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  1. NunuTheGreat

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Polish Republic 2036 The Polish Republic had risen from the rubble of what was left behind. Prezydent Aleksander Jankowski was just what the people needed to get back on their feet. To solidify his position he began signing funding for more farms all of which the Polish people would work in and form the base for a functioning economy. The nation is currently on track to become a influential power in Europe..or at least that’s what the administration says. As for national security the Polish military had been revitalized by the new government. Advertisements were everywhere whether it was on TV or the internet. To further enlistment numbers, recruitment offices were opened in all the major cities like Poznan, Krakow, and Warsaw. This had an obvious effect as seeing many, many patriotic souls enlisted to serve their homeland. With this new military reformation along came a crucial component, the Grom. This unit is comprised of good men willing to do bad things to bad people in the name of Poland. To honor those who are willing to sacrifice, a military parade is ordered to happen in Warsaw. Most armored vehicles and soldiers are going to be proudly displayed in the streets as a show of strength. Nothing could inspire the people more than watching their sons and daughters march through the streets in full uniform. Nothing else of value is noted this year. ================================================================== Grom Operator conducting training exercises at a disclosed location. ========================================================================= Starting Investments Military (50 AP): 100,000 Infantry (-20 AP) 400 MBTs (-4 AP) 1,000 APCs (-4 AP) 500 Howitzers (-2 AP) 300 Helicopters (-3 AP) 2,500 Grom (-1 AP recruitment, -16 AP training) Other Investments (150 AP): 6 stacks of Agriculture (-150 AP) ========================================================================= Income Base income: 6 AP Stacks of Agriculture (6): 18 AP Total Income: 24 AP ========================================================================= Actions 400 fighters and 150 bombers are due for construction along with 200 AA and around. (-24 AP) Trade is requested with the following nations: Germany, Bohemia, Ukraine, United States, Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. Operation Slavic Endurance begins. ((Mod))
  2. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    Grand Duchy Of Kvatch Marcus Orentius. 4E 841. The night was dark and the wind was howling. Kvatch was relatively quite with most of the noise coming from establishments. In Castle Kvatch sat Marcus by candlelight with his newborn son's Tytus and Tiber. He looked at his sons and thought of their future. The realisation that they are the future of Kvatch lit a fire into Marcus’ belly…(or the stew he had early that day.) He wanted to give them a kingdom to rule when he was long gone and resting in the dirt with nothing to remember him besides his name and legacy. While he was alone in thought a messenger opened his chamber door notifying him of the eagle that had come from Anvil with news from his Grandmaster that his presence was needed, along with this news came with word that Khajiit were flooding to the gate looking for work. They were allowed to enter but only after intense screenings were done. As for the Argonian envoy sent to study tactics, he was greeting with welcoming arms. The only thing Marcus requested was payment for allowing access to the knowledge. 8,000 Septims should be enough to cover the cost. On the topic of militaries,while watching the training of soldiers it had hit him that the soldiers hadn’t had a rigours training to turn them into disciplined killing machines. That had to be fixed, and so a large amount of money was allocated to doing so. Along with these training exercises came more recruiting orders for foot infantry and heavy cavalry. Nothing else in the year had appeared to take the attention of Marcus. Diplomacy Marcus rides to Anvil with an offer for the Duke. Income Base Income: 10,000 Septims. Tax from Provinces: 12,000 Septims. Income from trade: 3,000 Septims, 5,000 from Dune’s Guildhall. Total: 30,000 Septims. Dynasty Marcus Orentius (21) Iyria Orentius (20) Tytus Orentius (1) Tiber Orentius (1) Military Kvatch 1st Legion: 22,000 Imperial Heavy Infantry 10,000 Imperial Light Infantry 2,500 Imperial Heavy Cavalry 5,000 Imperial Archers 2 trebuchets Actions Marcus sends a letter to the Imperial city, stating that he wishes to no longer partake in this “Confederation” and is thus succeeding. ((Mod)) Marcus answers the call to his Grandmaster. Also during this time Marcus visits anvil in order to give an offer to the duke. ((Mod)) The Khajiit are allowed inside, but only after being intensively screened by the town guard. The argonians are allowed access to Kvatch libraries and any knowledge the wish to learn, but of course this must come at a price. 8,000 Septim should cover the fee. 500 heavy cavalry, 3,000 heavy infantry, and 10,000 light infantry are recruited. (-18,500 Septims) The men being green as grass are trained so that they would survive their first bloody battle. (-11,500 Septim)
  3. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    Grand Duchy Of Kvatch Marcus Orentius. 4E 840. No time to write RP, sorry. Diplomacy Income Base Income: 10,000 Septims. Tax from Provinces: 12,000 Septims. Income from trade: 3,000 Septims, 5,000 from Dune’s Guildhall. Total: 30,000 Septims. Dynasty Marcus Orentius (20) Iyria Orentius (19) Military Kvatch 1st Legion : 16,000 Imperial Heavy Infantry 3,000 Imperial Light Infantry 1,500 Imperial Heavy Cavalry 3,000 Imperial Archers Actions Again Kvatch’s 1st Legion calls for sons and daughters to serve her. 6,000 heavy infantry, 7,000 light infantry, 1,000 heavy cavalry, 2,000 archers, two trebuchets. (-30,000 Septims.) Bam bam in the ham with M’lady.
  4. NunuTheGreat

