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  1. Vyacheslav Confederacy Roleplay: Gavrie Semenov’s expeditions in the southern provinces goes relatively unnoticed in the mainland, his men quietly constructing a fortress under his supervision. Eerily an open letter is written and sent northward about the new borders being established with their neighbors to the south… no conflicts of any sort but it's clear he seems excited for action. The headsman publicly promotes Semenov to a Lieutenant General in the army in an effort to curb the young man from inciting violence and promoting his responsibility as a leader. Another year, another lackluster year for Dobry’s expeditions after having found nothing in Semenov’s wake. The adventurer’s cries for more naval production goes unanswered in the meetings he holds with Amelin leaving him dissatisfied with the expansion of his commerce in the newly acquired provinces. Actions: 13100 Currency, 8 MP, 28 Steel, 11 Materials, 17 Gunpowder, 4 Fuel, 8 AP, 1 SP [4 M, 5,000 C] A fortress is constructed to the East of the capital. [5,000 C, 5 M] 5 Manufactories are constructed in the newly acquired province of E16. [2,500 C, 4 AP, 2 S] 1,000 Light Cavalrymen are trained and equipped. [RP ACTIONS] Diplomats are sent to the Freeholder republic, The Shogunate, and Mittelland to broker non-aggression pacts. Research Egor Amelin, a man with passion for all things explosive, puts out a warrant of payment to the brightest minds in the nation to research a stronger powder for cannons. [Researching stronger explosives.]
  2. Discord: You have it brother. Nation Name: Vyacheslav Confederacy Flag: Culture: Russian/Slavic History: The Vyacheslav Confederacy was born out of necessity, formed by local tribes to deal with the onset of chaos and outsider influence along their native coast. Considerable time and pressure applied helped turn this necessitated deal into a bond, tribesmen and women intermingling in constructed cities with written records having recorded the capital having been built five hundred years ago. Much of the focus and construction was placed on the coastline leading the people to invest their time and knowledge into learning the ways of the ocean. Aided by the large forest, the art of shipbuilding soon became commonplace in these coastal settlements with fishing, trading, and sometimes piracy becoming the common interest of the people of Vyacheslav before their expansion further inland. Expansion inland was nothing close to trivial, much of the people who ventured forth ran into vagabonds, hostile wildlife, lack of food, and ineptitude when it came to farming. Interestingly enough however, the discovery of strange black powder and open plains led many to exodus from the shores. A vast period of growth took place in the last 250 years since this great changing of demographics. Politically speaking, the Confederacy had been headed from its founding by the Maksim tribe until their dissolution 500 years ago where their last descendant had passed away unexpectedly during a voyage. The power vacuum was filled peacefully by the most influential tribe at the time, the Amelins. Their guidance was responsible for the expansion inland and one of them was present for the discovery of gunpowder during their journeys. Now in the current political environment, the Amelins are now a dying family. The political climate is now being exploited by the righteous and bold. Characters (Up to 3): Egor Amelin - The current political leader of the confederacy, experienced and in his late stage of life. Gavrie Semenov - A young and brash man, his exploits are renowned in the confederacy with his interest being purely placed in becoming the next headsman of the nation. Dobry Petrov - Considered a shadow character by many that know of him, he follows the many rumors of ancient artifacts. Location (Pick 3 Provinces): E18, E17, E19 Unique Units: Petrov’s Highman [Heavy Infantry] - Considered by many to be the best strongmen the bars have to offer, they are trained in many hand to hand combat techniques. Trained to be incredibly formidable in combat and capable of closing the gap with their opponents quickly. They are equipped with grenades and armed with a buckler and sword. Amelin Ironclads - Incredibly armored and described as works of arts by the people of Vyacheslav, they are filled with sophisticated systems for the time and considered to have a very spartan interior to make space for armor and munitions berthings.
