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  1. Drop Koala

    You Aren't Alone

  2. Drop Koala


    @Flamelynx @senor_tortuga
  3. "I don't plan on fighting tomorrow? Do any of you?" Damai asks other Virarim
  4. man, banning all the interesting, cunty players sounds great. I'd love a server with the 5 players who've never called someone a *** on here...
  5. fight for resistance today. against the socially inept GM party

    1. iMattyz


      I don't hold anything on the GMs at all. Yeah i might have sperged out in a gm chat at them, but they weren't the ones to take offence and ban me. In fact, most have supported me.

    2. Raomir


      yh well u should hold something on em b/c they're generally very arrogant, egotistical, lethargic and fragile.

  6. pretty much agree to this **** NOTICE US we know you are talking about this post in your private discord so do something about it.
  7. A message (OOC: People who frequent the dominion square would more than Likely hear this) I stand before and address you all today to convey an important message in the light of recent events between our Grand Dominion and the dogs that call themselves the Warnation. Our almighty father, the lord of the hunt, that we all worship so devoutly has our back, I am sure of it. We are elven people, struggle runs through our blood, but so does strength and perseverance because of our historical, united societies. In recent years I have witnessed the elven people stand straight from the human wall we once leant on for dear life. They were good to us, but now is the time as elves and 'ame to don the horns of Cernnunos and charge into battle with nothing but the holy war paint on your face. WE ARE POWERFUL These animals have attempted to kill and steal our people and in a handful of cases they were successful, in many other we defended ourselves with more honour than they could ever imagine to harbour in their brainless husks. In my absence the soldiers of this Dominion have improved dramatically to a standard of which I am proud to call these men my brothers. WE HAVE HONOUR I am simply a man of bronze. born and raised in war, I have lost an eye, brethren and sanity. There is one thing we cannot lose and that is our fierce, primal instinct to defend our forests that provide us with life and balance, we should not stand threats against our people furthermore, that way of life is in the past. It is our time is now, from the men in the frontline to the High Prince you all will have your place in the history of the ‘ame people. My words are nothing more than what I see through the single I that remains, I am nothing more than you and fight for the sacred oath I swore to the Dominion. I bid you to find your own reasoning to attack these beasts. eth’yiem thrur’sae Damai “The Powerful”, Chieftain of Torena seed Sword of the Dominion
  8. yo think my bro imattyz might like to come rp with me, unban yeh?

  9. Drop Koala

    The Lord of his Craft, short poem by Ggt

    tythus is love..
  10. Drop Koala

    [Denied] [Pending]Take on me

    he's literally killed all of his brain cells
  11. Drop Koala

    Ioannis v. The Players of Lotc, 2018

  12. Drop Koala

    Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    Maybe if you improved your roleplay we'd be happy to roleplay back. But when you scream 'do you know de wae' without any other RP (ngl I did that myself a few times) and then say you are there oocly we aren't going to want to pour our decent rp into you. Brainlets
  13. The bloodless raid, did your parents call you for dinner?

    Edited by Drop Koala
  14. Drop Koala

    [Accepted] [Trial]Haintrain GM App

    Good man