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  1. Clan Ó Néill Leader: Aodh Mór Ó Néill Day by day the village of Baile Átha Cliath grew, recently being able to be considered a town, and having two markets built in it and soon a port is to be constructed there a year from now. All along the eastern coastline of Ériu Villages are beginning to grow. With funds a few could become Towns, with markets and ports that trade with each other, and the rest of the island but also with the rest of the British Isles and even Scandinavia. Further inland, in county Tipperary the High King and his new general Conchubhar Daíthi Mac Cába march at the head of six thousand soldiers and two Ballista weapons. War looms. (Aodh Mór Ó Néill) ____________________________________________________ Actions Village (10k Gold) Ballistae x2 (2k Gold) -500 Archers, trained (4,500k gold) - 1k Archers & 1k Medium Infantry upgraded to T2 tools (4,800k gold)
  2. Clan Ó Néill Leader: Aodh Mór Ó Néill  The wind was blowing fiercely against the trees and the landscape around Aodh’s caravan. Rain was falling and the sky was a light shade of green, and cloudy. With the green of the grass, and the leaves on the trees and bushes this was a sight to behold. Though they couldn’t stick around to enjoy it. There was a storm on the way and they had to make it to Teamhrach in haste. With the explosion of people living in the trade town of Baile Átha Cliath, the whole surrounding area had seen a large vise in population growth, including the now large village surrounding the hill of Tara in which he had been frequenting since proclaiming himself High King. The King would need to raise his army by at least 2 thousand more men if he had any hope of defeating the Tuamhains. As they rode the last stretch of the way the storm had picked up and as Aodh looked around on horseback at the sky and the lightning streaking through the sky he heard many of his men praying to God, or their Gods, as not all of the island had converted to Christianity. Aodh could sense his men's fear and shouted over the storm “ Aye this is a big one. But there’s no need to worry boys, we’re only a few miles outside Teamhrach, we’ll be there in no time lads, sitting around a nice warm fireplace drinking some ale listening to a seanchaidhe tell us a story I promise.” Even if they’d said something in response Aodh wouldn't have been able to hear a thing as two loud eruptions of thunder were followed by lighting crashing down to the earth rumbling the whole world around them. The King was in the process of expanding his army to take down his rival. But it would be probably multiple years before this was complete. (Aodh Mór Ó Néill) ____________________________________________________ Actions -1,000 Light Cav, trained (10k gold) -2 Markets (15k gold) -500 Archers, trained (4,500k gold)
  3. Clan Ó Néill Leader: Aodh Mór Ó Néill Aodh Mór Ó Néill had spent the greater part of his life off in the northern half of the island, with his clan, and the Northern Uí Néill. This was one of the last bastions of Gaelic power on the island. Most of the other large clans pledged fealty to the empire and in recent years even, a Gaelic Governor of the island was chosen. Everyone else seed to accept things and go on living their lives. But not Aodh’s family. Living out in the far North they hardly ever had contact with the Empire. They hardly went that far north. Their roads never went anywhere near the north. And they had almost no power up there, where people still lived the way that had long before the Empire. Aodh’s family had seen the decline of the Empire on the island and made sure they completely held control of the north so they had a base to fight the empire from. Then in the last few years, after forcing the Empire to its breaking point on the island and almost completely removing it from the Island, except for the city of Corcaigh and the surrounding lands from it. The rest of the island fell under the control of either the O’Neill’s, or the Tuamhain’s. Though this is only temporary though, as his father, and Aodh himself wants all of the island under their control. The Gaelic people of the island spent hundreds, thousands of years fighting each other for power or land. It seemed there was no end in sight to that. Then the Empire came and forcibly ended that cycle of violence and forced their foreign traditions and culture upon the Gaelic Irish. The O’Neill family will make sure that doesn’t continue any further. The island would be theirs, and they would form their own Kingdom out of it. And then after that was done Aodh would pursue his dream of exploring the sea’s for a new far off land to explore. One such place, a land at the edge of the world, somewhere far off the coast of Ireland. But now, Aodh’s time has come. Hopefully he can quickly strike his enemies and press his rightful claim as High King of all Ireland. First he needs to build up his funds, and his power base further to prepare for a war. (Aodh Mór Ó Néill) ____________________________________________________ Actions -Reinstituted Brehon Law -Built 4 farms (mod) -Proclaims himself High King of Ireland -Built two towns (mod) -15k saved for next turn (mod)
  4. Nation applying for: Clan O’Neill BREIF History of your Nation: After the Island of Éire was subdued by the Empire for 300 years most Clans stopped fighting and swore fealty to the Empire. And there was ‘peace’ and prosperity as they ‘civilized’ the island building roads and building cities and teaching the native people their ways. Eventually Clan O’Neill headed by Aodh Mór Ó Néill together with a southern clan Tuamhain they struck the empire while it was weakened and busy elsewhere and now the only place on the island still under Imperial control is the city of Cork and its surrounding lands. Must confine with stated above, you have some creative freedom Leader(s): Aodh Mór Ó Néill
  5. Actions -Many gun smiths from Brandenburg are contracted with large orders of firearms and ammunition (enough to aptly supply the current troop numbers that are lacking equipment) -Any further cannons that can be made via the bits of funding they’ve received from Prussia - Any deal made with Poland gets cancelled in its tracks due to massive foreign pressure from higher powers.
