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  1. Oh man, you offered to grandfather in one person to your exclusive new magic when there is an entire host of characters with years of RP intertwined into Arcanism because you think we aren’t capable of learning your new one? I don’t even dislike your lore, but don’t hide your intentions of making the magic more exclusive when it’s blatantly obvious and geared towards your benefit.
  2. A young Mali’Thill fully clad in iron plate would trod across the square and to the office of the Okarir’mali, his sabaton laced steps producing a dull resonating clang of iron meeting stone. The youth read the missive carefully, slowly nodding his head in solemn agreement and later commenting to his Mal’onn, “The Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya holds no room for infighting, and you would have thought the assassination of the most blessed would only have made this more apparent. Ay’Maheral Acaele Lazul, and to a stronger Silver State.”
  3. Talar begins cleaning and polishing his most fancy weapons and armor for the event!
  4. Looking to RP a new character if anyone needs someone to fill a role!

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    2. ExcitedEXE


      Come hang out in the Pale with us!

    3. MarkFoundGOD


      Could try Renelia, House Indoren is looking for players

    4. Akeron


      Thinking about making a Kharajyr character, old friend! Let me know

  5. A particularly lithe and towering celestialist redoubles his hands around the haft of his trident at the sudden onslaught of energy coursing through his veins while meditating on the small isle off the coast of Aegrothond and just south of the anomaly, eyes snapping open and veiled in a faintly illuminated ethereal azure and silver. He reaches within the sleeve of his robes, producing a small journal, bottle of ink, and quill before scribbling hastily.
  6. @ViltarenThanks for that input! I’ll get in contact with BNK and see if we can work upon clarifying some of this information, and I know he is currently working on fleshing out these details with more red lines and specific counts with an updated guide. Thanks again!
  7. @Viltaren What specifically do you think is vague and needs appropriate correcting? Simply saying the guide is garbage doesn’t clarify what you think needs reworking or is vague, and saying the lore is outdated is applicable to almost every single voidal magic that’s hardly been changed in a major way since 2012 (With certain exceptions, I.e shifting and translocation. Arcanism is actually one of the newer voidal magics in terms of having structured lore post-arcane evocation). Strict emote counts only serve to constrict role-play and dull peoples creativity, and anyone power-gaming can simply be addressed through the proper channels, though in my experience a majority of magic RP’ers undergame in most scenarios. It would also be useful to know what nondescript rule you’re talking about in order to clear up any confusion other Arcanists might have.
  8. Looking for someone who can make a Dark Elf skin for me, 2k mina reward

    1. chaosgamer_


      The fact you are gonna pay such a high price basically means it’s gonna be a lot of work and that is why We are scared of :D

    2. Princeton


      @chaosgamer Just want to give me artistic homies a good price for work I am atrocious at!

  9. Princeton

    To Fireheart

    Y’all expect far too much from volunteer staff members on a Minecraft server.
  10. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ “Ever blessed shall those be that follow the light. Join me, those Arcanists born from my blessing, to guide others down the path and to rebirth our world in light. “ -- The Celestial Order, housed and protected under the Mages Guild of Llyria, seeks to act as beacons of the void and spread the light of its creations opposed to allowing corruption and darkness seep into the realm of Arcas by those magi with nefarious or malicious intent. The vast majority of the Orders time is spent identifying and addressing voidal anomalies either discovered by themselves, the Mages Guild, or any faction that would desire their assistance in this regard. The Order will also time take to identify prominent groups of Dark Magi casting the void in an abhorrent light and dismantle them if necessary. The Celestial Edict serves as the pillars of a Celestial Arcanist’s life; Honor, militance, scholarship, loyalty, balance, the void and the light, seven principles which define the path that each Arcanist follows. Through these, each Arcanist stands apart from other mages, more righteous and devoted to the void and its proper usage. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ The Edict of Honor The Arcanist wields the arcane with honor and righteousness. To repudiate the amorality of the void and its boons. They shall protect the innocent and aid the needy. Holding true to all their oaths and vows. To uphold their morality in service of creating a better world. To display a high level of respect to both allies and fellow magi. The Edict of Militance The Arcanist must begrudge the use of voidal violence. Yet wield it confidently when their ferocity is just. To deny the powermonger and the upstart. To protect the descendants from improper and malicious use of the void Risking their lives in devotion to their honored arcane probity. To lend aid to our allies in there time of need against unholy corruption. The Edict of Scholarship The Arcanist will go beyond militance and devote themselves to scholarship. Expanding knowledge upon the void and other pursuits. To serve as learned authorities upon various expertise. The Edict of Loyalty The Arcanist gives their life to their Order and its cause. Serving the Arcane Mage dutifully and rightfully. Never shall they harm their brothers and sisters of the Celestial Order. To safeguard the knowledge held within the Order against the greedy. To avoid associations that seek to harm the Order, And to protect its name against those who do it injustice. The Edict of Balance The Arcanist is bestowed with a noble duty. For the noble understand the plague of the tipping scale. That the pendulum swings in either direction, And what is dark may be illuminated For the order preserves this balance. The Edict of the Void The Arcanist shall become a master of voidal practice. To preach its every value and encourage its use within the Order. Indoctrinate others into the path of connection with the arcane. And decry the use of darker arts and their repugnant power. For we are of the void, enlightened by its endless offerings. The Edict of Celestial Light The Arcanist shall hold the light of the void in the highest regard. Those Celestials born from this blessed light as sacred, And seek to be a beacon of light in the Arcane Mage’s image. To be a bastion for the realm and assist in illuminating the dark.
  11. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ [!] Similar missives with a painted artistic rendering at the top would be placed throughout Llyria and the surrounding area [!] Heed the Arcane Mages call and join your fellow Arcanists in Llyria to spread the Celestial light alongside the Mages Guild.
  12. If someone is power gaming a specific magic type, they should be addressed through the proper channels just like everyone else on the server that power games. The lore itself is not broken and has coincided with the server on a rather large scale since Asulon. We’re past the point of magic being ultimately rare since a large group of people desire that type of role play, and axing it altogether is obviously going to alienate that player base. Focus on addressing the people that improperly utilize magic instead of chopping the lore they’ve likely been practicing and dedicated to for several in life years.
  13. Farewell to an OG. Hope all is well and good things to come in the future for you my guy
  14. “Even Silver eventually tarnishes,” A cheery Mali’Aheral would read the missive, faint hope and sadness dominating his gaze, “I wish them the best of luck.”
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