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  1. The Will of Zagbal

    Ka'nur Raguk shook his head disapprovingly at his farpeeper brother, beginning to sharpen some freshly created blood-steel axes perfect for chopping down trees. If the spirit wished to threaten the war nation, then he'd make a point to sacrifice Zagbal's precious jungles to Gentharuz in the name of industry and progression. The only use of such a spirit as he saw it, was as lumber for the RAGUKS.
  2. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    Well I can understand from an OOC perspective how it'd be seen as a circle jerk, but quite simply that's why you don't play clan-only orcs, and you play a community orc, as Spirit Smiths are not solely limited to Raguk anymore, and I have no one in Raguk to circle jerk this with! The other points were addressed so quite unnecessary, but thank you, drives home the point more if you wish to see it that way. The post is meant to give RP, taking what Smaw made as wards, and turning it into an Event Creator of sorts, though thank you for the feedback regardless.
  3. IGN(s): MotoSCP173 & SureYouCan Ban Reason: Player(s) Involved: @senor_tortuga @MotoSCP173 Details: Quite simply we found some dude's place in free build and his animals, placed some blocks to get in and kill them, killed all the sheep, left 2 of every other animal. Quite simply that's why we consult the rule book before thinking of doing something stupid like that again. Additional Media: N/A
  4. Quick quip, this magic already exists in the form of Spirit Smithing minus the negatives, as it's willingness in this case.
  5. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    Hmmm I can get that, it was Smawton's original post so I didn't really think much of it, besides I just viewed it as a Luata teaches the other how to make a muyakelg since it wouldn't exactly be common knowledge, though I understand where you're coming from. If others support your belief I'll alter it, but I think it still passes since Spirit Smiths can still summon spirits into items, which is what this is doing.
  6. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    That's the philosophy of RAGUK right there! I give you praise, you give me power. Though yes I do plan on having everyone come together to work on the spirits list, so many errors inside.
  7. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    See I am quite aware of that standing, but that then brings up a series of other issues going on in the spirit list, the entire thing needs to be looked at and reworked as we said. From my personal perspective it isn't about the material aspect of blood and bone, but rather the cultural aspect that blood entails. Every major culture praises blood as a huge part of spiritual belief, and all religions. Though yes that is for us to fix. And thank you for your insight, I actually do understand that quite a bit with that explanation, though in this particular case it isn't servitude of ancestrals so it wouldn't apply the same way but I get what you mean. I should also mention lore changes over time much as history does, and while you guys did not praise the spirits, I will gladly do such! Thank you for your insight once again however.
  8. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    Sorry, I'm a formal writer and try to refrain from offending to a degree. Yes, I do know the current issue with the spirits, though I must admit this problem extends to quite a few things within the spirits not just Gazigazh, and has been recently discussed within the community upon me wishing to take up this post. Though I would actually like to know why you say muyakelgs aren't orcish, I think it'd better help anyone who wishes to write lore for orcs, as I don't see how they aren't.
  9. Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    While I must say this has almost 0 value to the post it is put on I'll civilly inform you of a few things. 1. Times change and as such obviously Blood and Bone Spirits do exist now. 2. There can never be enough lore on a server that has the potential for limitless creativity, heathenistic views I tell you! 3. We are rewriting stuff, you should go check out The Clan Raguk posts Rin and I wrote with the help of a few orcs, or the new Braduk posts. 4. While cultural misappropriation is quite a devastating thing, that we've already been handling, your view is quite frankly part of the problem. Allow me to be an SJW for a moment. Would you ever tell a woman who's been raped that's she's at fault, or a robbery victim "shoulda hit the gym."? I don't think you would, so why are we at fault when others shouldn't be reaching into our culture in the first place? And yes, I know who you are and what you've done, but that was then and this is now, so if you'd like to offer actual help I'd gladly accept it, otherwise kindly understand the situations at hand first, thank you and have a good day.
