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  1. VENZEATIC LEAGUE 1886 To much press fanfare, the CEO of Zephyrelli Aeronautica, Valeryii Zeferelli announces that a pair of freighters have been sent to explore the uncharted seas and skies to the east of the Venzeatic Isles. The two craft will act as support for each other, filled with fuel and supplies. They’ve been ordered to take no unnecessary risks, and return well before supplies are in danger of running low on a return journey. Elsewhere, economic expansion continues, and good progress is made on research initiatives. From the ashes of the old colonial system and economy, new civilian companies and factories spring up to populate the still-ruined industrial districts of many of the great city-states. With this industrialisation, and a strengthening of the control of the new state, there are hints of unrest. Altano, historic enemy of the city of Venza in by-gone day, is beset by fractious political dialogue. Seen as the Isles’ second city, Altano is nestled high in the Alts, the western mountain range, and is a place of proud men and great resources. It is perhaps historically inevitable that Altano was to be sticking point for the new league. Indispensable, integral, yet ineffably insular. The nobility of the city are proud and resentful of the influence of Venza, though recognise the necessity of the League. They would rather shift its centre of power to their city. The murmurings from the lower reaches of society, are less congenial. Communism, though largely seen as an overly Pozharin philosophy by many, has a strong minority support throughout the League for its anti-imperial (and therefore anti-Pozharin) rhetoric. In the mines and factories of Altano, however, it appeals strongly to the workers. Time will tell if these seditious rumblings will lead to anything of danger to public order in the city, or the nascent League as a whole. RESEARCH: SLOT 1: Battlecruisers – DUE 1888 SLOT 3: Radio – DUE 1887 SLOT 4: Moving Pictures – DUE 1887 PRODUCTION: 3 x Trade Depots (30,000 G) V Mine (5000 G) V Refinery (5000 G) Heavy Industry (7500 G) 5000 Regular Light Infantry (4000 G + 1 AP) 1000 Conscript Infantry upgraded to Regular quality (1000 G) 2100 G, 1 V, 18 S saved. ACTIONS: 2 freighters dispatched to explore the uncharted region to the east. They are to return if things become too dangerous, or supplies are in danger of running low.
  2. VENZEATIC LEAGUE 1885 “Lord-Speaker, Honoured Members of Signoria. Thirteen years ago, our world was plunged into a war the like of which had not been seen in all the history of mankind. Our fair isles and our vaunted cities were laid bare and barren by bombs and by bullets. Our people slaved in factories and yards for the vicious empire, and were given no better treatment by the iron rain of shells and ordnance from their enemy. We died in our homes and streets as much as we died on foreign fields, in foreign skies, and foreign seas.” “It was a conflict brought upon us by Empire, a conflict that was forced upon us just as the Pozharin flag was. It was a conflict brought upon us by men who saw the world as coloured maps, as statistics and numbers, and not as peaceful lands and precious lives. It was a conflict brought upon us by our very inventions turned to brutal purpose by the oppressor and his foe. It was a conflict that we did not wish for, nor warrant – nor do we ever wish to see its like again in our time, our in any time.” “Our scars will never fully heal. Our memory is eternal. But the pain will fade. The past already darkens behind us. From the ashes of empire rises the great phoenix of our esteemed coalition, our League of cities and peoples bound not in the iron service of a distant monarch, nor the capricious dream of draping our banner across an unwilling world. We are bound in determination to come out of the darkness and fight for our place in the light.” “We have rebuilt our cities. We have rebuilt our lands. We have rebuilt our industries. And now, we build anew. We are building a grand fleet to guard our airspace and trade from those who would reave and despoil in this new age of peace. We are building alliances, and friendships, partnerships with nations, guilds and traders across the Continent. We are building great works of art and science, to defy the horror and destruction that has haunted us these long years. We are building a society that has pride in its diverse heritage and cities, and rejects the powers within and without that seek to divide or consume us. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Signoria, we are building a Nation. A nation not born of blood and conquest, but born of aspiration, of innovation, and of hope.” “Honoured Members of the Signoria, Lord-Speaker... we are a nation on the rise. And rise we shall!” “VENZA VICTORIA!” - Signor Enrico Contalfino, Address to the Signoria on the third anniversary of the end of the Great War. RESEARCH: SLOT 1: Battlecruisers – With Zephyrelli Aeronautica, and its massive airshipyard, firmly back in Venzeatic ownership, designers turn their attention to theoretical designs for a heavily armed fast and manouverable capital ship. Rumoured to already exist in pirate hands, the skilled engineers put their hand to the idea. SLOT 3: Radio – Convinced that the potential of electronic telegraphy is “simply tapped out” (a young grad student was very pleased with that pun), work is put into the already rife theoretical field of transmitting information via invisible radiation waves through the very air! Ludicrous? Probably. SLOT 4: Moving Pictures – The cities of the new league pride themselves on their arts and culture, and new developments are as popular as the ancient classics. The idea of quickly changing photographs to create the idea of motion isn’t exactly new (as many rich pornographers can attest!), innovations are being made into a type of camera that can accomplish this in an altogether more revolutionary manner... ACTIONS: 3 x Civilian Industry constructed. (15,000 G) 1 x V Mine (5000 G) 1 x V Refinery (5000 G) 2 x Steel Mill (5000 G) 6 x Freighters (2000 G + 2ASP) 6 x Corvettes (6000 G + 3ASP) 5000 x Regular Light Infantry (4000 G + 1AP) 2400 G, 1 V, 2 S Saved. DIPLOMACY: Trade established prior: Free Guilds of Estfeld Commonwealth of Grenheim Trade and diplomatic contact requested with the following nations: Tiera Roja Juverin Republic Republic of Emmeria Carnelian Sultanate Gwangnam Dominion Grand Principality of Cumberland Commonwealth of Valdek Diplomatic contact is requested with the following communist nations. Trade is held off with for now. The oligarchic, trade minded League is wary of them. United Socialist Pact People’s Republic of Holgograd People’s Republic of Turmensk
  3. The Venzeatic League Type of Government: Oligarchy History/Culture: will include in initial post or edit in later, have to get this out quickly Starting Points: Size: 4 Army/Navy: 1 Aviation: 5 Industry: 2 Economy: 6 Education: 8 Development: 4 Notable Characters: Lord-Speaker Matteo Falsetto – Chairman of the Signoria of the Venzeatic League. Signor Enrico Contalfino – Member of the Signoria, for Venza. Signor Gianluca Malfano – Member of the Signoria, for Altano. General Yevgeny Matrushkin – Former Pozharin garrison commander, turned general of the Venzeatic standing army. Admiral Salvatora Forzza – Admiral of the League’s airfleet. Valeryii Zeferelli – Descendent of Marco Zeferelli, inventor of the airship. Current owner of Zephyrelli Aeronautica. National Idea: A Dream of Flight – Bonus when researching Airship and Flight related technologies. Unique Units: None... for now... Map Position: Proof you’ve read the intro and the rules: The 2018 legalisation of abortion was a net positive on so many levels.
  4. 983 The Stoneborn pop: 505,000 A party of stoneborn departs to the lands of Rut’Furn to attempt to establish communication. This includes numerous Sculpted ancients as well as relatively new and inexperienced Rough-Hewn. They are intrigued by the crystalline vibrating music objects, and for their potential in communicating with such strange creatures. Wary of potential harm the fleshy outsiders may cause to the Stoneborn and their lands, it is decided that key mountain passes and routes of travel north and west are to be fortified and guarded. Even if the Dwarves prove amenable, the Broggr tribes are cruel and violent to be sure. Should they see value in the mountains to their south, the Stoneborn’s harmony will be threatened. Another party of Stoneborn sets out, this time with the goal of settlement. They head south-east into the region otherwise uninhabitable to those who aren’t made of living rock. The Sculpted amongst them carry tradition, knowledge, albeit at the cost of being (quite literally) set in their ways. The Rough-Hewn have yet to live much of their immortal lives, and bare more bulk to be whittled down by time and experience. They will be shaped by their new land, and so will become one with it. As will their offspring. For when a suitable site is found, one that thrums with the might of the Stone, and of potential Stoneborn yet hewn, the settlers put down routes. The geomancers among them shape out structures and caves, while those Stoneborn feeling the Call extract a shard of their soul, bury it into the rock-face and begin the task of hewing new brethren from the strange stone of this new colony.
