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  1. App accepted. Thanks for the 25 bucks.
  2. Hello Lord of the Craft players, I will be acting upon what I have said in the thread linked below. Firearms will be added to the techlock and the other admins cannot stop me. Thank you to the anonymous individual who sent me 50 usd via PayPal to make this happen.
  3. I will make use of this newly freed up space to add guns to the server.
  4. Glockmancy is planned for 9.0. It will accessible through a purchase of Diamond VIP and higher.
  5. @ImCookiie I would suggest that you start watching the clock. 12:00 PM EST January 21th, 2020.
  6. I too like vortex.
  7. Slorbin will be receiving a Terms of Service ban for disclosing confidential admin only information, along with sensitive information concerning 11.0. This post will be dealt with in three to four business days.
  8. First it was Phil. Now it's Kai. Without Phil and Kai, this server is meaningless to me.
  9. BathRugMan will be dealt with immediately for leaking a portion of 8.0. I expected better from you, BathRugMan.
  10. Several weeks passed since the fall of the infernal bastion that was built in the Korvassa. A handful of men donning burgundy tabards, whose fronts have golden stars embroidered onto them, sit around a campfire with a spit fixed over it.Boisterous laughter erupts for the shortest of moments from these men, quiet chatter follows in its wake, and the laughter would thereafter return. A flaxen haired man looks upon a nearby standard fixed into the scorched Korvassan soil; the burgundy flag flies proudly in the breeze, presenting its own golden star to all who'd look upon it. This same
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