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  1. "Kanon zpirit iz gettin bub'mitey." Gribb'Lak nodded.
  2. i love the old classics
  3. Damn, sorry, I don't think I can resist adding spaghetti...
  4. Please write below what you think a food plugin should include on Lord of the Craft. Specifically, you can answer the formatted questions below. You can additionally provide any feedback beyond what is listed in these questions. Questionnaire Farming Should specific plants grow better in certain biomes? Should there be subspecies of plants (e.g. multiple species of wheat seeds such as millet, barley, or rye)? Should the time of year influence your harvest yields? Should certain races be better at farming than others? Composting Should different types of compost be available which help with different plants? Should it be possible to make a generally 'better' bonemeal? Rarity Should different rarities of food ingredients exist, which require more or less effort to acquire? Raising Livestock Should older animals provide progressively better ingredients? Should certain races be better at raising livestock than others? Should the feed you provide your animals change what quality ingredients the animal then produces? Should specific animals grow faster in certain biomes? Should you be able to brush your animals to make them happier and also produce better quality ingredients? Other Food Sources Should berries be altered to reduce their effectiveness? Should the amount of Billybob Taters be reduced? Beekeeping Should this exist? Alcohol Should aging alcoholic beverages for longer make them stronger? Cooking Should custom recipes exist for other foods (e.g. spaghetti, sandwiches, haggis)? Should this be restricted to just saturation and hunger bars, or should this also include any or all of: Health Boost Absorption Regeneration Saturation (potion effect) Haste Should it be possible to create entirely custom recipes (ST Admin only)? Should certain recipes exist that are race-locked? Should you be able to take an arbitrary food item and 'reskin' it into another food item? This would PRESERVE ALL MECHANICAL PROPERTIES of the food item in question, but allow you to then CHANGE ITS APPEARANCE, allowing you to roleplay it however you would like. Cannibalism Should descendants drop a food item when slain (up to a limit per day)? Should this grant additional buffs to undead players?
  5. heres dah answer btw could always buff ranged weapons with a percentage chance to penetrate plate
  6. HOOKAHS Soon to be placed at Cloud Temple will be vendors selling the following item(s): I have updated the Hookah plugin to work for the server, and I intend to maintain it now, indefinitely. Many of you are familiar with this plugin, but since it has been several years since it has been on the server, I will reiterate its major instructions from the original plugin release. Hoo-Kah items are brewing stands, and when placed and clicked on, they give you the following menu: 1: Ingredient Slots: These are the 4 possible ingredient slots for crafting. Certain recipes may need to be discovered on your own or learned from other players. 2: Drug Slot: This slot will contain the resulting drug of any crafting that happens in the Hoo-Kah. This slot is also used when the player wants to light a drug for consumption. 3: Combine Ingredients button: If all the required ingredients for a recipe are contained within the Ingredient Slots, they will be removed from the Hoo-Kah and the corresponding drug will be created in the Drug Slot (may be shift-clicked to create a stack). 4: Info Paper: When hovered over, the info paper displays information about this Hoo-Kah. 5: Light Drug button: Burns the drug currently in the Drug Slot ands adds charges to the Hoo-Kah accordingly. Each drug has a default high that will be applied every time a player takes a hit from the Hoo-Kah. These highs apply basic effects like confusion, weakness, slowness, etc. Every high will apply a red tint effect around a player’s UI that can only be seen if you have you graphics settings set to 'Fancy'. Otherwise, you may experience one of a number of scenarios. I'll leave it up to you to discover them all. WARNING: OLD HOOKAHS WILL NOT WORK, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE NEW HOOKAHS. A TRADE WILL BE AVAILABLE. RECIPES There are many recipes which can be used to create drugs for use in Hoo-Kahs. I will list some examples below, however, knowledge of others will be given to special player groups, or to the Story Team to distribute as rewards in events. For the rest, you'll just have to discover them, yourselves! Cactus Green: Grass + Green Dye Blueberry Cactus: Blue Orchid + Green Dye + Light Blue Dye + Fern Pure Quartz: Quartz + Glowstone Dust + Cocoa Beans + Fern Eternal Leaf: Fern + Vine + Grass Ice Kiss: Snowball + Allium + Vine CREDITS: Llir- @Llir - Guidance and .pom changes Additional credit to Tofuus, Dsdevil, and the60th for past work on the plugin.
  7. The truth is that this code was added to the server after I forgot to prescribe @Llir his regular antipsychotic, causing his alternate personality ‘Kowaman’ to take over and intentionally try to destroy Veletz. Sorry.
  8. It's a slippery slope... soon, there will be wonk druids...
  9. Rough, they should let you xray…
  10. Do the mods not let you do xray? It would be extra interesting if invisible. Obviously this is good, though.
  11. Aesopian slurps up all the tasty tasty ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Yum.
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