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  1. CAESAR’S LEGION 2272 The inhabitants of Mud City prove to be obstacles to expansion. Radroaches and giant rats are the downfall of many a legionary, as well as local dissolutes attempting to avoid capture and enslavement. But Caesar teaches that there can be no victory without a price paid in blood, a fundamental fact of the universe that the Legion holds to its core. The obstacles are overcome, the Legion’s claim staked to the cleared blocks with crucified profligates, and the dead acknowledged as the weak culled from the pack. Fort Marquette, as it is now known, rises from its primitive roots to a thriving military camp. As well as the natural barrier of the lake surrounding the two islands, a fortification wall is constructed from material gathered from the nearby blocks, and slaves toil within, building the weapons of war that will Chicago for Caesar. An outer market exists outside the wall, across the bridge on the north bank, advertised to terrified merchants by pleasant legionaries on patrol. It is soon widely known that those coming to trade with the Legion will not be enslaved or murdered – as long as no alcohol or chems are brought into Legion territory. The penalty for smuggling in intoxicants is clear by the crosses that mark the path to Fort Marquette. Traders who brave this bloody road are well rewarded, as the Legion is a surprisingly profitable trading partner, and its territory vastly safer than most areas of Mud City for those carrying valuable goods. These traders are also informed of further riches should they sell slaves to the Legion. 18,000 C, 3 M, 3 B, 6 S, 3 R ACTIONS & EXPENDITURE: More bodies and resources are required. Slaving and salvaging expeditions to clear unexplored blocks continue. 40 legionaries are dispatched to clear the block of Englewood immediately east of Marquette Park. (20 MP with T3 Melee and T1 Armour; 20 with T3 Melee, T2 Armour and T1 Firearms). 40 legionaries are dispatched to clear the block immediately west of Marquette Park and the other settled block. (20 MP with T3 Melee and T1 Armour; 20 with T3 Melee, T2 Armour and T1 Firearms). The Frumentarii continue their efforts to locate the hated NCR. (20 MP all with T3 Melee, travelling in disguise.) Frumentarii and traders carry news of Fort Marquette as a buyer of slaves. 1 x Agri House (5000 C + 2 B) 1 x Market (5000 C + 1 B) 1 x Construction Yard (7500 C) 450 x T2 Melee Weapons (3 M) Completing T1 Explosives (5/5) (2 R) T1 Artillery (1/15) (1 R) Supplies spent on 1% pop growth for 2 stacks. (2 S) 500 C, 4 S, 1 Dev. Point saved.
  2. CAESAR’S LEGION 2271 Screams and smoke punctuated the air as the bull standard of the Legion was raised in the gathering field of the tribe of the Marquettes. They had believed the “sacred” waters of the moat surrounding their home island would protect them from the thousand strong cohort of Legate Augustus. They were wrong. Their pathetic superstitions died with their “Park Mother”, who now adorned a cross. So too died their warriors. Their bravery would be rewarded in death, and in life for those who survived. Such defiance in a new capture was the mark of a fine future soldier of Caesar. Provided that they could be appropriately broken. Where once were the Marquettes of the Great Lawn, now only the Legion remained. A tribe annihilated and absorbed in totality into that monstrous, inexorable war machine. With a foothold in Mud City established Legate Augustus works to carry out his original mission – the eradication of the NCR ranger force that so brazenly marched through the pacified lands of Caesar’s empire. The march had been long and arduous, and many had died to the hands of tribal profligates who struck so brazenly at the cohort. Many weapons of war and hardened veterans were lost, but such is the nature of the Legion that an army can be created wherever the flag of the Bull is planted. Just as the tribes of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado had been, so too will the savages of Illinois be forged into a tool of Caesar’s vengeance. The Legate carries out the standard protocol for the Legion in a new theatre of war – scouting, scavenging and consolidation of gains. Bands of red armoured legionaries range forth into the surrounding ruins, bringing back new dissolute captures and resources for the cohort to consume in its endless expansion. RESOURCES: 18,000 C, 5 B, 2 M, 10 S, 3 R ACTIONS & EXPENDITURE: With the Marquettes subjugated in bondage or adorning crosses on the waterside of their former island, the Legion turns its gaze elsewhere. By decree of Caesar, the Legion must expand or die, and there are always more dissolute tribals to break. Many supplies and captives were obtained, but more are needed. 45 legionaries dispatched to scout the block north of Marquette Park. Resources are a priority. Lone groups or stragglers are to be captured for interrogation and enslavement. 20 melee troops (T3 weapons, T2 armour) and 25 gun armed troops (T1 guns) supporting. ^ The same for the block south of Marquette and east of the other seized block. 45 legionaries, same equipment. Per the traditions of the Legion caravans of traders are to be left alone in territory considered belonging to Caesar. The Legate dispatches the Frumentarii to scout out the dissolute rulers of this Mud City. A mix between scouts, spies and ambassadors, this chosen intelligence corps of Caesar are the eyes and ears of the Legion in unfamiliar territory. Moving quickly and disguised as simple wastelanders, the Frumentarii go forth to gather information on the nearby powers. Information on the NCR is particularly sought. (30 MP, with T3 melee hidden in their disguises, dispatched to quickly locate nearby powers and NPC tribes. Sent with 2 S for long-term supplies, and 1000 C for bribes.) 1 Construction Yard in Marquette Park. (7500 C) 1 Scrapyard in Marquette Park. (7500 + 2 B) Fortifications at Marquette Park (500 C + 1 B) 105 x T1 Armour (2 M) (5% bonus) T1 Explosives (3 R / 5 R) Supplies spent on 1% pop growth (2 S) 1500 C, 2 B, 6 S saved.
