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  1. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    ” 1270 “
  2. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “ 1250 Mina”
  3. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “ 1180”
  4. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    ” 1150 “
  5. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “1090 Mina”
  6. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “1070 Mina”
  7. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    *would let off a soft grumble willing to raise the amount offered “ 1050 Mina “
  8. MayRndz

    [Slave Auction] Amanda the Human for sale!

    “1000 Mina for it.”
  9. MayRndz

    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    IGN: MayRndz Character Name: Maxine Luftun Nation/Group Representing: No one specific Are you a leader of this group (If Yes, please list your discord information below): Nope Cause for joining the Campaign: To defend and protect the lands that are traveled , and Iv been apart of multiple previous events. Previously Interacted RP(Malevolence - Firelands p3): Attack on Santiega
  10. MayRndz


    Out-Of-Character Information: What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: MayRndz Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yepppp Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: uh like 4-5 months How many accounts do you currently have white-listed (including main)?: 1 Might i add this account is technically alredy whitelisted under my brother's name on the server. He has no plans to play anymore, and i have requested to take over his account (which yes he did grant me the account). do note i talked to a GM ,and an AT member before making the alt application. I was told for precaution, and so the account can be moved under my name in files to make the alt application anyway. This is so I can play it freely without having to end with a ban, for using an account that's not set under my name in files.
  11. Oh i didn’t realize that. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me about them! ill edit them in then.
  12. Minecraft Name MayRndz Discord MayRndz#7051 Timezone U.S. EST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Humans They originally descended down from Horen(The first king of man). They are a very common race , with a variety of appearances. There are three current sub-races descended from humans, Farfolk - a race of men and women with many different skin colors , appearances , and cultures. Highlanders - A race of men and women from distant lands such as Norland. Heartlanders - a more formal race of men and women , they are known to be found living in bigger cities , with a usually more civil community.Humans though one of the most diverse races , are cursed with the shortest lifespan , known to only be able to live around 100 years. Elves They are originally descended down from the malin. Though most of the elven races are tall , and have long ears, they have four sub-races. High elves- They are fair skinned , and have hair that's usually ranging from silver - to blonde , there eyes usually ranging from anything between Green, Blue, Purple, or Grey. Dark Elves - They have dark skin , and are usually very bold. Their hair ranges from White , black , copper , and Silver/Grey colors. Wood Elves - The most diverse in elven subraces.These people are tied closely to nature , they are usually found wearing natural colors , with hair that is usually shades of Brown , and black. Their eye colors range from Brown, Green, Black, or Yellow. And last Snow Elf - They are the most isolated race of elves, usually having pale skin , and white, or grey shades of hair. They commonly have Silver, Blue, Purple, or Green eyes.These elves are usually found keeping to themselves , within the princedom of Fenn , isolated from most outsiders they reside in cold climates that not many other races enjoy. Almost all of the elven races enjoy a long lifespan of a couple hundred years. Dwarves They are The original Descendents of Urguan. Dwarves are generally known to be between 3 and 6 feet tall, and hold a strong build. They consist of 3 subraces - Mountain Dwarves - known to have lighter skin , and a variety of skin colors. They also commonly have Brown, blue or black eyes. Forest Dwarves -They are known to have brown toned skin , with A variety of hair colors , though usually consisting of darker colors ,such as amber or brown.They common have Green, Grey, Brown, or Pale Blue Eyes. Cave Dwarf - they are dark skinned ,and commonly found with grey and black hair. They eye colors usually range from Brown, Blue or Black.Most dwarves are cursed with lust , always wanting more , and hoarding valuable items. Orcs The Descendants of Krug, Orcs are known to be cursed with bloodlust , and they always are seeking fights , and war.Orcs are split into three sub-races. Uruks - The most common and dominant.They are known to have black hair though commonly dyed with blood. Their eyes range from an asort of colors such as Blue, Brown, Hazel, Amber, or rarely Red. Goblins - the smallest and most unique sub-race of the orcs. They usually have black , or brown hair, sometimes dyed red with blood , just like their brethren subrace , the Uruks. Their eyes usually range from colors such as Blue, Amber, Brown, Hazel, or rarely Red. And lastly Ologs -They are the largest of the Orc subraces , they are very dull-witted , but are like huge walls of living flesh.They Like the other subraces , usually are either baled , or have black hair , though sometimes dyed red from blood. Their eyes range from colors such as Brown, Hazel, or Red. Kha A race of Unique humanoid creatures , sharing many features of felines. They have four known subraces , Kha’Leporda , Kha’Cheetah , Kha’Pantera , and Kha’Tigrasi. Each of them have their own unique differences though all of them share features of felines , each of the sub races shares one of a different wild feline. Halflings A race of small generally peaceful men, and women , becaue of their short height they are sometimes known as the half-men.They generally live in smaller iscolated villages, They are well known Farmers, smokers , and drinkers. They generally have Hair , and eye color’s that very between a wide color scheme.Halflings are known to be docile , and they usually stay out of political affairs. The halflings general lifespan is around 150 years. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant Most of my knowledge of the Vast lore of LOTC comes to more common things , such as The different Unique creature , Magic’s , The different races, And the general Unique wildlife . right off the bat i joined the server and did as much research as i could both Ooc, and IC’ly. Though these are commonly known i do know that , togather all the implements of the lore set togatherthe main plotline , and creates the story. The different things you can have knowledge on creates character , and adds to the Unique qualities of LOTC. Without these small impliments of lore , some character , and plot of Lotc would be destroyed , such as the Magic lore , if noone knew magic , and it never exzisted , then people would have never been killed within the Empire of man for bening a Witch. Another thing i like to think about is that The creature and Magic lore is connected in some points , so without the creature lore , part of the magic lore would be destroyed , and thats the same without the magic lore. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team I want to become a member of the At team, because Iv been on the server for some time now. I appreciate every branch of staff , and what they do , both to help the server, and community. I also wish to contribute to the community , i spend many hours on Lotc , and love to read over peoples applications , as there are always a few people everyday. Looking over peoples applications , i love to learn how some people have developed their character , but i also like to help new players expand their knowledge , and know more about the rules. I want to give new players a scence of welcome , but also want to make sure they understand the Lore of LOTC when they first apply. Helping the new players learn the ropes of the server , is something that should always be done. Iv seen many new players be rejectecd by other more experianced players , just because they wee new to Rp , and didn’t know much about LOTC. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications Their are multiple things to think about when new players are joing the server. I think having the knowledge of someone , and how they developed their character , when they first join ,you can help them shape their Rp. for instance if they have never Rp’d befor and then they join Lotc , teach them the main ropes to the server , how to rp , and genrally teach them about the community of this server. I know myself that a few new players skip over 98% of the server lore when applying and they find it harder to understand what the players that have been there longer are talking about. There is still much to learn even if new players read the entire lore , and have Rp’d before.Not every new player is welcomed into places , and this causes them to get bored and leave , im sure something you can do to help , is show tem around and help them become apart of a community. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made The application process at the moment is a fair way of looking over what people need to have in their application ,and what they could also improve on before joining the server.Though i have noticed a few things that the system could improve on. First off more things on the lore , when players first join they read and learn about only 2% of the lore , because many of them don’t want to spend hours making an applicaton. I think it should reuire people to atleast contin some knowledge of other races , and the places that these races reside because 50% of the applications iv seen , their backstory’s make no scence comparing to what race they chose when they first joined, such as iv seen people with a Human Character that was raised by Orcs. Orcs are bloodthirsty battle races, usually they wouldn’t take in a Human child. I also need to complain about 50% of the skins people apply with , Like iv seen people apply for a high elf character that has black hair , In the lore sheet of High elves it says, they have shades of gray and commonly lighter colors for hair. I think they should have descriptions that follow the lore of their race, and that follow the description they gave. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed I think iv given all the needed information. Tell a joke "How do actors break a leg? " ... .... .... ... " Every play has a cast!" ......... *cricket* ..........*cricket*
  13. MayRndz

    Players needed for Event [8]

    IGN: MayRndz Discord: MayRndz#7051 Time played: around 70 days since I joined and over 311 hours on my current person. Reason for applying: I failed my first application for the ET team and I wish to get in some experience before I attempt to apply agin. I think it’d be a good experience to see what I may be dealing with and what I might have to do if I end up on the team in The future Experience with past events(s) I have run: I have not run or planned out any events before on LOTC , but I have helped assist on a few medium events on previous rp servers ov been on , Iv also Participated in a few of the events you’ve run before.