  3. Discord name (PM if you wish): based Nation Type: (Kingdom/City State/Tribal) City State Nation Flag (optional): Nation Name: The City-State of Edon-ya 🥱 Are you in the Elraic Empire? (If so state in what way you're a sub-region of the empire - client kingdom, appointed/hereditary governor, military order, etc) Appointed Governor Nation Culture (Brief description): The Edon-yan's are naturally well versed in anything sea related with most young men taking to it as a right of passage to prove themselves a man in the society. Their overwhelming candor has slowly been turned into either debilitating greed in the market or callous stoicism on the shores. Despite the location of the city-state, the main population remains overwhelmingly Edon-yan much to the ire of the many frequenting traders who take advantage of the Evimeria markets. Certainly, an Edon-yan would make a good marine. Nation History: Not much is known of the City-state's past due to an early pillaging by a rogue imperial unit, though many tales have been passed down about the great alchemical achievements that had enriched the state early. Great golems and medicine had kept much of the inner senate safe before they were ultimately deposed of by electoral votes for an appointed governor whom answers directly to the imperial council. Many resent imperial control while the many passing traders appreciate their watchful eye causing a conflict of interest almost daily in the markets. It goes without saying the state is divided on imperial affairs. Harkening back to their early stages, Edon-yan Alchemist are some of the most renowned in the region with many comparing them to the Amber in terms of quality. This substantial edge had given them many economic opportunities shipping out medicines, weapons, and even arcane creations that could be considered trophies or defenders. It seems much of this society is growing again in recent years, it could be considered a renaissance. Navally it was said many considered the Edon-yan's to be at the forefront of military prowess on a boat and shores, their oarsmen had considered nourishment and with potions being made their stamina was unheard of. Their vast knowledge of the sea gave them an edge over their early neighbors allowing complete dominance of the sea until the empire introduced itself. Now considered an important port, it's many warships spend their time protecting the local trade ensuring greater prosperity. Nation Race (Human, Dusii, Dawekii): Human Special Characters (Up to 3, generals/mages/agents may be added or included if purchased with starting funds): Governor Tsant: find out in game. Grand Mage Me Vasi: Maybe I'm lazy too think of a backstory? Admiral Alas: Wait, no, find out in game. Primary Magic: Ouroboraean School Secondary Magic: Caeducian School Unique Point of Interest (Unique "wonder" building/location/artefact, natural or otherwise, that will confer a small bonus TBD): The Evimería Market - One of the largest commercial districts in its region, it is kept constantly filled by it's important placement at the center of the empire.
  4. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: “The West flew the whole way out here to scavenge this decrepit shithole? Seems we were right to come here.” Addison pointed to the map of Chicago, the airport circled in red with a question mark next to it. “Propose we dispatch a unit of knights to examine the area Elder?” The captain’s voice was almost drowned out by the bustle of scribes in the room as they dig up old text and discuss possibilities. A pounding sense of urgency had filled the Elder ever since the radio’s crackled. “Not yet, we don’t have the manpower or equipment to make a journey that far. Let alone have them make their way back here intact. We wait, grow, and keep an eye on our surroundings. Stats: 208 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 12 B, 4 M, 4 S, 51,250 C, 4 F, 3 AE, 11 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] [10/10 RP] T1 Gauss Heavy Weapons [5/50 RP] T3 Gauss Weapons ============ (30,000 C, 8 B) 4 Scrap Yards are built adjacent to the Salvage Yards. [4+M] (10,000 C, 2 B) 1 Lab is built in the new territory for the scribe’s enjoyment. [3+R] (3 M) 25 T2 Gauss rifles are assembled. [EXPANSION AGAIN] 40 Trained, T2 Gunpowder, T3 Armor, 25 Molotovs led by Addison [6P, 1E, 2C, 4I, 4L] are sent to clear and expand into the eastern sector, previously cleared of a **** ton of mole rats prior. [MORGANS RIFLES IS CONTACTED.]
  5. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Stats: 208 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 6 B, 4 M, 4 S, 34,500 C, 2 F, 2 AE, 11 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] [25/25 RP] T2 Gauss. [4/10 RP] T1 Gauss Heavy Weapons ============ [ACTION] The block previously swiped clean of Stingwings to the North is to be moved into and turned into Brotherhood territory. [41 T3 Armor, T2 Weapons, Trained, 9 Regular same equipment. 50 Molotovs between them.] are sent in teams of ten to clear and scout the block out and lock it down so that Scribes may start reconstruction. They’re led by Knight-Captain Addison [6P, 1E, 2I, 4L] (10,000 C) [4 M] 29 Sets of T3 Metal Armor is crafted by the scribes.
