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  1. Sure I can add something, the previous guide quite literally had no restrictions like this as anyone who did attempt something like this would likely get shot immediatly. The intention is to have almost no combative use.
  2. Druidic Herblore Background/Origin Long throughout folklore, stories tell of stray hermits & sages surrounding themselves with the very world around them. Producing herbal brews that are said to grant its consumer strange dreams or lucid visions within their mind. While carrying a thin veil of natural healers, though holding some truth to these claims these Drudic Herbalists are often a rare sight as the art is often tokened as useless. The true origin of this plant altering set of abilities is lost within the ages, its true history likely lying within the grave of ancient druids of the Aspects. Herblore gave way to influencing the properties of many varieties of flora and fungi. Used in a majority as a cultural guise of worship while also giving way to forms of ritualistic healers to those of the forest. Magic Explanation Herblore is a druidic feat that allows for a druid to extend out their gifts, before altering the form of various plants to grant them additional or different abilities. This can be seen through the increasing and decreasing potency of herbs, allowing for shifts in its raw form or the creation of powerful psychedelics used in ritualistic manners. Primarily used for cultural means and healing, Herblore is exchanged from one druid to another through standard teachings. Not requiring as heavy a burden as many other druidic trees of learning. While in tune with many of the various druidic abilities still taking its fair share of time to master. Herblore is the modification of plants in a number of different facets mainly as a means of flavor roleplay. Herblore is a Druidic Feat that requires one to be a druid of at least Tier 3. Herblore is taught via a teacher that must hold a approved [TA]. Abilities Spell [Non-Combative] T1 - Alter Flora: The most basic and commonly used form of the ancient art, in which a druid is capable of altering various different properties of plants. Spell [Non-Combative] T2 - Granted Vision: An ability mainly created for the use of ritualistic trials and visions, a druid with herblore may create a psychedelic plant or drink that grants its consumer with a otherworldly vision. Spell [Combative] T2 - Sealing Moss: Often used in the heat of the moment a druid may quickly gather together various plants to morph together in a scabbing material to stop excessive blood loss. Enchantment [Non-Combative] T3 - Sproutling: At the pinnacle of manipulating the very nature of plants the most experienced of herbalist druids are able to create small companions to help complete tasks for them. Tier Progression Tier 1: The beginning stages of learning a Herbalist would learn the most basic of abilities, acquiring the ability to alter base plants. Lasting 1 week until reaching the intermediate stage. Tier 2: An intermediate stage in which a Herbalist will have acquired all essential abilities to alter various forms of flora and fungi. Lasting 3 weeks until reaching the mastered stage. Tier 3: The mastered stage of a Herbalist, acquiring a final ability to showcase their mastery in both Herblore and base Druidism. In total it will take 4 weeks since starting to master Herblore. Purpose Credits RaiderBlue (Writing) Delmodan (Previous Guide Spells) Art - Chris Rahn
  3. I know the child being a physical reproduction might matter to some people being able to do "blood of my blood rp", but this also can just play into what I said previously. A priestess of bolomormaa some how finds a child that is the spitting image of both parents, making them believe it's their blood child. Intentions aside I believe you could still gather the type of rp you are looking for without the inclusion of the mani directly being put into players hands, even if for such a small thing.
  4. I'm going to come in with a bit of a hot take on this post. While I do find the added option is nice for players to have more avenues of getting a child I feel like the explanation or insertion of a mani being able to create a descendant is a bit weak. I understand that the Wild Faith culture sees the Mani as pretty much dieties themselves but it's hardly the case realistically. Personally I think this could simply be a cultural thing where a priestess of Bolomormaa sees a couple wishing for a child and they give them a orphan infant or something without the couple knowing. On the whole FTB topic, no one forces players to do that rp. If someone wants to simply spawn in a child almost no one will stop them.
  5. Leopold would have rarely been present within the confines of the Illatian city of Florentine, though on this particular day he stopped to think for a moment while collecting a herb. "Maybe I should, check in with the ol' guy."
  6. As long as CT is made of sandstone and has the iconic signs that were removed two maps ago I’ll be happy
  7. Very well Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: RaiderBlue#3404 Bid: 35
  8. Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: RaiderBlue#3404 Bid: 25
  9. Skin Name: Traveler's Garb Discord: Raisinful | RaiderBlue#3404 Bid: $15
  10. It is finished, now BobBox will go on to his next five projects.
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