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  1. As dawn breaks over the desolate landscape, a blanket of pristine white snow stretches endlessly, covering the scars of previous conflicts with an icy embrace. Amidst this wintry expanse lies a crude wooden fort, its walls weathered by time and strife, standing as a bastion against the encroaching darkness. Soldiers clad in heavy furs and armor bustle about the fort's perimeter, their breath crystallizing in the frigid air as they prepare for the imminent clash. Torches flicker dimly against the pale backdrop, casting elongated shadows that dance eerily across the snow-covered ground. The War Druid walk upon cold cobble roads, and through inches of snow to join his northern allies and fellow druii to fight against one of many great darknesses that plague the land. Upon his duty and desire to preserve nature’s balance, he would march forward; even deciding to join the ranks of a cavalry formation to charge into the thick of it as he had felt power and visions given to him by his Patron Mani and the Aspects. It was something he has done more times than he could count, always fighting for nature's balance and those he cares for most. Mounting upon a warhorse, he would run his hand across its head. “At ease girl. We both will come back home.” he hummed as he placed his helmet upon his head, getting ready to charge with other warriors. The first sound of the battle was a rhythmic beat of cannons that mimics the beating of a heart. Boom…BOOm…..Boom, how many times has the War Druii heard that same rhythmic sound. Making him recall upon a dozen battlefields, a dozen of deaths weighing on his mind and soul. He looks around as he sees incorporeal figures marching beside him, all of them lifeless in the face. These memories of his comrades bring a sour look upon his visage. How many times has he failed those around him? What if he fails here, what will become of his friends and family? He shakes his head as a dark figure rises over his shoulders, a man made of thorns and steel, a huntsman that has haunted his mind ever since the gore filled beaches upon where he helplessly watched his loved ones die, not too long ago. The cold gray eyes looked to the War Druii as he said “Kill them… release me… then I can kill them…or I kill her…” The man snarled at the huntsmen. “No such harm will come to her..or we both go out…release your wrath huntsmen…and we will slay our foe. Moccus, and the Father demands such.” The Huntsman entered the War Druii’s body as both personalities combined into one figure. At this moment, they lead the ground forces across the frozen wastelands, ultimately leading the cavalry to charge forward soon afterwards. Cannon fire and raging flames destroyed the enemy, yet a volley of fiery arrows slaughtered the horse which caused the War Druii to be dismounted and launched across the snow. He then would rise and rush to keep moving forward to slaughter for his divine creed. Charging across a frozen lake and frozen gate, the Druii raised his shield to block arrow fire, seeing an old friend about to take an arrow shot , he rushed forward to block an arrow with his shield. “ You fool! Let them die.. Focus on the slaughter…” whispers the huntsmen, the War Druii shakes his head. “A friend is still good to fight if they live-” he is cut off as an arrow slides through his visor, piercing his skin where it sinks to the frontal lobe of his brain. Red covers the man’s eyes as the huntsman takes over the War Druii’s body, hearing a shouting from a friend behind. “MOCCUS GUIDES YOU, MAL’ONN. STRIKE FORTH WITH HIS FURY.“ He roars and growls as he feels the spirits of Moccus enter him as he uses all his strength to dash forward to a group of thralls. He missed slightly as spears pierce his leg, this wouldn't stop the War Druii as he crashed into the ranks, slaughtering five men before collapsing. His vision shifted around as his breaths grew heavy and thin. The life in his flesh turning blue upon the freezing north. The War Druii was taking his last breaths. The first vision he sees of his daughter Talienora as a baby, walking in a golden field of wheat. Chasing a fox with a childlike wonder, he followed her with great feelings of joy and love for his family, holding his wife’s hand as he looked to their daughter. Looking around as he watches his first daughter swimming down the river. The one he lost long, long ago. He blinks as he sees Talienora as the young woman, having only just last seen her working on her seed trial items. His hand would then reach out to touch hers, but it phases through like a faded memory. “Im sorry dottir..” he cried as his face turned red. He then attempted to wrap his arms around her yet again, his body would phase through as she seemed to not notice he was there. “I'm sorry if I failed you…I'm sorry I won’t be with you in body…but I will always be with you in spirit…I am so proud of you…you are my world...” Then he shifts his head to a beach, The same beach he had gotten married upon, and proclaimed their love, a love that would last a lifetime until death had parted them. He always wanted to be the one to outlast her as he knew she would be devastated by his passing, but he wrapped his arms around her giving a kiss on her forehead “Love, you are stronger than you know…You have saved my soul more times than not…I will prepare us a home for when you come to join me…enjoy life…have