  5. The Stoneborn ((Quick post, will edit later! I’m nothing if not predictable.)) Stoneborn scouts dispatched from their mountain homes to explore the world. They head off in four directions. Two head toward the nations of Rut’furn to the west and the Empire of Broggr to the north. A third heads north-west into the land between the two. The fourth walks south-east into unknown lands. Their task is simply to learn what they can in the space of a year and return home to share their experiences. Diplomacy of any kind may be difficult, as the Stoneborn communicate amongst themselves with vibrations... and lack mouths.
  6. Discord: you know it, baby cakes Civilisation: The Stoneborn Capital: Edifice Government: Meritocracy, Democracy Racial Distribution: Stoneborn are all, technically speaking, one race. Each is “born” from another Stoneborn hewing them from bedrock, but there can be considerable physical variation within the race. The most common variation is in age. Younger Stoneborn are generally larger and less detailed, akin to a barely worked block of sculptor’s marble, and are referred to with a vibratory phrase similar to “Roughhewn”. With age, comes experience, much greater intelligence, and expression of more personalised identity. Whether through personal self-carving or the simple trials of life, the elder Stoneborn are smaller than their juniors and more ornate in appearance. These “Sculpted” are far more recognisable as humanoids and bare considerable variation in terms of appearance. Some may appear male, or female, others completely androgenous. Some may be able to speak other tongues, and others may be able to vibrate at deep harmonic frequencies that seem to touch the very souls of their fellows. Racial traits: Hewn – Stoneborn are not born biologically, but sculpted from bedrock by other Stoneborn and given animus by their lifeforce. Such a process takes a great deal of time for the “parent” to recover from, and cannot be done more than once every decade per individual. Immortal – Stoneborn are “biologically” immortal but can most certainly be killed should sufficient damage be sustained. Hardy – Being made of stone has its advantages. The Stoneborn are immune to almost all climate and temperature anomalies that would cause issues for others. Neither do they need to breathe or eat. Slow – Being animated rock, the Stoneborn are significantly slower than biological races. Though faster than one might expect, almost every other race can best them in terms of reflexes. They can reach a decent speed, but it takes them time to get going and reaction times are far, far slower than other races. Religion: The Stoneborn do not know their origins. The first of their kind does not respond to them, even though it is the very Edifice their civilisation is built on. They recognise it as kin, but cannot tell if it is alive or dead. Nor can they know who created it. The closest they have to religious thought is travelling the world looking to give voice to the stones of distant lands by giving them animus. Perhaps then a purpose will be revealed. And if not a purpose, perhaps simply companionship. Technology & Arcana: The Stoneborn possess little in the way of technology, but possess an inherent knowledge of stonework and metallurgy. Their “magic” as others might call it revolves around manipulation of the earth and minerals to perform various tasks. Some Sculpted have been known to create non-humanoid Stoneborn animal familiars, but this ability is rare. An ability inherent to most Stoneborn is the capacity to commune with the living stone of the world, to experience momentarily the mind and memories of what could otherwise be considered inanimate. Description (Culture, history, politics etc): Largely covered above^ Geography & location : Mountains to the east of Rut’Furn and south of the Empire of Broggr Size: ???
