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  1. “Knowledge is our privilege.” -- -- The Asul’ailer Talonnii traces it lineage back to the realm of Asulon, descending from Juliet (Rosaria) Sullas and Aranwe Lazul. As a result of their marriage, Celaena Lazul was born, and later married Arlanthir Asul’ailer, son of Faenir and Adriana. Celaena and Arlanthir both lived actively in Haelun’or for some time; Arlanthir working as Councilman while Celaena ran an apothecary and practiced medicine. As a result of the Haelun’or schism in Asulon, Celaena and Arlanthir were forced to split from the Silver State. While living in Malinor, they birthed their sons Ceruberr and Saeldur. Ceruberr was the first of the family to return to the path of purity in Lin’everal, advancing to Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild and holding an active influence within the community both as a previous Maheral, enactor of the Talonnii Act, and current Maulaurir. After the destruction of Anthos, Ceruberr convinced his brother Saeldur to leave his long held position as Archanix of the Mages Guild in order to become a citizen of Haelun’or and help progress the family; both Ceruberr and Saeldur have resided as citizens of the State since, both having served as Archmage, Oracles of the Celestial Order, and Court Wizards for various noble Valah lineages. While the small Talonnii has only ever actively boasted the two mal’onn, both Ceruberr and Saeldur have a well recorded and deeply intrenched past in substantial arcane events and the turnings of the realms, studying magics few of the descendants have ever wielded and attempting to utilize their resourcefulness and knowledge for the betterment of Arcas and the protection of their kin. Physical Traits & Beliefs: Family Tree: Etymology: Please contact either Princeton#5399 or CaptainSheepy#7719 with any questions/inquiries.
  2. [!] The Inferi fort intrenched in the Eastern Korvassan desert, a ward of darkness enveloping the nights sky. [!] -- “Forward, the Light Brigade! Was there a man dismayed? Not though the soldier knew Someone had blundered. Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die. Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.” - ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON -- The Korvassan desert at twilight always both confused and comforted the youthful Mali’aheral; on the one hand, it offered the depths of solitude now rarely found within the Silver City so deeply entrenched in an ancient conflict and deific forces the undiscerning soldier could not factor or understand. On the other hand, the unsharp mind of the Sillumir simply could not fathom how the scorching heat of the day was vanquished by a nights sky and air that could freeze any hardened solider to the bone. So it was with a shiver, either at the task set before him or from the deserts’ cool embrace, that a young Uradir almost reverently donned steel plate engraved in the fine silver vestiges that marked the rank of a Tahorren. With a long and thoughtful glance at the deadly and simple spear clutched between his deft fingertips, Talar’siol marched into the hellscape of the Korvassan desert prepared to meet a fate that at least he could anticipate and plan for: an honorable death, a soldiers’ death. -- [!] A letter scrawled in an unpracticed hand would be left on the desk of Anethra Uradir within the Talonnii manor, the envelope unsealed, unsigned, and the paper weighted by an ornately decorated Guandao.
  3. Discord: Princeton#5399 Adventurer – 800.
  4. Discord: Princeton#5399 Skin Name: Daisy Princess – 600
  5. Saeldur reads the missive quietly, the ancient features of the Elf composed and serene. He reflects quietly to himself during meditation, “A bastion of true civilization, or a safe haven for these new religious zealots who seek a war. It’s not surprising the Kharajyr fell back into line of deific worship with such reverence in so little time, for it is in their nature to serve a God. I only hope the rest of the Mali’thill remain true to the integrity of Larihei and the teachings that independence and free-thinking logic always prevails over mindless adherence and servitude.”
  6. Major Change-Log: - Updated to reflect the shelving of Arcanism. A T5 mage of any evocation now has the ability to become a Celestialist. - Updated to have roll mechanics, OOC definitions, and redlines to each spell. - Updated to have roll mechanics for forging the Oathbond. - Runes for each Scion Ideal. - Reworked greater melding so a spells potency in a circling ritual is based off the roll system. - Added Celestial Art.
