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  1. Genuine question, when most of the builds that are being planned now with charters go inactive, like they always do, will the task of demolition go to those who purchase the tile afterwards or can the staff roll back the region? 

    1. Fireheart


      This information post explains your question in detail!

    2. Malgonious


      passive aggressive arent we

    3. Its_Just_Leap


      @MalgoniousWasn’t meant to be passive aggressive, but a real question. Every day there’s an influx of land charters from noble houses of humans that want their own land, groups of people that want to create towns and nations, etc. Its unrealistic to think that every charter is going to be populated throughout its lifetime.

  2. My dude who ever told you that is wrong. They don’t have greater or lesser souls than the descendants. If their souls were lesser then they wouldn’t be able to participate in most magics, which they can.
  3. So when’s dark druidism gonna be a thing? Anyways why are we not allowing this to be used by Kha and Hou-Zi (As much as I hate the Hou-Zi) both should still be able to use these. Halflings aren’t technically a descendant race if we’re using that as our basis then only orcs, humans, dwarves, and elves. Halflings wouldn’t be involved in that mess. Is there any real lore reason or was it just thrown in because?
  4. Application Roleplay Name: Auruma Serene Race: Elf Age: 115 Desired role: Contractor Reason for enlistment: Great knowledge of magic and alchemy. I’d be able to help the different ranks be sure that they’re armored and ready for the threats they’re against. I’ve crafted many tools through magic that would make even the weakest of Arcas a force to be reckoned with. You probably wouldn’t find anyone with the experience and craftsmanship I have in tow. OOC Username: Its_Just_Leap Discord Tag (Example#3333): Its Just Leap#5153 (put in the spaces)
  5. Alright seriously its time to bring back LC. I’d rather have land charters have nice, good looking builds over the majority of people having their builds look pretty bad because they used a lot of easy to use materials. The only reason I’ve seen for keeping LC away is because apparently there was a duplicating glitch or whatever? 

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    2. Elennanore


      sloth is a deadly sin

    3. argonian


      ugly builds make me happy 

    4. LeoRabbit99


      I'd rather there not be so many land charters that the entire map is filled 6 months in

  6. This is what I’m using right now until the issue is fixed. Hope it helped dude. @iMattyz
  7. “Huh. . . I guess I’m finally off the radar when it comes to the Empire’s hatred of magic. I can remember when the church was hunting me down oh so many years ago. . . I kind of miss it!” The blind elf cackles, wandering down the streets before taking on a new disguise!
  8. “Wow! I haven’t seen a slave waver like this since I was just a small girl!” A small blind elf snickered out before throwing the waver into her fireplace!
  9. So were you just like incapable of helping new players or what?
  10. Just gonna throw this out there. I think we all would rather have a dope map and a shitty world ending event than vice versa. I find it kind of ironic and sort of stupid that some of the people who caught wind that Xarkly didn’t plan a big massive event got salty. . . but then they got what they want and complained. You all know who you are.

  11. I can’t find it in myself to care. The things that he had said and done to people aren’t little things that we should shrug off. He isn’t dead or dying so yeah I’m still going to focus on how much of a morally reprehensible person he is. I find it kind of disturbing that you and the rest of Luv’s friend group like to ignore the things they did, I mean I’m sure you’ve all convinced yourselves that you’re in the right for harassing people. They’re just leaving the server, please stop acting like they’re gone forever.
  12. I can’t say I’ll miss you and I’m positive others will feel the same. You were honestly a morally blind person, so high on your own fumes its unreal. I hope you learn some humility and respect for other people because otherwise you’re not gonna get far kiddo. You’re the textbook definition of a boy that just sits in his room and harasses others online simply because you don’t like them. I hope that’s changed in you, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Have a nice life kid.
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