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  1. Corann bustles about with the invitation carefully folded in a pocket. The excitement builds as the date draws nearer.
  2. Corann spots a crumpled missive on the side of the road. After snooping through its contents, he stuffs it in a pocket. ”Oh this I have to see.” He says to himself in between laughs.
  3. First, I would like to thank the staff of LOTC for taking into consideration the communities’ thoughts and for being willing to try new things and change them if they do not work. There are many well thought out responses already so I will not go over all of my opinions on the issue of banditry. As fantastic and great as LOTC is, it cannot mimic exactly how a medieval fantasy situation would play out in real life. So of course there’s the problem of other players not being realistic with fighting. Of course you have situations where the fight takes so long other people stumble upon it and join in. I really can’t see how the staff can resolve that issue without constricting the rp environment and limiting the creativity of “good” bandits. In the end, we’re just going to have to admit these faults and use our own creativity to get around them. Of course, the main problem is people who don’t understand that a good role-play will require their character losing from time to time. Your character is going to get injured. Your character is going to get surprised. That’s just how it is. My opinion? Just finish it quick and move on to the next player. Cause my experience from banditry (though I do it differently than most) is that there are a lot of good and understanding rpers on this server. That’s why it’s so popular. So don’t give the jerks the time of day. However. Those jerks can easily kill you immediately no matter what you say. My suggestion is this: allow players to turn their pvp on and off. That way if they want to pvp default they can turn it on and will be able to. If they don’t, they can leave it off, forcing others to actually rp the encounter. If the player ignores legitimate rp encounters, then don’t worry about that player. It wouldn’t have been fun to rp with them anyways.
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