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  1. Okay let me just lay this down, a lot of you keep asking why not just do a field war with no plugins and just straight pvp, but as someone who is a student from numerous technical fields for you let me lay the facts that I'm self aware of. Minecraft all in itself is not built to have so many people in one field fighting on one chunk, that's the biggest issue with not using plugins to regulate such issues and why its so hard for tech and staff to find a solution for these sort've things. Even servers like Hypixel who handle hundreds of people at one time regulate by using smaller sub-servers off of the main hub there are never that many people in one lobby at once. I see the most viable solution instead of being an open field being a warclaim that is done in waves of smaller groups but I can see the controversy with that. When that many players are within a few chunks of each other, the amount of player entities that the server has to send to each player increases exponentially. For example, 50 players all have to see each other so all 49 of those other people are being sent to each player through the servers system.
  2. In the beginning of knowing you things may have been a bit rough, but up to the point of me leaving moderation you were a great help to the moderation team. We shared a vision on the likings of combats future and though I have no knowledge of where its gone, part of me is here to say I hope Squak is willing to continue with those CRP changes. Thank you for the service you put forward, and enjoy things as they are without the weight of a server on your shoulders.
  3. IGN: MayRndz BOTA or COTC: Crusade of the Creative Category: Poetry Artwork: Dance of the Night By: MayRndz Consider how many nights, Sitting under those twinkling lights. Feet ice cold in the snow, A box tied down tight, topped with a bow. It only comes about once a year, But it always shows with a bang and a cheer. Decorating and swirling around, Surrounding trees and lining homes. Its special this season, It really is without much reason. I was never one about commotion, There's something magical The way the town shines. When winter season comes it has a devotion To the snow and the cold that doesn't resign. Though it has beauty, Compared to the stars that sparkle and dance, There is no competition, lights never had a chance. When the night once again rises, And the city goes quiet without a peep, Through every season when you can't fall asleep The stars always shine, always there for you, They come in all shapes and sizes, One for each.
  4. MayRndz

    Morgue Vol. 1

    The carful writing of a sorceress found its way onto a paper, inked in black and red, carried by a bird of magnificence. It was penned to Madame Onfroi.
  5. Gonna have to call copyright on a king first
  6. Don't worry my singing outbursts will simply move to the LoTC discord :))
  7. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ MODERATION TEAM UPDATE July, August & September 2021 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ INTRODUCTION G’evening to you all! The moderation management team wanted to reach out with a fill in on everything the moderation team has been up to at the moment. We understand there are alot of questions and suggestions present around for the team moving forward in the future, and want to do what is most beneficial for the server overall. That being said, never hesitate to reach out with questions or apply for moderation if you're interested! Over the past few months the team itself has seemed to have undergone quite a bit of change as members of the team have come and gone, projects have been set in motion, and as always the pool of workings is filled to the brim. Our current goal for this month will be to work through anything we may have currently ongoing or anything we may be behind on. With time comes change, that being said as I'm sure you all have noticed, but our moderation admin has recently stepped away from the role of moderation. We extend the biggest thanks possible to everything he took on and helped us accomplish during his time on our team. PROJECTS Moderation Team Guides [COMPLETE] We have been working hard on a compilation of separate modules and guides to better define our current rules, in regards to different procedures which can require moderation aid, at times. Our guides will focus on instructions for viable actions in-game, which are useful in the cases of companions, bird-messages, petty-theft, heists, wars and procedures outside of the server, such as reports and appeals. This will assist both internal and external team matters, and help to disperse potential arguments. Project Lead: MayRndz Moderation Training Updates [COMPLETE] Project Lead(s): EnderShadow, & MayRndz Over time and consideration of previous training sets we developed a new set of internal team workings to help organize and train new moderators so they are familiar with our systems, and procedures. [!] SPECIAL THANKS TO SOME MEMBERS OF THE WORLD TEAM FOR THE HELP [!] Combat Rules Review [Admin-Review] Combat Rules are being reviewed and altered whenever required, for the betterment of conflict on the server. We want to provide different avenues for members to pursue adequate conflict that can aid the natural progression of the server. At that, we’re also looking to all those unwritten rules and adding them to our rule-sets for better clarification. Project Lead(s): MayRndz Community Outreach [In Progress] Community outreach encompasses a community and moderation oriented project that will be worked