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  1. Another problem, one that could make fast travel less necessary: where did all our soul stone slots go? Back in Athera, I had five soul stone slots. I could warp around and visit all the important places I had to. Now we get two slots, have to vote for a third, and have to buy temporary extra slots that we lose if we die. What’s the point? Heck, maybe instead of giving us more slots again, could just revamp the soul stone system so you can warp to any pillar you’ve visited previously.
  2. I also agree with there being a problem with the activity check system. Everyone is huddled down in their little square, afraid to leave cuz it'll **** over their city/nation/village.
  3. The issues I have are simple enough. We’ve got these huge worlds, with everything spread out, but we’ve completely discontinued any form of fast travel. Boats, carts, anything. Even if they only went to crossroads or staff built docks, it would make traversing the map easier, so you don’t spend 3 hours running from one town to the other town you wanna go to. On top of that, half the map is “nation flagged” so that only nations can set up there, but no nations can get there cuz nations tend to start as settlements, but settlements can’t go there. and on top of THAT is the fact that tons of really great spots have been snatched up by event team folks (story team?), but they just don’t do anything with them, so really great spots are completely worthless. Why bother HAVING spots that nobody can use, much less spots that only nations are allowed in. Why should only nations get to be anywhere near CT?
  4. I shall be curious to see if permanant bans are enforced.
  5. A diminutive high elf stares in the direction of Haelunor while eating a raw beat. Some part of him wonders what Artimec is doing, and for the strangest reason feels like he approves of it, especially if it spites Haelunor. He finishes eating the beet like an apple, and goes back to his studies.
  6. OOC Username: JuniperSelkie Discord (example#0000): JuniperSelkie#6227 Time zone: Central Time Roleplay Name: Elias Thornfoot Age: 23 Race: Halfling Desired Role: Amiable/Raeden
  7. I adore it as much this time as I did the last time it was submitted! I’ve been a tinker/alchemist player since I joined the server years ago, and this is one of the greatest additions to that category that I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit that I’ve never had the opportunity ICly to either meet an Automaton, much less one of their creators though, only ever ICly heard rumors. Seems to be a closely guarded secret. Which can be good or bad, honestly. Too little spreading of it, and it withers up. Too much, and it becomes worthless. I just hope it doesn’t end up getting hoarded by a highly specific race or group, like with golemancy.
  8. The issue with this is that real life thieves don’t actually kill that often. Statistically, they prefer to just snag stuff and run. Not to mention, the trauma that you accumulate by killing people. You -literally- need to be a psychopath to be completely unaffected by murdering someone. Killing is traumatic. That's a fact.
  9. The issue is that almost nobody ever survives bandit rp, so it ends up impacting nothing.
  10. Every time ive been robbed on the road, in a city, or anywhere else, my character has been killed. There’s literally no rp that comes out of it. They just pop me and take my stuff. So I think banditry needs some harsher rules. Much harsher.
  11. *Pokes face*

  12. Here’s my big question. For people who already knew how to make Homunculi, does this give them that ability again?
  13. Realtalk tho. Don’t let people decide for you where you should go. Pick a spot you’ll think you will enjoy, and there’s no need to 100% commit to it. You’re always free to move to another spot if the first one isn’t your cup of tea. Don’t let people bully you into picking their spot over another.
  14. I’m planning to found an alchemist society in my upcoming charter, and we’re also the home of the Herbalist guild. Feel free to message me and check out our charter!
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