  6. Brandenburg-Preußen Music Late winter, 1684. Intro In an attempt to create a large army of standardized conscripts Frederick had failed, though he had an army of 20k, now. It wasn’t nearly the 35-40k army he wished for, and conscription was a bust. Though this would not be his last attempt. As the snow began to stop falling Frederick William sat on a tree stump drinking a cup of Spruce needle tea with his vanguard whilst he waited for his son and his companions to arrive with the bags and wagons for their journey to Berlin. Frederick was at the outskirts on the western side of Konigsberg admiring the scenery, he quite enjoyed Prussia in the Winter, he was horizontal to the road and listened to the whirl of wind blowing snow all around and into the now bare trees devoid of life, like a skeleton hand sticking out of the ground. He had had plenty of time to think. Clearly trying to implement these changes wouldn’t be possible in times of peace, so he would have to wait for the perfect moment to start his recruitment and arming. For now he would stick to improving the economy and increasing the output of arms and munitions slowly over time. Frederick was also well aware of the large waste of his budget he had just used, which angered him greatly but there wasn’t anything he could do now that it was done. He would make sure and cut expenses from his personal spending, via extravagant parties and the like, only the bare necessities from now on. No more living a wasteful life he told himself flat out. And as he set out for Berlin he came up with a new plan. Economy Firstly he would implement a census in all of his lands, with the intent to gather information about population, and to also try and improve tax efficiency so the realms coffers get replenished. Then he would go about improving the industries in which made the most money, and with that he would use it on his military ambitions, and to further improve centralization in the future. ___________________________________________________________________________ Actions -Many gun smiths from Brandenburg are contracted with large orders of firearms and ammunition (enough to aptly supply the current troop numbers that are lacking equipment) -Construction of the 45 cannons is slowed dramatically, only as many as can fit in the budget are to be produced any further -Subsidies are given to the Prussian maritime industries to aid in their further expansion
  7. Brandenburg-Preußen Deep in the vast fields and forests, lakes, marshes, and lowlands of the vast lands of Prussia, and Brandenburg, her dominions have been making steady progress after the devastations of the great religious war that lasted 22 years. centralizing the political administration, reorganizing the state finances, rebuilding towns and cities damaged in the fighting though by now almost all the damage done was fixed and Brandenburg Prussia was seemingly on the rise, by now an experienced Frederick William in both Military, and matters and ruling and politics. But Frederick William of the House Hohenzollern wanted more. Not just for him, but of his lands.For the last few hundred years him and all the inhabitants of Prussia and their rulers have been under Polish Vassalage, and recently a Swedish one to get out from under the Polish. Frederick is determined to expand his power, and lands. If Prussia is to become what it is meant to be, a large army will have to be amassed over the coming months. Frederick calls for 20k more men to be recruited and trained for the army, bringing the total count to 35k, this will be done over a year and a half, or longer and just starts now. Production of military equipment is put in high importance, and as many as 45 cannons and ammunition for them are ordered to be constructed, as well as firearms and ammo in bulk to supply the army, and send some to France. While the Civilian Industry is also expanded upon, Military industrial strength is of utmost importance to the future of the realm. Another thing introduced is Military reforms, introducing conscription Diplomats are sent to Russia, Austria, Sweden, Poland, and France to maintain good relations, as well as to further trade. In Prussia, bills are passed and an importance on becoming a key player in Baltic trade in all areas are pushed for, including fishing and Amber collection and processing and much more. Furthermore, population growth is heavily promoted, and the further settling of Germans in Prussia and the Ermland is encouraged. ___________________________________________________________________________ Actions – Military reform passed introducing conscription. -an effort is made to expand private arms industry in all of Brandenburg- Prussia. -Recruitment of 20k men begins, though it is expected to take much time -Construction of 45 cannons is started, as well as all private artillery foundries are expanded -Diplomats are sent to Russia, Sweden, Poland, and France in an effort to maintain good relations with the powerful neighbors as well as more trade agreements with Sweden and France. -Prussian trade in the Baltic is increased, and all maritime industries like fishing and amber collection and processing are promoted within the local economies of Prussia to create demand and competition for Prussian industries and goods within the Baltic. And the price at which amber is sold is increased.
