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  1. the 1 bow

    Report 1

    “Arm them with steel and brutal purpose, and the Uzg’s mightiest know no equal.” The Rex would state.
  2. the 1 bow

    Pact of Two Suns

    The Rex signs
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    Pact of Hammers

    The Rex signs
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    To the once Clans of Thagurz'Grizh

    Sat in lone meditation the Rex would note that even at the height of their dishonour an Orc of the Horde was worth ten perfumed Tree Lovers.
  5. the 1 bow

    To the once Clans of Thagurz'Grizh

    “Do not put the Rex – your Goth – to the test.” A hard days work within the Warnation was drawing to a close – the sun was setting somewhat peacefully over San’Kala. The Rex sat within his chambers at the head of a long table, his closest allies surrounding him. His two only fully blooded brothers Ghazrogg and Bokrug, as well as his surrogate father Larty, who had raised the three in their fathers absence. Having now taken control of the Uzg completely Gilgamesh rested his head back against the wooden chair; there was plenty still to be done, but the wheels were turning. ”What of the clans of the Horde?” Larty asked. The young Rex and his two brothers grunted simultaneously. ”Did they not integrate into the Uzg?” Ghazrogg asked. ”Yes,” Gilgamesh replied, leaning forward and placing his hands upon the table “but they have grown stagnate. I couldn't tell you the last time I saw one of their ilk.” ”So now what?” Bokrug said whilst pacing about room from wall to wall. “We could kill them?” Ghazrogg, the largest of the brothers allowed half a smirk to briefly emerge on his face. ”...Blood Eagle?” He proposed. ”Slaying Orcs that were pardoned and absolved of their crimes? Would you really succumb to such bloodlust?” Larty snapped at the towering Keshigboss. Ghazrogg’s arms folded, his expression stoic. ”Pardoned by a Rex Gilgamesh overthrew, a Rex who plunged our kind into dishonour.” Gilgamesh raised a hand, calling for silence. ”Pardoning only absolves one of ones actions in the mortal realm. And there are realms greater than this, the stain of dishonour is not so easily washed away.” The Rex stated, not so much adding to the discussion as he was giving a sermon “But Larty is right, I will not dishonour myself by killing those of Thagurz’Grizh for they are more useful to us alive, and I would not see our kin divided once again. I rule, absolutely. But there is a price for their once dissent, and now is as fitting a time as any to collect their debt as they have ceased to be useful to us. Larty, get a bone and parchment. Make my will known to our brothers and sisters.” A formal decree baring the Rex’s seal would be sent to all remaining members of clans Izig, Axan and Maukta. KOMRADES OF THE DEFEATED HORDE OF THAGURZ’GRIZH BY ORDER OF REX GILGAMESH, CLANS: IZIG AXAN MAUKTA ARE NOW DISBANDED. MEMBERS OF THESE CLANS MAY CHOOSE WHAT UZG CLAN TO REJOIN SHOULD THEY NOT WISH TO REMAIN CLANLESS. FOR YOUR REDEEMED HONOUR YOU MAY KEEP YOUR TRADITIONS, AND PLACE YOUR NOW DEAD CLAN STILL WITHIN YOUR NAME [EXAMPLE – NAME IZIG’BRADUK] CHIEFDOMS ARE NULLIFIED, AND ALL CLAN HOLDINGS ARE NOW PROPERTY OF THE UZG FAILURE TO COMPLY SHALL RESULT IN BLOOD EAGLE EXECUTION THIS IS NOT A REQUEST, BUT A COMMAND At the bottom of the parchment the hand writing is far more crude, as if written by the Rex himself. CLANSMEN OF THE DEFEATED HORDE, I EXTEND TO YOU THE SAME OFFER MY FATHER DID TO MANY WHO STOOD AT THE WRONG END OF HIS WRATH TRY ME. Rex Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk
  6. the 1 bow

