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  1. KosherZombie

    Curon's Got Talent

    Curon's Got Talent It has come to the attention of the Cyrillian administration that any festival requires entertainment. The Curonian Freedom Festival is no exception. Thus, we will be hosting the first iteration of Curon’s Got Talent, a talent show open to any and all who would like to demonstrate their unique skills or talents. This may include, singing, playing an instrument, story telling, poetry, or any other physical or mental exercise that you would like to share. The Cyrillian Council of Curon will act as a board of impartial judges at the show. If you would like to partake, please submit your application below. If there is time, we will also allow registration at the Festival itself. The winner of the talent show will be awarded one case of the finest Curonian Cactus Green, a strain known as “Devereux’s Delight,” as well as 500 mina. ((The Talent Show Will begin at 4:30 pm EST)) Application: Name: Race: Age: Residency: Will you require any props or instruments. If yes, then what?:
  2. Issued from the Ducal Offices in Cyrilsburg to the people of Curonia - Arbor, Curon, and their auxiliary forces: The Ducal Office of Curonia summons all noble and aristocratic families who fall under the yoke of the bear to publicly declare their fealty to Curonia, House Devereux, and the Ducal throne of Curon. Each house who would achieve the recognition and legitimacy granted by the bear shall meet the following requirements: They shall contribute at least one able bodied and competent blood member of their house to serve as an officer in the single military force of the Duchy of Curon, to be assigned their role at the leisure of Ursurian Retinue, Duke, Grand Knight, and Commander of the Ursus. The retinues and levies of the vassal houses shall be integrated into the main branch of the Order of Ursus under the supervision of the Commander of the Ursus and the House officer. The patriarch of each house shall appear in court and state their vow, eternally binding their house to Curonia, House Devereux, and the Ducal Throne of Curon. The patriarch of each house shall submit their vows and signatures in written form to the Ducal Office. ((A response to this forum post)) The lord and vassal agreement between the Duchy of Curon and the noble houses therein shall abide by the following terms: The Duchy of Curon shall uphold and protect its vassals with nothing less than the entirety of its military and political authority. The Vassals of Curon shall abide by Ducal law and decree. The Vassals of Curon shall raise their banners at the Duke’s leisure, without hesitation or question. The Vassals of Curon shall not form independent levies. Instead, they shall contribute their fighting men to the Order of Ursus. Soldiers may where a colored armband indicating their affiliated House, and may retain their oaths of fealty to their House as well as to the Duchy of Curon. All titles granted by the Bear are subject to imperial review and approval. Signed, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord-Protect of the Duchy of Umbria, Count of Cyrilsburg, Lord-Regent of the County of Arbor, Benefactor of the Suffonian Annex, Grand Knight of the Ursus, and Lord of Bear Mountain The following individuals are summoned to swear their fealty at court and submit a written vow to Curon. Lord Angelo of House de Alba, Count of Astorga Lord Augustin of House Falkenrath, Count of Laria Lord Robb of House Landes, Baron of Barmount Lord Raksa of House Ragnarson, Baron of Alsace I, [Name and title], swear fealty to Curonia, House Devereux, and the Ducal Throne of Curon. I shall serve as a loyal vassal to the patriarch of House Devereux and Duke of Curon, from this moment until death. My house shall be bound to House Devereux as its vassal for all of posterity. My sword is his to command. My house is his to protect, and my banners are his to summon. I shall uphold the Virtues of Curonia, and live beneath the eternal guidance of our Paragons and the light of our God. The Green Tide Rises, for we stand as one. Ave Curonia.
  3. KosherZombie

