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  1. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    Manifest Destiny Chapter I 2037 ===Nation Post=== United States - Research into Fusion reactor proceeds without interference, excitedly military officials claim that it is vital for future military projects and clamor for its continued funding come 2037. Wallace’s inauguration does not go unnoticed with many nations around the world wishing the nation’s leader term well. A resurgent American military command eagerly puts its new submarine and aircraft to use, new equipment was desperately needed and many of the people seem to think so too with no protest to the funding regarding military production. It also would seem they discovered a deposit of homeland Uranium. Federated States of Ellada - Greek radar picks up a large force of Egyptian bombers approaching from its south, they’re escorted by a sizable air fleet. Turkey itself launches an offensive on the border with men of unknown number quickly pushing the border guard, it’s small navy attempts to take control of the surrounding sea line. Luckily, Greek war production cranks out all assigned materials this year, they set about quickly fortifying the factories in the event bombers and or artillery make it through. The research into laser weaponry on the other hand goes better than expected with newfound batteries being able to hold significant energy charges alongside the ability to intensify beams themselves. Republic of China - The once so glorious China finally had the means to rebuild and as such it does, Beijing’s reconstruction efforts leads to groundbreaking experiments with removal of radiation. Rubble is searched and ground zero is quarantined off as the crater is simply too large to deal with an entire city left to scrub. Apologies are accepted by many but the Pan-Pacific state ignores it, they do however suggest they go about clearing the radiation from the isles left in nuclear wake. The next-gen fighter is just as hard to research as the last, stealth is no longer the new prerogative as longevity and agility now take its place. Air-frame work is capitalized as civilian contractors have made significant breakthrough with new fission reactors allowing never before seen jet speeds. China’s mining corporations discover Titanium in its western mountains. DPRK - Such a significant project undertaken by a nation so inept with rocketry but thankfully they managed to make it to orbit with the first miniscule shipyard being created and shortly accompanied by its sister military station a couple kilometers away. Titanium research was quite hard to begin with until a simple farmer discovered a deposit to the north of Pyongyang. Ample supply lead scientist to hope that testing the proper combinations of materials will lead to Titanium armor being used in the coming years. The people welcome the nation’s beginning steps to modernization with many enjoying proper diets and steady jobs, many eagerly watch the space programs growing fame hoping it will bring a good reputation for change. Empire of Japan - Unprecedented militarization had not gone unnoticed by the Pan-Pacific states whom quickly seem to be constructing their own navy and army to contend with a possible aggressive enemy in the future. Come the end of the year all production quotas are met. Research into robotics while expected hits some roadblocks with current day fission power but it should be of no issue given more time looking at alternatives. Polish Republic - Slavic Endurance starts off extremely rocky, only few men made it through and even more so are actively being searched for at the start of 2037. If these men are found, war could very well start off in Europe. The new tank prototypes are something to be desired with more models coming out as newer plans are looked at from various companies, with luck they’ll have their models within five years. Shortly at the end of the year, a titanium ore deposit was found in the Polish wildlands, surely armor enthusiast are pleased. Republic of Ireland - A growing Irish army is an odd site indeed but a welcome one by its people, many young men flocked looking for honest work in the harsh world while many supported their decision. News floods to the government as a sheep herder found a deposit of Thorium in its southern tip, something wildly unexpected but game changing nonetheless. Italy - Kinetic gel moves well with many investors looking to buy the technology once its completed, Kevlar of today is not looking well long term and the replacement is a bright alternative. Almost as if the Italian’s were ignoring it, the first naturally occurring Carbyne deposit is found in the Alps readily available to be picked apart. Mexico- The entirety of South America openly accepts trade with Mexico if space permits. Once a nation with a minimalist airforce, it’s engineers now seek to design the next generation fighter craft much like their friend across the pond. It moves along steadily with the beginnings of an airframe being done alongside newer designs in wings agility. The Bohemian State- Nothing much happens in Bohemia this year as research is really it’s only focus and at that minimal gains are met. German Republic- The