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  1. slavery was a choice

  2. Drop Koala

    The Kingsmoot of 1677

    Damai Torena stood with little to nothing showing on his face. He knew his answer already. "Abelas, ay we vote for him" He'd simply nod after speaking, eyes lightly drifting around gaze finding itself upon each chieftain
  3. Drop Koala

    The Standing Ilmyumier - Status Tattoos of Mali'ame

    This shits cool leo
  4. fight for resistance today. against the socially inept GM party

    1. DNE


      I don't hold anything on the GMs at all. Yeah i might have sperged out in a gm chat at them, but they weren't the ones to take offence and ban me. In fact, most have supported me.

    2. Raomir


      yh well u should hold something on em b/c they're generally very arrogant, egotistical, lethargic and fragile.

  5. pretty much agree to this **** NOTICE US we know you are talking about this post in your private discord so do something about it.
  6. yo think my bro imattyz might like to come rp with me, unban yeh?

  7. Drop Koala

    [Denied] [Pending]Take on me

    he's literally killed all of his brain cells
  8. The bloodless raid, did your parents call you for dinner?

    Edited by Drop Koala
  9. Drop Koala

    [Accepted] [Trial]Haintrain GM App

    Good man
  10. Drop Koala

    [Denied]They Don't Like Me

    Give it to him because i wanna see some fire
  11. Save private Matthew!

  12. Drop Koala


    A brother who legally got vegas. +1
  13. Happy Australia Day c|_|nts