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  1. Treaty of Blackreach and Order of Ursus Written and confirmed on 7 deep cold, 1681 Article I – Liabilities of the Order of Ursus The Order of Ursus hereby commits to defend the lands, citizens, property and rights of the estates of Blackreach, establish bases, legislate and execute, recruit and interfere when needed for the above. Article II – Liabilities of House of Jameson The House of Jameson hereby commits to assist the Order of Ursus in anyway necessary deemed by House of Devereux and commits to pledge their lands, resources and soldiers to their cause. Signed and Sealed by, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus Sarah Jameson, Lady of Blackreach
  2. KosherZombie

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    Drunk on victory, Wilhelm receives a copy of the offer from his headquarters in Curon. He laughs and throws the offer aside. "If he had no intention to oppress my people, he would not have attacked them in the first place. A liar and a tyrant, and now, we see he's a coward, too."
  3. KosherZombie

    The Order of Ursus

    The Order of Ursus The Heraldic Achievement of House Devereux, the symbol of the Order. History Three of the Order’s Legendary Founders The Order of Ursus owes its creation to a group of Curonian Knights, following the collapse of their homeland. One year later, on top of Bear Mountain, they founded a Brotherhood, the purpose of which was to uphold the Curonic virtues, values and culture. They named it Ursus, after their Mountain and the symbol of Curon. For almost two decades, they travelled the world in their attempt to fulfill their task, with varying success. But finally, with the return of Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux of Curon, Knighted by the Emperor of Man and given back his ancestral home, the time came for the Brotherhood to transform into something more. The Order of Ursus was born. The Order The Order of Ursus is a military organization composed of different levies from lords and Knights, who are committed to Curon. Each one forms a branch depending on their area, with the main branch located on Bear Mountain, where the ancestors of the Order made their own Pact. They are all under defensive alliances at their initiation to the Order, for the purpose of unity, camaraderie and communication, while also retaining their own cultural individuality and local authority. Every member of Ursus has access to the lands of these lords and Knights, for the purpose of providing assistance in these bastions of Curon. In times of peace, they train alongside each other, hold joint missions and cherish in their bonds. But in times of war, they rally and defend their belief like the very bear of their symbols grants them its fury. Structure Members of the Order in battle Each levy force inside the Order of Ursus has their own style of battle, training regiment and battle tactics. However, they all use similar uniforms, with minor adjustments to promote their own cultural individuality, as well as a similar ranking system. In times of war, they also alter their tactics to not only bring out the individual abilities of each member, but to also bring the military capabilities of the entire Order to their fullest. There are three sections of ranks: Senior Command, Command and Enlisted. Senior Command A Knight of Ursus rushing into the fray The Senior Command is composed of a Council of Knights. Each Knight comes from one of the territories allied with the Order and Curon. Once every three months, the council meets together to discuss matters of importance, arrange grand military expeditions, initiate new Knights into the Council as well as decide on course of action concerning both internal and external matters. The leader of the Council and Grandmaster of the Order is the Knight Commander. Grand Knight He is the chairman of the Council of Knights as well as the Grandmaster of the Entire Order. He organizes the Order in times of peace and leads it in times of War. He is responsible for training sessions and missions regarding the entire order, as well as accepting or, in worst cases, removing Knights within the Council. The First and Current Grandmaster is Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux. Knight Commander The Knight Commander is the title given to the right hand of the Grand Knight. He is the most trustworthy military commander inside the force. In times of absence of the Grand Knight, it is the Knight Commander who becomes Regent of the Order. On top of that, he is the one most expected to take the role of Grand Knight once the seat is emptied. Honour Knight Honour Knights are Knights of Curon, its vassals and allies, who have been accepted within the council. They join their forces with the Order in alliance and enjoy the privilege of helping to shape the very future of the Order. They take part in decisions of important matters, lead grand expeditions and if needed, military missions. Command The Command ranks of the Order are given to military Commanders who are not part of the Council and thus their primary responsibility is the defense of their homeland. These men are capable battle commanders, with years of experience behind their back. Captain The Captain is the highest rank a member can reach without holding the privilege of Knighthood. They are responsible for their branch of the Order, both in terms of manpower and equipment. They handle promotions, lead training sessions and ensure communication between each branch of the Order should the need for a joint operation arise. Lieutenant The Lieutenant is the rank appointed to the officers of the Order. They inform the Captain of equipment needs and suggest promotions. They are also form together squadrons of men to carry out tasks appointed by the Council and Captain, or for patrols. Enlisted The Enlisted form the majority of the Order’s numbers. They are simple soldiers without commanding status. They are the ones who accomplish patrols, area control as well as defending their lands during both peace and war. Man at Arms The Men at Arms are comprised of the seasoned veterans of the Order, who have tasted both the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of defeat, who have felt steel, fire and blood many times over. Capable warriors, they lack the full range of commanding abilities that a Lieutenant requires. However, in the absence of one, they have the authority to take control of a situation. They are also responsible for showing the ropes to the newest members. Footman The Footmen compose the Backbone of the military organization that is the Order of Ursus. They are men who have spent time in the Order, passed their initiation tests and are proud warriors of Curon. They undergo missions, training sessions, patrols as well as filling most of the lines in times of war. Initiate These men are the newest hopefuls for joining the Order. They aren’t accustomed to the Order’s workings and thus undergo a strict regimen to gain the minimum field experience. On failure, they are given a role outside the order, or removed entirely. But on a success, they are acknowledged by their peers and don the tabard of the Order. Footmen of the Order using Longbows Awards Valor, Duty, Honor, Courage, Loyalty and Exceptional Service. All of these are taken into consideration inside the Order and members can gain various awards as tokens of appreciation for their work. Awards generally take the form of custom weapons or medals. Most medals are unique in that they are given for a specific event, such as a specific battle. Other medals are given after a certain requirement is fulfilled. The highest medal is the Cross of Karl. Requirements If one wishes to join the Order, they must be a Human male past his sixteenth birthday. They must prove that they are strong in both mind and body, by passing a series of initiate tests, before being Welcomed into the order as a fully fledged member. Application RP: Name: Age: Reason for Joining: OOC: Username: Discord: For the Family. For the Land. For the Empire. Join us.
  4. KosherZombie


