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  1. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

  2. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

    Right, accepted.
  3. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

    All accepted. Contact me on Discord. Donuts#0966
  4. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

  5. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

  6. DonutsTasteMmm

    An Open Letter to Weak Wilhelm and the Curonites

    Benjamin tidied up his room after his company left. Looking over the letter he grew bored, taking a quick nap before he continued to read. " Begging on our part? Nae. Suggestin' these lads be smart? Aye. Don't know why we thought that possible." He remarked to those in the bunkhouse, continuing along. " They're sayin' His Imperial Majesty made his people weak? Right shite they're spoutin'." By the time he started his second comment he was already in the streets of Curon, letting whatever citizen or visitor hear him. He continued. "Nae 'vicious warmongerers'? Ye' said ye'd pay for our heads then tried to raid the damn capital fer a near elderly citizen of Curon." Benjamin reached the gates of Curon. Climbing up on the wall as he practically announced his final message, for all those inside and those near to hear. " These Adrians do all they can ta shame us and act bigger! When they're sendin' rogue attacks, and tryin' to rough up our elderly and retired folk! They say they're actin' for GOD, but would GOD want our elderly bein' beat on? Would GOD want war for a reason the Adrians couldn't even come up with in court? All this is pointless, aye, pointless! Those Adrians will say any nonsense just to show their *****. Now I'm gettin' a drink!"
  7. DonutsTasteMmm

    An Open Letter to the Duke of Adria and the Adrian People

    Benjamin nodded at the post. Looking out from the deck of his ship now in defense of Curon. "Our Duke, always good with 'is werds."
  8. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

    Accepted. Accepted.
  9. DonutsTasteMmm

    The Navy of Curonia

    The Navy of Curonia Becoming its own entity apart from the Order of Ursus in the First Seed, 1700, led by Ser Benjamin "The Mariner" of House Fernández, Knight of the Order of Ursus and now Fleet Admiral of the Curonia navy, has the purpose of protecting the Confederation of Curonia from amphibious threats and attacks. The navy specializes in ship to ship combat, boarding tactics, securing Curonic waterways, and siege defenses. The Navy of Curonia’s primary focus is militaristic seeing as they are the Duchy’s line of defense from aquatic assailants. These men and women put their lives on the line day and night to ensure the Curonian citizens are put at ease and are unafraid of attack. The seamen take a stand against all those that oppose the great lands that Curonia maintains, capable of executing attacks and full on assaults when such acts are declared needed. The Navy of Curonia accepts men and women alike, experience or not, the Navy will train you the same and get you to a standard of quality at the least. Secondary responsibilities and goals of the Navy of Curonia is that of a scholarly pursuit. For those that do not wish to pursue a militaristic path but still wish to take part in the Navy of Curonia this field could be for you. The scholarly division of the Navy focusing around marine biology and oceanology. Research and exploration missions being sanctioned and funded by the Navy of Curonia should they seem rewarding. The Navy of Curonia is open to all. Those of militaristic prowess or academic pursuit, both are welcome within the Navy. Looking for more information on your opportunities in the Navy or Curonia or wish to enlist? Pen a letter to Fleet Admiral Ser Benjamin Fernández at 14 Mauntel Street, Cyrilsburg. Application: IGN: OOC Age: Character name: Character race, age, gender: Military or Academic pursuit: Letter to Fleet Admiral Ser Benjamin Fernández: Listen to this.
  10. Benjamin did not read past his mayor questioning the Empire and calling them blind. Rapidly packing his things, ready to leave in a moments notice.
  11. DonutsTasteMmm

    Wedding Announcement,1688 (lets try again)

    Benjamin nodded along, speaking out after. “Don’t be readin’ much er makin’ much sense. But I t’ink yer right. T’ose knobs are feckin’ dumb!” He then proceeded to drink and cause a disturbance in the streets.
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    She’s already whitelisted. She didn’t realize these were only for initial characters and whitelist.