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  1. Yoooo LLIR WAS MOD ADMIN FOR A MINUTE?! @Josh3738 Congrats Josh!
  2. Maeve af Brasca, who had been very busy raising her children with her husband, Jan, smiled upon hearing her brother Adrian would be eventually assuming the Galbraith title. She wondered if perhaps she should visit her family again soon and make amends with her older brother who had been terribly afraid of her during their childhood.
  3. not leaving entirely just yet, don't worry!!!
  4. Every few years I go on hiatus, but this time it looks like it'll be a bit longer than usual. As some of you MAY know I'm getting married in April and have been pretty focused on real life versus mineman lately and have even been just straight up neglecting to get on LOTC except for in small bursts when I have the time. No it is not because of anything that happened ON LOTC, it's simply because I've realized I truly do not have the time to manage all of the things I wanted to manage, while also managing a REAL life with my fiancé, @DistendedAura. This isn't a goodbye forever, obviously, just a hiatus. If I do later find that I'd prefer to stay off the platform, then I'll be officially departing with a proper post. To those of you who I have in friend discords/Norlanders, I'll still be around to hang out with you but not on LOTC as much as you'd like me to be, if at all. I've realized trying to manage politics on my Hyspian, while it sounds very fun, is a bit too stressful to do while I'm in the process of planning a wedding and the rest of my life. Same with trying to become a priest on Maeve. It isn't that I don't enjoy myself anymore, because the short times I am ABLE to get online, I really do enjoy myself. It's just that I simply cannot find myself having the time to manage it all at once. Thanks again to all of my friends who hang with me, both inside of LOTC and outside and a BIG BIG sorry to @TheHunter38who plays Jan (Maeve's husband) and @Marshiwho plays Fleur for dipping like this. If I had more time, I'd definitely be more active and able to hang, but I'd love to support your endeavors from afar, if only for a little bit. We'll circle back around on how active I'll be going forward AFTER April (wedding/honeymoon/seeing my family, etc) and if I decide I truly don't have the time I may encourage all the people who were previously relying on me to find other endeavors. If you don't mind waiting or only seeing me sometimes, I'll be here for you, so no worries there :D This post was super scatter brained, but unfortunately I'm recovering from covid which means my brain is fogged up beyond BELIEF. Thank you again for your continued patience with my brain rot (adulting is hard, roll credits)
  5. C. 1955 PENNED by the HOUSE OF HALCOURT TO THE PEOPLE OF HYSPIA, With the Disappearance of our House Patriarch, Sir Laurens Halcourt d’Artois, the Barony of Campagnon has been left without a baron for over 8 summers. The council of Clermont has seen fit to officially declare Sir Laurens missing and presumed dead. The House of Halcourt shall enter a period of mourning, and with this does the house name Sir Laurens’ Heir, Her Ladyship Phoibe Chloe Halcourt d’Artois du Clermont, Baroness of Campagnon and she and her heirs shall hold claim to the house and the titles held by Sir Laurens. Due to the unknown status of Sir Laurens, the house has decided against a formal vigil and shall instead privately mourn his loss. Signed, The Right Honourable, Phoibe Chloe Halcourt Baroness of Campagnon.
  6. A certain gay Haverlock, Daniel, frowned at the idea he could still not marry his beloved. Surely this could change someday, if people were not so close-minded.
  7. Eryane Teufel began to quake in her home in Hyspia, looking at her husband Jack. "Do you remember the stories of the empire, mon cheri? They are attempting to bring it back, should I be excited or absolutely terrified?"
  8. "He has lost so much." Phoibe frowned for her friend Demitrey, who had been losing people left and right.
  9. Phoibe, the Heiress to Halcourt, read the retelling, flabbergasted. "What in the world did I miss?" She asked herself, spending time with her young daughter for the last several months.
  10. "May he rest in peace." Elaine sighed upon her hearing of her brother in law's passing. Pontiff or not, she would always remember him as Albert's little brother and went to comfort her husband at the loss of his younger sibling.
  11. Maeve read the missive awkwardly, holding her newborn son in her arms. "Ah... shit. Well I guess I got some apologies to make." Marlena cheers at the victory for her kind, the bisexuals! Daniel Gale cheers, thinking of his boyfriend. Now he hoped he'd leave his wife.
  12. C. 1964 Penned by ✾the barons of campagnon✾ With the noble designation bestowed upon us, the House of Halcourt had announced the arrangement of a Fête du Campagnois. In light of the auspicious birth of our Heir's firstborn, we are resolute in the execution of these previously conceived plans. We extend a gracious invitation to the entirety of Hyspia, beseeching your esteemed presence to partake in a jubilant celebration, honoring the rich tapestry of our diverse cultures and heritage—a grand fête aptly named the Celebrance of Differences. ✾ ✾ ✾ ITINERARY The Gifting of Wreaths | 3:30pm EST Auvergnians and Hyspians alike hold friendship in esteemed regard, considering it a fundamental aspect of our respective cultures. The commencement of the event shall begin with the Ceremony of Wreaths, where upon the shores of Hyspia,the House of Halcourt shall distribute baskets of Ribbons and Flowers. Attendees are encouraged to craft wreaths and bestow them upon a potential Lover or an esteemed companion. Blossoms of Red and White symbolize love and prosperity, while those of Blue and gold, the heraldic hues, shall represent the virtues of Unity, Brotherhood, and fellowship. The Legacy Ball | 4pm EST The revelries shall continue with the grand Ball, to be hosted within the opulent confines of the palace ballroom. Each attendee is cordially urged to adorn themselves in attire befitting their respective cultures or don the resplendent colors of their house. A medley of music shall be performed , ensuring that denizens of Hyspia may revel in their unique cultural dances, should they possess such traditions. The Ship Launch | 5pm EST An Auvergnian tradition, the House of Halcourt will distribute miniature ships, whose unadorned sails attendees may decorate. Each vessel will be provided with a ribbon, which all are encouraged to write their regrets. The ships will then be launched into the water, symbolizing a renewal of spirit. Signed, Her Ladyship, Phoibe Chloe Halcourt d'Artois du Clermont Miss, Daphne of Campagnon
  13. Phoibe gasped when she'd heard the news, holding her month old daughter as she read. She remembered meeting Anika once with Konstantin. "Oh ****... that's awful." She frowned. "I hope the Denodados take all the time they need to grieve."
  14. Elaine gasped when she read the missive. "I hope Arna- His Holiness is alright."
  15. Maeve cringed at the missive she found in Petra, signing the Lorraine across her chest. "I don't know how yet..." She murmured. "But there's just something about this that's.... discomforting."
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