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  1. [Changelog]: Made Adjustments to Muscle, Bone and Reflexes, clarifications and changes to Regeneration, Cardiac and Respiratory. Removed Mimic Ability. Clarified Reverie.
  2. Honestly shits scuffed, Ill fix it in a bit Never mind it seems to be a problem with the forums not us, I tried to re do the spoiler and it happened again
  3. ((SPOILERS ARE WONKY)) ~Pravum~ CHARACTERIZATION There are two subspecies of Pravum: the original beasts, known as the Harried, and their “perfected” successors, the Shikari. Both the Harried and Shikari were created from Descendants that have undergone an extreme alchemical transformation to their body and Soul. This augmentation grants the Pravum a slew of enhancements at the cost of the “Normality” of Descendant life. Credits: @Dymase @Cyprian1034 @NikoNiko @BoyWonderr @JaxonBlues @Archipelego @Ztrog @Temporal @AtrexPieren [Lucy-Lisett -- DeviantArt] A pair of adventurers caught wind of an abandoned town in the middle of the wilds of Atlas. Upon arriving, they were met with a thick mist throughout the surrounding forest. Once they entered the settlement, the group found the entire place in complete disrepair. Caved-in roofs, doors torn from their hinges, windows were broken, and the entire town covered in a thin layer of ivy and vines. The wind was blowing softly, adding an extra layer of discomfort to the damp and chilled air. The pair made their way down the muddied streets, their footsteps squelching loudly as the men looking for any signs of life. As they neared the outskirts of the village, one noticed an abundance of herbs in an overgrown garden in front of a small house. Deciding that it would be wise to search for anything medicinal, he strode over to the patch and surveyed the overgrowth for anything useful. The other moved cautiously into the house, with his blade drawn. “Oi! C’mere. Now,” the man in the house called out. The other man would let out a short grunt as he pushed himself to his feet. Stepping into the threshold of the abandoned cottage, the second man let out a sigh, saying, “What’s wrong?” The first man raised his arm and pointed to a darkened, far corner of the small lodge, where a skeleton lay, an arm extended towards a blood-stained book. The second man would stoop down once more, this time picking up the book as opposed to flowers. The man would flip through the pages before saying, “Seems like a sort of diary.” “Not much use for it, then. Better to leave it. Don’t want to upset his spirit, eh?” the first man responded, giving his companion a playful punch in the arm. “Right,” the second said with a short scoff. Nevertheless, he found himself placing the diary into his satchel with the plants he had picked earlier. The pair then made their way out of the lodge in search of new adventure and treasure... Origin: [!] The journal would be pawned off to a cloaked figure several days after the pair of adventurers returned to their city. ~The Transformation Elixir~ Description: Effects: Ingredients: Preparation: Mechanics: Redlines: ~Serum Ingredients~ Muscle and Bone enhancement Minor Regeneration Metabolic increase Sense enhancement (Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch) Cardiac Enhancement Respiratory enhancement Serum Creation Brewing ~THE ALTERATION~ OOC: Please keep in mind this will be a very painful and mentally taxing procedure for the soon-to-be new Shikari. Give the patient time to roleplay out their pain. Also remember, for the performer, this isn’t an easy task either. They must be careful to keep the right order or they run the risk of killing the patient. The person creating a Shikari or Harried must have an accepted teacher application in order to do the procedure. The person being turned into a Shikari must be a preexisting character beforehand, you can’t just be brought into the world as a Shikari as they’re not born and must be created through roleplay. Preparations The Procedures Redlines ~The Harried (Event Creature)~ Appearance: Mentality: Muscle and bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Increase (Combat / Non-combat ability) Sense Enhancements (Combat / Non-combat ability) Respiratory Enhancement (Combat/Non-combat ability) Major Regeneration (Combat/ Non-combat ability) Cardiac Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Mimic (Non-Combat ability) ~The Shikari (Playable CA)~ [Monolith Productions: Shadow of War] Appearance Strengths and Weaknesses PK Clause Mentality ~Abilities~ Muscle and Bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Augmentation (Combat / Non-combat ability) Senses Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability Tracking (Non-combat ability) (EVENTS ONLY) Cardiac Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Minor Regeneration (Non-combat ability) Respiratory Enhancement (Non-combat ability) Reverie (Non-Combat Ability)
  4. F for Mystery #StepdownTelanir

  5. Listening to the criticism received on this post, a rewrite will be coming in a new post.
  6. There is weaknesses and such within the redlines of each, for example the scent, overwhelming scents can mess with their other senses and in terms of strength and bone density, you cannot be stronger then the peak strength of your current race.
