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  1. Dumbrarere

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    It's just that... Unicum sounds dirty, in a way that I do not think is appropriate for the forums. You'd be better off thinking of a different placeholder name. Also, congrats, for using the name of an actual material (Tritium) for a placeholder name.
  2. Dumbrarere

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    I had a good chuckle at the title, and the names you used for the first liquid, Unicum, sounds... idk, you take a guess at why I'm poking at it. Aside from the name, it sounds interesting.
  3. Dumbrarere

    [Denied]Dawsy's GM Application

    +1 he's good for the task.
  4. Dumbrarere

    Trainers Needed

    To the Renatian Guard and Leadership, and to the OSL and the Crimson Inquisition... "I need someone to train my daughter, Theresa de Hartcold, how to better fight. She is joining the Southern Brigade in Curon, and needs to be properly trained and equipped for her role. I need trainers in the following fields: Swordfighting Hand-to-Hand Combat Anyone looking to fill this role can send me a bird, or seek me out in Curon. ~Signed, Lady Auralia de Hartcold." ((OOC: I am sorry if this is short. I am doing the best I can as a college student on top of LotC.))
  5. Dumbrarere

    Iron door roll [Raiding]

    I can see a corridor of like 20+ doors to get through as a raid stopper. Then again, emoting ladders is the best way to raid.
  6. Dumbrarere

    [✗] Dwarven Constructs

    Just letting everyone know that I've been fleshing this out with the aid of our MT and LT Manager, FlamboyantRage, and will continue to do so until there is something about it that's worth investing time into.
  7. Dumbrarere

    Automatons, Animii

    I'm making something similar to this, in that it does use magic, but not golemancy. It's essentialy a lore-friendly, playable iron golem, made by dwarves.
  8. +1 because flowers is love flowers is life
  9. Dumbrarere

    Suggestion - Voting And Advertisement

    This is an acceptable alternative to voting. Making us vote to get bread when we could be dying of starvation makes things a little bit difficult.
  10. Dumbrarere

    [CA] [Zephonim] Taera Winterleaf

    All these spider memes...
  11. Dumbrarere

    [✓]I need Pex to make Content

    z3m0s helped me with all my questions and concerns over discord. He deserves a +1
  12. Dumbrarere

    Lack of Tile Map

    Which will be released when they readd Nexus. Which won't be any time soon. jk please don't kill me
  13. Dumbrarere

    Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    this will never work out. It will encourage people to powergame more just because they're afraid of the consequences. As broken as the system is (in your opinion only) it needs to stay for the sake of a stable playerbase.
  14. Dumbrarere

    Sultan successor to the throne

    "Oh! Witnessing the enthroning of a Sultan sounds like an interesting experience. I don't know if I'll be able to attend, however, as I am quite busy." Auralia says with a hefty, almost regretful sigh. "Statement: I don't see a good idea in allowing meatbags from two alliances at war with each other to attend the same event. Perhaps it would allow the two sides to end each other faster, however." a peculiar construct informs.
  15. Dumbrarere

    Troubled Silver Waters

    "I see your troubles, milady. You do not always have to live in fear. Learn to let go of your family's prejudices. Learn to let go of your own prejudices. Living like you're more superior than other races clouds your head with selfish pride, and reality of it just slaps you in the face. GOD is merciful, and GOD is loving. You may not believe it, but it's the truth. If you accept GOD and join the sisterhood, I am sure the Church of the Canon can grant you refuge from those that will no doubt hunt you down." Auralia says in reassurance, hoping to persuade the grief-stricken and troubled High Elf to see the hope that lies in front of her.