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  1. Beastforge Clan

  2. Beastforge Clan

  3. A King's Coronation

    Varian would hear of the news but pays little attention and continues his journey back home
  4. If anyone is interested in making a dwarf, feel free to contact me.  The Beastforge are always looking for new members.

  5. History of the Dwedmar

    Was nice to read back up on the times of Asulon-fringe. I look forward to reading them as books.
  6. Letter to The Lords

    Varian looks to the statue still in its building process then shifts his gaze to his fields and the thick forest that surrounds his hold. As the scenery burns an ever lasting image in his memory causing him to smile big and his eyes widen. He shouts from atop his hold and calls for his lads to gather. Oi someone get meh some ink and paper. Oi must send word tuh teh Pact t'at w 'ave decided tuh join teh meeting tuh 'ear w'at t'ey 'ave tuh say. Oi t'ink it beh safe tuh say we are curious as tuh w'at t'eir intentions could beh and if it were tuh align wit the goalds of the Beastforge and Ironguts. Send word tuh teh silverveins tuh ask for t'em tuh attend as well. Oi want tuh 'ear w'at all sides 'ave tuh say. Varian then waves his hand signaling his kin to begin their task with haste as the time is short and every second counts.
  7. Letter to The Lords

    Varian Beastforge reads the letter sitting upon his chair, then looking to his kin he informs them to contact their allies.
  8. Beastforge Clan

