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  1. Hits all too close to home :'( https://gyazo.com/5c067fcb594acee3289b8b2891b68283
  2. bedwars merritime fun
  3. An inspirational speech,
  4. ts41.gameservers.com:9228
  5. The events circling my ban are irrelevant to this post moving forward, my own personal opinion, stance, and statements had already been made to the administrative team, and they chose they didn’t like what I had to say, extending my ban to June 2017. I ask for a permanent ban following this address, as I truly do not wish to return after this departure. This is my final good-bye, wholeheartedly. A Final Address to the Community of Lord of the Craft I have no interest in returning the Lord of the Craft, it’s time I moved on with my life as most sane individuals would at my point… To say I hadn’t enjoyed the experience the community had to offer would be a lie, this community however broken, fragmented and warped it can seem at times, has a whole lot of good behind it. There are people who actually care, people who don’t actually care, and then there are people who hold the power to make change. Too often than not, we have the latter two end up in the offices of Administration and Change for your community, people elected from exclusive friend circles that only a sufficient amount of pandering will get you a spot on their exclusive mineman staff teams. As an Event Team member, I had screwed up and lost the only chance I really had to connect with the community on a deeper sense than just a face-level individual exposed to our world as a whole. But I didn’t lose sight of what I truly discovered during my tenure. The community, however bad it may seem, always has these pockets of hope. These people who are truly trying to change, to make things better, and continue forward as players hoping to better the community they interact with. Even now I struggle to find those small beams of light in my final reflection on the server… but I know they’re there. They were there when I started, when I first had that same excitement and drive to discover. They were there when I served as an ET, and they are going to be there after my departure from this server entirely… there's hope for this community, it however lies with the playerbase to make change, to work the pre-existing channels in a hopeful attempt of making something better, to make something good from a plethora of bad. I wish the individual that attempts such a feat better luck than I had. I was very prone to mistakes along the way, I used Lord of the Craft as a tool to grow up and discover that I had some sense of individuality. A place to go to. A nice home away from home. I appreciate you all, thanks for the fun times. Wouldn’t trade them for nothin’. -Malgonious My Noteworthy Characters Zagoth Un’kai - My first character, a Dark Elf mercenary working under the Duchy of Polaris. He ran a guild, the Covenant of Mar, of which was later decimated once they decided to vassalize to the Uruk. Zagoth fell prey to illness and was never revived. Malgunuz - My second “leader” character, created the Raguk alongside nickofwar & NJBB. Despite the hectic bans, and weird transpirings of our clan, when we were all working together and actively enjoying the RP, it was some of the best I’ve had. My return to this character was that of a climb to Rex, combining with the Ram Hordes against the Orenian War-Machine, only to be abducted by the Sky Gods and forced to watch his son, brothers and nation fall to ruin. He died in the Asulian Jungles in a duel with Akello the Mistwalker. Ser Hakon Ruric - My third “leader” character, an orenian Knight fallen to the dark dreadlandic banner. Fell prey to illness following the Fall of Vilachia and the attempted Republic, leaving his banners to Arytom Ruric, his nephew. He remains in comatose in a Dreadlandic tent, likely a vegetable forever. Ser Baldur the Black - My attempt at reviving Norland, I did a lot on this character and I truly felt Baldur represented what I wanted for a character ending. He did a lot of bad to his enemies, and was taken down by a retinue of Lefty’s, avenging the murder of Algoda Frostbeard at his hands. I enjoyed the chance to help Oren in it’s last few battles, it was an interesting albeit strange turn of events, and I made amends with a lot of people. I appreciate the opportunity. Jyor Volaren - My last character. I never had a chance to really flesh him out, there's a lot of what could-have beens. All-and-all, the Robin is on the move. Special Mentions To: NJBB To: Pyro To: Deano, Prof, Narthok To: Norlanders, Storm-Swords, Raguks, Black Legion, etc If you failed to receive a special mention, dont take it personally. This was already hard enough to write as is. I'll miss you all, best of luck in all you do.
  6. @Amorphbutt
  7. As the faction "Turkin" have officially abolished themselves and reformed as a different group, this WC is obviously null.
  8. Set the man up with a green tag. +1
  9. "Only the strongest are Grimlee."
  10. "Kerwyr.." Jyor Volaren would look at the felled Frostbeard banners, litering the wagon yard. "This does not end here.. why would you do this.." Jyor would curse.