  7. 3500 mina to whoever will do me a custom armor skin! Discord is Princeton#5399

  8. Thanks for giving it a read! 🙂 Wow, you were definitely right for me to consider how these two magics interact; I’m sorry to say I wasn’t completely familiar with unsound magic before this, and I might have to add an addition factoring this in. At a first glance of my own, I would assume that since an unsound mage disrupts mana, they’d be an inherent obstacle to a crystal garden if introduced to one. However, in my iteration, crystal gardens are a result of congealed celestial aura that seals voidal tears shut, fueled by mana while imbuing the celestial aura, but not actually mana itself acting as this barrier – so I don’t anticipate there being a reaction there. The Scion itself is a form of celestial, so I assume there was previous consideration to how the two would interact if they did? As for your last question, I think an Unsound Mage would find it immensely difficult to reconcile opening voidal tears while simultaneously keeping their Oathbond. A Scions’ natural purpose is to seal these incursions off, so I think they would be repulsed by the idea of binding to someone who willingly seeks to do so. Hope some of this helps!
  9. ~ Celestialism: Menders of the Veil ~ Changelog: - Celestialism is now available to all T5 Evocationists with knowledge of Scions and their ideals. - Roll system incorporated into each spell, alongside with OOC definitions, emote counts, and redlines. Background: Arcanism; the pinnacle of all evocations defined by the unfathomable summoning of the raw essence of the Void itself. The Arcane Magi birthed these wonderful gifts upon the descendants, limiting casters of infinite potential arcanic energy only by their imagination and mana pools - What had the potential to be used for both the peaceful, scientific, and arcanic advancement of society was relegated almost exclusively to the destructive use of beams, rays, arcs, and ethereal weaponry. It was with the realization that the descendants had failed them that celestials of yore retreated back into the deepest depths of the ever expanse, never again to be seen by their ardent shepherds. This hollow gap of vanquished celestials breaking up the “food chain” that sustained the equilibrium amongst the voidal horrors disturbed the very fabric of their existence and reality, causing their ilk to cast their attention on what caused their precious few meals in the endless abyss to cease. Without the driving force and distraction the celestials provided voidal horrors, their incorporeal and twisted minds focused on the only source of similar energy being birthed in the Void on a regular and reliable basis – the summoning of raw arcanic energy by arcanists’. The proliferation of Arcanism and its subsequent use primarily as a tool of destruction, alongside the very nature of raw arcanic energy itself, proved too strong a lure to the voidal horrors, attracting them like moths to a luminescent light. These feral abominations appearing in such large numbers would prove to burdensome for the Veil, causing the twisted horrors within to spill out. Origin: While the greater celestials of old turned their backs on the descendants after their failure to protect their kin, their lesser cousins - “the Scions” - ultimately judged the actions of their forebearers to be craven, damning the descendants to a fate as bad their own - enslavement and permanent enrapturement in the endless darkness that encapsulates the Void, the only flickers of light and existence being that of voidal horrors seeking their next meal. The Scions, stalwart defenders of the Veil and the natural source of celestial aura, in an attempt to recreate, repair, and strengthen the bond that once existed between a race of celestials and their descendant casters, developed the Oathbond; a set of oaths and laws to bind celestialist magi to a greater purpose and to the Scions themselves in a bid to preserve the Veil. The development of this new symbiotic relationship with a Scion Celestial led to a new generation of Celestialists, or the Menders of the Veil. Since Arcanism now draws the massive presence of voidal horrors and threatens to tear the Veil, Scions sought to form bonds with masters of any form of evocation to further their task of preserving the mortal plane from the threat of eternal darkness. What is a Scion?: A Scion is a form of semi-sentient celestial that appears in the Veil, Void, and Physical Plane as floating, glowing orbs of spherical light in the color of their Celestialists’ aura. In the center of their illuminated core, there rests a shifting rune that corresponds to one of the four ideals that the Celestialist necessitated in the Oathbond with their Scion. The Scions’ sentience extends only so far, with the exceptions being their holding of the spoken oaths comprising their Oathbond with a descendant in absolute regard, and focusing their attention on one of the four specific ideals they wish for the descendant they’re bonded with to embody and spread to others. Since the Scions’ level of sentience is limited, their broad interpretation of what ideal they wish to spread to the descendants can be categorized under four categories: balance, peace, justice, and knowledge. For each one of these ideals, a personal interpretation unique to the Celestialist and their Scion is what comprises the bond. It is this Oathbond between a Scion Celestial and