter the block just east of their furthest patrol route. By the chained men and women they drag behind them, the brutalistic equipment and armor they carry, and their clear lack of bathing standards, these are not friendly people. The Rangers encounter radio frequencies from their north, towards the sound of battle and in requests of assistance. Whether or not they may choose to answer is up to them...
  5. Turn 3 (2273) An announcement to the surviving wasteland was made, one to solidify to all factions of the Mud City that they were not alone. From downtown, the pyres of the Blackhawks were joined by an additional, much larger plume of dust and debris. Shortly following afterward, an explosion that sent debris across the western region of downtown Chicago echoed out across the region. Many of those in the area could only watch as the southwestern Presidential Tower’s upper levels were reduced to a topper of twisted metal and the charred remains of the fighting within. Word spreads across the city that this is the outcome when you stand against “The Dragon”. In the center of downtown, high above the remaining skyscrapers, the Illinois Tower continued to burn. The once prideful building of Chicago being turned into little more than a pyre to mark the ongoing war of the Blackhawks. They march westward, crossing the St. Lawrence River Divide and into the newly controlled Atom Dragon’s territory. After being granted passage through the territory, the war party heads northwest, towards the ongoing sounds of battle in the region east of O’Hare International. THE GUILD OF ENGINEERS Bonk. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel The attempted community outreach across the wasteland is initially answered with silence, though as the year went on more troubled men and women came to the borders of the Eastern Brotherhood. While many of them didn’t meet the standards of warranting full indoctrination, many did have the basic skills to survive in the wasteland. (+75 Civilized Population) A similar situation to the last, the outgoing expedition meets a contingent of wildlife. A herd of molerats had made their way under the desolate railway system that passed through the block and were none too friendly to the intruders in their territory. With their armor and arms, the men of the Eastern Brotherhood made easy work of the overgrown rodents, most keenly their plate armor faring well against the buck teeth of the critters. (Block cleared, Addison +1 Perception, +1 Luck) Western BoS Expedition And so they set off, braving the wilderness of the wastes. (Discord) The messages are… berating, to say the least. While some wasters come to the Western Brotherhood bearing tokens of ‘advanced technology’, mostly broken clocks or home hardware items, a small handful find themselves capable enough to be indoctrinated into the Brotherhood itself. (+5 Advanced Population) CAESAR’S LEGION Perhaps not the faction they were looking for, but surely one they did find belonging to the west. Through the radios, a voice belonging to that of the Western Brotherhood rings out, declaring their presence in the region as well as a message to any and all wastelanders to join their cause (if deemed worthy). It’s no NCR, but surely a possible target for the future. While heading east, the legion finds little to nothing in the region. Dormant wildlife, and a few empty cans. It seems word of the Legion’s presence has gotten out. However, in the western expedition the legion faces against Mother Nature yet again. A sizable pack of wild mutts meets them to defend their territory. The alpha, nearly twice if not three times the size of the rest, proves to be a worthwhile opponent for the legionaries. Following the hacking of flesh and slaying of the beast, the legionaries return to their home territory with more food than they had set off with. (-15 Population, +1 S) 5th Marine Regiment Their attempts of keeping the place clean seem to help, mainly with the attraction of like-minded individuals that would seek to see such an establishment prosper, of course for their own gain. (Merchant - Discord) New California Republic The men establish themselves in the region, keeping any wouldbe squatters and possible intrusions of wildlife at bay. (Jerimiah +1 Perception) Colonel Jenkins leads the men eastward, swiftly and covertly dealing with a pack of wild mongrels that inhabited the area. The usage of military tactics to dispatch of wild animals may be deemed excessive, though practice makes perfect. (Jenkins +1 perception, +1 Charisma) Word of the NCR has seemed to have spread, as more settlers are brought in and made citizens of the new Republic in Chicago. (+40 Civ Population) Among the wasters comes a man of familiar origin. (Discord) ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL All is quiet for Rock Island externally. Although the burning of pyres and drums of war to their north are heard, the year passes with no intrusions. However, internally within the recently conquered borders of the Chicago PD the populace is restless. While those who had despised the Islanders for invading had fled, some have remained. They take action against the Islanders, burning one of the previously Chicago owned scrap yards in defiance against their new administration. (-1 Scrap Yard in southernmost block) THE CHICAGO-ILLINOIS CHRONICLE Within the boundaries of the Chronicle, word spreads of another faction in their midst. Their telecommunicators speak words of another group, due to the west, seeking