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  1. Otto Hohenzollern

    The Disunited States of America

    Pennsylvania Commonwealth Governor: Andrew Curtin Population: 3,027,463 Internal reforms Curtin sits in his office, sighing as he begins flipping through the mound of paperwork on his desk. He’s had months and months of nothing but this and meetings, and debating with members of the Government. So in the dead of night Curtin decided he'd break from work and walked the streets of Philly till the early hours of the morning when he started getting tired. The city started coming to life with the galloping of horses and the horse carriages clomping against the brick streets. One thing Curtin enjoyed was how many citizens would always greet each other with good mornings and kind gestures while passing on the streets. In his daily life as a politician he never saw that sort of thing amongst the snakes in power, everyone was a cut throat. And only interested in money. As Curtin made his way back to his office there was a light downpour which pelted each brick in the street with small droplets of water. And covered everything in the open. “What a beautiful morning” he thought to himself as he walked up the steps and into the building which housed his office. As he entered you could hear his desk clerk yell out about a series of meetings he had for the day, and that he still hasn't finished his paperwork from yesterday. It is decided that the Commonwealth will use the American Dollar along with New York. Construction of a set of factories throughout the country continue. Next on the list for the Government is to create a national bank for the state, build hospitals, and give funding to create more schools and university to better improve literacy rates and give an education to more youth across the country. Also tariffs are raised on england. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania joins the The Eastern Trade Pact along with Virginia, New York, and Ohio. Another source of income in Pennsylvania is Alcohol, there are a large number of breweries in PA, but the country wants to increase the amount of them so that more money can be made, so to encourage this the price for a brewing license is lowered substantially in hopes of more Breweries like Fuhrmann & Schmidt’s Eagle Run Brewery, Graupner’s, George C. Baer and Charles Stegmaier, and Hanover Brewing Co. to name a few. Though regulations and a newly created Food and Drug Administration inspects the businesses and the products they offer to make sure they are safe for human consumption. __________________________________________________________ Military actions An additional 32k recruits are requested. Around 5-6k of which is needed for the Navy Construction on a series of Naval ships begins. A second model of the USS Pennsylvania along with 3 Brigs and a Frigate. Construction begins in haste. Army wise things are going great, uniforms, ammunition, firearms, and cannons, and canned food supplies are being churned out as quickly as possible to meet the demand for the ever increasing size of the army. And this is all with just the existing factories and the three new Arsenals. The Government sets up a horse breeding program with the best horse breeders in the state to start being able to replace horses lost inevitably in battle. The army also offers to buy horses off from Pennsylvanian citizens as the demand for good horses is only increasing by the day. A special request for Spencer Carbine rifles, ammunition and Blakeslee cartridge boxes and cannons/ cannon balls is sent to the government via the Army. They request as many of the aforementioned items as possible, so with a stockpile of raw materials coming being mined and being shipped in from almost every neighboring country, So at Allegheny Arsenal production of these items is started in hopes to put the large surplus of materials to use making the goods for much cheaper. Since the first 45k men have finished basic training the army decided it should implement medals you can earn, mostly they’re the same as the ones from the union army, but a new one is the Franklin Medal. Which you get if you show outstanding qualities and go above and beyond in the line of duty and show bravery. Small amounts of supplies and men are being shipped to the entire length of the Pennsylvania- Delaware border, where they have begun setting up camp. More men and supplies are shipped in daily. All 45k soldiers are to be shipped to the border by the end of the year and await orders while more men are being trained and also sent to the front after their training. _____________________________________________________________ Foreign policy A letter is sent to Delaware offering annexation into PA. They would get full representation in Pennsylvania government, PA investment into their industry and land, and unrestricted trade between each other. In better news Arkansas and Pennsylvania have struck a deal for a trade agreement, Arkansas will send Lead, Iron, and Steel, and rice. And in exchange for those goods Pennsylvania will create Spencer Carbines and ammunition and sell those to Arkansas at a much cheaper rate. ___________________________________________________________________ Actions 45k men are garrisoned on the border with Delaware and await orders Building of a series of factories around Pennsylvania for an upcoming project finished.[mod] All of PA’s military factories and arsenal's are pump out supplies. All 3 Arsenal's are to begin production of Cannons and cannonballs, Spencer Carbines, and ammunition for the carbines, as well as Blakeslee cartridge boxes [mod] Recruitment efforts into effect to recruit 32k men, 6k of which are much needed Navy recruits. [mod] Maintenance and construction of all trade rails and roads begins, worked on my mass amounts of citizens, after maintenance is done on existing rails and roads new ones are to be built all across the country. [mod] Tariffs raised on England to encourage the sale Pennsylvanian goods over a foreign country. Adopted the American Dollar along with New York Offer sent to Delaware of annexation into PA with promises of full representation in PA government. [MOD] Trade deal with Arkansas is set in place
  2. Otto Hohenzollern

    The Disunited States of America

