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  1. PODCAST PROJECT A Community Introduction ⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰ The community team persists as a line between new players and the existing community. Meant to make the transition and Introduction to new concepts easier, as well as keep players engaged throughout their tenure on the Roleplay Server. They focus on broadcasting and documenting information as well as outreach which all create a foundation for staff to build off of. With that being said it also means as the community evolves so too do our projects and ideas expand to share with you all. Some of us have been working extremely close with Hogo, and his management to launch and improve projects currently under the community team, that being said - I wanted to take some time to announce the launch of a project under the team that will focus on server-wide broadcasting, and sharing information. This is the Community Podcast project. Myself and @aiden0023 are spearheading scripts, graphic art, and recording to get this up off the ground and running eventually leading to us broadcasting across youtube as a part of media. However given the launch of this project we are also launching a role that will allow members of nations and communities to get involved. A chance for voices to be heard and for us to get the inside scoop of every angle, both roleplay and staff wise. ⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰ Community Podcast Outreach The goal is that we have representatives from inside different nations and settlements that every few weeks track back to us with information on anything interesting going on! It's a way to hear what the players are seeing around the world, as well as find out what ideas you find most interesting for us to share. It's a non-staff low demanding position that looks to pick up information, and occasionally members may be asked to star as a guest speaker on the podcast if they're comfortable. On Top of this it's a great place to start if you're interested in staff in the future! ⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰ If you're interested we will be launching in the community involvement discord found here https://discord.gg/mjYjQuwb4E Or you're welcome to reach out to me @MayRndz
  2. Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.
  3. Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.
  4. Application completed. You will be contacted by Staff on the application's status and next steps.
  5. I actually think this is a very interesting concept was worried when I saw bottles that it would take away from alchemy till I realized this was more for alcohol
  6. Here's the compromise that I've heard interest in: Nations allow tiles on their area to be free build for a group of players that requests it. It doesn't drag away from nation activity and retention because it's still on their tile, as well as is then on the nations to allow free build and retain an air of semi-professionalism when it comes to builds. I remember Atlas and if you weren't in a specific nation you'd be in the middle of nowhere with your unofficial own one-person nation I would prefer to stay away from that.
  7. Last year she forgot me and I cried :Pray: this year she remembered me
  8. They mentioned in the post that /msg while OOC is still going to be permitted for given magics. I guess that druids passing messages through passive communion, and the housemagery spells for sending letters will still be permitted by these means. Especially because magic takes time and emotes to send so it was never the active means of how one metagamed sending "birds" to begin with. Its mentioned in Roleplay rules: In-game private messages (/msg) are considered out-of-character (except where explicitly permitted for magic/lore). To send messages via birds, you may write and sign a message on paper with /notes and send it from an aviary with /aviary.
  9. As of right now it’s one per
  10. Discord birds have never been cannon even before the plug-in
  11. pff we know I will for 3 person horses now
  12. [!] The riptide druid lay alongside two she held dear as a pang of grief ripped through her heart for the fourth time in the past elven week. Her body jolted and stiffened as she shot through the vale, desperate to find the source of who went. Her gaze darted between others to make sure that she was not going insane, that another truly had passed on. It stayed that way all until a letter reached her as she lurched forward and shook back an array of violent sobs. Curling herself into a corner with knees tucked to her chest "I never got to say goodbye. . ."
