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  1. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War

    THE PAPACY A.D MCMXI Pope Innocent got the council underway with a furious energy and fervour. The usual issues were discussed – Papal authority, the Filioque Clause; liturgical differences. In the end, the usual answer was given: no. Not today. Not ever. The Schism stands. The Church never to be one, never again... ...and the usual answer was not the response of Innocent to the initial setbacks he and his inner circle faced. After weeks of torturous agony, and some ‘encouragement’ from the Russian Union, closer union with Rome and closer co-operation finally tipped into a discussion about accepting Roman Primacy. The Orthodox would keep all but a few of their liturgical traditions, whilst the Pope would be recognised as the successor of Peter, the head of the Christian Church. Finally – some progress! Joyous newspaper articles around the world rang the bells of sweet victory. The Council members knew that things would not be so easy. A Thorny Issue The Filioque Clause of the Nicene Creed, present in the Catholic liturgy but not the Orthodox, represents a major dispute over the nature of the Trinity. Such an issue is not an easy one to accept. A small faction, about a fifth, were able to accept the Catholic interpretation. Most did not. Innocent did have the advantage of being Archbishop of Athens for a long time. Life in an Orthodox country for decades meant the Bishops on the other side felt they could deal with him reasonably and trust him. In the end, the Filioque was a Catholic dogma and could not be compromised. In order to tip the balance in his favour, the Russian state ‘coincidentally’ gives tax exemption to the Patriarchate of Moscow. It is hoped this will induce the Bishops to support the clause. Innocent, during an eccentric moment in the council, rapidly cites Greek and Latin fathers in order to support the Filioque, in a fusillade of impressive theological knowledge. Pioneering Radio! The Church tries to pioneer the new technology of radio, trialling sets in every Archdiocese. Broadcasts are in many languages and report on Catholic affairs, help in prayer life, encourage alms-giving to the poor, and promote Catholic teachings. They also report on the Council of Ravenna. Other Affairs -The Pope makes good on his proposed visit to Poland. The Pope praises the independent spirit and piety of the Polish people, and wishes them good luck in the future. He reaffirms his call to Catholics for helping those in need, in both charity and in the new Holy Orders set up. -The Canonisation process of Joan of Arc is complete. She is Canonised as St Joan.
  2. thesmellypocket

    Medieval Age 1203 AD

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aRvN1Mrdo_apyvv7rGnnXupOS1hYw5djiu2z8WLJUJE/edit (( A E S T H E T I C post
  3. thesmellypocket

    Medieval Age 1203 AD OOC

    Nation name: Kingdom of Acre (Officially Kingdom of Jerusalem) Population: Approximately half a million. Mostly Arab/Middle Eastern Christians (50-60%) with large Muslim (30-40% of the pop.) and Frankish minority (About 10%). Most of the Franks are skilled craftsmen and other valuable people. Summary of History: Disaster struck at Hattin. Guy de Lusignan foolishly – against the advice of all the barons of the realm, including the Count of Tripoli whose own castle and wife were under threat – decided to give battle at Hattin in order to relieve Tiberias. It was a trap, and all but he could see it. He had staked all of the kingdom’s resources, stripping the garrisons of valuable men. After a disastrous defeat, Saladin could pounce on any town he pleased. Jaffa. Acre. Ascalon. The golden trickle that was the Palestinian coast was lost in a matter of months. Two cities held out: Jerusalem and Tyre. After the people of Jerusalem refused to surrender to Saladin, the great Sultan swore that he would massacre the people. Only the spirited defence and tough negotiation style of Balian d’Ibelin prevented that, but still, Saladin took tens of thousands of Christians into slavery and the city itself. Tyre held out under the command of the formidable Conrad of Montferrat. For years, the Christians held out and counter-attacked at Acre. The arrival of the Third Crusade allowed for not only the conquest of Cyprus, but Richard the Lionheart, who inflicted terrible defeats on Saladin despite having pitiful resources, was able to reconquer all of the coast except Ascalon, and, critically, he was able to take the the port city of Acre. The d’Ibelins are now the second most important noble house in Outremer. Balian’s marriage to Maria Zoe Comnena quadrupled his family’s income and made him second only to Tripoli – with Ibelin, Ramla and Nabalus lost, they now control Beirut. The King of Jerusalem now has some powerful nobles to reckon with. Discord
  4. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p9-5L1TclA70t9CVUBGtA9SU2yp66A-FpzV0vnDjBbw/edit Late 1920.
  5. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

    ‘Blessed be the LORD my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight…’ - Psalm 144. Maine, with the full backing of Britain, enters the war on the side of New York and Virginia. 7,000 militiamen, trained for years in skirmish warfare by now-Colonel Vourne, go into battle under the command of General Joseph Chamberlain. The army is ordered to observe strict discipline, refraining from looting or other crimes. Instead, the militia attack any military forces on their border with New Hampshire, and, if possible, advance into their territory. Prime Minister Coburn recites Psalm 144 and says that, whilst Maine is a Dominion of peaceful intentions, aggressive attitudes on the part of the New England Alliance, including attempting to undermine the very foundations of the state by encouraging treasonable actions, have shown the Alliance to be warlike and hostile. ‘If, in a position of strength they attacked and undermined us, we cannot allow them to gain that strength again, for they WILL destroy us. Therefore, we must strike while it is THEY who are weak, and secure peace and security for Maine for years to come.’ ‘I have just received a letter from Mister Temple. [British PM] We have his full backing. Freedom or death for Maine!’
  6. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

