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  1. Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk Basic Information Name: The name Gilgamesh in the ancient Braduk tongue of Ot’pezak translates roughly to “Golden Chieftain”. Gilgamesh was named after a character of old Braduk legend and mythology whom was renown for his foresight and vision that led to the benefit of his people. Nicknames: The Bringer of Rain, The Young Rhino, Son of the Demon, Ironhand Gender: Male Age: Late-twenties Race: Uruk Status: Alive Description Body Type: Gilgamesh’s frame is that of a hulking bloodline-Braduk, he towers over his kin due to his lineage. However he is comparatively leaner than most blood-Braduks, which creates an odd but still imposing presence about him, being slender but standing a such great heights. Eyes: A deep blood red; a consequence of his father’s devotion to Enrohk which has bled through into his genes. Hair: Dark brown Skin: Sandy brown – a rare occurrence in Braduk genetics where the non-Braduk parent’s genes (in this case, his mother) take prominence in this instance. Markings/Tattoos: Countless scars across his body. A 'B' is branded on his inner forearm, and the sigil of the Braduk clan on his shoulder. The rest of his hide is covered with runes belonging to the old Braduk faith. As is Braduk tradition, his jaw is tattooed entirely black to signify his status as the head of the family. Health: Healthy, however he is missing the bottom half of his right arm which was deformed at birth. Rather than baring this burden for the rest of his life in his early youth Gilgamesh had one of his brothers cut off the deformity, and an iron fist now stands in its place. Personality: In his formative years Gilgamesh and his brothers lived alone in the wilderness in such a way that mirrors a pack of wolves. During this time his affinity toward Enrohk sprung forth as he and the rest of the sons of Kahn became, for a time, more beast than Orc. His teens were spent reunited with his father who taught him the old ways and passed on the fruits of his many years of accumulated wisdom which left Gilgamesh slightly more tame than he had been prior to this. He is still notoriously bloodlusted, but values honour above personal desire. Inventory Golok machete – The largest and last of the original five, it is a symbol of great pride in the Braduk clan and a badge of office for the patriarch of the family. War Maker – The great sword of Enrohk, its enormous size renders it only able to be used by an Orc of immense size; hence why it is wielded by a Braduk. Originally forged at the behest of Kahn’Braduk it is imbued with the spirit of bloodlust itself, and when wielded the wielder can feel the spiteful hum of rage. Zpidhammah – The Hammer of Braduk, the ancient weapon has undergone many restorations over its life time. Recently it has been reforged to resemble its original design. Gorefather and Gorechild – Twin blood axes, their blades made from the serrated teeth of an Alt’yaika demon. The Iron Crown – The crown worn by the Rexs of the old Iron Uzg, last worn by Kahn’Braduk. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity (Spirits worshipped in particular): The old Braduk Gods, Enrohk, Krug Religion: The forgotten Braduk Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: The Braddukk family Title(s): Former Wargoth of the Braduk clan, current patriarch of the Braddukk family and leader of the Sons of Kahn warband. Special Skill(s): -God tier bloodlust; as an Uruk Gilgamesh is cursed with bloodlust, however due to his Braduk heritage it is greater than that of an average Orc. However being a Braduk, his heritage has rendered him with even more stricken with the curse. Moreover, he is a devotee of Enrohk – his soul pledged to the spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War. His lineage to Kahn and being of the Han dynasty incrementally stacks upon eachother resulting in his sensations of rage being unearthly potent. -Gilgamesh is multi-lingual, he grew up speaking the Braduk tongue Ot’pezak and would later learn Blah as well as bits of Old Blah taught to him by his father. He is also able to speak common to some success. Flaw(s): Perhaps ironically – being the son of the Iron Rex – Gilgamesh’s nature resembles that of iron itself; he will break before he bends. Having an unwavering sense of honour and duty Gilgamesh will privilege his code of honour above his own personal feelings without compromise. Biography Parents: Kahn’Braduk (Father), Tiama (Mother) Siblings: Mok’han’Braduk (Half-brother), Durakhan’Braduk (Half-brother) Krom’Braduk (Half-brother), Gorhan’Braduk (Half-brother), Black-Kahn’Braduk (Half-brother), Baine’Braduk (Half-brother), Kahl’Braduk (Half-brother), Raugrimm’Braduk (Half-brother), Zaezar’Braduk (Half-brother), Rarz-Ang’aghul’Braduk (Half-brother), Bharka’Braduk (Half-brother) Thugthrakka’Braduk (Half-brother) Uhaa’Braduk (Half-sister) Grala’Braduk (Half-sister) Kiyn’Braduk (Half-sister) Children: Marduk (Son), Nergal (Son) Extended family: Ghazkoth’Braduk (Uncle), Korack’Braduk (Uncle), Thurak’Yar (Uncle) Larty Wun Eye’Braduk (Surrogate father) Pet(s): Zleipnihr (Braduk rhino), Riga and Ztriga (Ravens) Gilgamesh’s saga is unwritten, but with his kin at his back there is no doubt it will sit amongst the tomes of the Braduk heroes of days past.
  2. I make decent quality Orc skins and am happy to help out any battlers who are in need. I'm not confident in my ability to consistently churn out good stuff, as such payment will be negotiated upon completion however it'll in any case be under $500 minas. Some examples of my work include: If you're interested you can leave a reply here or hmu privately. I work best with reference images so if you could take advantage of that that'd be sweet as. Big thanks
  3. Looking for a quality Orc skin for a new char, happy to pay irl money’s. Pls hmu if u can do

  4. any good armour skinners about, willing to pay irl moneys

  5. Any good armour skinners? Can pay irl moneys ay 

  6. the 1 bow

    Imi's Tailoring shop

    IGN: the1bow Skin details: The character is a dark elf and if you are going off the reference image I’ve provided I’d esseiemtially like the design from the pic done as a dark elf. This would ideally include, the hair (style and charms), eye patch, cloak with gold bauble things and undergarment etc. the bottoms can be rather basic with boots, whatever’s easy. Pretty much just a dark elf version of the pic. The beard I’m neither here nor there about, if it works sweet if not all good. Red eye as well please. References: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/355291858073932371/?amp_client_id=POB72787NYZ5g6G-vUWavqoWgqlKiXlIwL69I6YOU2A3IAIHacjhUQGr2BtHK8uV&mweb_unauth_id=1076e8acca7bf063a8529f0ae08dbe5b Skype (for communication): I don’t have skype but much discord is yeahthe1bows#3497 if that helps
  7. Back in with a human request (cheers for the last one btw mate) same premise of just replicating the image to the skin as much as possible, only note would be maybe go light on the beard so to not make it look too dwarven. other than that all good, cheers mate
  8. Hi mate, ideally the skin would be as closely replicated to that as possible in terms of the armour design itself, the horn details shoulder pads, jaw-to-breastplate guard, missing eye and all that. Colour scheme wise, red eyes, grey hair, murky green skin. I know its only the top half of the body, the lower half if you could just perhaps try to flow with the overall design. Colour scheme of the armour should be a darkish red with bronze trim, if you know khorne bezerkers from 40k something akin to that.
  9. Require an orc skin made, willing to offer payment that we can negotiate just hmu if you wanna help me out cheers

  10. Good human nation to get stuck in to? (No memes)

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      Haense is the best human nation currently!

    4. D4NNA
  11. Hmu when you can mate, need to ask you a question and it won't let me pm you

  12. Am in srs need of a skin for my human char. Fairly simple job, willing to provide reward. Hmu if you're available. 

  13. Are the Gorundyr active and/or still a thing??

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