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  1. Devland99

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The Nation State Of Chorrol Not much happened this year. ----Actions---- (10 AP) The investment into the economy of Chorrol. ----INFO---- Population: 90,000 Imperial Citizens Military: You thought. Trade: Skingrad, Chim, Rihad
  2. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The United States of America The latest developments in the returning republic involved the reworking of all original branches to ensure it works at peak condition and have stability for the years to come. Wilson Trump IV states that the old American dream will be replaced with a manifest destiny to the stars with their brothers and sisters. The American nation will see itself retrofitted with the most modern of technologies in the coming years. The US’s revival of the United Nations still needed a headquarters to be based out of and the old UN building had been demolished for a now destroyed statue of Trump. After speaking to their space partner, Russia has agreed to help turn the station they were building into a much larger station. It would be fitted with many docking ports, rooms and facilities for staff, the center of the tower would be fit for a very large circular meeting room to fit the world's leaders. In the meantime, development continues on Active scanning and the US’s seventh generation fighters in an attempt to modernize the US military. The nation’s infantry had seen the delivery of powerful weapons and some of the toughest armor on the field but her vehicles were lacking, those would be brought up to standard in due time. A memory of once was is strong with the loyal Americans that had stayed, Wilson seeked to reinstall the vigor that once drove them to mediate and grow. Fusion became commonplace in the US with the country now beginning to switch over to its much cleaner style of generating energy. Darpa having used its research to develop smaller reactors promises widespread usage of the technology for civilian usage as much as military. It is expected to open major avenues for the private sector to grow. The war in the east caught Wilson’s eye only a few months ago, a US task force had been assembled to deal with the tension. The task force consist of the newly reorganized US first fleet, two LHDs backed by two guided missile cruisers and ten destroyers. They bring along almost a full division of marines with their updated infantry equipment, they will arrive and immediately begin operations against Rhodesia. The US fleet would request access to land its troops in Mozamgascar to help push back the battered Rhodesian troops. With Britain seeking peace, the US states it would help mediate if need be. PROJECTS: Continuation on reformation of the space program, working closely with Russia on its space station. The station now being built for the purpose of holding the UN. (1 Pages) Continued talks and invitations to the UN. Continued miniaturize of Fusion power so that it could be used in smaller applications. (2 Pages left.) The US Fighter program is significantly aged, the air force continues her upgrade to generation seven. The carrier-fighter project will come after. (3 Pages left) Research into active scanning takes place over Radar now. (3 Pages left) With the knowledge of Supersonic aircraft taking the scene, the US devises new forms of Anti-Aircraft weaponry based to counter supersonic missiles and aircraft. (? Pages)
  3. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The United States of America It was a year of great change in the American empire. Wilson Trump IV sat in his office when he tweeted the words that would reshape America to her former glory. The dissolution of the American empire would begin, slowly but surely as each piece of the original US government would be rebuilt from the ground up and staffed. Wilson Trump IV would begin his first term of Presidency starting next year where he will run out his term of four years where a vote will take place much like it’s old glory days, his term will end in 2091. The first act as a President instead of an Emperor would be for Wilson to head East to meet the Tsar of Russia. The President wishes to see the countries remain close and work together in this new world despite the change of government. It is ensured that a strong bond will form between the two as this new era is about to enter. A proposition is asked too, will the Russians be willing to help rebuild the United Nations? Wilson having sat idle with the conflict in the East demands that Britain cease its hostile intentions and return home less the US begin to interfere on the side of besieged. The United States Airforce eager to continue its research on its Seventh generation fighter also seeks to bring its carrier-fighters to the seventh generation aswell. PROJECTS: Continuation on reformation of the space program, working closely with Russia on its space station (2 Pages) Reformation of the old American Government. Sending out diplomats to many nations around the globe to invite them to reform the United Nations, Russia is specifically asked if they would be interested in helping rebuild it. Continued miniaturize of Fusion power so that it could be used in smaller applications. (3 Pages left.) The US Fighter program is significantly aged, the air force continues her upgrade to generation seven. They wish to create a carrier fighter as well now. (4 Pages left) Research into active scanning takes place over Radar now. (? Pages left)
  4. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Empire of America Quick Post. PROJECTS: Continuation on reformation of the space program, working closely with Russia. With the development of Fusion/Fission power plants being completed and with industry being made in earnest, it is decided to try and miniaturize Fusion so that it could be used in smaller applications. (2 Pages left.) The US Fighter program is significantly aged, the air force begins to bid out development of the next generation fighter craft to the many terrestrial companies. (5 Pages left) In an effort to improve detection capabilities, US terrestrial companies are paid to design a better form of detection other then Radar. (2 Pages left)
  5. Devland99

