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  1. ~ The Irongut Clan ~

    MC Name: Hawk_Empire What is your name? Vhen Where do you live? With Dwain What are your primary skills? Enchanter Short biography (5+ sentences): A young dwarf trained in combat and diplomacy under his father Dwain Irongut. Vhen is a young and passionate dwarf always looking to further his skills in Combat and enchanting along with the desire to learn Magic like the Great late dwarf Hiebe. Vhen has a bad habit of treading where most should not no matter the consequences. With hopes to surpass his predecessors Vhen will always try to be in the center of it all no matter what is to come. How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Son of Dwain Irongut. Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: Tha Kav OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Yes I agree to follow all rules of the Irongut Clan. Skype name? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required) World_Savior
  2. Clan Doomforged Reformation.

    *Vulkin clears his throat before giving some kind words to his fellow dwed and the future of the Doomforge and all its kin* "Oi am 'appeh tuh lend eh 'and tuh all teh clans t'at wish teh improve teh life of all teh dwed even if it means splitting which will one day reunite teh dwed once more as eh united race and it's chosen leader. Weh all 'ave tuh make difficult choicehs and ti's is no different. May ye lead ye kin intuh an era of prosperiteh and 'appiness under our unified kingdom. Oi look forward tuh teh day all dwed can once more spill no blood amongst one anotha. May ye mission for teh doomforge 'elp us forge t'is future weh all so desire."
  3. the feast of kaz'ulrah

    *Vulkin wkes up from his nap and begins to prepare for his journey to other kingdoms in hope to make new friends. As Vulkin finishes gathering his items for his journey, he opens the door and locks it after shutting it behind him. As he makes his way to the City gates down below he notices various flyers around the city and rips one off the wall to read it. After reading the flyer Vulkin begins to smile while tucking the Flyer in his pocket and begins talking aloud to himself as usual while leaving the city.* "Oi can't wait for teh feast and tuh see all teh maneh faces w'o wish tuh visit teh citeh and enjoy teh feast as well. T'is is 'ow ye bring togetha othas even wit' all teh fightin goin on. Oi look forward teh makin new friends and learnin maneh stories and new t'ings goin on around teh maneh kingdoms. Maybeh Oi will get tuh meet teh leaders of all teh great Kingdoms." *Vulkin much more excited than before sprints off to spread the word and hopefully to make new friends.*
  4. The Army of Kaz'Ulrah

    (( RP Format )) Yer name: Clan Elder Vulkin Frostbeard What are yer professions: Blacksmith, Stonemason, Miner Race: Mountain Dwarf In which cohort do you wish to be placed in: Elite Task Force (( OOC Format )) MC Name: Hawk_Empire Discord: Crimson Ace#1227 Skype: NA *Vulkin Attatches a small note to his Application and it Reads...* "OI 'ave served in maneh battles in meh liofe, Oi 'ave seen maneh allies, Close famleh and friends die. If yeh place meh at eh low rank Oi will cut of ye beards so quick ye think ye saw Hiebe chargin at ye."
  5. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Vulkin considers attending before laughing and begins talking to himself aloud at the cloud temple. "Oi should not botha showing up tuh eh coronation filled wit disrespectful, powa hungry dwed t'at rather kill ova talking. T'is seems like not'in but eh effort tuh try and secure somet'ing t'ey 'ave no rioght tuh and tuh kiss teh clean and dirteh butts of the respectful beings of teh world." Vulkin chuckles and heads for his cozy home looking to take a little rest before exploring kingdoms and hoping to make new friends amongst all races.
  6. Mog its Mg, Ace soulblade.  Plzzzz tell me you still play????? I miss you!