beginning process of fusion goes well until the magnetic fields continue to present problems for keeping the plasma at nominal levels. Many concepts have been put forward and it's only a matter of time until the Republic scientist figure out proper fusion power. Industry is constructed in super-structured fashion as complexes of buildings are bought out and remodeled. Alongside this comes orders as the drones are all produced within the year bringing the air forces quota to a close. United Kingdom- As the british prepare to retake their islands, they receive word from the Argentinians that the Islands are under their direct control. Surprisingly aerial surveillance would show they discovered a deposit of Titanium on the island, they simply annexed it to excavate it and take it. Fusion research goes well this year though they suffer from the magnetic field issue as other scientist are left puzzled on how to solve it at least for the year. There is hope however and with continued funding a solution may be found. USSR- The Orbital stations beginnings go very well as supplies delivered via launchpad meet no faults nor do they explode at the pad. Many are hoping to see the first marvel built soon and quickly it becomes a talking point in the many towns and cities of the motherland. Refer to the events below regarding your AI trade deals. *IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: INCLUDE YOUR RESEARCH IN YOUR POST AND ALSO BE SURE TO CHECK THE GAME RULES FOR RESOURCE AP, SOME OF YOU MAY HAVE RESOURCES NOW THAT GRANT EXTRA AP.* ===Events=== The ISS and Hubble Telescope had gone untouched since 2021 as funding prevented any sort of usage. Now recently the Anterior coalition announced an undertaking to refurbish and reopen these two stations to scientist around the world out of their own pocket with a catch of course. All research taken aboard these stations is to be shared directly with them at them. Known as the Iceland incident, it left many concerned of future meteorite landings and as such the Pan-Pacific states and the Latin Confederacy found the Orbital Dome initiative with funding being placed specifically on ways to track and set up defenses against asteroids. Within the year research is already fast along on technology dedicated against it. War begins between the Latin Confederacy and Brazil with the first shots being fired on March 23rd, hundreds of men began clashing throughout the rain-forest. The skies were quickly wrestled from Brazil as the Latin Air force quickly swiped the meager Brazilian opponent in a matter of two weeks. Naval engagements left the sole Brazil missile cruiser sunk severely crippling its navy leaving its gunboat navy to fight off two frigates successfully sinking the ARC Caldas two miles from Natal. Overall the combat seems to be going well for the Latin’s but it can be expected for a counter-offensive to strike from the zealous Brazilians. The total casualties for the first year already amount to 23,560 civilian casualties and 9,000 military personnel combined, meager for the combined TNT output so far. ALL AI TRADE REQUEST ARE ACCEPTED.
  2. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Accepted, Welcome to the FRP.
  3. Manifest Destiny Chapter I: Tensions in disguise 2036 Years of unrest, economic destruction, and revolutionary prospects finally led to the most peaceful period in 17 years. People were beginning to look forward to the future once more as the prices of oil and food dropped from their outrageous prices thanks to the efforts of the Anterior coalition and the Pan-Pacific states. The swift recovery of America and removal of most their forces from foreign territory led to a power vacuum and eventually the most quiet period the middle east had seen in decades save for Iraq. As for the Mediterranean region, unprecedented recovery was happening now that the migrant crisis of 2010’s was finally subsiding as people began to settle down and rebuild. The African allied front’s efforts has led to the first reported overabundance of clean water throughout the nation and soon its shared throughout Africa, it’s a revolutionary year for the entire continent. The year 2036 begins peaceful and calm, for now. ===EVENTS=== The Yugo-Federation will accept all trade offers this year from its European brothers, it fully denies trade with the United African Front sparking some outcries from the larger tribes that inhabit it. It watches the Greek-Turk/Egypt war eagerly as hundreds of men are signing up in the event of escalation. News comes from the Latin Confederacy of multiple border incidents with its direct competitor, Brazil. The largest one of these left 37 dead as two villages from on the Peru-Brazil border went hot over deforestation in the region. The Anterior coalition brings yet another nation under its boot through ‘persuasion’. Iraq joins as its issues with Islamic terrorism and growing anarchy that had barely been avoided becomes too much to handle domestically. Swiftly over 50,000 infantry soldiers are deployed to assist the new member with Iraq becoming a border-line police state. A meteor makes it through the atmosphere but breaks up with one part landing in Greenland, the other in the center of the African Allied Front.
