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  1. Aesopian

    The Turning of the Seasons

    A hint has been added. Look among the roots of trees.
  2. Aesopian

    The Turning of the Seasons

    One fragment remains. I've taken the liberty of destroying the sites of the already-found fragments, so you folks don't get too confused. Also, helps reduce map build pollution.
  3. Aesopian

    The Turning of the Seasons

    Three fragments remain to be discovered.
  4. Aesopian

    The Turning of the Seasons

    Four out of sixteen texts have been recovered so far. Explore! Find them fast before someone else can find them first, and return them to the Wonk village for tokens.
  5. Aesopian

    The Turning of the Seasons

    ~| Wonkawood |~ The parts of the prophecy so far discovered can be found in the spoiler below. Somewhere, in the tangle of a tree's roots, the last fragment remains. "Ah, so that's what you want... mhm, well, old Sorkek has always wanted to recover the prophecy. I don't think it's too much a worry to let you know of it." The wonk elder taps the bottom of her crooked staff against the rock. She is so heavily wrinkled that she more closely resembles a green jellyfish than a frog, and her sunken body speaks to a powerful exhaustion, but her eyes still glint with great wisdom. "It would be many generations ago, not long after we became trapped in these caves. There was an ancient, abandoned village of our people here, and we were still restoring it. One day, a strange cat-woman came to visit us-- oh, they're called Kharajyr? Well, the Kharajyr told us that she was a traveler from a distant land. She told us that she was wandering the world, and was traversing Atlas, to reach the western seas. She said that her goddess could grant her visions of the past and the future, and that in exchange for our hospitality, she would give us a vision." "We were curious. We were also not cruel creatures, and she had thrown herself upon our mercy. So, we found no issue with letting her stay with us. It was agreed that she would be allowed the time until the next full moon, and in exchange, she would give us one of her visions." The wonk sighs languidly. "Things were well. We taught her our culture, about the spirits of the swamp, and of the beauty of nature. She did her best to carry her weight. On the night of the next full moon, keeping true to her word, she sat down in the center of the village, and prepared to have her vision. She called it 'moon-gazing'. Taking out tablets of chalk, she wrote down what her vision told her." "Apparently, something went wrong shortly into her trance. She began to scream, horribly, as though she was in great pain. We tried to wake her, but it was no use. Our warriors could not keep hold of her, and she scrambled away, through the caverns and out onto the surface. What happened was horrifying. It was like the moonlight burned her, blistering her skin, charring her flesh... we could not save her. It was less than a minute before she collapsed onto the grass, a pile of smoldering ashes. We shattered the tablets she had been writing on, and cast the fragments in the rivers." She raps her staff against the stone once more. "It was several years later when one of our scouts reported that they had found carvings in a stone cliff, and taken an impression of them. The elder at the time, who had seen the Kharajyr's writing before the tablets were shattered, recognized the carvings the scout had recorded. They were the same. Not just the same language, but the same words. The prophecy... it is out there, somewhere. Somehow." "Find it, and bring it back to us. Whatever it is, it is better that we know it than it be hidden on some mountains in the wilds. You will be rewarded." You can find fragments of the Turning of the Seasons all over Atlas, tucked away in old corners of the world. If you are the first to recover a fragment, scribble it down! Bring it to the wonk village, located somewhere in the Wonkawood, and you will be rewarded with two wonk tokens, and an additional token for every other new fragment you recover. These tokens can be turned in for items, shown on the list below. An example of a fragment can be found in the spoiler below. All fragments will have this sign and text beside them. Fragments which are already found will have a sign added with [FOUND] written on it. If you have trouble finding the wonk village, make sure to thoroughly explore the Wonkawood! Keep your hearing sharp for their tell-tale ribbits. You can find a map showing the Wonkawood's location in Cloud Temple. You can find the Wonk Item Listing here, which details the number of tokens you need for particular items: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172006-wonk-item-listing/ Previous Event.
  6. Aesopian

