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  1. Full Name: Juliyus Terrence Kortrevich Date of Birth: 1744 Place of Birth: Old Fort Korstadt Race: Highlander Gender: Male Address [If not applicable; N/A]: Margraviate of Korstadt Imperial Census Completed, [Y/N]: Yes https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/189457-imperial-census-1757-1767/ Status of Blood: Nobility State your purpose for enlisting:To bring honor to my family and kin OOC Username: Quinn275 Discord: Quinn275#7919
  2. A Pocket Naumarian-Common Translation for the Adventurous Compiled by Otto Kortrevich Compiler’s Note Naumarian is the language of the Haeseni people and gives a voice to the soul of the North. When I had the opportunity to be taught in school, Common certainly was the major language, however, Naumarian was still taught. These days it is used far less, however, I have run into a growing number of individuals pursuing a stronger relationship with our traditions. Haeseni Literature The Kingdom of Haeseni-Ruska has a full and well-documented history for any who share an equal interest in learning it as they do this language. The greatest resource for compiled Haeseni literature is the Work Directory, which is wonderfully kept up to date by the Brotherhood of Sigismund and the Society of Saint Everard. The index can be found in the Alimar Memorial Library in the Grand City of New Reza, as well as many of the great libraries within the Holy Oranian Empire. As this is a translation guide, you may also be interested in its roots. A great volume of the words is pulled from Karl Kautsky’s A Dictionary and Etymology of the New Marian Language. For those interested in the culture of our kingdom, I highly suggest reading Haeseni Mythologie from Otto the Tarcharman. It is a good long read for sitting and when twisted slightly makes a fantastic story for children. If history is what you are after, the notes on my cousin The Life of Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, by myself, tell the great story of not only Ser Nikolaus but also a glimpse into the Kortrevich house. For even more history, many of the noble families make an effort to report their efforts and tribulations. Following the Compiler’s note and the brief note on Haeseni literature, the translation guide begins. It makes sure to be highly specific on the grammar formatting and takes similar detail on the different forms of regular and irregular verb conjugations. Continuing on the book outlines widely-used nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. A section is dedicated to relationship words, explaining that there are so many because of the cultural emphasis on birth order. Translation Pages The final page of the translator has a circular diagram explaining how the Imperial dates convert to the Haense dates.
  3. Tears roll down Otto Kortrevich’s face, having just heard the sorrowful news from a maid. He looks down at his now sagging skin and muscles that had gone to waste long ago. Peering across to a mirror, he caught the glazed eyes of a changed man. Although speaking alone, Otto spoke as if he were speaking with Henrik; “My journey will be ending soon too. I’m afraid. I’m scared of what is to come for me -chuckle- you know I’ve lead a life of death, and I’m not certain of my place in the Seven Skies above us all. I know that you managed to get past those gates, though. You were always a gentle soul at the core.” Wiping his eyes and looking up to the door, he would find the same maid watching him. At that, Otto demanded his cane and clock from her and began hobbling toward the old church to pray for Henrik’s safe passage. As he made the way to the gates of New Reza, his two grandsons, Viktor and Juliyus, began to follow and grabbed his hands. None of them spoke, but Otto’s mind was full of memories with Henrik; Their service to the Haense Royal Army, the Grain Meyster’s Brewing company... “May Henrik Amador stand in the Seven Skies over us all.”
