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  1. Vyrnen: Guardian of all earthly creatures. Bouta hit you with the big phat did nothing this turn
  2. The Sky is on Fire Archduchy of Camlorn: Camlorn war drags on. It has been years since Highrock has known peace. Thousands have died, for now the Camlorn holds their current positions. Many of the soldiers wondering when the war will be over. So they can finally go home to their families. Many living in the cities believe that the war is won, and a resolution should be found. A few small protests form against the war. However these are quickly silenced. More men are recruited into the ever-growing army. Many of these men eager for a fight. The courtship of the Archduchess continues, progress slowly being made. She invites him to stay at her keep for a few weeks. So they may have the chance to get to know each other better. Economic investments are made, which provides Camlorn with more taxes and more capacity for trade. (+2,000 Septims per turn, +1 Trade Slot) Fortifications are improved across the nation. New outposts and watchtowers are raised. Old fortifications are repaired and refurbished. Checkpoints are set up. There are many abandoned forts dotting the landscape of Camlorn, now inhabited by less friendly individuals and groups. Commanders suggest that a small task force is set up to clear out these forts and regarrison them with troops. Kingdom of Aurion: The victory at the Battle of Aurion turns the tide of the war in the favor of the Queen and her followers. They push back and easily recapture lost territory and are now poised to siege Auridon’s mainland city. The raiding of Auridon and the blockade does not have the effect that the Queen had expected, the Kingdom of Auridon gaining more war-support. As many in their lands view the Kingdom of Aurion as traitors and willing to work with savages who have been raiding and pillaging their lands for thousands of years. The effect this has is that, Auridon raises a new army to threaten Aurion. Some foreign powers even beginning to sway into Auridon’s favor. If Aurion wants to win, they must end the war and end it quickly. The Orentius Empire: Corrupt officials are difficult to spot out, as they can easily blend in and pretend to be loyal subjects of the Empire. The purging of these officials is a slow and almost impossible task at this point. With thousands of bureaucrats running the Empire alone, not to mention the vassals. Increasing centralization is a bold move, which is not well received by the vassals. As they were promised relatively high autonomy. The Grand Dukes wish to arrange a meeting with the Emperor to discuss this change of their autonomy. Leyawiin refuses the Empires ‘offer’. In other news repairs to the Imperial city is slowed to a halt, as separatists continue to harass and attack the Kvatchi occupiers. Many survivors claiming that these separatists came from the sewers underneath the Imperial City. Who are using the sewer system as a way to house their insurrection. Education reforms begin within the empire, the peasantry and lower class citizens receive much needed education. Learning about mathematics, reading and writing. Centurions begin to discipline unruly men within the legions. Raising the professionalism of the Legions to a very high standard. Kingdom of Senchal: New roads and routes are created to streamline trade coming in and out of Senchal. These new roads provide a quicker and safer way for goods to travel to Senchal. Which increases productivity and profit for the Kingdom. (+1 trade slot, +2,000 per turn) A merchant hall is built in the city of Senchal. (+5,000 Septims per turn) Elsweyr: The Argonians agree to a trade post. Allowing the Khajiits to build one in the city of Helstrom. Duchy of Torval, the Duchy of Haven and the Kingdom of the Dune politely refuse the offer made by the mane. The investment into the economy and farms bears its fruits. (+1 trade slot, +1,000 gold) Kingdom of Cheydinhal: Fortifications begin to be constructed on the ways in and out of Morrowind, a large task as well but this should be able to be completed by the end of the next year. If they receive sufficient funding of course. Cheydinhal constructs five transport ships and one warship by the end of the year, and begin construction of five more transports. The groundworks of a strong navy. The Invasion of Leyawiin goes smoothly, managing to capture large swathes of territory. Along with this, they surround the many cities that Leyawiin has on their side of the Niben river. By the end of the year, the Cheydinhal legions begin to lay siege up the cities. (Skype) Argonia accepts the trade agreement. The Kingdom of Rihad. (Skype me first, forgot to do your encounter.) Two trading posts are created. (+20,000 Septims per turn) Jarldom of the Rift: Falkreath is bought from Bruma and war is declared in Morrowind. A letter arrives in Riften, a Black Hand. World Events: The White-Gold tower becomes a pillar of fire for a night. Frightening the inhabitants of the Imperial city. This worries even the Kingdom of Argonia.