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    The Nation State Of Chorrol The collapse of the empire brought Chorrol both great fortune and terrible mishaps, her countess and her bloodline lay dead at the hands of the flu. This fractured the state of the county led to much deceit and eventually a bloody rise to power under Plavius Sesdan, he appointed his son as his steward. Over time people began to forget about what once was, the Sesdan bloodline became nobility in the city of Chorrol. Their swift action to deal with the flu lead to many to believe it was divine intervention, they closed the city down and isolated the sick, they closed the farms where only the strongest and cleanliness worked. Eventually the city saw itself rejuvenated with the sick either dying off or beating their flu with renewed vigor, they were mountain folk after all. Under Plavius’s leadership the city grew to shadow its former self with its walls expanding enough to fit it’s very large and well organized population. Not long after with the empire now gone in the eyes of Chorrol for good, Plavius established both a professional guard and then it’s military the legions of Chorrol. It eventually reached to the point where the city could grow no more, Plavius sent his son to organize the greatest event in independent Chorrol’s history, take twenty-thousand volunteers to settle the north-eastern province connecting them to the nation state of Bruma. {+}Present Day{+} The year of 487 had a wrought a great deal of change in the town of Seveln, having been newly established it faced the trials of building and managing its citizens properly but with Plavius’s son, Jesalda at the helm it quickly grew to be a more wealthier city then it could have hoped to dream of under its previous mayor. It was settled along the Orange road where it could control and protect it’s many goods that cross through it. Plavius pleased with his son decided to use the majority of their treasury for this year to expand his son’s domain to spur economic growth. A great deal of shops, taverns, and roving merchants are hired to bring great economic change in Seveln. To also bring trade to the town, 1,000 soldiers that form the first legion are sent to patrol along the Orange road setting up checkpoints designed to protect merchants. They extend an offer to Bruma to work together on establishing safer passage for their traders. The nation state also sends out letters to everyone within their vicinity stating they wish for only peace and growth in this time of rebuilding. ----Actions---- (10 AP) With pleasure Plavius provides his son with an a hefty sum of treasure to expand the city of Seveln on the Orange road. (0 AP) The Dukedom of Chorrol sends an envoy to the city of Bruma. (0 AP) The strategic deployment of over 1,000 guardsmen along the Orange road to protect the trade that passes by it. ----INFO---- Population: 70,000 Imperial Citizens Military: You thought. Trade: Skingrad, Chim, Rihad
  6. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    America The American's being sent home are simply redistributed along the many growing US bases around the US nation itself, along the Canadian border increased military activity can be seen as a stern response to the Canadians but the troops are rather calm. There is obviously no intention to invade, attack, or push Canada but to simply prepare for the worst. Not long after the American's being to erect newer and larger tracking stations in the northern United Empire, though this certainly would take some time. To counter this, many sorties are flown over the north of the empire to provide the surveillance and early warning until further notice.
  7. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Empire of America The lucrative deal of an improved space program project between Russia and the empire was too much for Wilson Trump to pass up. They quietly quit supporting the Canadians in return for cooperation on the future of their space programs. While it was hotly debated between Trump and one of his closest friends, it was posted on twitter that it was in the best interest of the nation. In the meantime, with the Fusion/Fission plants being completed country-wide the administration believes this power is the next step forward. Terrestrial science/engineering firms are hired to work on developing a smaller portable form of energy based off their concept. It is hoped to be done by 2091. This is kept from twitter and under wraps as a secret government project, the people have no idea of this upcoming invention. The introduction of the F-46 Blue Jay Multi-Role Fighter, a generation six aircraft designed to mix both stealth, speed, and firepower. This project would work in tandem with the developments of the miniaturized fusion plants, this would give the fighter some of the best power performance to date. It’s weapon systems, engines, and stealth systems are to be made from the ground up specifically made and tested thoroughly for the craft. Engineers are also asked to see if they can’t develop a miniaturized railgun for usage as a wing mount. With stealth technology becoming a common item in the modern military, the american military funds a DARPA project to design and develop an updated form of detection be it through radar or another means. They want to detect craft at range at first allowing them to work on improvements later. The US naval capacity had been greatly diminished in the years of warfare and change, it was high time for their naval power to rise once more. A very large order is placed, fifty destroyers and ten missile cruisers are to be built in the many shipyards on the East coast. In the meantime, the navy begins its recruiting campaign and refining its current soldiers, Russia is approached on a joint project to develop the first joint American-Russian space station in orbit, a sort of research station. PROJECTS: Reforming and improving Space Program Continued development on the future combat armor, Exo-skeletons. They seek to improve the strength, agility, and durability of the current generation suits. [1 Page] With the development of Fusion/Fission power plants being completed and with industry being made in earnest, it is decided to try and miniaturize Fusion so that it could be used in smaller applications. Building fifty destroyers and ten guided missile cruisers. Refinement of navy. The US Fighter program is significantly aged, the air force begins to bid out development of the next generation fighter craft to the many terrestrial companies. In an effort to improve detection capabilities, US terrestrial companies are paid to design a better form of detection other then Radar.
