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  1. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1511 Nation Roleplay: The war in the east as its being called throughout the Kingdom sparks interest and great concern, two ‘neutral’ foes locked in a deadly battle. A king on his deathbed was of greater concern however, the passing of the torch came abruptly as Prince Dakkar Swine watched his father die of old age becoming one of the youngest kings to ever sit on the throne at 23 years old. A great funeral was held in his name, a man of exponential growth and pride as well as a peacemaker. Dakkar following in his father's steps for the year declares a great deal of manufactories and farms to be built. It was also time he purged his close advisors, a few warhawks entering the ranks of his majesty. In the east, Duke Feobald’s expedition has entered its final death throes as thousands have literally died traveling the marshes and unforgiving environment. Many discoveries untold to the world will be first heard off in the realm of the Swine and with it ambition will grow... Population: 8,622,501 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 99,050 Gold with Upkeep included + 1k in trade (20,000 Gold) 4 Farms are built! (74,250 Gold) 11 Manufactories are constructed this year. (4,800 Gold is saved.)
  2. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1511 Nation Roleplay: Due after my journey. Population: 8,058,412 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 93,550 Gold - 8,000 Upkeep + 1,300 = 86,850 Gold (10,000 Gold) Constructing yet another trade guild closest to Hakkan to allow Swine goods to flow into their markets…. (3k a year!) (15,000 Gold) Another city is fully erected to solidify the southern states! (15,000 Gold) 3 Farms are constructed!!! (450+) (25,000 Gold) With an ever growing Kingdom, the needs of military come hard. 5 Barracks are built within the core three cities. (2+ Unit cap…) (15,000 Gold) The need for more goods overtakes research this year, two more manufacturers are built in the capital this year. (2k+ Gold! (3,000 Gold) Rite of passage?
  3. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1510 Nation Roleplay: Another year, another explosive growth for papa pig. Population: 7,531,227 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 78,850 Gold - 8,000 Upkeep + 800 = 76,300 Gold (20,000 Gold) 2 Merchant guilds are built in the newly created cities of the Kingdom. (20,000 Gold) 4 Farms are built to keep up speed! (15,000 Gold) 3 Settling parties are sent south and declared to set up in the various locations southbound, they’re escorted by a unit of rangers and two units of light infantry. (15,000 Gold) Another urban center appears this time to one of the settlements closest to the Hakkan, it shall become grounds for a diplomatic center between the Swine and the bird-men in the east. (5,000 Gold) Constructing a barracks in the capital. (5k+ to my large ass cap!) (1,300 Gold is saved.)
  4. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1509 Nation Roleplay: Nothing cool is happening over here. Population: 7,038,530 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 78,850 Gold - 7,000 Upkeep + 500 = 71,850 Gold (20,000 Gold) 4 Farms are built to maintain growth. (30,000 Gold) With so many towns and so little main hubs for them to bring their trade too, it was decided that two of them closest to the capital would be chosen to be expanded into cities. (2+ Cities) (21,000 Gold) 3,000 T2 Medium infantry are recruited, equipped and trained into the standing military and 500 T2 Rangers of the Swinedom are hired up to better scout the perimeter of the Kingdom.
  5. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1508 Nation Roleplay: Build, Build. Build. Don’t really have drive to write this one, depressive fit? Population: 6,578,065 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 64,900 Gold - 5,000 Upkeep = 59,900 Gold + 7,100 Gold = 67k Gold (15,000 Gold) 3 more farms are built to sustain growth. (8,000 Gold) 2 Caravels are built. (37,500 Gold) 5 Manufactories are constructed in the Kingdom. (6,000 Gold) 1,500 T2 Light Infantry are recruited and sent off to the frontier lands. (500 Gold is saved.)