  3. CAESAR’S LEGION Civilization Type: Tribal (Start with 5 M of Melee/Armour) Starting Points: 5 – 1 Stack Population + 1 Block 4 – Research (T3 Melee, T2 Armour, T1 Firearms) 1 – Production (50 T1 Firearms) Faction Backstory: In 2250, Mars sent his son to lead the tribes of mankind from the squalor and filth of free will and profligacy. His name is Caesar, and he is the divine master of all the Wasteland. By his iron will, the tribes of the west have been broken and reforged into his Legion, the only society that can truly survive in this world cleansed by Mars’ fires. Only through conquest, subjugation and violence can this uncaring world be tamed and the wretches of the Wasteland be saved from themselves. The Legion’s mighty slave armies have raised Caesar’s banner from Colorado to the Mojave, the towns there made tributaries and its tribals enslaved. All this is done for Caesar’s grand vision – the creation of an unstoppable army to cross into California and conquer the corrupt and profligate NCR. The passage of five hundred rangers of the hated NCR into the Legion’s pacified realm did not go unnoticed. This disturbance in the lands of the loyal subjects of Caesar was enough to earn his ire, and dispatch the Legate Augustus with a legio to put down this clear attempt at sabotaging the Legion’s homefront. Yet the Rangers passed through without incident. No assault on Flagstaff, no attempt to whip the docile settlers into rebellion. The Rangers had a different objective. One that the Legion could not possibly allow to come to pass. By the will of almighty Caesar, Legate Augustus has been sent further east than any army of the Legion thus far. With the esteemed Legate Lanius needed at Hoover Dam, Augustus is assigned a cohort from the Legion border at Denver and ordered push eastward after the enemy unit, to annihilate the Rangers and to raise the scattered tribes of the region into a mighty recruiting ground for the final assault on California. Any who stand in their way will be killed or brought to Caesar’s service. Characters Legate Augustus: Life only began for the one who would become Augustus when his nose was broken and eyesocket shattered by the mailed fist of a legionary. The assimilation of his tribe was the greatest moment of his life, when he would forever thank Caesar for. The boy of twelve he was would not have thanked Caesar. The boy of twelve he was screamed as siblings were taken by the priestesses, as his mother was dragged to the rape camps, as his father was crucified, as his grandparents were herded into a tent that was set alight with the other weaklings. But the man the boy became saw this event only with pride. It was then, and in the years afterward, that all weakness, all fear, all remorse and pity were cut and beaten from him. What would he have been had this not been done? What wasted, pointless life would he have lived without being tempered into an instrument of Caesar’s glory? Over twenty years have passed since that day. He has blessed countless others with that same gift, blessed them by releasing from the burden of choice. He has seen the Legion’s banner rise above a hundred battlefields and brought absolution to the profligates one nailed cross at a time. He does this not out of brutality or malice. He does this because his life is not his own. His life belongs to Caesar, and when death comes for Augustus it will be in his name as well. There is no greater honour.
  4. JORDAN INTERSTELLAR A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF JORDAN INDUSTRIES 2092 “The goals of this grand venture are threefold. First, the establishment of an industrial base from which our colony can expand exponentially. Second, the rapid development of a lively free market economy from wholecloth on alien worlds that have never seen human life, let alone a quantum stock computer. And third, to ensure a pivotal, inextricable role for this corporation in the new, interstellar economy. If we all find ourselves unfathomably rich in the process, then that’s just icing on the cake!” – CEO Chineke Jordan, address to the crews of the JIS Adam Smith and JIS Milton Friedman The UV Ceti system proves to be quite profitable for Jordan Industries, containing several valuable resource worlds and a single, beautiful earth like planet. The JIS Adam Smith makes planetfall on this blue dot, christened Fortuna for its serendipitously ideal conditions for human life and the future prosperity it will bring to the colonists, Earth, and the company! Wasting no time, a city of the future is swiftly established and industrial facilities roar into life. JIS Milton Friedman, equipped with the majority of the expedition’s prefabricated harsh-environment habitats, makes for the ore-rich lava world of Vulcan, to begin extraction of vital resources for expansion and export back to solar markets. In line with