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  1. On the 6th of Sun's Smile 1772, Terrence Johantah, while in a meeting, collapsed unexpectedly due to unknown circumstances. Another lawyer in the meeting, named Konstantin, reported Terrence coughing a lot during their brief encounter. He was sent to the Helena clinic where his illness is still being tested, though a possibility has been rules as Malaria, due to the warm weather and return of the Mosquitoes. He was brought to his living quarters at Nauzica Square 4 to rest until further notice. He will only be able to be contacted via mail. Personal visits must be made ahead of time. Send your best wishes his way for a swift and speedy recovery.
  2. I’m hoping this can be different! I understand there’s a 9/10 chance this character gets beheaded for treason but it’s still worth a shot. This is an opportunity for people to help indirectly by giving advice and tips.
  3. Totally get this, but shouldn’t stop anyone from trying 😄 Honestly, just want to get an idea of what city people want to liberate and why. I do want a new character that has qualities I haven’t explored fully in roleplay. Such as anger issues, rebellious tendencies, and someone who is a guard. Toppling a government won’t be their sole purpose and I don’t intend on it being that. I want it to flow naturally.
  4. NOTE: Not trying to be “edgy” in this post. I honestly want to improve the quality of roleplay in a town. This is me reaching out to the community. I want to know if any town is lacking good roleplay, and or is in need of something exciting. Such as a revolution. While performing as an actor on LoTC, I played a character who helped overthrow the government. This brought me to my realization, “When is the next big coup?” To which I had no answer.. until now! The Plan: Create a new persona, sole purpose won’t be to topple the government! Join a royal guard, be trained irp on how to fight Live in a city irp for 12+ years (3 months ooc), gather a sense of the roleplay in the town Have ideas of possibly overthrowing anything that seems unfair Gather members with the same ideas Create a big rp event Try and overthrow a government Now you might be thinking, “How do you plan on choosing the city?” or, “Why would a city willingly let this happen ooc?” First answer is I will link a poll so people who view this can vote on which city they’d like to participate. Next, I will ooc contact the region owners of said city and try to pitch them this idea. The first choice may not want to do this event, which is fine. We will just move on to the second choice, then the third, and so on. I also won’t be gathering a bunch of outsiders to overthrow a government, I will also try convincing the people to revoult, therefore increasing our chances of success. ALSO, I will lead if it comes to that in roleplay, I will also gladly let other people help lead this. I’m not trying to be the rebellious leader who liberates a city I just want to help get the ball rolling for a revolution, leading it or not. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in participating in such a coup, let me know via discord. McDanky#8651 If you are a region owner of a city and would like this event to occur, message me as well and we can discuss how both parties want this to happen. If you are a ST or someone who can help run said event, message me as well. Only vote if you are interested in participating, or if you have a serious grudge against a city: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZYC5ZTV NOTE: The character to lead the revolution has yet to be created. One I get all the data I need I will create a new persona that will get the ball rolling. Just cause I’m starting fresh doesn’t mean the people involved have to. Feel free to use pre-existing characters to help. I will let everyone who is interested know all the details and will keep them updated on the situation. Feel free to message me if you have any idea! Please don’t metagame anything! ~Long Live the King
  5. Applicant Name: Goilard Costa Olivera II Applicant Aviary Address (Discord): McDanky#8651 Applicant Sex and Race: Male Highlander Form of Art: Music, Poetry, Painting Would you be interested in acting (Y/N): Y Experience in the Performing Arts (if any): ((I am President of my drama club irl and have been in 3 plays and 4 musicals
  6. SUBPOENA 8th of Amber Cold, 1768 THE CROWN MINISTRY OF JUSTICE TERRENCE JOHANTAH BY ORDER OF THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY BEFORE A CIRCUIT COURT; LLOYD ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: THE ATTEMPT OF MURDER OF EDWARD GALBRATIH, GREY GALBRATIH, AND SIR HENRY 202.023 - Where an individual intentionally and with premeditation causes the death of another, this shall be murder of the first degree. (Class V) 204.01 - Where an individual commits acts with the intent to compromise the integrity of the Crown and its constituent institutions by waging insurrection and seeking the destruction of the Imperial State by impugning the character and person of the Crown through subversive means such as collusion with enemy entities and actors against the State. (Class I) 209.031 - Where an individual actively attempts, but fails to commit, a crime, the individual shall be held liable with a mitigated punishment according to the crime which was attempted. Three saint days ago, two assassins attempted to end the life of Solicitor Edward Galbraith, one was apprehended and the other escaped only to later be killed. The assassin who was apprehended tried to end Sir Henry’s life and in self defense Sir Henry killed him. Two saint days ago an assassin, by the name of R’nir, attempted to end Grey Galbraith’s life but was apprehended and questioned. His confirmed testimony states that he was hired as an assassin by Lloyd. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: Terrence Johantah, Solicitor Edward Galbraith, Witness Grey Galbraith, Witness Lieutenant Sir Henry, Witness R'nir, Witness Writen Testimony of R'nir, Exhibit A ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: I CASE. THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF EDWARD GALBRAITH, GREY GALBRAITH, AND SIR HENRY: TBD YOURS HUMBLY, Terrence Johantah PONTIAN PLACE 8 McDanky#8651 9
  7. Yes. More crude weapons for sure like sparking a flint on the gun to shoot it and the possibility of it not working. If this ends up being the case then bullet proof vests or some type of armor that reduces the damage of a bullet should be added as well. This could bring a bunch of new roleplay and events. IRL firearms were made around the 14th century so it isn’t too modern either. Gun stores and how guns are manufactured and bought would be an interesting thing to tackle as well, permits and all that.
