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  1. Discord: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon BID: 290
  2. Change is a part of the life's cycle, apparent in just about everything. If you don’t like something, change it, and if you can't change it.. well change the way you yourself view that thing. Zaelyn had always been one to explore and ponder on what resided around the realm, but somethings you can't even begin to comprehend. Looking back one would probably wonder how she felt life was going to be, but within the present you would find that thought is a false reality for the druid. Growing up isn’t easy, and sometimes you face the most unexpected challenges of both loss and gain. She had become a druid at first because she had thought she needed to prove to others what she was worth, but so far within this lifestyle views have changed and with that soo too did her reasons for why. A Riptide… that had been her totem, a strong current that flows across another, unpredictable in its wake of movement. When you think of a riptide you think of the dangerous, unpredictable, wild currents near the shore of the ocean. It was fitting for her at the time, but now it seemed almost wrong… she wasn’t such an unpredictable person, but rather she knew what she wanted, and was willing to work towards it. The hardest thing about her was being able to let go. Every night, for the past weeks she had been shown the same thing while being drawn to sleep. The feeling of getting dragged below the ripping ocean current, being trapped below the surface and no matter how hard she tried never able to swim up… that dreadful feeling of being unable to breathe in such water and right before she released that final breath every time… she woke up. A vision isn't always something you comprehend so easily, maybe it’s trying to tell you something but almost never in simple words, never in a way you can think of and realize without thought being put to it. For that same reason you’re endlessly looped through it until you see something you didn't notice at first. For Zaelyn, it was the fear of letting go of that final breath, keeping her from moving onward. It took her a while to figure out what it was telling her, but this she knew for sure. Getting dragged into that vision one final time she closed her eyes, sinking deeper into the water and the tides that ripped and turned around her. She didn’t offer any struggle or objection, ‘Let go’ she thought to herself as she let the water fill her lungs, everything around her being consumed with a dark void of black. Her mind was blank, nothing to see or hear. . . ‘How did I end up here? Why did I end up here’ ‘It will all become clear oem'ii, just give it time’ Before long the subtle glow of a light seemed to spark in the distance filling the void, becoming brighter with each moment until it was nothing but blinding forcing her to close her eyes. When they were to open again she saw the night sky before her, littered with stars of all sorts, and she remained there until finding herself waking up again under the same tree she fell asleep beneath. It was a combination of two druii that taught her she needed to move on in life, one taking more forceful matters and the other becoming a true family to Zaleyn. She was different than she had been because of these people and the change they had encouraged within her. She no longer was of the ocean and tides, instead the light of a thousand thoughts and one word filled her mind… starlight.
  3. Discord: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz Style: Half Sketch
  4. DISCORD: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok BID: 270
  5. DISCORD: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok BID: 250
  6. Orriran'taliiyna Igne'onn __________________________________________________________ “Keep your wits sharp and your blade sharper.” ______________________________________________________________ The story for how the creed of the sanguine fire came to be is a short one, though it does not lack adventure. It's a tale of blood and battle during the twilight years of the first age, beginning with Miklaeil Arvellon, the leopard druid. He was a veteran of several wars and found himself fighting over years of combat, during this time he began writing down his beliefs perhaps at first with the thought that others would soon find it, and later it was published. This first tome was known as the “Creed of the Sanguine Fire'', a name meant to invoke feelings of deep passion and strength in those who followed it, later it led to a small following of druids, warriors, crafters, and a mix of all three coming together to learn from the tome and fight with its teachings. Druii who follow this can be noted later fighting in many battles involving the Hunger Tear during the Voidal Crisis of Arcas, the great Inferi Invasion, and disrupting many taints that began to consume the new lands of Almaris. The core duty of these warriors alone is to be the guardians in the wild. They hunt the corrupt and tainted of the natural world and cut them out, they purify the debris left behind through their own blood and fire, and they do it all with the very spirit of the Mani in their souls. Forged in war and passion, tempered by insight and honor those druii and devout who follow the teachings of the Orriran'taliiyna serve as armored warriors, protectors, scholars, and