good moments…” he hugged her as she returned with a smile. As she spoke in return, a wave would crash into them, leaving him alone upon a vast endless beach. Her words ushered upon the wind... “Our love will be Eternal, See you soon.” Talliyun’Orrir went to walk down the cold sand until the beach turned into a hall, a wooden and green hall that has many familiar faces of his deceased siblings. He gave each one a hug as it had been a few hundred years since he had seen them. He wanders around the hall as he sees visions of Arle and Sonna looking at his bloodied body as he goes to wrap his arms around his sisters “My dear sisters… You two have helped me more than I can count…the best family I could have asked for…I hope I was there for you…I hope I can be the second to welcome you to the forest. Thank you for all that you did..I love you all so deeply.” The trio would embrace one last time before this vision would end in fire. A raging twisting fire would burn around the War Druii as he raised his hands in a defensive form. His eye shot around from every corner of the fire, seeing silhouettes of twisted flames and shouts as warped images of people screamed at him. Suddenly, red would cover his hands and visage as he recognized each and every individual he had slain. Many he knew he was pushed to by blood mages, but he owns the blood upon his hands. ``I am sorry for meeting you when I did…I am sorry… death has came for your murder… gain your justice.'' The fire would start to rush at the War Druii, attempting to tear him to pieces. Yet in that brief moment, a transparent bubble would engulf him as his friends and family fully surrounded his form. The fire dies out as the War Druii collapses to his knees. A hand went to rest on his metallic arm, his godmother, and mentor Elenora would help the War Druii rise to his feet . He went to give her a hug, then one to each of his friends and allies. The Faces of Bjorn, Malii, Lilyana, Valmir, Zaelyn, Dyonne, Nora, Tailesin, and one more face stood out to him, and one who held extremely close, his guide and friend, Nenar. The two rushed at each other as the embraced, the War Druii lifting his teacher up “Thank you for all that you’ve done, you have been my closest friend, and I will always be here if you need me.” He hummed as he let out heavy tears from overwhelming emotions, Saying goodbye to each person as they faded away, until only the War Druii remained. “I guess it's time to walk into the forest…marching alone once more.” hummed Taliyun’orrir as he started to walk towards an archway of vines and roots. An emerald glowing light would glow from the door away as a voice echoed around the Druii “Not alone, my Omeii.” He went to look around for the voice before an emerald light reached for his hand, moving to grasp ahold of it. The illuminated glow revealing his mother’s form. “Haulen I...” He choked on his words as he looked at the Emerald Maiden. “Shhh.. Shut up and hug me my son, I have missed you.” Awaiti hummed with a soft smile. The War Druii lifted his mother up and wrapped his arms around her, not wanting to let go. “I am sorry Haulen…. For all the terrible things I-.” Awaiti put two fingers upon the War Druii’s mouth “Ssh..You need not to be forgiven…I am proud of you who you are, and who you became. You are a good son… Don't be so hard on yourself silly.” she whispers softly, wrapping her arms around the man’s shoulders. “It's good to have you home…let's head further in. We will have eternity to talk...” The duo entered the archway as roots and vines disappeared into the ground, The Druii’s soul found its peace. Leaving the man’s body to take its last breath, going cold and still upon the fields of battle.
  2. all people have the right's to be heard, and noticed.
  3. Taliyun'orrir and his druidic allies continue to pledge their help towards the crusade.
  4. "For those make a deal, must always be payin they price" This fabled mariner, once feared across the Seven Seas for his unholy pact with eldritch powers, now lay on the precipice of oblivion, the flames of his life flickering in their final dance. Amidst the mournful creaks of a weather-beaten ship, this pirate warlock lay ensconced in the tattered remnants of his once-dreaded vessel, his weary form illuminated by the eerie glow of an enchanted lantern. His gnarled hand, once raised in conjuring curses upon hapless victims, now clung feebly to the relic that had sustained him through countless treacherous voyages. Outside, the tempestuous sea raged, its wrath a reflection of the turmoil within the warlock's soul. The crashing waves whispered tales of his deeds - the plundered riches, the dark rituals, the accursed souls who had crossed his path. It was said that his very name struck terror into the hearts of sailors, but now, as the inevitable specter of death loomed, he found himself adrift on a sea of remorse and longing. With his final breaths, the captain gazed out over the tempestuous expanse, his eyes alight with a mixture of resignation and wonder. The storm-tossed sea, an old friend and adversary, beckoned him one last time, a siren's call to the depths of eternity. And in that fleeting moment, as the boundary between life and the abyss blurred, he caught a glimpse of the horizon – a horizon that held the promise of a realm beyond, or perhaps, the dreaded gates of the Nine Hells, where a warlock's soul would find its ultimate reckoning.