  4. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Accepted, welcome to the FRP. As of right now we have four more slots open for those willing to join.
  5. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Your accepted, welcome to the FRP. You’re all accepted, welcome to the FRP.
  6. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Accepted, Welcome to the FRP.
  7. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Accepted, welcome to the FRP. Your questions can easily be answered and I might include a more thorough piece on the very thread here soon.
  8. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    I’m willing to negotiate with the military though be prepared if you do hit an upkeep limit, as for pushing into Turkey and Egypt I’m not obliged to give any of their land to you. If you want to start off at war with them that’s acceptable. Otherwise your accepted. I am having issue getting your discord to connect as a friend, add me. Devland99#7587 Accepted, welcome to the FRP I hope you enjoy your time!
  9. Devland99

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Accepted, discord friendship has been requested and shortly afterward the code to join it. If you have any suggestions and or opinions please message me upon contact there.
  10. A Manifest Destiny January 3rd, 2036: The Earth had endured seventeen long years of hell as its superpowers fought over territory claims, subversion, and humanitarian crisis. As with all wars came loss, 750 million casualties due to a strategic nuking from both sides of the China-India war in 2023, a pointless conflict ending in a stalemate. Not long after the South China Sea conflict began with China coming for its claims on Taiwan until it ended with the entirety of Taiwan being wiped off the map due to an experimental nuke used by the Chinese. The European Union collapsed following the dissolution act due to the euro crash in the late 2021 after the mass succession of France and its entirety of eastern nations starting from Germany. The 2020 elections saw the largest change in recent times for the United States saw the Republican and Democratic parties completely collapse and lead to a civil war across the continent, warfare is commonplace among the north and south once again. Not everything was gloomy however and during this time period, technology developed substantially fast with the development of rail-guns and fusion power in the five major blocs helped end the global warming scare of the 21st century. Alongside these technological advances was the creation of new alliances on almost every continent, these power blocs becoming the world police due to their power with skirmishes happening daily between these newly minted alliances. The greatest event however is the disarming and removal of all nuclear devices in use by every nation in the known world and the formation of a the Taiwan treaty to prevent anymore usage, all nations signed save for North Korea whom is currently a shithole devoid of food. To delve into these new states is quite easy as cultures shifted and adapted to the changing landscape and prospects of nuclear annihilation thanks to China’s frequent usage of their small stockpile. Starting with the Latin American Confederacy , this collection of south american countries formed in the mid-year of 2020 making it the oldest of the five new power blocks as the fear of being crushed by a rapidly militarizing Brazil and Chile was to great. Second we have the Yugo-Federation, the smallest and most likely weakest of the five was formed in 2021 as a response to the collapse of the EU. Third is the most recent as the United African Front formed in 2033 in response to rising Islamic influence, rapid spread of an even stronger Ebola and a economic upheaval led to a rise in tribal warfare and eventually the formation of this nation under the boot of its current dictator. Then we have the Pan-Pacific States, a nation formed directly in response to Chinese aggression and rapid earthquakes followed by tsunamis which rocked the region with millions of deaths and economic crisis. A quick change and shared funding allowed them to recover albeit slowly with the effects of the tsunamis and earthquakes still being felt today. Last comes the Anterior coalition, this was the most unexpected formation as Iran threatened and fought its way into influencing these mid-Asian nations eventually coaxing them in. This