  8. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Star Republic of Edonia (2154) General Activity: Will be posted once most of important things have passed =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 797,150 Humans, 374 Kalronians Feldspar - [SL5 = 30 Capacity] [Lvl.2 Trade outpost] Aldebaran - (Itoron) (Sl4 = 15 Capacity) Frostbrand - [SL4 = 15 Capacity] Irontoad - [SL0] Sufgar - [SL4= 15 capacity] (Ribalite) Seidmeyer - [SL0] POPULATION BONUS: 2% Actions: (40 AP) Agriculture is expanded on Feldspar and Aldebaran. [20 to each.] (0 AP) A program is started, 20,000 veteran volunteers are to be trained and conduct heavy physical and challenging mental test. To those that past will be granted a further training course as a member of the Edonian Shock troopers. (7 AP) The Edonian school of battle is built on Feldspar, it is a rather large facility with about a thousand acres of land contributed to combat scenarios, training grounds, bunkhouses, and then the actual school itself. The building complex is made to handle a division of soldiers at a time, 10,000 students to be precise, the teachers are made up of the most seasoned and experienced veterans that had served on the various fronts that Edonia has been on. The school is willing to hire foreign teachers with many years of experience to teach with good pay and even housing on Feldspar. Admission will be available next year pending construction finishes and teachers have proper programs. About 2,500 positions are offered up to any Southern nation, 250 students is 1 AP. Total AP: 47 AP Allies and Trade: Malta: Trade Free Human Technocracy: Trade Ganvius: Trade GTC: Trade Kanata Han Dominion: Trade Lithruan Coalition (4 Nations) Hephaestus Industries: Trade Elysian League Armawaithe Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The FRP is fine, a simple disagreement between you and the mod doesn't mean its doomed. The Empire of America The year of 2085 took the American’s by surprise with the evolution of their Russian counterparts across the pond. An offer landed on Wilson Trump’s desk, his son was quickly summoned and after an hour of talk the Russians receive a response. Campbell Trump would marry one of the Tsar’s daughters, only one thing is asked of them, they would respect both Canadian and American trade in the Arctic. The announcement would come to the American people via twitter where Wilson promises great peace and prosperity for both countries. In the meantime, the industrial complex that is being built on both sides of the coast are further improved and built. To power these massive works of output, Fusion and Fission power plants are built further inland, it will take awhile for these to come online and as such current energy would just have to supplement. A twitter report each month of how these facilities are coming are to be posted to keep the people in touch with the project. The US space program used to be a leading example of the human spirit of exploration and as such it will receive much needed funding. A program is started to bring onboard more scientist, engineers, technicians, and even astronauts all funded by the states money. They’re given the goal of creating a newer version of the reusable spacecraft that had become so well known back in the 2000s. The US Infantry are to continued being improved in both their armor and weapons to give them a much stronger presence on the battlefield. PROJECTS: Continued construction of Industry on both coast [1 Page left] Continued construction on Fusion/Fission power plants Country-wide [3 Pages left] Reforming and improving Space Program Infantry weapons are continued in their development. [1 Page Left] Development is now being done on improving Infantry armor mainly the future combat armor, Exo-skeletons. They seek to improve the strength, agility, and durability of the current generation suits.