    The Krughai and Keshig

    The Krughai The formal hierarchy and social ladder of the Warnation, every Uruk, Goblin and Olog is apart of the Krughai in some form or another. The Krughai determines their place in society, and through feats of exceptional strength, intelligence or honor, they will ascend it its ranks. - Ranks - REX Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk The Supreme Commander of the Warnation and Krughai alike. - TARGOTH - At any time there may be two Targoths at most. Responsible for ensuring the Uruks are fighting fit and trained properly, the Targoth is also the second in command on the battlefield, and permitted to lead raids on their own initiative. They may only receive orders from the Rex. They have the power to make any Uruk they deem, pugged. They are also responsible for regularly organizing tournaments. They will also be responsible for ensuring the lower ranks are properly outfitted in preparation for battle. Currently held by – DURR’LAK - WARBOSS - Appointed by the Rex or Targoths, there too may only be two at any single point in time. They are charged with bringing the lower runts into prominence through rigorous training routines and sparring sessions. They are also responsible for bringing wandering Uruks into the ranks and recruiting young Uruks formally into the Krughai. A Warboss may choose warriors for their warband and raid accordingly. Currently held by – GLOTGUTT’RAGUK - NOB - The Advanced Infantry of Orc Army. These are next in line to become Warbosses. They are veterans of the Krughai. - GRUNT - The main bulk of the Krughai, most Uruks, Goblins or Ologs will spend a large portion of the time situated in this position. The beating heart of the Krughai and the collective force behind its triumphs, those that have exceptional performances on the battlefield will find themselves quickly rising past this rank. - RUNT - This is the introductory rank for Orcs. Runts are the smallest and weakest of the Orcs, and typically the youngest or newest. They obey all who issue orders to them. They are the lowest of the low; they are runts. But all Orcs should remember that they all started as a Runts themselves and help these very young orcs to mature to their next rank as quickly as possible. - PUG - An orc who is made a pug must spend a minimum of three days at this rank and must be active around the Warnation during that time. He is reduced to wearing only leather, and he wields only a stick. He may be ordered to do any task (within reason) whilst a Pug and must complete that task as soon as possible. He can also be klomped at will by any Orc in the Krughai, taking it without complaint or protest. A Pugged Orc that cannot accept these conditions or fails to spend a suitable time in the Warnation during his sentence, will have his time as a Pug extended or face banishment. Disobeying orders, endangering brethren during a battle, refusing to adhere to the codes of honor or simply enraging one's superiors through idiotic action are all grounds to be Pugged. Only the Rex, Dominus and Targoth(s) may Pug. The Keshig The Keshig is an elite warrior squadron of the Krughai reserved for those whom are the most capable and loyal. Their role and duty is to serve the Rex and the Rex alone. Whilst they maintain their clan names and status within their respective clans, they are no longer obligated to follow their clan Chief for they only person with the authority to command them is the Rex himself. They work as his personal guard unit and escort, accompanying him as his general entourage and complete secret missions that are often not revealed to the rest of the Warnation. Being a Keshig is the highest honour a warrior can receive as he would have had to have proven himself to the Rex immensely before being granted the opportunity. As the Keshig are unique and loyal to the Rex, Rex's do not inherit the previous Orcs Keshig. - Ranks - REX Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk The supreme commander of the Warnation and Keshig alike. - KESHIGBOSS - The field leader of the Keshig, the Keshigboss answers directly and only to the Rex. The most veteran of the unit, he is tasked with keeping the lower ranked members in line and trained and upholding discipline. The Keshigboss has as much commanding authority to the Krughai as the Targoths do. Currently held by – GHAZROGG’BRADUK - KESHIG NOB - Keshig Nobs have proven themselves capable and act as lieutenants to the Keshigboss. Their main duty is carrying out the orders of their commander and leading squads of Grunts during the tasks given to the unit. There may only be three Keshig Nobs at a time, and it is decided not purely based on strength, but tactical and strategic merit as well. - KESHIG GRUNT - The main elite fighting force of the Keshig, the Grunts are no Grunts, they are some of the most tested and battle hardened Orcs in the whole Warnation. The backbone of the unit, the Grunts follow orders from the Rex and the superiors in the Keshig and no one else. The personal emblem of Rex Gilgamesh
  7. the 1 bow

