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  1. IGN: _Princeton_ Character Name: Saeldur Asul'ailer Magical Ability(s): Transfiguration, Water Evocation, and Voidal Translocation Discord: Princeton#5399
  2. By moonlit campfire, an ancient and frail Elf laid weeping on the ground in a broken cobble - thin and pale hands traced in an impossibility of prominent silver scars clutched around an obsidian and equally timeworn staff. Desperately did the Wizard try to find comfort in examining the alien figurine crowning the eldritch tool he held so tenderly, only finding the stark blackness that defined his new blind existence. Thus the cycle began once again for Saeldur, quiet sobs echoing faintly into the surrounding forest as the Elf frantically tried a reframe a mind already once forced t
  3. ((MC name: _Princeton_)) Name: Saeldur Asul’ailer Vote for Sohaer: (xx) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  4. [!] A letter would appear in the mailbox of Daniel, enclosed by a waxy sigil that emanates a soft azure arcanic glimmer. [!] Leader of Men, It has come to my direct attention that the demons of Korvassa now stand at your doorstep, and surely you are aware that this spells certain death for you and your people despite their silver tongues and empty promises of peace. With this immutable fact known, I beseech you to open your gates to my order, the Unified Mages Guild, and allow our collective knowledge and arcanic prowess to be a beacon of light for your people during these int
  5. Hey Pum! Hope all is well! edit: 2000th post on saying hi
  6. An ancient Elf reads the missive in careful contemplation, a thoughtful expression growing over his withered and eldritch countenance. Arming himself with quill and ink, he would pen a response in a meticulous hand – knowing exactly where to leave it; “You have my support, old friend. Whatever it is you need, know I will always accompany those that shoulder the burden of man. In the name of prosperity,” - The shriveled parchment would be signed in three flowing letters, “T.W.R”
  7. Taking into account the new transfiguration lore, I agree and implemented a system where celestial aura passively regrows Celestite out of combat over the duration of an OOC day if the enchant was activated and used in combat. Thanks for the suggestions and help as always!
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  9. “Knowledge is our privilege.” -- -- The Asul’ailer Talonnii traces it lineage back to the realm of Asulon, descending from Juliet (Rosaria) Sullas and Aranwe Lazul. As a result of their marriage, Celaena Lazul was born, and later married Arlanthir Asul’ailer, son of Faenir and Adriana. Celaena and Arlanthir both lived actively in Haelun’or for some time; Arlanthir working as Councilman while Celaena ran an apothecary and practiced medicine. As a result of the Haelun’or schism in Asulon, Celaena and Arlanthir were forced to split from the Silver State. While l
  10. [!] The Inferi fort intrenched in the Eastern Korvassan desert, a ward of darkness enveloping the nights sky. [!] -- “Forward, the Light Brigade! Was there a man dismayed? Not though the soldier knew Someone had blundered. Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die. Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.” - ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON -- The Korvassan desert at twilight always both confused and comforted the youthful Mali’aheral; on t
  11. Discord: Princeton#5399 Adventurer – 800.
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