    Curon Freedom Festival

    Curon Freedom Festival ((A depiction of Duke Wilhelm Devereux smoking a joint)) The Ducal Administration of Curon has observed that cactus green and affiliated substances have long been stigmatized within the empire, their mental and physical health benefits disregarded out of fear, and its users forced to hide from the law. Cactus green is to known relieve pain and increase appetite amongst sick and injured patients. It has also been demonstrated to prevent or decrease the likelihood of seizures. Apart from its physical benefits, cactus green is also a proven stress reliever. Last but not least, cactus green is green is fun and should be enjoyed! For this reason, at the end of this year, the Cyrillian council will be hosting the Curon Freedom Festival, advocating that users of cactus green be able to practice freely, without being judged or persecuted by their society and local courts. For three Saint’s Days, all regulation regarding cactus green consumption and distribution shall be lifted within the walls of Cyrilsburg. Any adult, or child under the supervision of their guardian may openly smoke, buy or sell their favorite strains. Additionally, vendors of hookahs, pipes, and waterpipes are encourage to showcase their crafts and glasswork. Stalls will be made available to vendors upon request. Music and other performances are also encouraged. Merely contact a member of the Ducal administration and we will provide a stall or venue for your performances. For the duration of the Festival, drawing arms within Cyrilsburg is strictly prohibited. Cactus green is a drug of peace and love, and we invite people from across Atlas to share this experience within our walls. May you find peace in your mind and love in your heart, on God’s Green Isles. All proceeds from this event shall be committed to further research into the preservation of bees on Atlas. OOC: The Festival shall be occurring between 4PM and 7PM EST, Sunday January 13 Please leave a comment including your minecraft name and persona’s name if you would like to rent a stall or perform at the festival. Coords: x=230 z=1600 The Curonic administration does not condone drug use outside of Lord of the Craft. If you are considering trying marijuana or any other substance, please abide by your local laws!
  4. The Contraband Control Act Preamble: The Ducal Administration has found that certain harmful substances have been spreading throughout the streets of Cyrilsburg. These substances have been demonstrated to rot the digestive tract, ultimately claiming the lives of Curonian citizens before their time. Consumption of these same substances have been correlated with mental illness, causing individuals to lose their grasp on reality. For this reason, on the ninth of the Amber Cold, 1697 the following is implemented by ducal decree to bring an end to substance abuse: Articles Article 1: Grapefruits may not be owned, consumed, or distributed within the confines of Curonia. They are considered illegal contraband, and each grapefruit found to be on a person shall result in a 500 mina fine, and the immediate confiscation of the contraband. Article 2: Distribution of grapefruits shall result in a 5000 mina fine and a minimum of two years imprisonment. Owning ten or more grapefruits is evidence of distribution. Article 3: The office of the grapefruit inquisitor shall be established in the Lord’s Hall of Curon. The inquisitors single priority is to track down and eradicate all grapefruits in Curonia in accordance with this law by conducting legal investigations in all cases concerning grapefruits.
  5. KosherZombie

    The Kirsh of Curon

    The Kirsh of Curon Curon exists because of the Virtue of its people. The Ten Virtues, first penned and observed by Duke Wilhelm I, define Curonism. Without the foundations of virtue which predicates the establishment of state, Curon fails, and without Paragons, human embodiments of Curonic Virtue to guide us, those same virtues wither and diminish. In order to preserve Paragon and Virtue, the Kirsh of Curon retains the ability to immortalize and preserve Curonian Paragons, who shall for their eternity define that which is Curonia, the shine of their Virtue illuminating the Curonian right. Responsibilities of the Witenagemot The Witenagemot of Curon, while essential to the worldly affairs of the Curonic State, also curates the Kirsh. The censure of the Witenagemot, selected by the Duke from amongst the peers of the Witan, may nominate Virtuous Curonians upon their deaths to be immortalized as Paragons. The Witans then review the candidate for immortalization, presenting their cases to the Duke, who ultimately rules on whether to immortalize the Curonian as a Paragon of the Kirsh. Paragons of the Kirsh Paragons of Virtue Paragons of Virtue are selected from only those Curonians who display the utmost Virtue throughout a lifetime of commitment to Curonia. Nominated by the Censure, deliberated by the Witans, and appointed by the Patriarch of House Devereux, these men and women eternally shine with the light of Curonian virtue, as stars light the night skies, guiding the Curonian ship to safety. Paragons of the Sonne Paragons of the Sonne may be drawn from only the patriarchs of House Devereux, who led the House and its banners for any period of time. Traditionally, the Witenagemot, censure, and heir to House Devereux immortalize the dead patriarch immediately after his death, for his service to Curonia, giving light to Curon as the sun gives vitality to the land. Paragons of the Mong Paragons of the Mong may be drawn from only the matriarchs of House Devereux. Traditionally the Witenagemot, censure, and heir to House Devereux immortalize the dead matriarch immediately after her death, for her service to Curonia and her husband, giving hope to Curon and her husband even in their darkest hour, as the moon lights the night sky and inevitably lifts the green tide.
  6. KosherZombie

    The Feast of the Fighting Bear

    The Feast of the Fighting Bear The Duke and his family invite all citizens of Curonia to join him in a feast celebrating the life and accomplishments of the Duke’s late brother, Commander Edward Devereux of the Ursus. Any who knew him will be given the opportunity to toast to the life of this Curonian hero and founder. Before the end of the night, Edward Devereux shall be posthumously named an Ursuritter, or a Knight of the Ursus. Access is restricted to special guests and denizens of Ursurian and Curonian territory. Let us drink and feast as Curonians beneath light of our brother, for whom the Green Tide Rises. Ave Curonia. OOC Information: Where?: The feast shall take place in the ballroom in the Lord’s Hall. When?: The feast shall occur at 4pm EST, Thursday 1/3/2019.
  7. KosherZombie