  4. THE LIFE OF SER NIKOLAUS KORTREVICH “The Most Distinguished Man to Live” By: Otto Kortrevich “A bull doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of cattle like yourself, Rodrik.” -Nikolaus to Rodrik Kortrevich, 1750 EARLY LIFE CHILDHOOD Nikolaus; born as Nikolaus Halldor, son of my uncle Henrik and aunt Lilliana. From the young beginnings of his childhood, Nikolaus held a tenacious bond with his father more so than his mother. He took prominent appreciation in his father’s expertise in swordsmanship which would later pivot his life in the direction that would land himself years subsequently. Throughout his adolescence he became well-educated on the simple fundamentals of wielding a blade, footwork and drawing a bow & arrow. His enthusiasm was mutual with myself, who together spent a great deal of time with each other as both of our fathers were distinguished within the first order of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl; both of which held the rankings of Master-at-Arms. Training amongst the four of us was commonplace during our early adolescent years as we fervently continued to get better at what we enjoyed most. Several hardships were inevitable and that laid true during both mine and Nikolaus’ childhoods, the major known conflicts that occurred at the time were the ever continuous Vaeyl Wars and The Third Atlas Coalition War among the two of them the Siege of Nordengrad (c. 1690) would take the lives of both my father and uncle. An already stalwart bond between the two of us later strengthened following our fathers passings. After numerous years following the deaths of the renown, heroic warriors of Lukas and Henrik, both Nikolaus and I sought to continue our common interest in following the footsteps of our esteemed fathers. By the time we reached the ages of eighteen[Nikolaus] and twenty-one[Otto] we quickly enlisted ourselves into the Brotherhood of Saint Karl under the direct commandment of Lord Marshal Rhys var Ruthern. Within prompt fashion, we rose through the ranks as we became distinguished in the brotherhood and made our names known amongst our fellow brothers. [see ‘Rise Through The Ranks’] MARRIAGE Through years of training a part of the Brotherhood and defensively taking part in countless raids and skirmishes against the Red City of Markev, the thought of marriage never came across his mind for a foreseeable acquisition but that opinion would soon shift when he was introduced to Lotte. On his excursion to the Imperial capital of Carolustadt he and I made way to the capital in aspiration to register to vote for the Imperial Parliamentary Elections of 1703. Upon our arrival to the capital of The Empire of Man both myself and Nikolaus would later be introduced to Lotte Rosendale who was merely a medic pondering the streets at the time. Soon after the meeting amongst the three of us, I suggested taking the conversation to the nearby tavern at the forefront of the city. Quickly thereafter, Nikolaus and Lotte would soon become well-acquainted and as time progressed their bond grew ever closer which would ultimately lead them to marriage the following winter. The wedding had a good showing as it was open to the general populace of Haense, featuring the attendance of His Majesty, King Robert I and Her Majesty, Queen Elizaveta with the added guard battalion of the Brotherhood and the Knights of Bihar presiding which featured the presence of notable figures like; Ser Henrik Ludovar, Ser Varon Kovachev, Ser Dominic Grimm and Ser Bjolfr Nord. The marriage between the two was unlike any other but faced victim to turmoil as any other marriage does but nevertheless their bond remained lusty and strengthened every day as their family began to grow day by day. BEGINNINGS OF HOUSE KORTREVICH The House of Kortrevich: ( Common: Kortrevich, High Imperial: Kortrevinus ) The House Of Kortrevich was once divided between two families; the Haldors and the Blackwoods up until it was revealed the two families had common relatives. Following this revelation made by my uncle Elijah Haldor, the two families assumed the common surname- Kortrevich{Kortrevinus}. Ever since the family’s first establishment in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the ménage has played a significant role apart from the Royal Military where we once held a rather large host of men and women who too bore the colors of Black & Gold. Since the dawn of the famed legends of my father and my uncle our family has held rankings such as Master-At-Arms up through Kaptain until my generation of the family arrived and embarked on our own ventures and aspirations. The generation of my kin would be the very individuals who would continue to hold a large presence in the Royal military and seek to obtain knighthoods, political positions and direct oversight in the Royal government that resided in the Dual-Monarchy. It was only shortly after our family made our name widely known which would be rewarded by the titular enfeoffment of the Barony of Koravia by His Majesty, King Marius I, following our leal service to the crown and the insurmountable amount of due diligence in regards to leading the Kingdom’s army, Kingdom’s knightly system and help aid the Kingdom’s very function within the Duma halls. Our household itself has continued to praise the idealism of remaining committed to the crown and ever-fervent to