their own brethren. This “Brotherhood of Steel” is one of friendly demeanor, offering peace and protection to those nearby. Many within the Chronicle wonder if contact should be established with them, while some speak of stories of the Brotherhood only acting in their self interests. The decision lies with our lord. The Kingdom The block south is indeed still cleared, though perhaps establishing a temporary garrison may be needed to keep it that way. Wanderers are seen passing by, many looking upon the Kingdom’s feudalistic and unrefined ways with little intrigue. Though there is a small minority that sees it as a peaceful, alternative way of living within the wastes. (+35 Civ Population) The Apostles of Christ The men of Christ scout the blocks, each with similar outcomes. Small groupings of hostile wildlife confront them each step of the way, each taking their toll on ammunition and supplies. Though by the end of the year each block is scouted for converts with some success. On their final mission, they stumble across a group of settlers in prayer. Whether out of desperation or they are true followers is yet to be seen, though they are brought back with the Fathers regardless. (+20 Civ Population, Jacob/Samuel +1 Perception, +2 Charisma) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán As the men move south, they prepare to brave the wildness that awaits them. Though, as the area in the area... none comes. There is a lack of hostile wildlife, and the block is cleared with no issues. (Block cleared) T H E O A S I S Eagle reports back with some reports of an established group to their southwest. Although there is little to go off of, there is someone there. Whether it is the same people from before is unknown, as Eagle did not see the man that Mortar confronted. TWISTED SKULLS To the land north, Burke and his men find little opposition. A swarm of bloatfly’s attempts to take a member of the party, though Burke’s own speed and strength may have very well saved the man’s life from becoming their next meal. They return to their territory victors, bringing with them many prizes of their counquest. (Block cleared, +30 Slaves, Burke +1 Agility, +1 Strength) GRAHAM’S HUNTERS Using a slingshot is just simply not comparable to using a weapon. When he actually decides to take his revolver out of its holster, only then does he actually get better at using firearms. (+1 Perception) Midwest Enclave With brutal efficiency the block is cleared, the longstanding group of feral ghouls that roamed the area being no match for the efficiency of the Enclave’s weapons. (Block Cleared) A T O M D R A G O N S HIS word spreads far across the city, the explosion gaining Him a reputation. With many wanderers in fear of the Dragon, and some seeking his power as a place of refuge, many flock to the land of the Dragon, many bringing with them tokens of their dedication. (+90 Ghouls, +50 Civilized [Slaves])
  6. Turn 2 (2272) In the north-western reaches of the Chicago city limits, an unruly commotion begins. The pittering of machine guns, rocking of explosions, and cracks of rifle fire are ceaseless year round. A great war has begun, but between who has yet to be discovered. As the year closes the downtown district controlled by the tribals known as the Blackhawks becomes a ritual ground of unruly proportions. Pillars of smoke erupt from the central districts of their territory, collective chanting echoes through the blocks, and the whaling of sacrificial lambs are silenced. It was weeks before the final ploom of smoke subsided, taking with it the chanting and death. A fiery conclusion came as the pride and joy of Chicago, “Illinois Tower”, was draped in flame from the roof and nearly twenty stories down on all sides of its construction. Soon after this conclusion, the borders are lined with hundreds of bodies. With many dressed in what would be considered traditional wear with headdresses, skirts, and the occasional NHL Blackhawk jersey, some even with nothing but warpaint across their exposed bodies, it is a warning to those that share a border with them. Although a target has not been declared, the message is clear. The Blackhawks are on a warpath. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel With their expedition north, Knight-Captain Addison finds little of interest in terms of settlers or sentient life. Instead, they stumble upon a hive of evolved insectoids known locally as Stingwings. A cross between a scorpion and a dragonfly, these creatures that are nearly the size of a large dog begin to swarm the expedition, inflicting some grievous injuries while paralyzing one with their noxious venom. (-1 Pop, block cleared. Addison +1 Perception) New California Republic Rangers As the men head east, there is a sense of overkill in the orders. The Rangers, led by the quartet of veterans, easily dispatch a pack of mutated hounds and the occasional molerat in the area. With their supreme firepower, the Rangers clear the block for expansion. Along the way home, Hank has a turn of luck, finding the zone to be habitable to plantlife with a lack of severe radiation in the ground. (Block cleared + Food Node. Jerimiah, Arbot +1 Perception) With someone besides a few raggedy looking Rangers handing out fliers, the effort of Tabitha are far more successful. A passing group of would-be settlers, seemingly forced into their homelessness, join the Rangers in their efforts. (+30 Civilized Pop. Tabitha +2 Charisma) THE GUILD OF ENGINEERS Those sent west