  3. The Bohemian State In the year of our Lord 2039: Bohemia marches out to war, troops crossing the Polish border and heading over to the front lines. This will be the first test of the new and improved Bohemian army. A trial by fire. The men are ready for whatever faces them. Investments: 50 AP into Foundries 25 into Agriculture 25 into Commerce Trade: USA Ukraine Poland Germany Austria Switzerland Resources: Thorium Graphene Actions: 10 AP into 1,000 Tanks 5 AP into 12,500 Heavy Infantry 5 AP into 25,000 Infantry Diplomats sent to Slovakia to continue to butter them up. Bohemia joins the war declared by Poland. Research: T2 Artillery (20/20 RP) T2 Body Armor (6/20 RP)
  4. Rise of an Emperor: Kingdom of Orsinium: The city of Orsinium modernizes their defenses. The orcs are already well known for siege defenses. This action seems a bit overkill to many that live outside of Orsinium. The city does receive much needed upgrades to walls, towers and anything else that might help them in a defensive siege. The ritual ends with no words from Malacath, for now the orcs are on their own. In other news, they have constructed 10 more catapults, which will help them defend their cities and even give them the possibility to push out if they so choose. The Duchy of Skaven requests a white peace with the Kingdom of Orsinium. Kingdom of Colovia: The Imperial city is captured, the colovian military did not suffer as much as the local population did. Civilians were butchered, over 250,000 were killed as the invaders captured the city. With the city in their hands King Marcus declared himself Emperor. Leyawiin immediately disputed that claim, calling Marcus a bloodthirsty warlord, not an emperor. Hernandius accepts the offer and becomes the captain of the royal guard, training the men to the best of his abilities. These royal guards are the best that Kvatch has to offer. By the end of the year the men are well equipped and trained, some say they are even better duelists than Marcus. Funds sent to Anvil are well used, as they begin construction of a few more naval vessels. Which will surely please the King of Colovia. Along with this, the roads and bridges across the Kingdom of renovated and improved. Improving travel and transportation of goods across the Kingdom. A festival is held in Kvatch, nothing interesting happens there. Jarldom of the Rift: Merchant Halls are built in Bruma, Chorral, and in Stormhold. Along with this more infantry are trained. Carsten heads down to Kvatch for a little ‘vacation.’ (+30,000 Septims per turn) Kingdom of Aurion: The Battle of Aurion ends in a strategic victory for the defenders. Managing to push back the besiegers as well as thin their numbers significantly. This victory will surely send those spineless cowards a message. That Aurion will not back down. Not even with their barbarians knocking at their gates. More mages are recruited. Kingdom of Cheydinhal: More troops are recruited and trained. The Cheydinhal Army becoming an elite fighting force. Comparable to the legions of old. These troops sit eager, waiting for the chance to test their skills in battle. Leyawiin sends a reply to the King, denying his offer. Will Cheydinhal go to war over this? The Kingdom of Rihad: War is delcared, Rihadi troops marching out to meet the enemy in the fields. However they manage to encircle the city with no problem. The Skaven army nowhere in sight. The cowards they are. For now the Rihad army sits encamped around the city. Ebony armor is much more expensive than what Haserick expected, 1,000 gold only managing him to get the leather straps for this set of armor. Many in his court tell him that ebony is an extremely rare material. As a result it is extremely expensive. The steel plate however is much easier to manufacture, a 4k investment into it is also a bit inadequate. Much more gold is needed if he wants to equip his personal retinue with the best gear. A new furnace is created, which will help Rihad in making higher quality arms and armor. Elsweyr: More troops are recruited, along with this Bosmer suffering is eased. The disease which only seems to be afflicting them begins to slowly die down. The Valenwood plague is finally over. The Bosmer nations are grateful to the Mane for his support in their darkest years. Argonians appreciate the lessons that Elsweyr is teaching them about trade. Jarldom of Windhelm: New merchant hubs are created in Stormhold, Dawnstar, Chorral, and Leyawiin. Providing Windhelm with plenty of gold. (+40,000 Septims per turn) The search for the ebony in the old mines begin. The mines have been long cleared out, it has been hundreds of years since any ebony has been found in the mines. Pioneers recommend that they begin construction of a new mine in the mountains. Perhaps there is ebony there to be found. Oskar’s training goes smoothly, gaining knowledge of personal combat as well as leadership and tactics. (Skype) Merchant hubs are now capped to 6