craftsmen in the name of the Mani and Wild Gods. The sanguine followers are meant to emulate the fierceness of a wolf, the stealth of a panther, or the power of a bear defending her cubs. They ponder on the deeper meanings of the balance and how they feel they should best safeguard its fragile beauty. What was once a simplistic style of beliefs has now become a lifestyle that many follow. Not all that brave the challenge and walk the path become druii either some simply follow the sanguine way because they feel it is right to them, though it is primarily lead by a small following of druids. The followers of the Orriran'taliiyna believe in the Aspects and the Mani Spirits as most other druii and Aspectists do closely following and respecting the teachings of the Wild Fath, only the creed’s vision on the matter alters the commonly accepted views. To much of the creed, the Aspects are not gods to be worshipped but instead are vast, conceptual forces of nature to be respected, those that create and take life according to the natural cycle. It can be said amongst the Orriran'taliiyna that the Aspects are merely two halves of the cycle, Cerridwen representing the side that creates and sustains life while Cernunnos represents the other that takes it and forces it to adapt. The Wild Gods, or as they’re commonly referred to “The Mani”, are the true recipients for the creed’s worship. They are known to have physical forms and known to grant blessings or curses upon those deserving of them, the work that only divine beings could be capable of doing. Thus the creed offers them tribute and worship, usually in the form of rituals and deeds done in the name of certain Mani. It is imperative to never ask the Mani for anything more than the most simple of blessings, for the Wild Gods are temperamental and it is hard to know whether they will give a blessing, a curse, or simply attack those who dare bother them outright. However, in the case that circumstances are so dire, it’s not specifically forbidden to seek the Wild Gods out personally. Only discouraged for the sake of one’s own well being. ______________________________________________________________ “Our purpose in life is not to be happy, that is a luxury. Our purpose is to be useful, to have compassion, to make some difference to this realm while we’re still able to.” - Sister Riptide ______________________________________________________________ Core Values “A seeker of the flame must have their utmost devotion to the Mani to succeed in their mission.” To be a follower of the wild flame means you value devotion to the highest degree. The creed is like a close knit family, those who follow it stick together akin to a pack of wolves. They defend each other fiercly through loving care and savage defense, most members and followers coming from rough backgrounds, many found as refugees. Not only do they show devotion to each other but the entirety of the pantheon is followed by those of the creed, however it is not uncommon for those to choose specific patrons to show reverence towards. “A true passion that burns within you is something that can never be undone.” Passion is the fuel to the fire of every heart that beats to the Sanguine Fire. Every emotion and action taken by the Sanguine are done with the full intensity of their hearts and soul. When found in battle they fight their foes with animalistic primal fury of tooth and claw… When with those they care about they express their love and devotion to the highest extent. Emotion can be both a disadvantage and an advantage, for the sanguine warriors they put their feelings within their actions, and channel it to their ascendancy. “No druid has been honored for the path they take but rather what they have accomplished along it.” Noone ever gains honor and respect by standing alone, rather they show their self-honor through action and word. To serve the Balance as impure beings requires a certain degree of humility and respect given toward the flora and fauna that we meet and protect within the creed. The Sanguine way teaches that one must always offer apology and reverence for the actions taken in nature. To hunt and kill a natural beast for food or material, never sport, must be followed by proper thanks given to the fallen creature for its death and its bounty used to the fullest possible capacity. To always offer proper offering and care when taking from the flora of the wild. “You can't expect to survive the worst unless you walk the path of a warrior.” To be Sanguine is to be the ultimate survivor in a world of predator and prey, to follow this path you learn what it's like to hunt and be hunted by enemies of all sorts, and even the most destructive of taints. Their core value of warriorship and survival can be interpreted a few different ways depending on the situation. For most, it’s the pure, natural instinct instilled into every creature from birth. Elves are blessed with long life, which means it should be lived to its fullest in both quality and length. “One that is pure cannot be tainted by that of another lost soul.” Following the theme of Balance, the maintenance of purity in nature is a more grim but necessary part of the creed’s duties in life. The ever repeated tale of careless or malicious mages wielding voidal and dark magics to harm, knowingly or unknowingly, the Balance is something that must be swiftly stopped before it can be told