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  1. KosherZombie

    The Ten Virtues

    The Ten Virtues of Curon I was a young man raised in exile, the heir of a dismantled state and disenfranchised people. We moved from town to town, staying with distant friends or relatives, living amidst the fringes of mankind. I had nothing, no one, save my brother, my godfather, my books, and stories from my past. I remember one night in northern atlas, sitting by a fire with my brother Edward and godfather Augustin Falkenrath. Augustin told us of his unfaltering pride as a Curonian. He told us of the wars our people fought, of their ferocity, and of their unwavering nationalism. Even separated from our people, alone, at the lowest point in our history, my godfather never doubted his identity as a Curonian. That is what sets the Curonian apart from his fellow man: his adaptability, his industriousness, his morality, and his pride. It came to me that night, that to be a Curonian, is to be part of the most illustrious and magnificent people known to man, to be Curonian is more than just a nationality or ethnicity, it is a grand way of life. We, The Curonians, are part of something greater, we more than a city, more than a people, we are ideals and epitomes of rectitude. To be a Curonian is go beyond rules of combat and live as a gentleman of gallantry, and to show bravery, courtesy, honor and great gallantry toward others. It is to the realization Curon has done and is destined to continue to do great deeds, for the Curonians hold certain virtues close to heart, zealous under GOD. And under this circumstance I write and observe the Curonians and their virtues, which should be recorded for all man and their posterity. And therefore the Curonian Virtues begins: FIDELITY - Family, Loyalty Curonian places Fidelity above all. He holds family and loyalty closest to his heart. One ought to place above all his lord and his family. He should remain loyal to the lord and in bond with his family. HONOR - Respect, Legacy Curonians must show honor where it would be snuffed out. Treat everything with the respect it deserves and keep in mind that your actions forge the legacy you leave behind. FORTITUDE - Courage, Bravery Curonians are forged by war. Courage and bravery in the battlefield that is life sculpts the bright men. PIETY - Faith, Obedience Anything against God is wrong. Believe in your Father and you shall be rewarded in the end. JUSTICE - Fairness, Integrity Laws set men apart from sheep. Show fairness and integrity and commit no wrong. TEMPERANCE - Humanity, Equanimity Every Curonian has free will. However, he must act with Temperance. Do not overstep the limits others blindly would. HUMILITY - Reverence, Modesty Greed and Lust lead to ruin. Be humble and respect life, from rich to poor. From man, to animal. From castles to flowers. DILIGENCE - Effortfulness, Persistence Every Curonian must strive for Mastery of themselves. Being persistent and putting the effort shows your desire to achieve great things. PATIENCE - Forgiveness, mercy Do not be rashful in your acts. Show mercy and forgiveness where they should be given. Acts of kindness often make the greatest of gifts. HONESTY- Veracious, Righteous There is no better feeling than the truth. Be righteous and veracious and your shine will be strong. For the truth always reveals itself.
  2. KosherZombie

    Regency of Arbor

    The Regency of Arbor Due to the lack of proper leadership, political tensions, the economic and militaristic crisis, it has become apparent to the remaining authorities of Arbor that a regent must be raised to maintain and revitalize the duchy, in the absence of an heir to House Silversteed. By the grace of the authority of the following members of the Arborian aristocracy, Lord Wilhelm Devereux is granted the regency of Arbor and charged with its maintenance and protection. He shall hold the title Lord Regent of Arbor in perpetuity, in accordance with Imperial Law, and subject to the approval of His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius of House Horen. Lady Angie Silversteed, the last known member of House Silversteed, as the matriarch of the family and highest ranking member of the Arborian peerage, grants Lord Wilhelm Devereux the authority of the Arborian peerage to rule in their interests. Grand Marshal Harry Ragnarson of Arbor, as the highest ranking member of the Arborian military, grants lord Lord Wilhelm Devereux the authority to command the Arborian military, and protect and maintain Arborian municipalities and territories. Lord Wilhelm Devereux, as the closest male relative to the missing Duke Arthos Silversteed and the most suitable leader in the region, in accordance with Feudal Law, grants himself authority to govern and protect all castes and regions of Arbor as its acting Regent. Signed, Lady Angie of House Silversteed, Grand Marshal Harry of House Ragnarson, The Honorable Ser Wilhelm of House Devereux, Count of Cyrilsburg, Lord Regent of Arbor, Lord of Bear Mountain, and Protector of the People of Curon
  3. KosherZombie

