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  1. Had my +1 the first time and still has my +1
  2. Speaking from personal experience it can be daunting to approach situations like these. Many feel pressured not to make the report out of fear for further harassment - or even out of embarrassment for becoming victimized. Something to keep in mind regardless of such is that it's not okay. No matter the circumstances - no matter who did it. Don't be afraid to approach and ask for help, or just generally seek someone to talk to. I've been there, done that, been in uncomfortable situations. I don’t condone it to any level. I know it's hard to speak about at times, but it's important to know that you're not alone and not the only one. That being said, if you'd like to speak to someone, feel free to reach out to me on discord (MayRndz). My DMs are always open.
  3. DARKNESS It is what lingered, fog sat above the waves and nothing could be seen in the distance. The rocking of blue waves against the shore, against the sandstone that lined the banks. The outline of a ship blackened by the night off in the distance, one lonely light hanging from the figurehead that left a golden glow in the midst of the dark. A battered sail became visible as they sailed closer to the shoreline, the silhouettes of men and women tugging at the ropes, manning the ship as it rocked back and forth. . . and so the ship approached the tropical shores of Amathine. LONESOME ROCKING. . . “Break the Curse of time, Where Light does not touch, But embers shine. The trees sing, Creak and whine. Where minds wonder, Only sleep can crine. Deep below the waves, Sunken coil of Shrine.” [This is part of an ET eventline that will begin shortly along the shoreline of Amathine, PM MayRndz for any further information]
  4. hot take though, yall raid at 3am and noone logs on because its 3am should the defenders have consiquences?
  5. We were considering this (numbers not set just an example) 5 or less = conflict not a raid 5-10 = similar raid rules to now with no ping groups larger than 10 constitute a raid w/ an hour warning (That warning results in PVP being enforced) Agreed, adds more than just clicks to the system.
  6. A wandering pirate gaze scanned over the missive, her head dipping into a slight nod as she read through each, her fingers running acrossed the constellation's designs "It is the stars that guide you when you are within the open sea" she mused offering a small smile "This is well done."
  7. Thulith’tayna The Living Metal Material Name and Description (Raw Form) Buried deep within caves, the material having remained untouched by descendants for the longest time resided a mineral that pulsated with natural energies. Discovered by the Mali communities it eventually bore the name Thulith’tayna, or the living metal. The mineral bears pungent green markings, deep crevices and cracks running along the material making it appear extremely brittle, near impossible to break off in large chunks. The ore itself bore a dark appearance that contrasted the swirling green streaks. It was incredibly light, but what it lacked in density it made up for in its fragile complexion. Chaotic echoes of sound reverberated off the metal. The unrefined ore is capable of leaving a prolonged ringing in one's ears; irritating and distorting. Often leaving symptoms similar to sea sickness such as headache and nausea to one who leaves their ears unprotected. Red Lines (Raw Form) The ore is incredibly brittle and must be carefully chizzzled from the surface around it, otherwise it would break into dust in smaller chunks. Its extremely light however as mentioned its brittle complexing makes it fragile to handle. The echoes of sound reverberating off the ore would be chaotic and loud to those who held the ore, unsettling to keep around for too long. The unrefined ore is so loud it is capable of leaving one's ears ringing, causing headache and nausea. Wearing something to muffle or prohibit the sound would make it progressively easier to mine the ore. This is an open resource that doesnt require ST-Signature Harvesting Method Thulith’tayna is generally found in caves deep within forest and jungle areas that are overgrown and unmaintained by descendants. The deposits have had years to build up being left undisturbed. Though it's not uncommon for the sound of the mineral to lead you to it, many would find themselves simply believing it was a part of the natural forest till they found themselves in close contact. In order to obtain the mineral one would use a chisel and hammer, carefully working their way around the edges of the material to break it free. Harvesting Red Lines Harvesting this material is a long tedious process to