    [Denied] Bluee's Forum Moderator Application

    +1 yes good man put him on ur team
  8. KosherZombie

    The Witenagemot of Curon

    The Witenagemot of Curon The Witenagemot of Curon exists to assist the Duke in the affairs of state. Members of the Witenagemot, also knowns as Witans, are drawn from the Curonian privy council, peerage gentry and aristocracy, and are ultimately summoned and dismissed by none other than the Duke himself. The Witans hold no direct authority over Curon, but retain the right to propose policy and legislative changes that they believe to be in the interest of Curonia. In addition to serving as an administrative body, the Witenagemot shines as the heart of Curonism and Virtue, shepherding the Curonian people through the blind darkness experienced in the worldly realms. Signed, His Grace, Duke Wilhelm of Curon
  9. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: The pact of green pastures ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Vassal Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name:Duchy Of Curon ] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Barmount] ========================================= Date of Signing: 1965 ========================================= Lord Robb Landes walks into the Curonic courts his head held high as he approaches the dias. Placing his hand over his heart, his gaze focus on Duke Wilhelm. “I have come to swear my fealty, and the fealty of Barmount to His Grace and the Duchy of Curon” The Duke and Vassal would exchange a few words agreeing upon the terms of Barmount becoming vassals to the Duchy of Curon. As they reached an agreement, Lord Landes would drop to one knee giving his oath to Duke Wilhelm Devereux. Terms of Vassal Pact Barmount and The Duchy of Curon proclaim that both parties shall share no hostilities with each other, keeping all relations between both parties peaceful. The settlement of Barmount offers full assistance to the Duchy of Curon in times of war, either offensive or defensive. Barmount and House Landes shall make no alliance, treaty, or pact with any party outside the Duchy of Curon The settlement of Barmount shall uphold their vow of fealty to the Duchy of Curon. Barmount soldiers will join the order of Ursus. Signed, Duke Wilhelm Devereux of Curon, Lord-Regent of Arbor, Grand Knight of Ursus, Lord of Bear Mountain Lord Robb Landes of Barmount
  10. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Homage to the Steel Bear ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Vassal Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Duchy Of Curon] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Fiefdom of Drakov] ========================================= Date of Signing: 1965 ========================================= Duke Wilhelm Devereux sat in the officers quarters of the barracks of Curon across from the Patriarch of House Draskovits, Anakin Draskovits, discussing land and terms of vassalisation. After clarifying a few of the details, the two settled on the terms, and with with a nod and some murmured words both would agree. As the Duchess Evelyn would draw up the contract of the pact, the men continued to discuss their future, before Evelyn would slide the written pact across to both to sign. Terms of Vassal Pact The Draskovits and The Duchy of Curon proclaim that both parties shall share no hostilities with each other, keeping all relations between both parties peaceful. The Draskovits shall come to the defense of the Duchy of Curon, if an internal or external party or nation attacks. The Draskovits shall uphold their vow of fealty sworn in the court of Curon. The Draskovits shall make no alliance, treaty, or pact with any party outside the Duchy of Curon. The Draskovits will assist the Duchy of Curon if and when they attack another party not involved in this pact. The Fiefdom of Drakov is considered Curonic land, and is the property of the Duke of Curon. The Patriarch of House Draskovits operates this land in the name of the Duke as his Castellan. Signed, Duke Wilhelm Devereux of Curon, Lord-Regent of Arbor, Grand Knight of Ursus, Lord of Bear Mountain. Ser Anakin ”The choosen” of House Draskovits
  11. KosherZombie

    First Letter to Parliament

    First Letter to Parliament: I wish that I could stand among you and help to direct our great Empire, but I am kept busy working the internal affairs of the humble corner of our Empire known as Curonia. It is with the utmost gratitude to the Administrators and Temporals of Parliament that I write you this letter to voice my most simple request, a plea to the Imperial Administration to save us and protect us. Bees. Bees once buzzed loud and proud, warming the streets of Cyrilsburg with their busy hum. They produce naught but honey to sweeten our tea in their single minded quest to pollinate our crop, without expecting pay or reward. But the yatl wastelands encroach. They push further north, driving away our yellow and black airborne companions. Our harvest has begun to fail. The rare Colonies that remain often spontaneously collapse. I have provided funding for a certain brand of research. My architects call it a Greenhouse, a glass contraption that traps the heat of summer within its walls, allowing even in the dead of winter a lush and bountiful harvest. Curonian scholars believe that if we properly expand this greenhouse we may succeed in creating an environment where a colony of bees might not only survive but thrive, while also producing enough food to feed as many as five families per year and enough honey to sweeten the tea of ten households. I submit that the Imperial Parliament and Administration should dedicate further research toward the development of facilities capable of promoting and preserving bees. Upon completion of this research, which the Ducal Treasury will gladly help to fund, the Administration must order each of it vassals, towns, keeps, and cities to build their own facility to preserve the bees. If this is not done I fear we will perish and starve. I write this letter to our Noble Politicians, hoping above all else that they will concern themselves with issues regarding the welfare of not only our empire, but indeed, that of all Descendents and Bees around Atlas. May you find prosperity in the realms of man and glory in the light of God. Signed, The Honorable Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord-Regent of the Duchy of Arbor, Grand Knight of the Order of the Ursus and Lord of Bear Mountain
  12. KosherZombie

