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  1. Mistel

    ¡To the SEA!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mAsTSjYM8Y --------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECKHANDS WANTED! For the IBLEES’ REACH Contact Captain Jack or Quartermaster Peter Now in Talon’s Grotto! Captain Jack Malone commanding his crew through a dangerous rogue wave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All able-bodied, sea-worthy men and women welcome! We are looking for all! We will be hosting in-person recruitment in the Talon’s Grotto tavern in the coming months ((Friday and Saturday 6-7)), but should you be not able to attend in person or miss the date, a format for a letter application will be attached to this pamphlet at the end. All recruits will be issued tack and a cutlass should they need it. All deckhands are entitled to equal treatment and share of the bounties they participate in. They are expected to follow Captain Jack’s code. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/185765-captain-malones-code/?tab=comments&pagecomment1733852=1 Mailable application- Name: Age: Sex: Sailing experience: Why do you want to sail: ((OOC PAGE)) Discord Contact information; Mistel#5521 (Captain) CyprianCyberniskos#3032 (First mate) Ztrog#0623 (Second mate) Thomason#0797 (Quartermaster) Talon’s Grotto Coords: X: 2000 Z: 2000
  2. the great captain Jack Malone smiles upon seeing the notice "Goo' Shite." he says simply before tossing the paper to the waves
  3. The Pirate’s Code of: Captain Jack Malone Article I. All Disputes between crews are settled upon the waves. Do not attack your fellow Pirates when either crew is docked. Article II. All have the right to “Parley” Once declaring Parley the person declaring shall be taken to the enemy Captain to negotiate, and shall NOT be harmed, you will cease fire until negotiations are finished. Article III. No crew member left behind. Article IV. A pirate marooned shall be left with a sword and a bottle of alcohol. Article V. All members have a vote in any affair and the right to equal rations and equipment. Article VI. No striking one another on board. Every man's quarrels are to be ended on shore, by sword. Article VII. Crew mates must keep all of their equipment fit and ready for service, even when docked. Article VIII. If any man shall flee, or keep any secret from the Captain, he shall be marooned. Article IX. The Captain has absolute power in times of engagement. Article X. If the Captain is unfit to fulfill his duties or is absent, the first or second mate shall fill his role. Article XI. Crew members must treat the ship as if it were his own. Article XII. If a red flag is flown, no prisoners shall be taken. Article XIII. If a white flag is flown, do not engage. Article XIV. No wench shall be allowed aboard. Article XV. Take what you can and never give back. Mistel#5521
  4. A captain chuckles at the missive as he first mate reads it out to him “Fock ‘em” he calls out, exiting his quarters
  5. ~Founding Festival of Frosthold~ Posters are posted around each major city entailing that of a festival being held for the founding of Frosthold. The posters would brandish the sigil of the Harkness family, with a small notice under it. “Frosthold will be hosting a festival celebrating the founding of our settlement, we will have multiple activities such as a pugilism tourney with a prize of silver pugilist’s gloves, a feast, and a dance. All are invited.” Coordinates: X:1738 Z:-1884 Date and time: Friday, July 26 at 8pm EST Coords to frosthold:X:1738 Z:-1884Contact info:Cantonic#8385Mistel#5521
  6. ~The Frost Legion~ Frosthold Military Forces, awaiting their oncoming foes Circa De 1721 ~History~ The Frost Legion, founded by Gawain Harkness in 1720, is the military force protecting Frosthold. They act as a levy to House Harkness, Guard the city of Frosthold and all its people. In the cold wasteland, they wear the fiery red to bring hope, and warmth to the lands the protect ~Preface~ A city, regardless of any conflict it is involved in, must maintain a military presence. In the sense of the Frost Legion’s presence, it brings about one of unbridled will power, mental and physical strength, courage, honor, and discipline. A legion soldier must never back down from a challenge no matter the threat, he is expected to die at the blade before dishonoring himself in surrender. Should a soldier be captured, every last man is expected to rally in aid of their brother/sister-in-arms. ~Responsibilities~ The responsibilities number many in The Legion, and are listed as such: I. Maintaining the word of the regent in House Harkness. II. Maintaining the law of the land. III. Maintaining and guarding the interest of Frosthold and House Harkness. IV. Offering hospitality, generosity, and kindness to those in need, and those they protect. V. Maintain upstanding citizenship, those who commit crimes, of any kind in the city, if part of the Legion, will receive harsher punishment than any other city resident. VI. Being ready for war, and being trained if the situation may arise ~Structure~ Lord Regent- The lord of the lands and city he commands the entire military with the help of his Constable. He has full authority over the city and military. Any other decisions must be filtered through him. Constable- He heads the military right under the Lord of the lands. He handles all military business if the acting Lord does not wish to. Second highest in the chain of command of the city, and only selected through loyalty. He has second most authority next to the Lord of the city and can do as he will as long as it is acting in the Lord’s favor. Legestus- The highest ranking in the military, reports only to the Lord and Constable. He can lead training sessions, rally soldiers, and lead patrols, he acts on the will of his lord, inside and outside the city. Centurion- The