  6. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1508 Nation Roleplay: The thuds of wood being struck woke the prince from his nap, caravaneers had been fixing his wagon and begun to hammer away at one of the wheels. Upon hearing their lordship stirring, Dakkar could hear them whispering quickly and soon the wagon fell slightly and began to move again. Stretching his legs, Dakkar peeked out and glared at the few peasants running away in the distance. A slack of leather caught his attention, the royal guard driving the wagon began to speak. “Sorry your highness, the wagon wheel came off in the mud.” Grumbling to the soldiers right sat a much larger one reading a book occasionally looking around. Clambering out he stood between the two and looked towards the front of the column then the rear, thousands of Fivians on the march to make a new home. (Sorry Alex, don’t have much to write about this year.) Population: 6,147,724 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 56,600 Gold - 5,000 Upkeep + 500 = 48,500 Gold! (10,000 Gold) 2 mandatory farms to maintain current speed! (10,000 Gold) Constructing a single merchant guild district in the most recent city, they invite many of the folk there in to learn the tools of trade. (3k + per year!) (15,000 Gold) Gloriously constructed by the end of the year, the Royal port of Five is completed in the capital allowing an unprecedented growth to both trade, food, and exploration. (2000+ From trade I guess!?) (10,000 Gold) The Kingdom grows more this year as well, 2 more settlements are sent southward with a retinue of men to help their travels. (7,100 Gold saved.)
  7. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1507 Nation Roleplay: Storyboarding! Population: 5,745,537 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 48,500 Gold - 3,000 Upkeep = 45,500 (10,000 Gold) 2 mandatory farms to maintain current speed! (25,000 Gold) 2,000 Light Archers are recruited alongside another 2,000 Medium infantry. In tandem, each city is expected to carry a garrison well over a thousand and to provide these garrisons begins a town guard which starts this year with 2,500 Light Infantry equipped with shitty iron and bronze. [Archers and Medium are tier 2] {2500 Light Infantry are T1} [Holy crap thats alot of upkeep!] Expansion for this year! (10,000 Gold) With expansions into the frontier not going well, new settlements are placed along the WOULD BE newly claimed land and with that guards from the newly recruited soldiers. To keep in within the NAP, navigators plot out the land claim carefully. (0 Gold) The Hierarchy is asked to stay out of the affairs of the Swinedom, King Leotard himself stating that these are actually temples set up to worship himself! (500 Gold Saved.)
  8. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1506?? Nation Roleplay: Nothing happened this year, really just building. Population: 5,331,306 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 45,000 Gold - 3,000 Upkeep = 42,000 (Per Turn Income: 42,000) + 2k from last year. (40,000 Gold) 6 more farms this year… 21 Farms yeet yuh? (4% bonus!) (0 Gold) To curb the apparent aggression of the Meldan’s, Leotard sends out detachments of soldiers numbering 2,000 for the north and south expansion. (2,000 Gold) This year, King Leotard decrees that 2,000 surplus gold is now on the market and to obtain at least 1,000 of it a man must find a special resource within the land of five. (Prospecting in the Kingdom for special resources, 1k gold per prospector if they find the resource.)
  9. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1504 Nation Roleplay: Nothing of note happens in the Five this year, food prices however are at an all-time low with more farms being built across the vast lands of the Kingdom. The recent development of the fourth city in the east has also brought great prosperity for the people there now on the frontier. Prince Dakkar continues his training to become a Magi to the Fallen one, his studies and spirit becoming increasingly harder to comprehend and nail down. King Leotard however seems to be growing more benevolent as the time goes and people have began to disregard him as human altogether even more so now. Population: 5,113,962 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 45,000 Gold - 3,000 Upkeep = 42,000 (Per Turn Income: 42,000) (15,000 Gold) A recently developed town is transformed into the fourth city of the nation, festivals and all are held in celebration. (Hey look extra buildings!) (5,000 Gold) Once again the time has come for expansion with much of it focused on going north-east to abide by the agreements of the Hakkan non-aggression pact. Much of this is spearheaded by 2,000 medium infantrymen clearing the path for a large group of expeditioneers. (1+ Settlement.) (20,000 Gold) 4 more farms this year! That takes me up to 13 farms granting me an extra 2%! (2,000 Gold is saved to the treasury.)
