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    Players needed for Event [8]

    IGN: MayRndz Discord: MayRndz#7051 Time played: around 70 days since I joined and over 311 hours on my current person. Reason for applying: I failed my first application for the ET team and I wish to get in some experience before I attempt to apply agin. I think it’d be a good experience to see what I may be dealing with and what I might have to do if I end up on the team in The future Experience with past events(s) I have run: I have not run or planned out any events before on LOTC , but I have helped assist on a few medium events on previous rp servers ov been on , Iv also Participated in a few of the events you’ve run before.
  3. MayRndz

    Malevolence: Event-Item Thread

    Name of Item: Voidsteel Blade Rarity: Legendary (I think I’m not 100%) Interactable: (Y/N) I think Obtained from event: yes Name of Item: Broodmother eggs (already hatched into baby slime pet by malgonious, but it seems like I still can obtain more information on it) Rarity: Rare ( I think, I’m not 100%) Interactable: (Y/N) yes Obtained from event: yes
  4. MayRndz

    [SELLING] Llamas

    a poster would be neatly printed and spread all over different towns, and cities Llamas for sale 3-6 slot llamas ,all colors avalible for trade. 3 slot llamas - 100Minas per llama 6 slot llamas - 250Minas per llama Speical deal, buy three 6 slot lamas in one sale for 600Minas Save 150Minas. Or buy three 3 slot llamas for 250Minas Save 50Minas. ( comment here, Contact GoSmokeRndz , on LOTC, or contact MayRndz#7051 on discord if your intrested in buying a few llamas.)
  5. Username GoSmokeRndz Discord MayRndz#7051 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Halsworthy / Fenn Staff History N/A , i'v never been staff here on this server specifically. Overall iv been a mod on a few servers before though. Ban History N/A, not on this server. I have been banned before because of my friend refunding ranks on a previous server, though its not my fault because he bought the rank for me. Blacklist History: N/A. Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the Event team because I love the idea of writing ,and playing out events.I love Roleplay ,and creating unique experiance's for both me ,and the other players. Joining this team would allow me to create many fun ,and unique experiances for the LOTC community. I have alot of free times on my hands and i would like to use that time to support the server i play the most. I feel that event team would be the most fit for me as i love the kind of experiances the event team has to offer me and i want to be able to provide that for other players. Why should we accept you onto the Team? You should accept me onto the event team because I can offer my time and service doing something that i love. This server is amazing and though i have'nt been here long i look up to the members of the current event team because they have provided me with many fun events and I want to be able to make other players be able to feel the same way i do about these events. I know I may have only been on this server for about a month, but The event team is something i wish to someday be apart of even if i dont get accepted this time around What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I want to create events that the players enjoy , and that the event team aslo enjoy. I have no spacific types of events in mind because i know that certian player groups have their own prefrence on what types of events they like to praticipate in. What makes a good event? 1. Knowing what the players like 2. Something that doesnt have a confusing plot , and or something that follows the lore. 3. An event that has plenty of room to expand the storyline. 4. something lively that gives players lots of fun uniqe experiances and oppertunities Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Event #1 - Scene: Deep in the frozen tundra ,a band of explorers wanders through layers of freezing snow following the footprints of something gynormis. they stumble upon a small camp off in the distance ,as they hear petryfying screams for help. A colossal rouge giant would be seen ripping through the meager town. You and your class of followers rushes to their aid Unseathing your swords, raging into a battle between you ,and the enormous giant. The golem would screch in anger as you'd weaken it and would run from your gang of cruisaders , as your continue to chase it on foot. After a long tiering chase you'd aim for the final blow taking down the giant you ,and your crew would cheer in joy as you've sucessufully completed what you were sent to do. Event #2- This event would be more like OOC sighnups as groups of 3-5 would compete to get 1st place through 3rd place. It would be formated kinda like a dungon where the groups would be given a series of tasks to complete ranging from, Rp interactent , to PVE. it would be setup with puzzles,and much more. The first ,second, and third group to make it to the end would each recieve something. this would be a Worldwide event open for anyone to join , each room would acustom something different to keep the players intent, and to make sure they have fun completing each task. The only way to get to the next room k would be to complete each task as in if the first room was PVE , once all the mobs would be killed they'd be allowed to move onto the next room , Unless everyone would be eliminated during that room then that team would be knocked out of the race. Event #3 - Scene: You and a group of 5-8 people would walk into a tavern to ask the bartender about a map you would have found previosuly that would start by the map leading you'r group to the tavern. He would look over your group before responding to your question with, " i'v seen this map before' , it's known te' lead ya teh' aincent haunted ruins. i'd suggest you lot turn back before ye end up getti possesed lookin' for em'." Your group would'nt head the bar tenders advice and instead would follow the map throught the area untill you stumbled upon a deep dark forest. looking over to your group you ask " This may be where we get lost, all who wish to continue step forward." You and a majority of your group would step forward some heisitant but unwilling to give up as they've made it tis far. As you follow the old overgrown path into the forest you slowly loose sight of the light that usually pour in from the sun.You'r group would come across an old looking building leading underground and by instinct you would explore furthur comming across a set of old dorrs you'd chceck if they were unlocked , they would be ,so you and your group would wearily enter the Ruins. as youd enter torches along the walls would creepily light up illuminating a path for you and your group to follow throughout the labrinth like area. as your group would furthur explore you'd see aincent writing on the wall. as youd run your fingers along the wall youd spot a button like letter and youd press it into the wall. your group would instantly feel a rumbeling noise as the way you came would collpse in and your group would be stuck. you'r new goal wasnt to find any sort of tresure but it was now to escape the aincent ruins and come back in the future with a bigger group to cover more ground in a safer way.
  6. MayRndz


    Maxine Falon Kaz'ul, was born and raised in the vast thick forest on the outskirts of the kingdom of Norland. she was raised with 6 younger siblings ,and was quickly taught how to fight off monsters and to fend for herself , though throught her chialdhood she grew close to her siblings most of all ,when maxi was 17 her father died , and her siblings split there seprate ways to create a lives for themselves. Maxi constantly traveled around but she found that she liked it best when she was in the forest's. She loved nature ,and one things that she focused on was becoming as smart and strong as she could be. Maxine is currently 19 and she loves in the vast terrain around the kingdom of Norland. over all her years of traning shes become a very capible strong swordsman and fighter.