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  1. Interested in Oropo, as a player and a character that have sailing/coastal/nautical interests. Maybe we can talk? PM me some time.

  2. An albino crow delivers a letter, far from a young-seeming elven man lounging on a fainting couch. He takes a draw from his pipe, wondering what the response will be to his missive. He blows a smoke ring, gazing out the window. The letter reads: “Mister Banebow, I believe we have urgent business to discuss. You’ll find me down the path just west of Sutica. Follow the flame, I’m not hard to find.” It’s signed only with a stamp that resembles tentacles perhaps?
  3. A petite high elf lounging on a fainting couch would receive a copy of the missive, and giggle quietly to himself while reading it and drinking tea. “Haelun’or always makes fur good reading. Masters of comedy they are, without even trying.” He passes the missive to his daughter to read, still chuckling as he sipped his tea. “But that’s none of my business.”
  4. So, I was making a path to the main road, and I was told that my PRO needs to put in an /areq in order to connect my path to the main road, and to add a sign. I talked to my PRO, and they said that its not possible currently at all, cuz the dude who can do it is MIA? Is there anyone else who can do it?
  5. So, I bred my turtles, and they laid three eggs on the beach. I built fortifications to protect the eggs, because I know people love smashing them. Later, when it came time for the eggs to hatch, they produced 0 baby turtles. I think it’s cuz of the anti-lag feature, so it just didn’t let them spawn.
  6. Edited once more, adding a new con and flavor bit to Tier Three.
  7. JuniperSelkie

    String yo

    So, quick thing. I’ve noticed spiders aren’t spawning. This might be intentional, but no spiders means there’s no method of getting string. I might have a solution for that though. I don’t know if it’s still around, but we’ve had custom recipes in the past. Specifically, one that allowed someone to make 9 string into one wool. Given that wool is -spun- into string, not the other way around, that always struck me as a bit odd. HOWEVER. Adding a custom recipe for string, using wool to create it, would solve the “no mobs, no spiders, no string” issue. Cuz I can’t catch me none of them fancy new fish without string to make fishing rods. And PLEASE don’t make the fix “oh you can now buy YET ANOTHER ITEM that you can’t obtain in any other way from Cloud Temple”. Pretty please?
  8. An elf lounges on a chaise in his tower, reading over a copy of the missive. “Human nations are so droll. Constantly trying to find some reason to start a war. Imagine lacking the intellect to tell the difference between two entirely different organizations by their method of communication.”
  9. ((human rpers metagaming, shock, never saw that coming))
  10. BLACK BLOOD The Blackfog family's origins are largely untraced, only 2 known: Novo and his daughter Hibiscus. It's rumored that the heritage of the Blackfogs, the elven blood, carries a particular nastiness in it. A special sort of madness beyond what is normal for elvenkin. Despite the rumors, the founder of Oropo remains friendly and approachable, if somewhat secretive. DIVINE CHILDREN Around the fires late at night, Adherents tell tales of Dresdrasils children and their exploits. A favorite tale is that of Dresdrasil's Heir, an egg that has taken on descendant form. Not yet hatched, but awake and awake, the disguised Heir wanders the lands and seas, performing miracles. One such tale implies that sightings of this supposed Heir decided where Oropo would be built.
  11. Novo watched from the lighthouse, silhouetted by the blazing beacon behind him. Below him came the creak of pulleys, the shouts of men and women, grunts of hard labor. Great wooden beams, some still sheathed in their bark, rose into place, accompanied by massive braces of bone. In another spot, people chattered cheerily while weaving kelp into proper roofing for new houses. "Strange to see it happening in front of me." He said to himself, as the town came together. "How long will it be, before I say the words regularly?" 'Welcome to Oropo.'
  12. I made some additional changes. Clarified one of Maelstrom’s mechanics, added a limit to the amount of ammunition the bow can create, replaced the power for the fan and for V’acta’s t5, replaced the power for the dagger, and added additional limits to the compass.
