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  1. [ ! ] A far too public letter is published by an inexperienced sender. It seems transcribed, for the writer would be unable to write in large print. The common language does not come naturally in the text, with awkward grammar, corrected by annotations. TO [THE] WHITE-ROBBED PRIEST-GIANT OF [THE] WHITE-CITY, Ciao, priest-father-fire-giant, my name [is] Pecorino di Ves. I [often] travel [to the] white-city [of Númendil (?)] with [my] cousin Capretta di Ves to get help for [my] business, [I am] very small[,] but [can] run fast, so it[‘s] good! ! ! [I] am [a] mouse [musin] and [come] from Ves [repeated frantically three times], my mamma say[s I am] too tiny to look [into the] fire! Before! [as in: in the past] [I’ve] never look[ed into the] fire [before]! But I look [into the] fire with priest-giant of white-city and hear [a] very loud voice in [my] ear. I AM SCARE[D]! ! ! [I] ask priest-giant for help and [I] say “PRIEST! ! !” and silence. I look [into the] fire for whole [instead: throughout the] night. [My] eyes [feel] very sore! And [I] see only blurry! Very blurry! I am scare[d]! But [I] am also happied! [instead: happy]. [I] want to ask priest-giant-white-robe why [I feel] happied [see above]. [My sight is] very blurry but [I am] very happied [see above]. Why? Why [did (?)] I say “PRIEST! ! !”? I hear[d] “PRIEST” and repeat[ed] “PRIEST! ! !” but [got] no response [from] white-city-giants. [I] hear[d the] loud voice say [to me] “PRIEST! ! !” and I am scare[d]. What [does this] mean? Please help [me]. HELP, PECORINO DI VES [Transcribed & Annotated by Mattia Cardinal Lotharia] @Fleeperpriest @christman
  2. A silence came over The Crab, as he looked down to John. His lifeless skin turned to sand, and his final tears turned to waves, and the expanse of the sea was revealed to the cardinal. With a breath, he prostrated on the shore. Frantzisko only prayed his friend could serve the Lord as he was always meant to - in the Skies, before the Heavenly Host and the highest altars, as the priest he was destined to become, for the ages of ages.
  3. The Crab's office is quiet, the monks sent to their quarters for the night. Inexplicably, by midnight, a tolling is heard a total of seven times from the Archbishop's Cathedral - and then go quiet. The morning after, no other culprit is found but the aged Cardinal laid asleep beside the bell.
  4. let my people go

  5. Congratulations my husband your schizopost hasn’t been deleted for forum spam in .5 seconds… this means you’ve earned the Mandate of Heaven…
  6. Adrian Tobias, No. you may strictly NOT physically or psychologically abuse your servants, houseworkers, underlings, goons, or any sort of human being that lives and breathes under (equal to, or even over) your command. Should you have any further concerns, please contact the Heartlandic Council instead of the reigning monarchs, as issues of law are national and apply to both the Provinces of Aaun and the Petra. As for now, the judicial law shall be expanded and reformed by the Garmont Assembly and future edicts as time passes. Askatasuna Jainkoaren Bitartez, Frantzisko, Lord Chancellor
  7. The Crab briefly recalls the lives of Mikhael, and Ser Leopold before him. He broke bread with them, too, as he did with Gerard. He grew increasingly worried of his friend's tendencies of being murdered. A pat on the back came as comfort to Mattia, though the aged Crab too wept, in the secrecy of his chambers, away from prying eyes. How many blades would it take, he thought, until none of his friends remained? In a crib, a blind girl remains ignorant of her father's death. Blind eyes would've never seen his face, but hands could've felt it, and ears could've heard his voice. A small blessing, perhaps, that Adeline would never have to grieve him, her age barring her understanding of her father's end.
  8. THE CRAB, ready for his assigned inspection, searched all of Númendil for Archbishop Callahan.
  9. Felices pascuas a todos los latinos, el Señor ha resucitado. ✝️
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