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  1. If anyone is interested in making a dwarf, feel free to contact me.  The Beastforge are always looking for new members.

  2. Anyone know of a good texture pack for the server?

    1. Wrynn


      Honestly, default.

  3. Mog its Mg, Ace soulblade.  Plzzzz tell me you still play????? I miss you!

  4. HIEBE, been way to long bro good to see you still here.


    1. Hiebe


      Hey bro, good to see you around again, welcome back to the dwarf strife time

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      lol I heard, I miss you bro xD I seen zezimus the other day. Told him you two were still my fave dwarfs xD Also heard you got married, if so Congrats!

  5. Hey Seannie, been a while. It's MG_Savior.


  7. The time for the server to come back up seems to be very close.. TIME TO REFRESH MC EVERY SECOND!!!

    1. Farryn


      And on this day, many mouses were clicked repeatedly without end as the LOTC members attempt to refresh the MC server page. Many mouses lost their lives due to non stop clicking. xD

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      Haha You nailed that perfectly, such poetry =p

  8. So Who is ready for Dwarven Election Results because I'm pumped! CMON DWARVES LETS RISE FROM THE ASHES!!!!! Also nice to see the high elves and elves doing well.. as usual since your always providing awesome rp xD

    1. Rassidic


      10/10 this guy is going places.

    2. ๖ۣۜ§osa (E.G.I.E.)

      ๖ۣۜ§osa (E.G.I.E.)

      LotC needs more of you. Please. Stay.

    3. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      Haha thanks you two. I plan to and look forward to some rp with everyone. Thinking of taking things nice and slow and exploring all four corners of the map and doing all forms of rp. Ready for some Fun!!!

  9. *Ace learns of the brotherhood and is amazed at what they stand for and is filled with excitement causing him to run to his desk and begins to write a letter before attaching it to his hawk to deliver the letter to the Brotherhood. "I Ace Soulbade III age of 20 would like to join the Brotherhood. I recently arrived to these lands in search of something to devote myself to until the day I die. I currently wander the lands visiting friends and helping them with various tasks but wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself. So I send you this letter in hopes of joining the Brotherhood wh
  10. I have always been dead set on playing an elf in oren but I'm glad I made a dwarf. I'm really enjoying myself and I'm glad I tried something diffrent. Maybe one day I can make an elf and focus only on pure rp in the elven land.

    1. gam


      no, you will be my son forever

    2. Hobolympic


      *raises glass* To Urguan!

    3. gone_fishin
  11. Anyone really skilled at making minecraft skins? I need one made but might be difficult

    1. ToxicApple1


      Tell me what it is and I will see what I can do

    2. Vulkin Frostbeard

      Vulkin Frostbeard

      alright ill send you a pic

  12. Seems like a lot has happened so I think its time to return for some fun rp

  13. I have always wanted to take on a new role play style and for weeks I have decided that I will attempt to learn Magic. The difficult part will be finding someone willing to teach Me Electrical or Fire Evocation as a Teacher or Overseer

  14. I sure hope I can change my style of rp soon. Im getting bored of the same thing feveryday

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. V0idsoldier
    3. Mish_


      Comedy, add it to the rp, and Shabam, u laugh

    4. hex37


      Come be arcane delver. Iz unick esperience

  15. I have been a knight and a archer so many times. I think its time to take a diffrent approach with a character

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