  10. Devland99

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Empire of America It was the year of 2084 that Wilson Trump the fourth decided that America needs to become great again. Twitter post would appear almost daily as he began to preach to his citizens that great industrial and agricultural reform would be sweeping the nation during the year. The latter being the first as the focus of factories are to be constructed on both sides of America, the companies that have been bought out to do such massive task are given a great deal of funding to put the best equipment they can into these complexes. The farms would come next year seeing as industry needs to be completed if they’re to keep up with the ever growing world. A much larger concern would be keeping its citizens and indoctrinating them to believe and respect the Empire that stands today. Propaganda would need to be displayed in every way of life be it TV, gaming, street ads or books. The media having been controlled would be put to slowly begin propagating the citizens of the US into loving the Trump name. The Internet would even be a place of propaganda with thousands of people hired to work and maintain an ad campaign. A new branch of service would be founded too to help indoctrinate and capture emigrants, they would use non-lethal means and be put them through a reeducation school where they will break somebody's will and rebuild them in the regime’s image. It would take time yes but eventually the American people would become patriots of the new regime. As for the technological side of America, Fusion and Fission power would begin its take over of producing power for the country. Multiple nuclear power plants would be built country-wide with a great deal of safeguards to prevent a leak or explosion. In the mind of Wilson Trump, it’s high time that clean energy replaces the dirty fossil fuels currently running low in the world. The American military having its power been cut down over years would begin to upgrade its current equipment, the first being its infantry weapons with all of it to be updated to use a variant of magnetic weaponry. PROJECTS: Building Industrial Factories Country-wide Constructing Fusion/Fission power plants Country-wide Indoctrination and Emigration Ban Infantry Weapons are being upgraded to stronger methods
  11. Devland99

    Modern Nations OOC Thread

    Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): The United Empire of America Leader Name: Emperor Trump IV Background, ensure it fits with game Background: It has been fifty years since the constitution that the Americans once stood by was destroyed piecemeal by the strategic moves of the Trump administration. The year 2020 saw the US become an empire under the golden throne, it's emperor Donald Trump sitting with the largest military in the world at his disposal. To the surprise of many the United states instead of waging war went into action on improving themselves, military bases worldwide were recalled in favor of using the soldiers to build and expand the great interior of America. Great technological advancements were made under the emperor, railguns and fusion power became commonplace for the military. Coal was effectively removed as was all fossil fuel with the invention of the Fusion engine allowing cars to operate for years without being refueled or charged. The ozone over America saw great improvement as factories began to operate on cleaner methods of refining as lasers and other ways of forging were invented. It was a great time to be an American. It was only a matter of time before the American's looked to the stars. Do you Praise Pok: Yes
  12. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Star Republic of Edonia (2154) General Activity: Explosions rocked the landscape off in the distance, only loud cracks of war could be heard on the cold planet of Kaldorian B. It had only been two days since the Edonian soldiers landed alongside the Solarins and Protorians, base camp was rather busy before they left. High command had decided it would fit Leopoldo to be put in charge of the operation up north. Never before had his nerves been this bad, the previous battle was predictable for him but this was an entirely new beast. The tank rummed underneath him has he rode alongside one of the many tank platoons heading up the middle of the formation. About three miles ahead the formations of grey-blue infantry could be seen cautiously advancing ahead. It seemed they were surrounded in one of the hundreds of valleys and mountains up north, it was especially cold too. Leopoldo looked over to one of his staff asking for the map of their surroundings, a hologram coming out in front of him with allied formations and the terrain on screen. “How long until Bravo company reaches the assigned front line.” The staff member coughed before pulling up a radio and asking receiving a tired voice, he then looked to Leo. “They’re just about to reach the peak of the cliff sir, they’ll be able to report any desig-.” Suddenly an explosion rocked the infantry formations ahead. Shrapnel flew over Leopoldo’s tank as he instinctively hopped off it, his staff men quickly taking cover behind the Kalronian beast. The radio lit up with voices as screams and orders were traded with command and the companies. The tank platoon quickly spread out