  8. Nation: Brandenburg-Preußen Leader : Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg ‘the Great Elector’ Frederick William was a renown Military commander, and a staunch member of the Calvinist faith who restored the Hohenzollern dominions after the devastations of the Thirty Years’ War—centralizing the political administration, reorganizing the state finances, rebuilding towns and cities, developing a strong army, and acquiring clear sovereignty over ducal Prussia. Heir: Frederick I Discord: already in
  9. Deutsches Reich _____________________________________________________ Wiederbewaffnung Re-armament continues full speed ahead, 20 more U boats are planned, 4 battleships, 5 heavy cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 4 destroyers. Weapon Manufacturers pump out Rifles, pistols, machine guns, and grenades and ammo in mass working around the clock. Military research and development continues as planned. A special project is started, and a new Machine Gun is nearly finished being developed. _____________________________________________________ Branchenwachstum A Prolonged war economy policy is continually At the same time as this Germany introduces many infrastructure public work programs as well as the demand for factory workers triples as the German war machine pumps out war material 24/7. And with the help of Sweden, sending mass amounts of raw Iron and other materials German production reaches new heights. ___________________________________________________ Militär The Army is 2,000,000 men strong now, 2,000,000 to go. Development of the Panzer II & III continues and is heavily funded Because of the lack of oil in Germany, The Reich opts to implement the usage of large amounts of Horses to haul everything from Artillery, supplies, to Troops to the front. In order to do this Large numbers of horses will have to be procured . Horses well suited to lifting heavy loads and hauling wagons. The Reich ordered immediate mass breeding of Trakehner Horses. The Reich would pay top dollar for these Horses. And a small society of Trakehner breed enthusiasts is established in Neumark. The goal is to bring Trakehner population up from 22k to 47k. Total horses needed from all of Germany is 2 million. *Secret military project research is continued* ______________________________________________ Innen- und Außenpolitik Celebrations continue to be had in cities all across germany continues all throughout the months following the start of ‘34. The savior of the German people had finally come. If you were out during these the air would be filled with cheers and applause, and some boos as never ending Columns of Hitler supporters marched across towns and cities. Whatever your stance on the man and his beliefs it was clear that a new age of Germany was taking hold. Whether that was a good thing remains to be seen and is up for interpretation. Reuniting Southern Schleswig with the Reich, taking great steps in the repair of the economy, and with many social programs aimed at rewarding workers with cheaper vacations for them and their families national socialism began to take the Reich by storm and draw in many, including past skeptics of the Nazis. But. There remained a considerable sum even within the right wing and centre who remained loyal to the Kaiser, and dreamed of his return. As the Nazis implemented more socialist policies this also had the effect of disenfranchising the Old Regime supporters. As the new year begins, at the end of January. On the 27th the Kaiser celebrated his 75th birthday surrounded by his family who came to see him in Doorn, Netherlands. Back in Germany on that day celebrations by Monarchists were held openly, and when Hitler ordered them broken up the many of the police officers were understanding and nodded to the Monarchists and walked away. Though the Communist party and all others were outlawed, there was still a small increase of monarchist support slowly growing in the Reich. Though Hitler’s grip held. ______________________________________________ Kraft durch Freude Strength through Joy, a large state operated leisure organization, part of the ‘German Labour Front’, it is to promote the advantages of national socialism to the people by giving them access to affordable leisure activities such as concerts, plays, libraries, day trips, holiday trips, hiking, sports clubs, and cruises. All of which would also aim to bridge the gap between middle and lower classes, all while also stimulating the economy by stimulating the tourism industry for Germany. ______________________________________________ Aktionen -Austrian sentiment for German unification begins spread in Austria, and Germany continues in the background -Germanization policy of Polish parts of Silesia and East Prussia continue through to the final stretch finishing its goal of Germanization of Poles. [Mod] - Construction on 20 more U boats are planned for the year, 4 battleships, 5 heavy cruisers, 3 light cruisers, 4 destroyers. [mod] -Strength