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  1. Aurelia de Falstaff, daughter of Emil-Dardot Ashford de Falstaff, smiled with pride to see her family was still alive going strong.
  2. De Rosius. I know we've had our beef in the past Tree, but you are a good friend at the end of the day.
  3. The aforementioned Chloe de Rosius smiles the sun's smile. Incredibly happy that her family finally made it.
  4. "Imagine me caring." Chloe checked the Edict into the fire, the Baroness of Valens yawning lightly.
  5. Maybe it was temporary, Amie thought the first time she experienced loss. Surely there were better things to come, so it was pointless to give up just yet. The woman's first memories revolved around family, her uncle the baron Olivier, who treated her like his own. Her cousins, Titus and Tiberius who were like her brothers. They all wanted the best for her, but she was reckless in life and in love. It was before the second social season when Amie met a man named Valent de Rosius. He was clever, intelligent, charismatic, and Amie was intrigued immediately. She couldn't understand why a man so charming wanted someone like her, the niece of a Baron and hardly anyone of note. Amie pined for him, not for love, not for friendship, but for ambition. She did not love Valent de Rosius, not even during their wedding vows. She married him because within him she saw a future that could be brilliant. He was well liked, trusted, a man of power and Amie desired that power more than anything. "I do not love you." He said to her, Amie could only smile at her husband though perhaps the words hurt her more than she had expected. And she was not happy with him, not even a little. Her true happiness came when she met an unlikely friend, Vladrick var Ruthern. A little rough around the edges for her, certainly no one she'd ever consider to marry, not when she had the chance to use her marriage as a pedestal to rise in the Ministry of Justice. She was already a solicitor, rising in ranks faster than she could keep up. One night, Amie invited Vladrick over for drinks. As friends. Though something changed, whether the drinks or the company, Amie realized she could certainly fall for the Ruthern and fall she did. Valent was absent, unloving, uncaring, cruel and bitter and Amie returned that attitude right back. It wasn't something she enjoyed by any means, so when Vladrick showed her kindness she couldn't help but be smitten. It's how she ended up with her first son, Rhys. "I have to tell the Pontiff the truth, I have to." Amie grumbled, fretting over the child growing inside of her. And she cannot remember who it was who told her to lie, maybe it was her idea. She came before the Pontiff with a frown, eyes distraught and wild. "He abuses me, he cheats on me, you must get me out of this." When Amie knew all along it was her who cheated. And then there was Anton (an unlikely friend), and Duncan, and Sir Charles, and James Madron, and Ernest and oh Amie couldn't remember anymore, but they mattered to her. They mattered so much she couldn't let her life amount to nothing staying with Valent. And she was promoted, several times. As far as Attorney-General. She had loved, she had lost. She married the man she knew she'd love for the rest of her life and everything was wonderful, they had children. Many children. Rhys, Isabella, Valentina and Valeria. Children she ought to be proud of. Though a weight hung over her with the loss of her unborn child. The day the MoJ caught fire. Amie fought and fought to help free people from the rubble and she yelled and told them to stop pushing while she pulled, but it was useless. They pushed inwards and she was covered in rubble, barricades. The barricades crushed her and she lost a child. Amie recovered, eventually. It took time, but she recovered, and she thought that loss would be her worst. Then it was the man who saved her life in that building, he went mad and tried to kill people and Amie had to hear how he saved her life but lost his. Then it was Ernest, who died in the line of duty, then it was Anton who went missing and never returned. It was all of them, one after another after another until Amie couldn't fathom being so happy and healthy. And then she wasn't. Amie was sick, locked away in the Ruthern estate when she heard the worst news of all. Her husband had passed. Years of marriage, loving, wonderful, passionate marriage and it was over in a split second. "Say it isn't true." Amie croaked. "Please say they were wrong." The woman could hardly move now, she couldn't fight how much she wanted to succumb but there was still... there was still her friends. Duncan, Anna Mariya, her children... So she tried to hang out, she tried so desperately to stay for the ones she loved despite not being a good mother, she would've loved to be a good mother but she couldn't fight the restlessness, the sickness. Then Isabella. Perhaps the one she regretted the most. "I'm sorry Bella." She weeped. "I should've done more." No longer in the Ruthern estate, which had burned down sometime ago with the Civil War, Amie looked out her window and sobbed. Then she saw it, that bright flash of hope. Her out. She was several stories above ground, a good landing could do it. End the pain, the misery. She could be free. She left no letters behind, except one, for everyone. "To anyone whom it may concern, I wasn't the woman I wanted to be, I loved, I lost, and I gave it my all but I wasn't a good mother like I strived to be. I'm sorry to the children who will survive me. I'm sorry to my friends who will miss me. I'm sorry to everyone who deserved more than what I gave them, but I'm going to be with the one man I loved more than anyone now. Vladrick." And with this, Amie dropped the pen, leaned out the window, and dived. The last graceful thing the sickly woman could ever do. And it was over, at last.