in the valley taking up positions, Leopoldo looked around quickly gathering up his command team behind the furthest tank. “Order erratic maneuvers and get some spotters on those damn cliffs. Get eyes on and start calling in the artillery support, in the meantime call in the Solarin air support.” The staff quickly set about setting up their radios screaming out orders, the soldiers that accompanied the command team were already off over the mountain where disruptor fire could be heard. After continuous shellfire for the next hour, Solarin jets flew over Leopoldo. Immediately he began to gather his team and headed towards the cliffs where his men were. Bombs and shells were falling around them as indirect fire from the Karass forces became off-balance thanks to the Solarin air support. Directly to his right an explosion rocked the cliff face sending three of his staff men flying, in his mind he knew they died instantly. “Get the **** up the hill!” he screamed as the small detachment behind him quickly regained their footing and continued upward. The immediate sight was awe striking, tracer fire and beams of energy could be seen flying across at eachother between mountain passes for miles on each side. Immediately his men began to fan out along the skyline and instinctively he began to grab his radio and talk. “I need reports on sector zero-one-five-five, sector one-nine-one.” as he spoke he directed with his hands having the ten survivors dig in and construct a COP on the hill for him to command from. A deadlock would form for three days with the frontline making very little headway thanks to the terrain. On the eighth day after the Solarins had exhausted themselves in brutal combat, Leopoldo stood at the tip of his ridgeline, his armored scarred and cut. With the quick movement of his hand the men rallied on him, below him in the valley the fresh Edonian soldiers could be seen lined in their trenches. Behind him he heard one of his staff members speak. “So much for modern day combat.” Leopoldo gripped his rifle before bringing his hand to his helmet. “Let’s show them our true teeth, commence the push.” With the last word leaving his mouth thousands of men could be seen charging out of their trenches, a deafening yell could be heard briefly before the cover of artillery, tanks, and MG’s began to reign onto the Karass-Redon positions.. As Leopoldo charged down the hill, bullets and explosions rocked the battlefield a few coming close enough to rip his arm clean off. Hopping the trench he entered the true killzone as he ran around dying and dead men of both human and alien origin. All along the men saw their leader charging straight into hell itself, picking themselves up and heading up his rear. The battered Karass and Redon’s were starting to feel battle fatigue as their ammunition became more spent and men became more tired. Leopoldo hopped over the first Karass trench and came face to face with the three armed freaks. The staff team behind him kept pace and began to fire into the trenches burning holes into both redons and karass alike. Leopoldo brought his sights up and fired directly at a Karass soldier attempting to stab one of his men, a beam quickly cutting its arm clean off causing it to scream shortly before being blasted by the man it was attempting to kill. All around him he saw the slaughter of the north in its truest form, hundreds were dying in melee combat. Leopoldo quickly set up in the nearest shell hole having his staff men set up around it as he set up the radio. Loud and clear orders from the Protorian Battlemaster blared. “The Redon-Karass forces have surrendered, halt hostilities and begin taking prisoners. No looting is to take place.” Leopoldo relieved smiled to his nearby soldier, around him the sounds of violence slowly died. “Spread the word that the prisoners are to be taken to the Protorian center, treat our enemies with full respect and collect the bodies, they'll be returned after the wars over.” Shortly after a train of Redon and Karass troops marched past him in a large formation escorted by Edonian soldiers, he took a seat and removed his helmet. At his feet rest the Karass soldier he blew open, he ripped looked to see a note sticking it out of its holster. He took a picture of the xeno man’s dog tags then took the note out, it was in a dialect he obviously did not comprehend. Leo stuck it into his armors holster pocket, then stood to assess the battlefield. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 745,000 Humans, 350 Kalronians Feldspar - [SL5 = 30 Capacity] [Lvl.2 Trade outpost] Aldebaran - (Itoron) (Sl4 = 15 Capacity) Frostbrand - [SL4 = 15 Capacity] Irontoad - [SL0] Sufgar - [SL4= 15 capacity] (Ribalite) Seidmeyer - [SL0] POPULATION: 2% BONUS FROM AGRICULTURE Actions: (10 AP) The construction of a level four shipyard over Sufgar commences in preparation to provide jobs to the arriving aliens. (0 AP) A force consisting of 35,000 Veteran Soldiers are prepared accompanied by 250 Exodus Battletanks and 350 Exodus Artillery vehicles. They're sent to support the Lithruans against their war with the Keerim. (0 AP) 1,000 Infantrymen are sent to TF space to train and advise their military forces. (35 AP) The Edonian Auxilium rail guns are to be updated in all categories be it rate of fire, speed, and multiple other improvements. (125 + 35 AP = 160 AP.) (120 AP) The development of all Edonian Colonies in their agricultural zone. [20 AP of Agriculture on every world.] (0 AP) The LC are offered Edonian infantry weaponry and Edonian space strikecraft ranging from the Sernada bomber, Provectus Fighter, and Galiant gunship all for a price. All three of these have been recently upgraded this year to Mark II variants. (50 AP Invested into them.) (0 AP) The Edonian recruits are to be retrained by the veterans of the many wars that have taken place. (0 AP) Three TC’s are claimed to the east as the Ribalite colony was established, they are promptly scanned for minerals using the Edonian fleet. (4 AP) Project Shadowed Veil is researched to Mark II. (50 AP Invested.) (5 AP) 25,000 Suits of Dragonsnake and Kinetic infantry weaponry (T1 Rifles) are built and sent to the nation of Kyber Kore. Total AP: 32 AP + 12 + 10 = 54 AP this turn. 120 AP from Ganvius. Allies and Trade: Malta: Trade Free Human Technocracy: Trade Ganvius: Trade GTC: Trade Interstellar Accord (6 Nations) Han Dominion: Trade Lithruan Coalition (4 Nations) Hephaestus Industries: Trade Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Devland99

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    1500 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4 (rip eric.) Crown of Aragon The Aragonese fleet arrives, battered and bruised rightly nearby the Spanish Haitian colony and with dwindling supplies is forced to make landfall on the northern tile of Haiti. Upon their arrival the tribals seem to greet them peacefully although the language gap makes it an awkward encounter. It is obvious tobacco is abundant here. (+850 from Tobacco.) [-500 Maintenance for 5 Years.] The training that revolves around the naval training goes well thanks to Aragonese expertise and experience in this field. They do struggle although momentarily to grasp the tercio formation eventually being able to form up and even move in it, it would take some more time for them to be fully combat capable. Although a few men have shown great marksmanship with their Arquebus weaponry. The refit of the Aragonese fleet goes well with many ships being equipped and armed by the end of the year thanks to abundant coin to purchase the materials needed. The work on an improved carrack however would need more time and funding to be fully safe to build and use. The Aragonese see that this design is doable but it would require more safeguards and work to fully build this new form to the way of war. Their interwoven latches however to help keep water out. The people of Naples are grateful for the rebate in their taxes but their nations identity is still in a crisis, it will take more than leniating taxes to bring the people to trust this new king. Kingdom of Poland The Polish boys learn about the basics of smithing and by the end of the year are ready to be put to the test with much harder task. One thousand levy men arrive to bolster the Polish ranks. Kingdom of Austria-Bavaria Thus 10,000 men arrive into the Austrian military then property redirected into Vienna to be trained, also 2 Galleys arrive into the ports. About 30 young men reach the academy’s doorsteps, eager and willing to learn their ‘tools’ of the trade. The armor is equipped, the cavalry men enjoying the much needed agility. Their prospectors return with information on 1 Iron mine, 2 common ore mines, and much to the surprise of the crown, a singular gold mine. (+750 Gold per turn.) Madrid’s ports bolster thanks to the crowns investments allowing more tradesmen then ever before to arrive and do good business deals with the people of Austria. (1250+ Gold per turn.) [Brandenburg is now a player.] Bohemia responds to the Austrians willing to discuss a marriage. Their diplomats however are fail to bring the Bohemians into their influence. Kingdom of Denmark-Norway The research goes well with the ship class simply being better armored yet slower due to its bulky and hearty design. (Prices etc will be discussed.) The Danish colonist arrive on the province of new york but are promptly greeted by hunters from Pequot, they keep their distance and simply watch them as the colonist set up home. Much to the surprise of Danish Men they find more sugar! (-500 Maintenance. +800 from Sugar.) The Danes are welcomed with full arms and smiles from the tribesmen, a few danish men even manage to make friends along the way despite the language gap. Their relation with the tribes along their path is inherently improved. Simply put sugar production seems to be stuck where its at, with more investment they may be able to expand the fields and bring more men down to their colonies. The fur trade however is a very smart move for the Danes bringing extra gold in. (+750 Gold per turn.) Their prospectors find a common ore mine and iron mine despite it being gold rich. (300 Gold per turn.) Much to the dismay of the nobles, they pay their taxes more efficiently but to great dissatisfaction. (+500 Gold per turn.) Kingdom of Spain The dawn of 1498 is the beginning of the end for the matchlock musket, the Spanish have cracked the code for the Flintlock but they are seemingly not alone in this development. (Skype for deets.) Many people come to the court enjoying this opportunity to speak with their king, although a great issue is brought up. Moroccan fishermen have been arguing