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  1. Its_Just_Leap

    Delving into the Dark (Chapter Two Ending)

    I enjoy seeing that you will simply ignore my criticisms of your writing and the way you word things directly, so let me give you more. Your writing style and format is that of someone who had just gotten ahold of a wattpad account and made a fanfiction. For some things you write as though every single thing has to be pointed out for the reader, and never use context clues. You also go on and just repeat yourself over, and over again at some points where it isn’t needed, or you could put something else. Repeating yourself only makes the reader bored. I want to ask you this. Why are both of these short stories together? Its just to lengthen out the post. To make it seem like its filled with content, when in reality its just to show that you shelved Karren. His little mental breakdown monologue has nothing to do with your little god looking for someone to teach or alter. He’s mentioned to my knowledge, but thats it. Only mentioned. It doesn’t fit with the tone of Karren’s meltdown. I’m done for now about your writing. Now onto your formal letter (because apparently treating this like a normal and every day conversation just isn’t your thing). I will be quoting specific things from your little letter here directly, because its easier for reference. I feel like you only half read what I said and got really hurt at the fact that I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the writing. Putting that it isn’t cannon aside you’re still using buzzwords from LotC and setting it in Atlas, its world. The biggest problem is that there are details you write that COMPLETELY ignore lore as a whole, and merely putting it off as “well this is because of that..” and not being able to explain the why of it. Thats a sign of bad writing. Details that are never explained, but crucial to the story. Such as Karren’s soul going to “oblivion”. It just wouldn’t, even if it does. Why? When other gods have power over souls unless they’re altered. If you really looked at everything I, and other’s have said as non constructive criticism then your ego is actually getting in the way of you growing as an artist. If it demorlizes you and putes you in a bigger negative space, then that sucks. Get over it, criticism isn’t always nice. It doesn’t have to be nice. Take it as it is and grow from it instead of crying about it. I don’t give a damn if you’ve learned your lesson about asking for magic OOCly, I’ve stated my opinion on it in above posts. Good for you for finally figuring out how things work. Anyways, I absolutely hate the argument of “if you don’t like X, don’t watch at X”, because it’s showing how much you don’t care about someone’s opinion if they didn’t like it, or its negative. This being for those who create. If you post it on a public platform such as the forums, then ANYONE is able to leave a comment or criticism on the post. I’m sorry if you’re just now figuring this out. Oh my, if only you knew how ironic that last part was. You went from talking like a normal person, to writing a semi formal letter. That in of itself is showing that you want to show or prove to yourself that you’re better than those and want to make yourself believe you’re on a higher plane of maturity. No where in my posts did I say I was better than you. If that’s what you took from them, then you’re never going to grow as an artist. A tl;dr of this entire letter is as follows: “You didn’t give a positive opinion so you’re being a rude person. you think you’re better than me..” Currently I could feel the angst and anger in this cute little letter. I’ve stated above how disliking someone doesn’t mean you can’t criticize their work. I hate Paul W. S. Anderson because of the way he horrible butchered the Resident Evil movies, but that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize him. Look at the things you do and the way you act and because this entire letter reeks with irony. It doesn’t make a person immature if they think someone else is toxic. That would be like me saying “Calling a murderer a murderer is immature!” You clearly are trying to deflect anything I say so I can’t wait to see how you react to this. btw, an opinion doesn’t have to change every five minutes. Being stagnant in an opinion if it hasn’t changed isn’t some kind of bad thing.
  2. Its_Just_Leap

    Delving into the Dark (Chapter Two Ending)

