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  1. I did actually add in some new stuff for this version, compared to the one I submitted in the lore competition. If you can point out some specific details for the clay knights and dream stalkers you'd like added, I'll make every effort to include those. This was added for the clay knights: This magic was an ancient hybrid. They say the knowledge to connect spirits to artifacts was stolen and perverted by an unholy orcish shaman, and sold to Masur’s merchants in exchange for asylum. This knowledge was the ancient prototype for spirit smithing, a technique devised by the orcish spirit of smithing, Gentharuz, to allow spirits to empower orcish weaponry. Twisted by this shaman already to allow him to force spirits into weaponry without their consent, Masur's merchants would go onto further adapt it. With the assistance of runesmiths, they would build the first functioning clay knights. These sections were added for the dream-stalkers: They can be encountered most often in the northeast of Tahn, usually in the dreams of young dwarves and humans -- the most common race the stalkers originally were. They can be fought while sleeping. In the dream, they have mastery of your nightmares, and will use every ounce of fear in your mind as a weapon against you. If you are strong of will, you can steel yourself against them, and bring the fight to the stalker (hopefully slaying them), or you can simply flee until you wake. When a dream-stalker claims your body, they will generally head as quickly as they can toward the Achure burial mound, seeking to uncover it and slay the sleeping king. They do not know how to eat, drink, or sleep, and will inevitably die of dehydration. They can be purged from their host by holy magics. Cast into the Ambrosial Sleep, a person whose body has been stolen by a dream-stalker has few options. They may venture until they lose their mind and become a dream-stalker themselves, or, if they are lucky, they might find the Dream City of al-Damanhur. They say the Sleeping King can help you return to your body, as the dream-stalkers are his enemy, but this return will come at a price.
  2. This is absolutely idiotic. How many times have I told you simplistic asinine cavemen to put POLLs in these opinion threads? Now no one will actually be able to use this as a judgement. and yeah, maybe a week-long or 10 day destruction CD would be alright
  3. "Uóm ùóuù īn'ènnù nù nùīn'è nnùn." says Ti'gobser. Their language is like if someone tried to create a Jackson Pollock painting on top of perfectly good script.
  4. Ioannis is a wise person. He is reasonable. He'll probably do alright. +1
  5. Are people allowed to apply for CAs as Ents, or has that been done away with?

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    2. Aesopian


      do we have any elder trees in existence?

    3. daddy pflash

      daddy pflash



      i am also pretty sure i read the og lore and it had nothing to do with elder trees but don't quote me

    4. Aesopian


      i will have to convince some ET to put down some elder trees. maybe we can get one in the far glade. it'd be nice seeing ents around from time to time

  6. Dwarves were not struck with the curse of mortality as humans were. They can live as long as they want.
  7. I should write an app for ice witch magic on my kha while fitermon is accepting everything 

    1. TheLemonHead
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Which Witch is Which?

  8. What does this mean
  9. Do you think Steven and Garnet's fusion will resemble three kids in a trenchcoat
  10. Aesopian is the incarnation of Jesus Christ

  11. He's committed untold atrocities. Here is a picture of the offender.
  12. This is idiotic the aspects already do this
  13. Like 50% of this is the Hou-Zi history which is already accepted
  14. Chinese humans???
  15. I literally do this every couple of weeks and you seem to really enjoy it!