  10. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five 1504 Nation Roleplay: The Prince seems to have been sent off on a journey out of country sparking much intrigue within the citizenry and upper echelons. Leotard ensures his people it is for the betterment of all and that his son will return within the next five years. Secretly the beginning of the Fallen court forms underground with large areas cut open and built up to establish an order built specifically for the illusion of godship for the king and his offspring. Protected and secured and with the prospect of actual powers becoming a reality, the excess money was given out to the people of the realm as gratitude. Not much else has happened other then the announcement of a Non-aggression pact with Hakkan, a once paranoid relationship cast aside by understanding. A golden age indeed. Population: 4,917,272 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 41,000 Gold - 3,000 Upkeep = 38,000 (Per Turn Income: 38,000) (10,000 Gold and then 10,000 Gold) The king grows paranoid and orders the construction of a small building for the growing cult following the fallen god. To complement this building of great magical importance, a place for the cult followers is built. Prince Dakkar takes great interest in this place of magic and study and devotes most of his time now to studying to become a masterful magi of its new order. [A place of worship is built in the capital, underground which is followed by a Tier 1 temple.] {5 Adepts and 1 Magi} (15,000 Gold) Another three farms are built to help prepare for the upcoming increase of population, work also begins on a order of government based directly on farming. (9 Farms now.) (3,000 Gold) Gold is granted to all major settlements specifically for the increase of quality of life.
  11. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five Nation Roleplay: The Five had recovered gracefully from its corrupt fiasco of the year past, Leotard’s sweeping reform having been completed he looked to turn the army he recruited into a force to be reckoned with. Consultation with his son led to the manufactories being re-purposed for the year, 10,000 suits of iron armor and their accompanying weaponry had to be built and the people would do it. At the end of 1503 every soldier of the Five had been equipped in strong iron armor accompanied by their swords, shields, spears, and maces. Growth rates were down, even though food had been produced to keep up the previous two years it wasn't long before their capacity had once more been breached. Prince Dakkar himself set about building three more large farmstead counties nearby the newly settled land with the help of the defense forces stationed there. The newly built settlement nearby soon offered its hard working people to handle the fields and feed the rest of the kingdom, their quick to work attitude being rewarded by a visit from the “god” himself, Leotard Swine. King Swine’s yearly godlike performance this year was the ‘sprouting’ of wheat, a ploy he had not pulled off before and to his amazement the people still believed! 1503 had treated the Kingdom well overall, food was flowing and people felt safe, jobs could be found almost everywhere you walked and with an economy to match it was a great time to be alive. A modernist would say approval ratings for the Swine dynasty are up! Population: 4,774,050 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 41,500 Gold - 3,000 Upkeep + 1,500 last year = 40,000 (Per Turn Income: 35,500) (15,000 Gold) 3 more farms are constructed to feed the masses. (6 Farms granting 1% bonus.) (5,000 Gold) A growing nation means another settlement needs to be founded to the South east completing the border formed by its latest northern brother. (Escorted by another 1,000 men.) (20,000 Gold) Even though the military constructed the recent year was strong with its numbers, their equipment compared to their neighbors was the very definition of pitiful. King Leotard decrees all his men be equipped in Iron. [Upgrading all 10,000 soldiers with T2 equipment.] (0 Gold.) A diplomat is sent to Hakkan to parley!
  12. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five Nation Roleplay: Incredible displays of corruption had become so apparent to Leotard that he began to squash them out using his ‘godlike’ powers to burn all those he had investigated over the year. The public display was spread around the Kingdom by word as many officials in the government began to lax some corrupt tendencies and assert their loyalty to the Kingdom by increasing the tithes of their soldiers. The recent arrival of such motley men had led to a restructuring of the Kingdom’s military, 1,000 men would be assigned to cover an assigned city or region of its land called Regional Regiments. During wars they would be selected by the King to form an Army group. Its logistical woes would be dealt with by the Prince who would take up most military matters for the year. Trade flow from outsiders brought many wares people had no luxury of before, the influx of jobs from the manufactories was also a welcome sight as people began to afford decent clothing and housing. It was a great time to be a denizen of the five, especially the stronger military men whom was the dream of any lady. Population: 4,635,000 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 41,500 Gold - 5,000 = 36,500 (Per Turn Income: 38,500) (30,000 Gold) King Leotard in his lavish squeal declares the formation of the Guards of Five, over 7,500 men are recruited from the streets and trained into fighting men. They soon receive equipment from the previously build Manufactoriums. (5,000 AP) The construction of the first settlement in decades to the East of the Kingdom, the people sent are accompanied by two regiments of men, 1,000. (1,500 Gold left for next year.)