serving the crown directly by any means necessary. [see ‘House Kortrevich’ post for more information] (*coming soon*) “I’m not questioning your honor nor your merit, Darius. I’m denying its existence outright.” -Nikolaus to Darius Ault, 1699 The Siege of Arberrang, 1691 RISE THROUGH THE RANKS When Nikolaus and I were of our adolescent years we looked to be enlisted soldiers in the Brotherhood of St. Karl in the likes of our fathers. It was only until Nikolaus reached eighteen years of age and I, twenty-one years of age where we would actually be recruited by the young Prince Marius and Lord Jakob Ludovar himself and bare the colors of Black & Gold. Our rise through the rankings was swift in fashion as our expertise with swords in hand outmatched those less skilled. Nikolaus took particular liking to being on the direct front-lines while on the contrary I took to rising through the ranks to become an enlisted officer and have oversight from the rear-lines. Our household during this period of time had a large presence in the standing military at the time which garnered us the respect of the already established nobility houses that have stood for generations. Nikolaus and I continued to rise through the ranks and receive promotions up through till I was granted the honor of being named Lord Marshal by His Majesty, King Robert I for eighteen years where at that point, Nikolaus sought to finally achieve knighthood and bring honor to the House once more. From the very beginning, where both Nikolaus and I were young children, our aspirations were common but despite this being the case we both chose different yet similar paths which would land ourselves years subsequently. KNIGHTHOOD Ever since Nikolaus was but a mere teenager his aspiration to become a Knight became well-known to that of his friends and family. Nikolaus, while fortunate to be born into a rather large common-born household wasn’t privileged to the natural-born right to squire and because of this he sought to prove himself by any means necessary. Varon Kovachev, the incumbent Paramount Knight at the time was one Nikolaus sought to personally prove his worth to yet, it was only until His Majesty, King Robert I himself placed a set of quests and adorous trials for Nikolaus to complete for him to then later be recognized years later by the populace of Haense as a Northern Knight of Hanseti-Ruska. WARS & BATTLES ★= Commanding role Third Atlas Coalition War: >Siege of Arberrang (1691) >Siege of Kal’Tarak (1692) Vaeyl Wars: >Battle of Last Hope ★ (1704) War of the Two Emperors: ( 1715 - 1721 ) >Battle of Upper Rodenburg ★ >Battle of Lower Rodenburg >Battle of Helena Fields >Siege of Helena ★ >Battle of the Rivers >Battle of Leuven >Second Battle of Leuven >Battle of Silversea >Battle of Koengswald Three-Month War: ( 1725 ) >Battle of Tal’Short >Second Battle of Tal’Short Lorrarinian Revolt: ( 1729 - 1730 ) >Siege of Guise ★ War of Orcish submission: ( 1731 - 1737 ) >Siege of Krugland Rubern War: ( 1740 - Present ) >Battle of Hangman’s Bridge >Battle of Reza “Never forget who you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to impair you.” -Nikolaus to Ulric Vyronov, 1716 The Siege of Helena, 1716 THE TROUBLES RODRIK’S BETRAYAL Upon the eruption of The War of the Two Emperors, our cousin Rodrik had his allegiances swayed in full support towards the Imperium Renatum as opposed to his sworn oath and once full-fledged support towards the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, the very Kingdom he himself swore to protect. Following this revelation to the populace of Haense, the once praised Knight Paramount was perceived entirely differently and was now sought to be an oath breaker and one not to be trusted in the slightest of means. Immediate backlash from the denizens of Reza was imminent towards our House as the once esteemed Knighted figure was in actuality part of our nobility household; the Kortrevich ménage. Several prominent figures who dealt with the backlash first hand were; myself, Nikolaus, Duncan, Erik and Martin but from other perspectives within the family, this sudden betrayal of Rodrik’s saw changes in the way some members of the family lived- Sarah, Lotte, Primrose, Emaline and Arabella took more heedful precaution when travelling within side the city and took notable wariness when obligated to travel outside the city to the noble landings of Ayr and Nenzing. Among the many challenges that occurred throughout Nikolaus’ long life, this among any other obstacle was one that would later pivot the outlook on the future of the family. ROYAL ORDER FOR THE APPREHENSION OF RODRIK Rodrik, the incumbent Knight Paramount of Haense at the time before his betrayal was one of if not King Marius’ closest confidantes which was known as Rodrik took attendance in many of the Aulic council meetings during his short-tenure. With this being said, when Rodrik’s allegiance swayed entirely to that of the Imperium Renatum it was imminent that our House would undergo an insurmountable amount of backlash as the once esteemed Knighted figure bared the names of turncoat and traitor by the denizens of Reza at the time. Nikolaus while recently being promoted as Knight Paramount following both Rodrik’s betrayal and the unfortunate death of Ser Dominic Grimm it was Nikolaus’ task as Rodrik’s cousin to carry out the charge demanded by His Majesty, ‘to