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  1. Problem is people would grief the world to harvest decorative coal blocks if it was reverse-craftable, same thing for other storage block types.
  2. Sometimes, I have ideas. Here are some below. I might work more on one of them if you think they are interesting. Which do you think are interesting? 1. Runefist Monks: An ancient order of dwarven monks who practice a unique form of runesmithing, which allows them to channel the physical properties of substances into their bodies. They have three schools, Elements, Alloys, and Ceramics, and practitioners of these schools are able to make their bodies take on qualities of their respective substances. For example, an Element user can use [Copper Body: Skin] to allow them
  3. Bro, I like epic-scale RP, and especially when it is in the hands of the players to do crazy, wacky stuff. but oh well i still upvoted
  4. I preferred when these were powerful enough to lift cities into the sky and summon giant invincible shields, honestly.
  5. One-hundred years of patience. One-hundred years of praise. One-hundred deaths in rivers red, to break the King’s malaise. In the brier of the father, might the iron findeth ash, touched by all that curses her, sired by the lash. That young elf she is no longer, the mantle now her prison. She hunts the green-eyed child, to devour as he is risen. The king cares not, he lingers still, gods may die, but man deserves the kill. The red vault opened, the devil’s spawn unleashed, their fire spills across the land to drain it al
  6. I honestly thought this was going to be some erp related thing based on the title. glad that it’s not
  7. Can you add some mythology about the sparks of Yemekar’s forge, or the flecks of metal that were scraped off by his hammer? I think they would be great mythological entities for people to play around with; they could be cool golems or fire elemental like creatures.
  8. “You should add Wonk legs, Wonk eyes, etc.” says Ti’gobser.
  9. epic. now do an wonk one plz set to

    1. Haesvir


      Aesopian, it’s finally happening. Croak, son of Croek will finally rise.

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