    From Man to Mad

    A letter is issued from the Ducal office of Curon: From man to mad. The House of Devereux welcomes all who would call themselves Curonians into our service. We forgive. We show mercy. We mentor. But certain transgressions against the Bear cannot be permissed. The breaking of vows, and assault unto innocent people of Cyrilsburg cannot be allowed, in good faith with man and god. As lord, it is my duty to protect. As man, to uphold and to respect. With the heavy heart of duty, with the demands of responsibility, I release this missive to the banners of Draskovits, who have for so long been a bastion of Curonism, but of recent stale years have fallen astray from the yoke of the Bear. My instinct is to defer this development, to lay blame upon Justice, or miscommunication, for I am slow to anger, slower yet to take action against my own vassals. For a Curonian to harm a Curonian, for brother to slay brother, betrays the truth of our singularity. And unity is everything, within the bonds of man. Provided the assault against Curon, taken by the heads of Draskovits, I find that I must, as a Lord of the Empire and the Protector of Curon, Cyrilsburg, and Arbor, seek and eliminate roots of this division. To the bannermen and innocent members of the House of Draskovits, I assign no blame to your names. I question, rather, the motives of your leaders. For what reason, in good health and mind, has a man to assault his countrymen? What reason has he to disgrace his Noble values, to order his banners against innocence? I ask these questions without answer, as a call to the House of Draskovits and their retinue. Deliver to me those who have lead you against our home, who has taken action that of Curonia. Demonstrate your faith in oath, your loyalty to the Bear, your belief in Curon. Gaiseric Draskovits has betrayed us, and by leading you into a meaningless, unwarranted, unjustified, and unwinnable rebellion, he has betrayed you. The only possible explanation for his betrayal being that his connection with the worldy realms has been severed. He has transformed from man to mad, and the mad, the criminal, cannot lead men. I call upon to banners of House Draskovits to rise up for the preservation of your House and of the Bear. Deliver to me the head of Gaiseric Draskovits - the Eldest, the Guilty, the Rebel - and I shall take this as a sign of your absolute loyalty and faith. I shall accept nothing less. May we be stand as one, for the Green Tide Rises. Ave Curonia. Signed, His Grace, The Honorable Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Grand Knight of the Ursus, Duke of Curon, and Duke-Regent of Arbor
  13. KosherZombie

    Second Alcalde Announced!

    [!] A Stack of notices could be found just outside the gates of the Lord’s Hall. [!] Alcalde Announced After an extended election, the people of Cyrilsburg have selected non other than the honorable REYNAULD LIGNUM as their new Alcalde. He begins his duties as Alcalde immediately, and will be sworn in at court within the year. His position and duties empower him to issue warrants of arrest, distribute and evict residencies, assist the High Steward in levying and collecting taxes, and to suggest stewards to the council.
  14. KosherZombie

    The Fall of a Bear- Funeral Edward Devereux

    The clash of steal in the city left Cyrilsburg mourning. The roads were quiet. Flowers lay rested against the barracks. At the Lord’s Hall, the doors remained shut, the Duke and his family locked away in their quarters. Wilhelm stood alone beside Jarrack’s bed, hand rested upon one of the supports. The man’s wild eyes today his nature tamed. Jarrack slept in quiet peace, unaware of what had happened. Wilhelm kneels beside his Sun’s bed and brushes the hair away from the child’s face. “Even as his light fades,” he murmurs to the sleeping boy, “the green tide rises.” Will leans forward, kissing Jarrack’s forehead. He straightens up, lips cracking into a tired smile. Tears run down his face. Wilhelm stood alone. He wiped his eyes clear, fixing his watery gaze on the small figure. “He shines now for you,” he murmurs, his shaky voice resolute as ever. He turns slowly, treading away.