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  1. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap (Will write after battle for Zyrka Homeworld, I have an idea just need the inspiration.) AP Expenditure: 128 + 96 from Darkul + 120 from LE = 344 AP (40 AP) More farms! (0 AP) An official is sent to the Allied council. A proposition with him. (22 AP) 100,000 Regular infantry, 1,000 Tanks and 1,000 APCS and 600 Artillery pieces are built this year, trained and then sent to the front-line. {to Mith} (15 AP) To Hephaestus for purchasing the Chimera battle-armor. {To mith} (2 AP) Project Generation. (202 Invested.) (5 AP) Updating the current army with the newly minted Chimera armor, upgrading the tanks and even putting as many men as they can through training. (80 AP) SL6 is updated to an SL7, once again the shipyard is open for purchase. A business is even set up for Foreign powers to go through when purchasing ships, The Ingsoc Shipyards. A long term contract is offered to anyone willing. Another Shipyard is built in tandem with the SL7, an SL5. [42 + 80 = 122] (25 AP) Business is built everywhere! (43 AP) The Kedja Armor is designed. ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WF-BKwjTEL2QQe5s2YEUcZJtB9QEw5xCvZlT6MlGqEY/edit?usp=sharing ) [93 AP Invested.] They strive to build the best Regular infantry armor possible. (5 AP) Equipping and upgrading all ground vehicles with newer technologies. [T5 Laser Weapons, Itoron-Steel armor, Tri-Xylorite power plant.] (25 AP) [20 From Quackers previous turns] (65 AP) With the recent battle, training proved to separate the boys from the men and as such boot camp facilities and proper regimes for the future are to be built, researched, and refined. {Permanent training.} (0 AP) A call from inside the Redskap Government goes out to the Saryn, a man with a passion project maybe?
  2. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap “So this is the first of many correct?” Karl ran his hands over the goopy sac in front of him. A female stood behind him wearing the standard lab coat, she smiled at her first prototype. “How many more do you plan on producing?” The woman shrugged looking over her clipboard before looking up to Karl. “Only when the last prototype is completed of course.” Karl looked back to her as she motioned for him to follow, they left the room and wandered outside onto the hangar launch pad. “Now that we’re out of there away from the soldier’s ears, I have to ask you a few questions.” Her gaze moved from the dimming sun to Karl. “I hear your deeply invested in the laws behind the quantum realm correct?” A question that caught Karl off guard, very few he thought knew of his passion project. “I… I know what I’ve been able to read on the net, most of the theories on it are bootleg as the majority of scientist are locked from speaking about their knowledge.” The woman smirked as she fumbled around in her lab coat pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes, she lit one taking a prolonged puff. “You really think I believe that?” “The Quantum realm isn’t something everyone should know about, its intricacies are too much to bear for our race and especially with our warlike volatility it would only harm ourselves.” Karl noticed she rolled her eyes as she flicked some ash off her cigarrete. “I won’t pester you about it but I do have another question to ask you. Would you share your information if the end of the galaxy was approaching?” What a troubling question in Karl’s mind, before he could respond a dropship came into view and so did its extremely obnoxious VTOL engines. Upon landing behind the woman and Karl, the door opened revealing the next set of prototypes. AP Expenditure: 94 + 70 (Adaaptar deal) AP (120 AP | 40 to 3 Planets.) Building farms on these two newly acquired worlds to make them self sustainable. (40 AP) Research begins on Project Initium Novum or to the other nerds Project generation. [In total 160 (Actually 210 because of Rob) AP Invested.] (4 AP) Purchasing Colony ship and settling to the south. (0 AP) Offering out all 60 capacity to all nations, all for the highest bidder once again. (0 AP) Once again the offer goes out, if you wish for a safe place away from violence or a new home, there will be new worlds to settle on in the west. (Inviting refugees or newcomers alike, lots of food!)
