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  1. @mittowanna accept my discord friend request?its been almost a week now lmao.  1-month ban for spectating a raid sure is fun!

    1. Luv


      he just got added to the team and he’s a very busy boy why don’t you contact a higher up?

    2. rukio


      Ye, a raid you were fighting in prior and came back to spectate twice, Malg... 

    3. Harold


      Aren’t the team supposed to talk to you before a ban?

  2. hooManZ furh zael.. KUM TUH DA RUZWIK BLARGHZ TU PURCHAZZ HURR HURR -Malgunuz the Old
  3. “hooMan tEMplUr furh zael.. KUM TUH DA RUZWIK BLARGHZ TU PURCHAZZ HURR HURR” -Malgunuz the Old
  4. “Mailgyonuz comfortz Injay Beebee his good friend, there is always next time my frand”
  5. The crisp, night-time air of 15th The Amber Cold. Two figures lurked about the streets of Helena, stalking their prey as they set traps about the city walls. The plan was simple. Steal a woman, bait their guards, and spring the trap! What seemed to be a completely one-sided fight quickly turned south for the Helena Royal Guard-force when they felt the sting of a cold iron gate seperate their forces. The sound of clanking boots above them as an Ork-Drop-Shock-Trooper bounded down from the gate controls upon them, the trap being sprung! It was all too late, the Sky-God powers the last surviving defender seemed to wield had faded as the two Uruk turned to face the Imperial Guard. Fate was unkind to the Empire on this day, as they made out with a fresh caravan of bread, sugar, wheat and armaments from Adria.
  6. Malgunuz plants the banner of Raguk into the soils of Haelunor. "Tuh mi bruddaz, da tik fur WAGH hab kum."
  7. Malgunuz the Old, along with his compadres in Ruswick, hear of the declaration of war from the Silver City of White Elves. A war horn is blown as they assemble, raiding to sack the beautiful hamlet of Ruswick. Unfortunately for the High Elves, they had just finished breakfast. @Ankan ”We’re ready to discuss the terms of surrender D : !!!!”
  8. Ser Hakon would smile the sun’s smile down upon the elf from Valkyria.
  9. A descendant of Frey would watch the battle from afar, a smile across the Norlander’s face.
  10. Thanks for the honest feedback. Will keep this in mind in future videos. (No sarcasm intended)
  11. An old Uruk’s first-hand accounts of what actually happened on 10/1/2019, the bloodiest day in Orenian military history. . . warning: these scenes are graphic and violent, do not watch if you are a young child at home with ma and pa
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