    Beastforge Race:Dwarf Sub Race: Forest Dwarves Hair Color: Brown, amber and red. Eye Color: Green Skin: Border between fair tan, and dark skin. Motto Yoth Yanart Na Dwall (For Honour and Victory) Clan Color Blue and Gold Sigil The Beastforge sigil can be identified as a shield with beasts on the side to represent their love for hunting beasts and their fierce barbaric fighting style. The shield representing their skills in combat of defence. The weapon being surrounded by weapons represent the clans love for fighting. The colors were chosen for their love of the blue sky and gold representing the sun that sits high in the sky. Features Beastforge have a few key features that can help different them from most dwedmar would be their hairstyle having beards with braids of silver and gold and shaved heads leaving the top for ponytails and Mohawks. If this is not enough Beastforge can always be spotted for their dark skin and athletic build and piercing emerald green eyes. Although most Beastforge have green eyes and brown hair because forest dwarves number few it isn't uncommon to see members with amber or red hair. Skills Being forest dwarves Beastforge are well accomplished in breeding, farming and lumberjack. Many members of the clan specialize in the clans common skills but that does not stop them from learning more. Weapons Beastforge are a Tribal combat based clan that lives and thrives on Honour and Combat. They enjoy the rush of the adrenaline and the excitement of clashing weapons and bodie’s dropping to the ground. Whether it be a friendly spar, a duel for honour or a fight to the death, Beastforge always fight with a smile wielding one of two weapons. Battleaxe is the main and prefered weapon of almost any Beastforge for it’s crushing strength and sharp edges for hacking and slicing away at enemies, they can also be seen using bows as a secondary weapon. Close or far away, Beastforge are deadly and strive to be second to none in terms of combat. Clothing Beastforge can be seen wearing mostly dark clothing which allows them to blend in with the thick forest and its shadows. They tend to prefer leather boots to provide protection and comfort but also allow for moving quietly and swiftly for hunting or even ambushing enemy positions. Interests Beastforge are skilled because they stick with the basics and master it, however because of their basic lifestyle and habit of being very curious, it is not unusual for a member of the Beastforge to try and learn other skills like engineering, rune smithing , and magic. Despite all this nothing beats hunting to the Beastforge. They enjoy the thrill fighting creatures and beasts to test their skills and survival. Habits Beastforge are all about Honour/pride and victory. Beastforge embody what it means to eat sleep and breath a warrior's life, always seeking a challenge but never tarnishing the name. Beastforge always like a good challenge and have a bad habit of requesting duels to test their skills and show superiority when in it comes to combat. Another Habit of any Beastforge is their infamous curiosity on anything that is not known to them. They see a mysterious door, a dark cavern, a locked passage or even a locked chest, no matter the location or the danger they will always try to have a look. Prefered settlements Beastforge are forest dwarves who prefer forts or structures out of stone brick and dark wooden logs building a very sturdy structure. This allows the clan to make good use of the vast forest that surrounds them near the base of mountains in which the clan uses to mine. Values Yemekar, The Maker Symbol: Hammer & Anvil Alignment: Lawful Good Species: Creator Portfolio: Creation, balance, leader, smithing, protection, metalwork, stonework, fire Yemekar is the father and creator of the dwarven race. Honor him by emulating his principles and workmanship in smithing, stone working and other tasks. Wisdom is derived from life and tempered with experience. Advance the dwarven race in all areas of life. Innovate with new processes and skills. Found new kingdoms and clan lands, defending the existing ones from all threats. Lead the dwarves in the traditions laid down by The Maker. Honor your clan leaders as you honor Yemekar. Dungrimm, Guardian of The Dead Symbol: An Iron Mask Alignment: Lawful Good Species: Daemon Portfolio: Battle, valor, bravery, honor, defense, the dead, the moon The finest hours of dwarvenkind come in the thrusts and feints of war. Seize the opportunity to defend your kin and ensure their victory when conflict erupts. Revel in the challenge of a good fight and never waiver in the face of adversity, no matter how ominous. Lives should never be thrown away foolishly, but the greatest honor is to sacrifice oneself for the cause of the field of battle in service to a righteous cause. Honor the dead and death itself and keep the places of the dead inviolate and well tended; the noble ancestors of our race will neither be robbed nor moved through the actions of thieves and defilers. Abide not undead creatures, especially those that take the form of dwarves, thus mocking the creation of Yemekar. Ogradhad, The Lore Master Symbol: An Open Book Alignment: Neutral Species: Aengul Portfolio: Scholarship, invention, discovery, knowledge, magic The secrets of the world are waiting to be discovered. Travel widely, broaden your mind at every opportunity, and pursue the life of a scholar. Cultivate the spirit of intrigue among the young and be teachers to all. Seek to recover lost and arcane knowledge of ages past and apply it to the world today. Try new methods of doing things just for the joy of experimenting. Learn a little of everything, for you never know what might be of use to you down the road. Loyalty The Beastforge are known to be loyal to the bone making them bound by their word. Beastforge will die upholding their word knowing that failing would bring dishonor to their name which in turn disrespects Dungrimm. Devotion The Beastforge works tirelessly for their kin and stop at nothing to ensure that their clan continues to grow and reach all heights of great feats. Beastforge often tend to forget time and spend countless hours dedicated to just one task. Bravery Beastforge are a fearsome bunch who never waver in the face of death but in fact embrace it as any Beastforge knows that the greatest death is on the battlefield fighting for victory. Respect Beastforge culture is true in the belief of Brotherhood and mutual respect. All actions taken and words spoken are done with the ambition to better society's perception and respect of the Clan. Clan Trials Beastforge Clan trials consist of multiple difficult tasks that are overlooked by the Borith and Kajul. The first step in the clan trial is a test of combat against the clan Az’adar (Champion) in all fields Range, Melee, hand to hand combat. After receiving a passing grade on at least two combat style, the Trummvar will begin the second Step of the Trial. The Second trial consists of the Trummvar fighting and killing a large bear then skinning it to make their First ever Kill Coat which they will proudly wear until they die or until they acquire a Kill Coat of much greater status. After completing their Second trial the Trummvar may proceed to the Third and final trial which requires the Trummvar to use the skills of a Kron’Odul to help them too defeat an enemy of the clan, may it be Elf, Orc, Human or simple bandits. The final trial is to slay an enemy who threatens the clan (allows for a member to be full fledged.) Clans Iron Code Do not harm or betray a fellow Beastforge Do not steal or wrong another Beastforge Do not tarnish the Honour of the Clan Do not forsake Dungrimm or Yemekar Never abandon your Kin Never take what you can't return two fold Never Surrender Clan Structure Borith Borith is the Clan LOrd in charge of running the Beastforge. Borith is responsible for the success and strength of the Beastforge and is the leading example of what every Beastforge should strive to be like and one day surpass. The words of the Borith is final and any who refuse will end up fighting for their life in a duel with the Borith or his chosen champion. More often than not the Borith will fight for himself to maintain his Honour. This position is handed down to the strongest but also the most respected member of the Beastforge and can only be achieved by reaching the Final four of the competitors in a tournament which allows them to be candidates to be selected as the next Borith. Kajul Kajul are considered the Elders of the clan and are responsible for assisting the chief in maintaining the success and growth of the clan. Kajul are responsible for handling any diplomatic tasks when the Borith is not present and to ensure that members of the Beastforge continue to train and better themselves especially with their tournaments that they hold on a regular basis. Kajul are made up of trusted and skilled Beastforge who have spent many years supporting the clan and have been chosen to help lead the Beastforge until their passing in the field of battle that all elder Beastforge wish for. Kron’Ordul Kron’Ordul are full fledged Beastforge who have passed the clan trial and ascend from a Trummvar which translates to Beardling. Kron’Ordul are experienced and skilled fighters and hunters who seek to master the art of combat while furthering their skills in their respected profession. Kron’Ordul always seek to prove themselves and honour Dungrimm and Yemekar to ensure their ancestors are satisfied and never disappointed. Trummvar Trummvar are beardlings of the Beastforge clan and are undergoing strict training to ensure that they are raised into a proper candidate to undergo the clan trials and ascend to the title of Kron’Ordul which grants the dwarf of being a full fledged Beastforge which is considered one of the clan's greatest achievements that any of it’s members can obtain. Az’adar Az’adar is by no means the lowest rank within the Beastforge clan but in fact represents the strongest member of the clan that has won in the Beastforges regular tournament granting them champion until the next tournament. Any member who manages to collect the champion title multiple times would be considered a legend amongst the Beastforge. Az’adar is not only an award to the strongest fighter but is now the clan chief’s bodyguard and designated fighter in kingdom wide tournaments to officially represent the clan. Kro’Dharok Tournament The Kro’Dharok or Ironbeast Tournament is a tournament held every other Stone month to test the strength of all Beastforge and to appoint a new Az’adar or champion to fight for the Borith as a guard and champion who will represent the Beastforge clan in public appearances. The tournament is complex and difficult testing Beastforge in all fields of combat. Hand to hand, melee and ranged combat in form of Free for all, duo and one on one. The weapons used are iron for the Beastforge believe pain is a good teacher. Those who achieve the title Az’adar only keep the title until a new champion is chosen in the Kro’Dharok tournament. Clan Lord Varian Beastforge(Hawk_Empire) Clan Elder Kinsmen Vearlen Beastforge (Snakeyeees) Roshen Beastforge (CheddarCraft) Beardling Navrok Beastforge (DntBckDwn) Vulear Beastforge (ManaAddict) Farhden Beastforge (Tmoney71) Varian Beastforge son of Thorian son of Thairian son of Gloin Vearlen Beastforge son of Thorian son of Thairian son of Gloin Vulear Beastforge son of Thorian son of Thairian son of Gloin Fahrden Beastforge son of Feredin son of Thyrian son of Gloin Navrok Beastforge son of Feredin son of Thyrian son of Gloin BEASTFORGE APPLICATION Upon completing the application and careful consideration if your accepted, you will receive a message on further instructions. . OOC Info MC Name: Timezone: Discord: In-game Info Name: Age: Skills: Bloodline (Thairian or Thyrian) :
  9. On Dwarven Monarchy