their bonded Celestialist that endows them with their notable celestial aura and any other abilities, and the only way to strengthen this bond is by embodying the ideals that is unique to their Oathbond with a Scion Celestial, which further necessitates the need to adhere to the Oaths they’ve made with the Scion; failure to actively pursue a path towards the ideal you and your Scion mutually decided was important, or by specifically breaking an oath defined in the Oathbond with your Scion, will result in the loss of one's Celestial Aura due to the severed connection they suffered with their Scion and their ability to be a Celestialist. Losing a Scion can be a maddening process to a Celestialist, as they often grow used to the constant presence of their illuminated Scion that they’ve developed a unique and intense emotional bond with. This sudden sense of loss and purposelessness that is experienced is broad and varies by individual and the intensity/duration of their Oathbond. Redlines: What is the Veil?: The Void and the Mortal Realms are antithesis to one another. Descendents exist on the Mortal Realms as remnants of creation while the Void proceeds to slowly devour everything that has ever existed. Even Aengudaemonic entities find themselves being consumed by its insatiable unmaking. The only presence capable of halting the death march towards the Descendants is the Veil - a cloak of energy said to have once been a part of the Creator. It is through this opaque current that we see the heavenly and celestial bodies that dot the endless outer world. The eventual wearing of time, alongside the massive proliferation of arcane use among the descendants, has caused rampant Voidal incursions in modern mortal history. The Veil, now heavily thinned in spots, cannot keep back the amalgamated horrors that have swarmed it’s borders in a feral hunger due to the departure of the Celestials. Like cells stitching together an injury in the human body, Celestial Scions convert themselves willingly into patches to repair torn pieces of the Veil. It is through this process, and the Scions innate ability to produce Celestial Aura, that they have been able to quietly rally behind the Veil and help prevent an endless tide of voidal anomalies from occurring. Scions exist in the Veil as small gatherings of spherical light and operate as its caretakers. Their innate ability to repair the Veil and create Celestial Aura is what has allowed the descendants to remain ignorant to the integrity of the mortal bastion. They are entirely unable to fend off the voidal horrors that seek to devour them, and thus seek a Oathbond with a Celestialist in a bid of survival, and also to continue their mission of protecting and restoring the Veil but in a more secure position on the physical plane. The Oathbond: The Oathbond facilitates the symbiotic relationship between a Scion Celestial and the Celestialist; the Scion is granted the ability to manifest itself on the physical plane safe from voidal horrors with the ability to continue restoring the Veil, while the Celestialist is imbued with their Celestial Aura and the capability to assist Scions in mending voidal tears through the physical plane. It is not a physical contract outlined on paper, but rather an emotional and magical bond between a Celestialist and their Scion Celestial that reinforces their symbiotic relationship and one of the four primary drives of the Scion in the Celestialist. As noted beforehand, breaking the mutually established bond or failing to spread your Scions’ purpose will result in them losing sentience and returning to their position guarding the Veil, therefore severing their connection with the Celestialist and losing their sentience. Tier 1 (3 Weeks): A broad oath is made with a Celestial Scion in regards to one of the four ideals. The Scion is unable to manifest themselves physically in the mortal plane at this tier, but begin developing sentience and the compulsive fear of voidal horrors that drives them to reach out to a celestialist guardian to form the Oathbond. Tier 2 (1-2 Months): A second oath is made with your Scion, this one more intimate and personal. While this second oath may be difficult for the celestialist to face emotionally, this spark of life enables the Scion to manifest physically on the mortal plane. This connection with a Scion, forged by a now permanent Oathbond, imbues the Celestialist with their Celestial Aura and the ability to draw arcanic energy directly from the Scion, opposed to the intermediary that is the Void. This does not look any different from regular casting, only that the Celestialist is likely well-familiar with drawing from its ever-present Scion. Tier 3 (3-4 Months): A third oath is made to the Scion, this one becoming the driving motivation of both your Celestialist and Scions’ life. The bond between Scion and Celestialist is now one of deep familiarity, their symbiotic relationship playing off one another to innately produce small amounts of Celestial Aura necessary to bolster the Veil and the aid the Scions left within the Veil holding it together. Celestialists of this tier may now consistently lead circling endeavors with greater levels of success as their acclamation to the Void and Oathbond grows. Tier 4: (5-6 Months) With the oaths sworn and the relationship with the Scion well-established, the Celestialist can now entirely dedicate themselves to sealing breaches in the Veil and spreading