  6. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: POSTING FOR PREVIOUS TURN Stats: 208 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 7 B, 4 M, 4 S, 14,750 C, 11 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] [18/25 RP] T2 Gauss. ============ (5,000 C, 1 B) Officially reaching maximum capacity in each blocks, the brotherhood finishes up their final market. (2,000 C, 4 B) Elder Geraint demands the construction of great fortifications around the ‘interior’ preparing for future excursions and enabling their small numbers to properly repel any aggressors. [4 M, 2 F] 50 Molotovs are distilled and plugged in preparation for expansion and defense.
  7. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Dreadful statpost. Stats: 210 Adv. Pop, 190 Civ. Pop, 8 B, 6 M, 4 S, 16,250 C, 10 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] [5/5 RP] Molotovs are researched [8/25 RP] T2 Gauss. ============ [6 M] 50 T2 Gunpowder firearms are constructed for the growing number of knights. [10,000 C, 4 B] 1 Chip Manufacturing plant is constructed [1+ AE] [5,000 C, 1 B] 1 Fuel refinery is constructed [ACTIONS] 2 teams of 15 equipped in T2 Firearms and T3 Armor are sent out to investigate a nearby block for activity.
  8. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Roleplay below. Stats: 210 Adv. Pop, 155 Civ. Pop, 8 B, 2 M, 4 S, 17,250 C, 10 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] (15,000 C, 4 B) 2 Scrapyards are assembled from the constant deconstruction of the west block. (2+M) (2,250 C) 9 Knights are promoted to Knight-Sergeants and are to be given leadership roles within the Brotherhood’s combat forces. [10/10 RP] Unbelievably the schematics the junkie scribe wrote up actually work, the weapons though are very rudimentary and shoddily built, they aren’t recommended for frontline use to the Knights but will that stop them? [T1 Gauss] [3/5 RP] Molotov Cocktails had to be researched?! [ACTION] A slower year in recruitment, the brotherhood instead simply puts its men to patrol its borders.
  9. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: ELDER’S TERMINAL ******* > October 5th, 2273 >Knight-Captain Addison’s report As requested, Elder, here is a weekly report of the current situation regarding security and technological matters. Patrols along the northern border report no return of those giant insects that killed Knight Caleb the previous year, this is confirmed further by the arrival of wastelanders through this area. Eastern patrols report a good influx of wastelanders after we wiped out the abominations and so far we’ve seen no other wildlife in the area there. The other vectors report absolute silence, the only sightings have been of some dogs but it’s a refreshing change for our troops there. Following the patrols, our knights assigned to processing the new initiates state that they managed to find a home for about seventy-five though only fifteen are capable of combat duty in any form having performed as mercenaries or guards for their settlements. The rest are being brought up safely as scribes per your request and the head scribes report many are ready to be assigned. I must share concern though... We are recruiting like we did in DC and we should be wary of who we assign to the logistics stations. We don’t want to repeat the run-away Blamco heist. Otherwise Elder, we can expect to be up to a working force that would rival our father chapter. I will state Elder, we should start looking for targets to salvage shortly. We shouldn’t get bogged down in morality like our father chapter, even you stated we aren’t here to provide another charity. Stats: 207 Adv. Pop, 75 Civ. Pop, 8 B, 4 M, 4 S, 21,000 C, 7 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] (10,000 C, 2 B) A singular lab is built in the capital wing much to the excitement of the scribes. (10,000 C, 2 B) 2 Markets are constructed in the newly minted wasteland district to enable greater commerce with locals. (1,000 C, 2 B) Broadcasting their position and taking on locals was bold but now they had to prepare for the event of hostels investigating their position. [4 M] 28 sets of metal armor is produced. [25/25 RP] Eureka! Shouts the head scribe, a power armor frame had been fully reverse engineered but unfortunately it would have to be shittly covered in home-made plating. [3/10 RP] A new scribe was caught nodding off on Jet but before he was evicted, his brothers found a plausible plan for set of gauss weaponry... the Elder has permitted its research. [T1 Gauss] [ACTION] Knight-Captain Addison begins sending out patrols to buffer and spot incoming civilians or hostiles, 25 trained men with T3 Armor and T2 Gunpowder are deployed to this task with her leading one of them. Meanwhile 50 trained men with T1 Guns are set to receive and process the civilized arrivals. [ACTION] Radio broadcast continues well into this year due to the success of bringing at least some men to the cause, the broadcast however is sent out to bring in more individuals and local leaders of settlements.