    Pennsylvania Commonwealth Governor: Andrew Curtin Population: 2,906,215 Internal reforms With the Secession of Pennsylvania from the union came many challenges. Though government wise things went on per usual. Though now state government was THEE government. Giving much more power to all in office. Andrew Curtin, the Governor of Pennsylvania has a lot more responsibilities and duties thrown onto his plate. Only time will tell what kind of leader he will be. Now the governor has the power of a President. Curtins first order of business is securing trade partners to prevent the out right collapse of the country. Diplomats are sent to New York, Maine,Virginia,Ohio,and Connecticut. Massachusetts diplomat arrives and his offer of trade is accepted. The government also decides to try and use a similar currency of the union, the Pennsylvanian dollar. The Government sets an income tax on all citizens to 3.07% of their yearly income, as well as a very small general tax on goods. The goods that the state produces that are the main source of income for the country are tariffed so if a neighboring country wants to sell them that same good they would have to pay more to do so, favoring Pennsylvanian workers. Next on the list is the building of factories within the countries cities with the goal of industrializing and being able to produce goods such as weapons, clothing, furniture, and canned goods. __________________________________________________________ Military actions The newly independent country of Pennsylvania takes country wide militias, and the town wide, and rural militias are combined into a main army funded by the government. There are to start with 13 regiments of Militia gathered. Recruiting is done by county with a goal to raise around 45 thousand more people within the year. Each of which would receive training with firearms, hand to hand combat, swords and each man must be able to proficiently maintain their equipment. The last two parts of training are learning how to work in teams and maintain order and discipline within the ranks. And lastly each man must be at a certain level of fitness, if they are not at it when they arrive for training they will be at the end of it. This will be the basic training program in the military. There will also be a military academy set up in Pittsburg. Notable military command is as follows, Maj. Gen. George G. Meade. Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock. Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds. Maj. Gen. Darius N. Couch. Maj. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford. Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin. Maj. Gen. John W. Geary. Lastly 150 men each are sent to Allegheny Arsenal,Frankford Arsenal an important supply and manufacturing center, and an ammunition plant with labs for small arms development. There would be no resistance, as the site was mainly filled with civilian workers and not guarded by Federalists except for Frankford Arsenal, which had 10 federalists manning it. The Arsenals would be put under Pennsylvania jurisdiction and use immediately. Schuylkill Arsenal another armory was also taken by PA armed forces, the armory’s main use is a textile manufacturer which could employ up to 10,000 people the site could provide uniforms, tents, bedding and other textile goods to the military, there was also a vault in the lower levels filled with LOTS of guns. These three critical arsenals were to begin hiring max capacity of workers and churning out guns, ammo, and uniforms and other cloth goods. _____________________________________________________________ Foreign policy Trade will continue on as it had before but Ohio, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut all get diplomats sent to them to open up more trade opportunities and to hopefully have friendship and updated trade deals between the new countries. ___________________________________________________________________ Actions Trade goes on per usual Diplomats are sent to NY, OH, MA,ME, CT, VA [mod] Started building a series of factories around Pennsylvania for an upcoming project. [mod] PA’s 3 Arsenals are seized. Civilians are immediately employed to fill these facilities at max capacity [mod] The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania establishes a military and all militia are incorporated into it as its first soldiers Recruitment efforts into effect to recruit 45k men. [mod] Maintenance and construction of all trade rails and roads begins, worked on my mass amounts of citizens, after maintenance is done on existing rails and roads new ones are to be built all across the country. [mod] Private companies of illegal people smugglers are hired to take back large amounts of black folks to Virginia in secret to be sold to Virginia[mod]
  3. Otto Hohenzollern

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    Application Discord Name; u know Desired State; Pennsylvania History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; One of the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn as a haven for his fellow Quakers. Pennsylvania’s capital, Philadelphia, was the site of the first and second Continental Congresses in 1774 and 1775, the latter of which produced the Declaration of Independence, sparking the American Revolution. Pennsylvania is also the state where the famous Battle of Gettysburg took place, and where the Gettysburg address was given. Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Andrew Gregg Curtin, Governor of Pennsylvania. Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power); Sebastian Monroe. A soldier in the Pennsylvanian Army (who later I plan on making the head of the state wide Militia.)
  4. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    United Provinces of Ireland Population:5,712,222 ______________________________________________________ Internal Reform Unionists continue to leave Ireland in small numbers. The Government of Ireland continues to push for the creation of public works programs to create jobs. As Well as a yearly continual growth of industry to the country.“Irish Mother and Irish Father, Ireland needs you to have a family! Irish Mother for the sake of Ireland have as many kids as you can to do your part to save Ireland and show the unionists they don’t control our lands!” Posters with just such messages are posted in great numbers in Northern Ireland by Irish nationalist groups, though majority of the messages do not promote violence against the unionists. They do paint a clear picture for Irish nationalist aims. To resist the Anglicization of Ireland, to hold onto their language and their culture and to one day be the majority in Northern Ireland by the sheer amount of children being born which has always been higher for the Irish. As in the North Unionists and protestants are treated as first and second class citizens while the Irish are stuck in the lower class being farmers and laborers and servants so they have the worst access to education and medical treatment. The Irish nationalists are planning to use that to their advantage and bear more children than the British living in Ireland while at the same time relying on the government to help improve their situation