one of the four ideals, with the unique take of however the Scion and Celestialist forged their Oathbond. Celestial Aura is now passively accrued at greater levels, the mere presence of your Celestialist and Scion producing enough Celestial Aura to keep voidal amalgamations at bay in your vicinity. Melding is lead fluidly amongst fellow arcanists, and arcanic objects are easily discernible to the voidally enhanced Celestialist. Tier 5: (6-12 Months) Celestial Aura almost tangibly seethes from the body of the Celestialist, the familiarity of their Scions presence almost a reassuring beacon of light in the back of their brains. Voidal anomalies wake them for their sleep, disturb their meals, and interrupt their conversations, drawing them like moths to an incandescent flame. Restoration of the Veil is almost second nature to the Celestialist now, becoming part of their identity and reason for existing. Circling can be lead with ease, and objects of a voidal nature itch to make themselves known to the Celestialist. Mechanics of Forging the Oathbond: Forging the Oathbond between a Scion and a descendant requires one already endowed with a Celestial Aura to lead a potential Celestialist through the extension spell (further detailed, defined, & redlined under the spells section). A potential Celestialist must already have an intense understanding of the Void to attract a Scion (T5 of any evocation), and already be dedicated to one of the four ideals in any type of capacity. (Justice: Tracking down dark mages, peace: fighting voidal anomalies, preaching etc.) 1-4: Failure with attraction of voidal anomalies 5-7: Failure without complications 8-14: Success with complications 15-20: Success without complications Failure with attraction of voidal anomalies: While a learned Celestialist assists a potential student in extension of their Celestial Aura to the Void to attract a Scion, this influx of Celestial Aura between two magi’ has the ability to do the exact reverse of its intent; multiple Scions’ will leave their position guarding the Veil, heedlessly rushing to this luminescent light out of a fear of the voidal horrors lurking near and causing a portion of bastion protecting the physical plane to falter, amalgamations of the Void following thereafter. Redlines: The Four Ideals: Scion of Balance: A Scion of Balance is a Celestial Scion innately concerned with the balance of the Void, normally interpreted broadly like the rest of the four ideals. A Celestialist who engages in an Oathbond with a Scion of Balance is likely to center their three oaths around preserving balance between the never ending struggle between light and dark magic. Celestialists who undergo an Oathbond with a Scion of Balance are often referred to as “Caretakers,” among their fellow Celestialists. The runic core associated with Scions of Balance: Scion of Peace: A Scion of Peace is a Celestial Scion that intrenches themselves wherever there is conflict stemming from the Void, attempting to utilize their serene nature to solve conflicts in a peaceful manner opposed to the brutal method of Arcanists’ past. A Celestialist who engages in an Oathbond with a Scion of Peace is likely to center their three oaths around spreading peace throughout the realm via careful use of the Void, with the specifics of these oaths varying broadly like the rest of the Orders. Celestialists who undergo an Oathbond with a Scion of Peace are often referred to as “Peacemakers,” among their fellow Celestialists. The runic core associated with Scions of Peace: Scion of Justice: A Scion of Justice is Celestial Scion inherently tied with the moral philosophies of right and wrong. A Celestialist who engages in an Oathbond with a Scion of Justice is likely to center their three oaths around bringing justice to those who were wronged by malicious use of the Void. Celestialists who undergo an Oathbond with a Scion of Justice are often referred to as “Lawmakers,” among their fellow Celestialists. The runic core associated with Scions of Justice: Scion of Knowledge: A Scion of Knowledge is Celestial Scion intuitively concerned with preserving and spreading knowledge of the Void and its secrets, believing that arming the descendants with this knowledge is the best path in preserving the Veil. A Celestialist who engages in an Oathbond with a Scion of Knowledge is likely to center their three oaths on spreading both their and the collective knowledge of the Celestialists’ to the greater realm. Celestialists who undergo an Oathbond with a Scion of Knowledge are often referred to as “Truthbringers,” among their fellow Celestialists. The runic core associated with Scions of Knowledge: Note: Celestial Aura: Celestial Aura is a natural byproduct of the creation of Scion Celestials in their natural environment of patching up torn fragments of the Veil, notably changing a casters aura color to an intensified glossied hue augmenting the original color. Only when coupled with an Oathbond with a descendant, notable changes are to made to the Celestialist; namely with a direct connection established to a incorporeal being that lives in a semi-existence between the Veil and Physical Plane, a Celestialist passively taps in the ability to constantly produce Celestial Aura, aiding their Scion companion in mending torn pieces of the Veil scattered throughout the Universe. Alongside this passive ability to regenerate torn fragments of the Veil, these Celestialists’ have