  3. Devland99

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Aulus March Roleplay: Roleplay is lacking this time round sadly, will def post next turn 😞 General Actions: 22 AP - 10 Upkeep = 12 + 25 = 37 [Imperial Influence: 4 IF] (24 AP) Building T3 equipment and equipping those that were sent weapon and armorless. [8 Sets of it.] (5/20 AP) Upgrading T1 Iron mines to T2 Iron mines. (8 AP) Training four cohorts to veterancy. (0 AP) Sarboth grants the fleet to aid its brothers. Population: 692,841 Aulus men. Trade Partners: Riverian Province Salathai
  4. Devland99

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Aulus March Roleplay: “Is this the location Clavius?” Sarboth said as they trekked through the rough terrain east of Aulus. The soldier in front of him clambered to look over the tip of the hill before looking back, “Aye m’lord, the Korvics have been massing here for the past year as you know. I’ve noticed that more continue coming and there’s some sort of organization about them.” Sarboth scoffed remembering the Legate’s words before peeking over the hill himself, the memories of the korvic war of old haunted him especially now. A very large camp placed center in the valley, the river that flowed being used as a water source for the growing raid force. “Foreboding news Clavius… let us toil here no longer before they come and cut us down.” Sarboth motioned for his guard to come back to their horses hastily before riding back to the capital of Aulus. The four centurions of met with Sarboth on the forum in the city, the men cohorts sharpening their blades and helping to rebuild the decrepit plaza. “The Korvics are massing, I want your cohorts fully maintained and ready for battle in the event they come down next year. Your duties for now are to continue clearing the roads, hanging bandit leaders and going so far as to give their loot back to our people.” The oldest of the centurions scratched his head, “We’re expecting 6,000 to 8,000 of those savages correct?” Sarboth nodded. All four expressions turned to sour. “Meeting adjourned, I expect a report next year and good luck.” The four saluted and returned to their duties though Sarboth stood and watched his men at work, a pit of dread increasing within him. General Actions: 13 AP + 40 [Imperial Influence: 2 IF] (20/20 AP) With the T1 Foundry coming into completion for the next year, Sorbath eagerly fills the new foundry up with workers who are thankful to work such a wholesome job. (40/40 AP) Construction of another foundry, specifically for Iron. [T2] (2 AP) The arrival of all provincial forces is quite an undertaking for the newly minted marshal, to train these men would be quite a task for even the most experienced Legate and as such many veterans are hired to come to Aulus. Obrum is sought out personally to help provide some advice on how to organize these new arrivals and his legions would promptly received equipment to help with maintenance in return. (0 AP) The four cohorts of the newly christened Aulus military begin to scour the province for bandits slaughtering those that resist and hanging their leaders. Their loot and plunder is to be sold and given back to the people. (50/50 AP) [25 AP from Riles.] Finishing his luxury, now spices. Population: 641,520 Aulus men. Trade Partners: Riverian Province Salathai
  5. Devland99

    The Rise (FRP Thread)

    Aulus March === Roleplay: Sarboth gazed at the map of the empire, its many borders marked with color to represent those mostly in danger. The roads were all highlighted in red. A knock came from the dirty wooden door behind him, he turned as it opened. “M’lordship, I’ve received word from all of our cohors. They’re ready for assignment.” This deeply pleased Tielson who looked at the boy standing at the door. “I’ll be out shortly, bring them to the forum where I’ll have word with their Legatus.” The boy nodded before running and closing the door behind him. An eager crowd could be heard as the soldiers marched into the forum, thankfully it was cleaned at taxpayers expense. The cheers weren’t as loud as one would hope but to Sarboth they were a sign that Aulus still had some bite left. To his left stood the boy who had came in earlier, he glanced over to see the lad smiling as the four formations took place in front of him and thunderously set their shields down and stood at attention. It was time for the speech. The raise of his hand caused all to quiet besides for the babes who wined in their mothers hands. “People of the march, today I present before you the first steps towards a peaceful tomorrow. No longer will we cower behind our walls as the filth from the north and scum of our dungeons roam the roads and take from us our livelihood. We’ve suffered far too long, we’ve lost too many lives and sensibilities. Starting tomorrow, our young men will set out on their first assignment to clear Aulus of its banditry then make way to pick clean the rest of the empire so that all of us may walk from province to province!” Sarboth raised his hand once more to signal the cohors who brought their shields up and down once to bring off a strong noise of imperialism. The crowd began