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Your Discord’s name: You have it. Your Nation: Grand Polish Republic Short background of nation: The years leading up to 2036 were a rough and difficult road for Poland. The EUs collapse in 2021 led the Polish people into a great economic struggle which in turn led to revolts happening in the streets against the old government. Brother versus brother and family against family, all sparked because of the very globalist European Union. The only reason fighting stopped was due to Aleksander Jankowski a skilled military commander and liked statesmen who put an end to the revolts and riots, turning Poland from it’s anarchy and turning it back into a nationalist democratic state. Government type: Republic Suggestions/Feedback: Gucci. Nations standing army/navy. https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=poland Here you go my friend.
  5. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    Grand Duchy Of Kvatch Marcus Orentius. 4E 839. Marcus was standing at a table with a map of Cyrodiil laid out upon it. Skingrad had multiple war pieces positioned near it, almost as if it were a plan of attack. That plan of attack would not be needed if the Dune were to accept the demands made by Marcus. He had his legion on standby ready to march when given the word. Near every man would follow him to Skingrad, but he’d leave a garrison of archers to hold the city along with it’s already stationed guard. In order to make his reputation amongst his people and his fellow Imperials greater this needed to be done. After making his war arrangements Marcus decided to call a meeting of his merchants to discuss the situation retaining to the brigands. Though the talks lasted an hour, Marcus had agreed to commit however many men the traders needed as they enter and leave Kvatch land. The economy of Kvatch was just as essential to it’s well being as it’s military. Back on the topic of reputation Marcus was thinking about how to become more prestigious within Cyrodiil until it finally had it him. The Knights of the Nine were a great order of pious men who were seeking to find the relics of the Divines, becoming part of their order would surely improve his standing. The thought stuck with him long and hard before he made his final decision to set out and join the Holy order. Diplomacy The Khajiit in Dune have been sent a letter requesting the Skingrad provinces before force is used to seize the land. Income Base Income: 10,000 Septims Tax from Provinces: 10,000 Septims Income from trade: 3,000 Septims Total: 23,000 Septims. Dynasty Marcus Orentius (19) Iyria Orentius (18) Military 8,000 Imperial Heavy Infantry 500 Imperial Heavy Cavalry 3,000 Imperial Archers Actions A letter is sent to the Dune who are occupying majority of Skingrad, requesting that the land they own is granted to Kvatch peacefully, before force is used to seize the provinces. ((Mod)) Kvatch is in need for more men, so they shall be called upon. 8,000 Imperial Heavy Infantry, 1,000 heavy cavalry, and 3,000 light infantry. Marcus has dispatched some of his soldiers to guard the caravans and ward brigands off from raiding Kvatch traders. Marcus has left Kvatch in search of the Knights of the Nine, so that he may join their order. ((Mod))
  6. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (RP)