through Joy ‘KdF’ programs established and promoted to the people. -Population growth continues, creation of Medals and awards like the Cross of Honour of the German Mother to incentivise women to have more children, doing so would make them praised by society and would give them a sense of purpose and duty. [mod] -Public works projects such as the Autobahn continue. [mod] -Southern Schleswig is reintegrated into the Reich, as it was an ethnic German province given to Denmark after the great war. -German Industry, and Army continue to work towards being able to run the economy and industry efficiently even through wars, and long lasting wars - Development of the Panzer II & III continues [mod] *Secret military project research is continued* [mod] -mass Horse breeding to get as many military purpose horses all over Germany in an effort to obtain 2,000,000 horses since Germany’s oil supply isn’t big enough for mass motorization. [mod] - Trakehner Horses are bred from 22k to 47k, along with other East Prussian horses [mod]
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-uYCbnmLuQ King: Robb Stark Heir: Prince Eddard Stark Manpower: 23k Seat: Winterfell Words: Winter is coming House Sigil: Direwolf Titles: King of the North, and the Trident Winterfell, The Man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. With the ending of the Grey wedding any remaining Bolton men would bend the knee to Robb, King of the North and the Trident, and swear fealty to him and join his ranks. Deep in the Dungeons Roose and Ramsay, who now had a bandaged hand from his knife wound from Arya sat in the darkness in their own **** for 4 days. Finally it was time to decide their fate. Robb stark ordered them brought to the courtyard of the castle where many from Robb's host and Wintertown civilians had gathered, As the Guards brought forth the two men all sound in the courtyard died instantly. As the men approached Ramsey Bolton was thrown down into the snowy mud and surrounded by guards, while Roose was treated with more respect being the Lord of the Dreadfort. Robb Stark spoke. “Ramsey Bolton, you stand accused of treason against the North, the murder of innocent men women and children and the arson of this Castle, my home. Add these to the charges against your father, It seems to me that you also conspired against my family, Guardians of the North. That is yet another crime you have committed. You and your father have been nothing but trouble for the north, and you will both be punished for your crimes. The normal penalty for committing such a list of serious offenses is death. But seeing as you committed these crimes against me and my people I took that very personally.But I will be more fair to you then you were to Maester Luwin, and the people of this town you butchered, whose lives and homes went up in flame. You will fight me with no weapon but your fists, If you best me in hand to hand combat I will let you go back to the Dreadfort, and you can live with your shame for the rest of your life, stripped of all titles and positions. If I win you… you’ll wish you were dead and regret ever setting foot in Winterfell. You will be kept in the Dungeons living out the remainder of your days as a prisoner. He finished, and waited for Ramsey’s response. Ramsey spoke, “I accept your offer Stark.” A guard moves over to Ramsey and unshakels his cuffs and kicks him forward while Robb steps forward. Ramsey stands up, faces Robb and gets in a defensive stance as Robb takes a few steps towards him. “I’m going to enjoy this Robb.” Ramsey spoke as he spat near Robb Robb and Ramsey began to fight. Robb punched at Ramsey expecting him to block it, and then sent a right hook at the side of Ramsey’s Jaw while it was undefended. Ramsey stepped back and hit Robb in the gut and the chest before Robb steps to the right of Ramsey and throws a fist into Ramsey’s kidneys and uses that second to completely stand at Ramsey’s Rear and kick the back of his knee where it meets the lower leg, causing Ramsey to fall down on his knees instantly. Following this a second kick to the back of Ramsey’s head sends him face first into the mud. After a moment Ramsey regains his balance and stands and lunges at Robb as the two start trading blows to the face. The crowds cheer on Robb and send curses and insults towards Ramsey Robb grabs hold of Ramsey and knees him 5 times in the guts before chucking him face first into a cobble fence and bashes his face against it a few times before grabbing him below the arms and dragging him to the left to throw him on the ground, as he does this Ramsey tries to elbow Robb but it doesn’t cause a reaction from Robb who chucks him back into the mud. Robb lets him turn himself over and as Ramsey does this he kicks Robb in the nuts and stumbles up and punches Robb in the nose. While Ramsey had been focusing on that Robb punches Ramsey in the nose and a spurt of blood sprays out. By now both men were bloody and bruise Robb clutching his nuts