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  1. Valerie Kortrevich-D'Airelle looked over the invitation, a warm smile crossing her visage, "My little soeur is growing up." The woman seemed to release a softened sigh, "Oh how bland life will be wizout z'ose little gosses constantly running around me."
  2. MayRndz

    SkiN Auction

    May's Skin Auction The auction shall be open from February 12th - February 17th @ 5pm EST. Information - Bids start at 35 Minas. (I take paypal aswell but meh) - Bids have to be increased by 10 Mina. - Don't edit former bids I can see when you do and I will be watching. . . - You must be able to pay the price you bid once the Auction closes FORMAT - Comment using this format if you wanna bid Discord: Skin: Bid: - EXCUSE MY LAZY NAMING I AM TIRED not gonna lie some of my shading on these got last af Blue Orange Robes
  3. [!] UPDATE: Change Log - Specified that the creature cannot whatsoever be used in combat other than a mount. -Specified that they cannot be used during player run events. - Removed egg laying rolling system. - Changed the physical requirements such as sleep needs between brown and gray bokolos to be more realistic. - Removal of Magenta Bokolos due to a tolerance for magic being more of a training process rather than a born tolerance. - Within bokolo characteristics a carrying capacity for how much weight they can support has been added. - Added
  4. [!] As Valerie looked over the document a small smile formed on her lips, "Bonne chance petit frère."
  5. IGN: MayRndz Character Name: Valerie D'Airelle Age: 25ish Place of Residence / Street Address: Koenastriet I Position: Alderman
  6. The Grand Winter Gala The Grand Winter Gala of year 9 of the second age is in light of new beginnings, and acknowledgements of the past. Hosted from the constituent; La maison D’Airelle. It is a time to honor those who have helped strive towards change, to rise from the ashes of un feu qui fait rage. The gala will be a night of identity, the dress code consisting of light, and cool scale colors. First Proceeding - An opening statement by Valerie D’Airelle The eventful evening shall start off with a speech by miss Valerie D’Airelle herself, welcoming everyone to the Gala
  7. Snail Owner: Valerie D'Airelle Snail Name: Francis Residence: Koenastriet 1
  8. I haven't known you long since well.. I threw myself on hiatus for a year, but regardless I have gotten a chance to know you, and I'm glad I had the chance to before you said your goodbyes to LoTC because I do wish to continue talking to you and talking about musicals randomly on your streams :)).
  9. Bonjour, citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, I’m sure a few of you may know me by name, or for my unusual Auvergnin accent, however for those of you who are unaware; Permettez-moi de me présenter, my name is Valerie LLeanna D’Airelle. Me and my family moved in and became proud citizens of Hanseti-Ruska about 8 years ago, and since I have been here, the people have been nothing but encouraging, and hospitable. Though you may not know me for many grand accomplishments like many others may be known for, I have been a member of her royal majesty's queens court almost since day one of me moving in,
  10. IGN: MayRndz Character Name: Valerie LLeanna D'Airelle Age: 21 Place of Residence / Street Address: Carrion Corner IV Position: Tribune
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