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  1. @Asunowannah help kill lizards? :)
  2. Some Highlander looks over the missive from across Almaris. "Huh?"
  3. Left with his own thoughts, the lone highlander resided along the rocky coasts & sheer shores the Urguani land offered. The ever present salt foam pressing against the jagged formations, assisted by the salty aroma the young man greatly enjoyed in his youth. Before faced once more with the confusion brought to him by the written message. What had brought her to this encounter? Why is there a letter? Had she not even fought for her life he had claimed was important? A harsh inhale then as Nikolai appeared to have decided for himself. As the shifting waves made their impacts against the jagged shore he stood himself up removing a glimmering stone. An ever so gentle hum sounded from the stone as a scowl formed on his features. She had been just as greedy as they said. She would not be forgotten, although in contrast to a kind memory. The highlander then placed the stone back within his overcoats pocket once more before sending a glance out into the shifting waves once more. A frown then formed in reflection before he turned to walk elsewhere along the coast. “May your soul be taken with swiftness, you poor fool.”
  4. Brother Spore, a member of the Father Circle who resided within it's grove most of the time would have most likely seen the young Druid making his way out of the vacant circle. The man formed a slight frown as he noted this might be the last time that Amaesil would reside within the grove. A feeling that appeared all to present with those he had talk to regarding his circle. "A shame at what has become, but the only way is to continue forward." The 'ame would comment softly to no one in particular, more likely than not the various creatures that made their home around his cliffside home.
  5. “Strange how most of these people are druids.” Some elf would comment idly within his home.
  6. oh cool, i remember you telling me about this close to a year ago now based lore
  7. IGN: RaiderBlue Character name: Asger Nria Which games are you signing up for: All of them.
  8. Brother Spore sat within his home residing in the Father Circle by his lonesome within the late night. A tea set laid out before him with a steaming pot and a cups set for two, although no one would be joining him tonight. Asger opened his eyes once the vision had ended, the cup of tea that rested within his lap still steaming as Taynei's wave washed over those attuned. “It was a pleasure to meet you sister.” The younger Druid's hand seemed to shake for a moment as he glanced down at the cup within his lap, raising it a moment later taking a sip then releasing a drawn out sigh. “I will take the lesson you passed on to us four, to my own students one day.” He gave an affirmative nod at that as he moved to place the cup of tea back down before releasing a light exhale. “Even if I don’t smell right like Brother Jay.”
  9. Brother Spore reared his head back as the vision ended as it came as a thorough shock to the younger Druid. A huff releasing from the 'ame as he was briefly reminded of his interaction with the being a elven day prior.
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