in one hand spits out blood and says “So you like to fight dirty, Bastard?” Then he charges Ramsey tackling him into the mud, following up with a series of quick punches to the face. He grabs Ramsey’s wounded hand, and sticks a finger in it before breaking his arm. Ramsey screamed in pain, and kicked Robb in the gut and stumbled to his feet, but before he could catch his balance Robb, with one hand clutching his guts, sends an uppercut towards Ramsey’s face and luckily it connected at just the right angle under the jaw that it sent Ramsey slumping backwards into the mud. Almost losing conciousness Ramsey lays there while Robb kneels down over him so he couldn’t get up and punches Ramsey in the face one fist after another 10 times, but 10 led to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Trying to ignore the pain in his knuckles Robb sends 5 more hard hits into Ramsey’s blooded face before getting to his feet and standing over Ramsey as he spits up blood that he’s choking on and all that can be heard is gurgles and gasping, walking away from Ramsey Robb turns and walks to Roose, wipes more blood from his nose and lips before looking to Roose “Lord Bolton, you should of chosen a better fighter to be your heir. Today your treachery ends.” Roose is walked over to the cobble fence and kneeled down over the wall, facing Ramsey who still laid their disoriented, nearly unconscious spitting out blood. Robb walks over, picks up Ice and unsheats it “What are your last words Lord Bolton?” Robb calmly says “ Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort. Here in sight of Gods and men I, Robb Stark, King of the North and Trident sentence you to die, would you speak a final word?” “I wish you luck Robb Stark, The North may yet survive. Your father was weak because of his code of ‘Honor’ holding him back from making the right choices for the north, I see you are nothing like him, Breaking guest right, promising to marry a Frey and breaking it. Any honor you had before the war is gone.. At the beginning of this war I saw how you looked at me, like I was a monster, you cringed and shuddered at me because of our traditions, now you are no different to us. That fact will keep me happy for the last few seconds of my life.” Robb grits his teeth in anger, visibly angry but still trying to maintain his composure he raises Ice and with one clean swing Roose Bolton’s head falls into the mud and rolls near Ramsey. House Bolton was no more. Ramsey stood up, looked at Robb who was wiping off the blood from his sword, spat blood at him and spoke “You’re going to regret this day Robb, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill your whole family and finish what I started and burn this piece of **** castle to the ground, and then burn its remains. You letting me live will be the last thing you ever do. Before stumbling to Robb and attacking him, But Robb had a big upper hand and punched him 4 times in the face before shoving him into the wall and taking ice and shoving it against Ramsey’s hand and in a rage he pressed the blade hard into his hand, cutting slightly into the bone before beating him to the ground and said “Your father is dead, and I strip you of all titles and holdings you might have enharated. You will continue to be known as Ramsey Snow, like the bastard you are, and you will rot in the Winterfell dungeons for the rest of your life serving your sentence. Guards take the bastard and get his wound cauterized and patched up and put him in his cell.” Ramsey was trying to hold back his screams and gritting his teeth while he was hauled off with his hand dangling off by the wrist. The courtyard erupted in applause and cheered on Robb “King of the North!” , before he sheathed Ice and went inside and went inside. _______________________________________________________________ A week later.. Robb had been spending time with his family, especially Arya, who he had been training to fight. But as he was King and had to go North soon, and hearing from her that she doesn’t want to be a princess, she is a fighter and wants to learn. Robb gives her a bit of money and some House Guard to travel to Bravvos. (Robb’s Throne in Winterfell) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Characters Robb Stark and Grey Wind ( Heading to the wall) Bran Stark and Summer: ( Missing) Catelyn Stark ( Winterfell) Sansa Stark (Winterfell) Arya Stark (headed to Bravvos ) Rickon Stark, Osha, and Shaggy Dog: (Winterfell ) Brienne of Tarth ( With the brothers without banners accompanied by Jaime lannister) Maergery Stark: (Winterfell) Prince Eddard of House Stark: (Winterfell) Jon Snow and Ghost: (The Wall?) Lady: Dead Nymeria: Roaming the woods. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Actions Arya leaves on her own and Travels to bravvos Roose Bolton is executed after his trial, and Ramsey Bolton is stripped of all titles and imprisoned after losing a hand. Robb and his army continue heading north and march to the Wall The Starks begin to hand out food and supplies to the needy for winter. Maergery and Robb conceive a second child Winterfell reconstruction finishes, The Starks remain at winterfell A force of 3k previously trained troops, and the Wolfsguard guard Winterfell.