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  1. "Thanks for outing me, again." Deyanira Hartcold sighed. "Guess promising to legitimize me was just a fake promise."
  2. Though, Eris did not receive a letter the news reached her ears soon enough and then the woman, who for all of her years had never been anything but happy, began to feel a foreign feeling. Tears falling down her porcelain cheeks and she couldn't stop them. Suddenly she knew she would not shake this feeling of dread for a long time to come. The man she had loved for practically a life time, her husband, the man she'd been chasing for years until she was finally able to call him her own... gone. Eris could do nothing, she felt helpless and suddenly she looked upon Victoria, wiped her tears though they still kept coming and said to her. "It's time to go home little dove." Abandoning the Galbraith estate and everything in it because it reminded her far too much of him and everything they'd had together. Perhaps walking by she'd run into the familiar face of Safiya @Cubicitaand that would only make her more sad for Arthur's passing. She spoke to the woman whom she'd had very little respect for since her husband told her all the terrible things that woman had done to him in his first marriage, though she felt she had a right to know. "Arthur is dead." With that, she walked off with Victoria and went to find her father.
  3. "I'm thriving in Oren, but no thank you." The STILL Viscountess said, as she was still a viscountess in Oren.
  4. "Yikes. It's good to know I didn't end up being the failure of Sarkozy." said the Viscountess with a sigh. "I hope Adeline is well."
  5. "Perhaps you missed the part where we left you for Oren anyways." Remarked the Viscountess who was still the viscountess but in an entirely different nation.
  6. Sorry you feel that way, LOTC is a pretty toxic place but I hope you'll come back and give us a chance to make you playing more worth it. Don't let the war get you down, because when it's over, you'll have a lot of fun if you ignore all the other ooc drama.
  7. It's been nearly 11 years since the disappearance of Agnes de Falstaff nee Frand, the woman I was proud to call my mother. The last I saw her, I was 4 or 5 years old and she told me she was going to join my father, Emil de Falstaff in Savoy to start their new life. After 10 years in Banardia, I returned to find her and found she had been missing since the day she left me at the port to learn all the things she didn't have the chance to. I thank her for the education she allowed me, but there comes a time where declaring someone missing is no longer a possibility and one can only assume the worst has happened. No one has seen Agnes de Falstaff for 11 years and therefore, as her daughter and the only one who seems to still worry for her, I must declare her dead. Forever I will miss her, but it's important my family and her family get the peace of mind we deserve. Rest in peace mother. Signed, Aurelie of House de Falstaff.
  8. Maria opened her arms to Phillip as she saw him in the seven skies. "It's wonderful to see you again, Nephew."
  9. Lol bye. Running away from your actions. Gotta love it. ❤
  10. This is based. I'm glad we're finally on the conversation after all this time. 5 years on LOTC and only now are we seriously addressing this as a whole player base, truly, absolutely based and redpilled.
  11. "To have a man who's never met me blame me for this is absolutely ridiculous. I'd never attack her, though I hope she's a better mother to your spawn than she was to me or any of my siblings before. " Deyanira commented.
  12. Deyanira laughed in being a bastard. "Unfortunately mother. You can't disown a child you never acknowledged. Mercuria, John, and I will be very happy without you."
  13. Amie Halcourt-Ruthern smiled at hearing her niece had returned home at long last, having not seen her since the girls wedding, she thought it'd be good to see her again sometime.
  14. A young de Rosius came to assist her great aunt grandmother, handing a handkerchief over.
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