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  1. Give some of your own ideas too plz i think projectile plugin for events is good idea.
  2. A new crusade must be launched to save the halflings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. christhemythical




    2. Tha_Mystery_Man


      Ave ave ave ave ave AVE AVE AVE AVE AVE FER KNOOOOOX

  3. “What kinda roostershit, buttfondler potatosucker, lemon water, who doesn’t know how to walk, salami face, asparagus piss smelling hand-having, piece of worthless trash garbage person, made of used talcum powder taken from the bottom of an incontinent baby, would ever attack the halflings?” says Ti’gobser.
  4. Sorry about stealing everything you owned that one time

  5. Problem with Flamboy resigning is now we’ll probably end up with someone worse

    1. Haseroth


      yeah, i imagine one of the LTs who use their powers to sell ingame items are probably gonna be made admin which will give them even more powers

    2. christhemythical


      Hopefully it’s not one of the ones that bend the lore ‘they own’ to their advantage and then gack people they don’t like.. 🙃

    3. ScreamingDingo


      yeah aeso better pray i dont get it

  6. I thought this was going to be about Wonks
  7. September Prince 2: August
  8. Aesopian


    I helped in the Firelands Campaign, but I didn’t write all the books for that. You’re probably thinking of the biome books =>
  9. March Ash: Hey guys march ash here bringing you all wicked update from the eternal forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. How do you feel about deforestation. I feel like thats what the september prince event is for. 