return Rodrik back to Haense where he’ll receive the proper punishment for treason against the crown’. The order itself came from the words of King Marius and would finally be fulfilled thirty-years subsequently when the two estranged cousins’ crossed paths for a final time. [see ‘Fulfilling a Promise’ for continuation] TUTELAGE OF RODRIK’S CHILDREN Following Rodrik’s immediate dismissal of his own kin during The War of the Two Emperors, Rodrik’s own children were kept under captivity under his sole guardianship. His mind was severely clouded which serves as adequate reasoning for him not allowing his own wife, the mother of his two children the ability to cater to them and raise them amongst a loving family in Haense as opposed to the war-riddled city of Helena under the guardianship of solely Rodrik and his twin brother; Cassius. Each of our family members, especially Nikolaus made it their priority to eventually retrieve the children from captivity despite the ongoing war that scarred the Arcasian plains. It was only a matter of time that Rodrik would retort something in response to the many missives sent by Nikolaus and the family and soon enough upon one early morning two dragon knights arrived swiftly to the gates of Reza on horseback where the two Kortrevich children and one barbanov bastard could be seen being pulled by the trio of stallions. The escort was not in the slightest bit small as accompanied with the two dragon knights, an entire battalion of Red Knights and Ordermen from the Order of the Red Dragon surrounded the escort all the way from the imperial capital of Helena to ensure their safe arrival. Upon their arrival to Reza the children were quickly placed in front of the gates where a singular guard then shouted to the nearest guardsmen in Reza: “Call for Ser Nikolaus, these children are of Kortrevich blood and Ser Rodrik wishes for their utmost amount of safety. . . Ensure they are brought to the hands of Nikolaus.” [!] Attached to one of the children’s baskets would be a tattered parchment signed by his Imperial Excellency, Ser Rodrik Jozsef Kortrevich, "I, Rodrik of Kortrevich hereby give full tutelage of my children to my cousin Nikolaus of Kortrevich, current Knight Paramount of Haense - this message will arrive sooner or later, but I might already be gone, I've sailed, away from this realm, away from this war and away from the fray - I care for the safety of my children and I understand that even after what has happened you all do as-well, The deal is very simple, you may raise them, teach them your ways and treat them as yours, but if anything happens to them, or I hear that they're being treated ill and they do not feel safe with you, the Imperial Crown of the Kingdom of Cascadia shall retrieve them. In brief. allow them to explore, teach them of the perils, but more than anything - let them be free." “So many promises…they make you vow to uphold. Defend the sovereign. Obey the king. Preserve his confidence. Do his bidding. Your life for his. But obey your father. Love your sister. Protect the innocent. Safeguard the weak. Respect the Gods. Be law-abiding. It’s too much. No matter what you do, you’re forsaking one vow over another.” -Nikolaus to Otto Kortrevich, 1706 Lotte Kortrevich laying on her deathbed, 1729 HEARTBREAK DEATH OF LOTTE, 1729 Among the many things that Nikolaus was met with during his life, the death of his dear wife Lotte was one that struck him like no other. Their marriage had its hardships and blessings but one thing that remained true up and till the end was their mutual love for eachother and their children they brought into the world. The eternal bond between the two was recognized by their kinsmen and the extended families abroad which ultimately made her truly one that was arduous to leap over for all who knew her closely. While the tailend of their ever-fruitful relationship did encounter sour turns they remained resilient with each other for the sake of their children, even if that meant for them to live apart from each other for years at end. Both Nikolaus and Lotte had their evident flaws that I personally can list out but despite these flaws at every corner moment they sought to deal with them and overcome the many obstacles that covered their common path. By the end of Lotte’s joyous life, she remembered nought but the few names of those closest to her; Nikolaus and Primrose which saddened her to the longest ends. I myself grew a deep sense of sadness when the day arose when Lotte, a good friend of mine, my cousin’s wife, didn't recall who I was. Despite her sickness, Lotte’s passing was peaceful where she bore no physical harm but the harm of heartbreak. Her death transcended quickly through word of mouth where the likes of many who knew her tried to comprehend the reality that was in front of them. Nikolaus most of all along with his two daughters, Primrose and Emaline were in complete disbelief but ultimately came to a common understanding of what she sacrificed and accomplished throughout her simple life. Memories would be shared but the lasting impact of Nikolaus’ only love ascended to the skies that flew above further struck him down to a pitiful sense of hopelessness as the wars still raged on and saw no end in foreseeable sight. EXECUTION OF ERIK, 1725 Following the unfortunate death of Ser Ulric Vyronov, Erik would soon be held accountable