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  1. I just don't wanna get banned for my pistol duels with @yopplwasupxxx
  2. This poll is poorly phrased and should probably be discarded. Ppl read read firearms and may not understand that it means simple flintlock guns, not revolvers or anything more advanced. In role play it makes perfect sense to begin advancing the setting. It provides new and interesting role-play, that does not need to alter peoples experiences if they want to avoid it.
  3. REINCORPORATION ORDINANCES O F 1763 MDCCLXIII Issued and confirmed on the 17th of the Sun’s Smile, 1763 ARTICLE I - Pursuant to the promulgation of the Edict of Resettlement (1763), the legal entity of Curon is abolished for all administrative purposes, along with any institutions or offices associated with its governance. ARTICLE II - The lands formerly comprising the province of Curon shall henceforth be reincorporated into an administrative entity known as the Northeast Territories. ARTICLE III - The Northeast Territories shall be administered directly by the Council of State until such time as His Imperial Majesty deems it necessary to appoint an alternate representative. ARTICLE IV - The Council of State shall form a provisional commission under the joint authority of the Vice Chancellor and the Secretary of War to discharge the aforementioned responsibilities. ARTICLE V - Pursuant to His Imperial Majesty’s occupation of the former province-in-rebellion, the legal entity of Warwick is abolished for all administrative purposes, along with any institutions or offices associated with its governance. ARTICLE VI - The lands formerly comprising the province of Warwick shall henceforth be reincorporated into an administrative entity known as the Northland Territories. ARTICLE VII - The Northland Territories shall be administered directly by His Imperial Majesty, as his personal and direct domain, with this territory having been surveyed prior in the year 1760 by His Imperial Majesty’s own hand. ARTICLE VIII - Any allocation of land or peerage within the Northland Territories shall remain the exclusive Imperial prerogative. Signed, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter III, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, King-Elect of Kaedrin, Prince of Malinor, Grand Duke of Ves, Duke of Lorraine and Roden, Baron of Sedan, Vitzburg and Sedai, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.
  4. Wilhelm lights up a doobie in the seven skies.
  5. Hugo releases a tired sigh at Novellen. Having just returned from the funeral of the beloved Queen-Mother, he reads over the final publication. “A very sad day. I hope the King, his cabinet, and those who listen to them recognize our good intentions. We’re in this together. The loss of the Queen-Mother is a loss to us all, and the steps we take now in her shadow and her memory, are steps we must take together.”
  6. Due to the state of morning of the Holy Orenian Empire, following the loss of the most beloved Queen-Mother of Haense, the Imperial Ministry does see fit to postpone the festivities and ball set to occur during the Sun’s Smile of 1762. The Ball is rescheduled for one years time, during the same month of 1763. ((Next Sunday, 6pm EST)). His Imperial Excellency, Vice-Chancellor Hugo Wright
  7. On Virtuous Magic Throughout history the stance on canonists and humans using magic has shifted drastically. In many eras the virtuous have persecuted the magi, interpreting the Epistle to the Magi to be condemnation of the practice of magic. In the conclusion of the Epistle, the Exalted states: “16 So to you magicians, I admonish: GOD is unknowable. 17 He cannot be divided nor made again, and His mysteries are the holy mysteries. 18 No art is alike to His boundless ability.” Whereas radicals interpret this as a command to punish the magi, it is properly considered a warning to the magi - to know their limits and their flaws. Indeed, in the scroll of Gospel, the Exalted Godfrey reveals: “For seven years Owyn Son of Godwin served Harren Son of Horen, and the prophet defended goodly Harrenites from their lords of mixed blood. 38 And by GOD’s will, he authored the Spirit. 39 So it was uttered to the three tribes of men, and the three brothers of Horen, and to the magi.” We know that Owyn preached his word not only to the virtuous man, but to all descendants, and to the magi. Indeed, he sought to protect the magi from Harren, and righteously slew his kin, to liberate the tribes and the magi alike. The exalted Owyn liberated and worked aside the magi, so it was not the Lord’s intention for Owyn’s disciples to punish the magi. His intention was to warn them of the danger of sorcery, so that they could be protected from sin in their practice. In the Epistle to the Magi, the Exalted Owyn conveys the theme of power and envy in the sins perpetrated by the Magi. Owyn asserts that the Magi’s sin is that they is that they practice for personal gain, seeking to hold the power of the Lord: “11 So I find that you seek impossible knowledge not for the good of your fellows, or precious wisdom, but in the desire of power… 13 This is the sin of envying GOD, a desire which cannot be attained, and the deepest blasphemy.” In this passage Owyn reveals his true message to the magi and his disciples. Herein Owyn warns that the use of magic for personal gain or power inherently corrupts he who wields power; it rots his soul. The Exalted does not state, however, that the practice of sorcery or witchcraft in and of itself is condemning. Rather he reveals that its use can lead a soul astray from the virtuous path. The exalted did not seek to condemn or to destroy the Magi; he provided warnings and guidelines to protect them from the darkness and sin that looms around their craft. Thus as the worldly agents of the Lord, it falls to the clergy to disseminate Owyn’s warning to the magi, and protect the Lord’s children therein. In order for a magi to protect his soul from the black and imminent hand of iblees, they must not pursue power, or apply their strength for any reason but to protect the faithful and the virtuous. The magi must not misuse the power bestowed upon them by the Lord, in pursuit of pleasure, attention, or wealth, lest they open their hearts to iblees, and turn their backs on their lord. At all times they must remain vigilant, and resist temptation related to their craft. If the magi lose their path, they must pray for the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness, and pursue redemption. Vice-Chancellor Hugo Wright
  8. SURNAME:wright FIRST NAME:Hugo ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 10 drocsid ave DATE OF BIRTH: first of Malins welcome 1700 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Curon?: yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: no If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?:Yes ((MC NAME)):Zombieman999
  10. KosherZombie