  7. Talarak Clan 2216 TBD Stats and Economy 35M 109S 16A 9R 267,750C Available Currency: 267,750 Actions - It turns out that the “creative accounting” of a secret society of ships’ quartermasters was actually an enormous scam to embezzle funds and make themselves seem like financial geniuses in front of the Council of Captains. Following public outcry, and more than one mutiny, those involved in the scheme are summarily executed in the most visually satisfying fashion on live entertain-o-vision! (error in ship upkeep corrected) (27 pop horrifically killed) - Mothership fleet stays put where it is. - The two exploration ships are dispatched to a sector of the unknown aliens. One heads in with weapons and cloaking systems powered off, the other cloaked and tailing from a distance. For the first time since their founding, the Talarak are going to make first contact... without bullets. - Deflector research. Peg-Arm receives all supplies necessary. There are many applicants to help test the device by shooting at any field it happens to produce! (9R) (18R total) Saved: 35M 109S 16A 0R 267,750C
  8. The Fortress Libraries 1528 GOTTA GO FAST! --- Total Funds: 125,500 Actions: 5000 T3 Light Infantry dispatched to the Ashval front. Caravel constructed at Hardshore. [4000] B O O K O F K N O W L E D G E The Librarians in Hilmedhi become a bit concerned that they’re being kept prisoner, and not here to investigate. They lodge a query with the Hilmedhians. With the increased prevalence of planets and stars in visions from the Changing God, the Librarians poor research into the planets and stars, and the invention of some sort of tele-scoping lensing device for the observation of such far away phenomena. (Ed 7 + School bonus) [50,000] Printing Press research! Cure Scrivener’s Knuckle! Avenge the ROBES! [10,000] (Ed 7 + School bonus) [22,900 total] Temple in Fort Vane [15,000] Farmland [5000] 2 Manufactories [15,000] 26,500 saved.
  9. Talarak Clan 2215 TBD - Talarak mining vessel gathering valuable gasses. Stats and Economy 58M 105S 16A 9R 277,750C Available Currency: 277,750 Actions - Mothership fleet warps west this time. A solid southern retreat would be predictable. - To replace losses and offset power disparity, 3 Light Cruisers are produced. (27M) - The two exploration ships explore the sectors surrounding the mothership. Not for targets this time, but for safe harbour, and a possible trading partner. Stealth systems engaged, of course. - It occurs that 5 Ka’cezh hatchlings have been born this year from fraternisation of the enthralled Ka’cezh miners. After some debate, and the Talarak’s somewhat paradoxical focus on self-determination, the hatchlings are not the enthralled property of the Alduu’uuranean kin-groups who run the civilian mining ships. They are, legally speaking, free and capable of joining full Talarak society when becoming of age. - New research! With a working stealth system, research shifts to the deflector technology “acquired” from the Ka’cezh. All research is funneled into making a working version for installation across the fleet. As well as the ripped out deflector modules themselves, the scientists have access to sensor data from combat with Ka’cezh ships and the shielded mining station with which to assist their research. (9R) Saved: 31M 101S 16A 0R 277,750C
  10. Talarak Clan 2214 Haemorraging money and on the run from the law, the pirates continue their flight from the Ka’cezh sphere of influence. Hopefully they can find new markets to sell their ill-gotten goods to. Or loot, depending on the mood they find themselves in. - Talarak mining vessel gathering valuable gasses. Stats and Economy 54M 101S 16A 9R 274,750C Available Currency: 274,750 Actions - Mothership fleet warps south once more! As far as they can in the space of a year! Cheese it! - Exploration Ship #1 sent to the sector west of the fleet’s current position... Again. - Exploration ship #2 heads south... Again. - Willing Ka’cezh prisoners are integrated into society. The unwilling are sold as thralls to the mining ships. - Continued research into Ship Stealth. (9R) (52R saved previously) Saved: 54M 101S 16A 0R 274,750C
  11. Talarak Clan 2213 tbd Stats and Economy 50M 97S 16A 9R 286.75kC Available Currency: 286.75k Actions - Mothership fleet warps south again. Best to put some distance between them and the vengeful Ka’cezh. - Exploration ship sent to the sector west of the fleet’s current position. - Exploration ship sent two sectors south. - Ka’cezh prisoners interrogated on their nation and its capabilities. Also, if they know anything about other inhabited worlds, powers, nations etc nearby. - Stolen deflectors put into storage for later research, as well as any data recovered from the station. - Continued research into Ship Stealth. (9R) (43R saved previously) Saved: 50M 97S 16A 9R 286.75kC