to cheer louder then it once had before only for the governor to smile and ask for them to quiet down once again. “I also know of another great issue that plagues our sacred march… poverty. I too have grown up, raised side by side with all of you to see that the march is no stranger to it. As of this year I am enacting an economic plan to flood our coffers with gold and pave way to the greatest period of growth we have seen. The entire old mercantile district by the port is to be refurbished and expanded upon, more shops are to be brought up and and our merchants are to be granted necessary funding to bring forth more jobs to our denizens. Taxes are also to be alleviated for the next five years to bring about substantial growth to all.” A scream of pure joy erupted from the crowd quickly followed by an almost festival like celebration as many were eager to actually have a life to look forward to. Sarboth smiled though mentally he knew this speech was a success and now his chances would be up to fate. After the ceremony he called up his best trackers as the cohors lined up and left the forum. “Go north, find the gathering Korvics and poison their water supply if you can. I want to know exactly where they are flooding in from and where..” As quick as the men had came, they left to go do his bidding. The only thing he felt now was a gnawing anxiety and a deep pit of uncertainty. === General Actions: 13 AP + 10 AP = 23 AP [Imperial Influence: 0 IF] (8 AP for Medium Inf, 8 AP for T2 on all 4 cohors. [16 in total]) - Marshal Sarboth’s first order was to pick the roads clean of banditry and scum. Great debate took place on how to best start rooting out the largest of the bandit clans, 2,000 men were handpicked and sent off to the Aulus citadel for training. By years end the men gathered up and were prepared for their orders, clean out the banditry in Aulus. (0 AP) - Trackers are sent to the gathering Korvics, if the newly formed cohorts are to react effectively, they need recon. (9/20 AP) - In order to bring Aulus up to speed economically, Sarboth’s duty as governor comes first, he invest the budget for the year into new foundry to provide tools necessary for jobs to increase trade. [Using 2 Imperial Influence] (0 AP) - In order to bring more trade to the March, Sorbath sends out letters to the provinces that have ports. (25/50) Rileys **** Population: 594,000 Aulus men. Trade Partners: Riverian Province Salathai
  6. Devland99

    The Rise (Mithradites' FRP) OOC/Apps

    Application: Skype: You got it. Province of choice: Seven, Aulus March. Governor (Their name, and a little personal history): Sorbath Tielson, A man of 45 years with grey hair and visible stress to show for it. A native to the region of the March, Sorbath had grown alongside his dwindling friends and family. At the age of 20, Sorbath now without a home to truly come back to enlisted into the military only to be thrown into the Korvic conflict. During this period of strife he garnered a scar upon his back given to him by a rather large Korvic man equipped with an axe. The battle of two floods saw those he grew to knew be cut down in droves, the battle lasted ages to the young man as he fought his way to a better tomorrow. Distinctly if asked, the only thing he cares to recite about it is the blood and those he misses to this very day. After this bloody battle Sorbath wished to resign from his position and return home to the march, he felt at home in the poverty but those around him suffered and with what pay he made he set about trying to change it. With the history behind him, he was no prideful man and filled with wise optimism, he was quickly elected to lead the province as governor. Your Provincial Culture: The poverty that struck the region had left it decadent, the only sort of improvement that the people could be prideful in was the Iron and port. The main city was towered over by its citadel, its age showing and without much funding it was a shadow of its former self. Surrounding the citadel is where the wealthy lived in very few but well guarded villas. The legionaries that we're assigned to the march would promptly raise an eyebrow being placed to defend the north, they would say that whole towns were empty. Though the obvious division in class with the wealthy living towards the citadel and the plebians living outward, all were poorer compared to their brothers and sisters in the nearby regions, thankfully they were heartier due to the constant raiding and harsh mountain lifestyle. A Unique Military Unit for your Province (You should read the mechanics before you decide): Aulus Sentinels, equipped with heavy segmented iron armor, they carry swords, spears, and most notably their tower shields. These men were originally the older men who fought a rearguard for their towns as they retreated from Korvic hordes. While a hopeless battle against the unending tide at the time, these men fought with distinction and those that survived formed their own company of sorts. The veterans trained the new eager men that now filled the majority of its ranks, many of them wanting to achieve the glory of their ancestors. Suggestions?: No sir.