    Wonk Item Listing

    Wonk Items Please find below the item listing for the wonk tribe, detailing the items they offer. This information is considered general knowledge for those who have visited the wonk village. Speak to the wonk chieftain to exchange tokens for items. Currency: Wonk Token [Wooden Button]: A poorly-crafted fungiwood token. It is coated with fungiwood resin. An image of a wonk, looking triumphant, has been carved into the token. Common Items (2 Wonk Tokens Required): Pudge Tato [Poisonous Potato]: This is a ripe harcad potato. Unprocessed, it is mildly poisonous to most races, inducing vomiting, except wonks and orcs. It tastes bitter and feels mushy. It can be mashed and fermented to form a weakly alcoholic ale, which loses the toxic properties. Fallingwood Helm [Iron Helm]: This is a finely-crafted fallingwood helm. It is encrusted with amber opal and aventurine, and menaces with spikes of tetrahedrite. It is decorated with cave lobster shell and crayfish shell. It is adorned with fungiwood fiber rings, which have been dyed green using green slime dye. Glorping Slime [Slimeball]: This is a ball of slime wrapped in a fungiwood fiber bag. It tastes bitter and putrid, and smells of fat. It is highly adhesive, and bouncy. Fallingwood Boots [Iron Boots]: These are finely-crafted fallingwood boots. They are encrusted with amber opal and aventurine, and menace with spikes of tetrahedrite. They are decorated with cave lobster shell and crayfish shell. They are adorned with fungiwood fiber rings, which have been dyed green using green slime dye. Fallingwood Sword [Iron Sword]: This is a finely-crafted fallingwood sword. It is encrusted with amber opal and aventurine, and menaces with spikes of tetrahedrite. It is decorated with cave lobster shell and crayfish shell. It is adorned with fungiwood fiber rings, which have been dyed green using green slime dye. Ponderlot [Sugarcane]: This is an eel scale bag, containing powdered ponderlot petals. It smells sweet and clawing, and tastes like pomegranate. It may be inhaled, smoked, or eaten, to produce psychotropic effects. These manifest as visual and auditory hallucinations, hypersensitivity, and a sense of ‘oneness’ or ego-death. It is commonly used in druidic circles to bring one closer to nature. Its effects last for two Krug’s hours. Bugpuff Red [Rose Red]: This is an eel scale bag, containing powdered bugpuff hyphae. It smells pungent, and tastes bitter and meaty. It may be smoked or vaporized to produce psychotropic effects. These manifest as laziness, increased appetite, relaxation, and sleepiness. It can be used to aid in Farseer spirit-walking, and is often used as an offering to the spirits. Its effects last for two Krug’s hours. Potion of Worm’s Delight [Potion]: This is a stone leaf vial, containing potion of worm’s delight. It smells of jungle soil and decomposing vegetables, and tastes powerfully bitter and earthy. Whoever drinks this potion will attract worms to themselves within one-hundred meters, for one hour. Tonic of the Lizard [Potion]: This is a stormstone jar, containing tonic of the lizard. It smells pungent and earthy. It is viscous. Whoever applies this tonic topically to their skin loses their ability to regulate their own body temperature and will automatically hibernate in cold environments, for twenty-four hours. Fungiwood Idol [Armor Stand]: This is a superiorly-crafted fungiwood idol. It is encrusted with aventurine and fortification agate, and encircled with bands of fungiwood and swamp weed. It is adorned with rings of swamp weed. It is decorated with cave lobster shell, eel bones, and cave spider silk. Blemfort Mushroom [Brown Mushroom]: This is a blemfort mushroom. It smells of spice, and tastes earthy and hot. It is usually fried or baked as a side, or an extract produced from it to add to meats or stews. Rare Items (4 Wonk Tokens Required): Brokenblend [Purple Dye]: This is an eel scale bag, containing powdered bugpuff hyphae, powdered ponderlot petals, bog decoction, and cave lobster blood. It smells sweet and savory, and tastes like rotten meat. It may be smoked to produce psychotropic effects. These manifest as hallucinations, relaxation, hypersensitivity, and reduced libido. It is commonly used to spirit-walk, and as an offering to nature spirits. Its effects last for four Krug’s hours. Fallingwood Leggings [Iron Leggings]: These are finely-crafted fallingwood leggings. They are encrusted with amber opal and aventurine, and menace with spikes of tetrahedrite. They are decorated with cave lobster shell and crayfish shell. They are adorned with fungiwood fiber rings, which have been dyed green using green slime dye. Fallingwood Chestplate [Iron Chestplate]: This is a finely-crafted fallingwood chestplate. It is encrusted with amber opal and aventurine, and menaces with spikes of tetrahedrite. It is decorated with cave lobster shell and crayfish shell. It is adorned with fungiwood fiber rings, which have been dyed green using green slime dye. Ultra Items (10 Wonk Tokens Required): Icon of Truth [Emerald]: This is a masterfully-crafted tetrahedrite emerald. It feels warm to the touch. It emits a soft green glow. This artifact can be given to the mani of the wonks in exchange for an answer to any question the bearer asks.
  7. Aesopian

