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  1. Aesopian slurps up all the tasty tasty ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Yum.
  2. No builds present at these coordinates.
  3. “Is this a Deltarune reference or not?” asks Ti’gobser.
  4. It would have been completely hilarious had this entire post been a fat person’s monologue, their ‘song’ before they die from being too fat.
  5. probably expect this in v1.2 maybe special naval?architects that can be placed on any water block
  6. The Underground Update Architects are receiving an update, enabling you to build underground structures, suggest your own builds, and more! You can expect these changes being rolled out to the server in the coming weeks. You can purchase architects at Cloud Temple. Read below for details. Additional Features and Changes Build Penetration has now been added as a parameter when creating an architect. This can be set to any value between 0-3, each modifying how an architect will construct its attached schematic. For staff, this allows you to now create architects that can dig underground: example video here 0 - [Current System] Architects will place blocks only where there was previously air. 1 - Architects will place blocks only where there was previously air or non-solid blocks (e.g. grass). 2 - Architects will place blocks anywhere, except for containers (e.g. chests). 3 - Architects will place blocks anywhere, except for containers (e.g. chests). If the architect's build has bedrock in it, these blocks will be placed as air (i.e. enabling you to 'hollow out' interiors in the existing world). Build suggestion and display has now been via a forum post available here. This is also accessible through a forum link that is present at the architect emporium. You can use this topic to suggest builds which will potentially be added to the architect system. Minor and Backend Changes API has been created for @The60th and other developers to work with the architect system. Architect deconstruction will no longer be halted by another player clicking on the architect. Architect saves are now made using World Edit, and the block limit has been raised significantly. Alerts have been added when constructing and deconstructing architects to alarm nearby players that one is working. Architects can no longer be placed in water. Prices of architects are being reduced. Existing architects are being increased in size and complexity. CREDITS: Llir - @Llir - Keeps the server alive. Adelemphii - @Adelemphii - Makes it possible to even have nations. The60th - @The60th - Makes all war, conflict, and dynamic roleplay possible. Greehn - @Greehn - Makes all item creativity possible. Mady - @Mady- Runs secret wonk club.
  7. Current Selection Find here the current selection of architects available at the architect shop located at spawn. If you ever want to buy an architect, go to spawn and look around, you should be able to find a tent manned by a few froggy fellows. I'm going to have to replace these first two to not be without syntax at some point... foodrack sampletent Architect Submission Form If you want to submit a build to be added to the architect system, please fill out the form below. The build must be present somewhere in the world for it to be added to the system. Only one submission per person every month. Only a small selection of these will be converted into architects! MC Name: Most Played Character's Race: Most Played Character's Nation: What is the purpose of this build?: Coordinates of Build: X: Y: Z: Picture of Build (upload to Imgur and place link here):
  8. Yeah we’ll basically probably let you do this if the plugin is good and has a positive reception
  9. HEY LOTCers! Does building a campsite turn into a total drag? Is your nation leader yelling at you to clean up that roadblock so much that you called them a wonk? Well, my friends, now comes a new tool from the bench of AESOPIAN©, creator of AUTORESTORE and the AESO-EXPLOSION! Its name is ARCHIE-TECT, the Build Buddy©! He can do anything your nation leader wants, so you can get back to raiding the halflings! And while you're out there, check out the new 2024 AESOP-PENDIUM©! Featuring our brand new plugins, it's the best way to use up the free time you get from building! Thanhium not included. If your Archie-tect, the Build Buddy© begins to act out, refuses to work, starts building funny things, or just plain gets a bad attitude, send him back to the nether for a refurbishment! Just pay shipping and handling. Players Soon to be placed at Cloud Temple will be vendors selling the following item(s): Architects (or Archie-tects), when placed, automatically construct a structure which has been assigned to them. These structures can range from the simple, such as benches and tanning racks, to incredibly complex, such as entire castles or galleons. You can right click on an architect to deconstruct its structure and pick it back up. You need to remain nearby the architect to successfully deconstruct it. These structures will also be automatically deconstructed when the server restarts, leaving behind only the architect (after a restart, architects can be picked up instantaneously). Like placed boats, anyone may break an architect without roleplay, if no one is around. Don’t leave them unattended if you don’t want someone to steal them! We initially intend to do a small distribution of architects with a few simple builds, including tents and campfires. Depending on response to the plugin, we will expand the available builds accordingly. In the future, you may be able to build an entire roaming caravan out of architects. For roleplay purposes, architects are a mechanical representation of your character modifying the local environment. You may not place an architect if those around you (48~ blocks) wouldn’t let you. If you are in the middle of combat, for example, your opponent probably doesn’t want you to suddenly build a giant tower. If an architect is already built, however, it counts as part of the local environment. Some architects CANNOT be placed in core tiles where you are not a member. They have the following text: Please find a demonstration of using an architect here. If you have a problem with the plugin, you should contact me, Aesopian, at 'aesopian' on Discord. My name is on the thing, you know. STAFF For staff with back-end access to the architect plugin, you can type /architect to bring up your new commands: /architect create <Build Anywhere> <Construction rate (blocks/tick)> <Deconstruction rate (blocks/tick)> <X Displacement> <Y Displacement> <Z Displacement> <File Name> This command allows you to spawn in a new architect block with the defined permissions and rate parameters. A few hot tips: Use ‘true’ or ‘false’ for the <Build Anywhere> parameter. If it is true, it will allow the user to place the block in core tiles of where the user is not a member. The deconstruction and construction rates accept decimal numbers (e.g. 0.1), which will place blocks after a number of ticks (e.g. 0.1 means one block every ten ticks). Deconstruction happens all at once, once the number of ticks pass that would’ve been needed to deconstruct the whole build! X, Y, and Z displacements will be added to the location where the architect builds the structure, offsetting it in space with respect to positive X. /architect saveclipboard <File Name> This command will save your current clipboard selection as the file name. You need to select something with a worldedit wand and type //copy! When architects are placed, they will assume that the original build was facing east, and make rotations accordingly. Remember, players will be able to see this name, so use appropriate ones. /architect saveschematics <Page> This command will list all the names of saved clipboard selections, which you can use to create an architect with. CREDITS: Llir- @Llir - Told me to remove .iml files Adelemphii - @Adelemphii- Took care of my frog The60th - @The60th- Part of Project W.O.N.K. Greehn - @Greehn- Tested Stuff Mady - @Mady- Baked Cookies
  10. wAIT, spook is used for black people? I only ever thought it was used for spooky things this feels like when i learned jip came from gypsy and gypsy was an ethnic group
  11. Should player nations be offered the ability to become the antagonist (e.g. turned undead)?
  12. I feel like if Urguan was a lich, he'd have to be some kind of special rune-lich. Like, he's immortal because he unlocked the Rune of Life and has carved the rune into his soul.
  13. If you had to pick one of the four brothers to come back as an antagonist, which would you pick?
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