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  1. Malgonious


    Greetings, Your contract has been accepted, will be in contact with you shortly. Humble Regards, Royce Ruric de Frey
  2. Malgonious


    SELLSWORD FOR HIRE To any interested contractors, I am selling my services as a sword and garrison trainer. On the past realm of atlas I had fought many battles against natural and unnatural forces, cutting my teeth as we ventured through the wall to this new land. Currently I have no formal residence or loyalty to any lord or guild. If you'd like to contact me, send a letter to the location stamped below. Regards, Royce Ruric de Frey (Malgonious#9566) OOC: Really struggling to get involved in any sort of rp this map. Haven't found a group that has kept my interest or seemed worth the time investment. I've been barred from about three groups for past things I've rp'd too, just seems disillusioning all together. Willing to join wherever just send me a pm.
  3. Malgonious


    A middle-aged Ireheart makes his way home.
  4. Malgonious

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    Thank you for your time and service to the community Treaty, most people won't say that but truthfully we are all volunteering our time at the end of the day. I hope you keep in touch and don't let this get you down in the end when you move forward and reflect. You made an impact on people whether others disagree or not and that's what you take with you, your actions and the response you received. Not the negativity or toxicity from the community assholes or the staff members that control and sometimes add to it, but the players you made better and happier because you met them. It was good working with you man, honest. all love
  5. Name of your Charter: The Crossroads Owner's Username: Malgonious Owner's Roleplay Name: Malgunuz’Raguk Location (XYZ): Can PM it to reviewer Tier applying for: 100x100 Charter
  6. Malgonious


  7. Malgonious

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Athera → Vailor → Axios those two transition events had some degree of fun and whose to blame? the community for thinking you had some reason for setting a specific date and time, to the lament of some GMT timezones who already miss out on 75% of the server rp? stop wasting peoples time
  8. Malgonious

    Transition Event into Arcas

    I look forward to seeing what is in store for 7.0, I appreciate your apology and openness to fix what was wrong. Glad to hear changes will be made.
  9. Malgonious

    Transition Event into Arcas

    Rematch on Arcas
  10. Malgonious

    Transition Event into Arcas

    My job was not to accept people to the Event Team, never was that role assigned to me. I was to run in-game events and promote rp growth/development in regions previously lacking.
  11. the thick fog chokes and freezez you, get out of it quickly 
  12. Malgonious

    Transition Event into Arcas

    That was god awful. I’m sorry but whoever wrote that ending event I have to assume that it was Xarkly pushing it forward as it was the exact same Vaeyl ending I saw shared with me back in August with zero changes done except a bunch of ET spawning vaeyl knights, and other shitstorms of random mobs.. This sucked. Sygnus_05 = Today at 8:40 PM To sum up what happened to those whom were unable to participate : Everyone started to gather at CT. Then CT was teleported to the End. Then a swarm of Vaeyl knights swarmed CT and started to kill people who couldn't be revived. Next everyone disappeared, besides myself and like 5-6 others, whom were only told to go to Last Hope and to go south. We got to Curon, when everyone was TP'd to the entrance of the Bridge to Last Hope, and when we got to the other side of the bridge, we had to defend the monks trying to open the door. While defending against the Vaeyl knights that laid siege against us, we were given regeneration for 5 seconds. When the door finally opened, it led to a small ice cavern, where a majority of the players were stranded while waiting to be tp'd to some other server; which we never were teleported to. You had to have the entire server teleported across the map three separate times to different locations along the path, forcing everyone then to walk around aimlessly with no context as to anything that's happening. You had nine event actors/builders logged in and that should have been ready to go with some sort of script given to them with at least a basic idea of how they can contribute or help. This is poor leadership on @Treatycole and I’m sorry to out you but you are the director of this team. You are honestly my friend and I understand there is a new Story Team created and that administrator should be equally held responsible for his new teammates... but he obviously had to have okayed this through. This may not fall under his jurisdiction but as far as I know the Story Team director should have some knowledge of this event? I don’t keep up on the politics/ranks of staff as they change every other month, another point is the administrator may even use this as a pushing point for his new inclusive story team project that he now oversees, citing inability in the Event Team when in actuality you’re equally accountable for what happened here tonight. How could you let this event even happen? I would have stopped it as soon as I saw the sheer drop of tps when we all gathered relatively close around a 4x4 square, let alone all of us teleported into 1x1 block space. This was not something that the Event Director and Administrative Director didn’t have ample time to plan, coordinate and prepare for. We’ve known about the transfer to Arcas for quite some time, and have known in the Event Team since about October if I can recall that far. The date for this ending map event was spread around for at least a week prior to my knowledge and to not have so much as a simple script wrote up is deplorable. I expected much better from my old comrades, and I understand more than anyone the pressure and criticism you’re about to all face because of what happened here tonight. To be frank, the regular event team member or builder cannot be held accountable for poor leadership from the top and this is something I’d really like to see addressed. I have high hopes and want to renew my optimism moving into Arcas, and I think this community can definitely say the same. Show a little more effort for the job you volunteer your free-time for, this is a reflection of yourselves and your own innate abilities. This is how the community will remember you after you’re done and gone. Do better. Sidenote: Now I know @ScreamingDingo will reply to this thread citing my past with using PvE as a method to run events but truth be told nothing I have ever ran can be compared to what we’ve all witnessed here tonight. This is poor performance on every level. We can do better.
  13. Malgonious

    For some it was long awaited

    Sad to see you go, hope for only the best in your future friend. Carry on and don’t look back!
  14. If you're looking to get into the Orc rp community, there is a growing conflict that you may wish to take a side or join in on among our community, we encourage you to use this chance to introduce yourself to the role-play of our race.  Add me on discord for more information: Malgonious#9566

  15. Malgonious

    A Father's Lament