    The Warnation of Krugmar

    The Warnation of Krugmar - Government Structure - REX Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk A towering Orc of nigh-divine lineage, Gilgamesh did not ascend to his throne through the conventional means of negotiated honour klomps and votes – he took it by force and by proving his honour and might to his peers The Rex is the supreme authority in the Warnation. He handles all diplomatic, military and domestic matters. The Rex's word is final and unchallenged, for he is the word and will of Krug; to disobey the Rex is to dissent against the Old Father himself. DOMINUS Leydluk’Raguk As the Rex is the word and will of Krug, the Dominus is the word and will of the Rex. The second in command of the Warnation, he works as an extension of the Rex in his absence, and also a commander in the field of battle. The chief duty of the Dominus is that of diplomacy and international relations, and it is up to him to seek out allies, tributaries, enemies etc. GOJ Falum’Lur The wisest orc in the Warnation, the Goj acts as a sort of counsellor and advisor to the Rex, and all uruk-kind. As a Clanfather is to a clan, the Goj is to the Uzg. His word his highly respected amongst the Orcs, and he serves as a form of counter-balance to their usual harsh ways. MOTSHAM VACANT The Motsham, sometimes referred to as the ‘High Shaman’ is the most prominent shaman within Orcish society at the time of any particular Rexdom. They will be responsible for maintaining cultural traditions and conducting festivals and celebrations that coincide with sacred days of the Orcish people. The title shall be awarded, quite simply, to the shaman that takes the greatest interest in spreading the teachings of the ancestors and spirits to the rest of the population in the Warnation. YAZGURTEN Nurena’Yar The Yazgurten is charged with the nurturing of Orcish economy, ensuring the safe passage of foreign merchants within the desert, and seeing to the fortifications and domestic structures of the Warnation. The Yazgurten may employ a division of Orcs to aid them in their projects. SNAGAGOTH Bokrug’Braduk The Snagagoth’s duty is to put the slaves of the Warnation to work and make sure that the various slave ranks (warrior, domestic etc.) are filled equally and efficiently. Unlike in recent years, slaves are no longer state-property, however the Snagagoth may overrule an owner-Orcs wishes towards their slave if he believes it is for the greater benefit of the Uzg. HUNTZGOTH VACANT The title of Huntsgoth shall be awarded to whichever Uruk proves themselves to be a capable outrider, tracker of exotic beasts, and leader in lethal engagements with magnificent wild creatures. The title of Huntsgoth will be awarded to the first Uruk to claim the head of an exotic monster, and then present to the Rex as proof of their triumph. THE KHESHAUL The Rex's Council Comprised of the leaders of the most prominent Wargoth and Warchief clans, the Dominus, Targoth(s) and other aforementioned governmental positions, the Rex's council is responsible with bringing concerns of their clans to the Rex, meeting the quotas of tribute, ensuring the forts and lands given to them are maintained, and their clan members are prepared for the horns of war. Those that allow their clans to fall into obscurity will lose their seat, and voice on the Rex's Council. The personal emblem of Rex Gilgamesh
  8. the 1 bow

    Rex Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk

    "I am Kor's reaper, and you are my scythe." A war horn was blown, and thus all Uruks, Ologs and Goblins were summoned to San'Kala. As the crowd began to form, before them stood a group of giants lofting above them upon a palisade. The Orc in the centre of the group possessed a noble yet grim visage, his twin war braids draping over either shoulder to hang beside his long his beard - two ravens perched beside him. Upon his head sat a crown; not a mark of royalty, no, for that is the pinkskin way. This was the Iron Crown, a trophy taken from a Dwarven King of yore, and subsequently worn by the Rexs of the Iron Uzg. Larry Wun Eye paced forward towards the crowd gathered and began to speak. "Before you stands Gilgamesh Han Urrukk Braddukk, Bringer of Rain, Son of the Demon. True Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar." Gilgamesh spoke next. "As of this moon, I am Rex, I am the word and will of Krug. The days of dishonour have come to an end. The days of Orcs bending the knee to those beneath us are over. I take my throne not in contest, but with violence. Stand with me, as I know the honourable among you do, or fall not in glorious combat - but in your beds weeping. My father built the Iron Uzg but I am not my father. The Iron Uzg died with him. I shall not rule over a spectre; I hereby reform the War Nation of Krugmar." The crowd spilled out into uproar. Gilgamesh slowly raised his hands, calling for silence. "I do not ask, I command, for this is the Orcish way. The Clan Wars are over with the Raguk-Lak side taking victory. To the opposing faction, these are the terms of your surrender. Shakul'Gorkil shall be executed by an Orc chosen by the Raguk-Lak forces [PK]. Kotturik'Braduk shall be blood eagled [PK]. Zhag'Yar shall be castrated and pugged. All Orcs in support of these three shall fall to command, any dissenters to my rule and the rightful victory taken by the honourable in these clan wars shall be murdered. Not slain. Murdered. Do not mistake me, these conditions are not for debate. There will be no call for mercy, nor call for honour klomps. The time for that has passed. In the coming moons I shall usher out reforms to our weak nation and systems to rebuild, and I will need your aid. Then, we shall turn loose on the world. For now, those among you who are clan leaders, pledge your allegiance to me and to the War Nation, as I pledge mine to all of you to serve with honour and fury. We have returned." Fear the Green Tide
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    Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk

