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  1. Aimee de Rosius wiped the new mark on her face, thinking of said battle, which she attended, with pride.
  2. Aimee held her husband in her arms as he sobbed. "It's okay to cry Valent, he'll be watching over us from the Seven Skies." She assured him.
  3. "Stop talking so harshly about them and trying pit them against each other, Doja Catherine. It's immoral!" The young Ludovar seemed upset now, having gotten to know them more these past events. She looked to the aforementioned 'Better Blonde.'. "Don't listen to them, Tatiana. Don't let this wound your ego! Marjorie isn't like that." She assured her.
  4. The aforementioned Ludovar frowned at the missive. Her first real taste of freedom from her sickness, and her absence and nervousness was attributed to some falsehood made up by a stupid columnist.
  5. I nominate myself as Simp of the Craft, no need to debate it.
  6. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Aimee Halcourt-de Rosius Age of the Alderman Candidate: 19 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Little Ves 3
  7. Augustina scoffed. "Faith is ******* stupid anyways. Where's the fun in being a soldier without a few war crimes?" Augustina was not a soldier, but she was most definitely not in her right mind.
  8. The last things you think about on your death bed are the things that you hold dearest to your heart. Those fond memories that sometimes you forget, but never seem to forget you. They haunted me as I was in and out of the fever that I knew would come to take my life, so these dear reader, are the final words I have ever written before my sickness took me down with it. My first memory was of my mother, the mother that I used to know before she became cold and unloving as she is now. She had a smile on her face, beautiful gray eyes that warmed your soul, and a heart bigger than anyon
  9. Agnes felt nothing about his death, except remorse for the young Elisabeth Carrion. Otherwise, Agnes truthfully smiled at the relief of him being gone at last. Perhaps the secrets of her family would die with him and Agnes could leave it all behind at last, including her aunt who hurt her many times throughout her life. "You were never very much of a family member anyways, Ostromir. I thank GOD every day we never got closer. Mostly I'm lucky you never met Eloise. What happened that day was terrible, but you've deserved to die for a very long time Carrion."
  10. Agnes thought she had escaped this madness, yet it seemed to follow her wherever she went.
  11. Aimee gazed upon the only mention of her. "I cannot help what my cousins do, and surely I scolded them. Besides, it cannot be an underdog love story if neither of us are underdogs. Nor did anyone say it was a love story to begin with. Why can't people simply see that I enjoy having friends and meeting new company. Some people have to make news out of everything, don't they? Besides, it isn't /our/ fault you failed to get a suitable match last season and now you're angry at the people who have a chance. It's just bitter and sad when you really think about it." She shrugged simply.
  12. Upon reading the article, Aimee was pleased with her positive review and hoped to have many more conversations with the young Carrington Baron.
  13. Elizaveta read the note with a sly smile on her lips. "How cute, they're really all grown up, aren't they?" Lizzie couldn't help the silly grin on her face as she held her son and peered over the invitation. "They really are doing well by this family, aren't they Papej?" She looked up to the Seven Skies as she said the words, a small frown on her face before her expression returned to normal and she went back to whatever she was doing before.
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