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-uYCbnmLuQ King: Robb Stark Heir: Bran Stark Manpower: 23k Seat: Winterfell Words: Winter is coming House Sigil: Direwolf Titles: King of the North, and the Trident Winterfell, Cat, Arya, Sansa, Maergery, Robbs baby who is named Eddard, after his Grandfather. And some Tully men go back to Winterfell, where repairs have been underway, and citizens have returned back to Wintertown. A new Maester is called for, and life for the Starks in Winterfell goes back to ‘normal’ as normal as can be anymore. A house Guard is set up to protect to the castle and the starks. Robb Stark while preparing for the final preparations of the Wedding writes to his family and tells them he will try and be back soon. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Characters Robb Stark (leading his host to the Dreadfort) Bran Stark ( Missing) Catelyn Stark ( Winterfell) Sansa Stark (Winterfell) Arya Stark (Winterfell) Rickon Stark, Osha, and the Dire Wolves (With the Umbers) Brienne of Tarth ( With the brothers without banners accompanied by Jaime lannister) Maergery Stark: (Winterfell) Prince Eddard of House Stark: (Winterfell) __________________________________________________________________________________________ Actions -creation of the Kingsguard to protect the Starks at Winterfell -A wedding is set up for the Starks and the Boltons -loyal houses to the Starks are invited - 10 cannons are set up around Winterfell -reconstruction of Winterfell continues
  12. Deutsches Reich ein neues reich With the Reich now in complete control of the Führer Germany quickly begins restoring its country to greatness. The Treaty of Versailles had taken the German people’s land, honor, dignity, and economy down with it. And now the fate of the German people was in one man’s hands. A man who promised to restore the people’s lost lands, their honor and dignity, and the economy. Adolf Hitler stands atop a podium in Nuremberg during the Annual Nazi Party Rally. He stands there looking out at the crowd of loyal followers. He pauses for a moment. Letting silence envelop the crowd of 700,000 people. And then he spoke. “ deutsches volk, meine Freunde.. Ich stehe vor dir, siegreich in meinem Kampf. Jetzt wird es zu unserem Kampf. Ein neuer Kampf. Dies ist die Rallye Reichsparteitag des Sieges. Mit Gott als Zeugen verspreche ich, das deutsche Volk in ein neues Zeitalter zu bringen. Ein neues Reich. Keiner von Königen oder Adeligen regiert. Und kein von Juden besetztes Deutschland. Unser Imperium wird nicht dem kulturellen Marxismus verfallen. Dieses Reich ist ein Volk der Menschen. Für die Leute. Ein ethnischer deutscher Staat. In den nächsten Jahren werde ich mich darauf konzentrieren, die Ketten des Versailler Vertrages zu brechen. Wiederaufbau dieser Länder Industrie und Wirtschaft. Und die Gesellschaft als Ganzes wiederaufbauen. Und die Ehre jedes Deutschen wieder herzustellen. Deutsches Volk, gib mir dein Bestes, gib mir dein Schweißblut und deine Tränen und ich werde dir eine Zukunft geben. Eine deutsche Zukunft Wir werden gemeinsam über unser Schicksal entscheiden. Und wir werden alles riskieren, um zu sehen, wie unsere Träume Wirklichkeit werden. Wir alle erinnern uns an 'den großen Krieg' und viele von uns, die darin gekämpft haben, waren vergessen. Von jüdischen Tieren verraten. In den Rücken gestochen und dann nach vier Jahren Blutungen und Erstickungsgefahr in Frankreich nach Hause marschiert. Und dafür bekamen wir nichts für unsere opfer. Wir wurden beschämt und gedemütigt und noch weiter wurde unser Land im Osten aufgeteilt. Und das Elsass wurde im Westen aufgenommen, darüber Eupen-Malmedy. Und Schleswig Holstein im Norden. Und im Osten auch ein Teil von Schlesien. und was ist mit den Deutschen in Österreich? Die deutschen Habsburger verloren den größten Teil ihres Reiches. Österreich ist aber genauso deutsch wie dieses Land. Sie sind unsere Verwandten. Die Habsburger haben sie in die Irre geführt. Nach der deutschen Revolution von 1848/49 sollten sich Österreich und Preußen zusammenschließen. Aber die Königsgier hielt Österreich von Preußen getrennt. Die Habsburger und die Hohenzollern sind der einzige Grund, warum Österreich nicht mit dem Rest ihrer Bevölkerung verbunden ist. Obwohl der Aufstand von 1848 gescheitert ist und die Idee eines demokratischen Deutschlands, wie wir gesehen haben, nicht ihren Träumen von einem vereinten deutschen Staat mit allen Deutschen gerecht wird, die alle mit eingeschlossen sind. Von Hannover bis Kärnten, vom Elsass nach Ostpreußen. jetzt ist es Zeit für ein deutsches reich. Österreicher, das Reich heißt Sie herzlich willkommen. Deutschland muss sich mit Österreich vereinigen. Mit den Habsburgern haben Sie keine Zukunft. Die Zukunft