  10. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Knight-Captain Addison’s Journal January 8th, 2272 “The loss of our brother last year still haunts me… his crippled body could only move his eyes and his only words were groans. Unfortunately the Scribes said they had no way of developing a vaccine, this knight had to be terminally saved from a life of nothing. I had him buried by my team a few yards from a church, his sacrifice is another example of how brutal this land is. I am thankful most of my team is full of trained soldiers however, not even a full two weeks have passed and they’re polishing their rifles and armor getting ready for us to head out again. Our self-appointed Elder has asked that I gather my troops up and head out once again but to the East this time in order to find any civilized wastelanders to join our ranks.” Stats: 205 Adv. Pop, 4 B, 2 M, 7 S, 21,000 C, 7 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] (15,000 C) 2 Construction yards are built [21/25 RP] Scribes dutifully continue figuring out how to recreate rudimentary power armor, their Knights are defenseless without it! [Radio Transmission] The Brotherhood of Steel broadcast out to local frequencies telling the wastelanders stating their intentions of peace and protection, an offer is sent out to trade and maybe even join the Brotherhood. In the midst of this frequency they call out to see if any other brotherhood missions exist in the area as well. (ACTIONS: 15 T2 Guns, T3 Armor, Trained Knights are to evaluate and monitor a possible influx of wastelanders and vet them accompanied by 50 Trained T1 Gun Knights.] [Expedition! Despite losing a knight to essentially a giant hornet, the same group lead by Knight-Captain Addison are sent this time to the eastern district of the capital. Same Goal as last time. [10 T2 Gun, T3 Armor, Trained.]
  11. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Knight-Captain Addison’s Journal January 1st, 2271 “It looks as though we’re receiving a steady supply of arms and armor every other year now, too slowly to keep growing our ranks up to find whatever we were sent here for. Wildly enough we weren’t attacked on any of our patrols which seems to have emboldened Elder Geraint’s decision to send us out to recruit some wastelanders sometime on our patrols though only the ones deemed sane enough. We aren’t as desperate as the capital waste, the super mutant war there only dragged Elder Lyon’s down in a war of attrition. A shame we lost so many to these abominations, hopefully we don’t find any here…” Stats: 204 Adv. Pop, 4 B, 2 M, 7 S, 14,500 C, 7 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] (10,000 C, 2 B) 2 Markets prop up in the capital district. [14/25 RP] Scribes dutifully continue figuring out how to recreate rudimentary power armor, their paladins are defenseless without it! [2 M] 50 Sets of scrap firearms are built to give more of the brotherhood security against assaults into their territory. [EXPEDITION, 10 Trained with T2 Guns and T3 Armor led by Knight-Captain Addison is sent northward from the capital block. Their mission objective is to simply scout out the area and make contact with wastelander villages and scout out sites that may be of future interest.]
  12. Eastern Brotherhood of Steel Roleplay: Elder Geraint’s expedition found its way into Chicago battered and beaten from their Journey across the waste. Having left the capital wasteland seven years before the Lone Wanderer stepped out of Vault 101, they experienced great hardships with the loss of most of their knights and paladins along with their power armor and knowledge of how to construct it. The entire year was arduous, bloody and with the loss of many supplies, the Eastern expedition has now arrived in Chicago and cleared out much of the non-hostile squatters from the opening of Highway 57 and Morgan Park but slaughtered the majority of raiders in the area. Unfortunately most of their equipment was at its end of life resulting in the Brotherhood using its last materials for a change. Despite this rough start, Geraint’s optimism and acceptance of Lyon’s morality has led to a stabilization of their situation and now under orders to secure much of Chicago’s technological items the Brotherhood prepares itself for the future. Elder Geraint’s Journal December 1st, 2270 “Evidently Chicago’s been dubbed the Mud City by the local waste landers on many of the billboards leading into this infested city, much of it closed off to us no doubt thanks to our lack of numbers and equipment. It's been over eleven months since we left the capital wasteland much to the detriment of the chapter and my own men. All the training they received could not have prepared them for the super-mutant gangs and the ghoul hordes we encountered passing through Columbus, Ohio. Luckily enough we managed to replenish much of our pre-war weaponry and acquire some Brahmin’s to make leather armor along the way. The equipment however can not make up for the loss of Paladins and Knights, I’ll have to reorganize this expedition’s units before we continue our searches. Aspirant’s will have to be moved up to combat duties before they’ll be trained into Knights and so on, hopefully Paladin Quinlan can help our numbers swell as we take on local initiates. I can’t help but fear we’re going to be outnumbered no matter what we do… hopefully our scribes can rediscover how to at least produce T-45B power suits before we’re overwhelmed by raiders or worse.” Stats: 200 Adv. Pop, 5 B, 7 M, 15 S, 22,000 C, 7 RP [20 Stockpiled spaces] (5,000 C, 1 B) 1 Market is built. (15000 C) 2 Construction yard is produced to prepare. (7 M) 25 T2 Small arms are produced and 25 sets of T3 Metal is welded to protect Aspirants in the field. [7/25 RP] Research begins on making home-brew scrap armor due to the loss of all the power armor taken with the expedition.
