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  1. "Just as his namesake, let King Sigismund III be wise and just." Ser Casimir Colborn commented, hearing of the abdication from the comfort of his secluded (and totally heterosexual) bath house.
  2. "So much talk of betrayal or of a just end..." Commented Ser Casimir Colborn upon hearing of the responses to the missive. "The House of Barclay has indeed been a giant of our kingdom for over one-hundred years, having come to Lady Haense in one of her most tumultuous periods. However, I fear that in the time since our kingdom's most troubling years the quiet landscape has caused the giant of Barclay to become idle. Though, we must not speak ill of such a family, which is owed more respect than is currently given to it. However, that does not mean I disagree with their demotion. I, for one, choose to look forward to a day when the giant of Barclay awakens once again. On that day I have no doubt in my mind that they shall return to the days of the great dukes of old and reclaim their lost titles. Fear not Barclays, and remember the ancient Haeseni saying: 'Ea byk zwem zanyotsk ter ea byk denpetravesk.' - 'I would have perished had I not persisted.' Do not perish, but persist." The High Justiciar would proclaim to the collection of babushka dolls lining his office.
  3. Ferdinand Cardinal St. Alexander stands from his seat beside his fellow cardinals, moving across the tiled floor of the Basilica of the Ascent, and pausing at the altar where the ballot box has been placed. The cardinal crosses the Lorraine upon his chest and mutters a quick prayer before sliding a piece of parchment into the slit of the box. "Saint Daniel, intercede on our behalf and grant unto us a holy father worthy of the most holy throne."
  4. Casimir Colborn celebrates his appointment to High Justiciar with his brother Adrian, drinking the night away in the Old Stout Tavern. "By the grace of God and Saint Carr, House Colborn continues to honor its pact with Barbanov." Comments Casimir as he raises a bottle of Carrion Black along with his brother.
  5. "AYE!" Screeches Squire Casimir Colborn
  6. Casimir Colborn sharpens his steak-knife, preparing to assassin the false-Queen of Hoonseti-Rooska.
  7. Fyodor Tuvyic, father of the Red Queen, and the man who originally pushed her to marry the young Crown prince of Haense, laments his exclusion from the story of his daughter. From the Heavens, he curses Catherine Belrose!
  8. Will you finally reveal your true age to the world?
  9. SUMMONS TO APPEAR BEFORE THE AULIC COURT KRUZAE ZWY KONGZEM This Summons, issued on 32nd of Tov and Yermey, 381 ES by the Crown and represented by Royal Jurist Casimir Colborn, Compels the Aulic Court to call upon Leon to appear before it and answer the following charges: 402.01: The crime of intentionally killing another shall constitute a severe offence. 416.071: The crime of harming or attempting to bring harm, or kidnapping or attempting to kidnap, the Crown or the royal family shall constitute a treasonous offence. Arisen from these circumstances: During the joust of the debutante of Princess Petra when a bolt impales into the back of Lord Speaker Igor Kort. Given his close proximity to the Princess, Royal Detective Reinhardt Barclay asserts that the Accused attempted to assassinate the Princess; not the Lord Speaker. The Lord Speaker died from his injuries. I swear the contents of this Summons to be true and accurate to the best of my belief before Godan. Signed, Mister Casimir Colborn Total#3263
  10. Casimir Colborn stands for the national anthem, placing a hand on his heart as he observes the waving of the Haeseni Royal Standard in the distance. The well-composed piece of music causes the Haeseni patriot to shed a tear for Mother Ruska. “We come as crows—Kaw-kaw!” He exclaimed.