  13. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Manifest Destiny Chapter I 2039 ===Nation Post=== Federated States of Ellada - All military construction goes as planned as the Industrial base of Greece still remains unharmed from the hellish nightmare at its borders. The battles are expected to continue in earnest this year. Republic of China - All construction for the years be it military or civilian goes well and continues and or finishes on schedule, the fighters engineers hope are not too much longer off. Much like Japan’s expo, Turkey appears and seeks to look at the technology that China is offering. They also seek to discuss a deal about the Jade Corps... DPRK - The military station now floats proudly in orbit with North Koreans running up and down the atmosphere. Alongside this the meager NK space fleet is completed giving them a whole new field of warfare to prepare for. Empire of Japan - The South Koreans politely decline the offer citing the power struggle already existing with their northern neighbor, they seek to remain neutral in the matter. Iwo Jima receives its fortifications with the old inhabitants there being reminded of the old glory days of World War 2, modern knowledge works upon the old with bunkers being placed with even more camouflage everywhere. The Australians decline having already placed a base of their own there coupled with a small flotilla of ships. Clamor for safer batteries leads scientist to draw up a theory of a Fusion battery, a cleaner and much more efficient version of the Fission one. It’s also much, much safer given the fact that it won’t leak or explode and give nearby users cancer within the first year. Few nations attend this year as peace has been proactively at the forefront of many nations, Turkey however does appear looking to bolster their forces with new technologies. Polish Republic - The successful finish of the the next generation combat vehicles, tanks and APCS received the most attention with armor being improved and fixed to reduce heat signatures, their speed being amped up with fission power plants. All military units are completed and so are their opponents as the Bulgarians and Lithuanians are seen enforcing their border with a plenitude of troops. The Bohemian State- The prospectors hired out by the government find a vein of naturally occurring Graphene. All military recruitment and construction is finished and put onto active duty. German Republic- All recruitment and construction is completed for this year, eagerly the German men deploy to their assignments adding much needed youth to the military. ((Phasic or plasma???)) USSR- The OSS Program continues in earnest and its progress goes well with military officials having it completely structured by the end of the year. Great effort eventually leads the Russians to establish a safely orbiting Hydroponics station filled to the brim with seeds and eager workers assigned on monthly rotations, seasons would never affect the plants here and year-long growth would be guaranteed. The Russian space fleet grows this year with the two corvettes being celebrated by the people as a new era of Russian progress. ===Events=== The Brazil-Latin war ends in a stalemate with the total casualties in military measuring at 67,000 men and its civilians at 235,000. A great waste of life with no gain, both nations send aid to each other. The ODI is seen developing a new class of warship after finishing construction of its new shipyard, the first destroyers and assault ships. These ships are soon to be some of the largest to ever be fielded by a corporation let alone nation, intelligence officials state they’re most likely preparing for something with the missile platforms being tested and reloaded daily. Anterior coalition forces announce the unveiling of wide-spread titanium armor with videos now circulating worldwide of tanks being hit by modern weaponry with previous penetrating rounds simply bouncing off their tanks.
