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  1. The issue with this is that real life thieves don’t actually kill that often. Statistically, they prefer to just snag stuff and run. Not to mention, the trauma that you accumulate by killing people. You -literally- need to be a psychopath to be completely unaffected by murdering someone. Killing is traumatic. That's a fact.
  2. The issue is that almost nobody ever survives bandit rp, so it ends up impacting nothing.
  3. Every time ive been robbed on the road, in a city, or anywhere else, my character has been killed. There’s literally no rp that comes out of it. They just pop me and take my stuff. So I think banditry needs some harsher rules. Much harsher.
  4. *Pokes face*

  5. Realtalk tho. Don’t let people decide for you where you should go. Pick a spot you’ll think you will enjoy, and there’s no need to 100% commit to it. You’re always free to move to another spot if the first one isn’t your cup of tea. Don’t let people bully you into picking their spot over another.
  6. I’m planning to found an alchemist society in my upcoming charter, and we’re also the home of the Herbalist guild. Feel free to message me and check out our charter!
  7. MC-Name: JuniperSelkie Character Name: Novo Blackfog Age: 300~ Race: High Elf Hometown: ??? Possible Goals to achieve: Resume the practice of medicine and the cultivation of herbs and special plants. Expand the field of alchemy. Wanted Role/Job: Medic/Scout (Experienced Physician and Alchemist, as well as Gardener) Discord: JuniperSelkie#6227
  8. Novo reads over the invitation. “Oh. Suticans and Oropians aren’t invited.”
  9. OROPO AND THE ADHERENTS OF DRESDRASIL The Adherents of Dresdrasil are a community dedicated to seaside life, and all the things that come with it. They’re at the surface, humble villagers who spend their days fishing and hunting, relaxing in the sun, surfing and diving, and making offerings and prayers to their mysterious Goddess. But delving deeper, there is more to them than meets the eye. The Adherents of Dresdrasil are split into three equal, but very different castes: Adherents, Ospreys, and Cormorants. Adherents are folks who handle the everyday aspects of life: barkeeps, sailors, fishers, crafters, and merchants alike. Ospreys are hunters in every sense of the word: fishing, trapping, diving, and monster hunting. Cormorants are scholars, spellcasters, and religious figures. Collectively, the Adherents are lead by the Kingfisher and the Herald of Dresdrasil, the leaders of the Ospreys and the Cormorants. The Adherents have their own culture and religion, their religion revolving around the worship of a divine figure. She has many name, known as the Old One of the Sea, the Goddess of the Sea, the Sea Mother, or more properly, as Dresdrasil, the Daemon of Abundance. The tales told by the Adherents speak of how she loved the sea so greatly that she decided to take on a mortal form, and gave up her godhead to dwell alongside the myriad forms of life she had created, her children. The Adherents try to honor her in all they do, treating their villages as just big families, and accepting people from all walks of life. Anyone who would reinvent themselves, no matter what they’re running from. Adherent society focuses heavily on fishing, hunting, and artisanship, with a major focus on skill, local materials, and trade. Despite their dedication, they’re also known to host many festivals, and to be a laid-back people. Those attempting to join the Adherents should apply on this thread using the supplied prompt, and head to Oropo for IC recruitment and such. There are no race or background limitations really, just be a decent person, and come to have fun ❤️ RECRUITMENT APPLICATION MC Name: Character Name: Race: Reason for wanting to join: Goals for Joining: Ideal Caste: Basic Background:
  10. Interested in Oropo, as a player and a character that have sailing/coastal/nautical interests. Maybe we can talk? PM me some time.

  11. An albino crow delivers a letter, far from a young-seeming elven man lounging on a fainting couch. He takes a draw from his pipe, wondering what the response will be to his missive. He blows a smoke ring, gazing out the window. The letter reads: “Mister Banebow, I believe we have urgent business to discuss. You’ll find me down the path just west of Sutica. Follow the flame, I’m not hard to find.” It’s signed only with a stamp that resembles tentacles perhaps?
  12. A petite high elf lounging on a fainting couch would receive a copy of the missive, and giggle quietly to himself while reading it and drinking tea. “Haelun’or always makes fur good reading. Masters of comedy they are, without even trying.” He passes the missive to his daughter to read, still chuckling as he sipped his tea. “But that’s none of my business.”
  13. So, I was making a path to the main road, and I was told that my PRO needs to put in an /areq in order to connect my path to the main road, and to add a sign. I talked to my PRO, and they said that its not possible currently at all, cuz the dude who can do it is MIA? Is there anyone else who can do it?
  14. So, I bred my turtles, and they laid three eggs on the beach. I built fortifications to protect the eggs, because I know people love smashing them. Later, when it came time for the eggs to hatch, they produced 0 baby turtles. I think it’s cuz of the anti-lag feature, so it just didn’t let them spawn.
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