for his death and brought to trial on the felony charge of Involuntary Manslaughter. After the quick guilty verdict by the Lord Justicar; Ser Gerard Stafyr would sentence Erik to death. Just following the verdict was declared to the general public, Nikolaus made an urgent plea to Andrik to be the one to carry out the sentence as he didn’t want to witness his cousin publicly executed in front of what would’ve been a large turnout of commonborn and nobleborn alike witnessing a man pay for his crimes. Andrik would graciously agree to Nikolaus’ request and soon enough moments later Erik was carried down to the cells in the guardhouse district with the assistance of Prince Otto Sigmar and Lord Lerald Vyronov. [4] (embedded link to map) where he then faced his sentence while letting out no last words before his execution. Years subsequent to Erik’s execution, Nikolaus’ initial reaction to his cousin’s beheading was demoralizing to see witness to. While Erik and Nikolaus did not retain a close bond they too were in fact cousins connected by blood which made it truly difficult for Nikolaus to overcome what he was entrusted to do. I noticed a change in his disposition also immediately as he began to remain distant towards his kin which grabbed my attention, the families attention and eventually the King’s attention which resulted in his removal as Royal Executioner after it was made abundantly clear he was in no place to be entrusted with that responsibility. The position itself remained vacant up until Lord Karl Vyronov took seating as the Royal Executioner until he himself was killed and the position remained vacant until recently, where Ser Jonathan Frostfire now stands. KNIGHTLY RECONSTRUCTION Well before Nikolaus took seating as Paramount Knight in Haense, the knightly orders were in a state of royal disarray as they all saw no clear structure and most importantly had no real basis on how exactly a man or woman achieves knighthood. Nikolaus saw immediately the condition of the knightly structure in Haense and sought to completely rework it to an adequate working condition. His first task of business was to clearly outline how one man or woman is able to be knighted. Soon after he outlined how exactly one achieves knighthood he made it well aware to King Andrik that he had avid interest in establishing a new Knightly Order within Haense that acted as a separate entity from the Marian Retinue which would take precedence as the primary Knightly Order in Haense as opposed to before having just the King’s royal guard in function. Nikolaus worked with many people to accomplish his aspirations. Among the lengthy list includes; King Robert I, King Marius II, King Andrew III, King Andrew IV, the grand knights of the deplorable Ser Darius Ault, the vile Ser Uthred Gromach and finally the righteous Ser Dominic Grimm. The many changes Nikolaus would make to the knightly structure in Haense would influence the other human nations and directly influence the construction of new ones under Nikolaus’ personal advice. [see. The Order of the Crow for more information] “THE ORDER OF THE CROW” KNIGHTLY OBLIGATIONS EDICT BOOK OF THE MARIAN RETINUE REAFFIRMATION OF OATHS "You think my life is such a valuable thing to me, that I would trade my merit for a few more years... of what exactly?" -Nikolaus to Rodrik Kortrevich, 1750 The Kortrevichbowl, 1750 FULFILLING A PROMISE Thirty years had passed since the conclusion of the War of the Two Emperors but no remorse was shown by our cousins, Rodrik and Cassius following their betrayal that would lead to the demise of hundreds. Out of all of us who sought to seek revenge for the treacherous actions Rodrik inflicted on the family and the greater Kingdom, it was Nikolaus who was tasked to apprehend the traitor and bring him either dead or alive to the Royal City of Reza on King Marius’ due directive. Decades would pass and the promise taken in my Nikolaus would be forsaken as the war neared its end where Rodrik eventually embarked away from the fray, and away from the likes of his kin. As the coward he was this was a given but nevertheless Nikolaus never sought to forsake his vow he took oh so many years ago. Many missives sent by myself, Duncan, Erik, Martin, Alexander, Sarah and even the likes of my nieces; Primrose and Emaline sent missives to Rodrik where we all plead and demanded he return to his homeland and face the countless punishments for his crimes so our family could finally seek closure. It was only till one day where Rodrik obtained a missive by Nikolaus himself which would finally lead the old-Imperial Knight to beckon his armor once more and ride north to his homeland. [see ‘Summoning a Sojourner’ for continuation] SUMMONING A SOJOURNER A handful of years had passed since the final missive was sent but eventually the arrival of Rodrik would soon stand outside the towering walls of Fort Korstadt. The host of men on either side of the wall stood still as the two estranged cousins shared few words before they would eventually sheath blades of their own and deal out justice for a final time. A period of time later would pass where the two bodies of Rodrik and Nikolaus laid; soon after the fight the garrisoned host of Brotherhood foot soldiers sallied out to motion for Rodrik’s once closest compatriots to disperse. Out of everything that I’ve experienced throughout my long life, to