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  1. Alric Theonus walks the halls of Hjoldenskarven, rousing the Icathians and his fellow family members in an excited tone "Raise the banners, lads! The time is 'ere, get yer swords!" he dons his armor, making haste towards Varhelm.
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    Dietrich is a Waldenian man, the son of a small farmer. Growing up Dietrich performed lots of labor on the farm as the only child of his father. This led to from a young age to an ability to perform lots of labour and endure relative hardship, as his father’s farm was small, barely able to sustain himself and his son. His mother died shortly after childbirth due to illness, leaving his father devastated and grim. His father’s mission became one of protection to his son, displaying fierce loyalty and near foolish levels of fearlessness when it came to dealing with those who might threaten what little he had left. This became something Dietrich took the heart, and would stick with him for the rest of his childhood. After the Scyflings had defeated the HRA in the field battle north of Metterden his father saw that the danger was too great to remain on their farm. So he and his father fled to the city of New Reza, participating in the defense of the city,Dietrich father was slain during the course of the siege. After this, Dietrich’s conviction in the Church of Canon grew as he heard of the exploits of the war being waged against the Inferi. Departing the city after burying his father, Dietrich began to wander Haense searching for a purpose.
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    Being born the son of a steel smith in Raevir highlands, Daithi from a young age had a fascination with the men and women who would come and get their arms from his father. Adhering to the Church of the Canon, Daithi followed the majority religion of those around him, not being too devout however not forsaking religion either.Growing up, Daithi was constantly in fights with the other children, earning a reputation as being very rash and someone who does not think of the consequences before taking action. In his late teens, his father Orinth began to ail and needed him to aid with the business. At the age of 16, Daithi began to follow in his family’s trade of making weapons of steel for warriors and mercenaries alike. This sparked something within Daithi, a fascination and longing to be one of the people whom he helped sell arms to.The thoughts of the freedom, danger, excitement and adventure filling his mind with a passion and yearning to leave his relatively comfortable and safe life. Nearly two years later, his father passed from his illness, leaving Daithi distraught and pessimistic towards the world. Leaving for Norland in the aftermath, Daithi made two friends which altered the course of his life. Meeting River Liszt and Astoro Jovanovsk in a guildhall, quickly becoming good friends. When both of these friends decided to head out into the world and become mercenaries, Daithi’s long held passion of becoming a soldier of fortune came to fruition as he accompanied both his friends in this venture into the lands of Arcas.
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