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    I put my vote for pure charter, but I believe the system is flawed. People should not be able to apply for land. It should be granted, earned, revoked, or fought for in role-play.
  4. KosherZombie


    Wilhelm sat in his office on Bear Mountain, pen in hand, the document resting on the table in front of him. He glanced out the window overlooking Cyrilsburg, the peaceful city bustling with the energy of commerce and militarism. He frowned, knowing that his signature would send his young state to war, their second war and test since the restoration of Curon. When his pen met the paper, he signed in fluid, even strokes. - Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Count of Cyrilsburg, Lord of Bear Mountain and Curon
  5. KosherZombie

    Lex Curonia

    Lex Curonia “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it, god wills it.” The laws of the County of Cyrilsburg, are to protect and serve the citizenry of the county and apply across all lands and vassals. The Imperial Laws supersede these county laws and must also be enforced within the county. The laws are upheld and kept by the Order of Ursus. Section 1 - Criminal Laws Minor Assault/harm done intentionally towards a citizen is prohibited.Self defence must be last resort. Stalking / Harassment directed towards any citizen of Cyrilsburg is prohibited. Aiding and abetting any criminal will result in being charged as an accessory to said crime. Theft of goods belonging to another, is prohibited.Taking without consent of the owner. Desecration, tampering, and/or destruction activities in holy sites or areas is prohibited. Damaging, tampering, vandalizing public and private property is prohibited. Citizens and visitors without proper credentials to restricted and private areas will be considered trespassing. Disruptions publicly such as yelling, fighting, public slander of others is prohibited No facial coverings allowed except for the Order of Ursus or the Imperial Legion. Major Treason of any kind is prohibited. Conspiracy to commit a crime is prohibited, and all conspirators will be brought under justice. Slander of the count and his council, or the empire will be counted as treason. All dark magics and creatures are prohibited Killing outwith the bounds of Imperial and County laws is prohibited Kidnap of any citizen is prohibited , this includes keeping citizens locked up against their will. This law may only exempt when said citizen is in custody of the Imperial forces or the Order. Impersonation of any Ursus Orderman or any official of the county of Cyrilsburg is prohibited. Interbreeding , courting between races is strictly prohibited. No underage sex, persons under 18 are counted as minors and therefore it is illegal to have relations with them as an adult. Section 2 - Housing and Business Laws All houses are owned by the count, citizen may only rent them. Littering is prohibited All housing and store exteriors must remain in their original state No edits are to be made to floors , rooftops or basements in the properties without consent of the count or the head steward in writing. Shops and Stalls must be maintained and actively ran. All taxes must be paid each saints week You may be evicted at anytime with three saints days notice Construction within the city must be approved by the count or grand Architect Section 3 - Punishments Fines, ranging depending on crimes. Fines may be given as well as other punishments. Fines will be given to the treasury. Imprisonment given until trial is held Banishment, complete removal from the county, banned from returning.Can only be ordered by a high ranking officer of the order of Ursus, the Leader of the order of Ursus,Privy Council or the Count. Disfigurement, removing of limbs. Can only be ordered by the leader of the order of Ursus or the Count. Eviction from properties Trials must be conducted by a High ranking officer of the Order of Ursus , the leader of the order of Ursus or the Count. Execution, can only be ordered by the leader of Order of Ursus or the Count. “si deus vult illud” If god wills it
  6. KosherZombie