break it free, taking upwards of a couple hours. Due to the sounds reverberating off the mineral many would find it hard to concentrate, and upon leaving the caves their ears would continue to ring for a short amount of time. Wearing something to muffle or prohibit the sound would make it progressively easier to mine the ore. The harvesting method is public knowledge Material Name and Description (Refined Form) The refined living mineral has no set application, varying from smith. The material itself similar to ferrum in terms of strength. once refined and shaped, however when hit against other metals would offer a reverberating echo to all ears in a radius. Example being a sword clapping against another would cause it to echo its song. The material is no stronger than Ferrum in composition. Given its complexion, once the metal is shaped it cannot be reshaped without risk of it breaking. It can be smithed into practically any item that you can make from Aurum. The material reverberates an echo of a song when hit against any other metal. The song, while subtly disruptive, offers no additional advantage or effects. Applications (Refined Form) Jewelry The material itself would be similar to Ferrum in composition in strength when smithed into the refined form. The metal reverberates with a specific ring when hit against other metals, producing a unique echo. The echo itself once refined offers a subtle ring in one's ear but does not leave lasting damadge to one's ears etc. The material has the same strength and composition of aurum. Instruments Given the unique song of the metal itself, it is able to be made into instruments that produce various tones and songs based on the size and shape of the item. Offering a truly unique instrument for bards and alike to use. Akin to mundane instruments producing unique and varying sounds through different sizes and shapes, the metal can be used to produce interesting instruments such as drums, and flutes. Refining Technique Harvesting the living metal is fairly straightforward, so long as one carries a steady hand and the right tools. Requiring one to first locate the location of the metal deep within a cave, prepared to be met with its reverberating tone. Once successfully harvesting a chunk of the material they then require a furnace capable of at least reaching the forging point of ferrum. The smith must put the material into a crucible and melt it down at temperatures around 930°C scraping off excess impurities from the top as it begins to become hot and molten. If one doesn't scrape off the excess impurities then the metal will begin to crumble before they can cast and shape the metal. Once melted it will need to be casted into a bar before being able to be put through the long process of hammering, shaping, and stretching the material to its desired shape. Given the song of the metal and its fragility, the hammer must be swung at a constant tone almost like an echo of the song the mineral lets off. The musical art allows it to be shaped undisturbed by the conflicting sound. If the process isnt followed while forging, the echo of the metal itself will begin to distort with the ring of the hammer, causing dents and breaks in whatever the final desired result had been. Refining Red Lines One is required to remove the impurities as they work, less the metal will become brittle and start to crumble once heated. The cleanest way of shaping and forging is through casting an ingot and beginning to shape what is desired from such shape. The refined metal takes a black green tint. Does not require an ST signature, can be found, refined, and forged through mundane methods. Purpose (OOC) The major part of it was to add a flavorful material that could be used and shared by everyone. Overall it was a personal idea that originated from one of my own mali’ame culture projects.
  8. A softened rumble rolled through a wild ame's throat, brows furrowing as eyes narrowed to a squint albeit briefly. A breath shuddering out as she attempted to clear her vision of the scene, head shaking absurdly from side to side, and ears pressed flat against her head in bewilderment. She stood there frozen for a moment before settling off to search.
  9. Grasping is for the things we can already entrap and work on, as for Sealing it’s more of a made to be a band aid and can be broken, but yes the thought is we can work on those things that have no plausible way to be closed.
  10. The exhaustion system from communion and control is the same here for the ease of learning - however the two spells that have longer cooldowns already require multiple druids due to their stature so those cooldowns won’t be reduced - and are mainly event esque so shouldn’t need to be.