    1. Aesopian


      september doesn’t like it


  11. Currently, there exists no system of vanilla enchantments or potions on the server. Even if no changes are made to the enchantments or potions themselves, or additional content added to them, would any of these systems listed above be acceptable to you?
  12. ~| Wonkawood |~ Elder Mekko is saddened by the death of many young tadpoles at the hands of Khurmt. If you have an Idol of Khurmt, or are a nation leader seeking to participate, post below to join up, stating the number of Idols you are brining. This message is free knowledge to all descendants. Threat level: Very Hard Required party number: 30+ Description of beast(s): Khurmt, who is known by the wonks as the dark frogod, is a malevolent and powerful entity. His exact nature is unknown, with some theories suggesting he is an apparition, a corrupted spirit, or the spawn of Iblees himself. Long ago, when the ruins of this land were fresh, the wonks were a wondrous and bountiful people. They lived throughout the entire Wonkawood, and were on the verge of spreading out across all of Atlas. This was, until, Khurmt came to them. He twisted their beliefs, corrupting their elders. Ultimately, it was by his influence that most of the wonk population were tricked into committing mass suicide, with the remainder trapped deep underground. Reports suggest Khurmt takes the form of a massive, red, bipedal frog-like entity. He has mastery of dark magics, the undead, and if rumor is to be believed, demons. Location: The swamp in the middle of the Wonkawood (-980, 55, -1230). Requirements: Eight Idols of Khurmt Rewards: Eight hundred mina and two wonk tokens will be given for each Idol of Khurmt a player turns in, to that player. Additionally, three sets of Fallingwood armor, three Fallingwood swords, five bugpuff red, five ponderlot, five glorping slime, five blemfort mushrooms, and five pudge tatoes, to be distributed at random among the party members. Finally, players will receive artifact weapons, artifact magic items, and other items from the bodies of Khurmt, and his elite forces. Logistics: Players with Idols of Khurmt, and their nation leaders, should post below to become part of this event. Remember to state the number of Idols you are bringing! Additional Idols after the first eight will be used to weaken Khurmt, reducing his starting hitpoints. Nations which do not have Idols can still post below to join the event, and we will try to get a time that works for you, but you won't receive priority. A chat will be made on discord by Aesopian (GE#1665) in order to organize a time amenable to all for the summoning and battle to take place. These Idols will be handed in prior to the event in order to ensure smooth flow of the event. A thread will be created after Khurmt's defeat to organize player rewards. At least thirty players are needed in the party to take this bounty. Players in the party will have friendly-fire turned off via wonk dust. Fighting Khurmt: Khurmt has a divine armor class, and so only takes damage from siege weapons (must be assembled and hauled to the Wonkawood prior to the onset of the event, message Aesopian to conduct this, he'll move your siege weapons for you, or get you region perms so you can construct them there -- you can also build camps, move galleons onto the lake, etc.), high-level magic (every five tiers of a magic possessed by the party grants one attack), and artifact weapons (message Aesopian over discord with a screenshot of the weapon at least one day before the event, and he will approve/deny it. You'll likely get only one attack using it). Combat will primarily be a mix of PvE (fighting Khurmt's minions and the dark wonks), and RP (attacking Khurmt himself). "Dah final battle iz at hand. Mi can feelz it in mi throat-sak, latz peep." The wonk chieftain is sharpening his spear with almost maddening persistence. His name is Croek, and it is his duty to lead his people, and create a future for the wonks. It is with a mote of surprise that he suddenly feels someone pat his shoulder. "Now, now. It is not our place to fight him. You'd be torn to shreds by Khurmt's magic, or turned against the descendants. Don't go off trying to help them." Elder Mekko steps away from the chieftain, resting heavily on her staff. Her skin sags like she were wearing a burlap sack, a testament to her age. Her soft eyes are hidden underneath a tremendous brow. "Mi kno... just, mi weesh we cud be out dere, helpin em. Iz nut fare tu put dah fayte of dah wonkz on dem." "Believe in them. They've not failed us yet, and here, when it matters the most, they will be our deliverance. The descendants are a great force for good. Orcs, humans, elves, and dwarves alike, when they are together, they can do the impossible. We are lucky enough to be witnesses. May the blessings of nature and the spirits be upon them." "Ribbit." A call goes out from the wonks, to all the descendants across Atlas. The final battle against Khurmt is at hand! Many months of events have led up to this final point. Already, groups of players are clambering together to assemble their Idols of Khurmt and prepare for the final confrontation with the dark frogod. It is the last chance to join, and become part of this defining moment. WAKE ME
  13. THE TREATY FOR WONKISH FREEDOM, 13th of Snow’s Maiden, 1671 In light of the atrocities committed by Khurmt, the Kardarsi Sultanate and the War Nation of Krugmar have seen fit to agree to a set of terms in order to combat and ultimately achieve victory over those who who wish to see harm to the wonk people. As such, the treaty for wonkish freedom seeks to establish a martial relationship between the Kardarsi Sultanate and the War Nations of Krugmar as a means to bring about an end to wonk bondage. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: The Kadarsi Sultanate and the War Nation of Krugmar agree to the basic tenets of Non-Aggression in the Wonkawood. Neither party shall intentionally harm civilian or military personnel possessed by the other in this region. The Kardarsi Sultanate and the War Nation of Krugmar will share all relevant information that would possibly provide benefit in the war against Khurmt and the dark forces that serve him. The Kardarsi Sultanate and the War Nation of Krugmar will pool together Khurmt Idols for the purposes of summoning and defeating Khurmt. The Kardarsi Sultanate and the War Nation of Krugmar will pool together military forces, and accordingly, conduct joint military exercises for the purposes of attacking Khurmt and the dark forces that serve him. This treaty will be dissolved upon the death of Khurmt, or otherwise, the release of the wonks from bondage. Signed, Sultan Auda Kharadeen, Son Of The Second Sultan Fakhri Kharadeen, grandson of the first Sultan Arlen Kharadeen, great Grandson to the Mighty First Caliph Faiz Kharadeen, Protector of the Farfolks, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Al-Mahdi, The Reclaimer of Honor, Ender of the Farfolk oppression, Defender and Follower of Al'liman Rashidun, Defender of the Kadarsi Sultanate, Returner of Homelands, Unifier of Tribes, High Commander of the Kadarsi Army, the Returner of Justice, The Chosen one, Sultan Of Al-Damashq, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, The Returner of the Caliphate. The war-craving Rex, and zealous Swampgoth of clan Lak, Morlak’Lak Wonk Chieftain Croek
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