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  1. MC Name (IGN): Stargazerology Personas (Character) Name: Qing Long Discord: Stargazzer#9998 Timezone:EST Persona’s Race: Hei-zhu Persona’s Age:126 Any particular skills:Martial arts,chi monk, tea, life coach Affiliations and Allegiances:dao and dengyu monastery
  2. IGN: StargazerologyRP Name: Karvek StarbreakerCandidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  3. Qing long would begin construction of a few buildings across the island
  4. Minecraft name:Stargazerology Character name:Taliyun’orrir Sirame Character race:Wood Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s):Hunter and been previous guard, crossbow and tomahawk and buckler Discord user:Stargazer#9998 Time zone: EST
  5. A gorilla monks gives a thumbs up
  6. Minecraft Name: Stargazerology Discord:Stargazzer#9998 Character Name: Taliyun’orrir sirame Race: wood elf Time Zone: Est
  7. seems cool maybe some fixing but good start +1
  8. RP Name:: Brann Ireheart MC Username:Stargazerology Discord:Stargazzer#998 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?:to help protect my brother and king What Skills Can You Bring?: experienced combatant, and wood worker
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