    Grand Duchy Of Kvatch Marcus sat in the great hall in front of his family, bannermen, merchants, and other important peoples. The room was lit with chatter and drinking until Marcus banged on the table in front of him three times silencing the large number of people. “We are gathered here to discuss the future of our people that have been here for eras. The Empire is no longer around ladies and gentlemen and it appears that the heartlanders are as useless as the Nibenese!” The hall erupted with cheering laughter. “First I will ride to Colovian holds and seek out a wife and other alliances. While I am gone men will be needed to form a legion. This legion will be our way of conquest and I already have my eyes on lands ripe for the taking. Enough of me talking! Enjoy yourselves! I am tired and will retire to my chambers. I bid you farewell.” As he left a musician began playing Red Diamond and the hall soon resumed it’s laughter and drinking. The next morning he was awoken by all three of his little sisters storming into his room jumping on his bed and shouting. Their intrusion was met with a disgruntled look from Marcus. Although he was the lord of Kvatch now, they acted like he wasn’t their lord brother and nothing had changed. Nonetheless they had awoken him for the days trials which would not be easy. After throwing them out of his room, he donned a modest set of clothing and walked to his study where he started writing up letters. The first letter was an extensive list of soldiers that needed to be raised with haste. The second was a set of letters sent out to all Colovian holds that he would be in need of a wife, and is planning on visiting some of the holds if that were alright. And the third and final set of letters were to some of the same holds asking for trade agreements. Income Base Income: 10,000 Septims Tax from Provinces: 10,000 Septims Income from trade: Agreements dispatched. 0 Total: 20,000 Septims. Actions 8,000 Heavy Infantry, 500 Heavy Cavalry, and 3,000 archers are all recruited to begin forming the Kvatch Legion. (-20,000 Septims.) Trade Agreements are sent to Anvil, Chorral, and Leyawiin. Any trade caravans from holds that Kvatch is not trading with, are turned away and or imprisoned. Marcus goes to Colovian holds in search of a wife and other diplomatic actions. ((Mod))
  7. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialis V2 (OOC)

    The holding you wish to play: Grand Duchy of Kvatch. Leader and Background: Marcus Orentius is son to the Duke of Kvatch. He is of strong build being taller than your average Colovian. Marcus is the oldest out of three siblings, those siblings being all sisters. Growing up he was immediately groomed for command as were his ancestors with constant martial training and long hours of listening to debate in Castle Kvatch. To further his grooming his father placed him in the Kvatch legion where “No boy is too young to enlist, if he can hold a shield and swing a sword we’ll make a man out of him.” The Legion gave Marcus experience that he’d use for the rest of his life. Everything in his life was shaping up until his father was struck with illness, and from there Kvatch was neglected with it’s legion reduced to nothing, the economy stagnant, and the people suffering. Not even the priests or priestesses could help his father and eventually he died in the night leaving Marcus a young man of eighteen to take his place. Skype Name: You have it I believe.
  8. NunuTheGreat

    Age of Reclamation (OOC/Application)

    Damn thats tuff
  9. NunuTheGreat

    Age of Reclamation (OOC/Application)

    Accepted. I’ll add you to the discord and give you your pop via DM.
  10. NunuTheGreat

    Age of Reclamation (OOC/Application)