    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Wilhelm Karl of House Devereux Age: 28 Knighted By: Aurelius Horen Moniker: The Worthy Liege Lord: Aurelius Horen Lands: Curon Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: yes Coat of Arms:
  5. KosherZombie

    The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact

    A copy of the letter is delivered to Wilhelm at Bear Mountain. He scratches his head.
  6. Wilhelm reads over the document one last time from his office atop Bear Mountain. He dips his quill in the ink and signs with a few deft strokes.
  7. KosherZombie


    Wilhelm reads the copy of the letter from his office atop Bear Mountain. He frowns, annoyed, thinking he had covered his bases, before calling for his brother and preparing to head to Sennestin.
  8. KosherZombie

    The Order of Ursus

  9. KosherZombie

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Icarnus

    +1 Good man great role-player
  10. KosherZombie

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] TheNanMan2000

    +1 He's a great rp'er and a good guy. He'll make some awesome events
  11. KosherZombie

    [Denied] [Actor] Caesarian_Shadow

    Caesar is a great guy and pretty good role-player. He's relatively new to our community, but very passionate about it. He cares, and wants to improve the quality of RP. +1 would make an excellent addition to the team.
  12. KosherZombie

    [✓] Caesarian_Shadow Ban Appeal

    Should be unbanned. He made a simple mistake about the rules and suffered a 2 week ban. He's new and passionate member of our community, he really didn't intend to cause trouble. All that was accomplished by the ban extension was a teach a new player that staff on LotC are unapproachable and distant. +1
  13. KosherZombie

    [Denied]Cuckfederacy's GM Application

    I've known luke for years and worked and RP'd closely with him throughout. He's a hard worker and loyal friend. He's dedicated to any project he starts. I've known the man to work 60 hours a weak and still find time for 30-40 hours on the server. He values rp, and has a genuine interest in improving the server. Would be a great addition to the GM team. +1
  14. KosherZombie

    Wapples' app

    Wapples is an articulate and intelligent man who I've known for years and grown to trust. Excellent candidate for the job. +1
  15. KosherZombie

    Your View: Raid Rules Update

    Well, the forums just glitched and deleted what I wrote, but I was basically agreeing with leo, just less articulately. There is one other issue I’ve run into these past few weeks that I think should be addressed in the raid rules. I’ve been getting raided midway through my warclaim rallies, before all my guys are on, and before I’ve handed out gear to everyone. It’s a pain in the ass to deal with, and makes no sense in roleplay. How would a raiding party make it past the front lines without being caught, into an enemy settlement, raid that settlement, and then make it back in time for the warclaim? Sure, they can use fast travels and other in game mechanics to make it happen, but rp’ly it just isn’t realistic. Traveling between settlements cuts out days to months of travel for the sake of keeping rp fun. I see two ways of addressing this exploit: A) Illegalize raids the day of or at least the few hours before a warclaim; B) Create a rule preventing people who raid a rally from participating in the warclaim.