    The Cyrillian Council

    ~The Cyrillian Council~ . The Cyrillian Council is the body vested with maintaining the lands of Cyrilsburg. The members of such council spread from the military, to the chamberlain’s office, to the stewards serving the people. The Council’s main objective is to serve both Cyrilsburg, and its people, ensuring its ever-growing prosperity «STRUCTURE» ‣Chain of Command «CHANCELLOR» The Chancellor is the chief administrative and bureaucratic officer within the County. He oversees the other top tier leaders of Cyrilsburg, and acts in lieu of the Count when he is preoccupied. So long as his actions have the Count’s sanction, the Chancellor’s word is law. «EXECUTIVES» Serving as leadership of each of the Agencies, the Executives have various titles. However, they are united by the fact that they answer directly to the Chancellor, and that each oversees other administrative or bureaucratic officers. «AGENCIES» The Agencies are those bodies of servants tasked with particular missions, whether foreign or domestic. This is where normal administrators serve, completing a particular goal in service to the Principality. ‣ Aɢᴇɴᴄɪᴇs There are five Agencies, whose agents perform the day to day duties which keep Cyrilsburg prosperous. Within the lower ranks of these Agencies is where new employees begin, before ascending to the higher ranks, and possibly the top tier of leadership. DEFENSE AGENCY | Protection & Service D1 Grand Knight - The Grand Knight is the Grandmaster of the Order of Ursus, as well as the Commander of all Military forces within the lands of Cyrilsburg. He is in charge of protecting, preserving and upholding the rights of the citizens of Cyrilsburg, ensuring their security and safeguarding them from harm. Additionally, he is responsible for purging the lands from evil and crime, as well as fighting against all those who wish to harm the lands under his watchful gaze. D2 Knight Commander - The Knight Commander is the assistant of the Grand Knight. He is the second in command of the Order of Ursus and is often the successor to the Grandmaster. He enforces the rules and orders of the Grand Knight and ensures that the peace and stability of Cyrilsburg is not at risk from threats, both foreign and domestic. D3 Honour Knight - The Honour Knights is a body of Knights, each in charge of one big regiment of the Order of Ursus, or a representative of a vassal or ally under the protection of the Order and Cyrilsburg. Together, through various meetings, they regulate the Ordermen and maintain the safety of the citizens of Cyrilsburg. Legislative Agency | Law Order & Justice L1 Grand Justiciar - Serving as Executive of the Legislative Agency, the Justiciar provides legal consult to the Patriarchs of House Devereux and their Privy Council , holds and forms courts, regulates and oversees legislations and administers the practice of law. The Justiciar holds the powers of Judge and Prosecutor over all the courts under the laws of House Devereux. While Justiciar may try all citizens in the High Court of Commons, gentry, titled nobility, the Members of the Privy Council and members of House Devereux may only be tried by the Patriarch of House Devereux or with his permission by the Justiciar in the Court of Peers. While verdicts of the Justiciar are absolute, they can be appealed to the Privy Council by the Count. L2 Judge – The Justiciar may form Courts of Commons under the High Court of Commons and appoint Judges to these courts. Verdicts given by these Courts of Commons may be challenged by the Justiciar or formally appealed to the High Court of Commons my the Imperial Nobility. L3 Bailiff – The Justiciar may appoint