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  1. Sillumiran Benefits Edict 9th of The Grand Harvest, SA 18 The Silver State has too long ignored the needs of its soldiers. Those who guard the walls were pushed aside by the preceding Republic and the Sohaerite wishes to right the wrongs of the past. Larihei rewards those who protect the walls of silver. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Sillumiran benefits can be revoked at any time per discretion of any commanding officer Eligibility: All above the rank of Cadet are automatically considered for payment *Although unusual, Cadets may receive payment at the
  2. Hey! It was great having you around Haelun'or for the last few weeks. Stay safe during the crisis and I hope it gets better soon :) . If you ever end up coming back we'll all be here for you.
  3. THE BALLOT ((MC name: SacredSource )) Name: Zelios Vote for Okarir'san: ( xx ) Caledor Laraethryn ( ) Abstain
  4. THE BALLOT ((MC name: SacredSource )) Name: Zelios Vote for Sohaer: ( xx ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  5. THE BALLOT ((MC name: SacredSource )) Name: Zelios Vote for Okarir'tir: ( ) Valorin Celia'thilln (xx) Ellisar Aevaris ( ) Olrin Hildinyr
  6. Divkinael Zelios turns away from his comrades. A sniffle is forced out of the Divkinael. He coughs heavily before stammering out, “van’ayla lliran. You are dismissed.” He walks off to the workshop. His sabaton clangs against the floor loudly, each step exerting more force than the next. The elf angrily tears down a barrel containing his stash of alcohol. A modest supply lays before him, but his eyes are immediately diverted to one specific bottle. A bottle of Pruvian Port, Vintage 1767 lays clearly visible among the rest of the filth. His trembling hands take possession of the bottle, the only
  7. Divkinael Zelios stands in front of the Dio Astore apartment complex. He discusses the logistics of the armory when a Sillumiran dispatch is given to him from the compound. A frown emerges on the Divkinael's face upon seeing the courier, expecting the contents inside. He reluctantly unfurls the order, breaking the seal. His eyes widen upon seeing the title, "Yielding Command." His hands grip the copy of the missive harshly, as he continues to read through the contents. The Divkinael mutters to himself, "he... actually left us... A black day for all of Elcihi." Looking at Elpidius
  8. THE BALLOT ((MC name: SacredSource)) Name: Zelios Vote for Okarir'hiylun: ( XX ) Maeve Elibar'acal ( ) Aestenia Aevaris
  9. Dear Miss Maehr’tehral, More competition only creates a better result for that of Elcihi. Welcome then dear opponent to the contest for Okarir’nor. After all, it is the right of Mali‘Thill to voice their opinions. However, your “wide and concrete” plans are nothing, but narrow and superficial. It goes without saying improving foreign relations and trade will benefit Haelun’or. Now shall we get on with the real ideas? Besides stating the obvious and wasting our time, where are your real plans to allow for growth? I see nothing, but vague promises that will lead to the same result a
  10. *Zelios sends out an open letter to in response to the nomination* Thank you Elahern, for the honour that is your nomination. I, Zelios of the Sillumiran, gladly accept the nomination for the benefit of elcihi. I may be relatively new to the city as I had only but recently returned from the valah lands, but I believe I have the education necessary for the position of Okarir’nor. For those unfamiliar with who I am, I ask you to refer to my service with the Sillumiran. My competency regarding logistics can be displayed in my early promotion to tahorren. Through proven tan
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