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  1. Mistel

    ~Albionic Military~

    ~The Albionic Military~ Albion’s flag The Crimson Brigade, after fighting off savages and raiders for claim of their land. Circa de 1707 The County of Albion is now accepting brave men and women for The Crimson Brigade Info: The Albion Military is divided into two sections. The Crimson Brigade, and The Golden Cavaliers. The Crimson Brigade, is for the common citizen, anyone can join and can rise through the ranks. While The Golden Cavaliers, is soldiers who exceed expectations and are taken on to higher training, and to become Cavaliers within the city. ~The Crimson Brigade~ Draftee: The lowest ranking member of the brigade, for recently enlisted. They do not have much power, but are the backbone of the military. Armsman: The second lowest ranking member, but having more power, and access to higher honors. It is not uncommon for them to make up the guards of higher meetings Warden: Marked as a special rank, all it includes is the beginning of specialization under one of the cavaliers Sergeant: The first officer rank, there are normally two in a squad of five, and can give permissions, recruit, and give commands Lieutenant: Even higher in chain of command, Lieutenants are responsible for forming patrols, and are usually leaders of squads. Marshal: The top of the military you can achieve. Responsible for managing all ranks below him. ~The Golden Cavaliers~ Esquire: Taken in at any ranks by a Cavalier who has high-interest in them, they begin their training under the Cavalier falling into his sect. Cavalier: Heads of the Military, second to only the constable, they run the military and serve the city as elite warriors specialized in a form of combat they became known for. The Cavaliers are the thinkers of the Albionic military. Constable: Head of The Golden Cavaliers, second to Regent of the city, he helps run the elite group of soldiers. Coordinates: X: 2245 Y:52 Z: -1302 East from Curon, north east from Fenn If you have further questions, add Mistel#5521 or Cantonic#8385 on discord
  2. Mistel


    "Question the crown."
  3. Mistel


    "Yikes" A tall, platinum haired elf would say as he red over the missive.
  4. Mistel

    Pact of Ash and Gold

    *Gallahand Signs*
  5. Name of your Charter: Sovereign State of Albion (Upgrade) Owner's Username: MistelPistol Owner's Roleplay Name: Gallahand Location (XYZ): South and eastward of current charter Tier applying for: tier 2 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179678-the-sovereign-state-of-albion-charter-application/
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    ~Founding Festival~

    ~Founding Festival of Albion~ Posters are posted around each major city entailing that of a festival being held for the founding of Albion. The posters would brandish the sigil of the Harkness family, with a small notice under it. “Albion will be hosting a festival celebrating the founding of our settlement, we will have multiple activities such as a pugilism tourney, a feast, and a dance. All are invited.” Coordinates: X: 2245 Y:52 Z: -1302 Date and time: Saturday, March 30th at 6pm EST
  8. Mistel

    River Festival Reminder!

    *gallahand looks over the paper, nods a few times then underlines the lpcation and time with a peice of charcoal, soon after he folds up the notice and stashes it away*
  9. Mistel

    The Settlement of Albion

    Albion is a poetic term for medieval England
  10. Mistel

    The Settlement of Albion

    ~The Sovereign State of Albion~ Gallahand Harkness, Vitalius Maarsan, Edward Delaney, and Reynald Richmond finally stopped at what seemed to be a gulf on the north-eastern portion of the continent. Gallahand Climbs upon one of the nearby boulders and looks around “This is it, I think, This spot is perfect.” he announces, as the small scouting party looks around in agreement. Reynald speaks up “I agree, the nearby canyons could be a strategic spot for perhaps a vassal. “Aye” simply said Edward, going to sit down next to a tree. “Let’s get started then, friends” said the doctor, Vitalius, smiling under his mask. ~Roles within Albion:~ Visaers- Those who only live temporarily in the city, such as students, or traveling merchants.can only rent property, this also go for merchants, as they can only own stalls, rather than a permanent business. They are not allowed to vote on any matters pertaining Albion. Citizens- Those who live permanently within in the city. Can purchase property, vote, and own business within the city. They are allowed to buy a home, and not be taxed for it after the initial purchase. Soldiers- Within Albion the soldiers are expected to carry out several tasks ranging from regular patrols, to simply manning the gate. Knights- The top of the Albion military, hand picked by the other knights or the Sovereign himself. Constable- The one who represents the knights in court meeting, elected by the knights. Court members- Picked by the Sovereign, councils the Sovereign with their expertise in their specifics field. The Sovereign- The ruler of Albion. ~Laws of Albion:~
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    AMA but every time someone asks a question I answer it

    How has your day been
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    The Dancing of The Roses 1703

    "Is that fuckin georgia washington?" A man says
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    Name (and House if applicable): Gantar, House Lythian Age: ~160 Knighted By: Aragon Silversteed Moniker: The Just Liege Lord: Arthos Silversteed Lands: Arbor Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country? Idk prolly Coat of Arms: (Not made yet, Need to get it)