  10. The Bone Lords & Croagaleg (Croageleg beneath the Blood Moon) When Ka'nur had finished reading about the rich history of Blood Smithing, his curiosity lead him deeper into the antiquated tome at his lap. He flipped through page upon page, many a paragraph stained with rusted blood or worn with times decaying touch. Eventually he came upon a well preserved segment, which alluded to the aspect of bone, the foundation upon which all mortals are tied. It spoke of the Bone Lords, and of their King, Croageleg. Croageleg is the lesser spirit of Gazigash, and rules second over the domain of bone. He appears as a skeletal humanoid, with a cloak of wither bone that resembles much the feathers of a raven. As with all Spirits, each lesser degree of power limits them to a more specific theme in the overarching idea of their realm. Where Croageleg is the King of Bones, his four lords are tied to the states of bone and indeed the way they interact with the world. There were a handful of Ancient Raguk Shamans who were more interested in the realm of bone than of blood, and their curiosity lead them to uncovering a potent ritual that would allow them to adapt the idea of muyakelg so that they would comprise only of bone and trinket. This would make them physically immobile, but would allow them the opportunity to draw from more of their soul. Bone Muyakelg The Bone Muyakelg are variations of the already existing idea of muyakelg. They are not made of flesh or blood, and are instead entirely formed from the assembly of bones and trinkets. Due to having no muscle, these muyakelg are incapable of movement. They also vary in that they are not called from the Ancestral Realm, and are instead drawn from the Immortal Realm of Bone, under the ruling of Gazigash, the Immortal Spirit of Blood and Bone. For this reason, there are only four possible Bone Lords from which to choose, each of whom control a different aspect within this sub-category. Their souls are not stored within fleshy cages, and are instead within trinkets. This is achieved through the process of spirit smithing- something which is readily available as a possibility already. Due to this, they are able to more directly tap into their spiritual energies, allowing them the capacity to harness their unique magics wherever they may be. Bone Lords are defeated by destroying the trinkets that adorn their forms, for these are where their energies are stored. Upon breaking these crystals, their souls are released back into the Immortal Realm. Typically, Bone Lords are propped up like scarecrows, or encased in protective tombs, where they may emit their influence upon the environment around them. It is only possible for one Bone Lord to be active on the server at any one time. In order to create a bone lord, a T4 Witch Doctor/Farseer will need a complete skeleton, stripped of any flesh and bathed in pure blood for a week. The blood must be held within a blood steel container, and must not be a mixture of blood types or from different species. The Shaman will then summon the Spirit into their spirit smithed items, and submerge them within the container for a further week. Incantations and rituals must be performed daily, and the strength of the Shamans own bones will be weakened while the Bone Lord is active. This will cause them to have weak postures, and will mean any attacks made against them will break their bones with ease. Bone Totems After the creation of a Bone Lord, it still requires a final step in order to begin influencing the Mortal Plane. This final step is the placing of bone totems within the area. In order to create a Bone Totem, one of the two shamans involved in the creation process must take a large bone from a descendant or large animal, and write old blah, in blood, along the bone, while blessing it similar to Blood Smithing. -For the first two bone totems placed with 1-5 blocks around the muyakelg, its effects will grow stronger. -For every bone totem placed within the influence of the muyakelg, the influence radius will increase by 2 blocks -Bone totems may only be created by a Spirit Smith along with the help of a Witch Doctor or Farseer -Only 1 bone totem may be made an IRL week, or a year in-game -Requires MT/LT approval of the creation The Four Bone Lords Igimig the Brittle Those that enter within Igimig's area of influence feel an aching of their bones equivalent to that felt when one has a fever. If enhanced by a bone totem, the pulling on the bones within everything in the area is doubled, the pain now equivalent to that of a jarring pain with any attempts to move. If enhanced by 2 bone totems however, Igimig may begin to slowly rot away at all organic matter within its radius. This excludes sapient beings until they enter the 5 block radius of the muyakelg (all effects from previous stages apply). The decomposing effects of Igimig can be reversed through the use of druidic blight healing. Putrak the Strong Those with bone weaponry or armor find them capable of withstanding more stress and damage before breaking. (Ex a bone sword vs a steel sword would usually result in destruction, however this would instead take the steel halfway through the bone before stopping, instead.) If enhanced by a bone totem, the effect merely doubles, and beings of bone feel healthier. (Ex. The previous example, however the bone sword would be severely cracked instead, requiring an extra properly angled blow, or 2 more clashing emotes to shatter. For beings under similar condition to igimig, Putrak's influence would null it out, as it gives a slight equivalent to an adrenaline boost and immune system boost.) After being enhanced by a second bone totem, Putrak's influence reaches its maximum potential. All free bones become extremely resilient, equivalent to steel, and all living beings gain fortification as well, while not enhancing the adrenaline effect, those within appear to slow in aging and become immune