  8. Is Roleplay getting boring? Are you only doing day to day chores or endless fights? Are you waiting around for someone to come up to you and change your entire life? I’m McDanky and I have gotten the idea of Chaos Roleplay, scary ain’t it? Basically, pm me on discord and ask for my services which include but aren’t limited too: Sedating someone else’s wife, stealing something, an assassination for your character, and much more! Other specific details can be worked out in the negotiation process. The best part is it’s FREE!! Written consent is all that is needed. Pm me on discord if you would like to hire me or if you have any questions. Discord: McDanky#8651
  9. **MC Name: McDanky** **Description** <I keep trying to place my newly craft shulker in an area I have perms but it won’t let me place it> **Date of occurance** <12/15/2019 around 5pm EST> **In game specifications** <I was on my persona “Goilard Costa Olivera II” in the town I live, Talons Grotto> **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Step 1: Craft a shulker 2. Step 2: Name it “Goilard’s Satchel” 3. Step 3: Color it brown 4. Step 4: Try placing it down (Possibly in Talon’s Grotto) **Expected Behavior** <It should place down> **Actual Behavior** <It didn’t place down> **Additional Information** <I have perms in this area to build> **Error Message** <Error: You can not place this item.>
  10. I’d love to meet a fellow Bard who uses an Accordion, I would be down to meeting some day
  11. Origin: The creation of this instrument follows suit, The Amber Cold of 1740 was upon the land of Arcas. Tinkering in his little cave abode, Goilard Costa Olivera the Second, alongside his manservant, created what he would call “The Accordion”. Months prior to this, Goilard had been researching and brainstorming ideas on how to make a new instrument. Being a Bard and a musician, his love for the piano heavily influenced his creation. The idea was to create a sort of portable piano, but also not making it a piano at all. When Goilard drafted up the plans on a strip of leather, he brought it to the trade master of Sutica, Mr. Uialben. Once the plans were explained, Mr. Uialben gave a gracious donation of 100 minas for the creation of this new instrument. Appearance: This portable instrument has two almost circular wooden disks being held together by what looks like the folding part of a fire bellow. Embedded in one disk is a miniature piano. On the other disk is several small buttons laid in a few rows and a hand strap. The size is around that of an orc’s skull and can fit comfortably on the lap or in the hands of a regular-sized male highlander ((It resembles more of a concertina, which still falls under the category of an accordion. Sound: The small instrument gives off a rich, reedy, and organ-like sound unlike any of its time. Its sound can envoke emotions of happiness and glee, making the player seem more charming. Purpose (OOC): I have been on LOTC for a long time now and I have never heard or seen someone with an accordion and I have not found 1 post of anyone actually inventing it. I also thought this would add more character to my Bard if he made/played a new instrument. If someone claims to have had an accordion before this post I do not discredit them, this is just an official unofficial post.
  12. McDanky


    Hagmar is an old dark elf, clinging on to his life for as long as he can. He hails from Ker'nor and has lived there since birth, Hagmar was the youngest of his family's bloodline and now, in the present, all his close elven family has died, leaving just him. He speaks in a very deep rich tone, almost as if whatever he is saying sounds as such of a story being told. He wears a solid gold crown with a huge red diamond imbedded in the front. He wears this not as a sign of royalty but as a sign of remembrance to his ancestors. This crown has been passed down throw centuries of his elven family before him, and he now wears it with great pride. Hagmar is a kind soul who is very trusting of others which can lead to some problems, but he always prevails with his wits and combat training.
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