  7. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2107) General Activity: The year was quiet besides bringing in an entirely new group of people into the Edonian collective. Soldiers, advisors, diplomatic officials, and language barriers had to be met and taken in. Effectively midway through the year, things became more smooth and eventually both sides had found a way to properly communicate and work together. The fleet received another set of upgrades this year, improved weaponry allowed the ships to fire at faster and heavier settings. It was a dramatic increase compared to the recent weaponry in service. A time for peace had arrived but it never hurt to make ready to defend that. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 3,550,406 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) [SL3] Sbendar (Sassanid Homeworld) Lagain Besdan Actions: (40 AP) Helping hand to a friend in need. (15 + 25 = 40 on Besdan AP) With the newly acquired worlds, farms must be built. (15 AP) To top off the development of a meager fleet, three destroyers and a support carrier are built to maintain defense. Total AP: 70 AP Research: 12 RP (20/20) The study of items more explosive than gunpowder and metals more resistant to match has allowed scientist to propel their ammunition at peak speeds for chemical based weaponry. [T2 Ship kinetics.] [9 RP] (3/20 RP) Research begins on designing a new more modern reactor, Fusion. Allies and Trade: Galactic Remnants Sang’reli Covenant Vereinigte Kantan Commonwealth Ronin LCC Kiber Star Commonwealth Gaelic Concordat Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap “So you want to be an 11B?” The recruiter said to the young man in front of him, “You realize that there's plenty of other positions for you kid, don’t go into this without going through all your options.” A scoff came before a reply came. “I’ve done plenty of thinking about this, I want to be an 11B.” A sigh came and then some typing. “You will be shipping out in two months, get your strings tied up and I suggest you also do some running and strength training. Welcome to a new chapter Elias.” The sergeant shook hands with the young teen. --- As the new year dawned, the call went out. Hundreds of thousands of swedish men were called up to serve in their nation’s army with divisions being formed in literal days. Their equipment was graciously built by the Hephaestus corporation allowing a mass amount of men to wield the strongest weapons humanity has when it comes to ground warfare. Training would take place over the entire course of the year warranted they weren’t sent to join in on this crusade. In orbit of Fristad, the miniscule shipyard had to be improved. A massive superstructure was built for the mightiest warships to be fielded, multiple slipways of this size were added on and eagerly thousands of people joined as shipbuilders. AP Expenditure: 92 + 16 = 108 AP (70 AP) It was time to begin upgrading the small shipyard in orbit of Fristad, an SL3 class is to be built into an SL6. (27 AP to Mith.) Sending the necessary equipment blueprints for assembly. (8 AP) Constructing two more colony ships, one sent west and one east. (3 AP) Development of scanners at the edge of currently colonized systems as early warning. (0 AP) The war in the north has left many without homes and despite being a nation that kept to itself, the commonwealth would offer refuge on its newly colonized worlds promising bountiful food, safety, and work. (0 AP) The Redskap industrial complex is opened up, all nations in need of military arms are welcome to place orders at great rates.
