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  1. Current Username: Aesopian Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): GE #1655 Timezone(s) you mainly play: EST What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: None. If it's required, Sutica. ________________________________________ Have you held a staff position before?: Yeah, I was an ET actor. Do you currently hold a staff position?: No. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions?: No. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason?: Yes, for grinding machines and for poor villainy RP. Both bans were later voided after I provided evidence showing my lack of wrongdoing. ________________________________________ What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.): I generally focus on low fantasy encounters, and high fantasy dungeon/quests. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them: The key factors to a successful event are mystery (usually), challenge, and reward. Barring the conclusion of an eventline, mystery should always remain about the story's future, and its principle characters. This drives exploration. Challenge and reward, as factors, are very intertwined. They make the players feel as though they have overcome something, and feel as though, beyond just pride, they have achieved something for it. Challenges don't necessarily have to be through combat -- puzzles or roleplay tasks also work. Rewards don't have to be functional -- relics or simple trinkets of times past can also be offered. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why?: Finalhazard was pretty good, during his tenure on the ET, on account of all the mystery. Squirtgun is pretty good on account of the massive amount of event output, god damn. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: 1. A travelling cannonist paladin arrives in a city, bearing a mage in chains. The mage can be in the form of an assisting ET, or a mob being led by a lead. The paladin has been sent here from a distant land on a sacred trial to capture a heretic mage and transport the sorcerer back to their homeland, so that they might be tortured and executed. The paladin has, obviously, been successful so far. They seek only a place to rest in for the night, before they move on with their journey. Only under extreme circumstances will they stray from their mission, such as the arrival of a void monstrosity or undead abomination. They intend to head to the opposite side of the continent from where they started, where a boat will be waiting to pick them up. The mage is, of course, not amenable to this arrangement, and will make attempts to escape. The chains they wear cause a geas which prevents them from harming the paladin or casting their magic. So, their attempts are primarily in the form of asking players to break their chains, or kill the paladin while he sleeps. They are hesitant to reveal that they are actually a necromancer, and will claim they are a fire evocationist if pressed, only revealing this information under duress or if a dark practitioner speaks with them. 2. The merchant Shatanti has arrived, seeking fishermen to join him on an expedition out to sea, hunting rare and magnificent sea-monsters. Some pay is offered, but Shatanti promises that the greatest reward for the adventure will be in the trophies and relics the party returns with. Eventually, after some preparation roleplay, the players are allowed to board Shatanti's boat and begin the journey out to sea. Roleplay at this point primarily focuses on management of the ship (e.g. preparing the rigging, mounting the crow's nest), as well as activities like basic fishing, and storytelling. Eventually, the players gather to eat dinner with Shatanti, who tells them that they will reach their destination near nightfall -- a rocky isle that acts as a nesting site for their prey, giant crabs. Under cover of darkness, the players have two tasks: collecting unhatched giant crab eggs on the rocky isle, and fishing off the edge of their boat to collect immature giant crabs. Depending on how aggressive the players are in their efforts, a number of giant crabs will appear to defend their nesting site. It is possible, if they are exceptionally careful, for no giant crabs to spawn whatsoever. Otherwise, what follows is a battle with the giant crabs, in which the players will have to flee back to Shatanti's ship, fending off or slaying the attacking giant crabs, and set sail back for the mainland. 3. All that is the idea of Axios has been consumed by the Far Glade, and in the depths of the green-dreams are the towers of Oren and the forests of Linandria both. However, some parts of the land were tainted by foul magics and black sorcery, and so this has crept into the Far Glade, poisoning its depths, deep within the Old Rot. This is the place where the forgotten and unimportant parts of history are left to be consumed and turned to nothingness, evaporated into fungal columns that stretch into the sky. Players are recruited into this instance by Praepando, a powerful ent and the caretaker of the Old Rot. They seek to purge the taint from their domain, before it can spread and contaminate the entire Far Glade. Players enter the Old Rot by consuming fungal fruit one of Praepando's servants has distributed to trusted players (who have already engaged in the event line). Eventually, they meet Praepando themselves, who instructs them to travel into the depths of the 1d3 (1=Norlandic, 2=Bastion, 3=Haensetti) ruins, and purge them of taint. Within the ruins are tortured ghost-like apparitions of player characters, who must be dealt with, either by reminding them of their lives, by direct contact with their player, or by striking them down. The taint at the base of the ruins may be purged by the effort of holy mages, or with a significant amount of blood. Following the completion of this task, Praepando rewards the players with a trinket, and sends them on their way. ________________________________________ Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member?: It is all I have ever done and all I will ever do in this place, which gives me any satisfaction. I live to weave narratives. I am not good enough to make a career out of it, but at the very least some twelve year olds on a Minecraft roleplay server might appreciate it. What strengths would you bring to the team?: I have multiple years of Minecraft event team experience. I'm very dedicated when it comes to ensuring events come off high-quality, and are accessible to most. I have a decent understanding of a few types of lore, but my largest knowledge-base is probably for those lore pieces I wrote myself. I am adept at multitasking. What are your weaknesses?: I am blunt and crass. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future?: I am primarily active on weekends and Friday nights. I will become more active in the latter half of November and December, and throughout the new year.
  2. [Denied] [Actor] Swgrclan

    needs more lore moderator status
  3. Hua-Jiao: The Path to Enlightenment

    "But can you also be a Canonist?" asks Ti'gobser.
  4. You don't lock your chests. It is ultimately your own fault.
  5. Community Meeting