ist deutsch.” (an Excerpt from the speech) _____________________________________________________ Österreich Germany starts promoting Austrian sentiment to join the Reich, and loads of propaganda is distributed . _____________________________________________________ Branchenwachstum As Germany industry grows. Hitler begins to focus the economy on being able to run at full speed during war. Shifting to a war economy. The German economy and Armed forces will be able to function during prolonged wars. Germany also focuses on finding trade partners, and offers are sent to Sweden, the Netherlands, and Russia. The German government begins to sell firearms and vehicles to other countries in exchange for cash. ___________________________________________________ Militär The Army is around a 1,000,000 men strong, but the Führer has asked for 4,000,000. Mass Recruitment drives are started and aims to finish recruitment by 1937-1938. plus 30,000 in the SS-Verfügungstruppe, 400,000 in the Luftwaffe (Air Force) and 50,000 in the Kriegsmarine. Development of the Panzer III continues and is heavily funded *Secret military project research is continued* Volunteers sent to Britain ______________________________________________ Innen- und Außenpolitik The click of boots against the cobbles echoes throughout cities all across germany continues all throughout the month of October. The savior of the German people had finally come. If you were out during these the air would be filled with cheers and applause, and some boos as never ending Columns of Hitler supporters marched across towns and cities. Whatever your stance on the man and his beliefs it was clear that a new age of Germany was taking hold. Whether that was a good thing remains to be seen and is up for interpretation. ______________________________________________ Aktionen -Austrian sentiment for German unification begins spread in Austria, and Germany. -Germanization policy of Polish parts of Silesia and East Prussia continue. -Population growth continues. -Public works projects such as the Autobahn continue. -Tanks, artillery, and weapons are sent to the Chinese nationalists, Britain, Brazil(guns guns and artillery), and to Egypt in exchange for money. -German Industry, and Army begin to shift towards a war economy and shape the economy around lasting through long wars. - Development of the Panzer III continues *Secret military project research is continued* -Volunteer divisions sent to Britain - Build up of the Navy continues, as well as 10 Uboats.
  13. United Provinces of Ireland Population:9,348,549 Year: 1922 Michael Collins awoke, the sun was shining through his bedroom windows. He turned over in his bed and saw Kitty still asleep and for a moment watched her sleep and felt happy and smiled. They had been married for five months, and Kitty was Pregnant with their first child, the two lived in a house in Queenstown County Cork, where by now the city was in the Gaeltacht, and the city had grown with the rest of the country and had around 11k inhabitants. In Ireland cities, Towns, Villages, and the rural areas were filling up with people again. And the total population of the Island was now over 9 million. Meaning not only had the population returned to pre famine levels, but people were starting to really embrace their Gaelic identity, even outside of the Gaeltacht, which had also expanded. Irish people were speaking Gaelic in their daily lives. Industry and manufacturing was and had been growing throughout the last 8 years, and the life expectancy rates have gone up, while the child mortality rates have gone down. Ireland is on a path to no longer be the poor peasant island in Europe, but a prosperous, developed nation like Britain, Germany, france, and the like. The government planned to maintain funding for Industry growth, but also to start passing much needed agricultural reforms, fund public works like roads and rails, and construction projects like housing. Arthur Griffith collapsed on his way home one day in August, Doctors diagnosed him with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. And he died in hospital a few days later. ______________________________________________________ Internal Reform Industrial growth is heavily funded. Gaelic revival policies continues, it's been going really well so the goal is to keep going the same pace. Textile manufacturing promotion is continued. Irish Nationalism is promoted, propaganda is spread to further the Irish identity into the consciousness of the masses. Weapon production, and Munitions factories start to hire in mass, thousands of jobs all across Ireland will be available for men and women. Aswell, many other factories and businesses begin to open including canning factories, agricultural machinery, Textile mills,soap making factories, grains mills, bacon curing shops, milk pasteurization plants, cheese, and butter manufacturies scattered throughout much of the country, though factories are more concentrated in the