  5. Rise of an Emperor: Kingdom of Colovia: The Kingdom goes to war, occupying the lands of Whiterun and Riften that they hold in the dejure Bruma area. After this, a peaceful resolution is found with the Jarl of Riften. The Rift will relinquish their claims to their territories in Bruma. Whiterun is also peaced out at the end of the war. As the Jarl of the Rift annexed the realm into his own. A lot of troops are recruited, boosting the Kingdom’s military numbers to number 1 in the entirety of Tamriel. Not even the Kingdom of Argonia has that many men and women serving in its armed forces. They are truly the strongest military power at the moment. Late in the year, Marcus receives troubling news. His son Tiber was found assassinated in his chamber.Seemingly poisoned. His first born Tytus however was found safe and sound in the arms of a wet nurse, the culprit is yet to be found. The Kingdom of the Dune upgrade their merchant hub within the city, providing more funds for Kvatch as well as Dune. (+5,000 Changes to +10,000) The soldiers are trained even more. Reaching the maximum amount of skill they can achieve without facing any real combat. They are truly an elite fighting force. The Grand Duchy of Cheydinhal: The Kingdom of Cheydinhal is established, officially ending the Imperial confederation for good. Envoys from the Imperial city arrive in Cheydinhal, asking for the Nibenese king for protection against the increasingly threatening Colovians. More troops are recruited, nothing new with that. Meanwhile, the fort is finally completed. With large stone walls and towers, as well as a moat to boot. This fort will be difficult to take, but easy to defend. Along with the fort, a small village is established nearby. Providing food and construction supplies to the fort. Stronger stone walls are constructed around the city of Cheydinhal. Providing stronger defenses that will make some armies tremble at the sight of the walls. (+5 to defense rolls, can be improved further) The Kingdom of the Dune upgrade their merchant hub within the city, providing more funds for Cheydinhal as well as Dune. (+5,000 Changes to +10,000) The Kingdom of Rihad: The Kingdom of Rihad’s plan to harry and disrupt the siege works. As the continuous night attacks and ambushes put enough strain on the invading army that they eventually break off the siege. However, instead of heading back to their territory. The move northwards, heading the city of Orsinium to assist their Orc allies. The Kingdom of Sentinel sends thanks to Rihad, and their forces soon reoccupy their territory. Attaching to the Rihad forces. The King leading his army personally. In other news, the snare drum has been invented. The Kingdom of the Dune upgrade their merchant hub within the city, providing more funds for Rihad as well as Dune. (+5,000 Changes to +10,000) Jarldom of Windhelm: The diplomats sent out return with wonderful news, the Kingdom of Gilane and the Grand Duchy of Bruma would like for Windhelm to build a merchant hub. Diplomats report that these two nations would be a good start. Troops are recruited, they would not see the fighting happening in the west. The Windhelm army marches westwards, in the middle of the year they take Morthal from Imperial forces. They keep pushing westwards, meanwhile the Pale forces storm through Solitudes lands, besieging the capital city by the end of the year. Two more children are born, one girl and one boy. Regrettably Brunhilda died in childbirth. The priests could only save the children and not her. The boy was also born sickly, the priests cared for him for the next few weeks. The boy eventually made a full recovery. Jarldom of the Rift: A merchant hall is built in Chim. (+5,000 per turn) A merchant hall is built in Cheydinhal. (+10,000 Per turn) After a traditional duel over the holding of Whiterun, Carsten of the Rift is victorious. Inheriting the land and half of the armed forces of Whiterun. The transition of power goes smoothly, as the Thane of Whiterun ensures there is no unrest. (+8,000 Light infantry, 4,000 Longbowmen, 2,000 Light cavalry. You will get province bonus instantly.) Triplets are born, two boys and one girl. Faide had complications during birth but she survived. She will be in recovery for a few months. All three babies are healthy and strong. Seems like Carsten has a powerful NUT. Elsweyr: Troops are sent out to Aurion to help out. Landing where the Aurion army also landed. These troops will no doubt help with the reconquest of the main island. Other than that, not much happens in Elsweyr. (PM me for the other thing.) Kingdom of Aurion: A large sea elf fleet is at the Kingdoms disposal, consisting of over 10 warships, 20 transports and 10 galleys. A sizable fleet, they expect a large amount of payment for each year they’re in the Kingdoms employment. (10k income for every year they are hired.) More troops are recruited, for now the siege around Aurion holds. The food supplies dwindling. Archduchy of Camlorn: The victory at Northpoint does indeed help Silus with his ultimate goal of his campaign. Courting