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  1. I aient a noob baby

  2. looking for a local wizard to teach me how to wield magic

    1. Hero_


      lvl 4 mage looking to cast frostbolt

    2. _Jandy_
  3. fuming after that new ******* Game Shakers episode

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lord Sagan

      Lord Sagan

      god bless that picture

    3. PoliceAli


      watch out, I think you can get a warning point for leaking that pic of pando.

    4. ImperialRoyalist


      Lovely. Nice to see a show that has such a diverse cast. Like, a meatball? Nice.

  4. Fact is, Defender Default is the only balance this server has ever found to moderately appease both PvP'ers and RP'ers. It caters to both parties without really putting a hindrance on another, its fair, and its probably whats gunna stay.
  5. Hakon Ruric stands ready to become the first Red Archon of Norland
  6. Malgunuz would rally to Wud's side, prepared to take on the flay alts of the Uzg.
  7. Malgunuz would head for the War Uzg to press his claim, smiling a toothy smile @Wurzik
  8. @[email protected]@Charlemagne
    1. Fuze


      Ill have to play this on my way to work, just got my new sound system. **** shakes the whole neighborhood.

  9. norland.teamspeak3.com <-ts
  10. I support this individual along with wolfdwg for ET, he's got the mind mettle and reasoning for the position, suit him up Rockstar
  11. Hope everyone has a nice night!