  11. Druids - Guardians of the Wilds Blight Healing “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained." - Awaiti the Orison Origins Stories to behold told of a Gift created from the pure essence of nature itself, the origin within a shroud of mystery since the beginning from the First Druid himself. The myth that surrounds it is said to come from the Nature Dragaar, Taynei’hiylu. With her emerald flames, she flew and cast it upon the vile taint and disease that was from the Great War against the undead forces. Its power burned all abominations within its path while the flames washed over and healed the land anew. A gift created and passed on from the green dragon herself so that she could assist in heralding a new future. Where druids could accomplish their duty and serve nature true to their word. One where she could watch over from a distance and yet still know that the world in its true form would be safe. The sacred Art of Blight Healing is of direct divine. The Druid focuses upon their connection to the natural world to then invoke natural energies, which manifest as mist, to spread across the land and cleanse it of any vile taint and corruption. This comes in many forms, from a barren wasteland devoid of nutrients and life, to the magical corrupted taints of necromancy and horrific Voidal destruction of the land itself. With such a precious and powerful gift however, it comes at a cost. That of the most exhausting of the subtypes where the druid pays a heavy toll with their own body. These teachings as passed through generations developed into something much more impactful to display the true connection between druii and nature itself, a true understanding for the world and life around them. Over millennia, many Druids have channelled the potent energies down their arms whereupon it vaporizes into a mist, which envelopes their hands, cleansing and restoring the life of flora in their hold. However over the years druii have learned to celebrate their gifts alongside their work, and create unique and beautiful visual displays. Creating beautiful visual displays of those powerful forces to be reckoned with, a gift which is passed from teacher to student is the ability and understanding of such manipulation - some manifesting in a blinding fog that spreads out around them, another creating the rippling of a stone hitting the gentled surface of a pond, others choosing a beautiful display of flames which rage and eat way at blight. Magic Explanation Druidic Blight healing is the pinnacle of druidism, and the ability to heal and restore balance back to nature properly, through means of healing magical blight and other sources. The magic allows druids to extend out their gifts giving part of their own mana pool to restore life. Primarily used for means of healing magical imbalances and pollutants created within the realm, and is passed through regular means of being passed from teacher to student requiring one to be within peak condition due to the heavy toll the spells can take upon one's body and mind. Blight Healing is a Druidic MA that requires one to be a druid of at least Tier 3. Blight Healing takes up 1 magic slot. Blight Healing is taught via a teacher that must hold an approved [TA]. In short Blight Healing contains a better comprehension of lifeforce, and is the druidic counter to magical and non magical blights. Exhaustion Druidic abilities may not be cast indefinitely, as the Druid must essentially use their own energy to feed plant growth, or to ‘power’ plant life so that it may be healed, replenished, or moved. This leads Druids to expend themselves depending upon the abilities used, and a Druid will find themselves suffering from extreme exhaustion from time to time, even if they have carefully paced their use of abilities. Exhaustion does not necessarily refer to physical, bodily exhaustion, as if you’ve just run a marathon. It is the lack of Druidic energy within the Druid. A druid may fall to their knees, breathing heavily or wheezing, they may pass out altogether, they may be wracked with internal agony, or even all of the above. When exhausted, the Druid is unable to use any further abilities without risking death to themselves, and should not be attempted in a combat encounter. Blight healing itself being one of the most strenuous gifts will leave druids exhausted with the fullest use of their abilities, even simple spells becoming strenuous and near impossible to cast in combat when the druid is one on one. Though blight healing itself lacks combative purpose outside of the potential of grasping and sealing, it still takes a toll on one's body and mind Combative spells for Blight Healing for this reason are limited to once per encounter, grasping as well limited to one irl day, and sealing a ritual that activates a cooldown of 1 irl week. It should be noted that Blight Healers are often taking on a physical appearance of one who is tired and aged, dark circles hanging heavily under their eyes and subtle wrinkles forming across their foreheads. Their minds become warped by the agony of nature around them, and the experiences linger within the back of their mind. When casting at the full peak radius of non-combative healing spells, a blight healer will find themselves feeling lethargic and weak, only able to cast the spell once before feeling the effects on their body. When casting in groups druii are more capable of healing a larger radius, and power sharing to avoid excessive exhaustion. After the roleplay concludes, a druid's energy will replenish