again. This often means the hunting and killing of mages, simply put. To enjoy this work is heavily frowned upon for the Creed teaches that it is a necessary evil, knowing that not all mages are the gaunt, pale sadists that they can be painted to look like. Some are simply that of the curiously inclined with no harm meant toward nature, of which the Creed must be understanding enough to offer the chance of redemption before drawing steel. Following this theme of purity, it is an accepted truth that even the attuned druii that follow the creed’s teachings are still Descendent and are inherently unnatural and impure to the Balance. This simply means that, as impure servants to the Wild Gods and the Balance, we must never assume our right to anything. Our right to life in the natural world, and to death in the Eternal Forest, must be earned by proving ourselves to the Wild Gods. “One should die just as they have lived, respected for their accomplishments and remembered as one of our own.” Death is an acknowledged part of the cycle for most sects of the Druidic Order with the Orriran'taliiyna being no exception. While it is a somber occasion for most, with many followers being closely knitted in the pursuit of balance, it is also a cherished passing. The duties listed in this tome are dangerous and those who commit to them lead uncertain lives while seeing them fulfilled. When these brave individuals, druid or not, fall on the creed’s path, they are given an honorable, respected, and grateful funeral in the hopes of ushering their spirits faster into the Eternal Forest. This somber event begins with a hunt in which the participants remain silent and utter not a single word and in full, traditional armor until their return to the site of the feast and burial. Once returned with their prey, the feast is held where the fallen are remembered with cheer as well as with sadness until the time comes to burn the body of the fallen warrior. The fire remains lit until the body is burned to nothing but ash in a natural stone basin where the burned remains may be gathered up. Once gathered, the ash will be used to fertilize one of the surrounding Miruel’ame trees that make up the burial forest of the Orriran'taliiyna. This forest, hauntingly beautiful with the fog produced from the Miruel’ame that make up its woods and the bright red leaves that fill the canopy, serves as one of the most sacred sites to the Orriran'taliiyna. Rituals and lessons of a more serious or dire nature are meant to take place within the shrouded confines of this forest’s hold, with the center being the great burial ground of the creed where the spirits of the dead are free to pass on to the Eternal Forest beyond. ______________________________________________________________ “Following along our path means you become both the hunter and the prey” ______________________________________________________________ The Sanguine Codex I. Hold those of the creed to a higher degree. Family gives you the roots to stand strong. - Family is the compass that guides us, siblings become inspiration and comfort. - Like branches on a tree we all grow differently in separate directions, however our roots always remain as one. - Aim for the highest heights to protect those you hold close. II. Learn from those in history that came before us, they will show the path of success and failure. - Unless we learn from those who came before us, we are destined to repeat their same failing actions. - To understand today you have to learn of yesterday, and the days before. - Within history you are always a student to its various teachings. III. Live life to the fullest. To be afraid of what could happen is not to live. - Don't be afraid of what could happen in the future, rather focus on aiming towards your goals. - Noone can hold you back except your own self. IV. Alone we are but one drop, but together we are an entire ocean. - The power of one alone if focused can be formidable but the power of many is stronger. - Don’t act alone, act alongside your siblings of the sanguine fire for we are stronger as one. V. Don't harm those who are innocent, and protect them as if they are your own. - We stand to run into battle, we stand to gain scars for the innocent, we stand for this because if we don't who else will? - Once you know of the atrocities of life, you cannot remain silent, speak out for those who will not speak out for themselves. VII. Never share the secrets of our creed with those who create disdain. - Tradition is sacred, secrets are to be kept, to share with an outsider what few already know is an act of treason. - To become a member of the creed silence is reverence in correlation with our ways. VII. Walk alongside the Mani and Aspects, choose never to contradict our ways. - Offer reverence to the ones we follow, for they are what we believe in defending. VIII. To issue a Challenge means you act with reason, and you fight with honor. - Never show means of deceit when a challenge is called upon, it is our sacred tradition. - A challenge is generally a fight or challenge issued over an argument that cannot be decided upon. A Hearld must issue the type of challenge after it is requested. - Death is never a means of finishing a challenge, but rather how well one can overcome a struggle. IX. We are one with the natural cycle of balance, so protect and nurture it as you will. - The balance is something we must