CEO Jordan’s philosophy on a future society in space, the corporation puts itself in the role of landlord of its settled territories and (currently) the only available provider of utilities and amenities. New private entities will soon emerge or move to the colonies to establish themselves, but in its role as facilitator, Jordan Interstellar will profit handsomely and dominate the market! The initial employee colonists aren’t slaves, not at all, but their contracts do stipulate a minimum period of two years exclusive employment with the company before they can leave to pursue private endeavours. It’s a worthwhile deal, as the contract offers them stock in Jordan Industries. The share is miniscule compared to a corporate executive, or the whopping 55% stake in the company held by Chineke Jordan himself, but its dividends are worth more than many yearly salaries for workers on Earth – and that’s all on top of regular wages! It becomes abundantly clear by the end of the first year that for all its equipment and financial wealth the mission to UV Ceti is critically lacking in labour! Jordan Prime and Vulcan Colony are complete, productive and functional enterprises, yet thousands of tonnes of raw resources and imported equipment lie unused! This of great concern to Director Salma Akoye, mission commander and rising star in the corporation, as an economy is nothing without the manpower and customer base to fuel exponential growth! Immigration will soon be of paramount importance to the Jordan mission – without more workers and consumers, stagnation will surely doom the colonies! STATS Pop – 10,000 Wagies INCOME Pop Income – 10,000 C RESOURCES AVAILABLE 70,000 C (60k brought in cargo) 20 M (brought in cargo) 1 Storehouse (not yet deployed from Vulcan colony ship, to save on manpower) ACTIONS & EXPENDITURE Two planets in UV Ceti settled by Jordan Interstellar – Fortuna (M) and Vulcan (V), with 6000 colonists on the former and 4000 on the latter. No sooner is the basic colony complex complete that the construction of the luxurious and meticulously planned city of Jordan Prime on Fortuna begins, designed by the best civil engineers and stylish architects that the money of a Nigerian Prince can buy! 1 Extractor. (Free with Colony Ship) 1 Storehouse. (Free with Colony Ship) 2 Civilian District. (4 M + 8000 C) 2 Civilian Factories. (4 M + 8000 C) The significantly less hospitable Vulcan has a sealed complex built in its most geologically stable region. Resource surveying and extraction proceed at pace! 1 Extractor. (Free with Colony Ship) 2 Construction Yards. (4000 C) 1 Military Factory. (2 M + 4000 C) Satellite deployed back to Earth to inform the company of the mission’s success thus far, and the soon-to-be urgent need for more wagies! (Mod) 10 M, 26,000 C Saved
  5. Name (colony): Jordan Interstellar: A Subsidiary of Jordan Industries! Archetype (choose one): Private Company Mother Nation: Nigeria Sponsoring Space Agency (you may choose one): Jordan Industries Colonial Leadership: Oligarchic Mission classification: Expansion Add. starting equipment: 60,000 C 20 M Background: CEO Chineke Jordan does not shy away from the fact that he comes from privilege. Using family money, and a not-inconsiderable tribal royal title, he invested heavily in the construction industry in his early twenties, profitting heavily from the Nigerian economic boom of the 2050s and 60s. Jordan Industries grew fat off the cash cow that was the construction of New Lagos, buying up the competition and investing heavily in the emerging technology of “plasticrete”, a lightweight and breathable construction material created from recycled plastic. Jordan didn’t invent it, but he’d be damned if he hadn’t marketed it to the moon and back, netting him ecological prizes and adherents the world over. A man of boundless charisma and terrifyingly vast ambition, Jordan’s company expanded into a panoply of other endeavours, from terrestrial and astro-resource extraction to transportation – the real moneymaker of the Jordan empire! Renowned for his construction of a high-speed maglev from New Lagos to Djibouti, CEO Jordan saw the true potential of his company in the democratisation of space travel! Jordan Orbital shuttles thousands of tonnes of cargo offworld every year, and Jordan Logistics ferries that cargo to the far reaches of the system! Fancy a cruise to Mars and back? Look no further than Jordan Astro-Tours! Looking to stay offworld? Purchase a pre-built, ready-to-deploy-from-orbit luxury colony pack from Jordan Habitats today! Jordan Industries now reaches into the stars themselves, with the construction and financing of two Gandhi-capable colony ships at the CEO’s personal expense! Offering the brave and ambitious potential colonists shares in the new Jordan Interstellar, the CEO will put his personal philosophies to work as the founding principles of a new society in the stars – a hypercapitalist utopia, in which the resources of the stars and the sweat off your brow will build a world of wealth and prosperity for all: at market beating prices, and with the Jordan Quality you can trust! “Now we offer up our finest product: the Future!”
  6. I’ve found a slight solution for it. I’ve noticed that about 1/10 times I try to connect things go well. I’ve reliably managed to log in after logging in and out several times. Not ideal, but after about five minutes of trying I can usually log in.
  7. Can any technical staff take a look at my post in tech support?