  12. THE THIRD AGE So it was that the Gods slept once more. For 5000 years, the World-Sphere has been bereft of their guidance or their interference. Plans put in place for the Great Sleep, so carefully laid, but so easily cast aside by the crushing weight of time. Even a God must yield to entropy, some more than others. Old Gods have faded into memory, and new ones await their time to shape reality. The world they awaken to is familiar, for all that is is the result of their actions, but much has changed in their absence. The World-Sphere is more lived in, quite literally. In 5000 years, the peoples brought into being in the First and Second Ages have spread to all corners of the land and sea, with a spare few reaching the skies. Civilisation is now the norm, though the wild places of the world still carry wonders and horrors for all. To many it is the Great Continent, but to those subjects of the God-King, it is Venandar. A holy war, millenia long, came to its official end when the last of the Great Dragons ripped out the chest of St Mamo the Martyr atop the great ziggurat of Carda – the death throe of a mortally wounded creature. Such is ancient history. Carda now stands as the second city of the Divine Empire of the Venandi, the lionine statues replaced with dragons, the worship of the Ruby Lady supressed in its birthplace. The Empire is prosperous and orderly, with those Nyren who swear fealty to the God-King living comfortable lives. With so many generations after the conquest, this is the majority of them. Millions, Venandi and Nyren, praise the Divine Lineage, though the worship of them has somewhat... eclipsed praise of Exitius. After all, the Gods are silent now... the only Gods here are on the throne. But to say that western Venandar is a secure territory is a falacy. To join the Legions as a strippling whelp is, more than likely to be sent north or south – either is a brutal existence, where one’s only thought is of returning to the heartlands. Though Kaha’s nation fell, her faith did not, not everywhere. In the far north, Legionaries keep to their prayers and hope that the night will not bring down the crazed zealots of the Pati, or the Nyren refugees from old Carda who for generations devoted their entire culture to bloodshed and vengeance. They are called the Redsworn, those who would die for their dead goddess, and kill in such a vicious fashion that most Venandi recruits give up hope of total victory upon seeing their first sacrificed, blood drained comrades tied with their own flayed skin to a red lion banner. In the far south stalk the final curse of the Ruby Lady, the Nacatl. These manhunting creatures are known and feared across the World-Sphere, but are in no greater concentration than the place of their creation. For 5000 years, the Venandi have kept a wall across their southern border, the cities and clans beyond it sporadically reinforced and contacted... but these lands are known to be wild. If the Redsworn were savage, these beasts were worse... and more disconcerting still were the reports of collusion between these lost children of the Ruby Lady. The Empire’s heartlands hold true, however, but these continuous issues have prevented any great conquest of the other power of Venandar... Adamant is a nation risen like a phoenix from its ashes. Ruled by the Adamantine Mages, its borders stretch from Venandi territory on the western fringe of the Great Forest, and the Ravaniin eeries in the far north, to the southern and eastern coasts. It is an advanced state, at one with nature and magic, aided by magi-technological golems and the god-touched Librarian. The Mages have expanded their own reach across the entire World-Sphere, accepting not only Nyren into their order but others including Ravaniin, Kyrkal, Myrdians... and on at least two occasions, Worms. Even Venandi have been known to join, though to do so would be to forsake any tie to their former homeland. Such defectors live in fear of the possibility of Venandi-loyal Nyren spies slitting their throats in dark alleys, but this is largely superstition. Largely. Travel in this world is a peculiar thing. Beneath the sea, one can travel easily – provided you have gills. But the Mad Moons and their eratic flight, coupled with the great Chaos Orb floating in the ocean, makes the surface of the water somewhat unreliable to say the least. Sailing along coastlines is possible, but still not without its dangers. And so it was, that the peoples of the world came to travel the treacherous honeycombed caverns of the world for long distance