  13. +1 for leshy inspired stuff, -1 for basically just being druidism minus aspects.
  14. THE ADHERENTS OF DRESDRASIL The Adherents of Dresdrasil are named for the former Daemon of Abundance, now the Old One of the Sea, Dresdrasil. They’ve adopted a seaside lifestyle, spending their days fishing and sailing, diving deep in search of the ocean’s treasures. Their numbers include all races, and despite their friendliness, little is known of them by outsiders. They value their privacy, but make an effort to maintain outside connections, through trade and allies outside their territory. Their merchants bring forth all sorts of rare goods from the sea: pearls from their divers, unusual crafting materials like the bones of sea beasts and rigid scales and supple fin and hide. Adherents place enormous emphasis on craftsmanship and skill, a tradition stemming from Jugo’s influence. This is reflected in the formation of their society. The Ospreys, lead by the Huntsmaster, spans from fishermen and hunters to bounty hunters and monster hunters. If there is tracking or killing involved, so are the Ospreys. Adherents themselves focus on more peaceful endeavors, including trade and diplomacy, and contains the artisans of Adherent society. They use the sea’s bounty to craft their goods, releasing a steady stream of perfumes and jewelry, cloth and tools, all things crafted by hand using specialized techniques. Then there are Sages, priest of Dresdrasil who attempt to translate her portents and spiritually guide the Adherents. Every Adherent, however, carries on them a symbolic vial of water from the sea, no more than the size of a pinky finger, so they never forget where they come from. Collectively, the Adherents are lead by their guildmaster, as well as the Herald of Dresdrasil, their current religious leader. To prove yourself in Adherent society, be it coming of age or attempting to join or taking up a leadership position, you pass tests referred to as Tolls. One Toll is laid out before you by each of the leaders. Tolls are usually challenges of wit, skill, or strength. Traditional attire for an Adherent is unusual, and often unisex. They wear flowing outer garments most of the time, everything from an elegant sari to a ornate cloak. Their eccentric style covers up form-fitting undergarments intended for swimming. Their loose outer layers are able to be quickly discarded, as to not inhibit them in the water. Some Adherents prefer clothing that bares sections of skin, to show off tattoos. Most, however, prefer easy to move in garments that allow them to enjoy the sun and surf. Their jewelry is often produced from things that would normally be considered waste, like bones, shells, scales, glass, and coral, prizing beauty over wealth. Though that isn’t to say they won’t use stones, precious metals, and lustrous pearls. But Adherents are economists, and prefer to use everything that they can from the sea, as to avoid waste and careless overhunting. A peculiar note to their clothing is the material they use to make it, a creation of their own known as “sea silk” or byssus cloth. Woven from the strands produced by fan mussels, byssus cloth is light as silk and far stronger, but does not decay from exposure to moisture, nor does it mold. The strands can even be broken down alchemically into a powerful adhesive. When it comes to food, Adherents are largely a hunter-fisher society. They’ll fish with nets and rods to bring in ordinary fish, and dive for clams and mussels. To augment their meat-heavy eating habits, they establish farms next to their villages, to grow a wide variety of crops that are compatible with the salt-infused soil. The list of plants is extensive: barley, coconut palms, beets, water chestnuts, cattails, jelly palms, prickly pears, sea grapes, rice, sugarcanes, and more. They prepare these crops alongside the meats, in order to maintain a balanced diet, which even includes some kinds of seaweed. Some of their crops are even used to create marvelous desserts, like the fruit of the jelly palm. Alongside their deserts, they also use sea plants to produce their own alcohols. Musically, string instruments, drums, and horns are quite popular among the Adherents. Drums made of monster hide are common, decorated with bone from the players kills. Horns are often either made of monster horns, or even out of coral, producing a variety of notes. Two-stringed shamisens are well liked, but they don’t limit themselves to just that, everything from lutes to violins are fair game. Music is a community hobby, just like meals, so it’s not uncommon for Adherents to gather just to make music. Just as popular as music is