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  1. I honestly thought this was going to be some erp related thing based on the title. glad that it’s not
  2. I’m mastery rank 26. I honestly wish that the big guns they gave us to blow up the spider bots on venus prevented us from doing those huge acrobatic jumps and instead dealt maybe 4x as much damage.
  3. Can you add some mythology about the sparks of Yemekar’s forge, or the flecks of metal that were scraped off by his hammer? I think they would be great mythological entities for people to play around with; they could be cool golems or fire elemental like creatures.
  4. “You should add Wonk legs, Wonk eyes, etc.” says Ti’gobser.
  5. epic. now do an wonk one plz set to

    1. Haesvir


      Aesopian, it’s finally happening. Croak, son of Croek will finally rise.

  7. Hey Telanir I am Aesopian ?
  8. Aesopian

    Q&A boys

    I miss you my friend
  9. @Archipelego we should probably allow multicoloured wonks like rainbow tree frogs ngl
  10. nooooooooooooooooo ☹️
  11. Where’s the White Rose Elysion Corps? asks Ti’gobser.
  12. So when are wonks being accepted Can you force Telanir to force flamboy to stop moderating apps and like just tie him to a desk with his private messages open so he can only reply to messages
  13. When can we get admin wrynn again Wryadmin
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