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  1. iDoom

    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    5/10, the drug wars are a waste of government funds but the picture is pretty good
  2. Well, hello all! I got accepted a couple a days ago and most definitely none of you have seen me around but I've been exploring a lil bit and wanted to give a formal introduction to myself. Right now, my characters are Atticus Taylor (some moblord) and Baldrick Grandaxe (a dwarf). I hope I see you all around!
  3. iDoom

    The Black Hand

    The Black Hand What We're All About The Black Hand is a criminal organization whose main goal is to become a hidden manipulator, briber, extorter, and murderer in society in order to become the most powerful group in all the land. When we want something, we get that thing and nothing will get between us and our goals. If you think you're ready for this level of villainy, please inquire about a place in our criminal organization. Initiation In order to prove your worth to The Black Hand and show your loyalty to our organization, you must go through an initiation. If you fail to complete the initiation, then you will be excommunicated from our organization and possibly murdered. WHO KNOWS? Our initiation is quite simple and easy. Any low level self respecting villain should be able to complete it. You need to do ONE of the things below while a commanding officer is watching to verify that you have indeed done it. 1. Kill a Man 2. Rob Someone for 100 Minas 3. Chop Off The Body Part of a Person How It Works Because The Black Hand is not a large organization yet, we will start with basic extortion and robbery to build up a treasury so we can start going on larger expeditions. Several members of The Black Hand will gather for a "operation" in order to get more money in the treasury and if successful, all members of group who were successful will get a cut of the winnings so this should motivate you to get more money. Some of the minas will always go to the Boss of The Black Hand for investment in other operations. Hierarchy The Boss (Atticus Taylor) The Boss is the head of The Black Hand and coordinates most of the operations. The Boss also distributes payouts from the various operations. Underlings Everyone is basically equal under the Boss. The underlings carry out operations and receive payouts from operations. They are also given protection by The Black Hand. Application IGN: Discord: Character Name: Why do you want to be apart of the Black Hand: Town Currently In:
  4. iDoom

    Need Dwarf Skin

    I'm not really set on any SPECIFIC look for Baldrick, kinda just the stereotypical dwarf skin so you can definitely use your own inspiration for him.
  5. iDoom

    Baldrick Iron Hart

  6. iDoom

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    2/10 I literally just joined but I'm sure that I'll see you around sometime.
  7. iDoom

    Mateolog's Free Skins Re-Open

    (The description is in the post with a picture. You can use your imagination for the clothing, preferably a cloak or something regal. Thanks in advance.)
  8. iDoom

    Baldrick Iron Hart

    Name: Baldrick Ironhart Height: 4'8" Weight: 200lbs Age: 142 -=-=-Physical Characteristics-=-=- Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Description: Baldrick has fierce eyes that show passion and loyalty for the Kingdom of Kaz'ulrah. He is tall and quite large for a dwarf but makes up for his size with brute muscle. He has a full head of hair on top of his head with a split beard that nearly goes down to his belly, which he is quite proud of. -=-=-Personality Traits-=-=- Personality: Baldrick is known for having a short temper and being quick to action. However, he can be quite friendly if you treat him with kindness. Intelligence: More intelligent than most dwarves Likes: -Reading -Writing -Fighting -Ale Dislikes: -Cowards -Orcs -Liars -=-=-Goals-=-=- Short Term Goals [ ] Learn Smithing [ ] Learn How To Brew [ ] Write a Book [ ] Complete The Three Trials Required To Become a Full Grandaxe [ ] Become Librarian of Kaz'tarak Long Term Goals [ ] Buy a Proper Home [ ] Get Married [ ] Have Children [ ] Become Rich [ ] Become a Dwarven Noble [ ] Find Holm [ ] Learn a Dwarven Skill (rune or golemancy) Completed Goals [✓] Find Kaz'ulrah [✓] Obtain a Temporary House [✓ ] Join the Mining Guild [ ✓] Join a Clan
  9. iDoom

    The Mining Guild of Kaz'Ulrah

    Application OOC Minecraft Account Name: iDoom Discord (Send PM if you do not want it public): Pops☭ #3874 Timezone: EST How many hours can you spare to mine?: 2 or 3 RP Name: Baldrick Ironhart Age: 142 Dwarven Ethnicity(Mountain,Cave, Forest): Mountain Dwarf Are you a citizen of Kal’Tarak?: No
  10. iDoom

    Atticus Taylor

    Atticus Taylor Personal Information Name: Atticus Taylor Age: 21 Race: Human Alignment: Neutral Evil Gender: Male Relationship: Single Occupation: Merchant Character Description Skin Color: Light and dark grey across the body. Height: 6'2" Weight: 205 Build: Mesomorph Overall Description: Atticus is a wealthy merchant that will bribe, extort, hurt, and kill anyone that he has to in order to become to wealthiest and most powerful man in the land. He runs a criminal organization called the "Black Hand" that does most of his bidding for him and the hearing the name is enough for most commoners to hand over their coinpurses. He is tall and mean looking, able to set fear in anyone he encounters without the need of armed thugs (though he has those too). Facial Appearance: Atticus has blue eyes, white hair, and a wrinkled face which seems more prone to frown than smile. His looks older than his age. Body: Atticus is neither thick nor thin. He is of average weight for his size. Items: -A cane used to support himself -A coinpurse to carry his extra change -A dagger stolen from a shopkeeper Skills: -Manipulation -Persuasion -Violence Clothing: Usually found wearing long cloaks, high boots, and gloves. Personality: Atticus is agressive, manipulative, and not someone that you would like yourself to be around. Family: - Father: Unknown - Mother: Unknown