Bailiffs to courts tasked with the delivery and collection Judiciary summons or verdicts, archiving and noting of court verdicts or orders and execution of court verdicts or orders. In times of need, the Justiciar or Judges may authorize Bailiffs to act as Prosecutors on behalf of the Judiciary. FOREIGN AGENCY | Diplomacy, Announcements, & Intelligence F1 Grand Ambassador – The Grand Ambassador of Cyrilsburg is responsible for the relations involving outer nations and vassals under the Cyrilsburg colors. They host diplomatic meetings and travel outside of the county to ensure friendly relations and consistent communications with all those in affiliation. Finally, the Grand Ambassador assigns lower Ambassadors to embassies and missions. F2 Ambassador – An Ambassador of Cyrilsburg does much of what the Grand Ambassador does. Though, their assignments are often of lesser degrees, and they undergo occasional tests to ensure their competence and ability. They, as may the Grand Ambassador, represent Cyrilsburg in their assigned Embassy. F3 Junior Ambassador – A Junior Ambassador of Cyrilsburg is far more limited on what they may do. Undergoing constant tests to prove themselves to the council and Embassy of Cyrilsburg. Further, they may only be positioned in an outer Embassy while accompanied by a full Ambassador or the Grand Ambassador. MUNICIPAL AGENCY | Housing, Commerce, & Tourism M1 High Steward – The High Steward of Cyrilsburg is responsible for housing, taxes, and any other important functions of city life within the capital. The High Steward oversees the actions of lower stewards, as well as recruiting them directly. M2 Steward – The Stewards of Cyrilsburg are responsible for helping the High Steward perform their daily tasks within the capital, as well as performing such tasks in the vassal lands of Cyrilsburg. FINANCIAL AGENCY | Treasury, Trade, & Finances F1 High Treasurer – The High Treasurer of Cyrilsburg is responsible for overseeing those lower in the agency, as well as the Count’s personal treasury, trade throughout the realm, and the minae coming both in and out of the Count’s holdings. F2 Trade Master –The Trade Master of Cyrilsburg is responsible for overseeing the official trade guild of the County. With this responsibility comes recruiting, advertising, paying their lessers, and reporting their income to the High Treasurer. F3 Trader – A Trader is a higher ranking member of the trade guild, responsible for setting up and running branches in vassal holdings, and are expected to be an expert in their respective field. F4 Guildsman –The Guildsman of Cyrilsburg are those within the guild itself. The men of the guild are expected to produce goods for Cyrilsburg, learn new crafts, and expand their expertise on their main craft. COMITAL AGENCY | Assistance & Service C1 Chamberlain – The Chamberlain of Cyrilsburg is responsible for the management of the Count’s holdings, and keeping such holdings filled with staff ready to be called upon by the Count at any given time. C2 Secretary – The Secretaries are responsible for keeping notes on anything of importance within Cyrilsburg, as well as writing official documents, announcements, or anything else tasked by the Count. C3 Chef – The personal chefs of the Count are to be capable of providing meals to both the noble family, as well as those hosted by such family. C4 Butler – The Butlers within the Count’s holdings are responsible for serving meals to both the nobles, and their guests. C5 Servant – The Servants are those who newly joined the Count’s staff. They are to be trained by those above them, while simultaneously performing any tasks the Count needs.
  7. KosherZombie