    Varian sits down at a table of his kin writing in quickness as much is to be done in the Forgelands, The other dwed take notice of Varians actions and begin circling around him, reading allowed as he rights. It seems once again Benjamin I write to you in response to another one of your well written letters to all kin. I write to you and all Dwarves to voice my opinion on bringing about a Council of Clan lords. Through many years the Dwarven kingdom has been reborn many times under different forms of governments all having their pros and cons being lead by their chosen leader or none at all. It has come to my belief that we must resort back to a method of old until Dwarves can once more produce leaders of high quality that can and will once more lead our kingdom into greatness. Until this time I think we must form a council containing the Clan father of every clan. The purpose will be to discuss and vote on all matter pertaining to the kingdom and the respected clans. This will allow Clan fathers to voice the opinions of their kin directly and representing the beliefs and ideals each clan holds. If we were to resort to such a system we as a kingdom could balance the system to where no one dwarf or party controls all the power and decisions but instead distributed amongst all clans. For this to work we would need the clan lord of every clan to hold a seat on the council as long as they contain up to 5 active kin. This will prevent the constant creation of multitude of clans of dwarves vying for power and instead help strengthen the many clans that have supported the kingdom for as long as they have whether it be Urguan or Kaz. Now that we established a council made up of a clan lord from each clan consisting of 5 dwarves or more, we can move too the next step which is the responsibilities. Every council must be balanced to ensure swift actions while still focusing on discussion, planning, and enforcing. -Discuss and vote on all laws to be made, retracted or modified. -Discuss and vote on expansions or modifications to the Capital or Kingdom. (Forts, Watch towers, Railways, and or roads.) -Discuss and vote on any diplomatic efforts with other Kingdoms or scattered kin. (Military Alliance, Trade, Kingdom Alliances, and or pacts with scattered kin.) -Discuss and vote on the creation or disbanding of guilds or any formed groups representing the kingdom -Discuss and vote on all Military actions regarding War, Raids, or claims of hostility to a kingdom or guild -Vote on removal of a clan Lord or clan from the council (Requires 70% of votes or majority vote in agreement. This allows the removal of inactive clans or clan lord allowing the kin of the respected Clan to select a new Clan lord to represent in Council meetings.) -Discuss and vote on introductions or removal of Titles or positions with in governing body (Advisor on Magic, economy etc although this is why each clan is suppose to be unique and specialize in various things allowing them to specialize and lead other clans in their study.) Discuss and vote on modification of power of the king or council (Meaning if the council felt the need to give the king more power or reduce the councils own power, then the introduction of stages of power can be made. (sorta like Crusader Kings) These are just some of the responsibilities that could be assigned or would need to be assigned and if the need for a king is a mucst for some or simply tradition or personal feelings for a role, we could still have a King that would represent the Kingdom in other matters. For example we could use the king as a Figurehead allowing it to be a symbol in the kingdom rather than a role. To help explain go ahead and read the responsibilities in which the king could act on. -Represents the kingdom on all diplomatic meetings with any outside party. -Awarding ceremonies whether it be titles, money or land. -Responsible for selecting an advisor on matters of religion and magik to partake in council meetings (if king is non existent then this falls on the council, also only specialist for magic not any dwed who can read the forums or rp with someone who actually does use magik.) -Attends Council meetings and announces all changes or decrees to the kingdom. (Can also be responsible for any rp posts regarding the kingdom and its actions.) With this simple layout I think we could build a strong foundation in the governing body preventing biasness, greed, and reckless behavior by any one or small group of dwarves. I write this in hopes that many share the views as I. It is in my opinion that change like this could lead our people into a better and brighter future for we have hit dark times with the passing of many important kin. I write this in hopes that we can unite and build a kingdom in which our ancestors will be proud of and have died trying to build such a kingdom for us to one day rule in before passing it onto the dwarves to come. (this was something I been thinking about for a while now and felt like now was a good time to bring it up with the election of kings and current state as a community of dwarves. Also I think that each Clan lord should allow a Clan elder to partake in the council to watch and listen. This will help on molding future leaders of the kingdom and clan which in turn will also allow the Elders to help their Clan lords to rule their clans properly. Please avoid any trolling, hate biasness. if your not a dwarf then you did not receive this and are unable to respond)
  10. On Dwarven Monarchy