the Duchess of Northpoint, she is flattered by his attempts. She informs him that they will discuss marriage when the war is over. For now she reminds him to focus on the war. The Camlorn and Northpoint armies occupy the rest of Orcish territory that isn’t a city or major settlement. The orcish forces are now in the mountains. A dangerous place to invade, at the moment the war seems like a certain victory of Camlorn and its allies. Camlorn’s noble families pledge their forces to the war. A sizeable force of Heavy infantry joining the Camlorn army. (+8,000 Heavy infantry, +2000 Light Cavalry) The Orcs sent across Camlorn with good intentions fall short, as most of them simply return back to Orsinium to fight the Bretons. Only a small amount of them decide to stay in Camlorn. Investments are made into the economy. (+1,000 Septims per turn, +1 Trade partner slot) Kingdom of Orsinium: Troops are recruited, envoys from Solitude arrive. Offering the Orcs white peace, as they are being invaded by the Pale and Windhelm. Not much happens other than that. World Events: The Kingdom of Argonia and the Kingdom of Cheydinhal invade Stormhold, finally all of Blackmarsh is unified. With that out of the way, Argonia continues to modernize. Their roads and cities similar to those in Cyrodiil and Skyrim. Nearly all of the dirt paths have been replaced with stone ones. They continue to modernize their military, over 50,000 joining this year alone. The Kingdom of Argonia begins construction of a large navy to defends its shores. Later in the year, the Kingdom declares war on the Kingdom of Deshaan and the Kingdom of Orethan. The Large Argonian army defeating the combined Dunmer forces at the battle of Deshaan. Over 120,000 Argonians fought over 75,000 Dunmer troops. To nobodies surprise the Argonians come out victorious. Capturing the city and slaughtering the entire population. Enslaving any captured soldiers. The Kingdom of Deshaan falls not to long after the battle. Now the only enemies left for the Argonians is Orethan. Who peace out at the end of the year, they are forced to pay a ridiculous amount of coin and give up some border regions to the Argonian Kingdom. Along with reducing their army size to no more than 55,000 men.
  6. The Bohemian State In the year of our Lord 2038: WIth the discovery of Thorium within the Bohemian mountains, a new issue arose. The protection of the strategic resource. The Grand Chancellor enacts a new military expansion in the form of the construction of more fighters as well as AA for the ground troops. Which will protect the Bohemian border for the time being. Diplomats are also sent to Slovakia, with the mission of buttering up the officials in Slovakia. As well as bringing up the idea of reunification, the main idea behind it is that all Slavs are brothers. Prospectors are sent all across Bohemia in search of more strategic resources that the State could either sell or keep, for now, Thorium is offered to Poland and Poland alone. If they are to refuse, then Slovakia will be offered the resource. Investments: 50 AP into Foundries 25 into Agriculture 25 into Commerce Trade: USA Ukraine Poland Germany Austria Switzerland Resources: Thorium Actions: 4 AP into 400 AA 6 AP into 125 Fighters 10 AP into prospecting for resources across Bohemia. 3 AP into 750 APCs 3 AP into 7500 Heavy infantry Research: 7RP into T2 Artillery (19/20)
  7. Vyrnen: Guardian of all earthly creatures. Vyrnen awoke from its slumber, thinking on many things. What to do and what to create, as the god looked upon the world it saw a great deal of change. Its beautiful children, the Nyren had expanded and grown into the most dominant species on the World Sphere. However, the other gods have been using them as their playthings. Which angered Vyrnen, for once this peace-loving god felt something it has never felt before, rage. The first thing Vyrnen wanted to do was destroy those who had strayed from the path. However, that would make it no better than its brothers and sisters. Who often quarreled over some trivial things. Vyrnen set out, finding its avatar. Who had been protecting the Ravaniin from the other gods. Realizing it hadn’t given a name to the avatar Vyrnen dubs the avatar, Hyron. Commanding him to educate the Ravaniin and get them up to speed so they have a chance to protect themselves from the Nyren Kingdoms. Along with this order, the avatar will protect them from any other avatars or god-touched. As well as spreading the word of the Vyrnen. Vyrnen creates another avatar, dubbing this one Ayron. Which takes the form of a Nyren. Sending it to the southern continent. With a task to educate and spread the word of Vyrnen. Telling those Nyren down there that the one who created them wishes for them to live their lives peacefully and fully. Along with this, Vyrnen creates a subspecies of Ravaniin. Which she sends to the north eastern continent. Living in the mountains. This subspecies is similar to the Ravaniin. However are more suited to living in fairer climates. As