find… remarkably, nothing. Despite the hostile grounds in their east, the Union has found a block suitable for expansion. (Block cleared) And not a moment too late. To the east, from the Blackhawks, a force is gathered along the bordering riverbanks. Men clad in what could only be described as ritualistic native wear are stacked several ranks deep, many of them even sporting the divided sections of previous victims hanging from their bodies or stacked high on pikes. They seem like lovely people. Midwest Enclave With their expedition, and no real sense of taking action to expand their operations, the men of the Enclave may only hear what is around them and out of sight. The sounds of battle, gunfire, and even cannons are heard far southward, several blocks away and out of range of any worthwhile patrol. CHICAGO RECOVERY PROTOCOL Beep boop... Western BoS Expedition Two scouts are sent, though neither return. It is a harsh wasteland, one which the Brotherhood finds themselves surrounded by hostilities on all sides. The Kingdom Despite their centralized location in the city, The Kingdom is not a hotspot of travel for many. From the north near downtown, some large groupings of people flee southward, speaking of an unstoppable army of “Islanders”. They are in a sorry state and seeking refuge, though many will require extra supplies if they are to survive the year. (Optional: Gain 250 Civilized Population but -3 S) T H E O A S I S Hannibal's scouts report back with promising news, that of a potential answer to who the men were that came for them. Although they did not interact or directly see them, they sign that several pillars of smoke had begun to bloom from the remains of Wrigley Field throughout the year, a clear sign of inhabitants in the direction of which the Raiders came. In the south, the realization of other parties being within the city was not made through sight, but sound. Along the southernmost reach of the monkey’s scouting path’s, the hollering of men and women alike was heard from the south. Many apes believe this is the signs of battle, while some think it is the beginning of a potential hostilities should these people come north. THE CHICAGO-ILLINOIS CHRONICLE The augurers findeth dram in t'rms of possibilities. The dirt is far too unstable to groweth aught yond those gents has't now. Alas, creating a new kind of crop is all but impossible Radio's are all across the wastes, howev'r to findeth something pow'rful enow to talketh beyond sev'ral blocks is but an unseen conundrum The Apostles of Christ The weapons seem unneeded, as all the Apostles stumble across are a roaming herd of brahmin. A bountiful harvest of flesh is upon them, no doubt a gift from their lord. (Block cleared, +2 S, Father Jacob +1 Charisma) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán The scouts report back with nothing of interest, and no need of weaponry. The block is cleared without any interruptions nor sign of hostile wildlife. (Block cleared) CAESAR’S LEGION In the subtle ground surrounding Marquette Park the Legion find themselves a home. Many slaves are quickly given the ultimatum of death or servitude, and join the cause when presented with the option. (+25 Slave Population) While on their expeditions, the legionaries find themselves at odds with the local wildlife. Mother Nature seems to be virile around these parts, as many men fall at the hands of beasts or mutated insectoids. Though, by the end of the year, many dens and nests are all but emptied of their previous occupants at the expense of several Legionaries' lives. (3 Blocks cleared, -35 Pop) TWISTED SKULLS The block that had been cleared the year prior is all but empty. While they do control it, the necessary means of expansion and development of the territory is still required. 5th Marine Regiment God Bless the United States of America. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL The wasters from around do not seem to hear as well as the Islanders as hoped, as by the end of the year only a few scraggly souls find themselves enlisting in the Islander’s force. Although they may not see likewise, many wasters were opportunistic of the Chicagoan’s desire of establishing order in the unruly wastes. (+20 Civilized Pop) A T O M D R A G O N S Within the confines of the abandoned docks the ghouls find a wild pair of Yoa Guai, fearsome creatures that are not to be trifled with. But the Dragon gave his orders, and as such it must be done. Several ghoul lives are lost, thankfully with little actual loss of equipment but nonetheless several still fall as they clear the docks. (Block Cleared, -25 Pop, Malachi +1 Strength +1 Agility) GRAHAM’S HUNTERS Goose Island holds little in terms of treasures for the Hunters. Though, they do find a noteworthy defensible point on the island that was seemingly built by past inhabitants of the island. The option of manning such defenses is available to them. (Optional: +1 Fortifications)