work to preserve and repair, for some damage is undoable and some can only be helped with our action. X. Let your Passion guide you forward. - One who can let go of fear from anything that holds them back can accomplish far more than someone who is controlled by fear. ______________________________________________________________ “Clean your armor like you clean your kill after the hunt” ______________________________________________________________ TRADITION Armor and Weaponry The first of these and perhaps the most notable being the signature style of armor that most who follow the creed wear, both casually and in times of conflict or hunting. The pieces vary from person to person but all follow the same general style with T-shaped visors on the helmets and body plating that often is segmented on the chest in the case of half-plate suits. Trophies can also be spotted adorning this unique armor in the form of pelts or other such memorabilia from past successes and trials. These trophies, when taken from creatures of natural origin, are worn as signs of immense respect for the fallen creature and worn as a means of carrying their spirit with the creed warrior as they succeed through yet more trials of faith and life. Kuila Kuila crystals, coveted by druids for their interesting reactions and storage capabilities for natural mana, can be crushed in a fine, crystalline powder that may be infused within steel amidst the forging process of weapons and armor. It offers no boon to the metal except for the dim glow that will radiate from the infused metal when a druid communes near it. These kuila infused weapons, and in some cases armor pieces, are given to newly attuned students of the Orriran'taliiyna as a gift from their teachers. Ichor As the name suggests, followers of the Sanguine Fire consider blood to be the purest form of both life and death. It is the essence which maintains life in all animals, and what leaks when they pass on. Offerings to the Mani always have the blood of animal or Descendant in one way or another, and funeral rites are often done with paints and offering in blood Markings The mark of the sanguine flame follows one design and is placed at the back of the neck, often covered by hair or helmet and the dye used to make the mark can be mixed with kuila dust to allow for the tattoo to glow just as one’s weaponry does. For the attuned druids of the creed, the mark is etched with their chosen totem as a personal touch. Once this mark at the back of the neck is made, many members both attuned and unattuned continue to add onto it like sapling growing limbs. Experiences, age, and achievements are often marked into this beautiful tapestry of time. Tattoos designed by the wonderful Numirya! ______________________________________________________________ “The heat of passion burns hot in crimson blood. Through this passion, we devote ourselves, Through this devotion, we honor our ancestors, And through this honor, we grow strong. Our passion is the Sanguine Fire that our veins bleed.” ______________________________________________________________ Hierarchy Herald The Heralds act as guides for the rest of the devoted Sanguine, they are primarily made up of the attuned druii within the creed and are those who often hold the order and balance. Once a Fledgling has passed their trials, the marking can be given by a Herald of the sanguine flame. Heralds Zaelyn | @MayRndz Layla Arvellon | @Nummy Protector of the Wild Flame Those within the creed who have shown themselves to be fully fledged members, they have forged their armor and decorated it with trophies of their success. They have show their devotion to the Wild Gods through hunts and battle alike, and are attuned druii much like the Heralds. Hunter of the Wild Flame Those within the creed who have become fully fledged members same as the protectors of the Wild Flame, although they are not fully attuned druii or have chosen not to walk the path of being Attuned. Fledgling The uninitiated of the Creed are those not yet tested by the Wild Gods, and thus have yet earned the right to their Sanguine armor and weaponry. They are encouraged to accompany the initiated and the Herald, and Followers to learn the ways, and in hopes of being passed their next test. ______________________________________________________________ Credits I (MayRndz) don't claim all credits for writing this post, and only created some of the new additions and traditions, and in the workings of if have brought all information that has built up over the years onto one sole hub page for the Sanguine Way. Original Writer & Creator: @ThumperJack Additional Credits (For past and present posts): TwistedFries, Endaaron, HeftyDonut, Numirya, MayRndz If you're interested in joining feel free to reach out to me on discord MayRndz#0069, or join the discord of our creed; https://discord.gg/CnJcBRMQ Previous Lore. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185849-creed-of-the-sanguine-fire/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/186739-hunters-of-blood-and-flame/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197378-tome-of-the-orrirantaliiyna-igneonn/ ______________________________________________________________
  7. Happy to have the server back. Thank you to all the staff who put in work these past 2 days to get this update done! Rest is well deserved and I appreciate you all for the work you've done.
