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  1. To those that remained in the Grove as the others boarded their vessels to move into a new realm, they might see a strange creature, one not previously seen among the brush. An ancient, decrepit squirrel wandered through the undergrowth, albino and white as snow. To those that attempted to commune with it, he would have no words, no sentences- except one. "Guide owl Home." The great-great-great-great-great grandchild of a squirrel that once graced the figure of the Owl would sit nearby, watching Taynei, Owl, and the others ready themselves. It would follow them up from the Undergrove to the Fae Ring, meandering across the stone and wooden steps with the same slowness of an old man. It slowly climbed a small tree, more a bush really, near the Fae Circle, its red eyes blinking hard with each bright flash of green. When the deed was done, it turned slowly as the waves of Druidic Energies crashed over the realm of Arcas. ~~~~ Over the coming days and weeks, the abandoned Grove would be the home of a growing number of squirrels. Much like the Druids who felt the pulse of pure agony, these squirrels mourned. Though there were no eyes to see, no ears to hear, none except those of the Aspects themselves, these creatures gathered. Perhaps some working of a soul long passed through into the Eternal Forest, they cautiously wandered into the Fae Ring where Owl passed on. They filled it, day after day, with all sorts of seeds- pinecones, acorns, sweetgums, samaras, pods, and nuts. The pile grew and grew until even the mushrooms composing the circle were hidden beneath them. At last, the albino squirrel emerged once more, leading a small pack of others that carried a long lost length of wood. After centuries separated from its master, the length of a long-dead Mother Tree branch would be dead itself. An unpolished emerald sat still clasped in a claw-like vice at the top of this stick, the length covered in brown and shriveled vines. The elder squirrel would seem to direct the others to the pile, and after several moments of struggle, the Staff of the Squirrel Druid, lost to the ages yet maintained by a line of squirrels still in some ways bound to the realm beyond, was placed within the last mortal destination of the Owl Druid. An eternal monument to her memory. Blessed be. ~~~
  2. gotta go sicko mode MC skin: https://gyazo.com/fe0ae77953675f528dd372eac21288eb Artwork: in forum signature for 'Salem'
  3. Anyone do some good skins for male characters? Willing to pay actual moniez.

    1. ShannonLeigh


      o/ hello I am a skinner! my prices start at $10 for an outfit, check out my portfolio here https://shannonlstockton.wixsite.com/portfolio if you're interested in a skin, pm me on discord shannon#0199

  4. Wooo I got my forum account back

  5. >mineman is run on a potato

    >potato runs out of starch

    >ww3 starts over mineman

  6. Not sure where this 'Sutica is dead' idea is coming from.. just walked in to see 10 people RPing right in the town square

    1. iMattyz


      Dead in terms of quality, and dead in terms of quantity, are two very different things.


      Whether either of them are true is your decision to make...

  7. I knew there was a reason I hated PVP...

  8. Personally in my biased opinion, I'd like to see the orders receive their own lands- even if a small plot. However, this doesn't have to be server dictated- for example, the orders could all play politics and gain land within a pre-existing nation. However, I do agree with Jack's point- the orders (in most cases) don't hang around together in a city and roleplay, because the majority of our RP comes from interactions with spooks. We don't get that inside our respective keeps- we get that from going outside. At least in the Paladin's case, the base/region has always acted more as a staging ground for crusades, place to train students one-on-one, and a place to keep our connection pool (chancery). My last point relates back to the first, though- we don't "require" staff granted regions to exist. The politics of getting land within a nation is very plausible, as is our applying for a guild charter once 6.0 is actually launched. What is NOT plausible at the moment, though, is likely a collective of the three main orders. Farryn and Jallentime pretty accurately described the political scene- we aren't very willing to work with each other at the moment. I agree with Farryn that we should let RP fall as it may, and if we're granted land then great.
  9. aaaaa forum lag double posted me. bleh

  10. Hello, denizens of Axios. I need two skins made; 1k per request. If the skinner would like to discuss a higher payment, I'd be open to that depending on how difficult they prove. The skins only need to be the outifts- I don't need a head for them. Anywho, here are my two requests. 1. My first request is an armor set based off these two images. [1] [2] All I need made is the version of the skin with the helmet- I can remove the helmet and put the other head on it myself. This is likely the most difficult of the two requests, so if needed I can certainly pay a bit more. 2. My second request is a piece of pretty basic casual clothing based on this image. [1] Again, I only need the head. You can leave the color of the skin blank too and I can do that edit myself. I believe this skin only really needs 1k for it, but talk to me if it caused you any major difficulties. My Discord is Conspirator_#3881. Post on this topic and send me a PM on discord if you'd like to do one of my requests. Thanks you guys! (forgot to put this in original post, but send over some examples of ya work too c:)
  11. [Scholar Application] MC Name: Conspirator_ RP Name: Salem Wyvernbane Reason for wanting to join: To educate people in the arts the Paladins possess and to use my knowledge to aid in the creation of items to ward and/or protect the Descendants from the Forces of Chaos Field of Mastery: The Paladin Mists Years of Practice (IRP) ((Take a guess if you don't know)): Four decades, roughly Link me a picture of a Cat/Dog/Your preferred cute animal:
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