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  1. “A most tragic tale”.. Remarks Doran Ruric.
  2. The Boar Head’s Tavern Nestled in the crest of the Under-City of Ruswick, the Boar’s Head Tavern sits at the very heart of the city. Adjacent to the fabled Black Market of Ruswick, the Inn sports a wide variety of activities for tavern-goes to participate in. Some of those are listed below. Gambling Gambling is allowed and even encouraged within the confines of the Boar’s Head Inn. While normally you would need a Gambler’s License issued by the Crown of Labdacus, you will not need such an item within the Boar’s Head Inn. The most popular gambling activity is named “Jubilant Jack”, a Ruswick adapted version of another popular activity, “Black Jack”. The game itself was named after a good friend of the dealer, whom would always be gambling whenever he had time. The rules are simple. To whom would be the first to start, would grab a card out of a custom made deck. The card would have the number 1-10 on the front with fancy designs on the back. To win the game, you’d have to beat the dealer, not your friends whom might be playing. If the dealer were to bust, you get extra minae! Though, if you’d lose and bust, the dealer keeps all of the minae for his greedy self. Simple right? It’s a game that’s mainly focused on luck, so all is fair game unless you’d cheat in some way. If you were to actually win, you would gain yourself 2x of the minae that you bidded to begin with. Let’s talk about bidding, forsay a person bids 50 minae. You have three choices, fold (To back out of the game overall), Meet (To meet the person’s bid, in the example, 50), and Bid Higher (Self Explanatory). (More Gambling Attractions such as Brawling, Chess, and more are to be added!) Food and Drinks Drinks: Southern Moonshine: A strong brew made from Barley grown on Queen's Isle, this drink is brewed specifically for getting someone drunk quickly. Gilded Ale: A drink made to quench the thirst of the masses, this brew contains wheat left to distill in wooden barrels. A faint bitter taste can be detected. Pure Vodka: Made with fermented sugars, this brew is made to get someone satisfactorily drunk in a sitting. Red Wine: Fermented with grapes from the Ashen Vineyard (Needs to be built), this drink was made to be a light brew that gives a fine aftertaste. Food: Rabbit Stew: A hearty stew made with Carrots, potatoes, rabbit, and mushrooms, this meal is sure to fill the belly of any weary traveler. Mushroom Soup: A nice creamy broth with chunks of mushroom in it.(edited) Beetroot Soup: A broth made from beetroots, this meal is cheaply made and cheaply sold. Warm Bread: A nice loaf of fresh bread, having a firm crust and a soft crumb (inner part of bread). Wild Boar: A generous slice of prime quality meat, being from wild boars, freshly killed, and served. Pumpkin Pie: Made from locally sourced ingredients, this Pie is made with Pumpkin innards mixed into a fine purée, eggs and a generous handful of sugar. Roast Chicken: Free Range Chicken roasted over a slow fire to a delicious golden brown. Rooms for Rent At the Boar’s Head Inn many a weary traveller make their way into the warm, cozy, fire-lit tavern seeking a nice refreshing end to their day. Here in the safety of the Under-City of Ruswick, we have many a room for rent by the bed-yearning traveller. Rent is 50 mina per saint day. This includes a bed, locked chest, and meal delivered to you at a time of your own choosing, per saint day. Weekly Tavern Event (Nov 21 7pm est): Tavern Brawl - A 1v1 bout of fisticuffs. Winner gets 500 minae and a rare sword forged by Grimlee Armour and Steel co. All those that wish to sign up contact one of the Barkeeper's to add their name into the rumble. (LG_S, Nezuky, Malgonious, Twodiks) We are hiring! We are currently seeking Barkeepers, Servers, Bar-Maidens and Innkeepers to manage room service. ((NOTE: Times of high activity are between 5-7 pm EST on weekdays and more frequent on weekends.)) Application: IGN: Current Place of Residence: Will you require housing outside of the Tavern: Your times of activity:
  3. Andrew Owyn nods upon receiving the news, adding such an amendment into his battle plan. "This is good news, momentum shall be maintained." He would remark to his advising council.
  4. @GodEmperorFlam please for the love of God resign nobody thinks you're doing a good job.  Pass the torch already your worthlessness is rubbing off on the other staff.  Monkey see monkey do

    1. Mj.


      You got him good, secrecyT

    2. rukio


      I hate when Malg n me agree

    3. GodEmperorFlam
  5. Andrew Owyn continued to receive reports of his countrymen being slain by the AIS. His journey would require him stay course for twelve more saint days, his ship full of his father’s banner-men to map the world at the bequest of the Emperor. Would there be an Empire left to defend when he returned home? He knew not. Only time would show. ”Such an unsettling feeling,” remarked the young man. “God be with us.” -x-
  6. Andrew Owyn prepares his belongings to head towards the Haense war-front.
  7. Doran Ruric finally gives a thumbs up to his kin. “All-Father guide you all in the trials to come, you’ve made your ancestors proud at long last.”
  8. @mittowanna accept my discord friend request?its been almost a week now lmao.  1-month ban for spectating a raid sure is fun!

    1. Luv


      he just got added to the team and he’s a very busy boy why don’t you contact a higher up?

    2. rukio


      Ye, a raid you were fighting in prior and came back to spectate twice, Malg... 

    3. Harold


      Aren’t the team supposed to talk to you before a ban?

  9. hooManZ furh zael.. KUM TUH DA RUZWIK BLARGHZ TU PURCHAZZ HURR HURR -Malgunuz the Old
  10. “hooMan tEMplUr furh zael.. KUM TUH DA RUZWIK BLARGHZ TU PURCHAZZ HURR HURR” -Malgunuz the Old
  11. “Mailgyonuz comfortz Injay Beebee his good friend, there is always next time my frand”
  12. The crisp, night-time air of 15th The Amber Cold. Two figures lurked about the streets of Helena, stalking their prey as they set traps about the city walls. The plan was simple. Steal a woman, bait their guards, and spring the trap! What seemed to be a completely one-sided fight quickly turned south for the Helena Royal Guard-force when they felt the sting of a cold iron gate seperate their forces. The sound of clanking boots above them as an Ork-Drop-Shock-Trooper bounded down from the gate controls upon them, the trap being sprung! It was all too late, the Sky-God powers the last surviving defender seemed to wield had faded as the two Uruk turned to face the Imperial Guard. Fate was unkind to the Empire on this day, as they made out with a fresh caravan of bread, sugar, wheat and armaments from Adria.
  13. Malgunuz plants the banner of Raguk into the soils of Haelunor. "Tuh mi bruddaz, da tik fur WAGH hab kum."
  14. Malgunuz the Old, along with his compadres in Ruswick, hear of the declaration of war from the Silver City of White Elves. A war horn is blown as they assemble, raiding to sack the beautiful hamlet of Ruswick. Unfortunately for the High Elves, they had just finished breakfast. @Ankan ”We’re ready to discuss the terms of surrender D : !!!!”
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