leaves us off to you, the player, to choose the nation to play as now in 2036. The world is plunged into chaos and uncertainty with many years to come and go, will humanity rise from this perilous time or sink back to its dark age? ===== OOC: Starting off with the map, you can see the current power blocs located on the map, these are unplayable nations though they do coordinate and work just like you, there will be barely a world police to hold back player aggression. Everything other then the five power blocs is playable though severely diminished from their former powers that we know today. The majority of these nations militaries will be represented through the web-page, https://www.globalfirepower.com/ though much of it will be cut down to size significantly. We will be using discord. Population will be done taking modern population counts and multiplying them by about 0.25%, so America for example would 365,000,000 x 0.25 = 91,250,000+ 365,000,000 = 456,250,000 Americans. After you get this number your free to completely eviscerate your nation to the level you want it to be, it has no bearing on game-play. If you have any questions regarding your nation’s size, lore, and or military numbers please feel free to ask me. If you have any questions pertaining to the game rules, please message me and feel free to comment on any additions or balance changes. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vJz5dx1PgF8ypubDbbT3N2pQRKs6ZQDbX-NJUMV6D2A/edit?usp=sharing *EDIT: Due to my lack of foresight I forgot to include your initial starting AP, you begin with 6 AP at the start and through investments gradually grow. You also begin with 5 RP points, the maximum you can have is 15. (Keep that in mind for university construction.) It should be noted you do start with 100 AP at the beginning to put into any investments. Application: Your Discord’s name: Your Nation: Short background of nation: Government type: Suggestions/Feedback: Nations standing army/navy. There will be a cap of 15 people, take time with your post as quality is just as important as depth.
  11. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap The freighter shook as it came out of warp far above the planet's surface near one of the many Ingsoc shipyards gracing the capital. It’s wharfs easily filled by the masses of Saryn destroyers being built, it was no wonder the military could afford its massive expenditure that year. Corporal Dale hated these flights, they always felt long and to be frank this wasn’t even the end of the line yet. Rolling his neck he looked around impatiently waiting for them to settle on the shipyard, the other men in his company seemed to be in the same position with some playing cards and others simply sleeping. Another thought pushed through, his ass was genuinely aching from sitting for the past ten hours. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/396527942173785453/ The intercom blared as the clicks of metal could be heard, last minute weapon checks and many men were looking over the tanks and supplies to see if they’re properly strapped. Dale stood and stretched before picking up his rifle and sliding it on with its strap. Another object whizzed by the large window at the door before they clicks of metal and a quick shake is felt throughout the ship, not long after the door begins to whiz with air as its unsealed. Revealed on the other side is nothing more than hundreds of other soldiers and war material spread about, a sight well known throughout the galaxy. “Dale, take the squad and have them unload our **** onto the staging area for the platoon. I’m due for a meeting with the LT in five.” He nodded and quickly turned to his fellow squadmates. “Alright let's get this done so we can explore, I’m sure everyone is just as eager to use their legs as I am.” Lifting his duffel bag over his shoulder and taking a crate of ammo in his other hand he stepped off with the rest of his men settling into their designated area. Looking around the room, Dale notes at the common disregard for the peril they’re about to be in. The very fresh defeat of their entire army at the cost of over 300,000 Ar’gakari soldiers was a worthy cause in their eyes. Reaching into his bag to check his magazines, the intercom blares and on comes the voice of their president, the time was near. --GENERAL EVENTS-- At the start of 2161, the arrival of a united military alliance and sharing of tech prompted