    The iron is cold and suffocating Fear shakes your soul For what? For naught? No one deserves this You did this to yourself A prison of your own making You reach and claw at your throat He won’t let go You won’t let go You are alone In a prison of your own making The walls are closing in Extinguishing The light What a tragedy To be alone
  11. KosherZombie


    TRAGEDY You know to whom I write. It is you. With the lonely eyes, it is you, on the other side of the wall. Cold and alone. I speak to you. The tragedy is not your disgrace. It is not your treachery. It is not your blood. No, the tragedy is that you are alone. Unsheathed blades held by lost souls staring across trodden fields, through flame and stone, wondering for what you stand. For who? Do you doubt yourselves, standing in the valley, no righteous sunlight reaching your depths? Only the pagan flames, misguided, undelivered, unworthy of your trust, leading you deeper, deeper into the cave, from which there may be no escape. Let the scent of fresh air reach you. Let a feeble glimpse of sunlight glance against your pauldrons. For know this yet today, that while you may not stand for me, I stand for you. But it will not be enough. I am not enough. It is only a taste. I cannot offer deliverance. I offer only a hand. Your brothers hand. To pull you from the depths. To offer a future basked in Godly light. To offer a future of brotherhood, of friendship, like we had once. The tragedy is what has been lost. But tragedy is not yet despair. Hear me now. You alone can take my hand. You alone. H A. Horatii Published by the Horatii Clan 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1741
  12. The Red River I slept in a field by the river The red river And I waited for someone to wake me I waited for you But you never came So I woke when the river flooded Water up to my neck I am drowning The water is thick and black Like blood Your blood
  13. KosherZombie


    TREACHERY You grant me your excuses. You justify your injustice. From your whispers come mistrust, the seeds of violence planted, and fertilized with the waters of the red river. I care little for your reasons, and only for your actions, so I state this truth but once. Your opportunism, your greed, your powerlust, your treachery - it all shall lead no place good. When mankind faces together against the world, it is their responsibility to retain their union. It is your treachery and your disgrace to disrupt your union. You share in the treachery of the courlanders against the fifth, and the Santegians against the sixth. You are the rebels of norland against the seventh. And you are worse than Adrian de Sarkozic who fought with dwarves against the eight. Much worse. When will you learn? Centuries of infighting have taught that there is only one solution. Treachery. And you, stupid and shortsighted, lustful and godless, you perpetuate this endless decay. But I thought the grandfather clock had swung, to swing back again in greatness and goodness. But I was wrong, for we’ve not yet struck midnight, and the dawn is long away. The darkest of the night is yet to come. But it shall be you who finds themselves alone without the godly light. It shall be you beside the barbarian hordes, when hunger strikes. And as they find themselves alone, it shall be you who first they consume, incestual sustenance for their endless lust for violence. This is your fate. And you deserve it. For there is doubt in my mind that it will be worth our while to save you. You will never learn, treacherous. Treachery. Disgrace. I turn my back to thee, and expose my wound. I bleed for thee. When you find yourself alone in the night, think of me. And know that I am without sympathy to your cause. And that to me is the saddest thing about it. I write not as a scholar or a leader. I am just an angry old man. H. A. Horatii Published by the Horatii Clan 7th of the Sun’s Smile, 1741
  14. Arthos pokes pierce with a stick, hoping he wakes up. @Sporan
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