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  1. [Accepted] [Pending]Torkoal_Tom's ET [Actor] Application

    I went to a couple of her events and they were tons of fun. +1
  2. Out-Of-Character Information: What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: ThankfulVine What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: S_Tendencies Have you logged in as a wandering soul on the account you're applying for? (you have to): Yes Do you agree to follow the server rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: About 6 months How many accounts do you currently have white-listed (including main)?: 1
  3. [Denied]Leap1Ghosts' GM App

    Always been able to answer questions and help me out while I got used to the server. +1
  4. Castle Thornwood

    Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Sea charter Island: Asul Point A: Veris Exact co-ordinates of Point A: 1298, 49, 3015 Point B: Castle Thornwood Exact co-ordinates of Point B: 1446, 49, 2831
  5. LOTC store not loading [Resolved]

    Oh, sorry. I wasn't too specific. I'm looking for the perks you get for the different ranks. And I just figured out the in-game command right after I posted that. Don't mind me, just over here being dumb. Thanks anyways.
  6. Recently I've been thinking about buying a vip rank, but the store page won't load. Here's what I see when I try to view the ranks: I've had multiple people try to access the store and given it a few hours to load, but it seems to be a problem everyone is having no matter what. If anyone has a fix to this, that'd be great. If there is no fix, or if it's intentional, it'd be great if someone could let me know where I can find a list of the vip perks somewhere else. Thanks!
  7. Farryn's Art shop

    Awesome! Thank you!
  8. Farryn's Art shop

    No worries. Thanks for the update!
  9. Farryn's Art shop

    Just wanted to check in on the progress. If you need more time that's fine, it's just been a while since we spoke. Thanks.
  10. Farryn's Art shop

  11. Farryn's Art shop

    OOC name: garretta Portrait format: Full body Colour format: Color with shading Add-ons: For the background I’d like a “Battle of light and dark” sort of thing. A little less than half of the background should be white/yellow (light) and the rest should be black/purple (dark). If you could make it look like the dark is overtaking the light that’d be great. Full price: 700 mina Character name: Irene Aever Character age: 24 Character gender: Female Character race: Human Body and facial description: Long black hair, green eyes, skinny, no scars, pale skin. Clothing: White robe with gold lining, blue scarf draped around her shoulders, purple belt. Additional items: A dagger and bottle holstered on the right side of her belt Referral art: And for the positioning could you draw her on her knees, bent forward, and clutching her head with both hands? Screenshot of pay: Thank you!
  12. Farryn's Art shop

    Love your art, so I figured I'd order some. Just as a note, this character actually isn't from lotc, but from a private rp server. OOC name: garretta Portrait format: Head to waist Color format: Color with shading Add-ons: Background: A tavern. The one I had in mind is pretty generic, so I'm not picky, but here's a screenshot anyways: Full price: 500 mina Character name: Tyr Antonis Character age: 27 Character gender: Male Character race: Human Body and facial description: Brown hair, short, messy. Green eyes. Abnormally skinny. Third degree burns all up the left side of his body, most visible on his face. Very light tan skin. Clothing: Brown scarf, black vest with white undershirt, thick brown glove on the left hand Additional items: Holding a dagger in his right hand, glass of ale on the table in front of him. Referral art: No referral art unfortunately, but here is screenshot of the skin. Okay, here's where I start to be one of those annoying art customers that asks for specifics. I'd like him to be sitting with the view being from across the table. I'd like his left hand to be pulling the scarf up over his mouth, and as I said before the right hand holding a dagger and a glass of ale in front of him, maybe a little to the left. I'd also like his eyes to be shifted to the right. Screenshot of pay: Thank you! And I know this is a bit of an odd request, so if you're okay with all the specifics I'd be happy to tip an extra 100-200 mina.
  13. Out-Of-Character Information What’s your Minecraft account name?: garretta What timezone are you in?: PST How old are you?: 17 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13?: Yes Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: No cyber-bullying / harassment Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: Through a friend that plays on the server. (Zoslore) Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): None Have you logged into the server yet?: Yes Definitions What is roleplaying?: Assuming the identity of a character and interacting with other characters to play out a story. What is metagaming?: Using information in rp that you know but your character wouldn’t. What is power-emoting (powergaming)?:Trying to force an emote or action that doesn’t make sense just to benefit your character. In-Character Information Character’s name: Evander Thorn Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Human Highlander Character’s age: 18 Biography: Evander Thorn was born in Haense in 1590. He always found metal fascinating, and loved to watch the smiths of the town. His father, Victor, taught him basic smithing when he was 11 years old. He never traveled much, but continued to lead a normal life during his time in Haense. During the Great Northern War, Evander’s father was killed in battle. He and his mother fled Haense and after some difficulty managed to settle in Mardon. A few years after starting their new life, Evander’s mother fell ill and died. He started to roam and find work wherever he could. Personality Traits: Hates Courland, dislikes large groups, can be very awkward at times. Ambitions: Evander’s goal is simply to get back on his feet and move up in the world, most likely through blacksmithing. Strengths/Talents: Hard working, loyal, passionate. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Confrontational, impulsive, easily angered. Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, about 6 feet tall, average weight. Skin: http://prntscr.com/ezfrvz