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  1. Evangelli

    ultimate actor application

  2. Evangelli

    The Ancient Elves

    hidden lore is that lotc was never dark souls, lord of the rings, or skyrim animal crossing hidden lore
  3. Evangelli

    Hello friends

    hello welcome back 🙂
  4. Evangelli

    A New Headmaster Announced!

    [[ :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD King Killer Chronicles ]]
  5. Evangelli

    Cloud Temple

    Okay ?
  6. Evangelli

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    I've heard a lot of things about ascended magic and I've never actually heard one good thing. It seems people sit up in their homes and play their magic which seems semi-disconnected from the world. Everything somebody says about their magic they take as a personal attack, at least it has been seeming that way. You guys can still be friends without the magic. You guys can still have a fun group without the magic - it's just that the magic you have seems strange and the way it is played seems no fun for anybody else involved. And really, do we listen to somebody who uses the magic and has their own personal bias, or somebody who has rp'd with them and has not had fun because the magic is no fun for anybody else on the server? - Those are my thoughts, just an opinion.
  7. Evangelli

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    Ah - So this is how the ET comes up with their event lines now
  8. Evangelli

    The New Forums & The Future Forums - an Inquiry

    I can't tell which messages are new in my notifications
  9. Evangelli

    Travel Distance Feedback

    No fast travel please
  10. Evangelli

    Fitermon's Lore Team Application

    Nice person!
  11. Hi! I don't know you, but good job :D

  12. Evangelli

    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    if hes connected to him, that means hes doing good things within the strictures.
  13. Evangelli

    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    this makes no sense at all... You can't force disconnect a student that is following the strictures, why would the Aengul allow that at all??? If they aren't following the strictures, they already get their powers weakened/disconnected you literally cannot irply use the magic if your character is lying/breaking the strictures. Contact an MT if they are and are still using the magic. I've seen increasingly confusing posts by you