witness my two cousins bring each other to their pitiful end is among the many experiences I will naught forget. Nikolaus lived a fair life, one that retains more accomplishments than many well-renown field-commanders of the past. His legacy will forever live on and be remembered forevermore by the likes of our kin and our nation. Nikolaus and I shared our bountiful amounts of arguments but never did we leave a conversation without a smile on either of our faces. May Nikolaus be remembered as one of the most illustrious men to ever live. May Nikolaus be remembered for his many achievements. May Nikolaus be remembered for every vow he never forsook. My cousin, may he be remembered for the love he shared with his dear wife, Lotte and the family he raised despite his prolonged duties as the Paramount Knight for over thirty-years. My cousin, may he be remembered as one of the most honorable knights in Haense to ever bare the colors of Black and Gold. . Ave Nikolaus, Ave Haense. [see ‘Kortrevichbowl’ for more information] KORTREVICHBOWL “It's the family name that lives on. It's all that lives on. Not your honor, not your personal glory, family.” -Nikolaus to Primrose & Emaline Kortrevich, 1748 Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich “The Strong” (1680 - 1750) Knight Paramount of Haense (1716 - 1750) FULL TITLE The titles of Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich were; The Right Honorable, Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich, Knight Paramount of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, Commandant Knight of the Marian Retinue, Meyster Knight of the Order of the Crow, Royal Champion of King Andrew III. Published by the House of Kortrevich Written by Otto Kortrevich
  5. Otto receives a copy of the letter as he stood admiring the portraits of family present and past. Upon reading the title, he knew exactly what his cousin had written. Rodrik. Ser Rodrik Kortrevich. Rodrik, the Rat Knight. His name was removed from all family business on Otto’s order at the beginning of the war of two emperors, however Otto has now come to peace with the situation and no longer feels a burning hatred, as just disappointment was left behind. In fact, he had ordered his own son’s sword to be named after him, Rodrik’s Folly, in hopes that no one would ever betray the family again. As Otto finished reading he spoke, “I hope that Rodrik has contemplated his actions and will return to his homeland and seek justice”
  6. The Barony of Koravia: Title Abdication Issued and Penned by his Lordship, Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia 7th of Tov and Yermey, 290 | 7th of Sun's Smile, 1737 Coat of Arms of House Kortrevich I, Lord Otto of House Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia, Former Lord Marshal to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, hereby transfer the title of Baron of Koravia to my firstborn and only son, Markus II Kortrevich. In this, I am relinquishing my patriarchy of House Kortrevich to Markus II Kortrevich as well, and the newly determined Baron of Koravia is responsible for the following: To preside over the House of Kortrevich to the best of his ability in the service of the aforementioned House. To ensure the prosperity of House Kortrevich and of the lands within his jurisdiction. To be honorable and righteous in the protection of his kinsmen and in his duties as a leal subject to the Crown. I have cherished my time as the patriarch of House Kortrevich and Baron of Koravia, and I praise God for this life He has gifted me. I hope that Markus may share in this statement once it is time for him to write such a decree as this. IV JOVEO MAAN, THE RIGHT HONORABLE, Lord Otto Kortrevich, Baron of Koravia HIS LORDSHIP, Markus II Kortrevich HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Andrew III of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Valwyk, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, , Lord of Alban, Reza, Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  7. Otto is found within the Kortrevich manor, pacing in a fit of boredom when the news is brought to him by the family’s loyal maid, Elizaveta. He briefly stops, a blank expression on his face, before he continues his pace towards the dining room. As he enters the room he drops into his seat at the head of the table, the clinks of metal and ceramic spring up as the room is jostled by his fist on the table. After sitting with his thoughts he speaks to himself, although knowing the maid is eavesdropping just around the corner, “These days are free of war, yet sadness is all around this home”, he speaks thinking of the too close death of his cousin’s ex-wife, Sarah. A kind call of the kitchen then breaks Otto’s thoughts, “Would you care fer a cup of tea, sir?”, Elizaveta would say. At which Otto would, with a raspy voice, reply, “Aye, I would”. Otto would then sit in the hall, alone, sipping the tea slowly, reminiscing of the days in Markev. The first time he met Miss Lotte Rosendale when his great Uncle Odo demanded that he court her. The day she became a Kortrevich and married his best friends and cousin, Nikolaus. The births of the beautiful babies, Primrose and later Emaline. Upon finishing his cup, he would stand up, dawn a cloak and head out of the house, heading to the cities of the Realm of Man in search of a craftsman.