as to lower the amount of deaths per family. The Great Gaelic revival continues full steam ahead. All Irish men and women are urged to learn Gaelic, use it daily in all aspects of life and all Irish children are urged to join Gaelic sports teams and football teams. Boxing is also becoming popular in the rural cities and in Dublin. Many supporters of the Revival are calling it an ‘Irish renaissance’ of mending the old Gaelic ways with the new, and expressing yourself in new ways. Many Irish poets and painters are expected to flourish during these times. Very controversial within the movement is support for letting women join in the Gaelic sports and the Gaelic national games that occur every year. Many Opponents of the movement call it “socialist garbage intent on infecting Ireland and ruining her.” And see women as nothing more than walking wombs meant for nothing more than bearing children. Though not actually socialist many within the government including the King himself believe in many of the “socialist” ideals. Such as women having the right to vote, women being allowed to do play sports, and women being equal to men. Meanwhile Farming reforms of all sorts are waiting to be passed through, These would help Ireland’s economy and her people immensely. More crops per yield, better, more efficient farming techniques, planting more than one crop, and more. And finally the government of this new Ireland sets its trade policy to Free trade and will trade goods with any country including Great Britain, hopefully this will cause the opposite of the standard economic stagnation of countries who favor protectionism and while import tariffs are good, keeping them minimal means that Ireland would still get the tax on goods coming in while getting the benefit of actually having foreign goods flowing into the country. These reforms were largely ignored over the last few months, but now it receives significant attention with both counties as it becomes apparent just how important Ireland’s Agriculture business is for the economy and the citizens. Lastly the Irish parliament votes to stimulate more economic growth in the northern part of the country especially in Belfast. Ship building is again needed in Ireland. Not just small vessels either. The private sector required many transportation boats and steam ships which would call for many new jobs. The smaller vessels and few men crew ships the average person might need are set to be build in other, smaller coastal port towns to create jobs for the small town Northerner. Furthermore Northern Ireland is to be the area in which three clothing factories are built with the wool Ireland produces it seems a good idea that some of her first factories put the wool to use, the factories are to be able to employ 1,500 workers each. And finally the Government of Ireland establishes the Department of Public Health. And more hospitals begin to pop up around Ireland in the hopes of being able to improve the quality of life for the country's citizens. Most hospitals are built in more rural areas and in places where more farmers and lower class folks could come if they needed medical help, though places like Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Waterford see the addition of more hospitals. ____________________________________________ Foreign Policy Ireland has received many investors and businesses popping up around the country and her economy is doing quite well, she remains open to the world's investors. Ireland's army Officially starts training,the soldiers will receive a very disciplined and difficult course with constant drilling, designed to challenge even the toughest men and brings many to the breaking point. Their training from the insistence of members of the military staff like Tom Berry introduces guerrilla warfare tactics. But the newly independent nation also strives to have a very disciplined fighting force capable of fighting the enemy head on and only use guerilla tactics as needed under heavy push back by enemy combatants. The standard uniform of the Irish soldier is taken from the Irish Republicans and made standard for the army. Should take about 6 months to finish training the first batches of troops. Fianna Fáil, “Soldiers of Destiny” is the motto of the Army and the insignia on all helmets and caps on the uniforms of the men. And to be able to make enough uniforms the Irish National Army makes two of its own clothing factories to mass produce the uniforms and store them until needed. These facilities are to be built in rural Ireland, and bigger than the others opening in the north capable of hiring up to 3000 Irish workers per factory, and once enough are streamlined and stockpiled the two factories will be allowed to fill civilian orders for clothing outside of the military. A multi-use factory. (Basic Training begins for all military personnel) ________________________________________________________________ Actions Ireland's industry grows [MOD The Great Gaelic revival begins throughout Ireland, including massively promoting Irish population growth, increasing Gaelic speakers and its prominence throughout the daily lives of the Irish and a Gaelic cultural plan that has started being taught at school, Gaelic sports are promoted, now with more support and new ideals brought to the table, Women will be allowed to join Gaelic football clubs and teams and participate in all sporting activities as men, taking a page from the socialist book many who support the revival realize the importance of women in society and what they offer. This time in the Gaelic revival comes to be known as the “Irish renaissance” [MOD] Free trade begins with other nations,One of the biggest exporters of Irish goods is Great Britain, it is Ireland's hope that more countries would trade with them.[MOD] Public works programs continue, more and more jobs are created by the day. Infrastructure development is more heavily emphasized with better, bigger, and more roads being built between villages, cities, and towns to further connect the country.[MOD] Farming in Ireland sees a large effort from government and the people to be mechanized and new methods of farming to heavily increase yields, minimizing tillage(soil loss during plowing),planting cover crops,diversifying with multiple crops in one field,and in Cork work has begun on something said to be the future of farming. The Tractor is in development at a Fordson assembly plant.[MOD] Lastly the Department of Public Health is formed and control is handed out through the individual counties. Hospitals pop up throughout the country. In the coming years it is the hope of many that there will be funds and better advances in medicine to combat diseases like Tuberculosis which kill many Irish every year.