  14. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP]

    Kingdom of Five Nation Roleplay: The people were heavily dissatisfied with the lack of food plaguing the kingdom, hundreds starved as they toiled in the meager farms that had been built years ago and certainly more were needed for such a growing population. A decree was put out and soon the funding for it, three large farms were built on the ruined farms and to the gleeful farmers they found richer soil. Towards the end of the year, the first crops were planted and many hoped to see their harvest make it to the next year. Eagerly the people crowded by the large guild districts being built in their cities, the minds of men working there was alluring and so was their teachings. These three guilds brought only benefits to the Kingdom with overall apprenticeships rising throughout it, it wasn’t long before many young men in the city began to idol these old craftsmen. A depressing amount of goods was produced annually by the Kingdom overall, many people had little income or jobs to work and without the ability to expand people began to bicker. Prince Dakkar personally used his funds to construct two manufactures within the capital inviting hundreds around to work in these two “industrial” centers. It was not long before over 1,243 lucky peasantry was hired to man the stations of the facilities, the pay was set at 1 gold an hour… an amazing amount. Traditionally, the King performs an act to assure his bloodline is still imbued with god like powers. This years performance lead Leotard to set a barn on fire with just the swipe of his hand killing two ‘criminals’ inside of it prompting his guard to clap and the locals to bow and cheer. Population: 4,500,000 Fivians Gold Expenditure: 60,000 Gold (Per Turn Income: 35,500 + 4,500) (10,500 Gold) 3 Farms are built to provide food to the growing Kingdom, they’re placed upon the fabled great farms enjoying their fertile soil. (1.5%+ Growth) (27,000 Gold) 3 Major Trade guilds are founded in each city of the Five, their expertise in the art of trade is a welcome change to the many dimwitted citizens of the town with bartering and a common currency forming shortly after. (9,000 + Gold per turn.) (15,000 Gold) The construction of two manufactures in the capital thanks to the prince’s investment. (2,000+ Income per turn.) (0 Gold) King Leotard gratefully accepts a trade agreement, shortly after maps from the mainland are sent to the Meldan in agreement to their offer. (7,500 Gold is put away in the treasury as a bonus this year.)
  15. Devland99

    From Ruination [FRP] [OOC]

    Nation Name: The Kingdom of Five BRIEF History: A simple serf after successfully pulling off a ploy during the old age of empires gained a following of families after he framed being a god during a thunder storm. During the collapse, he led five surviving families westward on a two year journey and along the way he enforced his “god-like” abilities through magic tricks he learned as a farmers hand. Upon arrival at the west coast the young man proclaimed the beginning of a Kingdom under his protection, he was crowned King Baldiff Swine and named his land the Kingdom of Five in honor of his five supporting families. These loyal subjects began the basis of the caste system in the Kingdom with three families falling into the lower classes eventually breeding to the point where they outnumbered the two more fortunate families and were regulated to hard labor. The other two began to form the early traders and educational masters of the realm, they would help run the kingdom and provide essential duties to it such as leading construction efforts, fighting off banditry and helping their King expand his mind and control. It has been many years since the formation of the Five, its exact date lost due to the relative stupidity of the serfdom and the constant changing of those who have knowledge. The current king is nearing the ending of his rule, his prince showing remarkable amounts of IQ is working diligently to prepare for his time to rule. Nation Culture: Far-west Aros (english??) Human Or Humagi (Describe Humagi): Human Nation Government System: Feudal Economy: 8 (60,000 Starting Gold, 11,000 Gold per turn) Education: 3, the population of the Five is relatively uneducated due to the sheer greediness of the king most of the funding is placed into his coffers purely for fun. Size (include rough area on map): 8, 4,500,000 Population... poor bastards. (13,500 Gold per turn.) Military: 1 , 2,500 Regular soldiers all poorly educated and quite dirty. Mysticism: 1, the people only adore the king with him being thought of as a god, though a small cult has begun in the capital worshipping the fallen one. Key Figure 1: King Leotard Swine Key Figure 2: Prince Dakkar Swine Key Figure 3: Duke Feobold Lokkar Unique Unit: Knights of Five, incredibly heavy cavalry unit capable of smashing formations easily in their wake. Their issues really stem from the weight of their armor, it makes them impervious but almost act as elephants with almost zero ability to turn on charge. Hidden Fruit: Lichi