  8. I didn’t know the person well but the feeling of loss can strike those hard, and I know what that’s like. To share a verse of a poem that speaks to me - “Miss me a little, but not too long, and not with your head hung low. Remember the love that we once shared, miss me but let me go.” May he Rest In Peace.
  9. 𝗩𝘂𝗹𝗽𝗶𝗱𝗮𝗲 (Art not by me: https://www.deviantart.com/kuroi-kisin/art/Dama-vulpes-613850529) Summary & Characteristics: The Vulpidae are agile fox-deer hybrid-like creatures known for their cunning intelligence and agility in the forests of Almaris. These forest dwelling creatures have inhabited the land of the titans for hundreds of years, their nocturnal habits making them stay hidden to the eyes of the public for the longest time. These creatures are adapted diversely to many conditions, though prefer to stick to a variety of rustic wooded conditions because of the shelter of trees offered. They are known for their sleek and guarded foxlike pelts with a variety of colors resembling different vulpidae species. Upon their backs and tail they are spotted with lighter patches of fur resembling similarities to a young white-tail deer. Specific to the males upon their heads they have beautiful shaped antlers that branch out in many directions. The females have small antlers that point out on an angle, only growing till they reach about three inches in length. One may notice that their antlers will shed on a yearly basis just like deer. The legs of the Vulpidae tend to be longer than that of a fox, their standing height up to their shoulders being about 50 cm on average. The base of their legs resemble the keratin hooves of a deer in shape though are instead split into four sharp toes, with claws used for hunting purposes. The creature is not commonly found within civilization as partners due to their finicky personality, however more recently descendants have been found to be cultivating and taming small groupings of them as pets and companions. They would rather flee than befriend someone else tending to be a species that quite enjoys solitude. The only known reports of descendants being attacked by these creatures are defending a nearby burrow of young fawns. Vulpidae antlers range in a variety of shapes and sizes much like ones presented above. Temperament: In the wild, this species of creature tends to enjoy solitude and being alone, limiting their interactions with descendants and other creatures in the wilds. Instead of attacking they are more likely to flee any given situation unless placed in a location where they feel their young are threatened. The Vulpidae is able to be tamed, however their likeness towards another is likely to be because they were raised by descendants, or because of an association with food. Just like any other creature when being raised up they can be trained and develop both negative and positive habits. If it’s reliant on food and you forget to feed it, they can choose to run off. Dietary Habits: The Vulpidae species is known to be omnivores with a diet that consists of wild fruits that can be found such as berries, and they occasionally will eat the buds of flowers off of low bushes and trees in the spring and summer season. Their hunting habits include commonly small game like mice and squirrels and fish. They have extremely fast reflexes allowing them to lunge and attack with their powerful fang lined jaw. When not under pressure they will have a tendency to stay near a known source of water. They hibernate during the winter, and so commonly will be seen storing as much food as they can within the fall season in lite of prepreation. Housing Habits: The housing habits of these creatures commonly include ones similar to foxes, burrowing down partially into the ground with a bed lined with leaves, mosses, feathers, and other comfortable factors. They sleep in these burrows during the day and commonly emerge in late afternoon and night hours, only returning when they have to feed their young or when the sun begins to rise. They will specifically create their dens that usually provide some sort of predatory advantage for example finding areas at the edge of a rigid point. This keeps them safer. They can commonly be found in any of the habitats listed below. - Evergreen Forest - Tropical Deciduous Forest - Mediterranean Forest - Temperate Forest - Coniferous Forest Social and Mating habits: Vulpidae are known to be monogamous meaning that they will mate for life commonly with one female, and when this partner passes they will remain single for the rest of their life. The males once reaching the age of a full year they will go out in search of a partner, cleaning up their pelts and singing a clicking sound with the intention of attracting a female. Commonly they will have a litter of three to four ‘fawns’ once a year giving birth in the late spring season. The parents will stay with these fawns until they are roughly 7 months in age, ready to venture off into the forest on their own. These creatures tend to remain entirely solitary outside of their mating habits, and will mark territory with scent markers warning off other vulpidae species to stay away. Life Cycle: fawns are first born into a family that commonly consists of two parents and two to three other siblings, having little interaction and knowing little more than the scents of these few. They are born about the size of a hairless kitten with eyes closed and will remain like this protected in their den for about the first four weeks. During these four weeks they will begin to grow in a fluffy coat of hair, and they will start to open their eyes. They are born with little nubs in the place of their antlers. After the first four weeks they will begin to emerge from the den and start to play outside; though they will never stray far during this stage of growth. Their coats over time will increase in thickness and begin to sleek out for the next four to five weeks,and their antlers will begin to increase in length, becoming little nubs between two to five inches in length. After the first eight to nine weeks the mother will no longer nurse her fawns, instead they will start eating meat and harder foods brought to them by their parents. Occasionally they will be brought live food like mice to “play” with to increase their hunting ability before they are able to go out. The female antlers tend to finish up their growth cycle after the first two months, the males beginning to slowly branch out in size, though may seem to halt in growth for a bit giving them a chance to increase in size so the antlers won't be too heavy. In the fourth to fifth month the parents will begin to teach more to their fawns about hunting, and developing solitude driven life habits. It is common for the fawns to stay with their mother until the fall comes, and their thicker winter pelt begins to grow in, in which they will leave the den to wander off on their own. Once they reach the age of one year they will be considered fully grown with their adult pelts, and larger antlers having finally grown in. Vulpidae are known to live till about 40-50 years in length in average, though in captivity with proper care they are known to live till about 50-60 Cleaning Habits: Much like many other mammals they will clean themselves, tending to constantly groom their own pelts keeping themselves very tidy and scent based. They groom themselves by licking their own pelts. When they bed for the day they will clean themselves for hours on end before slumbering. Besides their own pelts they are generalized clean creatures, and will keep their dens and burrows very organized and tidy, nothing ever seems out of place around their homes. Due to this habit they are known to hoard objects and keep them until it gets to the point where they can’t all fit. Trivia: Vulpidae are known to be very cunning and smart creatures, and have a habit of being tricksters. They will bark, scream, and howl much like wild red foxes do. https://youtu.be/iPFTEuT3d4I They express their affection through a series of yips and barks. A vulpidae baby is called a fawn, and a grouping of them is called a rangale. They hoard objects and when owed they will often cause clusters in the home of their owners. Their pelts tend to be based on location, and generally vary based on species of existing foxes. Redlines: Domesticated Vulpidae can get as small as an average Fox, though in the wild they generally are no smaller than the shoulder height of 50 cenemeters They can live to an upwards of 50 to 60 years, though are considered elderly living past 50. A Vulpdae cannot be used to metagame location or anything similar, nor to powergame hiding or stealth. They follow all general server redlines, and rules for companions. They are not willing to fight other beings for you on command unless it's for their own protection, and or unless they cannot flee the scene. They Are able to fight in an event setting against creatures, but not used against players. (Aka. Hunts or battles against other entities.) They cannot be used during player run events for any of the reasons stated above in the redlines. They will not tolerate abuse or starvation, and will leave their owners for such reasons. Credits - All art and images used within this post are not owned by me and credit goes to their rightful owners. - Thank you to @APurrfectNobodyI took inspiration off of your lore format!
  10. Leilatha the enchantress stood in the open field, her gaze trained upon the stars and sky... in all her years she had seen death and destruction at it's finest each and every continent facing problematic battles "Is this what I was warned of? Calor Mors... the death of all things." she questioned having previously heard of a world ending event approaching while fighting with the pink haired 'ame Axilya. A certain riptide druid Zaelyn watched the sky uttering a silent prayer, the only beacon she had ever seen in her lifetime brought death.. would this sign be any different? Her ears pinned back, lips pressing into a thin line "A moment of peace would have been nice." holding a maple wood staff in the palm of her hand she prepared for whatever was to come. The homely old haense lady stood at the bar of her tavern, "Hope people come buy my alcohol more because of it" Valerie spoke
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