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  1. Vaelor would offer a curt nod to his Head Steward, "I believe this man speaks for all of us when news of your statement reached our council. Vira'ker demands it's apology for this transgression upon us, only then may we heed further words of a foreign entity. We must protect our youth by all means necessary bound to the Council. Yours is not the path we will deliver our future generation upon."
  2. There will be no peace as long as you bend for the Humans. Abolish your pact with them and we will see about restoring the Mali to their former glory. That is all.
  3. Vaelor would let his gaze set out across Arcas from atop Vira'ker. A look of determination was upon the youth's brow as he turned to his fellow Mali'ker atop the gardens. "We must call all our clans home... I wish to see the faces of my people." Vaelor would state to those gathered upon news of the abdication by his parents. He saw his loyal friends and longtime mentors of his youth all rallied to answer the plea of the young boy-prince. "We must move forward, only forward will we find the courage to claim our destiny from ages past. Stand by me my council and we will see our generation prosper into something never before seen! This I promise as your Prince." Vaelor would raise his weary hand, his injury still taking toll on his stamina as he stood from his seat. "I would give my life just as my parents would for this place. That is why I was brought into this world, this is my fate... To protect our home." Vaelor would sit back down into his wheelchair nodding to the regency council as he was returned to the overlook.
  4. Doran Ruric would receive word of the tumultuous infighting of his brethren, having distanced himself from the family, grieving over the loss of his younger brother. He would be relieved to not be a part of this Norland for he would not bend over to the Renatian overlords like his counterparts. “Not I,” stated Doran as he continued exploring the vast worlds of Arcas with a solemn demeanor.
  5. Vaelor would file this beautiful work of scripture in his personal library.
  6. Vaelor would smile reading the poem as he sat upon his wheel chair, his gaze outward on the shimmering seas.
  7. Amen brother.
  8. "Blood for the Half Men," Vaelor would state as he gazed atop Vira'ker, the wheel chaired elf smiling the sun's smile.
  9. Great work!
  10. Vaelor would sit in his wheel chair staring out at the sea, his gaze fixated upon the clouded waters. "Father.. it has come. Send your men."
  11. The only traitor I see is you, remarked a disgruntled Rurikid. The Edvards continue to plague our lineage, born of serpent and snakes... one day the Eirikssons will return and that will be your judgement. The Freyssons will be redeemed.
  12. Somewhere far away, Doran looks across the sea towards nothing. Almost as if he heard a voice call out he snapped his head back towards the direction of home. A shake of his head, and a return of his focus. He would continue working on his book, pulling the sail of his small vessel down as he waded in the brimey uncharted waters of the Dragon's Sea.
  13. Malgonious


    Cant help when you’re barred from even joining back on as a regular member by the inactive administration
  14. Upon reviewing the documents posted by the Imperials, the Seventh Sons offer their contract to Fenn. It would seem there was fright among the heartlands and more raiding to be done. Doran would smile the sun's smile. "Be seeing you soon, little brother."
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