the very much surprised scientist of the republic to archive the important tech. Shortly after it was decided that certain basic training programs would be picked apart and assigned to soldiers being sent off to specific fronts. During the mid-year the next phase of action for the nation is enacted, to prepare for a better future a radical plan passes through the senate for the increased funding of project generation. Alongside the research, the first facilities would be built to allow massive amounts of birth chambers on the capital world. To further allow the council’s entire navy field new ships, the Ingsoc shipyards are upgraded and expanded upon to house four massive stations fit to make ships in massive amounts. The first batch of ships belonging to the Saryns, the newest destroyer variant being churned out at peak efficiency. With a growing fear of insurgency from outside galactic powers, the formation of a FBI is started, hundreds of men are recruited and trained with the newly acquired programs and veterans are assigned to turn them into stone men. AP Expenditure: 140 + 300 from Saryn State = 440 AP (9 AP) Improving every single military tech within the Redskap military, a full year of upgrading and learning the new systems integrated. The newly producing ships would be filled with the highest tech available now domestically created at home. Kinetics soon overtake the lasers and disruptors are soon used as a backup weapon. Archives are made for specific things and understood fully so that it can be domestically made. (Council Funding AP) The SL5 is updated to an SL8 and the other SL7 is upgraded to an SL8 and 3 SL8’s are built. (5 SL8’s) (41 AP) 200,000 Infantrymen, 2,000 Tanks, 2,000 APCS, 1000 Artillery, all things are domestically researched and made now being sent off to Hephaestus industries. (0 AP) Offering out the 5 SL8’s to the Allied council once more for the next year, a suggestion is made specifically to use these shipyards to fill out the fleets fighting against the Drag’nix and Ar’gakari. (200 AP) Industry. (150 AP) Construction of 2 full business stacks on the remaining two worlds. (20 AP) Renting out shipyards and building 4 colony ships and colonizing more worlds down southward. (20 AP) The construction and establishment of a FBI situated on the capital planet, specifically 15,000 agents are recruited for the service and trained with the best funding possible. They’re granted a full arsenal of toys thanks to the alliance with many officers fielding bodysuits of Saryn design and deadly rail weaponry. They’re granted the five newly updated corvettes to use in their efforts.
  12. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap (Will write after battle for Zyrka Homeworld, I have an idea just need the inspiration.) AP Expenditure: 128 + 96 from Darkul + 120 from LE = 344 AP (40 AP) More farms! (0 AP) An official is sent to the Allied council. A proposition with him. (22 AP) 100,000 Regular infantry, 1,000 Tanks and 1,000 APCS and 600 Artillery pieces are built this year, trained and then sent to the front-line. {to Mith} (15 AP) To Hephaestus for purchasing the Chimera battle-armor. {To mith} (2 AP) Project Generation. (202 Invested.) (5 AP) Updating the current army with the newly minted Chimera armor, upgrading the tanks and even putting as many men as they can through training. (80 AP) SL6 is updated to an SL7, once again the shipyard is open for purchase. A business is even set up for Foreign powers to go through when purchasing ships, The Ingsoc Shipyards. A long term contract is offered to anyone willing. Another Shipyard is built in tandem with the SL7, an SL5. [42 + 80 = 122] (25 AP) Business is built everywhere! (43 AP) The Kedja Armor is designed. ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WF-BKwjTEL2QQe5s2YEUcZJtB9QEw5xCvZlT6MlGqEY/edit?usp=sharing ) [93 AP Invested.] They strive to build the best Regular infantry armor possible. (5 AP) Equipping and upgrading all ground vehicles with newer technologies. [T5 Laser Weapons, Itoron-Steel armor, Tri-Xylorite power plant.] (25 AP) [20 From Quackers previous turns] (65 AP) With the recent battle, training proved to separate the boys from the men and as such boot camp facilities and proper regimes for the future are to be built, researched, and refined. {Permanent training.} (0 AP) A call from inside the Redskap Government goes out to the Saryn, a man with a passion project maybe?
