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  1. Just letting everyone know that I've been fleshing this out with the aid of our MT and LT Manager, FlamboyantRage, and will continue to do so until there is something about it that's worth investing time into.
  2. I'm making something similar to this, in that it does use magic, but not golemancy. It's essentialy a lore-friendly, playable iron golem, made by dwarves.
  3. yeah. Used him as a basis for dwarven constructs.
  4. 1: I am hearing about this a little bit too late, regrettably. Now that I do know of this from you and AGiantPie, it does sort of make me regret making this in a way. 2: This is my first attempt at one of these, and a lot of mistakes were made. I learn new things today. Also, a lot of stressful OOC arguments were taking up some of my thought processes, which did hinder my ability to plan thoroughly on this post. 3: It was not my intention to make a wannabe golem, rather a metal construct that would be similar to golems, yet unique, and provide more depth to the idea of resonance crystals used inrp on prosthetics created by dwarves and what they can do. 4: Again, not my intention. As I am still new to the server and how things work. Plus, I wanted something creative in a way, as explained in the above, which didn't work out well it seems. My most sincere apologies for this. If I can work more on the idea with help from LTs or someone experienced, I could flesh this out a little more, but if there's no point I shall simply let this idea die.
  5. Hardly. Consider it like an entirely different form of construct, unique in its own way. I figured that, since resonance crystals exist for dwarven-made prosthetics, I thought, why not for a dwarven-made construct? If I need to flesh this out more, I will certainly do what I can, however.
  6. Dwarven Construct (A drawn rendition of a Dwarven Construct) -ORIGIN AND BACKGROUND- Dwarven Constructs date as far back as the Fringe, where Dwarves produced them in large quantities to defend against monster hordes. The exact number of constructs produced is unknown, but many assume the number is somewhere in the thousands. However, while their strength is average for a typical stone golem, their ruggedness, ease of reconfiguration, and the ability to replace worn, damaged or destroyed parts makes them more favorable among the dwarven race than stone golems, and they are still being used today for a wide variety of tasks. -DESCRIPTION- Dwarven Constructs are creations made out of cast metal parts. Unlike golems, They do not require golemancy to operate, as they run off a resonance crystal, similar to those used in other dwarven-made machines, especially dwarven-made prosthetics. This means they aren't prone to the same weaknesses as golems. Their construction is also unique in that the different parts used to make these constructs means that they are far more limber than most golems. Their use extends from utility and industrial, to assassination, combat, and other professions that they may be geared towards. Their cast metal parts means that they can exist in almost any shape possible. Typically, they stand anywhere between three feet to eight feet, and typically have a shade of brown akin to copper. More exquisite constructs have an aurum color, and are used almost exclusively by dwarves of high status. -RESONANCE CRYSTAL- The resonance crystal at the core is essentially like a power core, control system, and memory storage device all in one. Essentially, the heart and mind of the construct. Resonance Crystals are crystals infused with a resonant magical energy, as the term implies. Dwarves use them to power mechanical devices, from working prosthetic limbs to larger, more complex magic-driven machines. Infusing the crystals needed to power a dwarven construct takes years of practice with runesmisthing. Prior to infusion, these crystals are inert. After infusion, however, the crystal becomes volatile, and larger crystals can shatter when pierced. It is for this reason that resonance crystals on constructs are handled with extreme care, and hidden behind the front chestplate when the expected role is for combat or heavy industry, like mining. -CONSTRUCTION- Construction of a Dwarven Construct is like an art form, similar to creating a stone statue or a stone golem. The metal parts used in their construction are melted, then poured into casting molds. Depending on the use of the construct, the metals used can vary from Aurum (for more regal, stewardship and serving duties) to Ferrum (for harsh professions like fighting). Creators work from the ground up, using sight and generations of learned technique to perfect the process. The limbs are connected to special joints that allow a wide range of movement, similar to that of a living creature. The cast parts also means that if a part breaks, it can be repaired or replaced by the creator or any skilled craftsman at any time. -CAPABILITIES- Like swift golems, dwarven constructs are very intelligent, and are able to speak at paces similar to that of sentient beings like humans and elves. They can also be equipped with any number of tools, like swords, axes, pickaxes, hoes, and other objects, depending on what task the construct needs to fulfill. Their strength is similar to that of an average stone golem for tasks that require great strength, or similar to an average human for more delicate tasks, depending on the construct. Cast Ferrum Parts often have the strength and durability of heavy iron armor and can withstand most attacks. -LIMITS AND WEAKNESSES- Dwarven Constructs are not without their own unique weaknesses. The ferrum parts can take a lot of damage, but repeated blows from heavier weapons, such as warhammers, can eventually destroy them, which can expose the fragile and volatile resonance crystal within. (Aurum parts are generally weaker, and thus do not cover the crystal, leaving it exposed on more regal constructs) The joints are exposed, are very weak and susceptible to damage. A few good attacks on these joints can handicap the construct's movement, or even paralyze the construct completely until repaired. As stated before, the resonance crystal is volatile when infused and can shatter if pierced. When this happens, the construct ceases to function until the crystal can be replaced, similar to how sentient beings can be revived at Cloud Temple. These constructs, especially ones made of Ferrum, will corrode faster in wet environments and in rainfall, and thus cannot stay out in the rain for very long, nor enter bodies of water such as rivers and lakes without experiencing some form of corrosion damage. Finally, as the entire construct is made with metal parts, the joints need occasional lubrication by the creator or any other craftsman, or otherwise suffer joint damage over time. PROS: Higher immunity to direct damage Wider range of motion compared to most golems Immune to golemancy-based weaknesses Can be built and configured for a variety of tasks Cast metal parts allow for a wide variety of construction shapes, and can provide the construct with durability similar to heavy armor. Creator can reconfigure for different tasks as needed. CONS: The Resonance Crystal is very fragile, and shattering it can cause the construct to cease functioning until replaced by their original creator or a skilled dwarven craftsman. The joints are very weak, and easily susceptible to damage, resulting in handicapped movement and even complete paralysis until repaired. Repeated heavy blows can destroy the metal parts, and possibly expose the resonance crystal within combat model constructs. Constructs of this type cannot stay out in the rain, and cannot enter large bodies of water, like rivers or lakes. Joints need occasional lubrication.
  7. Auralia prays for the success of the next Maer, and for the well being of Cecil Halcourt as he finishes Ser John's term. "Too much murder and death has happened lately... May GOD provide for Ser John in the Seven Skies..."
  8. Auralia can see the good in this new law for the church, but also how it can be taken the wrong way. She doesn't, however, make a comment, believing it not her place to do so.
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