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  1. gizzuh warp carts
  2. I love it~ I tried to write a sea magic myself, it fell pretty flat. But this seems much more organized. My only real concern is that, while the power stems from parts of Dresdrasil and her essence and whatnot, it still becomes toxic and harmful for native sea life. I feel like being toxic to sea life kind of takes a few steps away from Dresdrasil’s nature, given that all sea life came from her. Other than that, looks fantastic to me!
  3. Mmm magical disconnection from a CA without requiring any actual reasons. Totally won't be abused, especially since two factions of Azdrazi can't stand each other. Hmm. Definitely a good idea.
  4. Gladiolus peers at a copy of the missive delivered to his family. "....soooooo why is everyone we're allies to completely crazy?" He asks his maln, who is also completely crazy.
  5. “I’m skilled at cooking and cleaning!” Gladiolus announces. “I’m an adorable 5’3” Mali’ame.”
  6. I hope this passes! I always thought the Azdrazi were cool
  7. An elven priest takes a sip of brandy after reading the notice. “I wonder how Haelun’or manages to spread these wretched notes all over the continent so quickly. No wonder they never advance towards anything, they’re too busy copying notes about how they dislike each other.” He takes another sip. “...this really is quite good. I think I’ll have a second glass.”
  8. I see you too have had the misfortune of meeting a blue elf. @Aethling And PLEASE do. Don't forget the height redlines! End the plague of endless 7 foot tall wood elf freaks. Bring back the short boys!
  9. Funnily enough i was just brainstorming up something else made of sneeple! The more the merrier!
  10. @Tennallar I made a bunch of edits and such using the recommendations and feedback that you left last time! Hopefully this version makes more sense.
  11. You might not need lore to praise an entity, but it certainly helps. If I simply wanted to praise some non-existent creature of the fathoms, I would hardly have expanded on her original lore. Likewise, her having fleshed out lore shouldn’t influence your in character reactions regarding her, whether it’s one paragraph, or a proper lore post. If your character is terrified of ancient sea entities, they should be afraid of her wither you oocly know things about her or not.
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