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  1. The Barony of Koravia: Title Abdication Issued and Penned by his Lordship, Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia 7th of Tov and Yermey, 290 | 7th of Sun's Smile, 1737 Coat of Arms of House Kortrevich I, Lord Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, Former Lord Marshal to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, hereby transfer the title of Baron of Koravia to my firstborn and only son, Markus II Kortrevich. In this, I am relinquishing my patriarchy of House Kortrevich to Markus II Kortrevich as well, and the newly determined Baron of Koravia is responsible for the following: To preside over the House of Kortrevich to the best of his ability in the service of the aforementioned House. To ensure the prosperity of House Kortrevich and of the lands within his jurisdiction. To be honorable and righteous in the protection of his kinsmen and in his duties as a leal subject to the Crown. I have cherished my time as the patriarch of House Kortrevich and Baron of Koravia, and I praise God for this life He has gifted me. I hope that Markus may share in this statement once it is time for him to write such a decree as this. IV JOVEO MAAN, THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Lord Otto Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia HIS LORDSHIP, Markus II Kortrevich HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  2. Otto is found within the Kortrevich manor, pacing in a fit of boredom when the news is brought to him by the family’s loyal maid, Elizaveta. He briefly stops, a blank expression on his face, before he continues his pace towards the dining room. As he enters the room he drops into his seat at the head of the table, the clinks of metal and ceramic spring up as the room is jostled by his fist on the table. After sitting with his thoughts he speaks to himself, although knowing the maid is eavesdropping just around the corner, “These days are free of war, yet sadness is all around this home”, he speaks thinking of the too close death of his cousin’s ex-wife, Sarah. A kind call of the kitchen then breaks Otto’s thoughts, “Would you care fer a cup of tea, sir?”, Elizaveta would say. At which Otto would, with a raspy voice, reply, “Aye, I would”. Otto would then sit in the hall, alone, sipping the tea slowly, reminiscing of the days in Markev. The first time he met Miss Lotte Rosendale when his great Uncle Odo demanded that he court her. The day she became a Kortrevich and married his best friends and cousin, Nikolaus. The births of the beautiful babies, Primrose and later Emaline. Upon finishing his cup, he would stand up, dawn a cloak and head out of the house, heading to the cities of the Realm of Man in search of a craftsman.
  3. As Otto saw the last essence of Ulric’s being fade, he brought his chest compressions to a soft end. He stayed at the young man, the one he watched grow and marry his sweet niece, he gazed at his face and its wide eyes. With a quick motion, the Kortrevich used a pair of fingers and put the Knights eyes to a final rest, leaving his face red with the blood on Otto’s hands. He stood up from his crouched position, darting his vision around the room until he could find the brother of the fallen. Locking onto Lord Lerald, he stared blankly, only allowing a single word to break the silence, “How...”. After a quick moment, allowing the brother to gaze upon the body, Otto spoke once again, this time motioning the cross while he did so, “Iv Joveo Maan, may Ser Ulric Vyranov, first of his name, friend to many, father to few, Knight Protector of the Keong Andrik and his Realm, be rested peacefully for his duties are now released”. At that Otto left the cellar where they had all been, through the gates and out of Graiswald towards Reza.
  4. Otto Kortrevich sits in his Reza manor, alone at the dining table. A new empty glass of some intoxicating brew sits there, now joining its two brothers which have been idly gathering dust. Slouched in his chair, Otto reads the letter of his cousin, Lilliana Baruch-Kortrevich, while sweeping through his ragged and greasy hair with his hand, all while being illuminated by the assaulting rays of light coming from the road outside. A brow upon his face raises, as an expression of clear confusion crosses his mind at the close of the letter. “Lord Rodrik Kortrevich?” crosses his mind, him now thinkings that perhaps this letter wasn’t truly by his cousin. He then looks up towards a barely burning candle, which had only just survived the night. Otto then speaks to himself, “These titles belong to that Baruch boy, not her. And there is no Rodrik Kortrevich”. As he spoke, he adjusted his posture as he began to drag himself out of his too comfortable spot, then followed by a short stride to the shrinking candle, putting the letter to its flame. Otto watched as the flame consumed the letter, watching as the seal melted and dripped onto the floor. Under his breath, he speaks again, “The Renations can **** off...” and at that he clumsily, but still briskly, walks way looking to find some of his kin for answers.
  5. Otto Kortrevich would sit on his bedside, his clothes, face and hair all alike in their messiness. At first, he stares blankly at the single wardrobe that provides his company in his room, but then his expression relaxes as he looks outside. A small grin forms beneath his beard as he goes over the too true words of his cousin, Duncan. However, that smile fades quickly as he remembers the deeds that he and Rodrik had done together in the name of Haense, and Kortrevich. Clumsily, he lifts himself out of bed, murmuring under his slightly labored breath, “you’ll pay traitor...”.