well as the ability to communicate with the other species. Vyrnen dubs them Rijanviin. Feeling the power Vyrnen had stored up slowly fading, it creates an artifact on the small little island it created so long ago. This artifact is a crown. If worn the crown grants the user the power of limited creation. Allowing them to make whatever they desire. However, the crown has a price. Each time the user creates something, it drains some of their life essence. Until eventually they die from over using the crown. With that Vyrnen wanted an identity change, for so long the god had been indecisive on deciding what it wanted to be. For most of its time on the world sphere, it had taken on a form of an indrik, a mythical creature that only lives on the small island Vyrnen created. This needed to change, so Vyrnen recreated an image. That of a female Ravaniin, she would travel the lands. Giving guidance to those around her. As well as helping anybody she can. A Rijanviin warrior. Summary: 30 AP -10 Avatar created -4 Command Avatar -4 Command Avatar -5 Create Subspecies -6 Create artifact 1 AP left
  8. Vyrnen: Guardian of all earthly creatures. Vyrnen rests for the time being. Waiting to gain more power before doing anything else. 23 AP saved
  9. The Bohemian State In the year of our Lord 2037: Chancellor Lukáš Čapek was sitting with his counsel. Looking at a military expansion report, at the moment things are looking good. The military has expanded to a healthy number for a nation as small as Bohemia. There is still more to be done. The Chancellor signs of an executive order to recruit more men and women to the Bohemian army. As well as the construction of Fighters and bombers to expand the airforce. The Chancellor receives word that the Polish wish to reform the Visegrad, without hesitation Bohemia accepts this proposal. The Poles and the Bohemians stand united. Investments: 50 AP into Foundries 25 into Agriculture 25 into Commerce Trade: USA Ukraine Poland Germany Austria Switzerland Actions: 10 AP into 50,000 Infantry 5 AP into 125 Fighters 5 AP into 125 Bombers 1 AP into 100 Helicopters Accept the reformation of Visegrad with Poland. Sign research pact with Poland. Research: 7 RP invested into T2 Artillery {12/20}
  10. The Power in the Swamp: Jarldom of the Rift: The grant given to the city of Chim puts a relief on the middle class and lower class within the city. Which up to this point, had been facing difficult times. Many of their friends and family leaving the working force to join the army. The grant really helps stabilize the city. Which begins to expand, experiencing a very large population boost. A majority of them being Argonians and Nords. The merchant hub in Riften is fully operation. In its current capacity it can only produce little coin. The leader of the hub reminds Carsten that if the state invests into this hub, that there will be plenty of profit. (+5,000 Septims per turn) The war with Oreleth is quick, no lives had to be sacrificed as the Dunmer saw the overwhelming Nord force coming straight for them. Their lands are annexed and the Rift grows stronger. The last two remaining Dunmer nations form defensive alliances with one another. In other news, the trebuchets are finally completed. The Imperial Siege engineers being paid at the end of the year. Grand Duchy of Kvatch: The Imperial Confederation is officially dissolved after the sedition of Kvatch, Anvil, Chorral, Bruma, Dragonstar, and Morthal. The long standing defense against foreign powers invading Cyrodiil has been destroyed. The Imperial City can only sit and watch, warning all of the powers who have left to be wary. Kvatch is no more after the sedition from the Confederation, Colovian holds unite into the Kingdom of Colovia. The Kingdom becomes the new dominant power in Cyrodiil consisting of the Grand Duchy of Anvil, Chorral, and Bruma all of which hail Marcus of Kvatch as King of Colovia. This new Kingdom stuns many in Hammerfell, Valenwood and even a few in Skyrim. Fearing the return of an Empire. The Khajiit allowed into the city are merely peasants searching for a new way of life. They work just as hard as any colovian for the food they put on the table. They become loyal subjects of the Kingdom. However, due to certain laws. They are unable to serve in the military. The argonian envoys study all the material they can, learning much about Imperial tactics and formations. As well as military doctrine and standards. By the end of the year they give their thanks to the Kingdom, heading back to Blackmarsh. (+8,000 Septims) The army is trained, boys becoming men. Many of the legates and centurions gaining much-needed experience in leading one of the largest forces in all of Tamriel. This training would harden the Kvatch troops. Archduchy of Camlorn: Victory at the Battle of Northpoint raises the morale of the Breton forces significantly, they settle in for the winter near Northpoint. Just incase the orcs try to attack once again. Along with this, another investment is made