  5. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    United Provinces of Ireland Population:5,647,219 A large crowd is gathered around Pope Benedict XV, who is together with Eoin MacNeill and his family and surrounded in many friends and family and even total strangers. They are all gathered around the Lia Fáil in Tara. Today marks a historic day for Ireland in which an Irish King has his coronation there and gets crowned King of Ireland. There has not been an Irish King in Ireland for 800 years. It seems only fitting that Eoin MacNeill. A devout scholar of Irish history and advocate for the revival of the Irish language and culture should be the man crowned at this location. As he was crowned and the ceremony was complete he placed his hand upon the stone and gave a speech. It is said that when Mr. MacNeill did this the stone gave off a loud roar. Legend says that when a king worthy of the stone stands by it that it will either roar or sing. Whether this is true or not cannot be confirmed. But I guess we will have to see if the stone was right. After King MacNeill’s coronation ended there was a huge feast and partying into the morning of the next day. A new day was dawning for old Ireland. She had gained her desired independence, with all of Ireland under Irish control again. Though it was not assured how long a peace would last between a united Ireland. As the bro British majority in the north only barely voted yes to a united Ireland under an interesting system. The country would be divided up into its old 4 provinces(mostly). with the addition of the 5th historic province of Meath, and 2 federal cities of Dublin and Belfast which would be the nation's co-capitals with the legislature and executive based in Dublin and the judiciary in Belfast), making for a total of 7 federal entities. Ulster would remain, nominally, the 'Protestant province', and each province would have its own legislature allowing them significant freedom. Furthermore, it would be suggested the mandatory inclusion of a Protestant party in any government in order to further assuage any concerns of the Protestant north. The languages of Ireland would be Irish and English, with the addition of Ulster Scots, and there would likely have to be no official religion, or legal recognition of both Catholicism and Protestantism. Though the government is expected to allow peaceful coexistence of both and not favor one or the other. The inclusion of Meath is firstly to prevent Leinster from being too large, and secondly to give a home to Cavan and Monaghan, two provinces which have a strong Catholic majority despite being historically part of Ulster. The executive branch of the new government would see Arthur Griffith as Taoiseach of Ireland. There would be a Taoiseach, or Prime minister, and two houses of parliament. The Seanad and the Dail Eireann. The real power between the two being in the Dail. The Taoiseach appoints some of the members to the Seanad. The other members of the Seanad are elected via universities.(pretty much exactly how Ireland elects people today and instead of explaining all of that just google it if you need to). So Arthur Griffith is Taoiseach, and prominent members of the Dail include Éamon de Valera and many others, but both parts of parliament are filled with moderates and some liberal unionists as well. ______________________________________________________ Internal Reform It has been reported that thousands Unionists leave Ireland in the first few months after the islands independence, many others are disgruntled . And to that The Government said “Ireland does not need you, if you wish to leave and you cannot live amongst us Irish or assimilate then you are more than welcome to return to England where you will most likely receive a nice welcoming from the Brits.” And there would be a zero tolerance policy for groups like the Ulster volunteers. The second they attack anybody it is ordered that the perpetrators get deported. But likewise with Irish people, anyone committing crimes against or inciting violence against unionists will be immediately arrested and imprisoned for hate crimes. “The goal is to live together in PEACE. Not to kill your neighbors for being different than you.” In Other News Ireland's lack of industry is a main issue that is started to be addressed. Any available funds are to be spent on developing Industry for Ireland. As well as start up companies and capitalistic business ventures are heavily encouraged. “It is time for the people of this nation to not only farm, but to work in factories and create goods and live in this new modern world in which we all live.” The Government also heavily promotes the growth of population in Ireland, though this is directed towards Irish families and not unionist families, “Irish Mother and Irish Father, Ireland needs you to have a family! Irish Mother for the sake of Ireland have as many kids as you can to do your part to save Ireland!” . This is one item in the new Great Gaelic revival plan the government begins setting up. Irish mothers who have the biggest families will receive the highest honors a civilian woman can get “ Gaelic Cross of Honor of the Irish Mother.” and can have bragging rights and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. The goal is to accelerate population growth quickly and continuously. The Irish Government also puts into law that all schools are to teach Gaelic for all primary years of schooling. And it is heavily encouraged to be used at home and in social gatherings with friends and family. Also within schooling changes a new curriculum for Irish history is put in place to make teach children about Ireland’s full history and many of the battles that defined her history. Hopefully this would get more kids interested in their people’s past and make them feel more nationalistic. The Gaeltacht areas are defined, And there is a massive public campaign to teach Gaelic to everyone and speak it daily to everyone. Every school on the island is ordered to start teaching Gaelic. From the first level of education till the very last year. All children going into school must learn Gaelic. There will be a transition period of a few years to prepare the teachers and the children currently just starting school, then after this every class will be taught in Gaelic and English will be learned as a secondary language and taught after students have learned Irish but English will be taught alongside it until the completion of secondary level schooling. After this if students choose to go off to university/college Both languages will also be mandatory taught there if you cannot speak them. The Importance of Education is felt throughout the current government as most of them are scholars and historians and educated men. Meanwhile Farming in Ireland is massively overhauled with new technologies and farming methods. Mechanization of Farming plays a key as well as higher yield crops so Ireland is able to comfortably feed its population as well as be able to feed the future generations and in order to do this it is also imperative that the Irish learn from the mistakes of the past and not heavily rely too much on one crop. Farmers are urged to plant other easy to grow multiple crops that way if the potato fails again then people won’t starve. The next issue to pop up is the growing dominance of the automobile over the horse. More and more Irishmen and women