    All are accepted. I’ll add you lads to the discord and give you your pops via DM.
  11. Age of Reclamation The year is 2510 IC and the Old World is in quite the situation. As vile as the Skaven are, they are just as creative and their creativity is what led to the great epidemic. Plague priests from Clan Pestilence brewed a horrific disease even they could not control. It spread like wildfire from the desolate frozen tundras of the north to the lush jungles to the south. No one was safe from the disease including the Great Lords of the old world. The population of nearly every race that had called the Old World home was crippled. Millions passed in wake of this horrific disease, until it began to fade. Whether it was intervention from the Old Ones, or Sigmar himself, people stopped dying and eventually all was good in the world after a decade of death. In absence of any real leadership, new Emperors, Great Kings, and Warlords rose to fame. Whether they chose to seek compliance with other nations, or slaughter any warband that stood in their path of domination, was up to their own choosing. The Old World is ripe for the taking, but who will be the one to pluck the fruit of destiny? Guidelines This is Warhammer fantasy if you couldn’t tell. Every nation in this FRP will start with 0 military and a base race income with each race having a few bonuses and a completely different unit tree from the rest. You will be granted population once the application has been accepted. Diplomacy is limited for certain races such as Skaven, Norscans and Greenskins who may not ally or trade except for with their own people. If there are any questions please do not be afraid to ask me (Nunez). The rest of the information is on the spreadsheet right here: This is it Chief. Highly recommended that if you know nothing about Warhammer fantasy you begin to read up on it if you plan on applying. (Please refrain from making canon characters.) Basic Rules -Please for the love of all that is holy use common sense. -If you attempt to power rp it will not end well for you. -Be creative with your ideas anything is possible, this is warhammer. -Ask before you act, I will most likely respond at some point in the day. Application Everything in the key is playable. Apologies if you can’t see the map. Nation: Leader Name: Leader/nation Background (Paragraph +): Discord Name: Do you know Warhammer fantasy? Suggestions?
  12. NunuTheGreat

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Grand Polish Republic (Will be added, relatively busy) Colonized Planets and Population: Warszawa Arcadis Themis Tartarus Vulcan Total Population: 1,201,274 Army Personnel 75,250 Active Duty Naval Personnel: 13,510 Active Duty Total Personnel: 88,760 Active Duty Ships in service; 1x Support Carrier 2x Heavy Cruisers 3x Light Cruisers 8x Frigates 10x Destroyers 10x Corvettes Total AP: 50 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions Money is put into Warszawas agriculture the need for rapid growth has arrived. (-20 AP, Fed. bonus doubles the investment) A diplomat goes to the Ganvius with an offer. ((Mod)) A trade deal is struck with the GTC. Money is sent for the production of near 5,000 tanks for the Republic’s arsenal. (-15 AP going to Hephaestus) A army recruitment drive is initiated by inspiring young men from all of the colonies to join the Republic’s armed forces in the name of patriotism. (-5 AP (25,000 Regular infantry)) The navy is dispatching an expeditionary group to explore the space around Republic territory looking for anything that could be of use to the Republic. (5 Destroyers a Light Cruiser are sent exploring space around republic claimed territory) The military needs a new armor to use for infantrymen. A full body armor concept is to be drawn up by engineers. (-10 AP)
  13. NunuTheGreat