on to better the communication of the moderation team among peers as partners, and members of the community/other staff teams. Its primary focus is to find ways to bring player bases together. Project Lead: Managament Skirmish Updates [In-Progress] A project with the aim to decrease randomized raids and attacks and put more goal orientation and “gamemodes” towards generalized conflict. Project Lead: TigerGiri Almaris War Workings [In Progress] Though it's been a long time waiting and has gone through a multitude of variations, we are continuing forward with the war amendments and writings where they had been left off. It will definitely take time and effort to complete however we want to get this done as best as possible while creating fair guidelines and going through collaboration with anyone interested. Project Lead: itdontmatta STATISTICS The Moderation Team received 1,692 tickets during the month of July, 1,520 during the month of August, and 1,479 during the month of September. All quota is based on 3% of total tickets, but does not include additional activity requirements involving reports, appeals, projects and interviews. CURRENT ROSTER https://www.lordofthecraft.net/staff/ ROSTER CHANGES ImCookie has stepped away from administration Itdontmatta has rejoined management MayRndz has stepped down from Mod Management Tigergiri has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer Disheartened has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer HogoBojo has been Promoted to Mod-Trainer ZachoSnacko has Joined Modetration Tigergiri has Joined Moderation DixieDemolisher has joined Moderation Arashiha has joined Moderation Fionn__TWG has joined Moderation _Pan has joined Moderation Mirvam has joined Moderation Grnappa has joined Moderation Wolfdwg has joined Moderation Devvy has resigned from Moderation Total has resigned from Moderation MCVDK has resigned from Moderation CONCLUSION Thank you for being patient with us as we´ve worked along these past few months and don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for help.
  8. “When the tides are low, and subtly churning, the winds swirl about in a zephyrus breeze, rest cannot find me. Within eternity of this natureous peace I am still breathless. Lurking in the shadows of my mind, It haunts me. Bury yourself in great accomplishments, no one can question your worth. That is what it tells me. . . Noone deserves to feel this way, yet everyone believes me when I say, at some point in life you understand. For everyone it's different, But let me share with you something to learn. don't let someone stand in your way. The way you choose to move forward, Is a decision that's yours to make Carry the words I share wisely, As you will hear it time and time again. As a wise king once said... Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am May. I've been a member of LoTC moderation for the past year, and have been a member of management for 7 of those months. To be quite honest I have enjoyed every step along the way so being that I’m sitting here putting these words down on a document, it's so very weird to me. I came back to LoTC after a bit of a break last year with the intention just to roleplay as a player, little did I know a month later I would find an announcement that the moderation team was seeking members. That's where it began, my tenure in moderation with Basket as admin. My start was shaky, but you can’t always back down from a challenge, and thus I find plenty of motivation in myself to keep working at something I want. I’d like to think my entire tenure I’ve been a benefit to the team, I aim to seek out the weakest points and work on them that being said I reformatted the petty theft rules, and created a section on vandalism, I began to work through the seeking's on conflict, and even CRP. Writing these brought some fun, and as always it has its downfalls but it's something I wanted to do. From the beginning I always wanted to see a team that could prove the stereotypes wrong. To target weak rules, and make it so that on honest terms moderation doesn't have to step in all the time, to eliminate bias, and rid the reputation of staff from what previous groups may have done. I am proud to say that from my perspectives this past year we’ve been one of the best moderation team’s I’ve ever seen. Sure we had uprisings and downfalls just as any team should, but we also created a foundation of values, and ideals to keep things moving forward. Above all else, something that will stick with me forever is that I didn't just find projects pushed forward from this team either, no. I created long term friendships, and got to know communities I honestly never would have interacted with before. If you couldn't already tell by the way I’m speaking. This is my official resignation from LoTC staff as of my current standpoint. There is so much in my life that has changed over the past 2 years because of the pandemic that hit us, but as the year of 2022 approaches I’ve realized that my life has been able to open up to the public once again. Classes have taken over, I work a job on the weekends, and more than any of that I don't find myself having time for friends because of all the back and fourth of how busy I am. While I love the team with all of my heart, my education, work, and family comes first, and so unfortunately I have to step back. Above all of this its not just a resignation post though, I wanted to share a bit about myself and my tenure with the community, but also a little bit about health. I would like to see those within this community put themselves above the