  7. -The Shikari- Hunters, Bastions Against The Wilds ((This lore is meant to scarcely be known and has to be learned only through roleplay)) [!] It was a cold night when the young boy was taken to the deepest chamber of the keep. “Sir, is it truly my turn?” the boy asked, worry in his voice. The man simply turned and grimaced down at the child. It was at that moment the young one knew his fate was sealed. Entering the darkroom at the end of the corridor, the boy's nose began to burn upon witnessing the smell of strong chemicals. Sitting in the center of the room was a large table, surrounded by the child's future peers. The boy took one look to his mentor standing nearby, before accepting his fate and laying himself down on the table.” What is a Shikari The Shikari are mutants, undergoing a violent transformation to become one of the most effective hunters on the continent, increasing their base senses such as sight, hearing, and taste. While sacrificing their humanity and the chance of creating offspring. Origin Process & Transformation (The process and recipe can only be discovered IRP) OOC mechanics for brewing Each step takes 1-2 emotes, if during the brewing a day is skipped the serum will be ruined and the process has to be repeated, throwing away what’s left. The mutagens are stored in crimson red-colored bottles, it can only be injected and if drank the body will simply reject it out. The bottle gives off a light gleam in roleplay. The Ritual Appearance: Mentality: Abilities: Those who survive this transformation are granted some immense powers; OOC consent must be given to turn someone into a Shikari Vision Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Muscle and bone Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Metabolic Increase (Combat / Non-combat ability) Reflex Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Sense Enhancement (Combat / Non-combat ability) Heart Rate (Combat / Non-combat ability) Minor Regeneration (Non-combat ability) General redlines: PK Clause: OOC Purpose The Shikari make a wonderful addition to lore, they bring to the table multiple new enhancements to general roleplay in the world of LoTC. With enhanced abilities, and being made as monster hunters, a race like this could bring back rise and popularity in beast hunting, and guilds within the world. While given specific enhancements, the Shikari are not meant to be a CRP combat mechanism. And instead of a tool to enhance the general roleplay combat experience. There's often not much racial conflict outside of a few very loud minorities, and with a very seemingly political race, it could also add to the mechanics and relationships of the world. The Shikari brings a lot to offer to RP in general, with beast combat roleplay, social roleplay, bringing guilds back into popularity and. Credits IGN - Forum Name Ztrog- @Ztrog Boarbarian- @Boarbarian Vitalian - @NikoNiko Atrex- @AtrexPieren
  8. the great captain Jack Malone smiles upon seeing the notice "Goo' Shite." he says simply before tossing the paper to the waves
  9. The Pirate’s Code of: Captain Jack Malone Article I. All Disputes between crews are settled upon the waves. Do not attack your fellow Pirates when either crew is docked. Article II. All have the right to “Parley” Once declaring Parley the person declaring shall be taken to the enemy Captain to negotiate, and shall NOT be harmed, you will cease fire until negotiations are finished. Article III. No crew member left behind. Article IV. A pirate marooned shall be left with a sword and a bottle of alcohol. Article V. All members have a vote in any affair and the right to equal rations and equipment. Article VI. No striking one another on board. Every man's quarrels are to be ended on shore, by sword. Article VII. Crew mates must keep all of their equipment fit and ready for service, even when docked. Article VIII. If any man shall flee, or keep any secret from the Captain, he shall be marooned. Article IX. The Captain has absolute power in times of engagement. Article X. If the Captain is unfit to fulfill his duties or is absent, the first or second mate shall fill his role. Article XI. Crew members must treat the ship as if it were his own. Article XII. If a red flag is flown, no prisoners shall be taken. Article XIII. If a white flag is flown, do not engage. Article XIV. No wench shall be allowed aboard. Article XV. Take what you can and never give back. Mistel#5521
  10. A captain chuckles at the missive as he first mate reads it out to him “Fock ‘em” he calls out, exiting his quarters
  11. ~Founding Festival of Frosthold~ Posters are posted around each major city entailing that of a festival being held for the founding of Frosthold. The posters would brandish the sigil of the Harkness family, with a small notice under it. “Frosthold will be hosting a festival celebrating the founding of our settlement, we will have multiple activities such as a pugilism tourney with a prize of silver pugilist’s gloves, a feast, and a dance. All are invited.” Coordinates: X:1738 Z:-1884 Date and time: Friday, July 26 at 8pm EST Coords to frosthold:X:1738 Z:-1884Contact info:Cantonic#8385Mistel#5521
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