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  1. I'm leaving lotc. goodbye

    1. Lionbileti


      Love u smelly, I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since u brought me on this server. Us serving under stigwig and altiak really was the best. I’ll miss u man, u gotta keep me posted on ur works with the church!

    2. JoanOfArc


      I love you mr smellypocket

  2. "Kinda defeats the point if you write a missive, publicising your penance, don't it?" Says one boy.
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MFd3gtRYLNFHXMY5hxbcHmoVTORWhfBdZ0th0M-Ba0g/edit ((There is the doc, although I reckon that the final post probably ended up a little different. Historically, the Turkins converted to Canonism rather than Rashidun. Because first they migrated to Lorraine and many were converted to that religion by the local Bishop. And Semih converted loads of them to Canonism at some point. A few would still remain in their original religion, Tigirism, although they have perhaps disappeared now. They did have some Qali influence thanks to their adoption (alongs
  4. ((I didn't know your char but now I wish I had, wonderful post!!!! A child lights a candle at St. Julia's altar for the departed soul.
  5. Philip decides to keep the poem "The Boulevard of Sprites" on his desk, enjoying it greatly. "The outrageous joy of the Saints", says he "Lies in their smallness!"
  6. Acolyte Philip Romolo Vaz shakes his head. "The Paradise that is economic prosperity? Is this man thinking clearly? I would rather live poor and honourable than rich and degenerate; economic prosperity cannot bring any form of "paradise" and lasting "happiness." All attempts by men to build a utopia are doomed to fail; your Modernist state would collapse even if you succeeded in establishing it. Even if you got everything you wanted, you would still be wretched and miserable." "We need to turn to God more than ever. Let us ask Saint Julia, Mama Mia, for her prayers to turn away fr
  7. "Perhaps we must set up institutions which aim to provide a solid Canonist education, which preserves this balance which our Pontiff has laid out." Suggests Philip.
  8. "Truly this is a promising man. The world is not suffering from want of wonders, but from want of wonder." Says Philip.
  9. Philip makes a request to be stationed in Jorenus.
  10. "I agree with much of what you have said, Signore, ", Writes Philip Romolo Vaz in a missive. "I do not understand much of politics, nor have I investigated the cause of this rebellion. I see only the bloodshed, and worse, souls lost through the wrath and unchastity that such wars occasion, which is the deplorable cause of the eternal damnation of many of the immoral souls. I see also immorality and atheism in every corner of high society: The Sedanites are right in that, and are right to be filled with holy zeal against it. But their recourse to violence and rebellion against a legitimate rule
  11. "The author has said that words are futile and meaningless, and then refuted his own argument by using words to prove it; this is the biggest self-own I have ever seen." Says Philip.
  12. "I have already shown that such a rule, viz. that knights must not decline a request for a duel, is a hateful one, unworthy of the Canonist profession, and clearly the knight would be sinning if he fought on such trivial grounds as personal honour. They should rather fear the eternal dishonour of the Void which iniquitous actions merit!" Says Philip.
  13. Philip says "This is very evil, perhaps we need to finish Bl. Pius' work "Adversus Haereses.""
  14. A jolly young man of shining countenance skips into the office. “Good to see you here on this day, brother. We shall begin quite simply. What is your name?” "My name is Philip Romolo Vaz." “How old are you?” "I am 31." “This question is obvious, but it is for the sake of these records. What race of the descendants are you of?” "I am a Heartlander, si." “You are able to read and write, am I right?” "Yes." “And with that, I hope you are familiar with the Holy Scrolls and Catechism o
  15. Philip thinks knowing these quotes should be a requirement for membership.
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