dance, something most Adherents are acquainted with. Art, however, is more complex, and varies from person to person. One Adherent might make sculptures out of coral, while another might make jewelry. Another Adherent could paint, or make tapestries. Weaving and carving are very popular, given the materials they often work with. Adherents are followers of Dresdrasil, Queen of the Deep, Mother of the Sea. Being that she created all of the animals they hunt, protect, and eat, it only makes sense. Dresdrasil and her Thousand Children are the target of their worship, coupled with personified virtues that they strive for in their everyday life. The Children of Dresdrasil are powerful creatures living within the oceans, leviathans that inherited unusual and sometimes powerful abilities from their mother. Dresdrasil herself is a Daemon that loved her creations so much she couldn’t stand to be parted from them, choosing to plummet from her throne to live alongside them for all of time. The story of her sacrifice is taught to children as a tale of selfless love and community. The virtues extolled by the Adherents are: Beauty, Craftsmanship, Curiosity, Luck, and Glory. Each Adherent chooses their own method of pursuing these. There are ceremonies and traditions adhered to be the Adherents. The creation of ritual salts and oils, coupled with the ritualized casting off of burdens through flame comes in the spring, to mark the new year and start fresh. During the cold months, Adherents recount the tale of Dresdrasil via oral tradition. When an Adherent wishes to marry, they combine a drop of their blood with drop of seawater, and enclose it in a bead of glass that they gift to their lover. When an Adherent dies, a shroud is woven for them out of seaweed, and they are sunken in the sea, weighed down by stones. Thanks are given to Dresdrasil for successful monster hunts, and good luck charms carved from bone and pearl are distributed beforehand, often made by family or close friends. Perhaps the strangest superstition of the Adherents is that of watching waters in order to find portents to assist in decision making. Watching calm waters might help an Adherent in matters pertaining to inner peace and stability. Watching on a stormy day can help inspire an Adherent to overcome obstacles in their life or recover from illness. Sunny, cloudless days of watching the sea are considered to help with creativity and ambition, especially happiness and positivity. Watching a moonlit sea is considered to help in matters of the heart and all manner of relationships. Even the ebbing and flowing tides are considered filled with omens, as are tidal and rock pools. The castes of Adherent society are actually equal to each other, but serve wildly different purposes. While an Osprey hunts, an Adherent creates and communicates, and Sages teach and worship. Sometimes it's possible to tell them apart just by looking. Ospreys often carry bone masks on their belts, and wear armbands cunningly woven from feathers. Sages garb themselves in blue, even their tattoos are blue. While primarily used by the Ospreys, the Adherents actually have a system of whistles chat are used got crude communication. When it comes to gifts in Adherent society, one must be careful not to get confused. The shape, size, material, and color of a gift can all lend it further meaning. For instance, gifting someone you admire a cleverly woven hemp knot that has been dyed red might send the wrong impression. But if you send them a different color or material, it could mean something else. The same can be said of gifts of beads or jewelry. Commonly, an Adherent will wear a necklace with a sharks tooth, commonly obtained upon passing their Tolls, but will decorate it with gifts they have received. Scrimshaw and wooden carvings are also beloved gifts. It isn't uncommon to exchange gifts, since many Adherents view their society as one big family. Adherents have their fair share of superstitions. First and foremost among them is the form their altars take, that of a well with no known bottom. Nothing dropped into one if these wells has ever been seen again, leading to the superstition that items (and people) that fall in are lost forever, whisked off to Dresdrasils side. Because of this, it's become common to cast in items in hope of luck, or even obtaining their goddesses favor. Periodically, the adherents will set burning lanterns afloat on the water, and let the tides carry them away, as a tribute to those lost to time and to the sea itself. Sometimes it is thought that the lanterns might help people pass on, or even guide them home.
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