    L0rdT0mas's Event Team Actor application

    Great role-player, great guy, good values. Tom is a mature and competent guy who will represent the team incredibly well.
  8. KosherZombie

    Cyrilsburg City Open

    Cyrilsburg Opens After years of construction, trials and tribulations, Cyrilsburg will be hosting a grand opening day with many events and a grand feast. A day of celebration upon Cyrilsburg becoming a County of the Empire and the completion of the city. All are welcome to attend nobles and peasants alike. We extend special invitations to: The Imperial family and nobles of the Empire. The Queen of the Dominion and her council It is imperative that all who come bare no weapons, as this shall be a time of celebration of the city completion and of Cyrilsburg becoming a county of the Empire of Man. OOC Information Time: Saturday 10/20/2018, 3PM EST Place: Cyrilsburg, across the river from Arbor.
  9. KosherZombie

    Dill_ManYT's Event Team Actor application

    Great guy. I’ve role-played with him a few times and he’s definitely capable of leading events. I’d love to see what he’s capable of. +1
  10. KosherZombie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    For the most part, I like these rules. They place an emphasis on role-play over PVP, while still allowing the PVPer time and space to enjoy themselves on our server. A few things I disagree with, however. Being able to capture members of an enemy faction during raids seems unnecessary. Raids have always been PVP events. If one side were to down all the members of the other side, they could theoretically imprison them all. While this may make sense in RP, implementing it will cause some issues. Role-players, who are attached to their characters won't want to fight. But PVPers who raid on throw-away characters, won't care if they are captured. This dynamic will result in increased saltiness from role-players directed at pvpers, and will only cause further problems down the line. Additionally, I don't think the one hour warning for a raid is necessary in all cases. I agree with the people mentioning that a raid is a surprise event. That said, if a party of ten to twenty men were approaching a settlement, they would be aware. Perhaps, for small scale raids, less than five people, only a ten minute warning would be necessary (to indicate the time each side would naturally need to prepare to fight). For larger raids, where the offensive party would likely be noticed well before reaching the settlement, you could give a 30 to 60 minute warning. Another problem with the rules. What is the purpose of battering rams? Most settlements can easily be gotten into with parkour or by rolling to break windows and doors. Raids should not be taken so seriously that people are spending 10-20k minas for one raid. And battering rams would be very difficult if not impossible for a small, supposedly mobile raiding party to carry. I understand you are trying to promote dynamic role-play in raids, but we have ladders and lock picks for that, no need to take it any further. Another issue I have with these rules is the long cooldowns. A week for a defensive victory and two weeks for a defensive and retaliatory victory would be more reasonable. Finally, if there are going to be such strict rules surrounding raiding, I believe we should implement a formal skirmish system. The most enjoyable wars have always been the ones where each side rallies and has massive skirmishes, with no walls to hide behind. This has manifested in a more formal way in warzones in the past, but those are less fun and dynamic, with limited space. I would suggest adding an optional skirmish system, in which during wartime, sides may rally for skirmishes. Victory in a skirmish can result in benefits in a war claim, like getting a free treb or other siege weapon. In non wartimes, feuding sides could agree to skirmish for the fun of it. Capturing members of the opposing side would not be allowed during skirmishes.
  11. Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux, Lord of Bear Mountain and Lord Hektor of House Bolivar, Baron of Centinela, have met at Curon Palace, and agreed to the following terms of vassalization cooperation, as long as they are in no violation of the laws and decrees of the Empire of Man: Article 1 - Declaration of Fealty House Bolivar and Hektor Bolivar, declares fealty to House Devereux and by extension, to the Empire of Man. Article 2 - Privileges of Centinela and House Bolivar All titles and lands held by House Bolivar prior to the dissolution of the Kingdom of Santegia shall be retained, namely the titles and lands associated with the Barony of Centinela. Article 3 - Establishment of the Ursus in Centinela House Devereux and the Order of Ursus hereby commit to establish a branch of the order of Ursus in Centinela, charged with the defense of Centinela and, when necessary, intervention in internal and external affairs. Signed, Ser Wilhelm "The Worthy" of House Devereux, Lord of Bear Mountain and Grandmaster of the Order of Ursus Lord Hektor Bolivar, Baron of Centinela
  12. The Blackden Settlement Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux, Lord of Bear Mountain, and Erec Hartraft of Blackden have met at Curon Palace, and agreed to the following articles in the interest of sustained peace and prosperity between the signatories, as long as they are in no violation of the laws and decrees of the Empire of Man: Article 1 - Declaration of Fealty House Hartraft and Erec Hartraft, declares fealty to House Devereux and by extension, to the Empire of Man. Article 2 - Expansion of Curonic Estates House Devereux and House Hartraft recognize the lands of Blackden as an exterior Curonic estate, under the jurisdiction of House Devereux and the Order of Ursus. Article 3 - Appointment of Castellan House Devereux names Erec Hartraft as Castellan of Blackden in perpetuity. His successive heirs will be appointed the same title, and granted authority to govern and protect Blackden in the name of House Devereux, House Hartraft, and Curon. Article 4 - Establishment of the Ursus in Blackden House Devereux and the Order of Ursus hereby commit to establish a branch of the order of Ursus in Blackden, charged with the defense of Blackden and, when necessary, intervention in internal and external affairs. Article 5 - Severing of ties with Thomas de Hartcold Thomas de Hartcold will in no capacity be protected, receive asylum, or communicate with Blackden. Article 6 - Rivian refugees Rivian refugees will be welcomed into Blackden, and, pardoned of all crimes associated with the Duchy of Rivia, as long as they sever all connections with Thomas de Hartcold. Article 7 - Curonic Harboring Curonic ships may dock in Blackden harbor, free of taxation and fee. Signed, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Lord of Bear Mountain, and Grandmaster of the Order of Ursus Erec Hartraft, Castellan of Blackden
  13. KosherZombie

