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    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    The soul trees are now vulnerable to other forms of high-tier evocation and dark magic.
  2. ~| THE BATTLE OF M'BAKU |~ Autumn begins in earnest. The great war continues. You have prepared, and now you will fight: for your family and your future, for your home and nation, and for your lives. Warclaim Side A: The September Prince Side B: Fools and Weaklings Actual Time & Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2PM EST [May be updated in the coming days. Check back soon!] Proposed Rules: All conflict will take place in the normal world. See the spoiler below for further details. Location: Discord: Aesopian (GE#1665) I WILL SWEEP ACROSS THIS WHOLE WORLD. EVERY CITY SHALL BE RETURNED TO THE EARTH. YOUR ASH AND CARRION WILL BE AS MULCH. YOU WILL FERTILIZE THE FOREST TO COME. IN THIS, YOU WILL BE OBEDIENT. IN LIFE YOU HAVE BECOME TRAITORS, BUT IN DEATH, YOU WILL BE THE MOST LOYAL FOLLOWERS OUR CAUSE WILL EVER KNOW. The September Prince has demonstrated his power to the world, smashing the city of San'Kala into a burning wreck. The plumes of smoke still darken the sky over what once was Krugmar. Rumors spread throughout the land: he was the size of a mountain, even the skies listened to his call, great beasts followed him into battle! Still, the descendants rally. They have fought undead, giant dragons, and rogue aenguls. Some druid upstart will not unseat empires which have stood for hundreds of years. Or will he? Only the hot crucible of battle can decide. Find body integrity and soul integrity data below. More information is coming.
  3. I have no friends so I am immune to this criticism thanks 👨‍🍳
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    The Travels of Monk Torlan

    Eight books remain.
  5. Aesopian

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    Update: Clarified descriptions of a few items, and added an item.
  6. Aesopian

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    Updated the post with new information.
  7. The Wonkawood Village The wonk village is now under the control of the September Prince. You can now find ancient, wild druids wandering its tunnels, and the many beasts of the September Prince. The wonks, formerly a peaceful and kind people, have been subverted by September, and now worship him as their new god. Thankfully, as the descendants were kind to the wonks before this event, the wonks still maintain a tenderness for the descendants, and are open to diplomacy. Fighting the Prince The September Prince possesses Body Integrity, which is a measure of how intact his Tree Lord shell is. It can be harmed only when he is attacking nations, or when a warclaim is declared on the Wonkawood village. It regenerates 4.0% every week, up to his current Soul Integrity. If it is reduced to 0.0%, while his Soul Integrity is above 0.0%, then he will have to generate a new body over a few weeks, the descendants will have a brief reprieve from his onslaught. The September Prince also possess Soul Integrity, which is a measure of how intact his soul happens to be. It can be harmed by attacking his Soul Trees, using artifacts of particular kinds, or using dark magic of a certain type, and of a sufficient tier, during nation attacks. If it is reduced to 0.0%, his soul will be destroyed. Nation Attacks The September Prince possesses a divine armor class, and so only takes damage from siege weapons, high-level magic (every five tiers of a magic possessed by the party grants one attack, you will be required to state the users contributing to the attack), and artifact weapons (message Aesopian over discord with a screenshot of the weapon at least one day before the event, and he will approve/deny it. You'll likely get only one attack using it). When he attacks a nation, you will be expected to use these tools to damage his Body Integrity. If you can reduce it enough, you will be able to drive him off. If you fail, then the region may be partially, or totally, destroyed. Attacks led by the September Prince will consist of both PvE elements, in the form of fighting the September Prince's beasts and minions, and roleplay, in the form of emoting for siege weapons, magic, or artifact weapon attacks. Emotes must be spoken in shout. You do not need to carry artifact items with you in MC, simply sending Aesopian a picture beforehand is adequate. Soul Trees The September Prince is a Tree Lord. This means his soul is tied to a tree, and so long as it exists, even if his physical body is destroyed, he can regenerate. However, the September Prince is also unique, though not for a magical reason (well, mostly non-magical reasons). His tree is the quaking aspen, a species unique in that it can create clonal offshoots of itself. This is where the tree’s roots send up shoots from underground, creating new trees which are genetically identical to the original, connected by a common root system. During his first war in Atlas, September’s root network spanned the entire continent. He had hundreds, perhaps thousands of these clonal trees, which dotted the whole region. These wilted away to nothing while he slept, but the root network still remained. Now that he is awake, they have begun to sprout back up. So long as the root network exists, September is immortal. If it is destroyed, then his soul will be obliterated. The big tree growing out of the Wonkawood isn’t special. Bigness does not equate to specialness. If it died, September would be inconvenienced at best. It would take longer