    Gilgamesh Han Urruk Braddukk Basic Information Name: The name Gilgamesh in the ancient Braduk tongue of Ot’pezak translates roughly to “Golden Chieftain”. Gilgamesh was named after a character of old Braduk legend and mythology whom was renown for his foresight and vision that led to the benefit of his people. Nicknames: The Bringer of Rain, The Young Rhino, Son of the Demon, Ironhand Gender: Male Age: Late-twenties Race: Uruk Status: Alive Description Body Type: Gilgamesh’s frame is that of a hulking bloodline-Braduk, he towers over his kin due to his lineage. However he is comparatively leaner than most blood-Braduks, which creates an odd but still imposing presence about him, being slender but standing a such great heights. Eyes: A deep blood red; a consequence of his father’s devotion to Enrohk which has bled through into his genes. Hair: Dark brown Skin: Sandy brown – a rare occurrence in Braduk genetics where the non-Braduk parent’s genes (in this case, his mother) take prominence in this instance. Markings/Tattoos: Countless scars across his body. A 'B' is branded on his inner forearm, and the sigil of the Braduk clan on his shoulder. The rest of his hide is covered with runes belonging to the old Braduk faith. As is Braduk tradition, his jaw is tattooed entirely black to signify his status as the head of the family. Health: Healthy, however he is missing the bottom half of his right arm which was deformed at birth. Rather than baring this burden for the rest of his life in his early youth Gilgamesh had one of his brothers cut off the deformity, and an iron fist now stands in its place. Personality: In his formative years Gilgamesh and his brothers lived alone in the wilderness in such a way that mirrors a pack of wolves. During this time his affinity toward Enrohk sprung forth as he and the rest of the sons of Kahn became, for a time, more beast than Orc. His teens were spent reunited with his father who taught him the old ways and passed on the fruits of his many years of accumulated wisdom which left Gilgamesh slightly more tame than he had been prior to this. He is still notoriously bloodlusted, but values honour above personal desire. Inventory Golok machete – The largest and last of the original five, it is a symbol of great pride in the Braduk clan and a badge of office for the patriarch of the family. War Maker – The great sword of Enrohk, its enormous size renders it only able to be used by an Orc of immense size; hence why it is wielded by a Braduk. Originally forged at the behest of Kahn’Braduk it is imbued with the spirit of bloodlust itself, and when wielded the wielder can feel the spiteful hum of rage. Zpidhammah – The Hammer of Braduk, the ancient weapon has undergone many restorations over its life time. Recently it has been reforged to resemble its original design. Gorefather and Gorechild – Twin blood axes, their blades made from the serrated teeth of an Alt’yaika demon. The Iron Crown – The crown worn by the Rexs of the old Iron Uzg, last worn by Kahn’Braduk. Life Style Alignment: Chaotic Good Deity (Spirits worshipped in particular): The old Braduk Gods, Enrohk, Krug Religion: The forgotten Braduk Faith Alliance/Nation/Home: The Braddukk family Title(s): Former Wargoth of the Braduk clan, current patriarch of the Braddukk family and leader of the Sons of Kahn warband. Special Skill(s): -God tier bloodlust; as an Uruk Gilgamesh is cursed with bloodlust, however due to his Braduk heritage it is greater than that of an average Orc. However being a Braduk, his heritage has rendered him with even more stricken with the curse. Moreover, he is a devotee of Enrohk – his soul pledged to the spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War. His lineage to Kahn and being of the Han dynasty incrementally stacks upon eachother resulting in his sensations of rage being unearthly potent. -Gilgamesh is multi-lingual, he grew up speaking the Braduk tongue Ot’pezak and would later learn Blah as well as bits of Old Blah taught to him by his father. He is also able to speak common to some success. Flaw(s): Perhaps ironically – being the son of the Iron Rex – Gilgamesh’s nature resembles that of iron itself; he will break before he bends. Having an unwavering sense of honour and duty Gilgamesh will privilege his code of honour above his own personal feelings without compromise. Biography Parents: Kahn’Braduk (Father), Tiama (Mother) Siblings: Mok’han’Braduk (Half-brother), Durakhan’Braduk (Half-brother) Krom’Braduk (Half-brother), Gorhan’Braduk (Half-brother), Black-Kahn’Braduk (Half-brother), Baine’Braduk (Half-brother), Kahl’Braduk (Half-brother), Raugrimm’Braduk (Half-brother), Zaezar’Braduk (Half-brother), Rarz-Ang’aghul’Braduk (Half-brother), Bharka’Braduk (Half-brother) Thugthrakka’Braduk (Half-brother) Uhaa’Braduk (Half-sister) Grala’Braduk (Half-sister) Kiyn’Braduk (Half-sister) Children: Marduk (Son), Nergal (Son) Extended family: Ghazkoth’Braduk (Uncle), Korack’Braduk (Uncle), Thurak’Yar (Uncle) Larty Wun Eye’Braduk (Surrogate father) Pet(s): Zleipnihr (Braduk rhino), Riga and Ztriga (Ravens) Gilgamesh’s saga is unwritten, but with his kin at his back there is no doubt it will sit amongst the tomes of the Braduk heroes of days past.
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    How all the cubs will grunt

