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  1. IGN: RaiderBlue Character name: Asger Nria Which games are you signing up for: All of them.
  2. Brother Spore sat within his home residing in the Father Circle by his lonesome within the late night. A tea set laid out before him with a steaming pot and a cups set for two, although no one would be joining him tonight. Asger opened his eyes once the vision had ended, the cup of tea that rested within his lap still steaming as Taynei's wave washed over those attuned. โ€œIt was a pleasure to meet you sister.โ€ The younger Druid's hand seemed to shake for a moment as he glanced down at the cup within his lap, raising it a moment later taking a sip then releasing a drawn out sigh. โ€œI will take t
  3. Brother Spore reared his head back as the vision ended as it came as a thorough shock to the younger Druid. A huff releasing from the 'ame as he was briefly reminded of his interaction with the being a elven day prior.
  4. haha was shade, haha magic go bye bye, now wonk go bye bye.
  5. yo, rukio has sat in cryostasis playing bed wars and making lore. crazy brother.
  6. Brother Spore would hum a bit as he prepared some tea inside of his cliffside home; meandering into a chair in front of his fireplace. โ€œMy, I certainly didnโ€™t think heโ€™d voice his opinions. But then again it is Wildfire.โ€ The โ€˜ame brought the cup of tea he held up towards his lips taking a sip, setting the missive to the side. โ€œI suppose Iโ€™ll just wait to see what reaction his sparks have on our nationโ€
  7. https://gyazo.com/2eacd223240dfa5b0026ee5360a40667 2015 Dire Cave Chicken event... https://gyazo.com/f39354e97d666334351b060b69269b10 2016 Moments before newbie guild is mass killed by Ancient Golems. https://gyazo.com/06a8c52445504c4a6341102898f752ba Yeah.
  8. I was in a Michael Bublรฉ mood this morning.
  9. We had a couple good conversations when we'd be awkwardly left with each other in a VC. My question for you is "What music have you been listening to recently?"
  10. _Twi


    1. Asuno


      very of the stinky poopy man

  11. Yes, I would also like to find the lost arc of the covenant.
  12. Some elf prepared some tea for the womanโ€™s return.
  13. It finally happened, amen brother.
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