  9. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2105) General Activity: Adding later tonight. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 3,242,380 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) [SL5] Sbendar (Sassanid Homeworld) Lagain Besdan Actions: (24 AP) The recently finished shipyard also allows the Edonian navy to blossom, 1 battleship and her escorts, 6 frigates are built. (40 AP) All into building more farms baby. (5 AP) Helping out. (1 AP) Recruiting 5,000 more soldiers to man the new worlds as national guardsmen. Total AP: 70 AP Research: 12 RP (10/10 RP) Titanium armor is finally finished allowing better protection on UEN vessels. [1 RP] (11/20) The advent of space warfare would require harder hitting weaponry to be used in order to actually reach the target, research begins on improving the current weapons in use for warships. Allies and Trade: Galactic Remnants Sang’reli Covenant Vereinigte Kantan Commonwealth Ronin LCC Kiber Star Commonwealth Bhutan Gaelic Concordat Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2105) General Activity: Adding later tonight. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 1,967,000 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) [SL3] Actions: (6/25 AP) To improve the industry on Feldspar, factories are to be built deep in the mountains streamlined for both military and civilian needs. (25 AP) A necessary addition is built to the SL3, more slipways and various other tools are constructed to add the ability to build larger vessels. (16 AP) Using the Redon shipyard, the Edonians put an order in for two more large freighters. Total AP: 42 AP Research: 8 RP + 1 (9/10 RP) Titanium armor is researched into to better protect UEN vessels. Allies and Trade: Galactic Remnants Sang’reli Covenant Vereinigte Kantan Commonwealth Ronin LCC Kiber Star Commonwealth Bhutan Gaelic Concordat Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2104) General Activity: With the induction of the USSR, the Edonian’s began to work cooperatively with their culture attempting to form a common ground together and soon they were united in one purpose to grow their peoples prosperity. They actively grew closer to the Edonian ideal and soon they would begin to call themselves as such. The military continued to see more development this year with the induction of the newly designed Vandivier-T34 Fission engine. It was quickly mounted on every ship in the UNE allowing for quick sublight travel in system, it was a marvel to see travel times cut by 25%. The power of these engines allowed for it to be much cheaper as materials could easily be lifted into orbit, not long after more civilians began to invest and gradually the systems of Feldspar and Aldebaran were teeming with small companies trying to make a name. In the meantime, the navy had received a big upgrade this year with the construction of over two light cruisers, two frigates, and a single corvette. These ships were eagerly built with the future in mind, modularity would be key in this new age of space travel. The army was also spared a hefty amount of military infrastructure with the construction of 500 APCs, 4,000 heavy infantry, and 750 more tanks allowing it to sustain themselves for years. They also would receive the first batches of kinetic gel and by the end of the year newly upgraded weapons from the Kanatans. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 2,300,000 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) [SL3] Aldebaran Actions: (17 AP | 25/25 AP) The third university is finished. (20 AP) Redacted…. (15 AP) 2 light cruisers, 2 frigates, and 1 corvette are built in the Redon’s hold being equipped with the newly researched Fission engines. (7 AP) 500 APCs and 750 tanks are to be built in the factories on Feldspar and with the introduction of kinetic gel, the regular infantry is refitted with this new type of protection. Quite possibly they too would receive improved rifles from their Kanatan brothers. Total AP: 59 AP Research: 10 RP. (10 RP) The development of an improved form of engine, the Fission engine. [10/10] Allies and Trade: Galactic Remnants Sang’reli Covenant Vereinigte Kantan Commonwealth Ronin LCC Kiber Star Commonwealth Bhutan Gaelic Concordat Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Commonwealth of Redskap Karl scoffed at the holovision, he never understood why everyone worked themselves up over the arrival of others near the commonwealth’s borders. Their recent encounter with the Greeks had been nothing but a fortune, an uneasy cold war had turned into a friendship after they had the Baltic union sit down and actually talk to the president of the commonwealth. It took only for a year for their way of life to change as they learned of the horrors to the north and south, they found solace in the fact though that some wished for peace. A knock at the door caught his