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  1. I think this should be for every "Nation". The only hard regions should be around the actual city. The duty of keeping unwanted "guests" from building fortifications in their reach should fall upon the nation and be dealt with either by force or diplomacy. Shouldn't be a problem if a nation wants to be active. Would let people actually do something instead of them hoarding land.
  2. HAIL THE EMPIRE city-state republic OF HOLM. But seriously, it really does feel like a favorites or grandfathering game. I personally think it should make the requirements to achieve "Nation" status more transparent, or do away with it and let people earn/buy the functions of one somehow instead of having a meaningless divide between settlements. So far it seems "Nation" status only means the place is older, not that its necessarily active and thriving. It really isn't fun to see a static map or huge overgrown cities.
  3. Ruby

    I always liked Mabinogi ;o

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  4. :o ok , just one more question: Do I spell out all my inventory like I do on vanilla minecraft?
  5. Hey: When I was reading roleplay rules, there was a section on presumably RP combat. It said that if the sides can't agree on the method of combat, it defaults to 'mechanics' combat? Whats does this exactly mean? Does it means using vanilla minecraft combat? If so, I understand combat shouldn't be initiated without good cause, but do I have to rely on an honor system that people won't just kill me while I'm AFK or just doing some OOC things? Or is there some sort of toggle to enter into PVP like that? I'm just asking since I came from a server where you needed an RP reason to raid....but almost every raid was PVPers using some shallow and vague "We're bandits!" excuse to just kill peeps. If that isn't what defaulting to mechanics combat means, what does it mean?
  6. Alright, that's all I needed to know. Thank you! mmmm, not sure how to uh close this thread: But it has been adequately answered!
  7. I'm very new to this server and was directed towards LoTC for minecraft roleplay, I haven't swam too deeply in the lore but some of the creatures, particularly the Sirens and Cervitaurs catch my interest. The friend who directed me to here informed me that it is possible make applications for them and I've always liked giving some perspective to background things as these. I understand you need to make a character (whitelist) application to be involved in the server. My queries arrive because I'm wondering if it is allowed to put one of these creatures down as your character application to be white listed? I tried to find information about it, but I'm either blind or just not looking at the right places. I get the implication (which may be wrong) that some creatures need to be attatched to a character, such as arcane familiars or puppets. And I also see that good bit of the creatures wouldn't make viable characters for various reasons, (Such as hostility, lack of sapience, ruin the carpet!). I don't really have interest in those ones and have no queries regarding them, only things like Cervitaurs and the like. If its allowed, and I am looking very forward to making a nice full character with them! Thank you for answering!
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