  6. The sickly woman heard the news from wherever she was now. Her precious child had passed. It seemed loss became commonplace for the Halcourt woman, who lost her previous surname Halcourt-Ruthern with the loss of her husband. The Widow sobbed, knowing her sickness prevented her from being a good mother to her children and she would never stop regretting it. "Is there anything left for me to live for? I have lost my will to live for spite, I have lost my will to live for friends. I have nothing left except the children who I birthed. Maybe Valentina and Valeria need their mother. Maybe they can forgive me." The frail woman coughed, blood pooling from the fingers of the hand she wheezed into. "Bella, I'm so sorry." Amie began to weep, weep at last for all that she had lost including the girls whom she'd never really had a chance to speak to. "It was never your fault your maman got so sick, it wasn't." And so the Halcourt sobbed and sobbed in her sick bed, heart empty and aching for the children and friends and family and everyone she'd ever lost as it just now dawned on her, the loss would never end. "I am far too old for this, I cannot continue on like this."
  7. Long since has House de Rosius followed what it believed was right and our fealty is no different. We fight for our beliefs, to live where we believe our family will prosper despite all of its hardships in the near past. House de Rosius promises on their faith that they will be unwaveringly faithful to the Grand Duke and his rightful successors. They shall never cause him harm and will observe their homage to him completely against all persons, in good faith and without deceit. Ave Balian. Signed, Matriarch of House de Rosius, Chloe Giselle
  8. Chloe showed the paper to Diana, her mother in law. "Sorry Diana, I hate to say it, truly I do....but I told you so."
  9. Except I didn't do that... so yeah no :) Also I've moved on from that chapter of my life to actually focus on myself. Besides, this is a post about OOC toxicity so I'm going to refrain from being rude to you because hatred is a terrible disease. Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss queen <3
  10. Or... picture this maybe. You could respect her opinion instead of being a complete jackass to a person who JUST said they were tired of toxicity and instead refrain from commenting. Uncalled for.
  11. Where Are You? When I was a child, you held me tight. You wanted us to be proper, elegant, smart, cunning. Just like you. You held my hand when I got hurt, but made sure to teach me never to rely on anyone but family and myself when I needed help, and you taught Elara to rely on me. I should've done better for her, maybe I should've tried harder for her, maybe if I had she wouldn't have disappeared. Maybe it's my Karma for being so content with my life, being so brash and un-ladylike. Maybe this is your curse Maman, maybe this is you telling me it's time to let go of them, I don't know all I know is that... Mother, I feel like a failure to you. I feel like everything you worked for has failed and I have become just like père. I am lost, Elara is gone, Aunt Hera is gone. There is only me, my husband, and my children in our home now. Didn't you tell me sisters were meant to stick together? Didn't you tell me I would always have Elara if no one else? And that she would always have me? Mother, where are you? I miss you. I want you to hold me and tell me I'm not being a fool, that I'm doing the right thing... The BEST thing for our family. Grand-père, I miss you. I wish I could talk to you again; you would know what is best, you always knew what was best. Maman. I miss you. I fear I pushed our little Elara away. I should've been a better sister. Are Grand-père and Grand-maman with you too? Will I join you soon? I am scared, I feel like a child again. I feel helpless. To finally leave one war to join another with no option but support the only family I have left who does not want me gone. I could've chosen your family, Maman, but we both know I would never have fit in with them like you did. Maybe Oncle Sebastien will never speak to me again.... and maybe it's for the best. I am ruined, Maman. I have destroyed everything around me and left nothing to tell my story. There are only the girls and little Rev to remind people of our legacy Maman. There's that book I was writing, but who would care about the history of an obsolete family with obsolete traditions. Elara helped me honor those traditions, but now Elara is gone. And she isn't coming back. I'm sorry Maman. I should've tried harder; I should've fought to keep us together like you always said. Maman.... I miss you. Love always, Chloé
  12. "You were the one who came in unannounced, Aunt Hera. A shame we must be at odds." Chloe sighed, holding her children close to her as they holed up in their home.
  13. The glorious House de Rosius has had many troubles, including members of it's own family swearing loyalty without asking first of what the whole family wishes. I will be the first to retract the loyalty promised to the Pretender Fredrick by Elara de Rosius, she knows not what she promised to follow. These people have attacked my home, my family, when de Rosius themselves have remained neutral. That comes to an end now. As heiress to the House de Rosius, I declare my allegiance to the true Emperor, Peter. Long live the Empire!
  14. Maria laughed at the missive. "Who can blame her for causing trouble with the most insufferable Orenian family? The d'Azors are so high and mighty. I love to hear a commoner understands that as well. I LOVE drama."
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