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  1. Father Ferdinand of Ponce names his steed Isabel of Valwyck in honor of the deceased Queen Mother, who's looks he always associated with a horse.
  2. "The time has come." Casimir Colborn commented to his brother, also smiling the Sun's Smile.
  3. MC Name: Totalitarianism_ Current Tier: None Desired Tier: PEX abuses to win Reason to be Moved: Its true :(
  4. IURA OFFICIAQUE CLERI THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CLERGY AUTHORED BY FR. FERDINAND OF PONCE, c. 1813 MISSION OF THE CLERGY or Purpose of the Clergy and Our Duty to the Flock “I believe in GOD and vow my life to Him. I believe in the Canon of Horen, Owyn, Godfrey, and Siegmund. I submit to the Canonist Church and avow to my Salvation. I will glorify GOD in every nation.” -The Common Creed, H.P. Jude I The Mission of the Clergy is a difficult question to answer, as different clergym
  5. "Lets goooo!" Called out Casimir Colborn, brother of Adrian Colborn, upon the conclusion of their audience with the Lord Palatine.
  6. Thank you for your service. o7
  7. Father Ferdinand tosses the Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska into the fireplace of his residence, calling it a job well-done!
  8. "It was not me! I am innocent, I say!" Declares the wrongfully accused Father Ferdinand, Bishop of Ponce, as he was dragged off by the Haeseni Royal Army for being one of the three Hearsayers, without evidence--What an injustice!
  9. @Gusano "BLYAT?!" Screams Father Ferdinand as he reads the missive from underneath the bed of Prince Franz Barbanov. The priest immediately goes to cover his mouth, hoping the Prince did not hear his scream.
  10. @Gusano Father Ferdinand peaks his head out from underneath Franz Leopold's bed, just as the prince goes to scream at Maric, Konstantin and Jackson. The priest goes to slowly retract his head into the shadowy depths beneath the prince's bed, same as many mistresses of the Haeseni royal Franz Leopold.
  11. Father Ferdinand, Bishop of Ponce, gasps at the supposed infidelity of the Queen." I am surprised, thought not really - the King looks as if he was dropped on his face as a babe." The priest commented to the saints in his nightly prayers.
  12. "Rest In Peace, Titan of the Aulic!" Said Father Ferdinand of Ponce, as he said a prayer for the deceased lawmaker.
  13. “Carry on Carrion!” Comments progressive priest Ferdinand of Ponce.
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