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  1. MayRndz

    A Warning

    [!] In the hazy depths of sleep, a vision unfurls like an ancient tapestry, weaving tales of a world shrouded in mystery… “Heed the warning” a voice whose whisper danced across the darkness came First came a scene of a realm draped in ethereal beauty, where emerald forests dance in the moonlight and crystalline waters shimmer with the light of a thousand stars. In the heart of this realm lies a creature of nightmares, imprisoned within the very fabric of reality. Next, a tumultuous scene of conflict unfolds—a being of insatiable hunger, devouring all in its path. Forests wither under its touch, rivers run dry, and mountains crumble to dust.nThe disciples of Metis conceive a strategy to confine the ancient terror, employing arcane spells and sacred rites to bind it within a prison of magic, safeguarding the world above. With the passage of time and the fading of memories, the seals weaken, their magic waning like ancient threads. In the silence of the night, as shadows dance upon the walls, it stirs once more, its hunger roused from slumber. With a roar that shakes the very fabric of reality, it shatters its prison, breaking free from age-old chains. Unleashed upon the world like a tempest, it lays waste to all, consuming with insatiable hunger. Then, they awaken, drenched in sweat...
  2. [!] Fingers grasped the contents as it came to the Sanguine Herald, eyes flickering over each word with a subtle nod of her horned head. "These words are spoken true, I grant my utmost respect for someone besides myself willing to speak out. My creed will follow no such laws of 'The Creed Pact', our ways cannot be changed on a whim." The elfess hummed "Well spoken Brother."
  3. MayRndz

    Until Then

    Take care my man!
  4. I think someone is out to get me making all my personas non-rommancable. In my opinion if Naz are so caught up in their drive to be selfish and gain power then they shouldn't care for platonic friendships or familial relations either though. Which I entirely disagree with the idea of making happen because it barrs roleplay so much - but im just adding onto what I think would be logical for the stance of your amendment.
  5. [!] The leftover elemental explosion and blight would be cleared, shamans cleaning the land and building a shrine in its place. Though that beast still lingered upon the land, a problem to be had.
  6. [!] The air thickens with an ominous tension. A distant rumble echoes through the barren landscape, stirring unease within hearts. Suddenly, the ground beneath quakes violently, and a blinding light erupts on the horizon. In a mesmerizing display of elemental chaos, the sky splits open albeit for just a moment, unleashing a torrent of swirling energies that converge into a colossal explosion. Flames dance with torrents of water, gusts of wind collide with shards of earth, and crackling arcs of lightning intermingle with bursts of icy shards. The very fabric of reality seems to unravel as the elements clash in a cataclysmic symphony. Nature cried, blight striking acrossed that stretch of land in response. . . From the heart of this elemental maelstrom, a monstrous silhouette emerges, its form distorted and twisted by the raw power of the explosion. With each step it takes, the ground trembles, and the air grows heavy with dread. Jagged spikes protrude from its hulking frame, crackling with residual energy. The beast's eyes burn with an otherworldly fire, and its roars reverberate through the air; a creature born from the chaos of the explosion, a nightmare given form from the very essence of the elements. A Gilding ritual failed and a monstrous Inferi emerged from the high hells. . . hungering for the slaughter to be fed.
  7. Understood, thank you for the insight <3.
  8. Only if musin can learn all deity magic would I find this acceptable tbh since it's a deity magic. Those are old ones, the new ones dont allow it atm
  9. In the original write it's explained that they have the muscles and such in their compositionion but they're made of plant matter, with a psudoskin entirely similar to regular skin just “tougher.” Maybe obsession was the wrong word on my part, they're just meant to care more for plants and druids. Wasn't a problem and never has been until players were changing their characters to be unusually short or tall, which is why I removed those features. I literally had Creamys friends flat out tell me he made the submission as a meme and it got passed. If anything if the wacky shit is a concern it should be for transcendence too. Why can they have animal features and not be regarded but druids who are treelords get backlash for having a pseudo body like clones? In which case this is the wording to cover transcendances back which I am more than happy to add to my own write is -”Don’t use the mental/physical effects to break ToS server rules.”
  10. If you read my opening sentiments you would know I entirely did rework the system to shift it away from the origional writing. Its not meant to be the same as OhDeerLords write which is why I included a majority of the active treelords in the rewrite
  11. Fair enough, thank you for the feedback! I left it open to interpretation for relatively that reason, the biggest impact just being they require SOME sort of “tell” that they aren't simply a regular descendant. This could be literally anything nature or animal related. I don't believe it's a requirement for epiphyte(someone can correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't read the most recent lore) I think it's an extension to their ability to be so free form aswell. To be fair to shoot some of the spells isn't something that bothers me if it comes down to it. It's important to keep in mind I started writing this before a lot of the major druid rewrites went through aswell so there was no intention to copy, though the similarities do make sense considering they're still druidic affiliated. Great minds think alike 😂. Exactly my thoughts aswell, which is why I tried to keep this majorly the foundation of the CA.
  12. They can still alter themselves VIA the amendment pengin made for the heartwood form, and in the Tier system it outlines the appearances can be shifted each rebirth / going between the anchor. Yes the idea is they cannot look fully descendant anymore though.
  13. if you read the current CA it is relatively the same concept, just one is an immortal druid capstone and one is a fae thing. Though alot of the flavor added I felt separated them relatively well.
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