    An Open Letter to the People of Rivia

    To men and women of Rivia You have suffered. Through long, harsh years, you have suffered. Meaningless bloodshed persists. Your kin and friends alike have been slain. I know your suffering. I have seen it. I have felt it. For Curon was once the enemy of mankind. Curon once burned. We followed a misguided leader into the flames, and we paid. We suffered. And from the ashes, decades later, we were reborn. Now, your master, a misguided leader, leads you from your home. He has probably told you that your suffering will continue if you remain. That in following him, you will escape the flames. I am here to tell you that is a lie. We offered Thomas peace. We offered him surrender. We offered him humility. But he refused. He forced this war upon you, not for your protection, but for his pride, for his own name. And now, when he stands defeated, he demands that you uproot from your homes, that you flee, across tundra and wasteland, through swamp and forest, to a new, unknown land, across the world. He asks you, after you have given everything, that you leave everything. I ask you a much simpler question. When have you given him enough? We are a peaceful people. We have suffered and burnt, and now, so have you. Enough is enough. I provide an alternative to the suffering. Do not flee. Do not abandon your home or your people. Merely let your master go. Let him flee, defeated, across the Atlas, to his new home. But do not follow him. For Rivia has fallen from his hands. He is no longer your master. His seat is vacant. His lordship terminated. You are free. No harm or punishment will come to you for your loyalty. We forgive you, Rivia. We protect you. From Thomas and from the Vaeyl. You have our protection. If your loyalty to the Rivian seat and to the line of Hartcold is true, than remain. Liberated, Rivia will thrive. We will restore your image in the eyes of Man. Remain home, remain proud, and stand together, with us. Signed, Ser Wilhelm “The Worthy” of House Devereux
  14. Treaty of Blackreach and Order of Ursus Written and confirmed on 7 deep cold, 1681 Article I – Liabilities of the Order of Ursus The Order of Ursus hereby commits to defend the lands, citizens, property and rights of the estates of Blackreach, establish bases, legislate and execute, recruit and interfere when needed for the above. Article II – Liabilities of House of Jameson The House of Jameson hereby commits to assist the Order of Ursus in anyway necessary deemed by House of Devereux and commits to pledge their lands, resources and soldiers to their cause. Signed and Sealed by, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Grand Knight of the Order of Ursus Sarah Jameson, Lady of Blackreach
  15. KosherZombie