attention, he sighed as another knock came harder and faster. “Hold the **** on!” The swede shouted as he stood and walked out of his living room to the main hallway, the end held the door which the knocking became unbearably loud. “Do you know what it means to hold on?” Karl growled as he threw the door open only to be pushed aside by a two very large men in woodland fatigues sporting Kevlar body armor and a beret. A much shorter man followed suit stopping to look over the shaken man, “Karl Hedlund, under the authority of the commonwealth’s national guard you’ve been selected to head a new field of military science immediately. Your expertise in the recently founded xylorite reactors is something we’re in dire need of, pack your things we will be leaving in ten minutes with your things or not.” The only thing that went through Karl’s mind was, “****.” It had been years since he even looked at a reactor let alone design one, there must be more at play here. A large ripple in the shuttle shook him out of his thoughts, they were landing it seemed. The side of the shuttle opened up revealing vast wilderness and a couple hundred soldiers working on various things around a base. Three of the men that had taken Karl stood up and took him out of the craft, not much time passed since they left his home it seems with it still being daylight. Another soldier walked up to them, he was dressed in the same combat fatigues except he held a rifle unseen before. The only assault rifle that was brought over was the Swedish army’s AK5C, this one looked to be updated quite substantially and a bit sleeker too… was it improved with magnets? After a few minutes of discussion the men looked to Karl who smiled nervously, suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head before it all went black. AP Expenditure: 66 AP + 20 AP = 88 (4 AP) The construction of a single colony ship, it’s sent north filled to the brim with eager swedes who bring along an abundant amount of farming equipment. (40 AP) Immediately upon setting down world, civilian vessels arrive daily to provide materials to construct dozens of farms to allow this world to be self sufficient. (5 AP) After the territory near this colony is claimed, it’s immediately clear that they need to scan for resources and as such civilians are contacted and paid to do so. (25/25 AP) The planet of Forsvar was in desperate need of improvements to its private sector, 300,000 civilians lived on world and the only jobs opened to them were farming. A plan is proposed to its governor and shortly after it’s many cities and towns receive star ports and even hundreds of new buildings to do business in. (14 AP) Recruiting 40,000 Infantry and constructing 750 tanks and 300 artillery crafts.
  13. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2103) General Activity: Life carries on such as that =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 2,000,000 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) [SL1] Aldebaran (SL0) Actions: (6 AP) Upgrading the current shipyard from a level 1 to a level 3. (5 AP) Constructing one frigate, 200 fighters, and 100 more bombers. (3 AP) Adding defenses to the SL3 ranging from multiple AA weapons, improved armor, and even two frigate grade weapons. (15 AP) The Edonian military demanding more vehicles be added to their arsenal put up an order, 500 more tanks, 250 AA Vehicles, 45,000 Regular infantrymen, and 300 Artillery vehicles. (1 AP) Paying for artistic values. [To the Sang’reli] (8/25 AP) Building a third university. (0 AP) Announcing a new federation called the United Eastern Nations. (5 AP) Finishing the agriculture on the worlds of the USSR. (0 AP) Movement of the masses. (13 AP) To the Redon's as payment. Total AP: 53 AP Research: 10 RP. (6 RP) Research begins on improving troop survivability by looking into replacing the Kevlar they currently wear with a certain type of kinetic gel. [10/10] (2 RP) To the Redons. (2 RP) To Kanata. Allies and Trade: Galactic Remnants Sang’reli Covenant Vereinigte Kantan Commonwealth Ronin LCC Kiber Star Commonwealth Bhutan Gaelic Concordat Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Devland99

    Starfare [Sci-Fi Nation Strategy FRP - RP]