to rebuild his Tree Lord body, since he would have to grow a new birthing tree, but the vast dormant network of roots beneath Atlas would still be there, ready to sprout anew. The health of the root network is represented in his Soul Integrity, a measure of how intact his soul currently is. By destroying the root network, and the soul trees it produces, the descendants can chip away at his soul. Since all creatures regenerate based on their soul blueprint, by destroying September’s soul, he can’t regenerate back to full health -- this is why he can only regenerate his body integrity up to, but not over, his soul integrity. We'll plop down 3 or 4 soul trees around Atlas at a time. When one is destroyed, another will sprout, somewhere. They are identifiable by their emerald green leaves, made of green glass. Parties of four or more are required to initiate combat with the trees. Much like normal soul trees, they require fifth-tier voidal fire, enchanted soul-damaging weapons, or another artifact (message Aesopian on Discord if you have an idea). They can also be destroyed using any other form of fifth-tier voidal evocation, or dark magic of any type. There is a three-day cooldown between attacking trees for a particular party, or the four biggest contributors for a larger party. Remember, holy magics do not harm Tree Lords! To initiate combat with one of these soul trees, message one of the staff listed on the tree. These trees are not defenseless. Autumn Wildwood These are the lands which the September Prince has conquered. Though the descendants can still choose to try inhabiting them, it is a dangerous affair: the beasts of the September Prince roam these places. Occasionally, they will swarm in vast packs, rampaging through settlements established in this territory. Rarely, the September Prince himself may make an appearance. Only the hardiest of sorts can maintain a dwelling in this land. September Items Please find below the item listing for the September Prince's force's items, detailing the relics they offer. This information is considered general knowledge for those who have visited the September Prince's chamber. Speak to the archdruid to exchange goldenleaf for items. Some of these items have restrictions on who can purchase them. To purchase any, you must first buy September's Bond. Some are race-restricted, or restricted behind possession of particular magics. Wonk tokens may be converted into goldenleaf, with three tokens being converted to two goldenleaf. You do not need to keep these items in your inventory, you need only a screenshot of the item with your username as the signed name, by staff. If an item is lost, contact staff to see it returned. We strongly recommend NOT keeping these items in your inventory. The archdruid also sells the typical wonk items. These items are approved by Delmodan and FlamboyantRage. If you have concerns, or suggestions for items, please contact Aesopian (GE#1665). If found on a body or in a chest, these items cannot be used to identify their holder. Gaining Goldenleaf This is not too hard. Take screenshots of your roleplay which benefits the September Prince, and report back to the inner chamber, deep in the village of the wonks, in the wonkawood. Speak there with an ET (listed on an entrance to the chamber) to receive goldenleaf, or message your screenshots to Aesopian over discord for evaluation. You must be bonded to receive goldenleaf after the first is acquired. Currency: Goldenleaf [Leaves]: A leaf taken from September’s soul tree, coated with amber. It glistens with a yellow brilliance. The imprint of a thumb has been made upon it. Items [Item] (Players who can purchase) {Cost}: September’s Bond [Golden Nugget] (All) {1}: The signed name is bound to the September Prince, for as long as he wills it. You cannot unattune others, help to unattune others, or yourself be unattuned. You may travel without issue due to range limitations from natural objects or structures, or due to the unnatural quality of where you are travelling to. You cannot act to harm the September Prince, or his interests. This bond can be broken, but only through secrets. **Death does not free you from the bond. Shapeless and Formless [Clay] (All) {7 or a Name}: You may use this item to totally reshape your appearance, into another of the same race. This effect works a single time per purchase. Unless you OOCly consent, it will be impossible for others to identify you, after you use this item -- it is otherwise meta. You will remain changed, so long as September wills it. **You may pay 7 Goldenleaf up front for this item, or give September your name. Your character completely forgets their name, until seven Goldenleaf is paid to purchase it back. Wisdom of the Ages [Golden Ingot] (Druid) {8}: For every two elven years since your initial attunement, gain one rank in all druidic magics you are already rank five in. This allows for finer manipulation, with only minimal power increase. Additionally, you may now drive passive animals to violence. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Break the Cities [Rose Red] (Druid) {10}: Your blight healing damages processed wood, stone, and metal, at a rate ten percent that of normal, in a radius of thirty meters. Herbs enhanced through your herblore, when consumed by a non-druid magic user, causes powerful nausea, reducing the rank of their magics by one for twenty-four hours. This effect does not stack. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Gracious Prince, Make Aegis Whole [Lapis Lazuli] (Druid) {11}: When you roll to create a soul tree, increase your roll with a modifier of +30. Soul trees made in this fashion permanently destroy the body used for Awakening, have autumnal colors, and produce sap which can be used for Thulean Druidism, with properties as blood. This sap is also present in the Tree Lord. Mushroom Lord [Bonemeal] (Tree Lord) {12}: Your Soul Tree transforms into a mushroom of comparable size, and your Tree Lord body is now composed of chitin, about as tough as wood. You become fond of decaying landscapes, and rot. You may disperse spores, with stats as a spriggan. This items works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Veridian Gift [Lime Dye] (All) {15}: You are transformed into a bryophite. Contact an LT to receive a race-change. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Live for the Trees [Blue Orchids] (Spriggan) {3}: You can no longer be ordered by druids, except for the September Prince. You can sense the pain of trees within one-hundred meters, This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fungimancer [Brown Mushroom] (Spriggan) {9}: You may pick any two of the three effects when casting spore expulsion, and use both at once. Your spores additionally affect a fifteen block radius, instead of ten. Fungus and mushrooms now grow on your body. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Pleasure of Carnage [Rotten Flesh] (Satyr) {6}: You hunger for the flesh of sapient creatures. You can ignore any amount of pain, and your skin takes on a red coloration. Your horns grow coiled, and your strength increases by twenty percent. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Life’s Swansong [Moon Daisy] (Satyr) {6}: You gain one rank of communion and control, while playing music. Additionally, after listening to it for fifteen continuous minutes, other non-fae creatures will experience druidic dissociation, in the form of a sense of well-being, slothfulness, and a strong feeling of oneness with nature. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Freygoth’s Plot [White Tulip] (Shaman) {5}: When your shaman powers cause damage to passive animals or plants, or natural inorganic features, over the next twenty-four krug’s hours, they will be healed back to their normal status. Freygoth has vision through your eyes. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Hoofmind [Skull] (Cervitaur) {6}: You have immunity to illusion and mental magics, but your intelligence is reduced to that of a deer during the magic’s duration. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Grace Eternal [Bone] (Cervitaur) {9}: Your hooves leaving heatless green fire, which burns for three elven minutes, and cleanse the ground directly beneath them of taint, and processed wood, stone, and metal, to a depth of one foot. You cannot be slowed by natural barriers (e.g. mud, or thorns). This item works for the signed name, so long as September will sit. Sprite of Decay [Redstone] (Sprite) {8}: Your coloration shifts to brown, green, and purple. You gain the ability to cast tier one communion and control, or, if targeting fungus, tier two. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Life and Death and Love and Birth [Clock] (Sprite) {5}: If you are slain, and your killer is themselves slain within the next twenty-four elven hours, a flower will sprout from their corpse. It will blossom after ten elven minutes, and you will be reborn from it. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fertilize [Oak Sapling] (Dryad) {3}: You may water your tree with the blood of a slain descendant to gain 15% of their strength, agility, and constitution for twenty-four elven hours. Your skin takes on a reddish hue. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fight My Love [Dirt] (Dryad) {8}: You gain one rank of communion and control within two-hundred meters of your tree. Your tree is immune to non-magical fire damage, and can attack others autonomously by waving its branches at them (strength as Olog). This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Sporekin [Red Mushroom] (Bryophite) {4}: You can vomit a spray of foul-smelling fungal and veridian gunk up at will. If you vomit into the mouth of a descendant for ten seconds, they receive sporophyte infection. This is a painful infection that can only be cleansed by blood magic or life force draining, otherwise they will perish after twenty-four elven hours, leaving behind a sporophyte (plant zombie). You are immune to poisons and venoms. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Ash to Ash [Coal Block] (Bryophite) {6}: If you are burned to death, you may regrow from the ashes over the course of ten elven minutes. You regenerate completely, recovering from any organ damage or lost appendages. You do not experience pain from fire. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Union of Flesh and Wood [Jungle Log] (Spriggan/Dryad Pair) {2}: This item binds a dryad and spriggan, who possess the same tree, together. The dryad and spriggan are in constant telepathic contact, and have the ability to share their senses with each other at will. Fertilize and Fight My Love now also apply to the spriggan companion, if possessed. This item works for the signed names, so long as September wills it. Audience With September [N/A] (All) {7}: Speak to the September Prince. *September's Bond also prevents you from assisting with unattuning others. **Race changes are lost if September ceases to will them. ***Characters who were previously bryophites, upon joining September, may return to being bryophites, without purchasing Veridian Gift.