  8. As Otto saw the last essence of Ulric’s being fade, he brought his chest compressions to a soft end. He stayed at the young man, the one he watched grow and marry his sweet niece, he gazed at his face and its wide eyes. With a quick motion, the Kortrevich used a pair of fingers and put the Knights eyes to a final rest, leaving his face red with the blood on Otto’s hands. He stood up from his crouched position, darting his vision around the room until he could find the brother of the fallen. Locking onto Lord Lerald, he stared blankly, only allowing a single word to break the silence, “How...”. After a quick moment, allowing the brother to gaze upon the body, Otto spoke once again, this time motioning the cross while he did so, “Iv Joveo Maan, may Ser Ulric Vyranov, first of his name, friend to many, father to few, Knight Protector of the Keong Andrik and his Realm, be rested peacefully for his duties are now released”. At that Otto left the cellar where they had all been, through the gates and out of Graiswald towards Reza.
  9. Otto Kortrevich sits in his Reza manor, alone at the dining table. A new empty glass of some intoxicating brew sits there, now joining its two brothers which have been idly gathering dust. Slouched in his chair, Otto reads the letter of his cousin, Lilliana Baruch-Kortrevich, while sweeping through his ragged and greasy hair with his hand, all while being illuminated by the assaulting rays of light coming from the road outside. A brow upon his face raises, as an expression of clear confusion crosses his mind at the close of the letter. “Lord Rodrik Kortrevich?” crosses his mind, him now thinkings that perhaps this letter wasn’t truly by his cousin. He then looks up towards a barely burning candle, which had only just survived the night. Otto then speaks to himself, “These titles belong to that Baruch boy, not her. And there is no Rodrik Kortrevich”. As he spoke, he adjusted his posture as he began to drag himself out of his too comfortable spot, then followed by a short stride to the shrinking candle, putting the letter to its flame. Otto watched as the flame consumed the letter, watching as the seal melted and dripped onto the floor. Under his breath, he speaks again, “The Renations can **** off...” and at that he clumsily, but still briskly, walks way looking to find some of his kin for answers.
  10. Otto Kortrevich would sit on his bedside, his clothes, face and hair all alike in their messiness. At first, he stares blankly at the single wardrobe that provides his company in his room, but then his expression relaxes as he looks outside. A small grin forms beneath his beard as he goes over the too true words of his cousin, Duncan. However, that smile fades quickly as he remembers the deeds that he and Rodrik had done together in the name of Haense, and Kortrevich. Clumsily, he lifts himself out of bed, murmuring under his slightly labored breath, “you’ll pay traitor...”.