  5. A grizzled elf wonders down the paths of this new land, A journey that has been taken many times before. Carrying the weapons of his faith, and the relics of his kin's past. A single set of goals guide him as he pushes forward, Serve nature, Protect his kin, Honor his Haulen. This path leads him to the finding his old friends, and mentors. A New light shines on this chapter of his life.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgIilRcFEN8 It was a early sun rise, the warm colors filled the sky as A Hei-Zhu would stare up to the sky with a warm smile, he hummed a soft tune "Toady is so beautiful, this one always enjoys watching sunsets with you" he looked down next to him to see that nobody was there. His smiled waned for a moment as he rose to his feet, stretching his body for a few second "Time to get ready, today is a big day, this one must be ready to help "The Hei-zhu spoke as he started to tie his armor panels down to his body, and placed his helmet on his head. Grabbing his weapon that leaned upon a nearby tree, marching towards the gates of Amaetha, humming the same tune from earlier "No river is too wide " he smiles as he enter the great city, his mind and body one as he was ready to do what his must that day Some time has pass, and the forces of the world started to prepare from the upcoming battle. His heart was warmed by the bravery, and focus of people who at one point may have been enemies. United against a common foe. There he met his new mentor, A druii of short size but much larger in strength, and compassion. He also meet up with a might warrior, A ferocious lynx, in her he saw reflection of himself. He wanted to tell her what lessons he had learned, but now wasn't the time. The Dragons roar, and fire ravage the city of Amaetha, but yet the Hei-zhu did not fear any of this, his simple goal of protecting those around him over powered and trace of it. He followed his allies as the ran out to see what was coming, There would the Hei-zhu face a great foe. Two creatures made of iron and burned with fiery rage marched towards the capital, He looked to the two druii, and the other soldiers who came along, all of them knowing what must be done for others to live. Action struck Quick as the Hedge hog druid used his gifts to prepare an devastating attack against the monstrosities, It was the Lynx warrior, and The Hei-zhu duty to buy him time. They blocked for the druii to protect him as he did his work, and work he did. The roots controlled by this mighty warrior forced stones to crash done one of the metal beast as Reinforcements attacked they other. The Beast fell but was only enraged by this, causing a tree to fly at the Hei-zhu, failing upon him. At this moment he had a flash back when he was a slave, and prisoner as whips of leather and flame would strike against his back those thoughts clouded his mind for a few moments as he was pinned under the burning tree. He looks around the fire, his hands instinctively grabs the ground, for a second though he sees a village in fire but not this one. One that he had lived in many moons ago, his gaze ghost lost in the fire as he tears began to fall down his eyes. A single Cry brought him back to reality, and at the moment he kicked himself free from the ashen wreck, Anger and Pain drove him to charge forth. He was not alone in this as the lynx warrior was by his side, together they ran towards the monster to do whatever harm they could. The monster was struck by another attack form the Hedge hog druid, causing it to give one last attack at the two who were approaching it. The Hei-zhu saw this blade as that same memory of the burning village came crashing into his mind, and the thought of how he lost his world that night. His Gaze looked over to the lynx warrior, and he thought if he couldn't teach her, he could save her, something he couldn't done of for his own child. The Hei-zhu knew this warrior had a family waiting for her, his choice was clear. The Hei-zhu pushed the lynx warrior out of the way as she tried to resist, something that confirmed there alikeness. He stood over the warrior as the blade fell through his body, and she was knocked aside. At that single moment everything in his life started to flash before him. He saws his friends, some who have guided him, and others he had guided. He saw an young elfess, who had a hard time breaking away from her shell but knew she and a big heart, He saw a mighty Ram who wielded a hammer made of stars, A stalwart Knight standing by the resting place of her sister, and many more. The last person he saw was A small Hei-zhu child who looked to him with a smile. The Hei-zhu smiled back at him as he looked over to the lynx warrior, being carried away by a brave man "Go to your family...let them know your love..live life happy " He spoke very lightly as his blood started to pour out of him. His gaze starting to fade he looks ahead to his son as he sings "No river is too wide, to from your side" he would let out a deep cough as his blood splatter out "This father shall be,,,with his son" with those final words, he closed his eyes and he let out his last breath. The Hei-zhu would open his eyes again to see a river of many colors, on a small fishing boat was that Child, His child as they were united again. Together the sailed down the river as the both sang a happy tune, for all of eternity. Few thoughts of the life he left behind crossed his mind, but he knew they would be okay, he had faith in all who came across to make their lives great and wonderful, as that is all he ever wanted, Others to love and value life.
  7. I am sad to hear this but this won’t stop me from being a monk and continue what I love to do and share aspects of what life style I follow (sorry didn’t see my original comment posted)
  8. Been in the chi community for three years now sad to see it go but happy for those who role played with us thank you!
  9. The sabretooth druid would wonder around the grove and wild, upon hearing this news he would dip his head before moving with more motivation, in search of a friend that he hadn't talked to in a long time. Preparing his arms to embrace them whenever they next meet.
  10. I understand your viewpoints man! we tried to make it less cultural by removing tennets and player disconnection. Hopefully we can allow more cultures and rp dictate how the magic works. Thanks for your imput brother!
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