  7. Vulkin injured, hungry and tired from no sleep is slowly walking down a rugged path before noticing a sign reading "Cloud Temple". As Vulkin sighs a sound of relief he slowly stumbles for a second almost losing balance from exhaustion and hunger. After Regaining his balance he continues to walk the path leading to the Cloud temple. Upon his arrival at the Temple he notices a monk going about his business and helping other travelers when the monk noticed the rugged dwarf Vulkin, leading him to making eye contact with each other. The monk motions for Vulkin to approach which he does with a bit of a wobble from his recent injuries. Vulkin finally reaching the monk informs him of his journey and his goal to return to his clan to find what he has missed in his absence and what has become of his Kin. The monk aides Vulkin with his wounds, offers food and fresh water along with fresh clothing that were not torn to shreds unlike Vulkins Current attire. Vulkin gives thanks to the monk for treating him but asks the monk for one last thing. The monk nods in response to vulkin asking for one last assistance. Vulkin then informs the monk he wishes to obtain paper and quill with some ink to write a letter to his Kin and how to get it to them. The monk informs Vulkin of a location that the Frostbeards were known to have been located. After Vulkin obtains the much needed information along with the things he needed for his letter, he makes his way over to a stone ledge and places the paper down atop of the stone and begins writing to his kin. "To my Kin, I write to you letting you know I'm alive and still kicking. I wish to inform you I have returned to these lands after a journey that tested me beyond my expectations. I currently write to you from the Cloud temple where a monk was kind enough to attend my injuries and help me locate you. I have obtained directions that will lead me to you where I hope we can catch up on what I missed and what happened during my absence. By the time you read this letter I should have already made my way to you after a cozy nap for the first time in 3 days. I look forward to what I'm sure will be a good Reunion with my Kin." Sincerely, Clan Elder Vulkin Frostbeard Vulkin finishes the letter, then rolls it up and makes his way over to the monk handing it to him asking him to send it to the Frostbeards. Vulkin then turns around and walks down a path to a patch of grass where he lays down and falls asleep before his final trip to see his kin.
  8. HIEBE, been way to long bro good to see you still here.


    1. Hiebe


      Hey bro, good to see you around again, welcome back to the dwarf strife time

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      lol I heard, I miss you bro xD I seen zezimus the other day. Told him you two were still my fave dwarfs xD Also heard you got married, if so Congrats!

  9. Hey Seannie, been a while. It's MG_Savior.


  11. The time for the server to come back up seems to be very close.. TIME TO REFRESH MC EVERY SECOND!!!

    1. Farryn


      And on this day, many mouses were clicked repeatedly without end as the LOTC members attempt to refresh the MC server page. Many mouses lost their lives due to non stop clicking. xD

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      Haha You nailed that perfectly, such poetry =p

  12. Just An Annoying Forum Bug That's Been There For A While.

    Only problem I'm having is I cant place a profile picture ;( ima go cry about it now
  13. So Who is ready for Dwarven Election Results because I'm pumped! CMON DWARVES LETS RISE FROM THE ASHES!!!!! Also nice to see the high elves and elves doing well.. as usual since your always providing awesome rp xD

    1. Rassidic


      10/10 this guy is going places.

    2. ๖ۣۜ§osa (E.G.I.E.)

      ๖ۣۜ§osa (E.G.I.E.)

      LotC needs more of you. Please. Stay.

    3. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      Haha thanks you two. I plan to and look forward to some rp with everyone. Thinking of taking things nice and slow and exploring all four corners of the map and doing all forms of rp. Ready for some Fun!!!

  14. The Brotherhood Of The Golden Lion

    *Ace learns of the brotherhood and is amazed at what they stand for and is filled with excitement causing him to run to his desk and begins to write a letter before attaching it to his hawk to deliver the letter to the Brotherhood. "I Ace Soulbade III age of 20 would like to join the Brotherhood. I recently arrived to these lands in search of something to devote myself to until the day I die. I currently wander the lands visiting friends and helping them with various tasks but wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself. So I send you this letter in hopes of joining the Brotherhood where I plan to devote myself. I await your reply which I hope contains good news. Ace"
  15. Deckolo's Fm App

    IS kind and gets things done the way it needs to be done. +1