over an IRL hour, however the druid will require rest to fully replenish that energy, so one who continues to stay on their feet and work after bringing themselves to the brink of exhaustion may find that it takes close to 1 IRL day to fully replenish. Casting at full capacity/radius for your Tier will cause heavy exhaustion. Casting at full capacity/radius for your Tier allows only up to one spell before effects are felt. Casting at a lower capacity : ex. A T5 blight healer casting blooming in a 2x2 radius will find it easier and less draining. The timeline of casting can be expanded via VIA power sharing, ex a T5 druid power sharing with a blight healer could bring their spell capacity up to 3-4. However it must be noted that the physical exhaustion of prolonged casting will leave heavier side effects on the Blight Healer. A druid's energy will replenish over an IRL hour, however the druid will require rest to fully replenish that energy, so one who continues to stay on their feet and work after bringing themselves to the brink of exhaustion may find that it takes close to 1 IRL day to fully replenish. Blight healing itself lacks combative purpose outside of the potential of grasping and sealing, however it still takes a toll on one's body and mind. Combative spells for Blight Healing for this reason are limited to once per encounter, grasping as well limited to one irl day, and sealing a ritual that activates a cooldown of 1 irl week. “I do not kneel. I do not succumb. I fight. I fight and I yell until either me or my enemy is dealt.” - Tailsen, The Lynx Druid Mental & Physical effects: Though druids are blessed with such a precious and powerful gift it comes at a cost. That of the most exhausting of the subtypes where the druid pays a heavy toll with their own body. Often taking on a physical appearance of one who is tired and aged, dark circles hanging heavily under their eyes and subtle wrinkles forming across their foreheads. A druid in their twenties may appear more as if they are within their thirties or fourties having aged from the tireless work. Though blight healers are known to be wise, for their choice to master the gifts of blight healing and through the appearance of their often graying hair, their mentality and mind are known to be suffering and deteriorating alongside their bodies. Struggling with their own humanity and becoming lost within the voices of the world around them. Prone to projecting the suffering of nature around them instead of their own. Abilities Blooming [Non-Combat][Infusion] - T1 Blooming is to teach one an understanding of the lifeforce that flows throughout nature itself and is the first step to learning Blight Healing. The student invoking the healing mists to infuse it into flora and bring back its vitality and vibrant coloration. Causing Flowers to rebloom, and nature to return to its original lively state. Fertilising [Non-Combat][Infusion] - T1 Where barren lands are stripped of nutrients and soil, the Druid in turn can invoke their mists to seep down into the earth and restore fertility within. Once a student has begun to grasp Blooming, they can be taught to progress that ability to restore the potential for growth of the land. The druid is capable of making even the most desolate of areas susceptible to life. Regeneration [Non-Combat] - T2 Regeneration is the base of understanding the vast world of fauna and animal life, invoking the mists and one's own mana to heal both natural and fae creatures around them. While not always a pleasant experience for animals, the assistance of Druids can help to ease discomfort and unintended damage left to fester. Weaving a web of mists around the wound and casting upon the creature they are capable of healing and closing the wound. Cleansing [Non-Combat][Infusion] - T3 Cleansing acts as a foundation for allowing plants to take root once again in areas that may have become desolate through means of blight or pollution. In areas where druids must pruge diseases and taint or blight from the land and flora in the vicinity, Cleansing may be used to assist the druii in maintaining the land once again. Akin to burning away the infection of a wound. In an effort to heal imbalance, a Druid is able to purge the land of disease, whether natural or unnatural, to restore life to sickly lands. Stories can be beheld of large groups of druids banding together hand in hand to assist one another and restore health to large sums infertile lands. In cases where taint and blight affect the fauna of the land instead of base cuts and scrapes, a Druid may use an advanced form of Purging to heal Cernunnos’ beasts of magical corruption. Capable of healing these beastly creatures of taint. Awakening [Infusion] - T3 [Once per two IRL days] Awakening has been passed down from Druid to Druid for centuries. Usually performed upon staves, it serves as a means for Druids to defend themselves as well as leave behind a lasting piece of themselves for generations to come. Known to be a particularly advanced Gift, the Druid must utilise their mastery of both Blight Healing and Communion of Nature in order to properly Awaken. These staves or objects eventually can become sentient with a personality of their own over time as they progress - having been infused with many generations of druidic energy creating its own demi-lifeforce minimicing that of its creators. Decay [Non-Combat][Infusion] - T4 Decay is obtained when one has a true understanding for the balance of life and death, that all things must eventually be put to an