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  1. [*] [*] [*] [*] Quest: Assemble the Red Scroll of Fortitude (Legendary) Details: The Red Scrolls have gone far too long without their ruinous powers coming to fruition in the realm of Mortality. Javier Ruric & Lord Purifier Angus have declared a quest to assemble such an artifact to be used in wars to come, the Scroll bearing unheard of power bestown by the Father himself. The Red Scroll of Fortitude was lost upon the death of Baldur Ashtyr, before he fell he split the legendary artifact into three separate pages. The first page was said to have been stored in the old Jarldom of Mjol, somewhere beneath where dark scales shadow it's blinding light. The second page was said to have felled upon Baldur's corpse, to the Dwarf that felled him, or the spot for which he fell, such is unknown to the Faith. The third page is currently within possession of Baelrock the Betrayer, former servant of the Red Faith who had struck out and stolen the precious page from our libraries. Once all three pages are assembled, bring them to the Lord Purifier so the ritual may be completed, and the Scroll presented back to this world. Reward: Red Scroll of Fortitude (Legendary) x1 2000 Minas

    Worthy of a listen all the way through

  3. Anisgar's AT Application

    I +1'd this because you're a cool guy man
  4. [Denied] Cornivore Reaching For His Goals

  5. but it's like we weren't made for this world, though I wouldn't really want to meet someone who was.

  6. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    "Alright big guy" - BoogZ This man is a real alpha male, time to make him a real man with a blue nametag

    Malgunuz the Old nods in approval
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  9. IGN(s): Malgonious Ban Reason: Player(s) Involved: Malgonious Details: I was banned under grounds of Meta-gaming, Loot-sniping, and Lying to a GM. --- Meta-gaming - After showing the video to the staff team & banning GM the initial reason for my ban was that I meta-gamed to the location of Haense, but as you can see in my video, that was not the case as I was directly sent by the Emperor to assist the defensive garrison there. The Meta-Gaming reason then changed to sending a bird after I had died about events that occurred when that previous claim was invalidated. While I do admit sending the bird after my death was my error here, I have served the 1 month ban for that reason. I apologize for doing it, I wasn't really thinking clearly after I had died and sent it. That was my fault, and again, I do apologize for it. Loot-sniping - After dying, I had returned to ask Charlemagne for my items back as the countdown was not to be started, as was said to not be done by the defending side, yet the Flays started the PvP anyways. I returned to ask Charlemagne for my items back, from there I would have left. However, he began dropping items in the video, and they had believed I picked some up. In the video, you can see my inventory is very much empty, and I had not loot-sniped, despite being pugsied because they believed I had. Lying to a GM - I really dont understand this one, or how I lied to a GM. But alright, my bad..? ski_king3-08/30/2017 I was playing D&D and wasn't paying attention to discord. Didn't even see who called me, just denied it once it popped up. And I understood the point of your video, but it, and another that was sent to me, highlight that there wasn't anything all too bad done on the Flay side, and that you misrepresented things. Feel free to go to any of my Manager or Lead, I am reasonably confident they will come to the same conclusion I did. The biggest issue with the situation was the metagaming. Whether you like it or not, you send a bird in a tell, after your character died, reporting what your character had seen prior to death. That's metagaming, and something we're trying to deal with strictly. You additionally informed AssassinofAwsome that Flays had started early, when the person who did the countdown was not a Flay, and both sides jumped right into PVP. Putting the blame on them for it because they won is dishonest. I'm not going to tack on anything for you showing up and joining in on PVP without prior RP involvement, because the Flays apparently wanted more people involved, which was fine. But that too wasn't something you should have done. Yes, PVP should not have happened then, because the countdown started early, but as best I can tell, it was being halted for a long while due to what appears to be meta-stalling, and both sides by and large seemed ready. If someone were to be punished, then it would be heff, and had a GM been there at the time, I'm sure they would have told y'all to stop and redo the countdown. But there wasn't, and forcing folks to return loot when both sides (per the two videos submitted) just jumped into PVP immediately, and it seems like the affectionate side was meta-stalling, seems silly. And yes, you were downed without RP, which was not ideal, and I have told that group to try and simply speak with folks they think are loot sniping first, or to get a mod involved. But if you were lootsniping, which I am inclined to believe per your video and the other, then them killing you isn't particularly unreasonable. If you weren't, they had decent enough reason to believe that was the case, and given you ran straight from spawn, you lost literally nothing in the process. Were we to handle a situation where someone no RPed someone else in a confusing situation, and the person who got no RPed lost nothing, we would never ban the players unless there was clear malicious intent. Above is the full reasoning for my ban as stated by ski_king3. I wont speak on the validity or anything of this matter. All I can say now is that I have acknowledged the points for which I was banned, apologized and wish to move forward from this. I really have served my ban time, I made a mistake with the bird. The whole situation got out of hand for no real reason, and I really want to come back! Thanks! Additional Media: A GM can receive the video from either LadyRebecca, Ski_king1, or myself via Discord.