    I want the plugins from that one guy's app for our events can ET get the power to build everywhere or something plz rate aesopian as an ET out 10 hunting&fishing or hunting alone
  6. Tutorial Island

    Yeah, we should probably make it so newcomers are forced into tutorial island, or make it more easily accessed.
  7. [Bounty] Rabbits (Low)

    Wanted: Rabbits They breed! And eat everything! Threat level: Low Suggested party number: 2+ Description of beast(s): Rabbits. Oh my god they are everywhere. On the ground. In the trees. In the sky! They are eating all our crops. You have to help us. They gang up in big groups, and kick you in the shins. Oh god, I can hear one beating my wife, please help us! And now they're in my eyes! AAAAAHHHHH! Location: Near Veris Rewards: 200 Mina Message Aesopian to schedule this event.
  8. [✓] [Lore] The Origins of Druidism

    Well, I mean, it's better, sure, but I meant more along the lines of God being the supreme creator of all things. The aenguldaemons, be they aspect or otherwise, are merely the caretakers of creation, not its ultimate creators. I mean, if God really was some sort of master creator, wouldn't he have made creatures able to reproduce? Rather than have them be things made by the Aspects. I mean... what else are the descendants going to eat, if not plants and animals? My own version of yours would roll something like this: In the beginning, the Creator gave birth to all things, and most precious among them was life. The power of lifeforce. A gift so sacred that three Aenguls took notice of this mortal realm and descended down upon to watch it flourish. Three of them were chosen to become its curators. The plants and animals brimmed with life and energy. They would reproduce, and adapt to new environments. The kind and gentle Cerridwen was taken by this sight, and entranced by the beauty of new life. She became the curator of birth and growth -- hers was the blessing of beginnings. The Aengul Cernunnos observed life flourish, becoming abundant, and witnessed its ultimate end. Animals and plants would succumb to to the harsh realities of nature, the whipping winds and tearing waters, even the ravages of time. It became a piece of him. His would be the blessing of endings. Finally, there was the Aengul Nemiisae. She saw the beginnings and endings of nature collide and shift about in a chaotic manner. The rise of predators and the exhaustion of prey. The starvation of hunters and the expansion of the hunted. A crude balance formed at first, slowly becoming steady with time. A hardened, darker truth to some; to others a necessity. Toxins, claws, fangs, defensive attributes and predatory tactics to cull out the weak. This touched the deepest parts of Nemiisae's soul, and to hers became the blessing of Culling. Thus, with this final piece in place, the trio of Aspects were complete, and they would work forevermore to maintain the natural order of creation. This is no skin off you again, Delmo. It's just I really goddamn hate the Mathic cycle lore.
  9. [✓] [Lore] The Origins of Druidism

    I still don't think you should be having all this 'dying god' crap. It's worthless garbage which does nothing but overcomplicate the server when a new player is trying to apply. You know what is simple? 'ah, the backstory is the same as Christianity'. It's that simple. One sentence is literally all you'd need for the creation story. Look. You can have your neo-spiritualism bullshit, but put it AFTER the creation story. Maybe Iblees killed him, maybe he fell off a cliff, maybe god had a stroke after eating too much beef, idgaf, but the creation story itself should be incredibly simple. Everything else is good though -- no skin off Delmo, this lore is of admissible quality. It's just this paragraph below I goddamn loathe with a passionate hatred. I'd post an edited version, sure, but it'd change it to be inline more with the traditional ancient history, rather than the mathic cycle bullshit, so I can't really do changes to help.
  10. [Accepted] [Actor] SquirtGun's ET Application

    Babe why u do this to me It will happen soon, just some trouble finding a weekend where we aren't already having other big events. I can very well do as a weekday event, but then you will only be able to buy things from it once. Tomorrow, I guess.
  11. [Bounty] Cervant (Moderate)

    Wanted: Cervant A cervant on the left. Threat level: Moderate Suggested party number: 3-12 Description of beast(s): They are strange creatures. Some ecologists and druids say they are forms of chimera, made of elks and snails. They have no heads, instead wearing a skull, fit with enormous bony tusks, horns, and antlers. They are the size of moose, and incredibly challenging to kill. Beware their sticky vomit! You can attack them with as few as three people, though the chance of success with such a small group is limited. Many more will guarantee your success. Location: Any non-populated area. Rewards: 300 Mina Message Aesopian to schedule this event.
  12. Awaken My Hate

    It's still ongoing. No one person has collected all the books yet.
  13. [✓] Mani - Demigods of the Wild

    To be fair, we do already have a crapload of nature stuff. the real answer I want from @吳憾戰士14 is what the nature guys think of March Ash also, weather control, /finally/, @Delmodan cannot stop us now!!
  14. [Contest] The Return of the Wiki Competition! (Closed)

    Someone do a March Ash page so I don't have to maybe you'll get a free clue or something. I'd have to ask finalhazard