into the economy. Improving it significantly. (+1,000 Septims per turn, +1 Trade slot) The Kingdom of Hegathe redirects their army towards Daggerfall, landing their troops and is threatening a push against the Camlord forces holding the line. Camlorn receives news that the Kingdom of Gilane has joined the war against the Bretons. The Grand Duchy of Cheydinhal: The Khajiit merchants from the Kingdom of Dune construct their merchants guild. Housing a small population of Khajiit in Cheydinhal. However this merchants guild provides a large amount of gold for the Grand Duchy. As well as an automatic non-aggression pact with the Kingdom of Dune. (+5,000 Septims per turn) The investment in the docks have finally yielded the results the crown were looking for. A large trade increase as well as the ability to produce ships at a much faster pace. (+4,000 Septims per turn. Ships are much cheaper to produce.) Twins are born, one boy and one girl. Both are in good health. The fort continues construction, many buildings being set up inside of the fort. The beginnings of a large dungeon are finished by the end of the year. The engineers estimate they will be able to finish the fort within the next year. Kingdom of Orsinium: The battle at Northpoint puts a small bump in Orsinium’s plans. However envoys from Gilane reach Orsinium. Telling the injured Agrum who is currently recovering that the Kingdom of Gilane will join the war on Orsinium’s side. Assisting the Hegathe army against Sentinel. Which they succeed in capturing many territories. Beginning to lay siege to the city of Sentinel itself. The Orcish strongholds within the Dragonstar and Skaven duchies all rise up and pledge their support for Orsinium. Distracting the Imperials from sieging down cities. They move their armies to deal with the rebellions. Only leaving small garrison forces to hold down the land they have occupied. Solitude begins to siege the most Northern east city. Imperial’s cutting them off from receiving any food and supplies. Currently the war is not in Orsinium’s favor. However more allies join, maybe this will tilt the war into the favor of the aggressors. The mercenaries slow the Nord and Imperial armies significantly, however they cannot stop forces of 20,000 or more. However they harrass anybody they can. Kingdom of Aurion: The spymaster indeed slows down the Auridon forces, however he reports that the Auridon troops are occupying some of Aurion’s southern territories. With reinforcements on the way to begin a large siege of the Capital. The loss of Aurion would mean defeat. The 2nd Army pushes on towards Auridon. Cut off from supplies many of the troops have to scavenge from the land. Which causes many of the locals to see the Aurion army as nothing more than bandits and brigands. Causing many of them to join the garrison preparing in Auridon to destroy the 2nd Army. The Elsweyr merchant hall is constructed, providing much needed money for the crown. Which could help it win the war. Along with this, Torval builds a merchant hall in Aurion as well. (+5,000 Septims per turn) Elsweyr: The trading hall opening in Aurion provides a large amount of gold and goods for the Mane. Which increases the economy even more. Troops are recruited and the Argonians are greeted warmly. The Khajiit merchants teaching them all they can about trade practices and the art of diplomacy. (+10,000 Septims per turn.) White claw society is given another gift. The Kingdom of Rihad: The Kingdom of the Dune build their trading hall in Rihad, many Khajiit merchants moving in and calling Rihad home. This provides a nice amount of income for the Kingdom. Which no doubt will be used efficiently. (+5,000 Septims per turn) Carriages are expanded and the entire trade network of Rihad is revised. Streamlining it and making it more efficient and easy. As well as safer. (+4,000 Septims per turn) Haserick’s wife gives birth to triplets. Two daughters and one son. Jarldom of Windhelm: The Dunmer population of Windhelm leave the area. A majority of them settling in Dawnstar and the surrounding area. (No more Grey Tax) The walls of Windhelm are reinforced. Large sections of it receiving these metal braced frames. New watchtowers are erected and by the end of the year, the walls have been bolstered and refurbished. (+10 in defensive siege rolls) Oskar trains with the best men in his army, gaining dueling experience and his men gaining general combat experience. Kingdom of Senchal: Troops are recruited, the Kingdom of Dune is interested in buying spots in the Senchel drydocks. They are asking for a price and are willing to pay it. Other than that, nothing much happens in the Kingdom. World Events: The Kingdom of Argonia continues in its modernization. Expanding roadways and cities. Settlements are being reconstructed with stone and wood instead of mud. Their army also expands significantly, over 20,000 join the ranks of the Argonian Kingdom. Their military begins to be reorganized. Adapting to the model of the Imperial legions.