have gotten one in the wealthier counties. So public works programs are set up to build roads to accommodate the use of the automobile. This is just one out of many new public works programs the north and southern parts of Ireland are implementing to create jobs while also improving infrastructure. These programs will continue into the foreseeable future. And finally the government of this new Ireland sets its trade policy to Free trade and will trade goods with any country including Great Britain, hopefully this will cause the opposite of the standard economic stagnation of countries who favor protectionism and while import tariffs are good, keeping them minimal means that Ireland would still get the tax on goods coming in while getting the benefit of actually having foreign goods flowing into the country. ____________________________________________________________ Foreign Policy Ireland announces it wishes to keep close relations with Britain as they are their closest neighbor and hopes that the nations can be friends someday. The government also sends ambassadors to Germany, and Italy. Furthermore any country that wishes to be friends with Ireland is welcomed to and any country that wishes to start trading with Ireland is gladly welcomed. Let the whole world know Ireland is open for business! Ireland will also have it be known that she will defend her borders. The country forms its own military mainly recruiting from the large pools of Irish Republicans. Some include Tom Barry, Dan Breen,and Eoin O’ Duffy, Richard Mulcahy, Michael Collins and a few more. Ireland's army turns in about fifty five thousand men. (Irish national Army soldiers being inspected by the minister of defense) ________________________________________________________________ Actions Ireland starts working on starting up her industry [MOD The Great Gaelic revival begins throughout Ireland, including massively promoting Irish population growth, increasing Gaelic speakers and its prominence throughout the daily lives of the Irish, making road signs and public buildings names in Gaelic and giving schools more funding to make more interesting curriculum’s for teaching it as part of a Gaelic cultural plan that has started being taught at school, Gaelic sports are promoted also. All of this is to be pushed for heavily to progressively expand the gaeltacht areas. All schooling will be done in Gaelic by 1922. [MOD] Massive reworking done to the economy to modernize Ireland, Free Trade is Ireland’s new trade policy. She is open for trade with the world. [MOD] Public works programs are started across every county in Ireland to create jobs and improve infrastructure to connect the country further. Farming in Ireland sees a large effort from government and the people to be mechanized and new methods of farming to heavily increase yields, minimizing tillage(soil loss during plowing),planting cover crops,diversifying with multiple crops in one field, and promote crop rotation to have healthy soil in areas where it is possible, also important is that the farmer must stop soil erosion as best as they can. In Cork work has begun on something said to be the future of farming. The Tractor is in development at a Fordson assembly plant. Trade and friendship are what Ireland seeks, Let it be known that Ireland is open to the world for business and friendship. Many Thousands of dissatisfied unionists start to leave Ireland and head for England, This trend becomes very common with unionists. [MOD]
  6. Otto Hohenzollern

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    Clan Odall Dral Odall hears back from his men that none of the companies in any city will work with them, but that the people of each city like them slightly more. Though the news was slightly good it still bothered Dral. He calls some lieutenants “Continue improving relations with the people, and tell our men stationed in the cities to start helping out people around the city. Maybe that way we can gain favour faster.” Dral emphasises before hanging up. Dral then writes a letter that he will send copies of to every business that is known by the Mandalorians. Dear Edichi business’s, My name is Dral Odall, leader of Clan Odall. I am told that none of you wish to do business with us? What a shame. But I am writing this to try and fix that. I know our reputation isn’t high right now though someday that will change. I am hoping that I can ease any tensions there might be by telling you that we do not want to be seen as overlords, or bad people. We are here, trying to work WITH you and your local governments. We do not want anything more than to be friendly to everyone and work together and do great things. My Organization has a lot of money. And please just consider your business’s. Would they greatly benefit from donations? Cheaper supplies? More workers? These are things that can be done to help you. In return all we would want is to develop together. My organization needs guns, more armor, and ships. And we are willing to help you produce more of those things. Together we could do great things. We could develop new tech, more advanced ships, more cost effective parts for guns, as well as new defense tech. All of this would give you a big edge against your competition, save you money, and of course we would become a big buyer from you. So you would be making consistent cash. Your companies would remain completely free to do what they want, sell to whoever you want. We would just be another business partner. Please take some time to consider my offer. I very much hope at least some of you will take up my offer. Regardless though I look forward to hearing back from you. Cordially, Dral Odall In other news a vessel is sent across the sea to a set of seemingly ‘uninhabited Islands’ to try and make contact with anyone who may be in that area. One day Dral is given a message by one of the men investigating some warehouses within the cities. He urges him to come down and see something interesting so he makes his way to the warehouse and after walking through many of the corridors and rooms filled with random stuff he finds a hanger door opened and inside one of his men shows him something even Dral recognized instantly.. It was a ship! But not just any ship. It was a Gladiator- Class Mandalorian Assault fighter. “What the hell is this thing doing all the way out here!?!” Dral exclaimed excitedly. “Who knows, but the good news is she can still be saved. She’s old and unused for awhile but with a few repairs and upgraded our engineers could have her in working order in a few months.” one of his officers explained to Dral. “This.. this is fantastic.. I’ve always heard of these things back on Mandalore and wanted to fly one since I was a kid, Can I have her or do you want her since you found her first?” asks Dral with a look you’d expect from a child seeing the toy he’s wanted. “Well I’m not really much of a pilot myself sir, and I figure from the look on your face if I said no I’d be out of a job.” the officer says jokingly. “ Good man. Thank you very much but no maybe I wouldn’t fire you, I might just have demoted you and taken the ship for myself.” Dral says while laughing. “I’ll get the ship sent in for repairs and upgrades right away sir.” - Dral interjects “ Kid you’ve officially got on my good side, Call me Dral. But what is your name?” “My name is Ivor Suahl.” Ivor tells him “Well Ivor It has been a pleasure