and even fighting Spanish fishermen overfishing territory. The French take a liking to the Spanish, Venice also is open to a marriage a wealthy family offering their young son. The tribals of Haiti are quite poor in regard to Europe only giving back wood hand crafted items and etc. Spanish troops march through Madrid, the people cheering around them. It is a wonderous event for Spain bringing their people closer together. The military in the eyes of the people has risen and the recruiters are able to find no shortage of men with about 3,000 open to joining the Spanish infantry. In the eyes of the infantry however enjoy the incentive to do honorable work in the military with the idea of higher ranks. The Academy’s foundations are set and is now ready to hire the teachers and officers required. Kingdom of Lithuania With the construction of this research facility, the nobles find Mattis to be a loyal successor to Alexander. The two men send back letters stating they would need funding to do research but nonetheless state interest in coming. The Lithuanian troops see very minimal improvement of their troops, many of them simply standing around in blobs. It would take some more time and investment until their army could be called professional. The Lauko cannons see even more improvement becoming more nimble and cheaper to produce. Risky moves equal big rewards. (skype.) The nobility of Lithuania greatly appreciate the protection, one of the guardsmen even catching a suspected spy. The Chud 4,000 Chudsmen show up to fight for their tribe. The development of a wooden tower shield goes well and is prepared for the men, it is quite heavy though reducing mobility in return for safety. Their training goes well with their unit of eighty men being able to work together cohesively to form shield walls.The only issue they face now is using such a formation in the lush environments of America. The Kingdom of England John Cabot’s fleet finds itself swept into peculiar lands. The colony however arrives at its intended location and much to the surprise of the English they find heavily abundant gold. (-500 Maintenance. +1500 Gold per turn.) The marriage is agreed to and will take place in 1498. The french take these cannons with great appreciation, although still remain distant. The cannons are completed and added to the armies books. With the orders from the king, the English army begins its assault on Leinster, the fighting is ferocious and savage like with many men falling on boths sides. A small naval battle takes place as well to the south of Cork but the Leinsterian fleet is quickly snuffed out. In the end the Kingdom of Leinster surrenders completely. (-6,500 English Infantry, 9 Cannons, 1,200 Cavalrymen and 3 Caravels are lost in total.) Kingdom of Portugal And so they are established. (Could you give me more detail on this?) The cannon research has led to the development of a cannon directly based around naval warfare, it can utilize a multitude of ammunition and can fire every minute and a half on average. If continued this cannon is yet to reach its peak potential. They find many things down the coast of africa including protective tribesmen. The Aztec Empire The ships fully map out their assigned coastlines making it home safely. Construction of their city goes well and by the end of the year is completed with many inhabitants moving to live within. This new branch of government despite its great deal of investment needs more time to fully establish itself, they need proper experience as well and that comes back to the issue of time. The Apache simply scoff at these demands and counter their offer, 100 Aztec sacrifices a year to mend this atrocity. If unmet it would surely SOUR the relations between the two. In the meantime the trade agreements are accepted by the two tribes. The rebels are slowly dying out yet still cause issues within the Aztec’s territory but nonetheless are on a sharp decline. The troops do their rotations. The Incan Empire Thus to the dismay of Inca, Chacra declines and its army responds. Thousands perish in the ensuing battle, it is simply a slaughter but in the end the sun god stands victorious. (-9,500 Infantry dead, -7 Mages perished.) The settlement is completed by the end of the year, people flocking to it. Water begins to ebb and flow infront of the mages of Inca, although very challenging and taking a great toll on their bodies they do see progress in the development of their powers with some able to pick up a litre of water mentally. It simply needs more investment as the prospectors of Inca find nothing but rocks. Thus the swords that Inca make become stronger, lighter, and more refined but they still come with flaws. Most soldiers reported fractures and brittleness, some even mentioning the slitting of their palm thanks to the lack of handguards. Events Muscovy begins raiding the borders of Lithuania taking with them loot and the peacefulness of the land. Their raiding is so severe it causes many to run from the east and fear to roam the roads. (-500 to Lithuania until solved.) Moroccan-Spanish fishermen have been fighting over water rights more than ever thanks to the recent events, one report would come into spain that a boy died after a rock was thrown from the opposing party hitting him right in the temple. The Comanche raids pick up in intensity with many people perishing due to their unrelenting raiding, this is an ill omen. (-250 to Chud till solved.) (MAP COMING SOON)
