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  1. MotoSCP173

    [Accepted] [Pending][ET Builder App Thing] Gamma

    She's Asian so she's automatically great at what she does. In addition to this her skills at creatively choosing palettes of blocks and colors to add shading and flavor to even the plainest of builds, I find quite remarkable. Now her cooking skills are horrible, she can't even cook me rice correctly or listen when I tell her to dive in league. But building is definitely something she can do properly. Now she doesn't know **** about the arts of design from a descriptive standpoint so allow me to help you out for you're probably too dimwitted to understand the masterpieces of her work like I do, one who has come to understand them quite while of the years of knowing her. Let us first look upon the Xionist Temple. At first glance, it is a typical castle with stone base work palettes. However to fit the theme of the darky edgelords that ran the place, in a world of blocks she manages to pull off how SHARP everything is. Now ignore Smaw's ugly ass fuckin purple tree that desecrates the beautiful build, aside from that, if you know about Xionists and the Judges you know how this build just captures their edgy darksoulsness. Alright up next is the Silk Grove, the perfect hotspot for showing off how well you can use trees to take up empty space through their different sizes and branch placements. You have the classic giant living tree which is one of my personal favorite aesthetics of this piece, and her choice of tree fits the biome that surrounds it. It isn't the typical oak tree for one so that's already thinking harder than half the Groves right there. Looking at the front view of the piece even you can see while it branches out from the main build of the Warhawks right beside it, it feels like it isn't standing out too much either. While more common than I think, I still like the touch of the fungi that show that the decomposing ground all around gives a viable living space for them, and also helps take up space alongside everything without standing out too much. Now we stand at the Mystic Cavern. It's got a nice little green and bluish aesthetic to it, but besides that, it's pretty standard, but her choice of these hues of the color in combination rather than picking a single one help feel the spooky aesthetic that the mystics embody. Now I know you can't see them all either but if you look at the floor under the water, it's all different colors of glass and god damn I helped that pain of the ass project move along BUT the colors SHOWING above the water don't contrast and continue to fit the aesthetic nicely, with a little touch of white in there, something I didn't even notice at first. Now the ruins and super secret underground base is pretty standard in my opinion, you can tell what it is and all that good ****, got some nice touches here and there, it's a small base of operations so I know she didn't get as much space to get razzle-dazzle with it, so onto the last piece! While every other build I have lots of experience exploring and have helped give ideas on, I just have seen this wyvern for the first time so this will be a bit more tricky. First off, she built the same dragon twice and it's recognizable from all angles and both of its positions. The size is roughly the same in both cases as I'd assume the roughly same amount of blocks were used to help keep it to scale. Now idk about you but I can't build something twice in two different positions while keeping it down to the same scale, especially as something complex as a creature, maybe a stick figure. Now the most notable part I've noticed is her use of wood THROUGHOUT the build rather than just on the stomach as most cases I see. It gives the build a nice contrast in telling the anatomy of the dragon, such as the wings going from brick to wood, the stomach as traditional use, but also the horns are wood as they are also parts of dragons that have different composition than the rest, she even signifies this by using a different form of wood than was used for the wings and stomach. This is my little Asian girl and I wanted her to do this so I'll do my part as her loyal husband and tell you plebians on a minecraft roleplaying server why my e-girl is better than yours.
  2. MotoSCP173

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

    -1 Billy Shams the type of guy to **** your wife after you locked her in a closet for years while teaching her necromancy
  3. MotoSCP173

    I've been around for a year apparently

    When will you get good at mineman pvp. All the videos I see of you are you getting dogged on
  4. MotoSCP173


  5. Better red than dead I suppose

  6. As someone who strives to be as renown with lore writing as this guy is, seeing him aim to do more than just right the lore-but incorporate it into rp- is awe-inspiring and I wish him luck in the endeavors. +1
  7. MotoSCP173

    Awaken, My Nightmares

    Ka'nur cracked his battle-torn bones in sudden awakening. His golden glistening eyes piercing into the night of his forge he had fallen asleep in, resharpening his axe one last time as he made his way back to his room " Mi duz nub lyke dah zound uv diz at all, mi dealt wit diz zkah wit dah dwed and twiggiez, nuw it kumz bak tu haunt uz juzt lyke a nytemar."
  8. MotoSCP173

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] A_Keefy

    I do love my Keefy, though @Keefy if I ever see 15 god damn spiders again I'm calling PvP default. And yes he does work himself to death, but I'm one of his keepers in makin sure he doesn't do things he'll regret, and he's been doin much better as of late in comparison to how I've known this guy over the years. I'd be the first to tell him no to something I don't think he could do, but I'll let him prove me wrong before I give him a -1, so until then a good friend supports another. +1

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      He has a point. Also, Moto isn't an ex Sutican.

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  10. MotoSCP173

    [✓] Motototo's Ban Appeal

    IGN(s): MotoSCP173 & SureYouCan Ban Reason: http://prntscr.com/hu8tzu Player(s) Involved: @senor_tortuga @MotoSCP173 Details: Quite simply we found some dude's place in free build and his animals, placed some blocks to get in and kill them, killed all the sheep, left 2 of every other animal. Quite simply that's why we consult the rule book before thinking of doing something stupid like that again. Additional Media: N/A
  11. Quick quip, this magic already exists in the form of Spirit Smithing minus the negatives, as it's willingness in this case.
  12. MotoSCP173


    +1 for our e-boy forum moderator, climb the ladder! Noice
  13. MotoSCP173


    Step 1: Infiltrate the ET Team. Step 2: Become the best ET ever. Step 3: ???. Step 4: Bring about the best events lotc could ask for and continue the prosperous life of the rp community. +1 for my boi
  14. Selling Wood Twiggie znaga girl, age 22, used to slave work, adept in the fields of farming and cooking, can work wood if ya make her Bid 350 mina, willing to negotiate