    "How all the cubs will grunt when the old rhinos return." Following the death of Kahn'Braduk, the realms of Krug appeared to calm as the avatar of Enrohk left the mortal plain. With his death however, as if through the ether, a call arrived to the ears of his surviving sons. Scattered and alone these Iron Uruks came together united in the old ways of Braddukk, travelling from across the wastes of Atlas to return to the new generation of a nation that their father built. Those in tune with the realms of the spirits would feel the growing hum of violence and bloodlust as these giants, kin to Enrohk, approached. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Deep within the deserts beyond San'Kala stood an encampment, two ravens circling overhead. Enormous black rhinos grazed about, as poles with skulls and corpses dotted the landscape around the tents. A thick haze of intoxicating smoke trickled above, spilling forth from the cloth flaps that led into the tents. Inside amassed a group of Uruks, towering in frame, marking them as blood-Braduks - yet more enormous so, signalling their shared lineage to the late Kahn. Their hides bared the tattooed runes of the old Braduk Gods, the words from their mouthes did not resemble blah; they spoke the ancient Braduk tongue 'Ot'Pezak'. "How fitting that the nation we return to is the one our father built." "Yet it is not the one he knew, no." "Left to their own devices the unblooded take things from bad to worse; our home is in turmoil." "Dissent in every corner, the Iron Uzg is collapsing onto itself. Some take great joy in this fact." "Some are vultures, absent the honour to strike the killing blow themselves." "There will be no killing blow. Not when the sons of the Iron Rex return to their rightful yard." The grim visage of gargantuan monsters in the form of Uruks rising from their seats with a single purpose in mind would be one that the elders would tell future generations was the moment that the old way returned. "No clan in history is a lethal in clan wars as the Braduks. None. Gorfjol, Kahrzen, Ugluk, Kubb, Gahktusk, they all knelt before the rhino. Orcs wish to play at clan wars, to mimic the ancestors in a pale comparison. Let them. But we will not sit, hand up arse, as they do. We shall show them the way, and for those who don't - we shall make them fear the rhino." When the cold wind blows and the Blood Talon flies No one here gets out alive
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    I make decent quality Orc skins and am happy to help out any battlers who are in need. I'm not confident in my ability to consistently churn out good stuff, as such payment will be negotiated upon completion however it'll in any case be under $500 minas. Some examples of my work include: If you're interested you can leave a reply here or hmu privately. I work best with reference images so if you could take advantage of that that'd be sweet as. Big thanks
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    - Slavery - Slavery is a pivotal aspect of Orcish culture. It appears barbaric and savage to most, yet to the Orcs it is just their way of life. A slave is someone who is subjugated as property, the 'master' possessing ownership over them. This is either done willingly or in most cases, by force. A slave may be taken for a specific purpose eg; manual labour, they may be taken as a source of spite to intimidate an enemy party eg; POW's, or they may simply be taken on a whim. All slaves are the universal property of the Iron Uzg regardless of who performed the enslaving – however, whilst the Rex and the Snagagoth have the right to veto any and all decisions in regards to a given slave, as slavery follows the “might makes right” principle if there are any disagreements that arise over a slave a simple klomp between the parties involved should suffice in solving the issue. Orcs view