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  1. Asger looks over the document, furrowing a brow. ”That was quick. I wonder if it will stay strong.”
  2. Asger looks over the document, lightly squinting. “Oh, they must have mistook Rosenyr for the Grotto and killed all my sheep.”
  3. Khoren somehow finds one of these various flyers, noting the one and only Timothee de Fontaine. The large stone construct would rub its hands together stating a single word. ”TIM-OT-HEE.”
  4. No idea if I am apart of this. But I always had fun messing around with Tak on Khoren back in those months when you first joined, good luck with whatever you do next.
  5. Asger Nria quickly responds “Rosenyr is located on the Queens Isle towards the Druid Grove. Once you arrive at the island there will be signs guiding you.”
  6. Rosnian Ball of 1719 [!] Throughout the lands of Arcas, fliers scattered about with the royal seal of Rosenyr stamped onto it. For anyone who would happen upon one of these fliers would catch a slight whiff of roses and the sea. “For any who may find these fliers, you are formally invited to the Rosnian Ball of 1719. In this time of aggression between nations we in Rosenyr offer a calm escape for a day. We host a royal ball for all trapped in this time of war to show off your best attire. Music will be provided for you to dance to, and beverages to guide you through the night if you’re willing to pay. Ensure you are in formal wear so that a certain amount of respect for all is kept.” High Prince Asger Nria and High Princess Tali’ah Nria hope you can join them in this celebration of a separation from the stress of war. Signed High Prince Asger Nria of the Principality of Rosenyr High Princess Tali’ah Nria of the Principality of Rosenyr OOC information Location: The Principality of Rosenyr on the Queens Isle. The Rosnian Ball shall be held towards the docking area Date: Saturday the 8th of June 2019 Time: 7pm EST
  7. “S-ILL-Y G-UA-RD M-AN.” A large stone construct would comment once hearing about such events.
  8. Torf Valisson looks at the flier and gives a nod then simply carrying on with the rest of his day.
  9. [[OOC]] IGN: RaiderBlue Discord [Optional]: RaiderBlue#3404 [[IC]] Name: Cellanar Alvius Race: High Elf Age: 190 School(s) and Certifications applying to: Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane, Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary. Magics known prior: N/A Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Perhaps Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  10. Champion Torf Vallison looks out a window from the academy only hearing rumors and he draws his sword stating. “It was bound to happen at some point.”
  11. In-game name: RaiderBlue Roleplay name: Bravis Nria Skype (PM if desirable): raiderblue1 Do you belong to any other guilds (and if so, which?):
  12. When I was accepted I went on the server today and I was still a soul. I had made my rp sheet and I was in survivor mode and I would take damage and could not fly. But I was still a soul is their a way to fix this?
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