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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Wretched)) Name: Ode Vote for Aiera Sullas: ( X ) For ( ) Against
  2. Just a request for when you release the first creative writing side of this, could you keep this theme for it?
  3. There are things I dislike about this lore, but I’d like to start at what I believe is its most major flaw: its purpose, or rather, its lack of one. Its place on the server is left so open-ended and abstract, that I can say with a loose certainty that it will never have one. Your concept is that the community will create its own purpose, but how could you possibly assure the ST reviewing your lore that one will come about eventually? Its mere acceptance is a gamble that it falls into the right hands, and they take it somewhere fun. I know this wasn’t the author’s intention but it f
  4. That’s a whole different argument, though. I’m addressing the idea of expanding what is defined as suicide, not whether death in general should lead to permakills. You could have a system where death is permanent and enforced, or a system where the player chooses when to permakill – any middle ground just won’t work at all in my opinion. Right, but who determines how many times you can die stupidly before it’s a PK? Who documents and keeps track of that? No matter how specific you make the criteria, it’s still not enforceable because it relies on either word of mouth or t
  5. I disagree. Again, too much of a grey area. The character may be naive, mad, dumb, psychotic, etc... And none of those are justifiable permakills. If you were to accuse a player of this, there are any number of in-character excuses they could use to circumvent it. It’s just not a realistically enforceable thing.
  6. I think the current PK rules are fine. You’re dipping into too many grey areas – breaking the laws of a nation is not an attempted suicide, as that persona may well assume they will be successful/unnoticed, they’re not intentionally killing themselves. Likewise entering combat when the odds are stacked against you, is not an indicator that the person is committing suicide. In fact, very rarely would both sides be evenly matched. Don’t get me wrong, I see your point; it can suck when roleplay happens and it leads to the death of certain characters, and then that characte
  7. IGN: Wretched Category: Creative Writing Reader discretion is strongly advised!
  8. In-character homophobia as a by-product of cultural or religious laws seems acceptable to me. The issue arises when what should be a minor in-character ruling of a belief, instead becomes a major aspect of the roleplay (or its niche). A hard in-character push of that agenda should be both avoided and discouraged, because it then becomes an outlet for genuine homophobes to express their beliefs under a veil of ‘being in-character’. All in all, it’s just a matter that should be treated carefully and with respect to fellow LoTCers. Homophobia can cut very deep to some, and upset may s
  9. **A small envelope is delivered back, the parchment within reading as follows:** Your invitation is graciously accepted. **Curiously, a token is also enclosed within the envelope; a small wooden coin with an engraving of an eye on both sides.**
  10. **A scroll has been pinned to Haelun’or’s notice-board.** Fellow citizens of Haelun’or, Over my years of reading and interpreting fate, I have come across consistencies, and these constants are the omens I offer to you with this notice. Though much of my studying in the art of foresight has required little outward aid, with scribing assistance I now write to you to beg your attention to the omens that follow. With the kindness and resources of the Silver State, I have made great lengths in mapping the motions of fate, and delv
  11. Quiet was the Soothsayer, isolated again within the dim confines of his darkened tent. A peaceful solemnity entrapped him, binding him in place where he sat as shakily he turned his palms to the sky, the matching tattoos of an eye upon each vacantly staring upward. Carefully and deliberately, his polished visor raised to peer in the same direction, quivering lips becoming agape as he allowed an ethereal trance to overcome him. What little torchlight that glanced across his features wavered as a sourceless wind encircled him, rattling the torn drapes of his abode and slowl
  12. Very nice lore; I do think voidal magic is a bit stale and could use an endgame for characters that focus on it, but I have a few qualms about some of the mechanics. It’s not so much a voidal endgame as it is a transfigurationist endgame. It’s exclusive to transfigurationists, but its abilities seem to dabble in transfiguration, translocation, illusion and telekinesis. I think the quite heavy use of telekinesis would probably require its own lore, as it is borrowing from a shelved magic. Had this been purely aesthetic like Seer’s invisible hands I don’t think this’d be an issue, b
  13. For everyone reading; ‘Remnant’ in the title here was Johann’s idea first. I looked over this lore a little while back and must have glossed over it. Wasn’t intentional, but I’m the thief, not him. If it’s needed, I will change the title of my lore to something else. As for the lore, I think I created a flawed lore with the Tomes of Power. The intention was good but the execution was not. I think if they were to ever get used in RP again, this is the overhaul they need. I’d love to see you propose some more +1
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