first officer, and lowest ranking officer. Centurions will either be sent to act solo in missions or lead groups of soldiers. They can hold small patrols, and can freely enforce the laws of the land. Legate- Legate’s are soldiers who have served faithfully and truthfully. They have taken an oath and sworn fealty to the city, and it’s leaders. In times of crisis if no officer is around they can lead and are permitted to enforce the laws at all time. Legionnaire-Slightly higher than draftee, they have proven loyalty and activity in the city. They are the most basic soldier to see within the city, acting upon commands, they have no leadership role, but are given the power to enforce the law of the lands. Draftee- Newly recruited, they must prove themselves worthy to be a true legionnaire before they are capable of getting any pay, besides entree advance. They have no leadership role but given the power to enforce the law of the lands. ~Formations~ Set One- A Row, shoulder to shoulder facing forward. Highest ranking leftmost. Helmet under the left arm. Set Two- Helmets equipped Set Three- Column formation, head facing back. Set Four- Draw Swords Set Fourteen- Charge with swords drawn Set Five- Shields up, swords drawn. Set Six- Surround named object. (Facing inward if an enemy.) Set Sixteen- Surround named object with shields up. Set Seven- At Ease Set Eight- Side-by-Side marching, at attention. Set Nine- Side-by-Side shield wall. Set Nineteen- Push with shield wall. ~Pay~ All new members upon entree, receive a 100 mina advance for any future work they may do. Draftee-No pay, besides entree advance, must prove self. Legionnaire-100 mina every saints week, if your RP duties are upheld(attending weekly practice, gate duty, and any extra events). Legate-125 mina every saints week, if your RP duties are upheld(attending weekly practice, gate duty, and any extra events). Centurion-200 mina every saints week, if your RP duties are upheld(attending weekly practice, gate duty, and any extra events). Legestus-250 mina every saints week,, if your RP duties are upheld(attending weekly practice, gate duty, and any extra events). ~Rules and Punishments of the Legion~ 1.Respect yourself, others, and their space. While we are guards of a city, it is not always necessary to step in, or it's a blatant misuse of your power in a situation. Punishment: Pay reduction for that saints week, and double gate duty. 2.Don’t misuse the chain of command. Do not talk to the Lord Regent of the city, about something a petty officer can handle. Punishment: Scolding via an officer. 3.If you wish to leave the Legion tell an officer, if you have not taken any oaths, you will not be forced to stay, but failing to inform an officer or the Constable, will result in being labeled a deserter. Punishment:Being Branded with the mark of the deserter on the face. 4.Do not disobey orders, or act in your own accordance or interest. Punishment: Immediate reprimanding, possible demotion or worse based on the offense. 5. A guard cannot abuse power/and or break the laws of Frosthold Punishment: Shall be decided by an officer, but commonly is harsher than that what a citizen receives. ~Traditions~ Duellem- Duellem is trial by combat, should a soldier feel he is in the right in the situation against accusations, or has issues with another solider, he can invoke Duellem against his accuser. Should the accuser refuse, they are deemed unhonorable. Praxis-Holding practice, frequently and actively, it is always important to sharpen our skills. Iudicium-Trial, should a Draftee he can request Iudicium, in which the commanding officers will set up a series of tests for them to prove themselves to be promoted to Legionnaire. Should a Legate wish to become a Centurion they too can request Iudicium, and at some random time, they will be kidnapped and taken to the trial site to begin. Upon success on either, there is a feast held. Agnitio Voltus-A parade, after every military victory a parade is held. Pauldron Painting- Instead of a new uniform with a promotion, the constable paints on your military stripes upon a pauldron. Coords to frosthold: X:1738 Z:-1884 Contact info: Cantonic#8385 Mistel#5521
  7. Albion is a poetic term for medieval England
  8. ~The Sovereign State of Albion~ Gallahand Harkness, Vitalius Maarsan, Edward Delaney, and Reynald Richmond finally stopped at what seemed to be a gulf on the north-eastern portion of the continent. Gallahand Climbs upon one of the nearby boulders and looks around “This is it, I think, This spot is perfect.” he announces, as the small scouting party looks around in agreement. Reynald speaks up “I agree, the nearby canyons could be a strategic spot for perhaps a vassal. “Aye” simply said Edward, going to sit down next to a tree. “Let’s get started then, friends” said the doctor, Vitalius, smiling under his mask. ~Roles within Albion:~ Visaers- Those who only live temporarily in the city, such as students, or traveling merchants.can only rent property, this also go for merchants, as they can only own stalls, rather than a permanent business. They are not allowed to vote on any matters pertaining Albion. Citizens- Those who live permanently within in the city. Can purchase property, vote, and own business within the city. They are allowed to buy a home, and not be taxed for it after the initial purchase. Soldiers- Within Albion the soldiers are expected to carry out several tasks ranging from regular patrols, to simply manning the gate. Knights- The top of the Albion military, hand picked by the other knights or the Sovereign himself. Constable- The one who represents the knights in court meeting, elected by the knights. Court members- Picked by the Sovereign, councils the Sovereign with their expertise in their specifics field. The Sovereign- The ruler of Albion. ~Laws of Albion:~
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