  13. Application (Start Location determined in Discord): I’m coming in, determine it for me wagie. Faction Name: Mid-West Brotherhood Expedition Civilization Type: Advanced Starting Points: 5 Points into 1 Stack of pop and block 1 Point into Starting Resources 2 Points into Bonus C 2 Points into Research Faction Backstory: The Mid-West Brotherhoods Curiosity finally got the better of them and they dispatched forward a great expedition led by Elder Geraint to explore the northern territories of the United States. Geraint’s backstory will be explained in the character tab. The expedition otherwise suffered n arduous journey that took them to reach Chicago arriving at an unknown area of the city. Their recruitment efforts had them swell up much larger as they were picking up and training many waste landers whom they deemed intelligent and civil enough to join them. Characters (Minimum 1) Character 1: Elder Geraint: One of the youngest men to ever be given the rank of Elder within the Mid-west brotherhood, his journey began with him being born prior to his airship crashing into the wastelands near St. Louis. The Brotherhood found a nearby bunker and took shelter in it where the young Geraint grew up to become fascinated with the Pre-War US military and its mechanizations which no doubt found its way into the drilling of his men. Due to his age, his experience with pre-war technology and his understanding of the US as a whole. This young elder was dispatched to lead this first expedition. Discord: Duh boi
  14. The Contingency Program Stat-Posting right now, very tired from the journey. Stockpiled Goods - 49,704 C, 24 G, 11 M, 2 R, 6 S, 8 F, 2 Influence Production: 1 Ship a year, 1 Company Population: 15,504 Japanese. [15/15 Population used] (2 M, 3000C) A transport ship is built. (2 S, 4000C) Deployment of another company of Japanese defense forces. [Colony ship lands on the Ice world of the gas giant dubbing it ‘ Eien No.’] [5 M, 5000 C] An Embassy is built on Seiiki per the mandate. [All four transport ships are sent home though they are sent with 10 G to sell to the Community as a whole for C.] - 4 F [2 Fuel] The exploration ship is sent to DX Cancri.
  15. The Contingency Program The first mandate from the emperor had arrived at the start of 2091 and chief among them was the landing of more colonists and supplies. Within the month, over a couple within the month over a dozen newly produced plates of steel and electronics were being shipped over to the shipyard to produce a new mighty frontier class colony ship. Thanks to the environment of the planet, construction went fairly the same as it did back home so much of the processes could be followed allowing for great efficiency. Legally the Contingency dispatches the two transports sent to the colony back home to pick up more Japanese colonists to build up the workforce. In the midst of their departure, some of the colonists they had brought were being trained into troopers. Much of their doctrine is borrowed from home and as is their arsenal, however they are the new leading class of soldiers now trained on another world from Earth. Discussion is brought up within the administration about the arrival of an advisor from the homeland in 2092, a necessary addition to the rather nobody leadership currently running the colony. Stockpiled Goods - 36,220 C, 24 G, 16 M, 2 R, 6 S, 10 F Production: 1 Ship a year, 1 Company Population: 13,240 Japanese. [12/13 Population used] [5 G, 5 M, 10,000 C] A Colony ship is constructed as per the directive of the Japanese emperor. [2 M, 4000 C] A single civilian district is built to add onto the budding population of Seiiki [-4 F, 1,000 C, 3 G] The two transport ships received from Japan are sent home to collect more colonists from the mainland and bring them to Luyten’s star for expanded job opportunities. Cash and amenities incentives provided. First however they stop to do a trade deal with the US Space force. [2 S, 4000 C] Recruitment and training of 500 troopers to better patrol the colonies borders and extend the arm of the Contingency.
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