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  1. or maybe just stop taking **** so seriously, it's all fun and memes. No one's having their feelings hurt by a little mineman forum banter, if anything your attitude is more detrimental in making an active whiteknight effort to silence others, dude seriously its all good we're all good, calm down.
  2. : ) Adalwulf Horen smiles the sun's smile.
  3. Adalwulf makes an :O face.
  4. Coming 4 ur pixels and ur life squirt
  5. n o r l a n d i c c u l t u r e
  6. Norland needs you!  Enlist into the Ashguard today, fight for your Kingdom!

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      Why does Norland need more members? Did some of the 101st meta-squadron get hit by the banhammer :megustacreepy:

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  7. The best choice, infinitely +1
  8. Minecraft Name: Malgonious, bubblyoneSkype ID: wyrmrestedTime-zone: ESTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I have held ETWhere do you grab inspiration from: I get a lot of my early inspiration from playing Everquest 99', and from World of Warcraft. Both had huge influences on me, and inspired me to further my knowledge of mulitple fantasy settings.What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Malgunuz,Adalwulf, Ser Hakon, JyorWhat race, or group, do your events best cater to: I don't really try to cater to a specific group, rather I run events for those who desire them, I don't believe in forced events. I don't really try to cater to a specific group, rather I run events for those who desire them, I don't believe in forced events.What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: Key factors for an event are as follows: An attempted appeal to what the group scenario calls for. Apply your event in mind to the group, change it to benefit or drawback the group, but overall ensure the group is having fun. Ensure the event is appropriate, certain groups wouldn't appreciate being harassed consistently, or being openly aggressed on by an ET. Don't force events, cater to the player's wants and desires. Work towards including everyone's talents. What strengths would you bring to the team: My strengths that I bring to the table is an investment of my own time into my events. I work towards bettering my events based off the experiences I gain from running them for players. I figure out what works, and what doesnt for the different demographic you can run events for. Certain groups that enjoy PvP may appreciate a pvp element added to their event, or perhaps someone affluent with magic might really appreciate the chance to show off their trade in front of their companions, and feel relevant and important to group progression.Why do you want to be part of the team: I wish to rejoin the ED as I feel my time was cut short upon my initial ban. Running events for this community was probably the most rewarding thing I could've done in a long ass time, and I really want to experience that connection I had to the community once more. As it stands, it's been really hard to join any existing RP group as there's a stigma behind my name, and I'd really like to use the opportunity as an ET to show my ability to RP and do good for this community.Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: Event Line (3): The Minotaur's Challenge A stalwart minotaur stands before your companions as you made your way up the mountain pass. "Halt brave adventurers! If you dare step a foot closer, you shall embark upon my task at hand. I am to storm this fortress, and clear the dark incantation that lurks within! Should you aide me, I shall grant each of you a treasure from my pouch," the Minotaur's massive hand would pat the huge sack, signalling you forward. The group would choose to either embark or depart, this event assumes the group chooses to aide. Segment I: The Queen's Corsair Upon entry to the darkened fortress, a deep cackle would resound as your Minotaur guardian lurches forward into the main hall. The laugh would begin to echo in strange places as a material form would appear on the second floor, up the northern stairwell peering down upon the main hall, your assembly beckoning forward. "You've come without invitation," the strange silhouette would writhe it's fingers as it grasps a orb tightly in it's palm, illuminating the room with a dark blue radiance. "The Queen shall not be pleased with such intrusion!" The figure would lurch forward, it's appearance being that of a massive Dark Elf dawned in steel armaents, it's claymore attempting to cleave the massive Minotaur, however the Minotaur's battle-axe would push forward, breaking the Corsair's stance! As he's pushed back, he would begin to fragment, creating illusions of himself to face the group and eventually being defeated through the sheer numbers and willpower as well as assets of the collective. Segment II: The Queen's Court Defeating the Queen's Corsair would bring you forward, deeper into the fortress as you embark upon the task of locating the heart of the dark magic at hand. You will investigate many rooms and corridors with simple treasures and hints that would eventually lead you to the mechanism that unseals the Courtroom. Upon entry, you'd find yourself walking around a secured Garden, with many Ethereal Creatures and Undead protecting the hallowed earth. Through sheer strength, you bring yourself to break into the Royal Throneroom, bringing you face to face with the Lich that dominated the hallowed fortress that was her tomb. She hands her phylactery to her Butler as he scurries off behind the throne, perhaps out a secret exit as her Three Knights of Pale Hallow step forth from the shadows, ready to bear down upon you with the added might of the Lich's Spellbook. As your collective defeat her Knights, the Lich becomes agitated, reanimating them to attack you as Ghouls, this time they're frenzied, but much easier to knock down. As her anger further ensues, she begins her Banshee Wail, summoning the dead you'd slain from the Garden to rush your behind as she rampages through your front, forcing your group into a two-way deadlock of which you must fight tooth and nail to prevail. Upon defeat of the Lich and her armies, her soul would be seen disappating northward, down the stairwell her Butler escaped. Segment III: The Butler's Labyrinth Upon entry to the secret tunnel, having solved the Butler's Riddle you approach what would appear to be a tinge of parkour. As you're attempting it however, the Queen's loyalists would hinder your advancement on the Butler's location. Through sheer force and speed, you eventually find him sealed within a magical barrier, of which you'll need to dispel by either solving a puzzle, or using magical attacking spells to break the seal. Once broken, you see the Butler has become the Lich's Host, absorbing the Phylactery into his inner being, taking on the powers of the Lich herself. He would prove to be a powerful adversary, however it would appear his creations he summons to face the group disobey him due to the weak link between him and the Lich, his powers failing, the group eventually topples him with the Minotaur's aide, and the Fortress's Curse is broken. The Minotaur gives an item relevant to each of the participant that would aide them in some manner, I'd base this based off of our continued event line.How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: As long as my service is required and accepted.Tell me a joke: There are no jokes, only warning points for the brave and bold. Sidenote: I have done extensive work in both the Dwarven Military Legions as well as my own rendition of an Orenian Legion dubbed, The Black Legion, come the end of the Axiot War. Below is a mission board, of which I had RP posts that would add onto the story of our battle, and from the battle generate new missions that could be completed. A sort've interactive Bounty Board, if you would.
  9. Solution A sounds like the way to go.
  10. Bored?  Feel like there's nowhere to go or nothing to do?  Depressed because your liege Lord just can't seem to stop going afk in his castle with that elf that arrived last week?  Well wallow no longer poor soul, the Ashguard is recruiting today!  Fill your idle time with friends and duty!  Talk to real people! (not just that strange dark elf that everyone avoids that lives on the outskirts of town!) Join today!

  11. Reserved.
  12. Adalwulf Horen quickly pens a response to the Bounty Board; "I will dispatch eight of my finest guardsman to carry out this operation. We seek no reward, only the justice and honor of keeping the peace of the realm. Please coordinate me a time for such an action to carry-out."
  13. Adalwulf smiles atop the hill victorious with his Dwarf, Uruk, and Verisian alies. "Times change.. a new age of peace is just on the horizon . ."
  14. "Disgusting, these low-lifes would strike one of our own when all we wanted were answers..." Adalwulf would spit upon the dirt outside of Mardon as they depart the chaos.