travel. Pioneered by the Worms, who can simply batter safe passages through the masses of horrors in the deeps to create reasonably secure highways underground (like a giant, omnicidal pipe-cleaner), caravans of travellers hike through the deeps or ride the backs of worms to their destinations on other continents. This travel is not without its dangers, as the Thallites and Khepri that occasionally nab “foot traffic” can attest to. It is, however, easier than sailing. How this network began, few can remember, though some of the worms mention in their folklore that such a task was given to them by the “Dreaming Queen”. The mention of the shadowy ruler of the Sylvan Dominions is enough to make many travellers shut up, but rumours persist of those going deeper off the safe highways of the tunnel network and seeing towering black obelisks, and hearing whispers begging them to travel deeper underground. Sylvaniel, known to some as the Witch Queen, is now an ancient being of waning power, bathing in the ambient soul ichor of her Pyramid on the coast of the Great Desert to sustain her ebbing lifeforce. Her servants are legion, and her reach is vast. Though she now rules from her original settlement of acolytes, she is the deathless queen of the land of Iranoch, the greatest of the Sylvan Dominions – which spans the length and breadth of the forested Southern Continent, known to many simply as Sylvan. Her reach spreads deeper underground, as attested by her influence in creating the safe highways that most use. Hidden enclaves are found just off the beaten path of the tunnels, where dreamers can find themselves closer to their deity. These dreamers are born from many peoples and nations, even those unfriendly to Sylvaniel, with cults present within many cities across the world and in subterranean temples miles beneath their feet. Not all are comfortable with the Dreaming Queen’s expansion of the surface world into the Underpaths, least of all her “sisters” as she refers to the Khepri Queens. Their own dominions spread deeper than the superficial highways of the fleshy things, and cover as much of the world. Hives fight each other for dominance, and territory, and petty royal politics. Occasionally, one queen will send her minions boiling forth into the surface world, but such moves are quick to attract attention from her rivals – who swarm the now lightly defended territory of the foe! Some even have cordial relations with the surface world, trading the resources of the deep in exchange for rarities of the world under the sky. But soon, this all may change. A particularly powerful queen of an unusually defensible honeycomb of tunnels has declared herself the Over-Queen. Her intent is clear, and all Khepri monarchs are united in their rage. Should the upstart manage to assert her will across the World-Sphere, all Khepri shall be subjugated... and perhaps all life thereafter. On the strangest continent of the World-Sphere, warped by the reality defying power of Lavrat-es, lies another insular nation. Its people live without fear of ravening beasts, or raiders, or horrors writhing up from the ground to devour them. The Nyren and Kyrkal who live on its coasts and southern grasslands know that they are fortunate, and so gladly pay a morbid tithe when demanded by their stalwart guardians. These are the lands of the Axial Protectorate, warded from threats and sternly controlled by the Yi Kieren. These ordered, inscrutable beings could be mistaken for armoured warriors of any land, or a particularly ornate adamant golem. The truth is stranger, and known only to a few. These children of Lavrat-es guard their lady’s realm against all who threaten it, most often raiders from the sea, or Khepri swarms boiling out of the caverns. This blood fuels their numbers. But blood, still, they demand in covenant from their charges. A holy vow, from the Yi Kieren to their serfs, that only they shall spill the blood of those who live in peace on this continent. Blood is let in ceremony for the armoured ones, in exchange for blood spared from the horror of the world. There are many other kingdoms, principalities, republics, chiefdoms and leagues in the world, too many to name. Those mentioned so far are only those who have seen the greatest impact from the actions of the Gods... but who knows what this Third Age will bring. The Gods awaken, and once more the World-Sphere is their plaything. ^^ Basic map. Will have edited later to have major cities and vague political boundaries etc. Turn 13 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DnPlYtSt1SYmiKreidYMZukyZArH6chWXtdYfYGCvrk/edit?usp=sharing NEW GODS ONLY – First Avatar creation is free for you. This turn only.