time they spend on video games, there are so many people I've had a chance to meet like myself that push just as hard and while it never goes unnoticed or unappreciated no-one will judge you for wanting to spend that time for yourself. I know these past few months have been hard on many people, people on and off the lotc community facing loss. I lost a friend dear to me because of a mental struggle they undefaced this year that being said I want those of this community to be aware that if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here, and I'm sure this goes for many other members of the community. Stand to support the changes you want to see. -=- To Moderation as a Whole Though I may be leaving the team know that I'll never quite be too far away, youre always welcome to Dm me or reach out if youre in need of help or advice, or just generally if you'd like to spend some time with me. You all have been a light in my life and a huge learning experience, I truly enjoyed getting a chance to meet all of you even if some of you have never seen the lion king because even while I'm gone I know you'll keep things as they are and do what you all feel is right. I'm sorry that I didn't stick around long enough to get to know some of you but I truly do think it right that you all became members of the team. Keep your heads held high. To the Administration These past few weeks you've all had a chance to grow on me a lot more than any time previously. Thank you for supporting our team and working alongside us to see changes through. Goodluck continuing forward as you work to preserve the community of LoTC. Devvy Ender Matta Disheartened Tigergiri Hogo GMRO Shmeepicus Sacred Scourge Muddy Thank you use this post as a chance to ask me any questions you may have about me and Ill take the time to answer
  9. Discord: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon BID: 290
  10. Change is a part of the life's cycle, apparent in just about everything. If you don’t like something, change it, and if you can't change it.. well change the way you yourself view that thing. Zaelyn had always been one to explore and ponder on what resided around the realm, but somethings you can't even begin to comprehend. Looking back one would probably wonder how she felt life was going to be, but within the present you would find that thought is a false reality for the druid. Growing up isn’t easy, and sometimes you face the most unexpected challenges of both loss and gain. She had become a druid at first because she had thought she needed to prove to others what she was worth, but so far within this lifestyle views have changed and with that soo too did her reasons for why. A Riptide… that had been her totem, a strong current that flows across another, unpredictable in its wake of movement. When you think of a riptide you think of the dangerous, unpredictable, wild currents near the shore of the ocean. It was fitting for her at the time, but now it seemed almost wrong… she wasn’t such an unpredictable person, but rather she knew what she wanted, and was willing to work towards it. The hardest thing about her was being able to let go. Every night, for the past weeks she had been shown the same thing while being drawn to sleep. The feeling of getting dragged below the ripping ocean current, being trapped below the surface and no matter how hard she tried never able to swim up… that dreadful feeling of being unable to breathe in such water and right before she released that final breath every time… she woke up. A vision isn't always something you comprehend so easily, maybe it’s trying to tell you something but almost never in simple words, never in a way you can think of and realize without thought being put to it. For that same reason you’re endlessly looped through it until you see something you didn't notice at first. For Zaelyn, it was the fear of letting go of that final breath, keeping her from moving onward. It took her a while to figure out what it was telling her, but this she knew for sure. Getting dragged into that vision one final time she closed her eyes, sinking deeper into the water and the tides that ripped and turned around her. She didn’t offer any struggle or objection, ‘Let go’ she thought to herself as she let the water fill her lungs, everything around her being consumed with a dark void of black. Her mind was blank, nothing to see or hear. . . ‘How did I end up here? Why did I end up here’ ‘It will all become clear oem'ii, just give it time’ Before long the subtle glow of a light seemed to spark in the distance filling the void, becoming brighter with each moment until it was nothing but blinding forcing her to close her eyes. When they were to open again she saw the night sky before her, littered with stars of all sorts, and she remained there until finding herself waking up again under the same tree she fell asleep beneath. It was a combination of two druii that taught her she needed to move on in life, one taking more forceful matters and the other becoming a true family to Zaleyn. She was different than she had been because of these people and the change they had encouraged within her. She no longer was of the ocean and tides, instead the light of a thousand thoughts and one word filled her mind… starlight.
  11. Discord: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz Style: Half Sketch
  12. DISCORD: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok BID: 270
  13. DISCORD: MayRndz#0069 IGN: MayRndz SKIN TITLE: Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok BID: 250
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