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  1. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    Here's some constructive criticism for him and the ATs looking over this application. Bear in mind that this was the admin that I'm pretty sure was leading the charge with the new "war rules" that took *ahem* FOUR WHOLE MONTHS, then was silent when asked about it. Yeah that sure sounds like a hard worker I'd want on my team! :Obvious_Sarcasm:
  2. Its_Just_Leap

    On Staff Disconnection: The Lore Team

    The real solution is to hard shelve Hou-Zi
  3. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    I doubt you would believe my if I said this, but I didn't know that you "had a hand in removing me" The only two I thought "had a hand in removing me" was Paleo (he was stand in director at the time) and 501 (yelled at me for a few things.) You were an abhorrent admin though. You and 501. Both of you acted like children and decided to belittle people on the server several times. You have a massive ego about yourself and feel superior to many others when you're not.
  4. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    You know that would be a really funny joke and quirky comeback if it didn't happen a year ago. Not to mention in recent light of things there would be much better things to use as comebacks. I'll pin a sticker on your forehead for trying though. I love that logic though. "Man I'll just quit this team right here and THEN! I'll reapply for staff again!" I never liked the idea that people would quit all of their positions and then go back to it weeks later. If you were kicked and wanted another go then that's a different story.
  5. what u copying its just ed for bro not cool

    1. Its_Just_Leap


      I'm just that much of an A$$hole

  6. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    Remind me again why you were kicked from the admin team.
  7. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    You know what's funny is that I have roughly the same amount of hours, maybe even a bit more. I barely play on the server anymore and most of my time is afk. With the current server system there isn't really a *you've been afk for 30 minutes, boot* so you can just as easily gather up that amount of time like its nothing. Also the thing with voting is you can do it in seconds. It takes no time at all.
  8. Its_Just_Leap

    premiumroleplay's Application Team Application

    Honestly I'd rather you stay a normal player rather than try and get back onto staff for a server that clearly you have barely any interest in playing anymore. -1
  9. Dawg why you copyng me uhhh????

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    2. Its Just Ed

      Its Just Ed

      Yeah dwag you copied me im mad, u dweeb, I should br you for this

    3. Its_Just_Leap


      Don't @ me kid. You're a waste of time.


    4. Its Just Ed
  10. Its_Just_Leap

    LeoRabbit99's Game Moderator Application

    I mean. . . eh? That's really all I can say. He can't do really THAT bad so yeah. +1
  11. Its_Just_Leap

    blue tag needs AMA

    Did you like nexus and should it come back? I asked this because I want to start a riot.
  12. Its_Just_Leap

    Torky's FM App

    I sure do wonder why you say no Brom. . . it seems that you say no to certain people and their work due to a personal bias. 🤔 Yeah I'm sure she could do it. As long as she doesn't let the job get to her or stress her out too much. She's certainly more experienced than most and has proven herself in several positions. +1
  13. -1 He's already on 3 different staff teams. I highly doubt he'll be able to be productive enough to be a good GM.
  14. Its_Just_Leap

    We Should Bring Back Caskets

    I'm sorry, but did you say #BringBackNexus?????????? (On a serious note. . . please bring it back)
  15. This is art god dammit!