  13. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap “So this is the first of many correct?” Karl ran his hands over the goopy sac in front of him. A female stood behind him wearing the standard lab coat, she smiled at her first prototype. “How many more do you plan on producing?” The woman shrugged looking over her clipboard before looking up to Karl. “Only when the last prototype is completed of course.” Karl looked back to her as she motioned for him to follow, they left the room and wandered outside onto the hangar launch pad. “Now that we’re out of there away from the soldier’s ears, I have to ask you a few questions.” Her gaze moved from the dimming sun to Karl. “I hear your deeply invested in the laws behind the quantum realm correct?” A question that caught Karl off guard, very few he thought knew of his passion project. “I… I know what I’ve been able to read on the net, most of the theories on it are bootleg as the majority of scientist are locked from speaking about their knowledge.” The woman smirked as she fumbled around in her lab coat pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes, she lit one taking a prolonged puff. “You really think I believe that?” “The Quantum realm isn’t something everyone should know about, its intricacies are too much to bear for our race and especially with our warlike volatility it would only harm ourselves.” Karl noticed she rolled her eyes as she flicked some ash off her cigarrete. “I won’t pester you about it but I do have another question to ask you. Would you share your information if the end of the galaxy was approaching?” What a troubling question in Karl’s mind, before he could respond a dropship came into view and so did its extremely obnoxious VTOL engines. Upon landing behind the woman and Karl, the door opened revealing the next set of prototypes. AP Expenditure: 94 + 70 (Adaaptar deal) AP (120 AP | 40 to 3 Planets.) Building farms on these two newly acquired worlds to make them self sustainable. (40 AP) Research begins on Project Initium Novum or to the other nerds Project generation. [In total 160 (Actually 210 because of Rob) AP Invested.] (4 AP) Purchasing Colony ship and settling to the south. (0 AP) Offering out all 60 capacity to all nations, all for the highest bidder once again. (0 AP) Once again the offer goes out, if you wish for a safe place away from violence or a new home, there will be new worlds to settle on in the west. (Inviting refugees or newcomers alike, lots of food!)
  14. Devland99

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Aulus March Roleplay: Roleplay is lacking this time round sadly, will def post next turn 😞 General Actions: 22 AP - 10 Upkeep = 12 + 25 = 37 [Imperial Influence: 4 IF] (24 AP) Building T3 equipment and equipping those that were sent weapon and armorless. [8 Sets of it.] (5/20 AP) Upgrading T1 Iron mines to T2 Iron mines. (8 AP) Training four cohorts to veterancy. (0 AP) Sarboth grants the fleet to aid its brothers. Population: 692,841 Aulus men. Trade Partners: Riverian Province Salathai
  15. Devland99

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Aulus March Roleplay: “Is this the location Clavius?” Sarboth said as they trekked through the rough terrain east of Aulus. The soldier in front of him clambered to look over the tip of the hill before looking back, “Aye m’lord, the Korvics have been massing here for the past year as you know. I’ve noticed that more continue coming and there’s some sort of organization about them.” Sarboth scoffed remembering the Legate’s words before peeking over the hill himself, the memories of the korvic war of old haunted him especially now. A very large camp placed center in the valley, the river that flowed being used as a water source for the growing raid force. “Foreboding news Clavius… let us toil here no longer before they come and cut us down.” Sarboth motioned for his guard to come back to their horses hastily before riding back to the capital of Aulus. The four centurions of met with Sarboth on the forum in the city, the men cohorts sharpening their blades and helping to rebuild the decrepit plaza. “The Korvics are massing, I want your cohorts fully maintained and ready for battle in the event they come down next year. Your duties for now are to continue clearing the roads, hanging bandit leaders and going so far as to give their loot back to our people.” The oldest of the centurions scratched his head, “We’re expecting 6,000 to 8,000 of those savages correct?” Sarboth nodded. All four expressions turned to sour. “Meeting adjourned, I expect a report next year and good luck.” The four saluted and returned to their duties though Sarboth stood and watched his men at work, a pit of dread increasing within him. General Actions: 13 AP + 40 [Imperial Influence: 2 IF] (20/20 AP) With the T1 Foundry coming into completion for the next year, Sorbath eagerly fills the new foundry up with workers who are thankful to work such a wholesome job. (40/40 AP) Construction of another foundry, specifically for Iron. [T2] (2 AP) The arrival of all provincial forces is quite an undertaking for the newly minted marshal, to train these men would be quite a task for even the most experienced Legate and as such many veterans are hired to come to Aulus. Obrum is sought out personally to help provide some advice on how to organize these new arrivals and his legions would promptly received equipment to help with maintenance in return. (0 AP) The four cohorts of the newly christened Aulus military begin to scour the province for bandits slaughtering those that resist and hanging their leaders. Their loot and plunder is to be sold and given back to the people. (50/50 AP) [25 AP from Riles.] Finishing his luxury, now spices. Population: 641,520 Aulus men. Trade Partners: Riverian Province Salathai