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  1. An aged paladin, mourned in solitude over his fallen mentor. (Reserved)
  2. better than the sean_vevo one i think
  3. The final mentor of the late Alberic, awaited in the agreed upon meeting place for their next lessons for the Young Keeper never to arrive. In the following days the mentor conferred with those close to him, the fallen brother would not go unknown, retribution would be sought.
  4. If you want you could also add in stuff for like Awakened Staffs since a lot of druids have that. BobBox and I used them when we were making Druidic Blood Magic.
  5. I now it doesn’t really matter but I’m curious why you added specific kuila counts. Especially since it’s just an open resource that can get spammed.
  6. Honestly, we have way too many bloated do everything materials at the moment that I really don't think this has a real purpose aside from just making another type of sword people will be swinging around. I think the lightstone idea could be interesting, cause it would actually incentivize the safe keeping of whats meant to be important deific crystals. But I really don't think holy orders will form around this material and it will be more akin to "Insert Node farmer making sword, hits dark mage really good with new sword he made."
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