  7. Turn 1 (2271) With the arrival of dozens of factions within the area known as Mud City, most parties begin their journey in solidarity in the wastes. Some, however, do not share the same kind of luxury. Among those that would qualify as the less primitive of groups (Advanced/Civilized), an odd irregularity is shared between them all. Their usually reliable handheld radios, as well as some of their more powerful communication equipment, find themselves interrupted for sporadic periods of time throughout the day. These outages last a mere few minutes at a time and several hours apart, though it is enough to cause some frustration to the average listener attempting to enjoy their favorite wasteland tunes. Though aside from these struggles of an ageless modern society, there is little to be said of the Mud City as the gears of production have only yet begun to turn. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel It is a quiet landing for the Eastern Brotherhood, one which Elder Geraint should be grateful for as they arrive without contact in the Mud City. THE GUILD OF ENGINEERS The industrious little fellows of the Guild go to work without a moment of hesitation, all for the great Choo-Choo. Within the tunnels below Chicago a series of wreckages are found, with a pair of albeit damaged but recoverable trains being found. (+8 M, +6 M OR possibility of beginning repairs on the pair of trains) The Oasis The Oasis faces some troubles finding the bad-men. It seems their adversary is as elusive as a chimp in a jungle, though it is presumed that the runaways couldn’t have gone far. With an expansion of their borders and thinning of security in the dense concrete jungle of the downtown, the chimps make themselves a more viable target to local raider bands. A series of swift raids occur, most of which originating from the north-west of The Oasis. (-100 Chimps, -1000 C, -1 B) Western BoS Expedition As presumed and hoped for by the Senior Paladin, the scribes do indeed come across a telecommunication tower near the control tower of the abandoned airfield. However, the damage to the equipment is extensive and requires massive repairs, a clear effect to the nuclear fallout centuries ago. New California Republic Rangers The attempt of bringing in wasters and escapees does not go as planned. Simply walking around their block in search of personnel is clearly not the way to go about their ‘liberation’ of the Mud City. (+30 Civilized Population) ‘Handsome’ Hank comes off ugly, as gambling is clearly not his forte. The man ends his night losing more than he had bargained for, and in the end paid for it out of his own pocket. Though persistence is key to getting better at anything. (-500 Caps) People’s Republic of Jiāyuán A glorious beginning to the People’s Republic, as their promises to their people are fulfilled and a steady plot of land is settled. A promising start for those in unfamiliar territory. TWISTED SKULLS Burke and his raiders head west, though are not as lucky as presumed in their quest for acquiring slaves and so a mere five men are found and put to work. However they did manage to clear a particularly ravenous den of irradiated wolves, preparing the block for their next expansion. Although they did pay with a handful of lives to trade for their western security. (-10 Raider Pop, +5 Slaves) (Burke +1 Agility, +1 Perception) The Apostles of Christ And so they have found themselves a friend. The research project with the Rangers to the east goes well, although for how long such a relationship can last will undoubtedly be tested in due time. CHICAGO RECOVERY PROTOCOL Scanning for Vaul-Tec personnel... [ERROR]... No users found… Caching database... Initiate: CHICAGO RECOVERY PROTOCOL… The Kingdom Of the three parties sent to their direct cardinal directions, only one returns unscathed. The other two return at half strength, though with a job complete. Although no settlers were found on their journeys, the blocks to the west, north, and east are cleared of hostile wildlife and ready for expansion. (-5 Population) ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL A truly eventful day, and one to remember for years to come. It is the first recorded victory for Rock Island in this new territory, the first of hopefully many. GRAHAM’S HUNTERS A harsh hand they had been dealt, though one which they can reflect and grow on. In these new lands it seems they may fare better than anticipated, as the prospecting of the grounds provides a worthwhile boon; a series of abandoned, though intact structures for usage. (+2 B, +2 M) Chicago Police Department A catastrophic loss to start the year, though to uphold law and order against such brutes is the purpose of the Chicago Police. The plotted routes of the underground are beyond comprehension; a maze of tunnels and clogged drainage that seems to go on for miles, the lengths of which are infested with its own collection of darkness craving creatures and remains of forgotten travelers that had passed through the area. Access into and around this underground labyrinth is easily done, however traversal of it is another story. It would require some time to effectively plot a course there, and longer to ensure it’s safety from the creatures that infest it. Midwest Enclave To say the Enclave arrived would insinuate that they were once never there. Though for the rest of the Mud City they may never know how long the Enclave have stationed themselves in Chicago, and perhaps some may never know they were ever there. A T O M D R A G O N S The manning of the borders to the north sparks a reaction, as a mere few days later the Blackhawks appear along the border numbering easily twice that of the Dragons patrol. Adorned in tribalistic uniforms; their faces painted, bones and feathers hanging from string across their bodies, and their weapons particularly grotesque looking for prolonged damage over a swift death. The message of this garrison is clear; This is Blackhawk territory, stay out of it. The trains, unfortunately, are mostly found in the Union Station, the final bastion of the Engineer Union.
