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  1. neopsychedelia

    Looking For Automaton Players

    Unfortunately, this wouldn’t really fit with what we’re doing. Sorry.
  2. neopsychedelia

    Looking For Automaton Players

    Interested in playing an Atronach or Animati character? A new group is developing and we’re looking for competent roleplayers to fill these roles. We’d like to offer a lot of freedom for these characters to develop in whichever direction the player would like, within a few limitations. If you’re interested or have questions, hit me up on discord at: neopsychedelia#0313
  3. neopsychedelia

    A Strange Character Request

    buying gf
  4. neopsychedelia

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    it hasnt even been a month since your last villainy blacklist began, i sincerely doubt you’ve had a meaningful change of heart since then
  5. let me comment.. I’m on your side

  6. neopsychedelia

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    Why do you put on a persona of toxicity on the forums? Is it an act or is it a projection of how you really feel? How much of what you say do you actually stand by? Is there something about tactlessness you find fashionable?
  7. neopsychedelia

    September Prince, Feedback!

    I wish I had more to add to this discussion. I've never been around to attend a sept prince event and now I'm glad. I don't understand how aesop could've thought "Arzota dies, instantly" was an acceptable emote or cause for a mandatory pk (which I'm certain has no basis in the rules).
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  9. neopsychedelia

    [Community Review] Raids

    The pvp community (or the part of that community) at fault for toxicity, trolling and malicious roleplay has had an undeniable history of this behavior within and without actual raids. This happens with your typical bandits all the time, for example. This isn't some growing resentment toward the rules how they are, and even if it was, that kind of behavior would still be in no way appropriate. What you're proposing is not a solution to toxicity; you're offering a dangerous degree of power to a community that already does its' best to skirt the line of acceptability, in an apparent attempt to appease these players who've shown no precedence toward wanting to better themselves or their behaviors. These rules have been built up for a reason and like I've said, this collective behavior needs to change before something like this rewrite can even be considered.
  10. neopsychedelia

    [Community Review] Raids

    If you really believe that pvp-related toxicity and 'memery' has anything to do with the cap on raids then you must misunderstand this community on a fundamental level.
  11. neopsychedelia

    [Community Review] Raids

    It's difficult to build a case against people whose characters are motivated from an ill-intentioned OOC place. This combined with how lenient (or aloof) staff have been in regards to this behavior in the past means that a lot of people, including myself would rather not have to deal with the burden of presenting these issues. Frankly, it should be the place of the moderators to take initiative in these situations where they're able, and leave the example that they actually do care about having these problems resolved. Until then, I think it's entirely inappropriate to suggest these cumulative changes in the community's current overall social climate.
  12. neopsychedelia

    [Community Review] Raids

    is the point of this rewrite to make raids as disruptive as possible to actual roleplay or what
  13. neopsychedelia


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