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  1. I forgot to add when this closes lol. I'll edit the post, but noon EST on May 10th.
  2. Yong Ping Fundraising Auction Rules Bidding must increase by 10 mina per bid You must be able to pay for the bid when the auction closes Don’t edit your bid, please make a new comment if you’re out-bid No edits to pre-made pieces, other than placing skin parts on existing skins. For that, message Kimika#9499 on Discord. For custom pieces, you'll be DMed asking for references on Discord if you win, so please have some ready. Auction closes May 10th, 12pm EST Pre-made Skins Sunset Sash by Kemobrown- S
  3. Thank you! I rly should've updated the compatibility section before posting T-T
  4. Woops lmaooo, I was using the old chi lore for reference on compatibility and know nothing about paladins. Thank you, I'll edit it!
  5. Chi Rewrite Table of Contents: Origin Explanation Base Monk Abilities - Connection - Chi Feeling - Chi Pools Path of the Sun - Summary - Abilities - Redlines -Tier progression Path of the Moon - Summary - Abilities - Redlines - Tier Progression Magic compatibility Purpose Previously used lore & Cited Sources Chi is a one-slot magic that must always be emoted with a tell of either a red or blue aura. This aura can take shapes of any kind, as long as they are only aesthetic. Origin
  6. WATANABE FAMILY CULTURE Introduction The Watanabe Clan is an Oyashiman family with a rich culture, known for their rebellious attitudes. Due to relations with the Li-Ren family known as the Tianrui, the Watanabe strive to bring together the Oyashiman and Li-Ren peoples. Their primary goal is to protect the honor of those who earn their respect. As a note, this document is completely OOC, and unless you learn the things written through roleplay, your character would not be likely to know them just because you saw it on the forums. I just thought it would be a good way
  7. Crystal Dragon Figurine: 100 mina Discord- Kimika#9499
  8. Watanabe Tattooing Service Custom Oyashiman and Li-Ren Tattoos The Watanabe Clan of Yong Ping is now offering a tattooing service in both Oyashiman and even Li-Ren inspired styles. We use the highest quality materials, including chi ink, deep’s gleam, and nightglow ink. Contact Watanabe Setsuna (Kimikaa or Kimika#9499) for appointment scheduling and consultation! (OOC- Lore for Deep’s Gleam , Nightglow) Pricing Full Package- Custom art reference for your tattoo and a tattoo skin piece that can be put on an existing one (assistance in doing so available), a
  9. Watanabe Fight Club Tournament A colorful poster is strewn about Yong Ping, depicting a rather glorious scene. It would be delivered to the allies of Yong Ping as well, inviting them all to the event. Sign up form- https://forms.gle/ZbNJXTWZDdiRT69ZA The Watanabe Family of Yong Ping will be hosting a Fistfighting Tournament in the Fight Club of Yong Ping. The entry fee for each fighter is 10 mina, and official betting for the audience will be held at the event. To reach the fight club, go to the Watanabe Inn in Yong Ping, across from the teahouse, and go down the lift behi
  10. Watanabe Setsuna kneeled at the shrine containing the ashes of her ancestors, her sister Watanabe Miyako at her side. The pair was silent as their gazes remained fixated on two particular urns, vivid red ceramics branded with twin black dragons. Moving in tandem, they began to pray, reciting a poem known to them since birth; As the moon descends, the fire rises. Kokuryu spreads his wings, His silhouette blackening the sky. His eyes are burning with omniscience; He will raise his children above all else.
  11. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Kimikaa )) Name: Solana Lyun'akal Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( ) Seth Calith ( XX ) Valyris Wynasul
  12. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Kimikaa)) Name: Solana Lyun'akal ((Her age isn't set in game, but it's definitely over 50-- probably around 80-- just in case.)) Vote for Okarir'tir: (XX) Kiljarys an Iarwaïn ( ) Finnadh Uradir ( ) Kolvar Trafina
  13. Lair PRO MC Name: Kimikaa Lair Name: Yujin Monastery Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): https://imgur.com/O8FLvBM -- We only highlighted two as we didn't exactly have a preference beyond these. Our first choice would be near the Talon's Port bay, still on the water, but far enough away that it's on it's own region. Our second choice is off in the desert, near the swamps. Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): https://imgur.com/a/F0Yr
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