    This was by far the worst response you could have made, and you definitely didn’t make me even think for a second that you’re not huffing on your own fumes. Posts like that are literally just an outlet for you to scream to the world how proud you are of your character. What was so necessary about this post? Why is it even here... its not a PK, its not about anything important, Its just you going “yeah ik that this isn’t canon lore, but I’m gonna pretend it is because I want attention.” This post makes VERY little references to lore, except buzz words like “Mali’ker”. In fact there’s no reason for your little god to be saying “Mali’ker”. They aren’t elven, and it isn’t as if that’s a scientific or proper name for the Dark Elven race as a whole. Its just sprinkling in elven just for the sake of having it there, just to show that you know what it means. Oh and for the love of god, no Karren’s soul WOULDN’T go to “oblivion” it would go to the Soul Stream, OR if his soul is altered in any way that Aeriel deems unworthy then he’s cast out to the Ebraetus to suffer. I like how you call Karren your most toxic character. Because its just you quickly reaching for an excuse for your behavior OOCly. I’ve had a few encounters with you, all of them being unpleasant to say the least. Literally begging for magic OOCly, and going out of your way to ignore things that were relevant out of character. Afterwards you got salty and took it to PMs in game to complain and whine about how unfair it was, when it’s just roleplay. There’s no disconnect when you say that Karen was a toxic character, because you are quite toxic yourself. I’m going to mention this because its relevent and proves my point, so hopefully you don’t get too hurt over it, but your livestream is something to look at in regards to how you act. I get that you were being made a fool of, but still it doesn’t excuse the horrid way you acted when that stream was representing lotc. When I had mentioned your characters interacting with each other, it doesn’t just mean face to face. That’s like me saying “oh if my mage casted a shield on my other druid character they don’t talk to each other so its ok.” Its still your characters interacting. One last side note, I hope you do realize that once your lore is approved (if it even is) it won’t be YOURS anymore, it’ll belong to LotC. You’ll have no say over what happens to it, and down the line it’ll be able to be rewritten. You won’t be able to play your god that you’ve created, that’ll be under LT if he even does need to interact with anything on the server. I feel like you’re the kind of person that would flip their **** over the above.
  3. Its_Just_Leap

    Delving into the Dark (Chapter Two Ending)

    Jesus Christ are you huffing on your own fumes? I swear every time you post on the forums I feel like your ego for yourself gets larger and larger. The problem with this is that you’re turning into one of those people that will go ahead and write your own character straight into the lore which only shows how you think they have some kind of grand importance (which they don’t). At this point your proposed magic IS to make your character more powerful and you keep showing it, you do realize that putting “this isn’t a magic to make my character more powerful” and them IMMEDIATELY writing in a short story about your character knowing of the existence of and being helped by a deity that YOU created. A deity that is still up in the air on whether it’ll be accepted. I’d even wager it probably won’t be accepted for a while due to the fact that the LT are more focused on required rewrites than something new when we already have a lore bloat. That’s besides the point though, I also find it rather concerning that you’re having two characters you created INTERACT. Something that the server is against (and even against the rules.) I want for you to improve in your writing and RP. The path you’re going down now is honestly one thats gonna burn you out quickly. You’re roleplaying and writing for your characters, like I said earlier, like they have a grand purpose, and like they’re a protagonist of a video game or movie. While this can be said about any character on lotc it seems that you directly go out of your way to try and keep your characters in this imaginary spotlight that you put on yourself. When I say put it on yourself, I mean you literally write a post about your character being aided by some deity that YOU created. I think that you need to continue to tell yourself that no matter how many lore posts or just “chapters” in you make that your character will always be on an equal level with some random Joe Smoe in Haense. They won’t be a protagonist with some GRAND AND EXTRAVAGANT purpose. Because this isn’t a movie featuring your character as the hero. This is a roleplay server.
  4. Its_Just_Leap

    [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    Alright, I’m not going to sit here and absolutely bombard you with the accusation that you’re only making this to have your own special magic. I hope to god you’ve grown from when you sat in Haelun’or and spammed me in game to teach you magic and said you were entitled to it. Which makes me believe what others say that you just want your snowflake rp. If thats the case and this gets passed then we’ll definitely be able to see it by how you treat it when the time comes. Until then I’m gonna give a wait and see attitude. As for the lore itself I think its mostly fine, some things are questionable and really leave a lot of questions unanswered that really shouldn’t just go unanswered. My main issue is that this just seems like it’ll just be thrown into the current lore with no rhyme or reason. It doesn’t fit at all with the current deities tones and themes. I really despise your reply here. As it shows that you have no real care for how this lore piece meshes with others. You just wrote it because you need it for your special magic. It’s almost just spitting in the face of the way gods and deities are handled in current lore. You need to rethink this over, because in my opinion you just throwing a new deity into the lore pitch like a car heading 100mph down a highway is a recipe for disaster. No hate for you (besides your attitude towards other players) but fix your lore if you want it in. -1
  5. Its_Just_Leap

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Show up to his house holding up a poorly printed out screenshot of your warning point.
  6. Its_Just_Leap

    The Struggles of Moderation

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. For one because the message they sent was pretty hilarious and two that Futurama quote was grand. Can’t wait to see the video online of Lark opening his christmas present only for a swat team officer to pop out like a wild encounter in pokemon. God bless our generation.
  7. Its_Just_Leap