    *Varian is seen throwing his axes in his fort wildly after being denied to vote due to false election and lack of info. Fawk teh elections and teh monarchy. Oi say we leave the kingdoms tuh teh clan lords to run as a council. Let the voices of all clans beh 'eard. *Varian starts to get restrained by his kin to calm him down in his rage. ((Nice post though dreek!))
  11. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Clarify, is the voting still over or has been extended? Idk if it's just me but slight confused still.
  12. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    You cant use discord as your sole use to go about running a vote for king when not all dwarves are in a third party system for a Minecraft server. Discord are optional and not mandatory, so using it to decide and announce rp based information is unfair and neglects the many who do not belong to such a discord. All kingdom ran choices, news and announcements must be done in a kingdom or races designated rp forum.
  13. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    You need to change your post and say as of this moment that Your closing the voting session. By saying it was closed off on the time of your post is cutting out votes. You did not give any detailed information on the duration of the process and its ending time. By doing this your going to be causing possible issues and even give the rise to accusations of cheating. All in all if your don't modify your post, your more than likely gonna get a ton of complaints.
  14. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote:MC Name Hawk_EmpireRP Name: Varian Beastforge(Place an X beside the candidate name)Hamnil Frostbeard:Torvin “The Dragon” Blackaxe: X
  15. Current state of horses & potential bug?

    Iv been disappointed in the horses since launch, unknowingly spent the first week or two capturing breeding and testing the horses only to be disapointed. Frankly they are all slow and have poor jumping ability getting stuck at one block high. In my opinion horses should be a little more rare, requiring players to focus on breeding, selling and trading them. I also think the horses should be capable of two block high jumps and players at full sprint should only be 50-75% of the horses speed. I find it aggravating that a player can sprint 100meters faster than the horse, on and off the road. This is off topic but I think we should get skins for horses. I think it would be cool to see elves riding their respected mounts Elks, moose or whatever preferred species including dwarves on their rams.