  11. THE SECOND MINOR BULL OF ALBAROSA 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1822 His Eminence Ferdinand Cardinal St. Alexander, Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa doth decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS: SECTION I: A NEW PRINCE-ARCHBISHOP SECTION II: PRAYER OF ST. ALEXANDER SECTION III: DIOCESES OF ALBAROSA SECTION IV. THE ABBEY OF THE FLAMING COVENANT SECTION V. DEVASTATING OF LUCIENSBURG SEC. I. A NEW PRINCE-ARCHBISHOP At the conclusion of the Conclave of 1820, Pelagius Cardinal Albarosa ended his tenure in the esteemed positions of Vice Chancellor and Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa. PELAGIUS PRINCE-ARCHBISHOP OF ALBAROSA 1802 - 1820 The High Pontiff of the Faith has seen fit to appoint the former vicar of Cardinal Pelagius, Ferdinand Cardinal St. Alexander, to the position of Prince-Archbishop. FERDINAND PRINCE-ARCHBISHOP OF ALBAROSA 1820 - present SEC. II. PRAYER OF ST. ALEXANDER ST. ALEXANDER OF FURNESTOCK – MURAL CROWN + Patron Saint of Democracy, Imperials, Rights, Lovers, and the Impoverished O Glorious St. Alexander, Patron of Democracy, Imperials, Rights, and the Impoverished, Who hath become an example to us, for showing the common man the Love of God, look down upon us all who put our trust in you. Through your prayers to God, ensure that our people should live in peace, free from tyranny and oppression. Pray for our leaders, so that they may be rightly guided in their rule, and that they defy the temptations of sin and debauchery. So Say We All. SEC. III. DIOCESES OF ALBAROSA The Prince-Archbishopric of Albarosa is the largest of the realms of the ecclesiastical province, housing some of the most diverse cultures and territories under the Church of the Canon. Originally the diocese of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin, Albarosa now administers all lands of the Holy Orenian Empire beyond the imperial city of Providence, the lands of the Free Trade Nation of Sutica and Elven territories, and a collection of independent settlements. ARCHDIOCESE OF PHILIPPUS: Encompassing the Free Trade Nation of Sutica & Elven Territories, to be shepherded by Pelagius Archbishop Philippus. @Julio ツ DIOCESE OF CORDOBA: Encompassing the Osanora region & other Hyspian settlements, shepherded by Agustin Bishop Cordoba. DIOCESE OF GOTTSGRENZE: Encompassing the Municipality of Esbec, shepherded by Robert Bishop Gottsgrenze. DIOCESE OF POCITANATA MAIKA: Encompassing the Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva, to be shepherded by Vladrick Bishop Pocitanata Maika. DIOCESE OF ROCHEFORT: Encompassing the Municipality of Redenford, to be shepherded by Vinzant Bishop Rochefort. DIOCESE OF SANCTIA: Encompassing the State of Luciensburg, shepherded by Guy Bishop Sanctia. TITULAR DIOCESE OF METZ: Granted to the First Apostolic-General of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn, Armande-Philippe Bishop Titulur Metz. SEC. IV. THE ABBEY OF THE FLAMING COVENANT Within the City-State of Luciensburg lies the Abbey of the Flaming Covenant. Modeled after the Rule of Saint Humbert and the Abbey-Seminary of Saint Robert, the abbey today places a specific emphasis on the Owynist Rite. The pride of the abbey is the vast collection of religious and historical texts, which continues to grow. The Abbey of the Flaming Covenant SEC. V. DEVASTATION OF LUCIENSBURG A statement from the Office of the Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, written by the hand of Pelagius Cardinal Philippus: Roughly four months prior to the publishing of this Minor Bull as commissioned by his Eminence, Cardinal St. Alexander - the pious Princely Archdiocese’s capital, Luciensburg - was razed to the ground by hordes of vicious ratmen, a demonic fiend lingering in the murky under cities and sewers beneath Luciensburg’s streetways. With ratmen attacks becoming ever so more a common occurrence, the parels escalated in the weeks leading up to the devastation of Luciensburg. Forward to the townsfolk and soldiery of Luciensburg gathering about within the Temple of Saint Lucien and Blessed Renault - Clerics garbed in red blessing the citizenry before the flames of St. Owyn. The masses rallied in preparation for a battle, for the ratmen had recently besieged the Arx Rubra, it was then the right time to subdue what was rightfully theirs to the Luciensburg flock. The skirmishes persisted for three waves, with one of them even getting reinforcements from Yong-Ping and fellow Canonist allies. Although the piety and flaming passion brought by the Luciensburgers during the conflict, with several casualties and martyrs taken by multiple parties - it was only in vain, for the high stronghold was faced with poison gas spread throughout the city, and eventually razed to ashes by the ratmen themselves - leaving the Luciensburgers to evacuate the city. To this day Luciensburg is still occupied by the ratmen - we pray for the lost martyrs slaughtered in the ratmen engagements, fighting to their last breath in valour beneath the fear of God. St. Lucien, pray for us. SIGNED BY HIS EMINENCE, Ferdinand Cardinal St. Alexander “THROUGH GOD, WE WILL OVERCOME” (God. 6:3) ((Original format by Hunwald))
  12. "This man shall be speaker, one day." Proclaimed the Prince-Archbishop as he admired the campaign poster, despite the fact that Buck was undeniably a socialist.
  13. Ferdinand smiles from ear to ear as he finally ascends to the scarlet robes of the cardinalship--an aspiration of his since the age of disorder under Owyn III.
  14. Ferdinand, Archbishop of Nescia is forced to pray to Saint Tylos, against his will.
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