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  1. The Emperor's Sword ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The city of Providence buzzed with excitement throughout the day. Sharing their common purpose and resolve, men and women gathered that day from all corners of the Empire. Subjects, soldiers, peers and civilians alike, stood together at the gates of Providence, ranging from the small town of Esbec to the southern mountains near Redenford. Officers of the
  2. John Charles happily reads the flyer from chambers room in the Augustine. "Well done, Little Anna." He thinks of his nephew and soon to be niece-in-law. "I am so proud of you."
  3. When he received the letter, again, John was alone. A courier walked in, carrying a yellow envelope. John knew it was not good news. Whenever the couriers trudged in, silent and cold, it was not good news. He simply took the paper, and sat down. He unfolded it, and read the first paragraph. He read the note directed to him. The man had no reaction, not at first, at least. He simply stood up, and started walking. Courtiers would see him pacing around the Novellen Gardens. He was oblivious to their greetings. Oblivious to their calls. Some smiled, and tipped their hats or curtsied. Others knew w
  4. John Charles was sitting alone in Trissingham when the news reached him. He had no words. Henry was the man who taught him what he fought for, the man who recruited him to the ISA. The man who trained him. While he sat there, alone, tears came to his eyes. When Peter Amadeus died, he’d taken up a sword. When his grandfather died, John hadn’t cried. When his mother died, John had held his head high, knowing what his people needed to see. When Henry died, he didn’t know who to blame. He didn’t know who to fight, he didn’t know what he had to do. Henry was a mentor, a soldier, a living embodiment
  5. Providence Harvest Festival _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the people of Oren settle in the new land Almaris, we have overcome great struggle in beginning our lives anew. We lost many good people to the inferi, and the long journey across the sea. But as the people of our country have rebuilt their home, we have much to be thankful for. Just over a year ago, our architects finished the construction of Providence. In a few months time, the industrious farmers of the country will have completed t
  6. John Charles bows his head as the emperor slips away. He had no words, simply reaching for the hands of his siblings, seeking some comfort on this sad day.
  7. When John Charles hears the news his eyes grow hot with tears. He’d known Sir Rylan since he was a boy, when Rylan would watch him in the absence of his parents. Lately it felt like all his childhood friends were disappearing. He moves to the Novellen Chapel, and bows his head in prayer. After a few moments in that position, the young man rises. “Thank you, Sir Rylan Swint, for watching over me.”
  8. The Duke of Furnestock read through the Pacta Conventa, and the ballots of his peers. Before long he delivers his decision. “I, John Charles, Duke of Furnestock, cast my vote in abstention.”
  9. Helena Trade Fair 1782 With the demonic threat against our nation and continent, the Holy Orenian Empire has turned its focus to the defense and military exploits. The Economic activity of our Country has become the secondary focus of the Administration. While the realm navigates through an era of unprecedented instability, it is more important now than ever to continue to encourage normal life, and to support the businesses that drive our economy. In order to encourage global economic activity, this year the City of Helena shall host a tr
  10. Ensign Helena reads the missive where it’s posted in the bastille. He provides a resolute nod. “Xan’s our man!” He confirms, nodding in approval of the general’s words. “The ISA stands firm.”
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