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  1. Wanted: Rabbits They breed! And eat everything! Threat level: Low Suggested party number: 2+ Description of beast(s): Rabbits. Oh my god they are everywhere. On the ground. In the trees. In the sky! They are eating all our crops. You have to help us. They gang up in big groups, and kick you in the shins. Oh god, I can hear one beating my wife, please help us! And now they're in my eyes! AAAAAHHHHH! Location: Near Veris Rewards: 200 Mina Message Aesopian to schedule this event.
  2. Well, I mean, it's better, sure, but I meant more along the lines of God being the supreme creator of all things. The aenguldaemons, be they aspect or otherwise, are merely the caretakers of creation, not its ultimate creators. I mean, if God really was some sort of master creator, wouldn't he have made creatures able to reproduce? Rather than have them be things made by the Aspects. I mean... what else are the descendants going to eat, if not plants and animals? My own version of yours would roll something like this: In the beginning, the Creator gave birth to all things, and most precious among them was life. The power of lifeforce. A gift so sacred that three Aenguls took notice of this mortal realm and descended down upon to watch it flourish. Three of them were chosen to become its curators. The plants and animals brimmed with life and energy. They would reproduce, and adapt to new environments. The kind and gentle Cerridwen was taken by this sight, and entranced by the beauty of new life. She became the curator of birth and growth -- hers was the blessing of beginnings. The Aengul Cernunnos observed life flourish, becoming abundant, and witnessed its ultimate end. Animals and plants would succumb to to the harsh realities of nature, the whipping winds and tearing waters, even the ravages of time. It became a piece of him. His would be the blessing of endings. Finally, there was the Aengul Nemiisae. She saw the beginnings and endings of nature collide and shift about in a chaotic manner. The rise of predators and the exhaustion of prey. The starvation of hunters and the expansion of the hunted. A crude balance formed at first, slowly becoming steady with time. A hardened, darker truth to some; to others a necessity. Toxins, claws, fangs, defensive attributes and predatory tactics to cull out the weak. This touched the deepest parts of Nemiisae's soul, and to hers became the blessing of Culling. Thus, with this final piece in place, the trio of Aspects were complete, and they would work forevermore to maintain the natural order of creation. This is no skin off you again, Delmo. It's just I really goddamn hate the Mathic cycle lore.
  3. I still don't think you should be having all this 'dying god' crap. It's worthless garbage which does nothing but overcomplicate the server when a new player is trying to apply. You know what is simple? 'ah, the backstory is the same as Christianity'. It's that simple. One sentence is literally all you'd need for the creation story. Look. You can have your neo-spiritualism bullshit, but put it AFTER the creation story. Maybe Iblees killed him, maybe he fell off a cliff, maybe god had a stroke after eating too much beef, idgaf, but the creation story itself should be incredibly simple. Everything else is good though -- no skin off Delmo, this lore is of admissible quality. It's just this paragraph below I goddamn loathe with a passionate hatred. I'd post an edited version, sure, but it'd change it to be inline more with the traditional ancient history, rather than the mathic cycle bullshit, so I can't really do changes to help.
  4. Babe why u do this to me It will happen soon, just some trouble finding a weekend where we aren't already having other big events. I can very well do as a weekday event, but then you will only be able to buy things from it once. Tomorrow, I guess.
  5. Per new rulings by the administration, you cannot sign up.
  6. Wanted: Cervant A cervant on the left. Threat level: Moderate Suggested party number: 3-12 Description of beast(s): They are strange creatures. Some ecologists and druids say they are forms of chimera, made of elks and snails. They have no heads, instead wearing a skull, fit with enormous bony tusks, horns, and antlers. They are the size of moose, and incredibly challenging to kill. Beware their sticky vomit! You can attack them with as few as three people, though the chance of success with such a small group is limited. Many more will guarantee your success. Location: Any non-populated area. Rewards: 300 Mina Message Aesopian to schedule this event.
  7. Do you want events? Do you want sweet loot? Do you want it more often? Recently, new rules have been added preventing ET from teleporting to players without explicit prior permission. This creates challenges with searching through the playerlist for folks to event. Essentially, this makes it very difficult to event players who are not in population centers, as enormous amounts of time would need to be spent documenting teleport permissions for every player on the server. Posting below is especially important for these people. So, in order to help alleviate some of this bureaucratic stress, there's this thread. You can post below with your IG username to grant permission for me to teleport to you. You can rescind this permission at any time. I'll add a list below once we have a few folks. TL;DR: If you want to let me teleport to you to run events for you and your gang whenever, post your IG name below. DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU ARE A GM. The GM leadership and administration currently do NOT support GMs being teleported to without immediate and prior consent. Many GMs wrongfully complain about being teleported to, creating substantial risk for the event team. You are responsible for removing your post if you become a GM, already having signed up. If you are a GM and would like to sign up, you can contact your GM lead or the administration to provide support to remove this ruling.
  8. remind me to do a wafa event
  9. Too complicated.
  10. It's still ongoing. No one person has collected all the books yet.
  11. "The monk's new coup rules should really include more hours of holding, otherwise it's kinda retarded." says ti'gobser
  12. To be fair, we do already have a crapload of nature stuff. the real answer I want from @吳憾戰士14 is what the nature guys think of March Ash also, weather control, /finally/, @Delmodan cannot stop us now!!
  13. Sutica has won the bid. Squirtgun will be contacted at a later time through private messages in order to organize a location for the event to take place.
  14. Someone do a March Ash page so I don't have to maybe you'll get a free clue or something. I'd have to ask finalhazard