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  1. Blood and Ashes

    "DAELAND FEREVA!" The slightly overweight Ser Shamus would scream as he rushed along the bridge, seemingly lagging behind the more lightweight soliders
  2. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    Bro im on a ******* HP probook that burns my hand everytime i PVP, if I can tolerate i think you can too bud
  3. Cold Winds Rising

    "We saw you testing your own men in battle by launching fire upon them!"
  4. Cold Winds Rising

    "Who's name is in the side of your head Aureon? And traitor you are literally friends with a lifelong enemy" the head speaks as Leo pats it
  5. Atlas Launch Guidelines

    Should probably prepare week one welfy boys
  6. [Dominion 6.0 Dev] The two week mark

    Thanks for building this wonderful city for us!
  7. Event Team November Update

    yeh.. I thought this new ET would be well, ****. But these events seem to be of high quality so a nice surprise
  8. I want to do modreqs.

    Make him GM of finances and you won't need donators +1 (don't worry about the bandwagon welfs)
  9. A Condemnation of the Order of St. Lucien

    "That is a very nice list of self given titles, yes"
  10. [plugin] post-nexus breeding

    Inb4 someone makes a horde of wolves and warclaims with them
  11. In Atlas make Nexus a toggle.

    What would you rather? >Waiting 10 minutes to craft an iron sword >Waiting like 0.0001 seconds for your mouse click to register for the same iron sword
  12. 400 post AMA

    7 (Cause of that naughty cyber) I'm pretty content with nexus being removed, maybe could have kept crafting like the food menu the same but I think it's generally a positive change Very good gm and nice guy to mineman with The birth of Damai the Powerful We should Of course
  13. 400 post AMA

    being an autistic welf screecher of course
  14. 400 post AMA

    No idea why I'm still here but i got 400 posts so AMA