insufferable end before it can truly blossom once again into something new. The ability allowing a druid to expel their mists outward offering suffering plants a chance at passing on peacefully, put to a restful death. Grasping [Non-Combat] - T4 [Once per three IRL days] The pinnacle of application of the long standing Gift of Blight healing, the formation of a temporary sanctified spot where only true and unabated nature may exist. A spell which allows druids to perform their duties even in the most uncomfortable and dangerous of places creating an energy shockwave shooting out around them in a radius, the energy cleansing the area around them and allowing it to blossom as if surging with life. A sanctum is formed around the spot they hold, a bastion of nature for Attuned to hold the line. Sealing [Non-Combat][Ritual] - T5 [Once per one IRL week] Sealing is a ritual in which allows blights to be sealed into one area if it is not capable of being cleansed, druidic energy infused into a ring around the blighted or damaged area the force while draining the druids performing the ritual also prevents the further spread of the source. Tier Progression Tier 1: Regarded as the beginning stages of blight healing, the druid is slowly learning how to summon and manipulate their mists. Capable of expanding them in a small radius around them. This Lasts for 1 OOC week. Blooming Fertilizing Tier 2: The druid is becoming more adept in manipulating the mists, creating a greater understanding for Blight Healing. Able to expand their gifts to assist not just Flora but Fauna as well. Lasts for 1 OOC week. Regeneration Tier 3: The Blight Healing student is beginning to better comprehend blight, and imbalance in the natural world, capable of learning how to heal mundane and magical blights. Their casting radius is still limited, becoming much larger. This stage lasts for 2 OOC weeks. Cleansing Awakening Tier 4: This stage regards the druid capable of almost full-comprehension for the Blight-Healing mists, their comprehension putting them a step up in understanding the life-forces around them in itself, capable of putting creatures to a peaceful rest. This stage lasts for 2 OOC Weeks. Decay Grasping Tier 5: The druid is fully adept in Blight Healing having gone through Months of practice and meditation to show mastery of the abilities. The Druid has become a master of bringing natural life from total death and suffering. The blight healing abilities have become much less straining upon them, and capable of being cast in a larger radius. Sealing Mani-Summoning Credits Writing: MayRndz Previous Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/186716-✓-magic-lore-druidic-blight-healing/ Consultation: RaiderBlue Junoix Dragonoftaters DrusustheDumb GlassySkies Marsloll
  12. IGN: MayRndz DISCORD: mayrndz CATEGORY OF CHOICE: Skin TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: Matriarch of Darkness
  13. The riptide druid stares at the missive for a moment "Ah seems like my side of the family has an infection for this" the elfess mused.
  14. MayRndz


    Order of the Sun “To will change upon the self is to change the world. Only through will can all balance be attained." - Awaiti The sun's order serves as a council of druids who protect the balance, fighting to be the endless light in the darkness. They seek to not only comprehend themselves and nature, but to become those who heavily guard it, as well as to have a mutual respect for those who are around them. Their lives are simply one set of roots interconnected to a tree; a tree of life containing various cultures, deities, ideals, and overarching lifestyles. The belief that what's around them should be understood to the best of one's abilities and in some ways respected in order to truly understand the balance. “The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccesable; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, When the mind is open to their influence. Nature never wears a mean appearance. Neither does the wisest man extort her secrets, And lose his curiosity by finding out all her prefection. The flowers, the animals, the mountains, Reflected the wisdom of his brightest hour.” Excerpt from "NATURE" Core Values “It is by undivided devotion that I can be known in such a form, truly seen, and entered into.” Those within the order commit themselves to the balance, ready to devote themselves to fighting dark-spawn and corruption spreading across the realm. Ready to face the highest level of potential dangers. Those who adhere to its principles stick together as a pack of wolves. They guard each other fiercely and that is how their values are maintained. “Honor is a reward of virtue, you cannot expect it but rather allow it to be given.” Honor is something that though all within the order possess deep down, it is not acknowledged and rewarded by regarding one any higher than the others. Those within the order don't flaunt their accomplishments nor expect those to honor them until they have proven themselves to their duty itself. “Let that passion burn through you, it is that sanguine flame that drives you forward.” Followers of Asul’fiyem hold their heads high with pride allowing their emotions to drive them to success to become a motivation to continue going. They put their feelings within their actions, and channel it to their ascendancy. “This world is broken, and we must be the ones to herald its future, to heal and restore it.” Pride is found through success, the order out to seek taint and what has been lost so that they may