  13. The Fortress Libraries 1527 Sleepy Samo is Sleepy... --- Total Funds: 121,750 Actions: Keen to see some sort of progress against the bloated throats, Kryze dispatches his entire light mounted contingent to enact pillaging and burning measures deep into throat territory. Being mounted and lightly armoured, they should be able to outrun any significant hordes. Their mission is strictly to burn enemy camps, military or civilian (”as if there’s a difference with these animals”), and kill any stragglers they can. They’re directed to return home from their bloody work within the year, or if they sight a significant enemy force heading northward. 1000 T3 Light Cavalry 970 T2 Light Cavalry Cooped up in the Ischyros Enclave due to a pesky war, and working out how the hell to steal a necklace from a mad emperor, Varchus consults with his latest gift... the Book of Knowledge. 5000 T3 Light Infantry recruited. [30,000] 350 T3 Librarian Knights graduate from training. [28,000] Trading companies! 5 of the blighters! [31,500] (10% off 7000 cos human) Printing Press research! [10,000] (Ed 7 + School bonus) [12,900 total] Farmland [5000] 2 Manufactories [15,000] 2250 saved.
  14. Game resuming on a new thread. Picking up in the Third Age, with a few new players and a few old ones expressing interest. If you are an old player and were unaware of the restart AND are interested in continuing, please PM me your Discord info to be added to the server. We have a couple of new players possibly interested in playing old gods if their original player isn’t returning. If you don’t want to rejoin and are happy for your god to go to a new player, please PM me and say so.
  15. Talarak Clan 2212 Prior to the planned raid on the mining system, a somewhat unexpected piece of legislation comes about – a Constitution for the Talarak Clan. Whereas previously the mothership and its fleet were ruled with an iron fist by Djakai, the founder of their outcast clan has relinquished some of his power to a council of ship captains and war leaders. Power is held in essentially the same balance as before, Djakai as lord and master of the clan and the leaders amongst the throng of warriors and kin groups alotted power, but now this is enshrined in law. Or, as close to “law” as this society can get. Which is to say “the man with the most guns and men to carry those guns says what’s what.” Also enshrined are more populist concepts, such as the right to arbitration in matters of crime and greivance – though, again, definitions of crime are somewhat skewed for pirates. Every clan member is free to own their own property, sharing out of loot among raiders is codified and incentivises “honest” reporting of takings, and all are given the right to be heard by their peers. It becomes clear that most of these “laws” are simply codifications of things that happen anyway aboard ship. Now, however, this is monitored and turned to the good of the Clan. From disemination of ideas, free enterprise among ship-mates, more “honest” accounting of loot, and the passing down of engineering knowledge, many benefits come from these reforms. But soon, battle comes. Engines scream and guns blaze in glory. Stats and Economy 15M 93S 10A 13R 280kC Available Currency: 280k Actions - The Talarak wait for a large freighter to come in on its collection run... and the Na-Khadiim and its fleet jump into the mining system. Time for a little search and seizure. - Exploration vessel dispatched – cautiously, at extreme distance – to the sector north of the miners... where are they sending their goods? - Another exploration vessel is dispatched to simply head southward of the mining sector. To explore, randomly. - Continued research into Ship Stealth. A sudden burst of creativity seems to have overtaken the researchers. (13R) (30R saved previously) Saved: 15M 93S 10A 0R 280kC
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