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  1. Will smiles wide from the seven skies, watching as the war comes to a close, and hopeful for the potential that his family might once more stand united. He passes the joint to his wife, Evelyn, as they watch over their progeny. @Pun
  2. Arthos receives the missive in the Royal courts of Curonia. He sends a courier requesting to meet the Lord Draskovits on the matter.
  3. “ioannis is only doing modreqs”

  4. Will smokes a blunt in the seven skies. “Smh”
  5. Wilhelm smiles in the seven skies. Puff puff pass. Arty welcomes the famed warrior back home, smiling as the pagan forces file in.
  6. this tile is dependent on curon we control it legally i think this tile is dependent on curon we control it legally i think
  7. Will offers his cousin a blunt in the seven skies.
  8. Issued and Confirmed by Prince Arthos Devereux 10th of the First Seed, 1718 The people of Curonia have struggled and fought over many years, defined by their warriors, their industry, and their virtue. Despite our achievements, we have experienced derision from the Northmen, and oppression from the Imperials. We have been cast aside, and undervalued. At the Curonian Freedom Festival, we shall celebrate the end of our suffering. We shall celebrate that finally, we have thrown aside the chains of cultural and imperial oppression. We shall celebrate our liberty. We shall celebrate our freedom. We shall celebrate our Curonism. The Festival shall commence with speeches from the leading authorities in the Kingdom. After the speeches a feast of Curonian specialties shall occur in the town square. At the end of the feast, brawlers will be welcomed into the square. People will volunteer to brawl in pairs, and the onlookers may wager on who they believe will win. Finally, at the end of the brawls and speech, a famed Curonian bard will perform an original piece on the Freedom of Curonia. Signed, Prince Arthos Devereux ((The Festival shall occur in the city square of Avalain at 3:30 PM EST, Saturday))
  9. A man laughs. “She was still mad when she died.”
  10. Devereux's are not Staunton, and our name is not inherited by matrilineal descent. All you accomplish here is revealing your unwarranted prejudice against good men, based on old, and senseless wars, propagated by the warmongering hillmen of the North.
  11. To Evie, We hear you. The state of our family is altogether disturbing. Where once we stood with pride and honor in our words, we now stand in divided confusion. But I must clarify on some of your points. You plead for our neutrality, which I understand. Neutrality was, initially, our ultimate goal in this conflict. But Marna refused to answer our pleas for independence. They rejected our Sovereign Ultimatum. Why then, do you believe, the Marnans would grant us independence when they don't need us, if they refused to grant that independence when we were needed? I want no part in this war. I want no part in these power and greed fueled empires. I care only for Curonia, and the freedom of my people. The only reason I fight, is because Emperor Joseph forced my hand. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope, that after this war, our House might stand together as it once did, proud and strong. Good luck, cousin. Signed, Arthos Devereux
  12. Declaration of Regency Issued and Confirmed by the Curonian Regency Council on the 13th of the First Seed, 1717 Due to the recent death of the late Regent, Prince Ecbert Devereux, the regency council finds it necessary to appoint a new regent, to govern and administrate the Kingdom through these dark times. The Regency council thanks Ser Charles Montagne for his service to the Crown of Curonia, during his tenure as the Viceroy of Curonia. We elect to elevate him, as per Prince Ecbert’s wishes, to the office of the Royal Regent to the Crown of Curonia. He shall assume his duties as the leading authority in the Kingdom of Curonia immediately, and shall reaffirm his fealty to the Crown in his new office at the next Curonian Witenagemot. The office of the Viceroy shall remain vacant until the regency council see fit to appoint a new council member to the office. We stand as one, for the Green Tide Rises. Signed, His Excellency, Ser Charles Montagne, Lord Regent of Curonia His Excellency, Prince Arthos Devereux, Lord Chancellor of Curonia His Excellency, Ser Graham Milner, Grand Knight of the Ursus His Excellency, Lord Vitharr Ulfurtonn, Grand Master of the Royal Army Her Excellency, Lady Klaudia Novaux, Lady Seneschal of Curonia His Excellency, Lord Cecil Halcourt, Lord Justicar of Curonia
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