  11. In a hurried and frantic pace the scene would open to the Rurikguard slaughtering the Black Legion in an open combat, with hundreds of soldiers clashing in mild skirmishes across the heartland roadside until we see Baldur and the remaining legionnaires hurriedly flee the scene, with the remnants scattering. Upon the decimation of one such routed, an odd letter would be found within his belongings, as he carried very light armour and seemed to be that of a messenger. The letter was given to the young Immortal Jyor Volaren, of which he disregarded until this particular day of spring cleaning... The letter was swiftly mailed to the Jarl Erik Reyurnt upon discovery. To my dearest, my beloved, my brothers, Perhaps this is a chance to explain myself, or better yet a vacuum to fill with excuse, to differentiate the two I cannot loyal coz. To my kinsmen that are scared within our steep walls of Ostermark, do not fret. You are safe. I had hidden you away, and removed you of your imperial dogma you obtained naturally when you called me your Jarl. To appoint Erik, a natural bipartisan to both imperialism and rebellion, was the wisest choice I could make. He could still keep both alive, should the war have gone either way to ensure you safety... I curse myself everyday that I go without seeing the rolling hills of my home. My heart aches and yearns for the honeyed breads of the Grimlee Manor, the warmed ale from the roaring fire, stark red mutton to fill your senses with excitement... The brothers and sisters who I shall likely never again see. My tears fall upon deaf ears in this heartland study, they know not the desire for home, I plead the All-father send me back every-night but... I cannot leave. My duty to the cause, to the people, and to everyone I've involved. I know my fate is sealed here. Before I left, I had hidden away the remaining two Hammers of Fable, one deep into the White Mountain, the second beneath the Great Hall of Ostermark, underneath the bosom of the sleeping Basilisk Lord that dominates our undercity. Recover your two great-weapons, and return Ostermark to the Age of Heroes it was always meant to hold... Do not forget me brothers, for my love for you was, and shall be eternally so... Your Brother, Baldur
  12. Attached and pinned in many different places and directions to the board would be the many requests of the Taskmasters, the officer branch of the Rurikguard and Ruric Court. You may choose to apply for a specific task below, and you shall be assigned a Taskmaster, due date, and additional information required. The Board of Rurikguard Affairs Board of War Slay a Turkin Raider - The Turkin have plagued our people for years upon our Holy Wars declaration, it's upto you to champion the Will of Fadr, and take the fight to them. [Reward: 2 Marks each] War Donation - The spoils of war are often times plentiful as a follower of Fadr, use this chance to give back a swath of your wealth to the armoury of your Rurikid hosts. [Reward: 1 Mark per 16 repossessed armaments donated] Slay a Gnoll - The gnoll raiders coming from the Svenheld Basion have assailed the Grimlee Farmstead one too many times, take some men out there and see to it they're never to strike the Grimlee's property again, in the name of our Prince. [Reward: 1 Mark each] Kill Gren the Giant [4] - The raider hill-tribes of the Svenheld Basion have been stirring issue among the humble folk of Ostermark. It is said they are led by a drive to plunder the road's populace, and have made a fortune harassing the farm folk tending the crops. You are to launch a full-scale assault along with three other warriors against these barbarian pests whose camp will fall to your might! [Reward: Insignia of the All-father] Board of Progress Relic Recovery - The relics of the past have long since been scattered and tossed to the wind. Should you obtain a true relic or item of sparking interest, you may report it to the Warmaster for a Mark, should it hold value. [Reward: 1 Mark] Culture Attunement - The steward of our High Prince has formally declared a wide-spread urgancy towards spreading Norlandic Culture, by doing so in the form of (Forum-Posts, Wiki Updates, and In-Game Texts), you will be rewarded for well-done and polished works. [Reward: 2 Marks] Recruitment [1] - The warmaster has called for a pitched effort by all mannerisms towards recruiting. Should you recruit a lad of fine stock, report such to the Warmaster and present him with uniform and proper documentation for compensation. [Reward: 1 Mark] Board of Harvest (wip) Application Mission Name: IGN(s) of Users joining you in said Mission: Time requested to have said Mission: Skype of the Mission's leader:
  13. I'm ready for at least seven sequels and two remasters
  14. It's a +1 From me!
  15. Down with Raid Timers, Raid Cap Increases!