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  1. necocraft

    The Iron Brigade of Holm

    RP: Name of resident: Balinor Race and Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Combat Experience (circle one): None; Some ; Moderate ; Weathered OOC: IGN: necocraft Discord: Necoh#5770 ~Hours on server spent a day: from 1 to 4 ~Availability on weekdays: from 1 to 6 Timezone: GMT+1
  2. necocraft

    Royal Army of Hanseti-Ruska

    NAME: Howard Dralen NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No AGE:20 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): 1630 PLACE OF BIRTH (if known):~~~ RACE: Human ETHNICITY (Highlander, Heartlander, etc. N/A if not applicable or unknown.): N/A MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE: Hunter PAST LABOR EXPERIENCE: Hunter OOC MC name: necocraft Skype:Necocraft Do you have Teamspeak? If not are you willing to get it?: I don't, but I have Discord (Neco#5770)
  3. necocraft

    [Denied] IromFromIce's AT Application

  4. necocraft

    Dungrimm's Folk

    In Game Info RP Name: Balinor Blackaxe Age: 65 Race: Mountain Dwarf Professions: Blacksmith and Leatherworker Experience (as a soldier or religious follower): Man At Arms in Guard Of Keintania Out of Game Info MC Name: necocraft Time Zone: GMT + 1 Discord (For communication and rallying): Necocraft#5770