restore it properly to the natural balance. The ever repeated tale of careless or malicious mages wielding voidal and dark magics to harm, knowingly or unknowingly, the Balance is something that must be swiftly stopped before it can be told again. Don't find enjoyment in the violence, but seek it in accomplishments. “To find purity is to understand that it requires one's own will” Though those within the order actively seek to understand other cultures around them, and the various lifestyles so that they can better comprehend their own job they still believe that dark-spawn and those of darker arts are impure and a taint even to the tree whose roots create this realm. Ontop of this; It is an accepted truth that even the attuned druii that follow the creed’s teachings are still Descendent and are inherently unnatural and impure to the Balance. This simply means that, as impure servants to the Wild Gods and the Balance, we must never assume our right to anything. Our right to life in the natural world, and to death in the Eternal Forest, must be earned by proving ourselves to the Wild Gods. Beliefs The way of the sun is one of intriguing descent, where everyone is welcome and there is no set culture that one must follow, shunning the ideals of druidism requiring an ame heavy culture around it to focus more upon the cycle of life and the balance itself. Following along in their ideology for respect towards culture would lead one to find respect for not only their own beliefs but those around them. Their goals to comprehend others to a better extent to make communication itself better. Freedom is a core in which unites one body in peace and content; Members of Asul’fiyem finding peace in the ability to freely roam the world - encouraged to do such, so that their expertise could be vastly expanded across the lands. The balance isn't a cycle of constant peace. Instead an entity that is under constant pressure and change, where everything is a part of it but moving and creating new ideals and styles, something that the order believes they should change with - create new ideals and lifestyles that flow like the rushing river. To live in sync with change instead of trying to stop it - but to prevent what is unnatural such as voidal rifts and taints, and the work of necromancers. Ilmyumier Those of the order bear markings created to represent the sun and moon as an endless cycle of both chaos and peace- life and death; a balance within a world that is made up of ‘one tree with many roots’. The ideals they stand upon and fundamentals of a sun permanently shining to show there is always light even in the dark. More often than not the druids of the order infuse their markings with kuila so that they may glow even in the darkest of places. Structure Suns Conclave - All are considered equal within the order of the sun, however a wild council is elected by those within the order to represent the druii and spearhead the work ensuring proper communcations among druii. They are role models and those who lead the order. Pillar of the Eclipse - Zaelyn Arvellon Pillar of the Sun - Avyndriel Pillar of the Moon - Elenora Divardi Wayfarer - Members of the order that are attuned and learning various druidic arts. These are both teachers and students who all work in unison to learn from one another. All can teach through their own means and ideals - so long as they are doing it in favor of their duties therefore there is no set of tasks or trials which specifically have to be completed - but centered around what makes the dedicant learn and progress best for themselves. It is common among this order to send students out to other teachers and the wild council to ask questions - or even ask if another may have a task they believe is fit for the Neophyte. Neophyte - Those who are regarded as Neophytes are dedicants as well as those who are seeking to learn about the order - and those within it. Thus anyone undergoing trials or seeking knowledge from the order is referred to as a Neophyte. Rites and Traditions Rite of Passage Death is an acknowledged part of the cycle for most sects of druidism. While it is a somber occasion for most, with many followers being closely knitted in the pursuit of balance, it is also a cherished passing. The duties are dangerous and those who commit to them lead uncertain lives while seeing them fulfilled, sometimes offering a sacrifice of their own soul to repair what has been broken. All druids of the order are given an honorable, respected, and grateful funeral in the hopes of ushering their spirits faster into the Eternal Forest. The dead are laid upon a pyre and sent out over open water - arrows blazing with flame each shot by a druid to remember the fallen warrior. The fire remains lit until the body is burned to nothing and returned to the earth to fertilize the soil living upon the lands that druii once protected. Attunement When a druii is attuned to nature it is something regarded as a celebration of someone new choosing to walk the path and join the order. Often attunements are regarded with others of the order watching in reverence until the newly attuned druid rises from the water to speak their totem aloud - met with their totem being chanted by those lingering around and blessings of good faith. Gifts to assist in their endeavors of a druid or unique trinkets can occasionally be given as the day is spent celebrating sometimes with feasts or just lingering in the company of those who are regarded as near family.
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