north. Ireland starts its own radio broadcast station, called IBC, Irish Broadcasting channel, and someone in Clare starts a radio station that plays music in English and Gaelic over the air and gives local news updates in Gaelic. ____________________________________________ Military Policy Nothing new right now ________________________________________________________________ Actions Ireland plans to expand its Cavalry divisions and needs more horses than can be obtained on the island, a letter is sent to Germany asking for 10-20k Trakehner East Prussian Horses. [mod] Agricultural reforms continued (2 turns) Industrial growth is moderately funded[mod continued for 13 turns] Some funding is taken from Industrial growth and set aside for use in Public Works programs. Ireland is still widely Rural and the government wants to start connecting the country with proper roads, and rail lines and the projects are commenced. Work on improving and developing Radios continues[mod 2 turns still privatized]
  14. Deutsches Reich der Führer ist gekommen With the aftermath of the Reichstag Fire Decree, and the enabling Act Adolf Hitler, who many see as the Savior of Germany is now the Sole Leader of the Nation and its people. Following this Hitler enacts many new laws and sets about fixing the economy of the country, and reorganizing and rearming its armed forces, renamed the Wehrmacht. Previously the Weimar had basically a band of Militias as its army, but now they would all come together as one, loyal to the Führer. Along with the formation of the Gestapo, und major expansion Hitler Youth. die jüdische Frage! Die Juden, the filth who are responsible for the loss of the great war, and the humiliation of the entire German people. Their time had come to be expunged from Europe. A number of laws are passed restricting Jews freedom, all Jewish owned businesses are to be clearly labeled so the German Volk may steer clear. (One such sign) Furthermore many Kosher Rituals such as Shechita are outlawed. And the first concentration camp at Dachau is opened up. Also of equal Importance to the Reich, the Legalization of sterilization of unwanted peoples is put into effect. In time they will be either all rounded up and deported, or sent to camps, but this is only the beginning. And in Silesia and East Prussia large amounts of Jews and Poles are deported. An act is enacted in all Prussian states that directs all Poles and Jews to be gotten rid of IN SECRET, and in East Prussia and Silesia extreme Germanization of these provinces is put into practice, with the goal of completely germanizing the Poles, or deporting them back to Poland, Though Polish Jews in the Reich will be harassed even more than ‘German’ Jews. _____________________________________________________ Expansion of the Hitlerjugend and other Programs Participation in the Hitlerjugend is heavily emphasized and promoted also in the League of German Girls. Along with allowing sterilization of people with defects and disorders the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring is introduced. And all healthy women are encouraged to start families and have many children for the future of the Reich. And mass propaganda is distributed encouraging Aryans to have kids with other Aryans. _____________________________________________________ Branchenwachstum Industry is very important, and the economy of Germany has been suffering hugely in the last 20 years. Hitler spends much effort improving and encouraging Industrial growth, and creates partnerships with many many leading German businesses who support the regime. And construction of the Reichsautobahn begins! Industry and the war machine grow! ___________________________________________________ Militär The Army is around a 1,000,000 men strong, but the Führer has asked for 4,000,000. Mass Recruitment drives are started and aims to finish recruitment by 1937-1938. plus 30,000 in the SS-Verfügungstruppe, 400,000 in the Luftwaffe (Air Force) and 50,000 in the Kriegsmarine. Development of the Panzer III continues and is heavily funded along with other armored vehicles. ______________________________________________ Innen- und Außenpolitik Hitler receives Horthy’s invitation and accepts it. Sweden and Germany start working together, military officers are sent to teach the Swedish generals on warfare. ______________________________________________ Aktionen Recruitment drive with goal of recruiting 3 million men for the Wehrmacht by 1937-38 starts Population growth massively encouraged Beginning of Jewish persecution & Germanization of Poles in Silesia and East Prussia Expansion of Hitler youth Industrial growth heavily emphasized & Reichsautobahn begins construction 30k men in the SS, 400k men in Luftwaffe, and 50k in Kriegsmarine by 1937-1938. Development of the Panzer III Tank continues.
  15. Application Country of choice; Deutschland Head of State; Adolf Hitler Government type; Fascist Dictatorship
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