    The Order of Ursus

    The Order of Ursus The Heraldic Achievement of House Devereux, the symbol of the Order. History Three of the Order’s Legendary Founders The Order of Ursus owes its creation to a group of Curonian Knights, following the collapse of their homeland. One year later, on top of Bear Mountain, they founded a Brotherhood, the purpose of which was to uphold the Curonic virtues, values and culture. They named it Ursus, after their Mountain and the symbol of Curon. For almost two decades, they travelled the world in their attempt to fulfill their task, with varying success. But finally, with the return of Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux of Curon, Knighted by the Emperor of Man and given back his ancestral home, the time came for the Brotherhood to transform into something more. The Order of Ursus was born. The Order The Order of Ursus is a military organization composed of different levies from lords and Knights, who are committed to Curon. Each one forms a branch depending on their area, with the main branch located on Bear Mountain, where the ancestors of the Order made their own Pact. They are all under defensive alliances at their initiation to the Order, for the purpose of unity, camaraderie and communication, while also retaining their own cultural individuality and local authority. Every member of Ursus has access to the lands of these lords and Knights, for the purpose of providing assistance in these bastions of Curon. In times of peace, they train alongside each other, hold joint missions and cherish in their bonds. But in times of war, they rally and defend their belief like the very bear of their symbols grants them its fury. Structure Members of the Order in battle Each levy force inside the Order of Ursus has their own style of battle, training regiment and battle tactics. However, they all use similar uniforms, with minor adjustments to promote their own cultural individuality, as well as a similar ranking system. In times of war, they also alter their tactics to not only bring out the individual abilities of each member, but to also bring the military capabilities of the entire Order to their fullest. There are three sections of ranks: Senior Command, Command and Enlisted. Senior Command A Knight of Ursus rushing into the fray The Senior Command is composed of a Council of Knights. Each Knight comes from one of the territories allied with the Order and Curon. Once every three months, the council meets together to discuss matters of importance, arrange grand military expeditions, initiate new Knights into the Council as well as decide on course of action concerning both internal and external matters. The leader of the Council and Grandmaster of the Order is the Knight Commander. Grand Knight He is the chairman of the Council of Knights as well as the Grandmaster of the Entire Order. He organizes the Order in times of peace and leads it in times of War. He is responsible for training sessions and missions regarding the entire order, as well as accepting or, in worst cases, removing Knights within the Council. The First and Current Grandmaster is Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux. Knight Commander The Knight Commander is the title given to the right hand of the Grand Knight. He is the most trustworthy military commander inside the force. In times of absence of the Grand Knight, it is the Knight Commander who becomes Regent of the Order. On top of that, he is the one most expected to take the role of Grand Knight once the seat is emptied. Honour Knight Honour Knights are Knights of Curon, its vassals and allies, who have been accepted within the council. They join their forces with the Order in alliance and enjoy the privilege of helping to shape the very future of the Order. They take part in decisions of important matters, lead grand expeditions and if needed, military missions. Command The Command ranks of the Order are given to military Commanders who are not part of the Council and thus their primary responsibility is the defense of their homeland. These men are capable battle commanders, with years of experience behind their back. Captain The Captain is the highest rank a member can reach without holding the privilege of Knighthood. They are responsible for their branch of the Order, both in terms of manpower and equipment. They handle promotions, lead training sessions and ensure communication between each branch of the Order should the need for a joint operation arise. Lieutenant The Lieutenant is the rank appointed to the officers of the Order. They inform the Captain of equipment needs and suggest promotions. They are also form together squadrons of men to carry out tasks appointed by the Council and Captain, or for patrols. Enlisted The Enlisted form the majority of the Order’s numbers. They are simple soldiers without commanding status. They are the ones who accomplish patrols, area control as well as defending their lands during both peace and war. Man at Arms The Men at Arms are comprised of the seasoned veterans of the Order, who have tasted both the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of defeat, who have felt steel, fire and blood many times over. Capable warriors, they lack the full range of commanding abilities that a Lieutenant requires. However, in the absence of one, they have the authority to take control of a situation. They are also responsible for showing the ropes to the newest members. Footman The Footmen compose the Backbone of the military organization that is the Order of Ursus. They are men who have spent time in the Order, passed their initiation tests and are proud warriors of Curon. They undergo missions, training sessions, patrols as well as filling most of the lines in times of war. Initiate These men are the newest hopefuls for joining the Order. They aren’t accustomed to the Order’s workings and thus undergo a strict regimen to gain the minimum field experience. On failure, they are given a role outside the order, or removed entirely. But on a success, they are acknowledged by their peers and don the tabard of the Order. Footmen of the Order using Longbows Awards Valor, Duty, Honor, Courage, Loyalty and Exceptional Service. All of these are taken into consideration inside the Order and members can gain various awards as tokens of appreciation for their work. Awards generally take the form of custom weapons or medals. Most medals are unique in that they are given for a specific event, such as a specific battle. Other medals are given after a certain requirement is fulfilled. The highest medal is the Cross of Karl. Requirements If one wishes to join the Order, they must be a Human male past his sixteenth birthday. They must prove that they are strong in both mind and body, by passing a series of initiate tests, before being Welcomed into the order as a fully fledged member. Application RP: Name: Age: Reason for Joining: OOC: Username: Discord: For the Family. For the Land. For the Empire. Join us.