  7. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

    ’No Sympathy for Concord Bullies’ People of Maine, Do not listen to the ramblings of this bitter and covetous tyrant. We offered them the olive tree and peace, but they seem desperate to undermine our State; to inflame famine, war and fire. These are the works of evildoers, and not good Christian souls. I for one shall not be bullied into their ‘Union,’ and will fight for the liberty of Maine. They call us a tyranny, yet have no proof thereof. I ask you, how has the Dominion acted tyrannous toward you? Have we suspended the freedom of the press, raised a standing army to occupy our towns, or mistreated our people in any way? Verily, we have not, but have sponsored learning, prosperity, and the free enterprise of Man. Meanwhile, this so-called Union has attempted to bully you into their gang using contemptible tactics. Who is the real tyrant? Who is the real enemy? I say it is them. Britain never forced us along this path. We in Maine simply desire peace, prosperity and isolation. The British bring those things, whilst these Unionists render destruction, embody greed, and are evildoers; they wish to force us along THEIR path. THE P.M
  8. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

  9. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War

  10. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

    THE DOMINION OF MAINE RESPONDS: ’President Banks, There is no reason to take such a militant stance toward our Dominion. We voluntarily embarked upon this path. Britain did not seek influence in Maine, rather, we approached them. Britain has not enforced Dominion on us, nor the Pound Sterling on Virginia. In fact, it was partly by our recommendation that Virginia took the currency. We have nothing to be released from. In fact, the British have been a great help, and, with a clear conscience, I declare that we will not waver in our actions. We will not voluntarily surrender to you, nor will we abandon those commitments we have made by any declaration. The Athenians said to the Melians: ‘The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must,’ as Thucydides put it. But we are not weak, and embarked upon this path for our benefit. There is no reason why peace and goodwill should be impossible. We desire only peace and the Christianlike accord of nations, to which effect we have raised no standing army, but have put that money to education, in order that the free spirit of men be released, and the nobler part of Man embraced. We are no threat to any independent US State and nor is the United Kingdom. We hope to see you reconsider your actions, and am quite willing to see your concerns resolved diplomatically, THE PRIME MINISTER.’
  11. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War

  12. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America

  13. thesmellypocket

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    Discord Name: Thesmellypocket Desired State: Maine History of said State’s history, leadership, and government: Maine had been a part of the American experiment from the very beginning, being part of the original Thirteen that took the fateful decision to rebel against their overlords. A frontier State with Canada, Maine’s early history was characterised by division and conflict. Harshly split between Loyalists and Revolutionists, it changed hands multiple times during the Revolutionary Wars and the War of 1812. The recent collapse of the American state has led many in Maine to take the British offer seriously, in a time where desperate measures become daily practice. Britain shares Maine’s anti-slavery commitments, and in these anarchic times, it pays to have powerful friends. But if they to throw their lot in with the Whigs and Tories across the pond, they had better do it on their terms, or so Governor Israel Washburn Jr. would have it! Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.: A prominent but pragmatic leader, Washburn in many ways represented the archetypal Republican. But now that pragmatism comes to the fore and he is facing calls to stand alone or align with Britain. Washburn is determined to carve out a path for Maine that would see both sides satisfied. Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power): Major Richard Vourne. Born to working class parents from Sheffield, England, Vourne, a hardened professional soldier, a learned stoic and an utter workhorse all rolled into one, is coming to prominence in the newly independent state. His energy and intelligence has lead to him, whatever his official rank, being a voice for a new Maine state army. But many of his ideas take inspiration suspiciously northward, toward Canada.
  14. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War

    SPECIAL RELEASE: BALDWIN’S ‘LETTER TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE.’ https://docs.google.com/document/d/15Fn3JjsBGemCRpzgnPPYiHM9yo6uug0jMWljaCgZNEI/edit (Nice font version.) BALDWIN: NEW ERA FOR ENTENTE A LETTER TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE: ‘In the postwar world, we, the British, must stand for freedom and democracy in these troublesome times. But we do not stand alone. Our old allies in the Entente see the threat as we do, and we are prepared to act in defence of those principles which this country holds dear. To that end, Norway has graciously agreed to allow Britain to send aid to Sweden. We will send military aid to the capitalist forces in Sweden and France, lest the light of liberty die in these countries. I am commissioning with Mister Vickers of Enfield the construction of 1200 Mark III tanks. These machines will be immediatelly dispatched to France upon their manufacture. Any tanks we have spare from the Great War will also be sent. Within a few months, they will have a sizeable tank force. Meanwhile, we will send ammunition and the thousands of spare Lee Enfields and field guns which we have left-over from the war to Sweden. I am taking this decision so that these weapons, which no longer suit a demobilised nation such as ours’, may be put to use defending our principles on the world scale. Yours sincerely, S. Baldwin.’ Baldwin has also entreatied Norway for a closer relationship between the two countries, pointing to the threat of Communism in Scandinavia. He first proposes reduced tariffs and closer links to the countries diplomatically. The talk is not of direct alliance, but it is thought to be a prelude to it. -Britain manufactures 1200 more tanks and also sends any spare from the Great War to the 3rd French Republic. -Britain sends hundreds of thousands of rifles and thousands of artillery guns to the Capitalist Swedish via Norway. -Baldwin declares that the Entente must take a new role against Socialism. -Baldwin entreaties Norway for a closer relationship with Britain.
  15. thesmellypocket

    1912; The Great War