broken through the threshold of arcana and thus have become shields for the Veil against the endless tide of voidal horrors. Regardless of their nature or alignment, the Celestialist now seems to draw magical properties and mysteries to them as the duration and intensity of their Oathbond with a Scion strengthens. Their aura seems more vibrant, more saturated with mana and color and will even manifest easier at certain times or after casting a spell. They seem to constantly resonate the raw magical energy their Scion emanates, and their aura color may shift towards a whiter, glossier appearance in their spells. Besides aesthetics, and the passive ability to mend the Veil, there are a few practical uses of the Celestial Aura granted by a Scion; the first being the ability to fully take on another being’s aura color when circling with them allowing the Celestialist to explore and understand others without the bias of their own aura. While not able to discern the specific magic types of another caster during the circling, the Oathbond between a Celestialist and its Scion enables them to vaguely read the emotional state of another caster and return equally hazy forms of emotion. This would be useful in the case of circling during tense or important situations, where the Celestialist could imbue others with feelings of reassurance and encouragement. This enhanced circling process is also the way to introduce prospective Celestialists’ seeking an Oathbond to the Celestial Aura and a Celestialists’ intimate connection with their Scion. The Celestial Aura is also more receptive in terms of sensitivity to the Void. Disturbances such as large tears in the Veil are more likely to be noticed, as well as anomalies and even the detection of other magical beings that their Scion is intuitively drawn towards. Spells and Redlines: Regeneration: Passive, Active, non-combative; After the second Oath is sworn to a Scion at Tier 2, the Celestialist innately has the knowledge to consistently produce Celestial Aura and utilize it to assist the Scions left in the Veil in mending its more weak points. If the Veil has already been pierced and a voidal tear incurred, the Scion and its Celestialist can expend mana and energy to produce a surplus of Celestial Aura, imbuing it into Voidal incursions and providing a patchwork of sorts. Consistent tending of a voidal tear by either a master or group of well-practiced Celestialists’ and their Scions over a long duration of time will produce crystal gardens, essentially now just bolstered areas of increased Scion activity in the physical plane where the Veil is solid, but remnants of magical energy provide high class focus crystals to magi of any kind lucky enough to stumble upon one. Celestialists may either mitigate or enhance the spreading of a crystal garden. The scale of this can vary from very small crystal formations limited to a small area like a pond or lake, but entire forests have been known to become overgrown with crystal due to an overabundance of mana or a particularly bad voidal incursion site. Celestite Weaponry: At a certain point, the crystals become large enough to begin cultivating within the garden, the mineral obtained often referred to as “Celestite.” While the crystals procured from these arcanic crystal gardens are known to react positively to imbuement by voidal energy and are easily enchantable, the brittleness that comprises the mineral of Celestite would only be capable of very few direct hits. The core function of Celestite weaponry would be the idea of gaining a few very powerful enchanted hits off on enemy before the crystal invariably breaks, and can be grown again once out of combat by the imbuing of additional Celestial Aura back into the crystal that already has an affinity for regrowing. Redlines: Extension: Active, non-combative; After the second Oath is sworn to a Scion at Tier 2, the connection between a Scion and their Celestialist strengthens. Through meditation and attunement with one’s Scion, the Celestialist can better understand the fluctuating state of their companion, connecting with them to also innately recognize places where the Veil has been weakened through voidal anomalies. Since Celestial Aura is naturally drawn to these places to help repair the cracks in the Veil, so are both the Celestialists and their Scions. In addition to being able to search out voidal anomalies through this act, Scions will influence their Celestialist into seeking voidal anomalies relating to one of the four ideals making up their Oathbond: balance, justice, peace, and knowledge. The Scions of the Veil are attracted to the level of sentience the Oathbond with a Celestialist entails, and the ability to protect the Veil by promoting one of these four aforementioned ideals seems preferable to constant threat of being devoured by a voidal horror. Scions act in favor of these four ideals with the thought process that a healthy embodiment of them by the descendants will ultimately lead to less voidal anomaly and strife. A Celestialists’ ability to extend is also how they reach out to the Void, a Scion, and ultimately forge their Oathbond. Greater-Melding: Active, combative/non-combative; After the second oath is sworn to a Scion at Tier 2, a Celestialists’ intrinsic understanding of their Celestial Aura and natural attunement to the void enables them to lead circling of Magi more efficiently, being able to direct larger amounts of arcanic