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  1. "I hope the Elvenesse Mali enjoyed my present... I heard it was quite destructive" The mage cackled lightly her eyes narrowing to cat-like slits while she paused to finish reading over the missive "You attack thy' innocent, and kill thy' family. All of this for what? All because they defended themselves in the heat of a life or death battle. That makes you a nation full of murderers." She dropped the slip of paper into the cracking fire before her watching as it crumbled into nothing more than ash "The magi will know of your wrong doings... they will know you slit our throats for being sorcere
  2. [!] A flyer would be posted around the main city. The Old Stout Crow Pub Bartenders for Hire! A depiction of the old stout crow pub on a bustling night! Are you in search of a job, tired of struggling to pay your taxes and feed your family? You're in luck, The Old Stout Crow Pub is looking to hire a new batch of bartenders, experienced or not! The job is open for anyone and everyone. We only serve the finest drinks in town; after a chilly long day it's the best business to visit weather it be to have a nice cup of tea, a warm cozy place to stay while you're
  3. I'm excited to see where the future will take you all with new plugins <3 we appreciate the hard work the members of tech team put into this server.
  4. I look forward to seeing how this will play out, with new change always brings new excitement of its own.
  5. [!] All credit for images and art do not go to me and go to the rightful creator. Upon looking into the blue black night sky after the sun had set over the horizon one may notice a single star fall astray from its sparking brethren. A tail of light trails behind it marking the sky as it seemed to shoot downward towards the ground. It happened all in the blink of an eye, falling stars often going unnoticed by descendants. One may not know that this was classified as a shooting star. The Av’velulei gathered with their heads pressed together passing murmurs of thoughts amongst t
  6. IGN: MayRndz / TeaWithMay Category: Poetry (I'm back~ but this time worse) Piece: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17u_xAoGeYinr57YynVTb5mtXct74Jk4LPBBqMGrrpbs/edit?usp=sharing [!] Enjoy reading my non formatted, non grammar corrected writing <3
  7. Perfectly alive and well, Elizabeth de Joannes, wonders where these burned bodies had came from knowing all her friends had in-fact not been burned, "Intresting..." she muttered under her breath as she sat in front of a warm Haenseti fire "Would they stoop to the level of burning their own women alive just to place the blame upon us? or do they stoop to the level of lies to make themselves look better." The young woman hissed aloud to herself, being unaccompanied where she sat.
  8. MayRndz

    Skin Auction #2

    May's Skin Auction The auction shall be open from March 29th - April 2nd @ 8pm EST. Information - Bids start at 40 Minas. - Bids have to be increased by 10 Mina. - Don't edit former bids I can see when you do and I will be watching. . . - You must be able to pay the price you bid once the Auction closes FORMAT - Comment using this format if you wanna bid Discord: Skin: Bid: Lowkey Earth Bender BlueBerry Pirate
  9. Ah yes, roleplay at 3am on a Saturday.

  10. Elizabeth de Joannes watched the flames rise and lick at the starlit sky from a distance, a solemn expression written acrossed the young woman's visage, "We shall stand strong together no mater where the endless fight of life may take us." Her head bowed down slightly as she spoke the words aloud.
  11. [!] A Missive would be posted around the city, able to be seen by all. The Haeseni Advocacy of the Crow Sponsored by the Matriarchy of D'Airelle & The Old Stout Crow Pub Madame, Valerie Lleanna Kortrevich-Delatour-d’Montelliano-D’Airelle, and members of the Old Stout Crow Pub invite the citizens and esteemed warriors of Haenseti-Ruska to participate in a competition of combat and skill. The combat based tournament will take place a few saints day after the missive is sent out to the public, and the winner will be crowned the champion of the Old Stout Crow Pub
  12. I've only known you from the three months I've been on the mod team, but seeing you go still makes me sad. I wish you luck in your outside life and hope everything is well with you. <3 Thank you for being a really great admin.
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