    Sleep My Love

    ~| The Far Glade |~ Enter the Dream Click the link above! Please see the spoiler below for bug fixes and changes, and the FAQ. Remember to refer to this if you want your character to bring up anything IRP that they hear in the dream! Atlas is an ancient land. It lay untouched for ages before the children of Malin, Krug, Urguan, or Horen ever set foot on its shores. Misty bogs played home to countless creatures, buzzing in the air and prowling the mud. Proud snow-capped mountains, bare and beautiful, rose from the plains. Their existence glorified creation. Ancient powers have made this place their battlefield, more than once. Discarded as pawns in those conflicts, the ruined civilizations of the first descendants who came here litter the landscape. The Far Glade, the greatest of the dreaming realms, has especially close ties to Atlas. For it is here that, long ago, one of the Far Glade’s greatest champions came to rest. Now that the descendants have arrived once more, the Far Glade stirs with new vigor. The throne of the champion has long been empty. It is time for a new paragon to claim the title, and the power and responsibility that come with it. A prince of autumn lays in this earth. All over Atlas, as the descendants lay down their heads to sleep, they find themselves dreaming of a forest below the world. An enigmatic figure calling themselves March Ash offers to guide them. They are immersed in dreams of ancient prophecy, terrible evils, and thrones. There is much to learn in this dream, about Atlas and the future of the descendants. If you are very lucky, you might find clues that will help you in the wars to come, or stories that will give you an insight few possess. In this dream, names are powerful things. For those who particularly lust for knowledge, they can search through Atlas for five locations where sacred names have been left, which can be used to divulge more information from the dream. Good luck. Please keep responses in-character. If you wish to make OOC comments, add them to your in-character response. Please contact me over discord at GE#1665 for any bug reports, text errors, or any other issues with the content – I might even give you some hints if you help me fix a few bugs. If you are still reading this and have no idea what the game is suppose to be, click the link below the ash tree image.
  8. Aesopian