to non-magical afflictions such as the common cold, however diseases hexes and the such would all still work. Ked the Farmer Ked may enhance the effects of bone meal, and will allow any plants grown near him to take on far above average sizes and strengths( the affected plants grow up to 30% larger than their unaffected counterparts). They will also form a slight sheet of bone over them, protecting them from the elements and other simple tools and weapons ( obsidian, flint, and stone tools). For instance, a tree grown in proximity to Ked will take on a much larger size, and will have bark that is shielded with a layer of bone. This process will make all plants take on a white appearance, and will require further bone meal instead of sunlight in order to survive. When upgraded by the effects of a bone totem, the plants within the radius of Ked grow larger than they would otherwise, and the bone sheet grows more resilient and protective (each bone totem placed in the 1-5 radius allows the plants to grow 15% larger and makes the bone sheet 25% more resilient). With the addition of the first bone totem, the bone sheet can withstand the impact of iron tools before shattering (2 hitting emotes until the bone breaks), and wit the addition of the second bone totem, the bone sheet can withstand the forces of more resilient weapons (3+ emotes for iron). All alterations caused by Ked can be reversed through the use of druidic blight healing. Bakat the Watcher Unlike his brothers, Bakat does not influence his surroundings, and instead merely serves as a watch guard for the area, his eyes closed to exert his influence over the charms. Where bone charms hang or lay, any unwelcome presence will cause them to rattle and shake with extreme violence. This will alert those in the area to the presence of an intruder. Bakat is especially useful when entombed with valuables, where the ringing of his chimes may resound within a region as large as an Orcish citadel. Upon being enhanced by a bone totem, Bakat's muyakelg body will start to bleed from its closed eyes as the rattling of tis charms intensify with the echoes of terrible screams. Those within a ten block radius of Bakat hear a near deafening shriek coming from the muyakelg, while those farther off hear mere echoes of the nightmarish screams of terror. When being enhanced by two bone totems, Bakat gains an odd skill, ash is muyakelg body begins to slowly crack, and his eyes open to reveal moons, slowly waxing over a red color as time goes on. In this state, Bakat becomes a watcher of not intruders to his domain, but of the Blood Moon, an event where it is said Gazigazh has her greatest influence over the mortal plain second to war, doing battle with Luana, Spirit of the Moon in an attempt to swallow her whole. Upon the day of the Blood Moon, Bakat will be almost fully shattered, as he faces the Blood Moon, he will utter an old blah phrase to allow for Croageleg to be summoned. Upon utterance of the phrase, his trinket will shatter, transferring over all connecting energy to Croagaleg's body. Croagaleg, Lesser Spirit of Bone Croagaleg is only able to be summoned through the old blah phrase that Bakat utters on the day of the Blood Moon. He is also the only of the Bone Muyakelgs capable of movement, as he is required to be made of a complete skeleton, though moving rather slowly as his connection is very unstable for his time is short under the Blood Moon. He is capable of controlling bones within the area, but only free ones, requiring the skeletons of sacrifices made to Gazigazh in order to grow in strength, until after ten sacrifices he is capable of controlling bones withing the living, and ten to control bones up to ten blocks away form himself. Each sacrifice from then on increases his range of influence by two blocks. Red Lines: - Requires a T4 Witch Doctor/Farseer and Spirit Smith, and requires two weeks of RP to finalize - Will "die" when trinkets are destroyed, which is as simple as breaking glass - Bone Lords cannot move, though may talk in Old Blah if enhanced by two bone totems as their connection to the mortal realm is much more solidified - Bakat and Croagaleg are only to be created with ET/LT approval, and are the only which are required to be played by an ET Credit & Contentment I'd like to make a big shout out to Smawton for allowing me to uptake his lore post in hopes of getting it approved and Senor_Tortuga for helping me write it! This is my first time ever actually writing anything up for the server, and even though I had most of the work already done for me, I still feel pretty proud of what I came up with, and I hope to have all of your support, and disapproval to look forward to, to help me become a better writer for Lotc in general. With regards to the Blood Moon Event, that is something I shall be undertaking as a future project with my fellow Orcish brothers, that's just the base idea for it so far!
  11. Braduk Lore: Physiology

    Sounds the same to me, Travista, though to less of a degree of blue orcs and horns which hold reasoning and logic haha. I must admit though, y'all should definitely partner up with us, who else would build your suits besides the greatest creators in all of the war nation besides the legendary RAGUKS?
  12. [Elementalist] [MA] Yollyy

    This is a buffoon of a person oocly, I wonder how long this can keep him entertained, let's find out. +1
  13. MC Name: MotoSCP173 Character's Name: Ka'nur'Raguk Character's Age: 49 Character's Race: Goblin What magic(s) will you be learning?: Elementalism Teacher's MC Name: Shamanistic Teacher's RP Name: Falum'Lur Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  14. MC Name: MotoSCP173 Character's Name: Ka'nur'Raguk Character's Age: 47 Character's Race: Goblin What magic(s) will you be learning?: Spirit Smithing Teacher's MC Name: Smawton Teacher's RP Name: Gijaak'Raguk Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A