the enslaved as weak and beneath them, and consequently the life of a slave is often a brutal and short one. However, the sons of Krug are not absent honour, and can see the value that slaves have to the Uzg. Generally speaking, slaves are not treated with respect in the explicit, pinkskin sense, but will likely be afforded the basic rights one would expect to be available to bottom-tier citizens. There is no law binding this however, and Orcs are free to treat slaves how they please. - Types of Slavery - Note, a slave can fit into multiple categories. Additionally a slave does not have to meet any of these criteria, and will simply do what the master Orc sees fit. - Ransom Slaves - Ransom slaves are by far the most common type taken by the Uzg and are arguably the most practical as a result of the general instant-gratification that they provide. They serve a single purpose; to earn the slaver(s) coin. Once enslaved they will be stationed at an outpost and auctioned off for a fee. It should be noted that it is considered a grave dishonour for an Orc to deceive the buyer (ie receive payment and not give away the slave), and committing this act is punishable by pugging on the first offense and may lead to eventual whitewashing. - Warrior Slaves - Warrior Slaves serve several purposes. The first, to act as fodder in war. They will be stationed in the front lines with the vanguard and will fight along side Orcs. The second is to fight against one and other in the arena for personal glory. Often the most successful warrior slaves earn their freedom in blood and battle. They are not however simply cast out onto the field or the sands, they are trained in the arts of Orcish combat as gladiators, making them formidable foes and not to be underestimated. Subtypes of Warrior Slaves include: Fodder – slaves that fight in the vanguard with the Krughai, they live to die Gladiator – slaves that are trained in the Orcish ways of combat to fight eachother in the arena for honour and glory - Domestic Slaves - Domestic Slaves perform day-to-day mundane tasks that Orcs do not care for or have not the time to complete. Many domestic slaves will cook and clean, keeping the Iron Uzg in good nick. Additionally they may also provide music in times of rituals or war, beating drums in unison or blowing war-horns in succession to intimidate the enemy. - Worker Slaves - Worker Slaves are the most valuable of their kind in the Iron Uzg, and are often in great abundance. They craft and build structures and warmachines with finesse that the Orc's themselves cannot, but they also simply transport heavy building materials such as logs or stone. A whip can always been seen close by where there are worker slaves. - Personal Slaves - Personal Slaves belong to a single Orc or Feroc and serve them and them alone. An Orc may have multiple. Personal slaves are at the total behest of their masters, having to perform whatever task is demanded of them. It is not uncommon for Orcs and their personal slaves to possess a friendly relationship and develop a trust for one and other, going so far as letting the slave tend to their lands and cubs. Considered to be literal property, personal slaves are viewed in the same light as say, a sturdy axe. Thusly if another Orc likes the look of the slave, like they may another Orcs axe, then they may klomp for the right of ownership. Subtypes of Personal Slaves include: Scribe – often made use by high-ranking members of government, scribes record what their masters say. Errors in their transcriptions are punished harshly Houskarl – slaves that unequivocally serve their master, they act as mules for their goods and cater to their every need. Often seen treading behind their overlords awaiting instruction - Slaving Gangs - Like all aspects of Orcish culture, dominance and the acquisition of prestige play a large part in the strange art of