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  1. Ser Hakon Ruric would shake Ragnvald's hand as he entered the Great Hall of the All-Father.
  2. Malgunuz would grunt in approval at this! "Bub'hozh development ihn Haelun'or!"
  3. Freebuild looks terrible and is terrible for creating communities. No freebuild plz
  4. The old red Uruk would chuckle as he waited for the Elves to make a move. "Dey juzt gunna let uz keep flatin' dem. Diz ahm very zad."
  5. Malgunuz would nod as the southern warriors finally had their rightful place among the Horde.
  6. The Horde would begin to amass in Krugmar listening to the address of the Dominus. It was apparent to all that new and old Uruk alike were gathering in alarming frequency within the massive walls of this sacred Goi. It was only a matter of time before these Elves would make their move. With each passing day the Horde continues to grow. Malgunuz would stand atop the gates of Krugmar looking down upon the chosen people of Krug. This was their time.
  7. Malgunuz would wipe the blood from his sword, ash falling from the cactus green in his mouth. He would hear some small men shouting insults as they hid within their keep. The last seven defenders of the keep were unfortunately too craven to face the assembled horde. He looked down the road as Haense escorted the saved princess back to their city. With so many dead ferrymen the gathered horde began to roll their rotting corpses into the river to clear a path back home. "Mi tink dat diz klomp bi ovur. Hozh work every azh dat helped!"
  8. Malgunuz prepares for the Targoth klomp by making a rather large bag of Krugcorn.
  9. Uruk could be seen streaming out of Krugmar in massive numbers. Clearly new and old uruk alike have returned to bolster the warbands of the Horde. Massive siege machines were beginning preparation for the war should Elysium not accept the Rex's demand. A red Uruk would shout from behind the growing WAAAAGH. "UG, ELYZIUM HAZ NUB REKOURZE BUHT TU ZURRENDUR. IHTZ CHOPPIN' TIK!"
  10. Malgunuz would grin at such a statement. "Deez twiggiz fink dey goht zum teefz."
  11. Malgunuz would pour Einar a drink inside of the Krugmar Tavern, congratulating him on his new found position in Norland!
  12. Malgunuz gives a thumbs up to the goblin.
  13. The Sacking of Elysium β€œWe shall beat upon their walls like a drone upon a drum.” -Ar-Borok "The Brown" Akaal, Rex of the Iron’Uzg To any Uruk at the time, another Elysium act of dishonor was never in short supply. These people hadn’t given up their anti-uruk ways, even after several raids and skirmish defeats sustained throughout the course of this ongoing war. You would think being so badly beaten one might learn truth from error. But not these humans. Not Elysium. When the combined WAGH of the Horde reached their opponent, they found them barricaded like sheep within their puny walls. Upon their battlements they found only three capable trebuchets to counter the massive siege engines they brought with them for this legendary assault. The combined might of the Horde looked up to see their task on this glorious day, The Sack of Elysium. It was a city of vile inhabitants that required liberation by the hands of the Horde. Seeing the faces of the defenders all but ensured victory was within reach. The WAGH began preparing the camp for the night. Mighty siege engines of stone lobbers designed and engineered by Clan Ruk, for who else would know various methods to throw rocks at their foe, were fixated right upon the walls of Elysium. They were hastily assembled by goblin siege engineers supplied by Clan Raguk. They picked a hill overlooking the walls of Elysium. Some of these trebuchets were aimed at the lord's keep where the last stand would likely be witnessed. Bronze Elves and High Elves had begun distributing rations, a true logistical achievement implemented after supply lines were stretched in their previous skirmish. Goblins began to bang upon their drums in eerie rhythm, signaling the upcoming onslaught that was about to ensue. At dawn, on the 8th of Sun’s Smile, 76th Year, 2nd Age, the opening volleys of the Horde’s rock lobbers struck the walls of Elysium. Elysium returned in suit with their own crushing storm of boulders towards their trebuchets. Their enemy had gotten the upper hand with their volley knocking out three of their trebuchets. Some appeared to be too hastily assembled as they crumbled apart with the first volley hardly scratching the engine. It would appear that some had malfunctioned as well. The Uruk returned fire, raining down a consistent barrage of stones upon the walls. They would see a corner chunk flail from the adjacent tower that it held. A potential opening… The barrage of Elysium would once more strike another trebuchet, goblins screaming in agony as they were crushed. One of the only casualties of this WAGH so far… The Horde returned fire, raining another crushing storm of rocks down upon the walls of Elysium. A thundering boom would be heard as the Rex rallied the main axe outward from the war camp. Massive ladders were smashed up against the now broken corner of the wall by Hogo Bojo III. He would signal for the Horde to push up. Goblins would begin streaming upward as the central axe began to storm outward from the camp. This was their entrance, their ticket in. The Horde surged forward from the camp, all of them eager to climb the tower and claim the lives of those within. Malgunuz could be seen rallying the right flank of goblin engineers and straggling uruk along the right-side of the wall. Meanwhile Prince Kosher Daesmon rallied the remaining scouts and elven vanguard on the left-side of the wall.. The Rex would walk forward climbing his way over the walls with his forces, leading the charge over the wall with the Horde at his back. It was time to finish the fight. *** With the defenders completely and utterly crushed, the day had been won by the Horde.
  14. Malgunuz would gaze at the burning city as the banners of the Horde danced around outside. Today marked the day of the siege. The long awaited day had come at long last. The red uruk would heft up his sword as he returned to Krugmar to assist with preparing the trebuchets to finally tear the walls of Elysium down. No longer could they hide from Krug's will for no walls can withstand the might of the Horde. "Ouhr trebuchetz will beat upon latz wallz lyk a drone ubbun ah druhm. Bettur fynd a bub'hozh hideeng playze!" Malgunuz would grin as he began pushing the trebuchet he was assigned to the front-lines of the siege.
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