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  1. An exhortation to the people, against duelling. "Raise not your hand in wrath, nor in anger, nor in any kind of sin."-Virtue 5:9. The catastrophe of duelling cuts down the lives of young men like so much unryed wheat every year, and casts their immortal souls straight into everlasting death in the Void. Need anything more be written? Is there cause for anything else to be said? This alone should move Holy Church and her Bishops and Priests to wholly condemn this shameful practice. It is indeed lamentable that I, who am a man of little knowledge, despised rig
  2. "How can one be a lover with any woman other than his wife?" Asks a scandalised young man.
  3. A man sings mournfully: The storm of battle has taken us all But to the enemy we shall not fall Savoy must break from her shackles That is the task of the noble Jackals Savoy must break from her shackles That is the task of the noble Jackals Guy and Olivier, the noble Edgar They were Savoy’s true protectors Augustus Fournier, from Aldersberg Town Never forget their renown Augustus Fournier, from Aldersberg Town Never forget their renown!
  4. "Noble and learned Eminence," writes one man "what do you mean, voluntary and involuntary sin? Whence does this distinction come? For without consent, surely there can be no sin? I do not think we need complete consent of the will and intellect, but surely the assent of the will in some way is necessary? Otherwise, it would be unjust for us to be punished for them, and, moreover, we could not be forgiven them, because we have not done them."
  5. A man waits for Jude II to write Rerum Novarum.
  6. Peter writes a letter to High Pontiff Jude II @GoldWolfGaming. "Holy Father, My family recently heard of the death of an holy Priest, Padre Javier. My children were very enthralled by his courage in the last moments, though we never met him. In the last few weeks, we have been unable to bring ourselves to pray for his soul; no, it is certain that he is with God, having the pledge of holy martyrdom, and he must needs pray for us. We have erected an image of Javier in our home and we venerate him as a holy soul. My wife, as a token of her devotion to him, has drawn this e
  7. ""Ven. Fabian says: “In addressing the righteousness of war, we will first look to the admonition against violence in the Canticle of Patience. Here, the Lord commands that the virtuous “shall not raise a hand in wrath, nor in envy, nor in any kind of sin.” He thus indicates that violence, or the raising of the hand, is not sinful under circumstances where it is not connected to the other sins, such as wrath or avarice. The astute religious scholar will then determine that it is permissible for a Canonist state to wage war where the war’s essential goal is a virtuous one.” (Jus Bellum Justum.)
  8. "Completed it mate," says one Canonist, sending two Epistles to ibn Mustafa.
  9. "That's a wonderful choice of motto," says one man, "If ever I saw one." This is same man who wrote Jude II a letter asking for his prayers in response to "Eternity with Him." He, in celebration of his prayer-friend becoming Pontiff, paints an image of the Pope with a note. "Your Holiness, an inspired motto and name. Please continue to pray for me and my children and accept this portrait. We hope that it will remind you of us and so present us before God. We pray that it will be surpassed in the next life when your countenance will be enhanced by the vision of that
  10. Ven. Pius of Sutica beams with radiance and joy as he embraces his disciple in the Seven Skies. "I told you that you would be alright, my son. Didn't I tell you we of the Fraternity look after each other, in this life and the next? Now get in, it's time to look after Jude II." Pius prays for the intentions of the Pontiff.
  11. "Pray for me your Eminence, and I for you, and we shall share together our Eternity with Him." Says a letter addressed to the good Cardinal written under the name "Peter."
  12. "I shall spend my Heaven" prays Ven. Pius in the Skies, "doing good on earth."
  13. Even a centuries-old son of Malin is forced to admit that the end of a century of loyal service to his Emperor represents a great passing upon the hearing of it. "These men have some constancy in them, if this soldier is to be the measure of them."
  14. Father Pius of Sutica, also in the Seven Skies, understands now that people still say stupid things, even in the Skies. He looks down and blesses his old friend Father Dima Carrion-Tuvyic. Then he goes to talk to a King about whom he wrote a detailed biography, Venerable Olivier de Savoie, laughing happily as Olivier corrects all the facts he got wrong.
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