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  1. Imi's Tailoring shop

    IGN: the1bow Skin details: The character is a dark elf and if you are going off the reference image I’ve provided I’d esseiemtially like the design from the pic done as a dark elf. This would ideally include, the hair (style and charms), eye patch, cloak with gold bauble things and undergarment etc. the bottoms can be rather basic with boots, whatever’s easy. Pretty much just a dark elf version of the pic. The beard I’m neither here nor there about, if it works sweet if not all good. Red eye as well please. References: https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/355291858073932371/?amp_client_id=POB72787NYZ5g6G-vUWavqoWgqlKiXlIwL69I6YOU2A3IAIHacjhUQGr2BtHK8uV&mweb_unauth_id=1076e8acca7bf063a8529f0ae08dbe5b Skype (for communication): I don’t have skype but much discord is yeahthe1bows#3497 if that helps
  2. Mateolog's Free Skins Re-Open

    Back in with a human request (cheers for the last one btw mate) same premise of just replicating the image to the skin as much as possible, only note would be maybe go light on the beard so to not make it look too dwarven. other than that all good, cheers mate
  3. Mateolog's Free Skins Re-Open

    Hi mate, ideally the skin would be as closely replicated to that as possible in terms of the armour design itself, the horn details shoulder pads, jaw-to-breastplate guard, missing eye and all that. Colour scheme wise, red eyes, grey hair, murky green skin. I know its only the top half of the body, the lower half if you could just perhaps try to flow with the overall design. Colour scheme of the armour should be a darkish red with bronze trim, if you know khorne bezerkers from 40k something akin to that.
  4. Arriving with the Sandstorm

    The renewed Warlord Kahn'Braduk, adorned in the sacred armour of Enrohk wielding the demonic blood-axe 'Gorefather' "Can you feel it?" The young Feroc said, glaring at the many Orcs around her. All stood as hulking masses clad in red and bronze armour, armed to the teeth with jagged blood-rusted weapons. A deep scar ran down half her face but relented over her eye, fortunately leaving her with both - her dim red peepers scanned the air around her which had become engulfed in a low tier sandstorm. Hela, second in command of the cult of Enrohk warband known as 'The Butcherhorde' kept her weapon sheathed, yet the other Orcs of the warband prepared themselves for combat. "Give the order Hela!" A grizzly pale Uruk called out from behind his helmet - he was Agroth, a Bloodletter champion in the Butcherhorde. Hela let out a grunt, waving her hand dismissively. "Stand down boys. He's come." The tossing and turning sand slowly cleared and in its stead stood an ancient Orc of immense stature and physical presence, a grey lions mane of hair flowing well bellow his shoulders from his highly plated ornate armour. "Ug, Kahn." The Orcs all put their weapons away with haste. Kahn'Braduk trotted forth towards his warband. "You're looking well boss." Agroth said, looking the Warlord over. Last they'd seen him the veteran Uruk was truly showing his age - the true nature of which even he had forgotten yet he could recall that he had lived beyond his six hundredth year - but now he resembled his younger self. Still visibly old and battered, however Kahn's frame had filled out, matching if not surpassing his physique from his youth, and he had allowed his hair to grow back in, a thing he had not done since he cut it following his defeat to Ubba'Ugluk. "A thing one may boast of when they walk both the realms of the living, and the dead." He replied, his voice almost having a mild metallic echo. His veins pushed against his hide, creating a greenish-red cobweb like pattern across his skin. He came to a halt, nodding at his men. Hela stepped forth, standing at attention. "What is your will, Warlord?" Kahn's gaze moved from her to the rest of the warband. "Not mine, Enrohks. Krugmar stands strong, our kin bring blood and glory to Enrohks name yet there is more to be done. Enrohk will be satisfied." Those in tune with the spirits would feel a bitter bloodlust beginning to swell. _____________________________________________________________ OOC tl;dr
  5. Require an orc skin made, willing to offer payment that we can negotiate just hmu if you wanna help me out cheers

  6. Good human nation to get stuck in to? (No memes)

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      Haense is the best human nation currently!

