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  2. Narvi the dwarf woke up, drenched in sweat, he just had the most terrible nightmare.
  3. "Now the work begins." Narvi nodded, proud that his old boss Ulfar Starbreaker had been elected as King of the Dwarves.
  4. +1 has a good sense of humour and singlehandedly generated more memes than Cheese did

    1. Britannicvs


      Thanks man! 😀

  5. THE LEGIONS ENDORSEMENT Duty and service are not words to be thrown around lightly; serving as Grand King is the greatest privilege that a dwarf can enjoy, and it is also the greatest responsibility. It is for these reasons that the Legion of Urguan hereby endorses the candidacy of Ulfar Starbreaker for Grand King, who is the only candidate who can be counted on to sponsor the Legion and advocate for its interests; he has pledged to aid in the reconstruction of the Legion Hall, promises a port solely controlled by the Legion and regular wages. Ulfar is a dwarf who has long served our people, fighting in countless wars in the realm's defence, and has served loyally in the renewed Legion of Urguan. He has struck the earth and established new colonies for our people in service to the Worldmaker. He understands the need for change and reform to fix the issues that permeate our society today and is a leader that we strongly believe can take up the mantle of kingship. More to the point, he understands the personal sacrifice this entails and strives only to do his duty to his people. With many threats on our borders, Ulfar Starbreaker is exactly the kind of strong leader Urguan needs, one that can bring unity to the Khazadmar. A leader who can return us to our ancient ways and the glories of our forefathers. NARVAK OZ URGUAN NARVAK OZ ULFAR Signed, Narvi, Grand Marshal of the Legion, Snaer Frostbeard, Tribune of the Legion, Gallio Grandaxe Legate of the Legion, Bworki Broadbeam Legate of the Legion.
  6. A dwarf groans as a Yrommar steals the identity of renowned Urguan lawyer Sidewae Goodman.
  7. EDICT OF MILITARIZATION Mandated by the Obsidian Throne As of the 12th of Dungrimms Call, the Legion shall implement new reforms by the Grand King’s decree. The previous Edict of Emergency shall be repealed as the present danger from the Darkstalkers has passed. All Dwarves above the age of 18 are encouraged to enlist within the Legion to face the impending threat of the Azdrazi and serve their Kingdom. The Honour System of Old shall be restored to reward consistent service towards the Legion and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. All enlisted Legionnaires have had their honour calculated based on their service in the past few years. Payment shall be standardised at the rate of 25 mina for Ironguards and 50 mina for Pridebearers; Grunts must prove their dedication to the Legion. The requirements for payment per stone week shall be attendance at one Legion practice and two stone hours of Gate Duty. NARVOK OZ URGUAN Signed, Thurgrim Silverbraid Grand King of Urguan, Clan Lord of the Silverbraids Narvi, Grand Marshal of the Legion, Snaer Frostbeard, Tribune of the Legion.
  8. Narvi slammed his fist. "If I catch the bastards who put this tagum up to this - Kavir!" He swore, grimacing at the missive.
  9. "Gods above." A startled dwarf replied nearby.
  10. Narvi, squints at the letter and ponders aloud “Are they tryin’ tae insult us?” He muttered, grimacing at the fatal error.
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