officially meeting you. As I said I like you kid, if you ever need anything let me know and I’ll see what i can do.” Dral replies. The two continue to talk for a moment more before Ivor has to go and Dral continues to look through the warehouse hanger with the ship. He also finds what he assumes was the previous owner of the ship’s Mandalorian armor. It certainly looks old, but usable. Also found around the warehouse was a random assortment of blasters including: two CR-2 Heavy Blaster Pistols, two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols,one of which had a broken stun setting switch found in a locker along with the armor, a T-21 Rifle, a T-21B variant, an two EE-3’s, and a small crate of DL-18’s of which are found commonly within the outer rim. And finally four A280 Blaster Rifles. After putting all these weapons on board a transport ship he gave one last glance around some of the warehouse and let some of his nearby men in the area know he had cleared out whatever they hadn't taken earlier and then left back to their main base. Where the storage of the equipment would be finalized. Actions All remaining known Warehouses in the settlements are scavenged A ship is sent across the sea to the East to search some islands that have been mentioned to the Odall Clan as a point of interest and make contact with whoever lives there [mod] Much effort is put into improving relations with the locals in the settlements and the Odall clan is to help out any locals who need help.[mod] Letters are sent to business owners in the cities to try and entice them to work with the Odall clan [mod] -Dral’s ship begins repair for 3 and a half months [mod]
  7. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    Kingdom of Greece Year:1916 (King Alexandros I) Internal reform The old regime has fallen. All Entente support within the government is disbanded with the firing of all politicians. And the King abdicated. In his place, Alexandros I ascends to the throne and a new government is set up within two weeks. Population Growth is continued, After Greece’s surrender hundreds of thousands of men returned home including Alexandros I himself, who had been fighting in the war at the front lines and was badly injured in the final weeks of the war whilst fighting to hold Bulgarian trenches with his Greek division when the Ottomans sudden charge killed most of the defenders. Badly wounded Alexandros got as many men together as possible, grabbed equipment and as many wounded comrades as possible and ran like hell afterwards he collapsed and was sent back to Greece to heal. Greece was without a King for about 3 weeks, and the returning military under Alexandros's generals took it into their own hands to make sure Greece didn’t fall apart. Though it is obvious most returning soldiers are still angry at the surrender and waste of their dead comrades lives. But because mostly everybody in Greece liked Alexandros there wasn’t any imminent threats. The army of this new Greece sends some military generals to Germany and observe the battles on the eastern front as well as to view German military training to improve Greece’s Military in an effort to form a new Military with training and tactics mixed from Germany and Greece.When Alexandros finally gets released from the hospital he is greeted with thousands and thousands of people lined up filling the streets and sidewalks of the surrounding street blocks. As far as the eye could see people were chanting and cheering and crying for Alexandros. He spent time meeting with as many of them and chatting with them as he could, and many females excitedly tried to kiss him and hug him. When Alexandros got back he formed a new government as quickly as he could picking the best people possible. Among this new government there was a new movement resurfacing in Greece to bring back Latin as a secondary language to Greek. It receives lots of funding and is to be taught more frequently in schools and used in public alongside Greek, this funding was from the new government and King himself. In a project to bring back old Greek society. The second part of the project involves building in the traditional old Greek style. Though with a few slight new changes to work in a modern world. Alexandros personally felt that every Greek not only in Greece itself, but also the Thracian Greeks,and the Anatolian Greeks who were being liberated from their Ottoman and Bulgarian rule was betrayed by the surrender and that they shouldn't have backed out of Thrace. It seemed the majority of the public supported Alexandros I as their sons were the ones killed for nothing since Greece in fact lost the land the king had said they would own. Not only that, but The former King didn’t even fight alongside his country, and Alexandros was right, if they would of kept fighting they would of come out victorious and then every man who died would of died for a purpose greater than themselves. But now it just seemed that they died for an old man who sold them empty promises. So Alexandros started to form a new elite unit of the most battle hardened soldiers Greece had to offer, and gave them even more training, the general that had gone to observe how Germany trained its soldiers started coming back and their techniques of training soldiers was put into this new unit as a test to see if it would work well. All of this done is relative secrecy, he didn’t want his countries neighbors knowing everything he was doing, Meanwhile he continued doing his daily duties as King but also going out and meeting with commoners and the poor and handing out food. (Alexandros meeting with supporters 1916) Economic actions industrial growth within Greek industry is slowed but still being worked on, especially in arms and artillery manufacturing and development. Farming in Greece picks up even more with the returning troops needing work. Though mostly every soldier that returns is still employed as the army wants to keep every soldier it can get. The economy starts to look up as men come home to their families, more and more babies are born and jobs are widely available to most citizens. Just not the disenfranchised Anti Centralist soldiers. Of which only a couple thousand are able to get jobs as the new regime is weary of them and fears that they will be a threat to them. King Alexandros Talks to his government about his idea to upgrade and update Greece’s infrastructure including rail lines and communication lines. which would if passed by the government make many jobs and help in tax collection, military access of the country. Plus he also had hired a train company to build him a giant train with as much armor and guns on it as possible. Not nearly as advanced and armored as other countries had but for Greece it was never before seen. Lastly a fund is set up to repair old Greek arenas and build new ones. Greece would start to focus on its athletic programs and the Olympics. Greece would have its own Greek Olympics like in the days of old, Hosted in Olympia for Greeks to take part in. Where the ancient stadiums will be repaired or remade to have competitions and hold many spectators. As well as a new law is enacted allowing all people the chance to have their debt to the country wiped away if they work in some of the arenas and fight for their freedom. Otherwise the state will use Criminals and Prisoners of war as fighters for the public to watch and bet on.
