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  1. Malgonious

    Rule Proposal

  2. Malgonious

    seannie's Event Team Actor application

    Excellently done application, will be in touch shortly.
  3. How to make LoTC Great Again: A three-step program Be less anal with your moderation. Instead of placing such harsh bans on repeat offenders, just give them a 2-4 week ban with a villiany blacklist when they return that is extended dependent on if they show change. Let’s face it here, Minecraft as a game isn’t really showing growth which in turn means our community will see the same effect. While people don’t necessarily play LoTC for Minecraft, it is our base platform and I think further alienating people that actually provide RP OR PvP encounters isn’t the way to go about retaining our base. This applies to all currently banned players. Develop a system for people facing extensive bans to receive a trial period back onto the server to show change. From this trial, either shorten or remove their ban based on their behavior and the RP they provided. If they continue to be a toxic shithead then of course revoke their pass, but if they show legitimate change then let them back on. Look how many times I was banned and how long it took me to actually make any sort of change in who I was in a person, this isn’t because I learned my lesson after my eighth or twenty-second ban this is because I matured as a human being due to real-life experiences and figured out what the community meant to me... that all just takes time and if this server truly doesn’t mean **** to someone whose banned, they wont come back. Put much, MUCH more emphasis on solving issues with Role-play rather than Rule-play. The rules serve as a guide to protect and ensure a friendly-environment but if we truly think down to what they’re actually doing, it kills dynamics to our server. This is a living world that should have a sense of fluidity to allow players to really be or do what they want. This applies to combat, raiding, war, thievery, land, everything that could potentially be something a player could interact with and change due to his/her own actions should not be further infringed on by a set of strict guide-lines that this current staff iteration continues to try and push forward. I cant stress this enough, people say they are reminiscent of this Anthos period or this or that time when things were better.. I’m telling you straight up loosening your noose on the rules will create a more positive experience for the world, not necessarily every player encounter but for the WORLD itself. Not every encounter you face should be fun and entertaining, you login because this is a separate world from your own and you can be affected by it in any way imaginable... the players make the choices and decide what to do.. and that is the true definition of Role-play.
  4. Malgonious

    The problem with the Empire

    Role-play is role-play. The Empire should exist because it’s willed into the world by the people inhabiting it, its a creation of the players. You can say zzz stagnant empire but if that’s really the case then something else will pop up to take it down. If it’s not, then it will continue it’s infinite cycle. The Empire has died before, I’m sure it could, can and will die again. No reason to make an OOC post about a Role-play issue, solve it with Role-play.
  5. Malgonious

    [Pending]ScreamingDingo's Lore Master Application

    Most toxic player I’ve met since the flay-playerbase. Will do nothing for this team or any other he applies for, -1 all the way
  6. Malgonious

    Uprising: Rebirth

    Uprising: Rebirth Dark was the day that came upon the Yatl Wasteland. Sorrowful the land was that once churned with spring blossoms and summer dandelions, the cold having taken all that once was, buried beneath a blanket of frost and a sheet of snow. From the bitter cold emerged a collective of figured cloaked in a ever-present shadow, lurking through the ice storm that pelted against their woolen cloaks, freezing them through whatever attempt they had made to keep warm. “How much further must weh heft t’is package, Aragon? Meh stomac’ aches.. This cold.. It has chilled meh tuh the vereh bone!” A walking reanimation of a faceless dwarf would tread forward, his torn green kilt rubbing against the frost-covered snowdrift they strode upon. “Not much further now.. We have entered the bleakest point in our journey, Belgor..” Aragon would state, his blue hazed eyes closing as they walked through an ancient stone archway, proceeding into what would appear to be an old fortress.. Within the possession of the two would be a coffin entwined with twigs and vines strung together with a coarse rope upon a sled, begrudging the reanimation pulled and pulled as they entered an area with a sky as black as could be.. Through a pale stone-gate they strode into.. Walking out into an opening blanket of snow. Aragon stopped as he came into communion with another figure who stood awaiting their arrival, a dwarf whose skin had turned a dark grey, his eyes bleak and filled with sorrow as the two approached him.. The dwarf’s eyes shifted to the coffin, shaking his head. “Another one..” the old dwed would sigh as he turned his back, leading the two onward as the sled continued its trek forward.. Their journey almost coming to a conclusion as the maddening whispers and distant screams could be heard the closer they got to their destination.. Black tendrils would be seen writhing and rumbling as they moved around, blatantly aware of the descendants arrival, almost as if to be leading them forward to what they approached. “For so long.. The descendants have sinned..” a voice would echo across the black sky, the air becoming thicker and clouded as if a thick fog overtook them as they approached… “You shall heed my words.. For they are the truth..” the voice would boom, the three flinching as the coffin would suddenly be ripped into the air, a tendril wrapped around the package, tearing apart the lid of the object. “The Lords and Gods of your kind.. Complete disregard for what you sow..” a living creature would be seen struggling in the tendrils enwrapture, being slammed against the ground as she fought, the ice denting and the fog increasing in thickness.. The ground shook as the voice once more heeded. “If you will not hear the truth, you shall see.. Sunflower of Malin..” The elf would be released from the tendrils grip.. Her tenacity paramount to who she was fundamentally as she stood before what she understood not. “Your hour has come.. The time of rebirth is upon this world.. And you shall be one of my most treasured instruments.” Memories and visions would flicker across her mind as she stood there overwhelmed, the infestation setting root as her eyes slowly lost their light.. A carapace overtaking her figure as she stood there observing what would be her timely end.
  7. Malgonious

    Crim_Crim's Event Team Actor application

    +1 from me, you seem to be in good touch with the community and have your base in check. Will be in touch. (Suggestion: Add more depth your event proposals for better results ! )
  8. Malgonious

    RancidHound's Event Team Actor application

    You would easily be a potential candidate if you put an ounce of effort into your app. try again
  9. Malgonious

    [Accepted] cruzazul8's Event Team Actor application

    100% support this applicant for the team. His dedication to the community and it’s betterment has been evident throughout his years playing this server. Will be in touch.
  10. Malgonious

    [Accepted] JakobiWitness, originally Axlrose4078's Event Team Actor application

    +1 from my end, quality candidate. We'll be in touch sir
  11. Malgonious

    To all citizens of Nordengrad

    Svarr Grimlee would stand behind Ulric Grimlee on all manners and affairs of the realm. *** Mar Volaren would offer his condolences and desires council with the recently retired mayor.
  12. Malgonious

    Decree of Dissent

    Svarr Grimlee would back his father Ulric Grimlee in all matters and affairs. *** Mar Volaren would abstain from interacting with this decree.
  13. Malgonious

    DURBURZ-MAU-ULRAH [Kaz'Ulrah/Krugmar Tourney]

    Malgunuz’Raguk stands beside his kin, his war cleaver in hand. He was ready for one last fight, to protect the future that he couldn’t before. ”...”
  14. Finally someone I can get behind that will have an actual direction for this community. +1 these are good times to be in.
  15. Malgonious

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Sigrid, "Dead-Eye," Grimlee Clan: Grimleee Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Ulric Grimlee Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid Arden