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  1. The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

  2. TheAnorak

    Anorak's Early Life Anorak was born in a small house in The Dominion of Malin to two dark elves. A poor family, His dad a worker in the Trade and his mother did not work. He was fairly normal a little aggressive at times but as soon as his parents were blessed with his younger brother he started to get religious in the studies of his ancestors and traveled to Velunor. He dropped out of his parents schooling and rebelled because he felt that his parents were inhospitable to his beliefs. Anoraks Adult Life Continuing his Ancestral ambition he moved to the district of Velunor and studies the altars and rituals preformed there. His ancestral study was keeping him content but he decided that he would like to fight for his ancestors and joined the military force of the Dominion as tensions grew with Krugmar. He enlisted and went through basic training and this is where his Endeavor in the server starts. Anorak also took an interest in public government, Deciding if the opportunity arised he would leave the army to further his duty and help the government.