  13. [!] The tomb resided about for those who wished to see it, a growth of a short-lived creed yet long known as it progresses. “If you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything. Some people learn to embrace it- to love it. Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow, or by making themselves forget. Others turn it into anger.” Pantheon of the Blood Flame I. Remembering Sacrifices An ev’e bestowed upon thou, through the falling of one era was the birth of another where the wind blew joyously and flowers once again bloom upon the tainted ground. Nature hummed upon that day creating change, one resonating from the creators themselves. It was one druid, one druid that chose to give a life for the sacrifice of healing what the mages had created. Though the Aureon was neigh a warrior of their fold, those who stood alongside the blood flame understood that she held the heart of a sanguine warrior, a true passion and will burning through her that only propelled forward. With that in mind they had set out to march upon the hollow The trio of Aspect stones, immortal, sacred relics brought from across the world, were taken from their guardians, and together a puzzle that had long remained unsolved found its final pieces, its final purpose where for what they thought may be the end they came to a long awaited rest.. A sister offering the sacrifice of her own ichor to destroy what had festered for far too long, the fourth and final piece of this puzzle, a tri blade dagger piercing through ones own body as blood began to pool and the life of a new tree grew. The death of a druii bestowed upon the aspects and mani. Sacrifice… what a world to live in where someone must give up their life. The wilds knows no honor yet if they did, it would be among those warriors, scholars, and healers brave enough to plant their feet u’on this same soiled grounds and give their life for the cause. A principle sought by those who pledged themselves to the creed of the sanguine fire to have self respect and pride with what they do, no matter the path they take there is no right or wrong; Simply a choice that one makes on their own time. II. Reclamation of the Lands Those very lands the voidal mages of Ando Alur tainted with the downfall of their own magic remained sickeningly loud with horrible songs. Years came to pass, upon decades and there was no solution, no matter how many expeditions nothing new was obtained all but what was already known. It spread across the waters, carrying its taint a war of nature and voidal over the lands of Almaris. Upon that day as roots grew a new tree near the lands an all too familiar voice looked to those who had ventured there.. A voice telling them to run as mani poured from within, prowling across the lands with great anger and pride. Healing what had been broken. A great crowdrake took to the skies, with sleek beating wings to match the night sky! His great energies bestowed upon the land. He shared the knowledge, wits and power of a mighty thunderbird.A sleek white furred polar bear thundered on with sharp claws and an open growling maw snapping for those, heading and chasing them. Herding the good people to the safety of lively pulsing land so that they could do their work without remorse.The strong claws and body of a reptilian gator, the name of a false dragon stretched out. Its fire warming the land below like the rays of sun shining down upon them. The feeling of might and courage bestowed upon them. Finally the bobbing head of an otter along the shoreline. This mani coming from the depths of the unknown. A cleanup of the distant and near shores moving with the grace and speed of a dolphin. III. Sanguine Pantheon Asclepius prince of Crackadonks The great reptilian prince of crackadonks is a mani of courage and great strength, his mighty winbeats spanning out across the skies and creating a shadow blocking even the sun. It is the Reptilian prince that watches over the swamps, and streams protecting the unknown terrains with the ferocity of a father protecting his children. The great prince often lingering through the eyes of the children of his swamps. Under the sanguine warriors he became a symbol revered for his renowned courage and strength, teaching them to always keep moving forward and fight no matter the challenge presented. Oberon prince of Polar Bears The prince of polar bears is the great prince mani with cunning intelligence and great curious mind, never fearful of whatever has come to face the great demi-god of the tundra and cold. Mutual curiosity and respect between both mani and descendant has caused a relationship of surprise among the both of them. Those that seek knowledge and to learn of the world under the safety of his watch pray to the polar bear's great spirit. Under the sanguine fire he became revered as a symbol of curiosity and intelligence, teaching them that there is always something more to learn, this world has no end, only a continuation of ways to learn and improve upon culture and technology. Zephyrus princess of Crowdrakes The great prince of crowdrakes was one found in the solitude of its own personality and heart, fighting to defend its territory and home to all who dared trespass among it. He was known as being the great thunderbird, able to pierce even the largest of foes with his large talons and hardy beak. Under the pantheon of the sanguine fire he was known to represent one willing to defend and fight for what was within their heart, allowing their emotions to propel them forward into the unknown. Amphitrite princess of Mustelidae The great mani princess of Mustelidae was represented as a otter with a loving and devoted personality, showing great means for family and partnerships; creating bonds that could not be broken no matter the circumstance. She stood for family and all commitment that came alongside it. To the sanguine fire she spoke of great lengths of bonds and family, stood for the tenants of being stronger together and trusting of one another.
  14. A hand lofted to rest across her chest as it tightened, lips pressing into a slow frown. "No-one else should have to die, no not this year of all times" the druids head dipped down, simply finding a place where she was alone to listen.. having little knowledge of who it was that passed on.
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