  14. Devland99

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    The Kingdom of Sweden =+=+=+=+=+=+=+= The Advent of the new year has lead to great economical strides for Sweden and her allies with the advent of the NAC. Trade was abundant and protected thanks to its English and Danish allies, all that was needed was development. Expert Swedish gunsmiths seem to be stumped by this new fire method and are asked to gather and compare notes on how to properly and safely develop this new form of firing. It is a glorified project for them and as such they wish to present a working model in under two years time. Swedish infantry does the daily drilling and practicing then returning home to work the fields, with the new allotment system most of them can remain full-time paid professional soldiers for the crown. Novgorod’s lack of motivation is disturbing to Gustav and as such he personally funds an endeavour to encourage his vassal back into motion. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+= ACTIONS: The research into this newfound design of firing is continued with many gunsmiths coming together and comparing their notes on the proper and reliable way to use this. (19,000 x 20% = 22,800 + 13,560 = 36,360 Invested.) The introduction of an allotment system where each Swedish soldier will have 3 farms supporting him, this will allow this man to remain a full time paid and professional soldier under the crown, the farmers themselves are asked to give only 10% of their crop output. (1,000 Gold.) The recruitment and training of over 1,000 more cavalrymen along with continued training of both Novgorod soldiers and Swedish cavalry. (2,800 gold.) Swedish Infantry have always been the best of their breed and the officers that lead them should be of the same caliber. The construction of an officers academy is set to begin in Stockholm, its intent to train the best of the best in infantry tactics. Teachers are to be hired abroad and brought in to form a perfect curriculum to train next generation leaders. (1,000 Gold.) Gunsmiths in Sweden has become quite a fad among the most skilled of engineers and as such through a petition to the crown the construction of a school of engineering is to begin alongside the military academy. This building will provide apprentices country wide to try their hand at learning tools of the trade be it wheels and tools to the Angsar muskets. (500 Gold.) Using both Swedish and English ships, 500 infantry advisers are brought to the English army to train and prepare them. 250 will follow up designated prongs of avenue guiding and teaching the English the proper way of warfare... With the lack of Novgorod’s will to fight a campaign is begun on rekindling their lost hope. Propaganda will run throughout every village and street in its cities, spare food is offered to the weak and the homeless are offered a place in the ranks of the military where they will be fed, clothed, and given a sense of purpose. If Novgorod is to survive, the people will have to come together and work to protect and improve it. (2,000 gold.) =+=+=+=+=+=+= STATS: Population: 2,645,320 Swedes Economy: 0 Gold ( 10,800 per turn) + 8,500 from company + 5,000 from England + 2,000 from Lithuania. Leadership: King Stefan I Gustav Diplomacy: Denmakr-Norway, England-Ireland, France, Lithuania.
  15. Devland99

    The Age of Mysteries [RP]

    Great Northern Arms Company The formation of the Great Northern Arms company dated 1497 with the member nations of Denmark-Norway, Sweden, and England. Our intentions are to furnish firearms of the highest quality for the European nations whom deserve nothing but the best arms. Our prices are to be fair and easy to afford, the weapons themselves easy to maintain. The formation of the company allows it to reach the greatest regions of Europe having access to both the mediterranean and the baltics. A great deal of quality arms is to be sold each year for the public to buy regardless of morale standing, only those who believe in the true god though are admitted. A cumulative sum will be given to the company to both finance and produce firearms. A yearly report on the substantial production and usage of firearms will be written up to and prepared for anyone who questions the company's legitimacy. Signatures: The Kingdom of Sweden-Novgorod The Kingdom of England-Ireland The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway The Kingdom of France ----------------------- (OOC:) Add this as a section for roleplay as it will be a yearly post done. The profits are split 30/30/30 and then 10% is given to the company to maintain itself. 10% of our country's production is to be put into this companies production. Example: The Arms company combined with 10% output of all three nations made 1,200 Angsar muskets, 120 pistols… We then offer to sell these items to such and such nations for a set price which is to tbd in Skype with you. If there wasn’t enough clarification pretty much England, Sweden, and Denmark are putting 20% of their production capacity into making weapons for this company to sell. It would also be appreciated if you started noting how much we make individually for clarification considering these items are high quality.