    Forum Maintenance

    what the **** tythus made a post?
  9. Current Username: Aesopian Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): GE #1655 Timezone(s) you mainly play: EST What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: None. If it's required, Sutica. ________________________________________ Have you held a staff position before?: Yeah, I was an ET actor. Do you currently hold a staff position?: No. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: No. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason?: Yes, for grinding machines and for poor villainy RP. Both bans were later voided after I provided evidence showing my lack of wrongdoing. ________________________________________ What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): I generally focus on low fantasy encounters, and high fantasy dungeon/quests. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them: The key factors to a successful event are mystery (usually), challenge, and reward. Barring the conclusion of an eventline, mystery should always remain about the story's future, and its principle characters. This drives exploration. Challenge and reward, as factors, are very intertwined. They make the players feel as though they have overcome something, and feel as though, beyond just pride, they have achieved something for it. Challenges don't necessarily have to be through combat -- puzzles or roleplay tasks also work. Rewards don't have to be functional -- relics or simple trinkets of times past can also be offered. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why?: Finalhazard was pretty good, during his tenure on the ET, on account of all the mystery. Squirtgun is pretty good on account of the massive amount of event output, god damn. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: 1. A travelling cannonist paladin arrives in a city, bearing a mage in chains. The mage can be in the form of an assisting ET, or a mob being led by a lead. The paladin has been sent here from a distant land on a sacred trial to capture a heretic mage and transport the sorcerer back to their homeland, so that they might be tortured and executed. The paladin has, obviously, been successful so far. They seek only a place to rest in for the night, before they move on with their journey. Only under extreme circumstances will they stray from their mission, such as the arrival of a void monstrosity or undead abomination. They intend to head to the opposite side of the continent from where they started, where a boat will be waiting to pick them up. The mage is, of course, not amenable to this arrangement, and will make attempts to escape. The chains they wear cause a geas which prevents them from harming the paladin or casting their magic. So, their attempts are primarily in the form of asking players to break their chains, or kill the paladin while he sleeps. They are hesitant to reveal that they are actually a necromancer, and will claim they are a fire evocationist if pressed, only revealing this information under duress or if a dark practitioner speaks with them. 2. The merchant Shatanti has arrived, seeking fishermen to join him on an expedition out to sea, hunting rare and magnificent sea-monsters. Some pay is offered, but Shatanti promises that the greatest reward for the adventure will be in the trophies and relics the party returns with. Eventually, after some preparation roleplay, the players are allowed to board Shatanti's boat and begin the journey out to sea. Roleplay at this point primarily focuses on management of the ship (e.g. preparing the rigging, mounting the crow's nest), as well as activities like basic fishing, and storytelling. Eventually, the players gather to eat dinner with Shatanti, who tells them that they will reach their destination near nightfall -- a rocky isle that acts as a nesting site for their prey, giant crabs. Under cover of darkness, the players have two tasks: collecting unhatched giant crab eggs on the rocky isle, and fishing off the edge of their boat to collect immature giant crabs. Depending on how aggressive the players are in their efforts, a number of giant crabs will appear to defend their nesting site. It is possible, if they are exceptionally careful, for no giant crabs to spawn whatsoever. Otherwise, what follows is a battle with the giant crabs, in which the players will have to flee back to Shatanti's ship, fending off or slaying the attacking giant crabs, and set sail back for the mainland. 3. All that is the idea of Axios has been consumed by the Far Glade, and in the depths of the green-dreams are the towers of Oren and the forests of Linandria both. However, some parts of the land were tainted by foul magics and black sorcery, and so this has crept into the Far Glade, poisoning its depths, deep within the Old Rot. This is the place where the forgotten and unimportant parts of history are left to be consumed and turned to nothingness, evaporated into fungal columns that stretch into the sky. Players are recruited into this instance by Praepando, a powerful ent and the caretaker of the Old Rot. They seek to purge the taint from their domain, before it can spread and contaminate the entire Far Glade. Players enter the Old Rot by consuming fungal fruit one of Praepando's servants has distributed to trusted players (who have already engaged in the event line). Eventually, they meet Praepando themselves, who instructs them to travel into the depths of the 1d3 (1=Norlandic, 2=Bastion, 3=Haensetti) ruins, and purge them of taint. Within the ruins are tortured ghost-like apparitions of player characters, who must be dealt with, either by reminding them of their lives, by direct contact with their player, or by striking them down. The taint at the base of the ruins may be purged by the effort of holy mages, or with a significant amount of blood. Following the completion of this task, Praepando rewards the players with a trinket, and sends them on their way. ________________________________________ Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: It is all I have ever done and all I will ever do in this place, which gives me any satisfaction. I live to weave narratives. I am not good enough to make a career out of it, but at the very least some twelve year olds on a Minecraft roleplay server might appreciate it. What strengths would you bring to the team?: I have multiple years of Minecraft event team experience. I'm very dedicated when it comes to ensuring events come off high-quality, and are accessible to most. I have a decent understanding of a few types of lore, but my largest knowledge-base is probably for those lore pieces I wrote myself. I am adept at multitasking. What are your weaknesses?: I am blunt and crass. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: I am primarily active on weekends and Friday nights. I will become more active in the latter half of November and December, and throughout the new year.
  10. Aesopian

    [Denied] [Actor] Swgrclan

    needs more lore moderator status
  11. Aesopian

    Hua-Jiao: The Path to Enlightenment

    "But can you also be a Canonist?" asks Ti'gobser.
  12. You don't lock your chests. It is ultimately your own fault.
  13. Aesopian

    [Bounty] Rabbits (Low)

    Wanted: Rabbits They breed! And eat everything! Threat level: Low Suggested party number: 2+ Description of beast(s): Rabbits. Oh my god they are everywhere. On the ground. In the trees. In the sky! They are eating all our crops. You have to help us. They gang up in big groups, and kick you in the shins. Oh god, I can hear one beating my wife, please help us! And now they're in my eyes! AAAAAHHHHH! Location: Near Veris Rewards: 200 Mina Message Aesopian to schedule this event.