  8. Otto Hohenzollern

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    Clan Odall (Drawing of Dral Odall) Dral Odall stands on a shore facing the sea after training with his lightsaber. Looking around him he sees nothing but calm waves splashing against the shore and a rising sun in the background. When he started thinking about memories of his mother. (Oceans were her favorite view. Ever since he was a kid he dreamed of seeing an ocean after his mother told him about them many times as a child, so anytime he had a private moment and he was around an ocean he would remember her.) Dral activates his communication device and orders for the immediate recruitment and training of anyone who will join willingly in their new settlements. For Dral knew they could not last long as stretched thin as they were. But also at the same time he ordered that they try and make friends with the people and change their public opinion so they would get more recruits and also just not be rebelled against. “Yes sir we’ll let the other settlement know too.” was said in tandem from two of his lieutenants in the main base of operations in the southern settlement. “One last thing men. I would also like you two to search through the warehouses around your stationed settlements and let me know if you find anything of value to help us.” Dral said before pressing a button on his comlink and ending communications. Then he stood there for a moment catching one last glimpse of the sea before getting into his transport vehicle and drove north to meet with the Imperial Legion and discuss trading and other diplomatic matters with the goal of becoming good friends with them for the future. At the time that happens the rest of Clan Odall set up within the settlements improving relations with the inhabitants so that large scale pacification happens. As that progresses Propaganda will also be used in some cases. Finally a few of the Odall clan scour the cities individually and look for any companies willing to do business with the clan. Actions Warehouses in the settlements are scavenged Made contact with northern neighbor Building the base on the island is continued. Much effort is put into improving relations with the locals in the settlements [mod] The cities are scoured for any companies willing to do business with clan Odall [mod]
  9. Otto Hohenzollern

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past [RP]

    Clan Odall (Dral Odall circa 17 BBY ) Dral Odall and a few of his men stood on a beach staring out across the sea. The group was silent, Dral spoke first to his men “There should be a city due East of here, we can gather supplies and replenish our ranks there before we continue the expedition.” A small company of men was hastily gathered and loaded onto one of the available transports. After a brief.. ‘Meeting’ with the local governor, the city reluctantly agreed to allow the Mandalorians to operate their warehouses and production facilities. The local Edichi were also so kind as to provide their administrative buildings as a permanent site of residence to the company. Dral looked over the city from his new residence, Mandalorian ships landed periodically, unloading equipment and supplies from their previous camp. Patrols marched through the city, keeping a firm eye on the populace. With a base of operations firmly established, Dral summoned the most prestigious of his various officers to a meeting in order to discuss the future of the expedition. Slowly they began filtering into the room, soon enough they were all gathered around a holo table where a map of the planet’s surface displayed. “Thank you for meeting with me gentleman, I’ll get right to it.We need to assume control of the other nearby Settlements, recruit as many men as possible and establish relations and trade with nearby friendly groups. And finally we can start the search for the artifact.” Dral explains “The most important thing for us is convincing these cities to join us. We need manpower. People are our biggest strength. So while we try and obtain control over these people we need to remember that. I don’t want anybody to die that doesn’t have to. Is that clear?” The room erupts with a simultaneous “Yes sir.” then Vaaz speaks “ Shall I lead Group A Dral?” “Yes. you’re just the man I need. Vaaz will lead Group A, Thadix my dear friend I would like you and Zoruukeam to take the lead for Group B and secure the other city. “Sure thing Dral.” Thadix and Zoruukeam reply “Good. Then IG-96 and I will go speak to our neighbors and try to make allies. My friends we all have a job to do, let's get to work and soon everything I have promised you will be yours but most importantly you will bring Glory and honor to Mandalore!!” Dral finishes up the meeting and everyone gets to work. There is much left to do. After a few weeks it is reported back that Vaaz’s group has successfully persuaded the local government of another town to operate in their town, allowing us similar privileges as the last town did. The third and final town eventually also allowed us in but needed a bit of force in persuading them to support our cause. Dral is angry with Thadix and Zoruukeam and calls them in to talk. “ You had one job you two.. One job!” he yells Thadix speaks up “Yeah Dral and we completed that job whats the problem?” “Your job was to do that peacefully.. We need everybody on board and not a single life wasted. That is what I told you and what you KNOW. Who asked you to kill anybody?” Dral sighs “ Nobody asked for anything pal, bad things.. They just happen.” Zoruukeam interjects Dral gets even angrier “ That..this could go very wrong for us down the line. Killing their people means that some of them will want blood. And then they’ll start a rebellion and then our men will die. All because you got trigger happy and went against MY orders.. Zoruukeam this isn’t even the first time that’s happen. That Job on Taris.. And then that time on Garos. They’re still pissed at us there. You’re my friends Zoruukeam, and Thadix.. You two and Vaaz are like Brothers to me. We’ve been friends since we were kids. But sometimes Zoruukeam it seems like you never stopped being one.” Your shoot first think later attitude will get us all killed. But you guys are my officers. I am counting on you, the whole clan relies on you to do what is best for all of us. Be an example to the men. Please? Just try.. For me man.” Zoruukeam looks upset, regardless he replies “Alright.. You’re right Dral. I know my actions have cost us a few times. But it's just sometimes during a fight my brain goes fuzzy and I lose focus on the mission and just.. Lose myself. But I will try harder for you. You’ve always had my back.” “Thank you man.” Dral knew Zoruukeam wasn’t actually sorry. He apologized twice before. He was a good friend and a great soldier but only during war. He had no morals and Dral tended to think Zoruukeam killed because he liked it. Dral decided he would just have to shorten the leash on his friend to keep him from messing up again. And Thadix was alright. He was just the type to support his friend even if he knew he did wrong. But regardless of all that Dral went back to work. He and a group of men set up a small military base on the island they arrived on in case they ever need to fall back there. Actions Took control of three small cities Made contact with northern neighbor Set up a little base on the island first landed on
  10. Otto Hohenzollern

    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Discord: Faction of Choice: Mandalorians Faction Name: Clan Odall Brief Faction History: Clan Odall was formed four years before the current year 20 BBY, during internal conflicts on Mandalore a group of Mercenary friends who had grown up fighting together led by Dral Odall formed a Mercenary group with his friends and brother. After a failed raid against the Death Watch the remaining forces of the clan stole from the Vizsla’s vaults and stole money. Before disappearing much deeper into the outer rim where the group spent time slowly regrowing their numbers and training before hearing about an extremely valuable and mysterious artifact on Edichi. This could get them all the power and wealth they need to return back to Mandalore, destroy Pre Vizsla and the Death Watch once and for all. Hero Name: Dral Odall Brief Hero backstory: Dral was born on Mandalore in 45 BBY to a very poor family. His father taught him how to steal and use a blaster at a young age. And when he was old enough Dral was stealing along with his brother Zor Dros to help his parents make ends meet. Dral grew up to be an exceptional fighter and the ideal mercenary. He and his friends from school all dreamed of being warriors and fighting for honor and tradition. Dral’s brother later joined him and many friends and brothers in arms. Before the Vizsla heist Dral’s brother Zor Dros was killed by Pre Vizsla. Hero Point Acquisition: Combat: 4/10 points Commanding: 4/10 points Piloting: 2/10 points Item request: Light Saber, mandalorian armor and weapons.