    The Commonwealth of Edonia (2102) General Activity: They landed upon Feldspar early in the year and under the leadership of their first president, Randall Watson, the Edonian’s built many business and agriculture infrastructure allowing them to prosper. A location was picked for the capital city, the tallest peak named the Profundity. Over the span of three months the entirety of the population built up this city, its industry and infrastructure made to last for the years to come. An impressive feat for only a population of one million but the city stood and soon to be surrounded by defenses against the unknown. It was not long before they needed to set up a proper military for defense of the homeland, a proper military base would be build in the capital itself closer towards the top. They set about carving storage into the mountain and a few facilities for training and facilitating thousands of men. Shortly after this was completed, the recently built industry began to produce tanks, kevlar, and weaponry for these new soldiers. A few old drill instructors were selected to train these men, at the end of the year over 46,000 Edonian’s had been trained to become the first members of the standing army. President Randall first year seemed to be going rather well and the people were happy with the path they’re on. There was only one matter left, did anyone else make it through? A vote was quickly passed through the newly established government based off a senate and congress. A message would be displayed across the entire galaxy seeking any survivors of their navigational horror. “Broadcasting QNET, The nation of Edonia has survived navigational issues and seeks survivors from the milky way. We are open to trade and diplomacy and even giving aid if needed.” =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Population: 1,000,000 Humans Feldspar (Homeworld) Actions: (5 AP) Finishing that one university. (11 AP) Recruiting 40,000 army soldiers, 4,000 heavy infantry and building 250 tanks. [Regular infantry, Heavy Infantry, Tanks]. (6 AP) The construction of an SL1 in orbit then including 100 fighters and 100 bombers. (2 AP) Building a defense mass driver in the center of the capital. (0 AP) Broadcasting to the galaxy to see who made it out alive and accepting any trade. Total AP: 23 AP Research: 2 RP. (2 RP) Research begins on improving troop armor by looking into replacing the kevlar they currently wear with a certain type of kinetic gel. [2/10] Allies and Trade: Fleet Registry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JbTDaU1hqzr1zn6bRGNWR0o_6wHrAtkLzg8zTemjBIs/edit?usp=sharing
  15. Devland99

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - OOC and Apps]

    Commonwealth of Redskap It had been many years since the exodus, the milky way is a scary place and coming out alone, scared, and very much so eager the commonwealth through its hardships thrived on Fristad. The year was 2150 when a fleet had appeared above the capital world of Fristad. The planet was in overcast, the people milling about the many towns outlying from the main capital city. The world was a temperate planet, it was almost bigger than earth and had two moons orbiting it, there had been a forward operating base on the furthest moon Jakkal II. Only a small warning and fragmented message came from the base before it went offline, about three hours had passed before in orbit a larger fleet arrived. Thousands of soldiers had rallied up and secured the capital city and took aim to the skies, wet and terrified they waited for their impending doom. A single ship came from the large fleet above, the vessel landed directly near the capitol building with a single man stepping out. The Swedish foreign minister approached cautiously as the ship was surrounded quickly by old earth vehicles and soldiers, after a few minutes of conversation the nation understood what had come. A nation of clones known as the Erakat Caliphate had arrived above their home world, they spoke of their past and the galaxy at large, much to the surprise of the Swedes they were not alone. In the next three years that followed, diplomatic talks would ensue with the Erakat’s pressing Redskap into submission, it would be a long and concerning time until the ships suddenly disappeared come 2153. The Erakat diplomat and his entourage were needless to say worried which soon turned to terror as they received no communication and were dragged out and summarily shot. This event shook the Redskap people to their core, they feared the galaxy and shut themselves off from it. All communication sent towards the nation would be investigated before a response would even be sent back, the military over analyzing everything on the message. Every world fortified to the brim by earth standards give the people a sense of safety and now they’re courage has allowed them to colonize the many planets nearby using civilian contractors. Following the silence that now embraces the Redskaps, a great deal of farms and business were propped up in the core worlds. Growth was the priority of their current president, the downside was now that their military had next to no funding. Piracy became a small issue and following the year 2158 still is, it would require a good effort of a navy to quench this. The future is teetering for this commonwealth, one wrong step and it could slip off into disrepair. Population: Humans: 1,223,000 AP Expenditure: 350 AP (STARTING.) 180 AP into Agriculture = 6% 150 AP into Business split on two worlds. 12 AP into an SL3 8 AP into 2 colony ships for those 2 colonies.