    4. Kefコング
  7. Hmu when you can mate, need to ask you a question and it won't let me pm you

  8. A Champion of the Hunt, adorned in his many earned trophies A war horn echoed throughout the Uzg, summoning the Orcs of Krugman to gather. Wargoth Gilgamesh'Braduk stood atop a small incline, watching as his many brothers and sisters assembled before him, curious as to why they were called. "My people!" The young Wargoth began, "In this new realm that we have settled in, it is time we pay homage to the spirits. Those of you have who have ventured out beyond our territory may note the various types of game that is scattered across this land - be they animals, creatures, or people. Votar, spirit of the hunt is calling us, can you hear it? More importantly, will you answer the call? The first hunting season in Atlas has officially begun! Go out into the world and claim your trophies to offer them to the great spirit. Hunt in the wilds, in the dark depths of dungeons, in the streets of cities, so long as you do so with honour it matters not what you slay." The Orcs would gaze at one and other, cheering and growing in excitement for the hunts to come. "When the hunting season concludes, he or she who possesses the most impressive trophies will be rewarded for their efforts." Gilgamesh motioned for two Goblins to approach - they carried a long object covered in a dark maroon cloth. The Orcs watched on intently. Taking the item, Gilgamesh revealed it Bane of the Hunt: An ancient blade rumoured to have once been wielded by Lur himself. It's blade follows the design of a Scaddernakk spine, and despite its age the craftsmanship is nigh perfection "He who's kills are deemed the most worthy of Votar shall win this blade. Moreover, they will be deemed a champion of Votar, and all have the opportunity to therefore become a devotee of Votar and receive it's blessing, should they choose. You must all follow the Hunters Code in your endeavours, or your kills will be null." Gilgamesh would motion to a Goblin standing beside him, holding an ancient looking tome. "Copies of the code will be issued to all Orcs. Go now, and bring glory to the spirit of the Hunt! Glozug Votar!" _______________________________________________________________________________________ OOC info: G'day everyone, the festival of Votar - The First Hunting Season of Atlas - has officially begun! If you weren't around when I hosted this the last time (to be fair it was three years ago) I'll give you all a quick run down on how this works. The festival lasts two weeks, so it concludes on the 29th of January. During that time Orc players are encouraged to go out an hunt, whether it be in organised events lead by the ET, player run events or even soloing rp out in the wilds. The point of this is that you will always have something to do; sprint jumping around the goi doing nothing? Go out into the desert and rp hunting a beast. I'll do my best to organise narrative spurred events during the time period of this festival but ideally you should be all able to handle things and organise rp amongst yourselves. Essentially what you will need to do is over the period of the hunting season, hunt as much as possible and achieve as many legitimate kills as you can. You can do this by solo RP-ing hunting animals, claiming bounties, doing event hunts, hunting other players etc. Quality and Quantity will play a part, so for example the person who kills a giant event monster will win over the person who kills two hundred boars. Keep track of everything you kill, make a definitive record, no "I think I did..." or "Maybe it was...", know what you hunted, or it does not count. It's not required, but making a forum post either as its own post or as a reply to this topic detailing your hunts will go a long way as proof, and will just be cool to read Whoever achieves the most/best kills will win a the Bane of the Hunt (named item in game) and will be deemed a champion of Votar, and will have the opportunity to become a devotee of Votar so that they may receive its blessing. See the link bellow for more info on this; If you hunt other players, respect their right to have fun and make it enjoyable for them also I feel like I'm doing a pretty average job explaining this well so if you have questions don't hesitate to comment or pm me. The Hunters Code:
  9. Am in srs need of a skin for my human char. Fairly simple job, willing to provide reward. Hmu if you're available. 

  10. Are the Gorundyr active and/or still a thing??

  11. A Bois Art/Skins

    Hi mate, you reckon you could do some character art based on my skin If you could have him holding an axe of a similar design and colour scheme to the following that'd be sweet but if its too much of a pain its all good. Happy to provide a reward as well
  12. Essentially what I'd like is a pretty substantial edit on my current skin found here: I'd like the clothes (don't worry about the head, just leave my skins head for it) from this image if you could: I should imagine you'll need to get rid of the muscle layering on my skin to achieve all that which is fine. The colour scheme on the image is perfect for what I want so just base it off that, and in regards to details I'm not so fussed about the shoulder pads if they prove too difficult but the arm bands, gauntlets, waistband, loincloth/tunic and appendages if you could do that that'd be sweet. Also i'm neither here nor there about the body paint but if you can make it work, thats cool. I'm happy to pay and we can talk about it when your done if you like (if you accept of course!) Thanks for your help :)
  13. Anyone able to do me an orc skin? Just a change of clothes on my current one but it's somewhat elaborate. Will pay if all goes g

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      yeah @emma !! loves to do skins