  11. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    Kingdom of Greece Year:1915 Internal reform Population Growth is continued, a recruitment drive takes place to get as many men trained and ready for combat is possible. As Well as every aspect of Military commanding and tactics were modernized. Economic actions Industrial growth within Greek industry is continued.the steel industry is also given more funds to improve as much as possible. Farming is also emphasized by the government to make sure Greece can feed its people. Foreign affairs Nothing to report. Actions - population growth encouragement continues -economic growth and steel industry funding - recruitment drive to get as many people as possible into army training
  12. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    Kingdom of Greece Year:1914 Internal reform Eleftherios Venizelos and King George I of Greece along with parliament enacted bills to promote an increase in population growth offering benefits to families who have more than 3 children per family. Alexander 1 of Greece is sent to the borer of Bulgaria. Economic actions industrial growth within Greek industry is continued,the steel industry is also given more funds to improve as much as possible. Also farming production is ramped up using new farming technology in combination with more farmers in economy. The plan is to improve the entire economy of Greece along with massively increase the Greek populations in each province. Foreign affairs Eleftherios Venizelos along with the king send letters to the Ottoman empire condemning the actions of the Ottomans troops in the genocide against ethnic Greeks in phocaea. The two nations were supposedly friends. Prince Alexandros I along with most of the Greek army marched into Thrace and took it. The Greek government cited its reasoning for this action as protecting ethnic Greeks from Ottoman occupation. Actions - population growth encouraged -economic growth and steel industry funding -increase in farming output and workers - massive public outcry against the Greek genocide -march into thrace
  13. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    Kingdom of Greece Year:1914 Internal reform Eleftherios Venizelos and King George I of Greece remove some of the military’s officers who aren’t loyal to the Country and the King. Though most reaffirm their allegiance. [*secret action*] Economic actions industrial growth within Greek industry is continued,the steel industry is also given more funds to improve as much as possible. As the shipments of French Lebel Rifles arrive. and an order is given to start producing the Berthier M1907,and its 8x50mm ammunition so Greece has a standard rifle that will also fire the same ammo as the Lebel. Lots of funding was given to produce more military equipment in general, sidearms, machine guns, artillery and mortars and new Military uniforms. Foreign affairs Eleftherios Venizelos sends a reply to Serbia reinforcing that while Greece wishes to stay in the Balkan alliance, but remain neutral in any war that would put Greece in a situation where honoring its obligations would not be plausible. Actions - relieved most pro German officers who didn’t stay loyal to the King and its government. - received new French Lebel rifles and ammo. - Industrial growth continues, steel industry is improved as much as possible - mass effort to modernize Military in all aspects. More newer model equipment is produced in large scale putting that growing industry and steel industry to use and creating jobs. - reply to Serbia about Greek standing in the Balkan Alliance sent.
  14. Otto Hohenzollern

    1912; The Great War

    Kingdom of Greece Year:1913 (later months) Internal reform George I, King of the Greeks has called a meeting of his general staff, military commanders, and his parliament. He realizes that Greece cannot repeat its recent mistakes within the last Balkan war. The army was a total mess, disagreement between the monarchy and parliamentary(?)powers was widespread. Causing much internal conflict within the countries leadership. George would have no more of this. He shouted at his son condemning him for being too headstrong and arrogant before entering into the meeting of Greek leadership. “Any general who goes against the direct order of his government will be stripped of their rank and sent back to Athens immediately regardless of ‘royal status’.” Though a controversial and unpopular decision, especially among the monarchists, George I issued this statement for the good of the military and Greece as a whole. Economic actions Greek parliament enacts a new reform to subsidize startup companies and encourage industrial growth within Greek industry. Significant focus is directed with the goal of improving the steel industry. Foreign affairs Greek officials send diplomats to The Kingdom of Italy with an offer inviting the Italian King to come visit George I in Athens. Actions - sorted out internal conflicts -passed economic reforms to subsidize startup companies and encourage industrial growth. -started massively funding the improvement of the steel industry in Greece -invited Italy to visit and have a meeting.
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    1912 (OOC)

    Discord Name;You have it Nation of Choice: Kingdom of Greece and why I want to play as them? I wish to unite ethnically Greek lands under a single state Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); In (late) 1913 Greece was currently involved in the 2nd Balkan war, which saw it regain many northern territories. This combined with the first Balkan war had seen Greece almost double in size and population. Though not all was well internally, Prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos and King Constantine I had already been in disagreement during the course of the war. This was only the beginning of a conflict that would plague the country well into the first world war Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Constitutional Monarchy Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; Not at the moment Nation’s relative army/navy statistics Standing army of 230,000 5 Battleships 3 Cruisers 14 Destroyers 20 Miscellaneous