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  1. happyhour8891

    Changed Status to Denied
  2. happyhour8891

    Denied. Your application has been denied for the following reasons - - Metzli, as most Aengudaemons, very rarely ever interacts with Kha or any other mortals. This may only really happen on the server during a specific event - You cannot have higher than usual strength due to the presence of a spirit, any sort of magical assistance must be done on the server - Include more detail, detail helps build a solid application and a background for your persona You may reapply in six hours. If you have questions feel free to let me know. Also here is the link to the new player discord: https://discord.gg/jXC5SX7.
  3. happyhour8891

    Under review.
  4. Shane_Carroll

    Changed Status to Denied
  5. Shane_Carroll

    Denied. Your application has been denied for the following reasons - - Your application lacks a sufficient and detailed background/biography for your persona, this is required - You must have a reference to the lore, although I recommend having multiple references to the lore - You can find lore on various forum posts or the wiki - There really isn't such thing as traveling or being thrown into another dimension ((unless through rare instances which occur on the server itself)) - Explain why those three words are so important to your persona, it makes sense for there to be more reason than them just being a "must" You may reapply in six hours. I highly advise taking the time to familiarize yourself with the lore - Doesn't need to be most or all of the lore. Feel free to send me a message if you have a question, and here's a link to the new player discord where you can ask questions: https://discord.gg/mRqtXh.
  6. Shane_Carroll

    Under review.
  7. daanx548

    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. daanx548

    Accepted! Welcome to LoTC. You will be whitelisted soon enough. Until then, feel free to look around the forums or check out the server as a Wandering Soul. Once again if you have questions, send me a message and I'll be happy to help out.
  9. daanx548

    Changed Status to Pending
  10. daanx548

    Pending - Your application has been put under pending for the following reasons: - Please include references to the server lore, you can find such on the forums or the wiki - What made him want to be a smith? - Why did he acquire scars on his lower right arm? - Is there a reason he's egotistical? - More detail helps make a solid application! You'll have 24 hours to make the needed changes. If you think you may need more time, just let me know. Feel free to message me as well if you have questions. Here's the link to the new player discord where you can ask questions: https://discord.gg/jXC5SX7.
  11. daanx548

    Under review.
  12. Samurai Julian

    Changed Status to Accepted
  13. Samurai Julian

    Accepted! Welcome to LoTC. You'll be whitelisted soon enough. If you have questions, feel free to message me, and here's a link to the new player discord:https://discord.gg/jXC5SX7.
  14. Samurai Julian

    Pending - Your application is pending for the following reasons: - Change Shamanistic to what their persona's name is so confusion is avoided - Orcs typically aren't very good looking, as their ancestor Krug had his appearance deformed while fighting Iblees - Orcs usually are quite belligerent and look for combat, explain why your persona is peaceful - Maybe also include why your persona enjoys being near the water - More detail, the better! Good work so far though, message me once you've made the edits or you have questions and I'll be happy to help answer.
  15. Revolco

    Changed Status to Denied