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    This is something I like to see and so far the few of those that want to scream that if the pure PvP playerbase leaves then the server will die. This clearly isn't the case just looking at the results so far. If we're going off the PvP playerbase then out of the 128 (As of writing this) players that have voted only 11.81% of people are purely here for PvP. At this point the rhetoric that the server will die if that 11.81% leaves can't even be spouted anymore, as clearly most of the server will just continue to play. Those of you who love to use that same rhetoric know who you are, and this post just proved you wrong. Have a nice night y'all.
  8. Its_Just_Leap

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Now I don't wanna say to rush the map, because that'll make it worse, but god I hope we can get the hell off Atlas before the year ends. This has honestly been my least favorite map in all my time of playing on LotC, and I skipped over Vailor entirely because of how much I disliked it. It even topped that. From the screenshots we're given it atleast looks like its not as boring as Atlas, hopefully not as flat aswell. Also please #RemoveFreebuild
  9. Its_Just_Leap

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    You've actually got some problems if you think that the PvP goon community leaving means the death of lotc. I say this again I'm all for PvP in some aspects of the server however I will never encourage the community of sole pvpers in lotc like we have now. Its a toxic group of players that honestly at this point I couldn't give a **** less of if they left. When you see players getting constantly banned and slapped with restrictions its almost always pvp goons. They are lotc's worst. More people have quit the server because of them than anything else. People come onto this server to roleplay and when they're met with people screaming and reeeing in their ears about how cringey their rp is then of course they're going to leave.
  10. Its_Just_Leap

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I agree that rules on PvP conflict are getting more and more strict for really bad reasons, and I even pointed this out in my reply to the rules. I'm not denying that it seems like the grip on pvp is growing tighter. I'm simply saying that if all of the pure pvp goons left the server then it wouldn't be the death of the server like you were perpetuating. I want to point out to you that this has NOTHING to do with RP means, and its not here to spite pvp goons like I'm sure you would love to believe. Its updating a fairly **** set of rules and atleast they're putting it out for community review rather than just shoving it down our throats.
  11. Its_Just_Leap

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    Look at the vote and it paints a very clear picture that even Stevie Wonder would be able to see. People clearly do not like these rules and the replies are going into specifics. I guess its time for you all to go back to the drawing board.
  12. Its_Just_Leap

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    And then there's you. I agree that PvP is needed for some aspects of the server such as warclaims, but stop being over dramatic. Oh and honey please don't act like you have the power to take down the server with your "Last an final warning" ,cool off your ego for a moment. I highly doubt (infact I could guarantee) the server will not drop dead because PvP goons leave.
  13. Its_Just_Leap

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    No, if you popped them, made them D40, or they bleed out then your chance to capture them is over. Their soul is with the monks, and there is no need to drag them back when RPly you've already killed them. Sucks 2 Suck, this is on the raiders to think about and it shouldn't be a rule. Get rid of it. I personally don't like this rule because most of the time it only leads to OOC mocking, but I'm ok with keeping this. HOWEVER, if this stays in then the players must have the heads placed somewhere, AND the players who had their head taken or anyone who wishes to must be able to /modreq and RP taking the head down. If thats not something thats going to be allowed then you might aswell get rid of this rule aswell. What the hell is up with these cooldown times? Twenty One days???? Are you insane? You want absolutely no conflict for an entire month? Please dear god tell me I'm not the only one who thinks these cooldown times are absolutely ridiculous. Why did you all post another community review when it looks like nothing has changed? What's new about this one than the last one?
  14. Its_Just_Leap

    The Fat Goblin Lands on Atlas

    ((Not gonna lie this is probably he funniest roleplay post I've read in a long time.))
  15. Its_Just_Leap

    AfricanGlasses's World Developer Application

    You're honestly an insufferable person that has a massive superiority complex and an ego the size of earth itself. You act as though in this application that you're an understanding guy that adheres and tries to understand other's opinions, which you don't. I've had the displeasure of working with you on a city that was doomed to fail from the start because of your poor OOC actions. I've seen you getting an inch and taking a highway mile just to benefit yourself, I can guarantee you're not joining this team because you want to benefit the server. You're a power hungry control freak. I didn't expect you to return to LotC after your outbursts and cries that this was a horrible server. You've just now returned to the server aswell. I looked at your recent activity on the server. You're not here to benefit a server you love, you're here to try and get power over people to stroke your own ego. It's as simple as that. -1