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  1. Wretched

    How to make Criminal Chars last?

    The most important thing is to make a character that happens to be villainous, not a character for the sake of being villainous. There is longevity in a well fleshed-out character, there isn't in a character that only exists to be a villain. Trust me, managed to play the same villainous character for several years by focusing on the character, rather than the acts they perform.
  2. Wretched


    brings a tear to my eye when something goes wrong, I blame liri, and nobody understands the reference anymore (hi this is benboboy)
  3. Wretched

    How to make a good Antag/Villain/Killer

    This is a question i've answered a few times after playing a villain (Knox) for a few years, and the Anthos antagonist. Because honestly there's no single good answer to this. Some of the best villains I've seen are essentially on some other mental plane, seeing justification and even beauty in atrocities. But many would-be villains fall short here because they just make a character that is designed to be evil, instead of the character being evil as a result of their train of thought. Knox for example was mostly a reactive villain, he wouldn't usually just go out of his way to go killing people, they'd do something unusual which would upset him, and his tension would slowly rise until he ended up trying to kill them just because he was bonkers. If you're going for a psychopath, the focus of your RP cannot be 'evil' or 'murder', you need some form of justification for antagonising, even if that justification is warped and twisted. This is actually where the Anthos antagonist failed, they were evil for the sake of evil, and nobody really enjoyed it. Another very good type of villain is the 'Chaotic Good' genre that I do admire when I see it - characters that genuinely want something good for the world, and believe that brutality and death are an effective means of achieving it - the end justifies the act. One particular villainous memory I did really enjoy was this innocent enough woman that lured people into her home and slowly murdered them, mostly because it took me so off guard. A not-so-obvious villain can be equally as terrifying the moment their intentions are revealed. I can't remember the exact player that did it, but I do remember them going off into mental rants about the state of the world the moment the characters were no longer in public, her psyche changing instantly and after it was done, returning off back to normal once more, in disguise, waiting for another victim. While it is easier to allow a character to naturally become a villain rather than create one from scratch, it's not impossible to do it the other way. But what I would suggest is that you don't make the character instantly villainous, and spend a while working on their state of mind expressed through RP. People, from what I've personally experienced, will enjoy roleplay with a villain if they need to do some work on their part to figure out exactly what's wrong with them, that reveal of insanity or villainy is the first step in engaging people with your roleplay. I'll end saying that for a really good villainous character to work, you just have to be memorable. If you look at all the infamous villains of LoTC, they have something in their style and their RP that you don't see anywhere else. This takes a great deal of time, but ultimately if you build enough of a reputation people will enter RP with you with far greater respect and, perhaps OOC tolerance to your villainy. If you can prove you can do it well, they'll let you.
  4. Prepare your bookhole

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      im ready dad

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      Cool now i just need to wait 4 months for you to be on ?

  5. Are you going to rewrite the Cervitaur lore? Just interested seeing as I quite enjoy playing one ❤️ one of my fav Lore pieces and races. :D 

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      Sweet if I can find any and they say yes I'll tell you ❤️ 

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      i say no.

      edit: haha jk that sounded harsh

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      Tf man. Satyrs are where it’s at

  6. Wretched

    [Rewrite] Metztli; Daemon of Time

    Metztli was originally created by Xerdun years ago when he wrote the Kharajyr lore, and she only really became a Daemon when whoever was managing lore (shiftnative and mogroka I believe?) told us that was required in order to make her fit into lotc's lore. She was never made for the purpose of 'time' she was originally just some mysterious god entity that made her own worshipers. I gave her the role of time god when Aenguls/Daemons were each sort of given a purpose for existing. If I'm honest, nothing other than that has ever really been fleshed out (her role of time god was mostly for the sake of prophecy RP brought from the magic which was active at the time), which is where I believe the work needs to be put in. Seeing as she's meant to be some sort of caretaker of time, I'd say her true desires would be to allow potential futures to come to pass that she desires. Toying with the idea of 'fate' however is a particularly hard thing to put into lore, mostly because as much as Metztli may be able to see the future, we can't lmao. And working something that complex into the minecraft platform of lotc would be extra challenging. I think there is a lot of potential for Metztli, and straying away from her being a purely Kharajyr orientated deity is good, but for anything substantial to come out of her lore I suggest you significantly clarify on what Metztli's role/stance/power over time is.
  7. ya human and cats I believe, which is why they dont have a long lifespan, inheriting (at least in part) the human curse.
  8. Wretched


  9. Wretched


    I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong by a lore trial, but I'm not certain a trial would accurately portray their placement on the server. The trial would likely mean giving the guns to a small, specific group that has studied the lore and is actively working to ensure that the trial passes. My concern is what happens when this lore is opened up to the entire playerbase.
  10. Wretched


    I quite like the siege weapons section of this lore, I could see cannons working nicely for wars. General firearms I don't see working out - firearms only have two possibilities of functioning: either they are powergamed to oblivion (regardless of the lore and limitations mentioned in the lore, it will happen) or said rules will have to be so strict that actual enjoyment from them are lost as players argue over the fine details and circumstances of their use each time somebody tries to use one in roleplay. I appreciate that this lore is making a very clear effort to minimise the possibility of powergaming by detailing everything that can and cannot be done, but on our platform where we don't have an automated system to moderate it, it's up to the individuals involved. There isn't really a happy medium with guns, overly strict lore isn't fun to roleplay with, and in this case lore that isn't strict enough will let loose a torrent of powergaming. tl;dr I don't think actual handheld guns will ever have a place on our server. But cannons though - that's good stuff right there. I'd honestly focus more on the siege side of this lore and develop the technology and use behind those in particular, because they can be staff moderated while the rest cannot.
  11. Wretched

    [Pending]Dizzy771's Lore Master Application

    he once tried to stop me crashing the server he failed +1
  12. Rarely support any app but Mog would make a stellar LM, +1 Also, you've been here closer to 7 years now.
  13. Minecraft Account Name(s) Wretched Discord Wretched#6173 How long have you played on LoTC? 7 years. Timezone and Availability (BST) England What lore are you versed in most? Creature lore, world lore, Aengul/Daemon lore, historical lore. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC -ET Actor -ET Builder -Game Moderator -Lore Master -Lore Team Director Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Plenty, a lot of it can be seen across the forums and the wiki. Getting specifics would take me some time, but I can do when asked. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? No. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? Nobody just yet.