energy as a result of this intimate familiarity. This is also due to the Oathbond and arcanic connection between a Celestialist and their Scion, being able to rely on their companion to utilize Celestial Aura to actively repair the Veil while massive amounts of arcane energy that would normally pierce it congeal. Through this greater-bond in circling with Celestialist is also their ability to feel and meld aura, creating an emotional link amongst those circled and allowing them to reinforce each other with emotional sentiment magically interpreted. Where Greater Melding comes into full effect is between Master Celestialist and a pupil or peer since they may now enact a coupling much easier and during combat or training sessions. This allows for the mana of a single spell to be proportionally divided among the coupling, allowing for greater feats with a bit less drainage, though exhaustion is still evident. Likewise the Master Celestialist may also pass the role of Leader, or rather the one directing the casting of spell, to another person. The effect Greater Melding will have is mainly to benefit multiple Celestialists working together. The spells will take on the aura colors of those involved, demonstrating the unity amongst them. The one drawback to this smaller scale coupling is that physical contact is required or at the very least a shared medium. Scion Enlightenment: Active, non-combative: In the event a Celestialist is about to die (PK), or is on the brink of death, they can actively chose to sacrifice their mortal coil and amplitudes of Celestial Aura by entering a stasis where their remaining mortal essence is sent to out to their Scion and utilized in preserving the Veil for eternity. It is considered among the greatest privileges and sacrifices a Celestialist can make, following the path their Scion once took into unknown lands to preserve the mortal bastion for the descendants. How this would look would be unique to each Celestialist, but a massive amount of Celestial Aura would exude from their frame for brief moments before becoming one with their Scion in the Veil. Redlines: Celestial Art: Active, non-combative: With the departure of celestial familiars and the wonders once formally known as Arcanism lost to the sands of time, the Scions bestowed a final gift upon the descendants: the ability to mimic a pale imitation of the art once possible through the Arcane Mages gift. Through intense concentration and familiarization with one’s own Celestial Aura, a Celestialist can learn to manipulate its essence to perform feats that imitate the artful creations once so beloved by the ancient Celestialists of Arcanism. Although this luminescent Celestial Aura cannot be controlled to a truly fine degree, a practiced Celestialist can contorts its shape to resemble a wide variety of artful creations limited to their imagination and skill. Redlines: Purpose: The purpose of this lore is to provide an alternative in direction to evocationists seeking magical role-play not inherently centered around combat and stronger combative spells, but rather through the development of a unique magical relationship with a creature of the void that is less off-putting than some found of the older generation of Celestials. Celestialism promotes the opportunity of unique and engaging RP through ritualistic circles with other Celestialists, and also provides a direction for mage characters looking to serve a greater purpose. This iteration of Celestialism, while less endowed with power, still offers the chance to create magical environments and artifacts with crystal gardens, with the opportunity of introducing events for the mages of the server through corruption and other phenomenon. OOC & Acknowledgements:
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: _Princeton_ )) Name: Talar’siol Uradir Vote for Okarir’maehr: (XX) Silvyr Uradir ( ) Andria Aldin
  11. – Almost a full fortnight after the devastating encounter, the clinic within elcihi’thilln bursted with activity; the bodies of Mali’Thill Sillumiran, citizens, children, and even Valah alike filled the beds of the two-story building, their mutual groans of pain and agony invading the tranquility found and so regularly enjoyed by all within the Silver Walls. The gates to the Silver City stood barred, and on its parapets stood vigilant, if not slightly shaken Sillumiran, whose eyes and minds remained clouded by the horrors they only so recently endured. -- This grim and invasive silence would be interrupted by the dull resonating clang of iron meeting stone, successively followed by a loud scraping noise and the clamorous echo of an Elf in muddied and bloodied mail plate collapsing lifelessly to the ground. Before the iron gates of Haelun’or laid the battered and broken body of Talar’siol, his breastplate inexplicably caved in by force and his bloodied Sillumiran spear etched in Silver only a short distance away from his twitching hand. The youthful ‘Thill stared stiffly towards the sky, the iris of his right eye distorted into a milky white by cause of a jagged and revolting scar of alien origin running deeply and vertically through it. From the dry and cracked lips of the Tahorren would be uttered a single word – “Help.”
  12. THE BALLOT ((MC name: _Princeton_ )) Name: Talar’siol Uradir Vote for Okarir’tir: ( ) Alluin Seregon ( ) Elrion Visaj (XX) Celiasil ( ) Storm Elibar’acal
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