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    I have no idea what you mean, but probably.
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    Basically, say you had 4 Tier 5 fire evocationists, then you get 4 attacks (20/5=4). If you have 10 tier 3 fire evocationists, you get 6 attacks (30/5=6). If you have 3 tier 2 fire evocationists, you get one attack (6/5=1 rounded down).
  10. ~| THE BATTLE OF SAN'KALA |~ Summer turns to autumn. The September Prince has woken. Now, the true war begins. A body will be born in one elven week. Prepare. Warclaim Side A: The September Prince Side B: Fools and Weaklings Actual Time & Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2PM EST [May be updated in the coming days. Check back soon!] Proposed Rules: All conflict will take place in the normal world. See the spoiler below for further details. Location: Discord: Aesopian (GE#1665) FINALLY. FREE FROM THAT PRISON. NOW, AT LONG LAST, THE WAR CAN BEGIN ANEW. BALANCE CAN BE RESTORED, WHEN ONCE IT WAS BROKEN. ALL THAT YOU HAVE TARNISHED, I WILL REBIRTH IN THE BRIGHT GREEN FLAME. NO MAN SHALL ESCAPE ME. NO PRETENDER-KING SHALL DEFY ME. THE GRASSES. I FEEL THEIR PAIN. ...I THINK I WILL START WITH THESE ONES FIRST. The September Prince has awoken. A great birthing tree has grown out of his amber chrysalis, and will soon generate an avatar. His roots wind underneath Atlas. His soul forest is beginning to spread across the land. While it exists, he is immortal. He will begin again his onslaught of old, and start wiping out the cities and constructions of the descendants, until the whole world is returned to nature. Find body integrity and soul integrity data below. More information is coming.
  11. Aesopian

    The September Prince has Awoken

    The September Prince has awoken. More information is coming.
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    The September Prince has Awoken

    Autumn approaches. Week 1 - July 29th, 2018 Wakefulness: 73.0% Body Integrity: 86.0% A group of spirits disturbed the balance: +2.2% Wakefulness Powersharing was conducted with September this week: +2.0% Wakefulness An unnatural blizzard encased Belvitz: +8.4% Wakefulness March Ash was awoken: +10.0% Wakefulness An attempt was made on September's life this week: +8.0% Wakefulness The druids conducted a grand ritual to suppress September: -30.6% Wakefulness Dimensions were defied: -1.0% Wakefulness Turning of the Seasons: +16.0% Wakefulness Undead attacked a major settlement this week: +1.5% Wakefulness A direwolf was calmed this week: -0.3% Wakefulness A blood sacrifice was made to September this week: +1.0% Wakefulness A black bear was calmed this week: -0.2% Wakefulness Minor blight healing was conducted this week: -3.0% Wakefulness Four Nightmare seeds have been destroyed this week: +16.0% Wakefulness, -4.0% Body Integrity Two Nightmare seeds have been returned this week: -4.0% Wakefulness
  13. ~| The Approach of Autumn |~ The seasons turn. The September Prince's chamber has been unearthed, at [900, 90, -1020]. You know this information ICly. You can find the current stats of the September Prince in the spoiler below. The ancient chamber containing the September Prince has been opened. The stories say that the September Prince was a power, terrible and wicked, who crushed whole nations into tortured cobbles and mud-drowned citadels. He held all the strength of the Aspects, and the world was slave to his command. He was larger than the mountains, and capable of performing feats that would make the druids of today seem little more than gnats. Yet, for some reason, we have found him sleeping. In a chamber below the Wonkawood, within an amber chrysalis, royalty rests. Still, even as the descendants make an effort to pierce the amber shell in which he is encased, the prince remains asleep. After all, this is a magical sleep, not an afternoon nap! It will take much more than the efforts of a few men with swords, and a lack of sense, to wake the September Prince. In addition to the effect of the Turning of the Seasons, which will automatically raise the September Prince's wakefulness by 16.0% each week now that his chamber is opened, you can, yourself, intervene