  11. Haeseni Royal Army [!] The Haeseni Army in columns [!] Haeseni Royal Army Reorganization SOLDIER EMPLOYMENT Haense is a strong power in the world, and its protectors should rejoice in their efforts. A more rigid schedule is being put into place for our soldiers to be able to be a proper force. With that said, payment is something that has been lacking in Haense for a long time, but that is to end now. Like how our uniform improve with rank, so will your pay. In order to receive payment, you must have at the least three (3) attendances logged. INITIATE | NAUMAAN - The initiate does not get paid, for they have not proved themselves worthy to the crown or Haense. FOOTMAN | SLOGAT - As the first true step in the ranks of the army, the footman will receive fifty (50) minas upon attending the minimum activities MAN-AT-ARMS | AIRM - The man-at-arms is a rank showing the dedication that a footman has to the army, the man-at-arms will receive sixty (60) minas upon attending the minimum activities MASTER-AT-ARMS | BRYNJA - The master-at-arms has proven themselves before the high command, the master-at-arms will receive seventy (70) minas upon attending the minimum activities. SERGEANT | SERZHANT - The first step to becoming an officer for the army, they have worked hard to get here and deserve adequate payment. The sergeant will receive eighty (80) minas upon attending the minimum activities. CAPTAIN - A tried and hardened soldier of the army, their hard work has prevailed and made them an officer. The captain will receive ninety (90) minas upon attending the minimum activities. COMMANDANT - The most trusted and tested of the army, and the hand(s) to the Lord Marshal. The commandant leads with might and vigilance. The commandant will receive one hundred (100) minas upon attending the minimum activities. RANKING [SENIOR COMMAND] LORD MARSHAL He who is the leader of the army and chief general to the King. If it is his will and the will of our gracious monarch, then the army will dole it forward. Incumbent - Otto Kortrevich | Quinn275 COMMANDANT He who leads his own true regiment of men, drilled in the art of war, sworn to protect the gracious lands of his homeland. It is he who is the backbone of the army’s bureaucracy. CAPTAIN He who keeps diligent watch and fights as his comrades do, maintaining order and file in the thick of bloodshed and making sure no man falters. [ENLISTED] SERGEANT | SERZHANT He who leads from the front, his comrades behind him in the rule, following his every example. While men look to the officers for orders, they truly look to the Serzhant for the prime example of a Highlander warrior. MASTER-AT-ARMS | BRYNJA He who has survived their first battles and wars, showing leadership in the face of chaos and impressing his elder enlisted. MAN-AT-ARMS | AIRM He who is the bulk of the army, though no less important, and fights for his nation and family. They bring glory to their name and their home-ridden wives sing songs of their victorious return. FOOTMAN | SLOGAT He who has only just joined the army, and is not himself fully capable. Their mettle requires testing and must prove themselves in order to be considered a true man of the army. INITIATE | NAUMAAN He who has not even trained under the same roof as the men of the army, and barely can call himself even apart of the army, for they have only started their journey. [!] A Haenseman taking the oath[!] THE OATH OF ALLEGIANCE The oath which is to be given as an induction to the army and be taken by any who consider themselves a loyal soldier of the army, which is to never be taken lightly, and will bond one to the Royal Army until their final hour. Just like our predecessors, “While those who guarded our realm before me had their chains of brotherhood and stone, I, alongside my new comrades, will go beyond and link our grand and vast lands with steel and victory. For if our link is severed, and I Falter, all that is now known shall fall. I, [recruit's name], do solemnly swear by GOD to uphold the Laws of the grand kingdom of Haense, serve the public's safety, and defend His Majesty [name of reigning monarch], and the subjects of the kingdom, without fear, favor, or concern for myself; to pursue the malicious and protect the innocent, laying down my life if necessary in the cause of said duty, Iv Joveo Maan. Should I fall prey to the forces that will be a constant bare down upon me, send me never to the skies above. But, I shall not Falter.” Merits & Honors Order of the Golden Crow - The highest decoration to any citizen of Haense, it is given for the truest acts of loyalty and might. Medal of Valor - Given to those who have demonstrated acts of valor and courage on the battlefield. Good Conduct Medal - A medal given to those who have shown good effort in combat and decency to both Haense brothers and those who opposed them. Honor of the Flying Crow - A honor bestowed onto those for outstanding work for the Royal Army outside that of combat. Haense Cavalry Ribbon - Given to those who have served in the Haense Cavalry. Saint Karl’s Cross - The final honor given to those who fall while in service of the army. Application NAME AGE Date Of Birth Place Of Birth RACE (Including Ethnicity) PAST MILITARY EXPERIENCE SIGNATURE
  12. Mcname: Quinn275 IC Name: Otto Kortrevich Residancy/ Street name, number: 2 Sigmund’s End Class/ Title: Military, Captain
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