slavery. Orcs may band together to form a Slavers Gang, Gangs are not necessarily clan exclusive yet they can be, they are simply a warband of Orcs grouped together for the purpose of slaving. Whether it be to garner a stable of gladiators or have a horde of softskin runts at the ready for hard labour. Gangs can specialise in the production of one form of slave (Warrior, Domestic etc.) or they may not limit themselves to a single category. It is not uncommon for gangs to take a theme - be it visually, such as warpaint to signify their allegiance or in a more habitual sense. In days of old, a gang of Orc pirates gained renown for their seaborn raids in which countless slaves would be taken. Gangs compete with one and other for prestige and bragging rights, with a loose system present to show which gangs reign superior: Types of slaves have varying levels of worth relative to one and other, as a slaving gang takes and produces a slave of a given category they will earn what is deemed as ‘Renown’. Gangs with the most renown are to be respected, and feared. Ransom Slaves: 2 Renown Warrior Slaves: 10 Renown Domestic Slaves: 6 Renown Worker Slaves: 6 Renown Personal Slaves: 4 Renown Gangs are encouraged to keep record of the renown they accumulate and present this to the Snagagoth who will periodically hand out rewards. - Slaving Gang Application - To form a Slavers Gang there must be a minimum of three Orcs involved. Fill out the following form and post as a reply if you’re interested. GANG NAME: MEMBERS: CLAN SPECIFIC(Y/N): - Gijak’agh-Rar: Gladiatorial Combat - The Gijak’agh-Rar (Blood and Sand) is the formal name for the enslaved gladiator competition recently formed in the Iron Uzg. It comprises of warrior slaves, either owned by a given Orc, clan, or slavers gang, who have be trained in the ways of Orcish combat so to fight against one and other. Whilst the Gijak’agh-Rar is not limited to formal events – that is to say, Orcs can pit their gladiators against each others at any time – formal events will be held by the Snagagoth to determine what slave reigns as the Snaga Champion of Krugmar, a title that may sound lofty to some yet in reality it is the equivalent of singling out the shiniest sword in a pile of rusty blades. Nevertheless, to become such a champion, in the ways of Orcish combat no less, is no easy feat, and these slaves are to be respected. Particularly capable snagas may earn their freedom in the arena, and from this status may even ascend to the level of Honourary. ---------------------------------- OOC: Hope you all enjoy the updated system, feel free to ask me any questions about it if its vague or doesn’t make any sense, my knack for writing decent RP posts seems to have shat itself. I should note that as slavery seems to be a very touchy subject, I’ve made some OOC rules that will need to be followed so everyone has a fun time. Breaking these rules will result in punishment. To Non-Orcs reading this, these rules are here to help you. However if they are abused by 'slaves' ie those who are taken as slaves, I will abolish them and you'll be on your own 1. To become a long term or permanent slave, the slave must consent OOCly. This is not to say they have to consent to being taken as a slave however as that will halt RP, but they must agree to staying in the Uzg long term. At what point you bring this up is up to you. 2. If the slave does not agree to staying in the Uzg, they will remain enslaved until literally all Orcs interacting with them have logged off. Then they may SS and RP having escaped. Of course, you may choose to kill or ransom them before hand. 3. A long-term slave may request what category of slave they wish to fall under, however if they do not they are at your mercy. 4. I shouldn’t have to say this but for f*ck sakes no sex slaves.
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    Where there's a whip