    1. Anore


      I have actually had the same issue in the past, eventually it just went away but for a little bit I had to use a VPN to log onto the server. I don’t believe it is something we can fix on our side.

    2. Nug
    3. Samoblivion


      I’ve found a slight solution for it. I’ve noticed that about 1/10 times I try to connect things go well. I’ve reliably managed to log in after logging in and out several times. Not ideal, but after about five minutes of trying I can usually log in.

  8. First time on the server for a couple of years, tried to log in and keep getting kicked with this message: Before this happens I can either move around but only in a small area with nothing else loading in, unable to type, or I simply float in the air. In either case it disconnects me after about ten seconds. VERY occasionally I can get in and everything works fine, until I log out again. Then when I log back in, it’s the same as before. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it working or not. This is only occuring with LotC, I can log into other servers just fine. I’ve gone through about ten different articles and videos about how to resolve this, including reinstalling minecraft and java and adding various exceptions into my firewall. Nothing’s working. One of the videos mentioned that if I can connect to other servers it means there’s an issue with the server itself and not anything on my end. Someone mentioned that another person’s being having this issue as well, same exact circumstances. Has anyone else run into this? Can any technical staff explain it?
  9. Keep getting the “Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error when trying to log on the server. None of the tutorials seem to help, has anyone run into this as well?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Samoblivion


      tried everything, reinstalled mc, did everything suggested on youtube etc. And yeah, what’s happening to that druid is exactly what's happening to me.

    3. Nug


      eughhh this is lame

      try submitting a bug thing here? maybe? hope the tech ppl dont get mad if its unrelated to them somehow but its only on LoTC right??? if so, https://github.com/Lord-of-the-Craft/tracker

    4. Strife


      i believe that’s an issue with your router, I bought a new one and it fixed itself right away. it was the only thing in about 6 months that fixed it beyond using a VPN

  10. instruct me in the ways of the halflings

    1. Nug


      omg if you’re genuinely interested just make up a halfling and come to the village and if you use discord, it’ll help to get other halflings online if they weren’t already to rp (as ofc village isn’t 24/7 populated :p, nowhere is)


      there’s also some halfling families that are about if you want to join any of the active ones, they’d probably be down, we try to do a lot of events/participate in server events as well if you haven’t seen any of the halfling news posts, etc. B)



    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Right now most of us are either fighting Demons or trying to heal some well known biggun inside of the village.

      It’s a strange time to be a halfling, I suppose.

      At least we’re still alive.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Well, most of us anyways.