  6. Haeseni Royal Army [!] The Haeseni Army in columns [!] Haeseni Royal Army Reorganization SOLDIER EMPLOYMENT Haense is a strong power in the world, and its protectors should rejoice in their efforts. A more rigid schedule is being put into place for our soldiers to be able to be a proper force. With that said, payment is something that has been lacking in Haense for a long time, but that is to end now. Like how our uniform improve with rank, so will your pay. In order to receive payment, you must have at the least three (3) attendances logged. INITIATE | NAUMAAN - The initiate does not get paid, for they have not proved themselves worthy to the crown or Haense. FOOTMAN | SLOGAT - As the first true step in the ranks of the army, the footman will receive fifty (50) minas upon attending the minimum activities MAN-AT-ARMS | AIRM - The man-at-arms is a rank showing the dedication that a footman has to the army, the man-at-arms will receive sixty (60) minas upon attending the minimum activities MASTER-AT-ARMS | BRYNJA - The master-at-arms has proven themselves before the high command, the master-at-arms will receive seventy (70) minas upon attending the minimum activities. SERGEANT | SERZHANT - The first step to becoming an officer for the army, they have worked hard to get here and deserve adequate payment. The sergeant will receive eighty (80) minas upon attending the minimum activities. CAPTAIN - A tried and hardened soldier of the army, their hard work has prevailed and made them an officer. The captain will receive ninety (90) minas upon attending the minimum activities. COMMANDANT - The most trusted and tested of the army, and the hand(s) to the Lord Marshal. The commandant leads with might and vigilance. The commandant will receive one hundred (100) minas upon attending the minimum activities. RANKING [SENIOR COMMAND] LORD MARSHAL He who is the leader of the army and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the army will dole it forward. Incumbent - Otto Kortrevich | Quinn275 COMMANDANT He who leads his own true regiment of men, drilled in the art of war, sworn to protect the gracious lands of his homeland. It is he who is the backbone of the army’s bureaucracy. CAPTAIN He who keeps diligent watch and fights as his comrades do, maintaining order and file in the thick of bloodshed and making sure no man falters. [ENLISTED] SERGEANT | SERZHANT He who leads from the front, his comrades behind him in the rule, following his every example. While men look to the officers for orders, they truly look to the Serzhant for the prime example of a Highlander warrior. MASTER-AT-ARMS | BRYNJA He who has survived their first battles and wars, showing leadership in the face of chaos and impressing his elder enlisted. MAN-AT-ARMS | AIRM He who is the bulk of the army, though no less important, and fights for his nation and family. They bring glory to their name and their home-ridden wives sing songs of their victorious return. FOOTMAN | SLOGAT He who has only just joined the army, and is not himself fully capable. Their mettle requires testing and must prove themselves in order to be considered a true man of the army. INITIATE | NAUMAAN He who has not even trained under the same roof as the men of the army, and barely can call himself even apart of the army, for they have only started their journey. [!] A Haenseman taking the oath[!] THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE The oath which is to be given as an induction to the army and be taken by any who consider themselves a loyal soldier of the army, which is to never be taken lightly, and will bond one to the Royal Army until their final hour. Just like our predecessors, “While those who guarded our realm before me had their chains of brotherhood and stone, I, alongside my new comrades, will go beyond and link our grand and vast lands with steel and victory. For if our link is severed, and I Falter, all that is now known shall fall. I, [recruit's name], do solemnly swear by GOD to uphold the Laws of the grand kingdom of Haense, serve the public's safety, and defend His Majesty [name of reigning monarch], and the subjects of the kingdom, without fear, favor, or concern for myself; to pursue the malicious and protect the innocent, laying down my life if necessary in the cause of said duty, Iv Joveo Maan. Should I fall prey to the forces that will be a constant bare down upon me, send me never to the skies above. But, I shall not Falter.” Merits & Honors Order of the Golden Crow - The highest decoration to any citizen of Haense, it is given for the truest acts of loyalty and might. Medal of Valor - Given to those who have demonstrated acts of valor and courage on the battlefield. Good Conduct Medal - A medal given to those who have shown good effort in combat and decency to both Haense brothers and those who opposed them. Honor of the Flying Crow - A honor bestowed onto those for outstanding work for the Royal Army outside that of combat. Haense Cavalry Ribbon - Given to those who have served in the Haense Cavalry. Saint Karl’s Cross - The final honor given to those who fall while in service of the army. Application NAME AGE Date Of Birth Place Of Birth RACE (Including Ethnicity) PAST MILITARY EXPERIENCE SIGNATURE
  7. Mcname: Quinn275 IC Name: Otto Kortrevich Residancy/ Street name, number: 2 Sigmund’s End Class/ Title: Military, Captain
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