  8. Tales of the Mud City “It is not violence that I fear, but what one becomes from indulging in the lust for bloodshed. Violence, my child, is the last refuge of the incompetent.” – Mother Mary, circa 2268 Chicago, a city nicknamed America’s Heart for it’s bolstering transport system that effectively linked the entire nation together from land, sea, and air. By the mid 21st century, the mob had more control over the city than the mayor’s office. The final straw occurred in 2061 when the mayor of Chicago bankrupted the city by constructing “The Illinois”, a massive mile-high skyscraper, in a misguided attempt to earn his city some recognition. The leader of the Chicago Outfit (Rumored to be descended from the infamous Al Capone) won the mayoral election in a landslide, effectively turning the entire windy city into mob territory. While the energy crisis of the 2060s ravaged the rest of the world, Chicago managed to stay relatively stable and the Mob reigned supreme until that fateful day; October 23, 2077. What remains of Chicago lives up to the original namesake upon being founded in the early 19th century, The Mud City. For nearly two hundred years a volatile and turbulent storm imbued with radioactive waste had ransacked the city in total reign. The large doses of radiation made it a perfect breeding ground for all amalgamations of unnatural wildlife and mutated creatures, some of which even descended from humans that occupied the streets nearly a century ago. Entire city blocks were ravaged by nuclear bombs, buckling the supports of skyscrapers throughout the entirety of downtown causing a maze-like ‘over-city’ hundreds of feet above the streets. The underground sewers and canals seemingly spew forth new creatures each day, a rapidly increasing number of species from crossbreeds to mutated creatures embedded with radioactive DNA. Nearly two full centuries with no end to this vicious cycle. But at long last, sunlight showered the city in its golden glow. In the mid-2260s, the city was rediscovered by several expeditions of various parties; The NCR, The Legion, both the Western and Eastern Brotherhood of Steel, various Commonwealth factions, and dozens of raider cliques that have roamed the midwest for years on end. Now, in 2270, the Tales of The Mud City shall be forged in blood for all across the midwest to hear. Turn 0 – 2270. Emergence day.
  9. Tales of the Mud City Chicago, a city nicknamed America’s Heart for it’s bolstering transport system that effectively linked the entire nation together from land, sea, and air. By the mid 21st century, the mob had more control over the city than the mayor’s office. The final straw occurred in 2061 when the mayor of Chicago bankrupted the city by constructing “The Illinois”, a massive mile-high skyscraper, in a misguided attempt to earn his city some recognition. The leader of the Chicago Outfit (Rumored to be descended from the infamous Al Capone) won the mayoral election in a landslide, effectively turning the entire windy city into mob territory. While the energy crisis of the 2060s ravaged the rest of the world, Chicago managed to stay relatively stable and the Mob reigned supreme until that fateful day; October 23, 2077. What remains of Chicago lives up to the original namesake upon being founded in the early 19th century, The Mud City. For nearly one hundred years a volatile and turbulent storm imbued with radioactive waste had ransacked the city in total reign. The large doses of radiation made it a perfect breeding ground for all amalgamations of unnatural wildlife and mutated creatures, some of which even descended from humans that occupied the streets nearly a century ago. Entire city blocks were ravaged by nuclear bombs, buckling the supportsof skyscrapers throughout the entirety of downtown causing a maze-like ‘over-city’ hundreds of feet above the streets. The underground sewers and canals seemingly spew forth new creatures each day, a rapidly increasing number of species from crossbreeds to mutated creatures embedded with radioactive DNA. Nearly a full century, with no end to this vicious cycle. But at long last, sunlight showered the city in its golden glow. In the mid-2160s, the city was rediscovered by several expeditions of various parties; The NCR, The Legion, both the Western and Eastern Brotherhood of Steel, various Commonwealth factions, and dozens of raider cliques that have roamed the midwest for years on end. Now, in 2170, the Tales of The Mud City shall be forged in blood for all across the midwest to hear. Rules: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KaoztQnbWNvn7Vtyd9FaBU_0-LFd2uZS067UPRaEiCg/edit?usp=sharing Application (Start Location determined in Discord): Faction Name: Civilization Type: Starting Points: Faction Backstory: Characters (Minimum 1) Character 1: Discord:
  10. Qatar Aljadida :wagie: Activity: Expenditures (20k C, 2 M) - Upkeep. (2k C) Construction of 1 civilian factory. (2 M, 4k C) Construction of 7 construction yards. (14k C) Mod (0) - N/A
  11. Qatar Aljadid Emergence of QRSV Allah’s Will, ca. SOL 80 (E.D. – March 21st, 2090) A sudden cessation of the Gandhi Drive’s propulsion brought a heaving shove to those on board Allah’s Will. It was a force strong enough to displace several of both the prepared, and a majority of inexperienced personnel from their seats only to leave them grasping at empty air as they drifted about their command stations within the vessel. It wasn’t the smoothest of introductions, but the crew and passengers were now face to face with the planet that would be their home. “Ya lahwi!” Exclaimed Emir Ayaan as the dull hum of the Gandhi Device faded and unexpectedly shut off, propelling the man against a nearby control panel. Expecting an explanation, he soon got one as the murmurs of confusion within the command deck dwindled, replaced by the collective crack of the speaker system throughout the vessel coming to life. The familiar voice of the automated PA system rang out, calling for the attention of all personnel aboard. “Make preparation for atmospheric entry. All passengers are encouraged to fasten their harnesses and place all items in designated storage compartments.” Ayaan sighed a breath of relief, awaiting the usual ending statement of ‘Our new world awaits!’ repeated after each announcement. Though there was no reassuring slogan for the utmost time. The absence of the phrase brought a calamity to the noble’s unyielding skepticism of the Indian-made device, indirectly giving him the news he had all been so desperate to hear; they had arrived at their new home. Moments passed as the rumblings of lesser crew and ship personnel scrambled to their consoles, ensuring the preparation procedures were all thoroughly executed and reassured by teams under their command. A final go-ahead was given, prompting the Emir to come next to the man wearing the only bleached-white pressurized suit in the room, alerting him to his presence with a clasped hand on his shoulder. “Captain Ali, take us in.” Spoke Ayaan prior to moving to brace himself in his designated seat in similar fashion to those around him as well as throughout the entirety of the ship. From his seat, Ayaan watched as the observation ports dissolved from the pale yellow glow of the nearby star, instead transitioning to a muted purple hue that shimmered into a furious orange, then settling on a crisp light cyan as the vessel entered the atmosphere of this new world. As the rattling of the vessel’s hull began to subside a collective cheer was heard from the rear compartments of the vessel as they had finally, and now truly, made it to their new home. Though there was still much work to be done, an equal number of eager bodies awaited to serve their purpose. Activity: Expenditures (28k C, 10 M) - Ship upkeep. (1k C) Extractor upkeep. (1k C) Construction of 5 civilian districts. (10 M, 20k C) Construction of 3 construction yards. (6k C) Mod (3) - With little use of the station, New Qatar offers the usage of their lore shipyard to the U.N. to be used as they please in an effort of bolstering public opinion. Though only for this year. :goyim: Seeing no alternative usage for their military forces, a detachment of Space Marines and the accompanying Gunship are sent across the world of New Medina in search for suitable regions of expansion, as well as identifying anything else of note about the world should there be something apparent. As the first interstellar foothold of the True Faith, the colony on the Tundra World of Epsilon Eridani is named New Medina.
  12. Discord: You got me Name (colony): Qatar Aljadida (New Qatar) Archetype (choose one): Religious Community Mother Nation: Qatar Sponsoring Space Agency (you may choose one): CNSA Colonial Leadership: Autocratic Mission classification: Military Add. starting equipment: 10 M, 8000 Pop. Background: Known to be a minor nation within the Middle Eastern region, the nation of Qatar was not to be outdone by it’s neighbors who had taken sponsorships from the local MESA. They instead went east, buying out one of the CNSA’s prized colony ships for their own ventures of colonization across the stars while participating in an action of good faith with their eastern compatriots. Presented as a spectacle to Middle Eastern relations with foreign nations, the true agenda of the mission was delicately constructed to extend the ruling Emir’s grasp and bloodline across the cosmos. His eldest son, Emir Ayaan bin Mohammed bin Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani, now extends Qatar’s borders as the divine leader of Qatar’s colonial mission across the stars.
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