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  1. seems cool maybe some fixing but good start +1
  2. RP Name:: Brann Ireheart MC Username:Stargazerology Discord:Stargazzer#998 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?:to help protect my brother and king What Skills Can You Bring?: experienced combatant, and wood worker
  3. The local beach man would appreciate the love for his beach
  4. “Woah so many events, This is gonna be rad” Says the local shirtless surfer
  5. Persus would make sure to bring his best attire and keep his cigarettes at home to prepare for the festvial
  6. Mcname:StargazerologyTalent:Singing
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    Your Application has been: Denied Your 24 hours are up, but don't worry you can apply again Just take more time on the next app, and make sure to have my suggested changes.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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