  11. Tfw your last main character on the server died 187 in game years ago 

    1. Nug


      make halfling samo


  12. THE FOURTH EMPIRE STELLARCHY OF MATENE 10,368 AE All hail Tuakeo! ((It’s 2am and I’ve been working all day :pls: )) Finances & Resources: Actions & Expenditure: Karo of House Belides appointed to the Admiralty. (25,000 C) Knight-Retainer Jal Turro appointed to the Admiralty. (25,000 C) 1 x Heavy Industry (P) on Bal’Matene (8-A). (5000 C + 1 B) 2 x Garrisons on 10-M. (20,000 C + 6 B + 4 M) 1 x Planetary Shield on 10-M. (30,000 + 5 B + 5 M + 2 E) 1 x Orbital Battery on 10-M. ( 20,000 C + 5 M + 5 B + 2 E) 1 x LRSB on 10-M. (10,000 C + 2 B + 2 M) 30 x Transport Ships. (6000 C + 6 M + 6 NP) 2000 x Artillery. (5000 C + 4 M + 4 AP) 100 x Atmospheric Bombers (5000 C + 3 M + 3 AP) Military plans are followed. 14 Food to Altaire. Prince Tanalar “appropriates” funds to build a number of masterwork suits of power armour for his exclusive use that combine defensive capability and strength enhancement with the agility needed for dueling. He ignores claims that entire regiments, ships or planetary defense systems could have been paid and outfitted for what is spent on research, design and manufacture – after all, the heir to Matene deserves the best! (25,000 + 4 M + 4 E + 2 AP) Ex-Senator and current palace-moon squatter Emer Rumari has his psykic messenger to Matene shot, removes the Mateni flag from his residence and flies the Imperial banner of Ran-ji. Patriotic and very loyal songs can be heard over the walls! Warehouse Storage (50 max) & Treasury: 78,000 Credits (C) 4 Materials (B) 17 Metals (M) 1 Food (F) 8 Components (E)
  13. STELLARCHY OF MATENE 10,367 AE With the withdrawal of the populists from the Senate, the crushing defeat of Avivira’s fleet and Netana’s stellarchy, AND the secession of K-Land to the hated communists, Matene’s militarisation intensifies! Gratefully accepting stimulus funds and forces from the government, Lord Darius Grayven XIII prepares for a conflict that is surely upon the horizon... Little did anyone know just how cataclysmic that conflict would be. Finances & Resources: Actions & Expenditure: One legion stationed on Akalon (7-A). One legion stationed on Bal’Matene (8-A). 300,000 x Infantry (7500 C + 6 M + 3 AP) 30 x Transport Ships (6000 C + 6 M + 6 NP) 3 x Armouries on Akalon (7-A). (22,500 C + 6 B) LRSB built on Akalon (7-A). (10,000 C + 2 B + 2 M) Orbital Battery built on Akalon (7-A). (20,000 C + 5 M + 5 B + 2 E) Rumari buys a stiff drink! (13 C) Matene withholds taxes until the senate addresses its horrendous issues of factionalism and national mismanagement! Warehouse Storage (10 max) & Treasury: 129,000 Credits (C) 11 Materials (B) 27 Metals (M) 1 Food (F) 8 Components (E)
  14. STELLARCHY OF MATENE 10,366 AE ((will fix something up in the morning)) Finances & Resources: Actions & Expenditure: Funds assigned to explore the possibility of improving the dire infrastructure (Dev 1) of the backwater, end-of-hyperlane agri-world of Rumaris (68-A). (13,000) 2 x Heavy Industries on Mining World (M) 67-A. (10,000 C + 2 B) 2 x Heavy Industry (M) on Mining World 10-A. (10,000 C + 2 B) 1 x Garrison on Bal’Matene (8-A). ( 10,000 C + 3 B + 2 M) 5000 x Tanks (5000 C + 2 M + 3 AP) 6 x Corvettes (16,500 C + 6 M + 3 NP) 1 x Cruiser (10,000 C + 2 M + 3 NP) Pauphraka Engineering contracted to produced 6 Destroyers. (75,000 C) Freighter assigned to sell 1 Black Goods in the Inner Rim, on a permanent basis. Freighter assigned to sell 1 “Purple Swords”TM (Exotic Goods) in Kaumai and the Core, on a permanent basis. Senators’ wives can get one free from Arero Emer Rumari. Freighter assigned to sell 1 Finished Goods in the Colonies (just a couple of jumps away!), on a permanent basis. Taxes – 2500 C, 2 M, 1 B, 1 P, 1 F Warehouse Storage (10 max) & Treasury: 95,000 Credits (C) 1 Metals (M) 1 Food (F) 4 Components (E)
  15. STELLARCHY OF MATENE 10,365 AE ((no rp for now)) Finances & Resources: Actions & Expenditure: 2 x Shipyards on Bal’Matene (8-A) (20,000 C + 4 B) Armoury on Bal’Matene. (8-A). (7500 C + 2 B) Heavy Industry on agri-world 9-A. (5000 C + 1 B) Heavy Industry (M) on mining world 67-A. (5000 C + 1 B) 1 x Cruiser. (10,000 C + 2 M + 3 NP) 20,000 x Heavy Infantry (7500 C + 2 M + 1 E + 2 AP) Four freighters assigned to run 4 Food to New Vara. Warehouse Storage (10 max) & Treasury: 62,000 Credits (C) 5 Metals (M) 1 Food (F) 4 Components (E)
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