in the waking of the prince. This can take a number of forms. Artifact items, powerful magic, and particular eventlines will all potentially reduce or increase the prince's wakefulness. Should you have access to unique tools, you might be able to harm or heal the prince's body, even while it is still within the amber chrysalis. If you should have a question about whether you can use something, contact Aesopian (GE#1665) over discord, or through a private message on the forums. If you would like to know if an item can be used, please send a screenshot attached to your message. Feel free to organize a time to head over with a group to try something out! The nightmare seeds, strange artifacts which have cropped up over Atlas since the descendants first arrived, seem to have a connection to the September Prince. When brought to his chamber, they become destructible (-1% Body Integrity, +4% Wakefulness), but also display a curious attraction toward the amber shell in which the prince is encased (-2% Wakefulness). "So, this is what you warned them all about. And you knew they would do it anyway?" In the Far Glade, a ghostly man speaks to another figure. While the ghost is calm, the other, who wears a mask made of ashwood, is wringing their hands. "Of course I knew -- I'm not dense. It was as the old frog mani said, this was inevitable. The cat-god's prophecy said just as much. I only pray that they have taken my word to heart, and prepared." The figure masked in ashwood finishes speaking. They stand up, woven-grass cloak billowing in the breeze. The crown of branches they wear around their head crinkles and shakes. "Do you suppose they'll survive?" The ghost speaks slowly, deliberately. "I'd like to think so." "Oh. What of the rat-kind? Or the old lords of the deeproads, and the iron? The violet trees? Or, the great wall in the south, and the last vestiges of humanity's old army? I knew you played it by ear, but I didn't think you'd go that far." "We'll see." Take care, for when the September Prince awakes, for better or worse, this world will be changed. Previous Event.
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    ~| The Approach of Autumn |~ A single word to break the tides, a single king to reign them. From his hands the future hides, the princeling that will chain them. "Diz... diz cannah be." The chieftain of the wonks is squat before a pool in the lowest levels of the caves, his hands clutched around the bottom of his face. It is flush with life, with ornate offerings scattered all around its side-passages. Lilypads float in the still waters, and the dim luminescence of mosses glisten off their scummy surface. Yet, there is one thing missing. A great, colossal frog, which used to occupy the middle of the pond. The princess of peel frogs, a Mani, who protected the wonks when they were in their darkest times. Now, she has vanished, disappeared with nary a trace, and with not a clue as to her whereabouts. "Iz az mi blahed, cheef." says the a wonk warrior, poking the waters with a long stick. The chieftain bats the warrior's staff away. This is no time for levity. They had been celebrating -- it had been a joyous time. Khurmt had just been defeated, and the wonks were free to begin expanding beyond the caves they had occupied for so long. The wonk chieftain had seen the sun dance across the Wonkawood lakes, how wonderful it was in its beauty. He had longed for a free people, and now they were free. Then, their god left them. "Dat tha openin of dah deep gate came... iz no coincidence. She left because of them. How long before the gate fully opens?" "Few weekz, zum months, at most." "Prepare dah ladeez and tadpoles. Soon... we may need to depart." A gust of wind blows across all of Atlas, spreading out from the Wonkawood, smelling of embers, wood, and greenery. The seal on the Deep Gate has been broken, by the actions of the elf Elenora Zytiaear, the human Olgierd, the dwarf Vosirk, and the orc Zhag'Yar. Within the next several elvish days, it will open completely, allowing anyone outside to plunder its depths. And allow what is within, out. Note: You don't ICly know who opened the deep gate. Only that it has happened. WAKE ME