  11. The Bohemian State: No RP this turn Actions: 20 AP into 100,000 infantry 10 AP into 2500 Howizters 10 AP into 2500 APCs 10 AP into 250 Fighters 150 AP into Founderies 5 RP into T2 Artillery Agree to all trade agreements.
  12. Vyrnen: Guardian of all earthly creatures. Vyrnen rests for the time being. Waiting to gain more power before doing anything else.
  13. The Power in the Swamp: Merchant Republic of Leyawiin: The war with the Stonewastes finish within the year, the entire argonian army is routed. With help from the Sarpa. The Cyrodiil regions are reconquered. After the war, the army is dispersed to put down any rebels. With these new territories, this boosts Leyawiin’s power. However, the Imperial population in this territory has diminished. Argonians making up a large percentage of the inhabitants of this territory. Economic investments are made. (+1,000 per turn) Grand Duchy of Cheydinhal: The invasion of Oreleth goes surprisingly well, as they encounter little to no resistance in Cyrodiil. Occupying all of the territories and begin to lay siege upon Kragenmoor. With these successes many believe the war to be won already. However, rumors say that the Dunmer are coming to reclaim their territories. Construction continues, basic stone walls being erected. With this small investment, the garrison expands to about 200. Envoys and merchants from Dune arrive in Cheydinal, requesting an audience with the Grand Duke over business he may be interested in. Which will benefit both Dune and Cheydinhal. Jarldom of the Rift: The city of Riften expands, more housing and farmlands are built. The population increases considerably. With this taxes increase significantly. As well with this, the dockyards expand once more. Reaching maximum capacity. (+ 6,000 Septims per turn ) The expansion of Riften prompts many migrants to travel to the city. A majority of them being Argonians from Blackmarsh, they settle inside of the city. Many of them finding work in the docks, as well as some joining the city guard. This sudden influx of Argonians begins to create more jobs and businesses. The training of the army begins, many of the men have never fought before. So this training increases both the professionalism as well as their experience twice fold. Now all they need is a bit of combat, which they get very quickly. The city guard is sent in to clear the Ratways, exterminating any thieves guild member or associate. The city ran red with blood, after this the army was sent out all across the Rifts territories. Killing anybody they deemed to be a criminal. Carsten goes on another adventure, talking to both the Lords of Bruma and Chorral. Jarldom of Windhelm: The envoys sent to the surrounding nations return with good news. Whiterun and the Pale are willing to allow Windhelm to set up trading posts. Which will increase both the income of Windhelm, but as well as the income of the Pale and Whiterun. These trading post will take a year to construct. So the benefits will not be available immediately. Oskar’s advisors recommend that a council of merchants is created, to streamline the trade coming in and out of Windhelm. Riders sent out to Dragonstar and Morthal report that their forces combined don’t even compare to the Windhelm army. However it is possible by the end of this year, their numbers may have replenished. The scouts sent to Chorral tell of a force 20,000 strong and growing. The secret meeting occurs, in which the topics discussed is known to only those who attended...and those individuals alone. Skirmishers are sent to Whiterun. Scouting out their forces, they number about 20,000. Being comprised of Heavy Infantry and archers, with a small force of light infantry and cavalry. They are currently stationed near the border with Dawnstar. Heavy infantry begin to patrol the streets, however now the Dunmer have simply refused to pay the tax. Causing mass unrest and riots within the Grey Quarter, the Captain of the guard requests that they go in and…”quell” this uprising. Kingdom of Rihad: During the majority of the year, all is quiet in the Kingdom of Rihad. Life continues as normal. However later in the year, an envoy from Sentinel arrives. Asking the King of Rihad to join the Grand Coalition against the warmongering Orcish Kingdom. Who have declared war against the Arch-duchy of Northpoint in order to vassalize them. Khajiit merchants also arrive in Rihad, asking for an audience with the King in order to discuss business that he would be most interested in. These merchants are from the Kingdom of the Dune. Kingdom of Orsinium: War is declared, the Orsinium army marches to the city of Northpoint. Setting up camp around its walls. Already the Strongholds in Northpoint pledge their support to Orsinium. Raising up an additional 4,000 heavy infantry for the Orsinium army. The Duchy of Solitude, Skaven, Dragonstar, and the Kingdom of Sentinel all declare war upon Orsinium. They claim to protect Northpoint and curb the power of Orsinium