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Grand Polish Republic With the admission of the Republic into the Human Federation, along with it came new toys. Engineers and scientists now get their hands on technology and weaponry never before seen. With this new technology there is but one thing to do and that is convert the new weaponry to function off of dialite using our developed knowledge. The Republic has made great strides in it's economical effort, doubling its original income within 5 years. Prezydent Aleksander is praised by the media for using an aggressive economic policy and improving the militaries readiness by adding ships to the already small fleet. People on the capital world love the Prezydent but he has done slim to nothing for the other colonies except the small Arcadis business investment. More funds were put into Arcadis but this still began worrying the administration about possible outrage and riots. A republic General brought this to Alexander's attention along with many other political figures of notice. He has suggested the creation of a special forces branch that would work alone but sometimes alongside the army and navy. Secretary Jankowski put a vote up to create WS (Wojska Specjalne). The branch would consist of special forces units performing counter terrorism and high priority missions, in general things your average soldier could not complete. the special forces units. Immediately after given the green light, new recruits were recruited. Their training and area of doing so are to be kept top secret from the public. Colonized Planets and Population: Warszawa (336,167) Arcadis (261,167) Themis (186,167) Tartarus (161,167) Vulcan (86,167) Total Population: 1,030,835 Army Personnel 59,750 Active Duty Naval Personnel: 13,510 Active Duty Ships in service; 1x Support Carrier 2x Heavy Cruisers 3x Light Cruisers 8x Frigates 10x Destroyers 10x Corvettes Total AP: 44 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions The new weapon technology from the federation functions off of xylorite, Republic engineers are tasked with replacing the xylorite with the new dialite batteries recently developed. (-5 AP) To again business is invested into on Arcadis. (-25 AP) A new branch of the military is founded known as WS. The recruitment process for this branch is rigorous focusing on counter-terrorism and special forces operations (Extraction, infiltration, etc.). The first training and selection of the men have begun.. (-2 AP for recruitment of regular infantry and -12 AP for training.)
  14. NunuTheGreat

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The Union of Kvatch-Anvil “Death before dishonor” -Marcus Marius Orientius (Extremely busy pardon my baren post.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Military Population: 385,652 (Corrected my population error from last post.) Population growth per year: 21,829 People allowed in service: 134,978 People in service: 30,010 Siege Equipment Ladders: 40 Battering Ram: 1 Trebuchets: 2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Economy AP this turn: 22 Where’s my AP coming from?: 6 Base, 5 From trade. 8 from unification with Anvil. 2 from Province bonus. 1 from economy. Trade Partners: The Rift, Bruma, and The Kraviran tribes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dynasty Marcus Marius Orientius (33) Lady Vona Scinonicus (29) (Wife) Caesia Scinonicus Orientius (11) (Daughter) Lyloe Scinonicus Orientius (10) (Daughter) Titus Scinonicus Orientius (9) (Son) Commanders Titanus Anzidius (34) (Legatus) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technology No technologies are being researched at this time. New technologies acquired None. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions Another large investment is put into the Skingrad area hopefully making it fully functional. (-10 AP) A new settlement is built south of Kvatch. (-10 AP) Titus is to be sent home for half the year spending time with his family and his betrothed, Marcessinia Closonia a Imperial Noble. She would be Marcus’s choice for his son. Marcus would also implant the importance of Family into Titus’s head, asking him to stop seeing the Merchant’s daughter and rather visit home more often and get to know his future wife. (-2 AP because why not)
  15. NunuTheGreat

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    The Grand Polish Republic The dialite battery prototypes peak Aleksander’s interests. He decided to request more funding be allocated to the research project. The batteries could prove to be very successful with the military possibly powering infantry weapons, vehicle armaments, and ship armaments. The batteries could also be used to power buildings, and possibly towns and cities if strong enough. After the funds were put into the research project, attentions turned towards the economy. One last investment is put into Warszawa before fully developing the other colonies. Aleksander when asked why he was focusing so heavily on the capital world’s development he responded immediately “Warszawa is the center of the Republic and should serve as a beacon of prosperity for the other colonies.” Colonized Planets and Population: Warszawa (326,350) Arcadis (251,350) Themis (176,350) Tartarus (151,350) Vulcan (76,350) Total Population: 981,750 Army Personnel 59,750 Active Duty Army Equipment: Classified Naval Personnel: 13,510 Active Duty Ships in service; 1x Support Carrier 2x Heavy Cruisers 3x Light Cruisers 8x Frigates 10x Destroyers 10x Corvettes AP for this turn Total AP: 38 + 20 = 58 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================================================== --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actions Dialite’s research is to continue receiving an even bigger budget this year. (33 AP, 19 Invested) With success in the business sector on Arcadis, Aleksander puts more resources into Warszawa’s business to finish it off. Skyscrapers and large buildings reaching the skies with busy streets are pictured by the administration. (25 AP into Warszawa business.)