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  1. Thank you Archi, very cool.
  2. https://gyazo.com/a54de83d17bfa6189f422ff28b46f7e4 Perfection.
  3. Just a small question, why was there more signs added if the plan was to be rid of them?
  4. Hello yes, I’d like to complain about a Krugmas sleigh in my Cloud Temple.
  5. ”Well then.” a Mali’ame would comment to himself after reading through one of the various missives that were spread about.
  6. ”HA.” A stone construct would comment once it hears about the red man’s death.
  7. I guess we will see how round two goes for them.
  8. So is the purpose of charters strictly for achieving nation status? I understand a need to get rid of the straight up dead ones, but what about places that need a downsize rather than a straight up wipe? In my mind and perhaps I was wrong charters were a way to claim a plot of land for a group or family, sure some places want to grow into a nation but most just want a base. The rumor is also that free build won’t be a thing next map so that also brings the question of how these groups/ families will mark a spot in the world for themselves and their own personal groups role play? Also why are we reverting charters back to their original states, cities don’t just ******* poof? It ruins rp if a group has a base then they fall apart and not a single ruin stands of them, plus world editing a charter out leaves land scars and it looks terrible.
  9. Eh, It’s a neat plugin.
  10. Asger Nria nods to himself as he looks over the document once again. “Let us hope this matrimony provides both families with security and happiness.”
  11. MC Username: RaiderBlue Character name: Khoren Discord name: Raider#3404 ----------- Mina or USD: USD Accessories: (Extra accessories will cost an extra 1-5 USD depending on complexity, or 500-1000 mina)None (Price will be paid before file is given) ---------- Skin – Frontal view and side views (DO NOT send the skin file) References of hair – Any preferred pose – (Please remember this is a chibi, short arms, and will not show anything above the chest.)Nope Any Details I need to know? – He Is made out of rocks opposed to his propaganda photo Expression – (Please note I do not draw eyes, they are cute little beans or other styles, this is mainly for the mouth) He is a rock man so just neutral Cup Type: A wooden beerstein. Liquid: No Do you want anything on the mug: Nope ------- Do you understand that I do this as a hobby and will do yours in order, by saying yes you agree to not rush me. When I get to it, I get to it, okay? : Yepo
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