before they endanger the entirety of Tamriel. These declarations of war do not frighten the Orcish army, they welcome it actually. This war will either cement the Kingdom of the dominant power in the region, or it will be swept away in the history books. The war attracts many mercenary companies to Orsinium, offering their services in the war. Of course they expect loot and riches, as well as a steady payment every month. Many suitable wives are brought to the King. Allowing him the choice to whichever he pleases. Final economic investments are made. (+1,000 Septims per turn) Archduchy of Camlorn: War is declared, the army of Camlorn marches to meet the army of Northpoint. The commander of the Northpoint army tells Silus that the Archduchess is trapped in the city, as the orcs have camped around it. Cutting it off from the rest of the nation. As a result, the envoys could not reach the city. Messengers from Dragonstar, Skaven and Solitude reach Silus. Telling they have pledged their forces in the gallant feat of arms. Ready to defend the sovereignty of Northpoint. The Kingdom of Hegathe joins the war on the side of Orsinium. Moving their troops into Sentinel’s territories. Investments are made into the economy, providing high taxes and more jobs for the peasants. (+1,000 per turn) Kingdom of Aurion: The war begins to go drastically south for Aurion, when the 1st army is completely wiped out. Leaving only the second army standing. Threatened to be trapped on Auridon. However, the naval battle that ensued ended in a draw. Which in this context, is a victory for Aurion. Now the Auridon army is threatening a push towards the Capital itself, which could end the war. The navy finally constructs two warships, they are a good size and are able to take a beating from both projectiles and to some extent. Magic. Auridon retakes their lost territories, and make frequent excursions into Aurion territory. Stealing supplies and cattle from the farmers. Merchants from the Duchy of Torval arrive in Aurion, requesting an audience with the Queen. The Kingdom of Senchal: The bandits are captured and executed. Checkpoints are created in order to prevent the plague from spreading into Senchal. Which indeed prevents it from spreading any further into Elsweyr. The plague is contained in Valenwood. Decimating the Wood Elves. A drydock begins construction, by the end of the year. A suitable dock is built. Able to construct ships much faster and much cheaper than ever before. Not much happens in Senchal, the people are happy and the realm is at peace. Elsweyr: Advisers are hired, anyways. The leader of Dune patiently waits for the Mane to arrive. Investment into social programs is a new concept in Tamriel. Thus many don’t what to do with this investment. A few monks and priests have used this money to fund free healthcare. Along with this, there is an economic boost from the investment. (+1,000 Septims per turn) Grand Duchy of Kvatch: Even more men and women join the Kvatch Legion, making it one of the biggest fighting forces in the known world. Although they have numbers, the Kvatch troops are not experienced. Only completing basic training they have no combat experience. Two sons are born, the older one being named Titus. The younger one being named Tiber. Iyria does not have any complications during the birth and is recovering. Later in the year, many Khajiits turn up to the gates of Kvatch. They have come from Dune and want to enter Kvatch for work. Some to settle and raise their families. As well as an eagle from the Knights of the nine, calling Marcus to their headquarters. World Events: A new nation is born in the harsh swamps of Blackmarsh, the Kingdom of Argonia is created. Ruled by a young warlord by the name of Jaxil Rikari, this development sends Morrowind into a bit of a panic, as the Argonians announce their ambitions. The complete and utter eradication of the Dunmer race. For now, they wish to modernize the Argonian state, sending envoys to Kvatch and Chorral. With a request to study their legions and military tactics. Envoys are sent to Elsweyr and Senchal with a request to study trade practices and trading methods. The final set of envoys are sent to the Rift and Windhelm. With requests to study weapon and armor forging.
  14. Application: Your Discord’s name: YouhaveitB Your Nation: Bohemian State Short background of nation: After the collapse of the EU many Czech’s began to wander to the extremes, if you lived in the Czech republic. You were either in the far right, or the far left. However, this time the far right won the national elections. Officially banning all other parties. Soon the Grand Chancellor position was created. Seated in that position was Lukáš Čapek. A former military officer in the Czech ground forces. Government type: Autocracy Suggestions/Feedback: Beat me off Nations standing army/navy. https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=czech-republic
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