    There's a way _______________________________________________ The bustling going-ons of the Orcs of Krugmar was disturbed late in the afternoon upon this day as an unfamiliar sound thundered across the Goi in deafening fashion. The many Uruks, Ologs and Goblins exchanged glances, unsure of what they had heard - yet they knew that this was a summoning. Upon arrival they would see the visage of an Orc of deep red complexion, tall and imposing. This one had blown what had now become The Horn of the Snagagoth. A whip grasped firmly in his club-like hand cracked against the wooden pyre he perched himself from, marking that those gathered were now to listen. "Brothers of Krugmar, I'z be Orkamungus, latz Snagagoth. For too long have we forgotten that our fundamental code - might makes right - doesn't just apply to us. It is a universal law across the land. And Orkz are the mightiest! Get late whips ready for soon a new era of slavery shall begin. They shall work our fields, forge our weapons, armour and war-machines. They shall klomp for our amusement, and to achieve their own feats of honour in glorious gladiatorial combat. They shall serve, or be sacrificed. Why? Because might makes skah'n right and we are the blood of Krug." Orkamungus would crack the whip once more. "Where theres a whip theres a skah'n way, and the proper ways of taking snagas are back."
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    Celebration of the Rhino [PK]

    The Goj's tired ancient frame sat sunken in his oaken chair - no armour adorned his battle ravaged hide on this moon for he could no longer bare the weight of it. For over six centuries he had lived. Triumphs, defeats, glory, shame. He'd done it all. The old rhino had forsaken and regained his honour on more than one occasion. He never wanted to live the life that fate had chosen for him, but like any true Orc would, Kahn'Braduk did his duty. Born during an era when the Uzg had dissolved into the Confederacy of Clans, the clans of Krugmar lived independently of one and other, only coming together in brief spats of in-fighting and petty wars amongst themselves. He reunited and rebirthed the broken Braduk clan and brought them into their own golden age. When the Orcs reformed into the Iron Uzg, he quickly rose the ranks before eventually ascending to Rex and saw the Orcish nation prosper as a whole, revitalising the culture that had been long lost since the days before the confederacy. Time took its toll on the unsuspecting warlord, who in his old age watched as the Iron Uzg reformed into the Warnation of Krugmar and change occurred once more. In recent years, he had retired from more duteous positions of power, living to guide the younger Orcs. During all these years, the many centuries - even as the champion of the spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War, Kahn had been denied the death he longed for. He'd outlived the vast majority of his kin. A veteran of three different incarnations of Krugmar he had seen Uruks rise and fall, and outlasted them all. But his time had come. "Help me up." His crackled voice bellowed, before his many Goblin attendees helped him rise. "Weapons or armour, boss?" One of them asked. Kahn shook his head. "Not today." The Goj exited his abode, making his way to the sands - his most familiar home in the new land that seemed so foreign to him. As his bare feet touched the sand he let out an exhale, peace washing over him. The desert however, was not at peace. It was as if his presence disturbed the terrain itself. His lone eye, lonely so as the other was removed during the ceremony that sold his soul to Ixli, spied a sandstorm on the horizon. It drew closer at speed. Kahn knew his reputation as a demon and the many deeds he had done would mean entry into the Stargush'stroh was likely not an option for him, but as the sandstorm washed over him his eye closed with the gentle resignation that Krugmar was a better nation now than when he first knew it, so many moons ago. The storm soon passed, and with it, the Goj. Kahn'Braduk, the Great Rhino, Titan, Iron Rex, Slayer of the Fluegal, Demon of Enrohk, Hammer of Krug and servant of Krugmar was no more. Celebration of the Rhino Penned by Larty 'Wun-Eye' Braduk Uruks in the street and roaming Rhinos in heat, rabid, foaming A beast caged in the heart of a city The body of his father Rotting in the summer ground He fled the town He went down South and crossed the border Left chaos and disorder Back there over his shoulder One morning he awoke in a dark cave With a strange creature groaning beside him Blood oozed from its rotting skin Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin Each clan repeats a mold Windows rolled Beast carts locked in against morning All now sleeping Rugs silent, mirrors vacant Dust lying under the beds of cowardly bulls Wound in sheets And cubs, smug With dishonour in their eyes Palace upon the hill Moon is lying still Shadows of the trees Witnessing the wild breeze Sons of Krug, run with me The palace is warm, at the top of the hill Rich are the rooms and the comforts there Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs And you won't know a thing untill you get inside We should see the gates by morning We should be inside by evening I am the demon king I can do anything We came down The rivers and highways We came down from Forests and falls We came down from Caverns and valleys We came down from Deserts enthralled And I can tell you The names of the Kingdom I can tell you The things that you know Listening for a fistful of silence Climbing valleys into the shade For six hundred years, I dwelt In the loose palace of exile Playing strange games with the spirits of the island Now, I have come again To the land of the fair, and the strong, and the wise Brothers and sisters of the sands Children of Krug Who among you will run with the hunt? Now night arrives with its purple legion Retire now to your tents and to your dreams Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth I want to be ready.
  15. Looking for a quality Orc skin for a new char, happy to pay irl money’s. Pls hmu if u can do